The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas on January 30, 1964 · Page 6
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The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas · Page 6

Wellington, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 30, 1964
Page 6
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:' >, \vi, '!» »«\^- • •>', ^,\,Published Every* Thursday , , - 1 at 618 West Avenue/-,Wellington, Texas Editor, and Publisher asVwcond class mail Aug. 25, 1909 at the -post ottll at Wellington, Texas, under Act. of March 3, 1879. Sustaining Member National Editorial Association Member Texas Press Association Member Panhandle Press Association NOTICE: Any erroneous reflection upon the character, standing or reputation of any person; firm or corporation which may appear in the columns of THE WELLINGTON LEADER will be corrected gladly upon its being brought to the attention of the publisher. $3.00 a year ^nside of trade territory $4.00 a year outside of trade territory Reading Notices lOrf per line Thursday, January 30, 1964 » 1 A Word to Juniors (and Younger) Who Want to Go to College Seniors of the ,county are going into the second semester—the last lap of their high school years and the point where they'll do most of their thinking about college and work toward getting in. This paper has always maintained that any student .who wants to go to college badly enough can go —4ii,.spite of skyrocketing costs of a college educations - •': • .•••;•'. :',''.." It may be a little late for seniors to start, so this editorial is directed to juniors and those below. However, there are opportunities still open for seniors. Financially; more and more doors are opening to the boys and girls who seriously want to go to college, but it still isn't easy. Scholastically, it is getting harder and harder to be accepted. Scholarships always have been the .backbone of help through college, and every college has its own program of scholarships, loans and grants. Information may be had for the asking and school administrators and counselors can help. There are publications listing all scholarships available in U. S. Colleges. It also remains that every year in September there are scholarships available that were not taken. One of these may be in your field. There is a correlary, however, that the student is going to have to produce something in the way of scholastic achievement and performance to convince the college it wants him as a student. Nor does it mean you can go to the college you have your heart set on. But there are other fine colleges and once you are part of their life, you'll be proud indeed to go there. This has been the case all through the years. The most elaborate scholarship program is the National Merit Scholarship Program, which each year offers scholarships to 1,500 students ranging in value from $100 to $1,500 per year based on individual need. Besides this 175 sponsors currently award additional scholarships. The 10th annual merit tests come up March 10 and 14, and are open to high school juniors. A student interested should tell his principal or counselor and get things started. Besides the finalists and 14,000 semi-finalists, an additional 35,000 boys and girls in October will receive letters of commendation and become eligible for certain services available through the merit program. The mere fact that a student is on one of these three lists will help him get into college or get another scholarship grant. Both white and Negro students participate. In the last few years, banks have set up college loan programs that are most liberal and which are made either to the student Or his parents, and may cover up to four years of college work. The provisions of other scholarships, including the popular athletic scholarships, vary with the school and the donor of the grant, and have to be checked on. .This barely skims the surface. There still remains tnat most effective method of using your own God- given ingenuity and getting yourself a job to pay your way through school. The main thing is that you can't start too earlv It is not a matter for the senior year alone. let's Hope for a Cloudy Day New Regulations INCOME TAX RULE REVIEW NOW WILL SAVE MONEY , COLLEGE STATION.—Soon it will be time to start to work on your income tax report, says Mrs. Wanda B. Meyer, home management specialist with the Agricultural Extension Service at Texas A&M University. You may want to review some of the rules which may help you save—if they apply in your case. Here is a checklist: A /portion of a dividend payment on stock that is desig- LETTERS from the People CROSSROADS REPORT Dear Editor: I see where some of the fellows in Washington are saying the old Panama Canal is obsolete. This is probably a smart move, because if Khrushchev sends some armed technicians to Panama, we can show that we said al'l the time the old ditch is worn out and not worth fighting for. But the talk about digging a new canal may give us a little breathing spell, while the world predators wait to see whether they want the new one or the old one, or both. I see where the Federal Trade Commission is talking about making the cigarette companies print a warning on the packages, saying that smoking is dangerous. Which seems like in the public interest, as people ought to be entitled to know it when they are taking a chance." My luck-pushing neighibor says the people-wardens will likely get around some day to seeing ,to it that warning labels are put on all t,he other items that are hazardous when misused, such as cars and women. ing business doesn't alwaye qualify a fellow, either. And it couM be the Senate has been needing members like an astronaut who knows how to go around in circles to some useful purpose, and a football coach who can see that you've got to -win a game now and then to stay in the league. I see some big headlines in the papers about how it's.said that an insurance salesman once gave President Johnson a stereo set free when he bought a big policy. My power-itchy neighbor says he has thought about running for President, but guesses he had better not because it would be such a big job to clean up his past. Says he never would be able to find and pay back all of the selling-class people who have conflicted his interest by slipping free stuff to him oil the side via trading'stamps. NEW CARS AND TRUCKS OIL AND GAS NEWS Release of lease: George Shadid to Grace A. Cook and husband—N/100 acres of the W/2 of section 13, block 11 and the W/10 acres of the N/100 acres of E/2 section 13, block 11. FOOD FOR PEACE American agricultural abundance is a powerful force for world peace. Our food and other farm (products are helping to promote economic growth in the newly developing countries of the world. James Russell Lowell was the first editor of the .Atlantic Monthly. I see where a prominent football coach and a renowned astronaut are fixing to run for the U. S. Senate. Some folks say these skills don't qualify a man to be a Senator, but others say years of experience in the Senator- Wonderful World of The QUALITY Buy in The HINSDALE — Model 5025M. Early American styling in genuine maple veneers and select hardwood solids. Big 265 sq. in. rectangular picture screen. TV COLOR No Printed Circuits No Production Shortcuts As low as $44995 with Trade Tyler Electric Les^'e Moore, AVf>l 1! iTr f on Chevrolet 4-donr "soi'm A. M. Saunders, Wellington —Chevrolet come. Cal Sugg, Wellington—CMC ipickup. Dale Stokes, D.odson—Chev- rolet pickup. Herschel Tabor, Dodson Buick 4-door sedan. John R. Henard Jr., Wellington—Chevrolet pickup. Phillip BentJey, Dozier—Plymouth 4-door sedan. J. M. Morgan Jr., Samnorwood—Chevrolet pickup. Lottie Moody—Ford forclor E. S. Hale, Jr., Wellington— Pontiac 4-door sedan. Barley Hatch, Wellington — Chevrolet sport coupe. L. P. Watts, Wellington — Chevrolet 4-door sedan. Maggie Webb, Dodson—-Oldsmobile 4-door sedan: Tnisten Thomas, Wellington —Chevrolet 4-door sedan. 0. L. Hartman, Wellington- Ford pickup. G. E. Haralson, Wellington- Chevrolet pickup. Baptist Expand Missionary Work The Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, Tenn., has voted to establish missionary work in Iceland, Luxembourg, and Austria. An officer of the Convention explains that in each of the, three countries the work would begin with an English-language ministry but that "efforts will also be made to extend Baptist witness beyond this." The National Church of Iceland has been Lutheran since the 16th century Reformation, and nearly the entire population is counted in its membership. Austria and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are overwhelmingly Roman Catholic countries with Protestant minorities that are mostly Lutheran. •••••••••1M11J9 Dr. M. V. Cobb Chiropractor BL 6-1133 310 South Main Shamrock, Texas The Choice family has moved again. The first of December we moved to Piriellas Park, Florida. It is a subdivision o St. Petersburg .and we are'near the beach on the Gulf of Mex :co". :;' " Bob is working in the aero nautical division of Honeywel Regulator Co. He is making guidance systems for the Minuteman missile. Also he starts back to school soon to finish that degree. We are enjoying it here but miss Wellington more since we are even farther away. The weather has .fteen vwarm and sunny, Chris and Susan play outside most of the time and love it They have a wonderful time at the beach, which is close and is all white sand. If any of you Texans get down here to Florida, please call us and tell us. all the news from there. That is if anything has been missed in The Wellington (Leader. We read the paper from cover to cover and feel a little closer to all of you. Please change the address on our subscription so we won't miss any issues. I don't mind paying the 5 cent® to have it forwarded from Stillwater but I am running out of nickels and don't want to get in the piggy bank. Give everyone our best wishes and take care. Alice Choice (Mrs. Bob Choice) 8701 53 Way N. Pinellas Park, Fla. 33565 nated as return of investment is not subject to tax, although it reduces the cost basis on which you figure your profit wthen you later sell 1 the stock. A ( mutual-fund dividend, the portion that is designated as capital gain, is taxable, in effect, at only one-half of your ordinary rate. Capital gains allotted to you on _ mutual-fund shares, but not paid, have to be reported as capital gains on your return iBut you can claim credit oi 25% of the amount as taxes you have paid, as thatls the sum paid by the company. A child who finished college in June, 1963, can be claimed as an exemption, under the rule for full-time student oi 19 years or over, provided you furnished more than half of his sinpport for the entire year. Scholarship payments received by a. child in college aren't counted in calculating whether you furnished more than half of his support. Social security and other tax exempt income received by a dependent doesn't count toward the income test that has to be met for an exemption. But any such .income spent by„the dependent for his own support has to be included in estimating whether you furnished more than half. Other rules to consider are: A couple married at any time during the year, as late as Dec. 31, can get the benefit of a lower rate for 1963 on a joint return; a dependent who died during the year, even the first week, can be claimed as an ex- emjption if you were furnishing more than half of his support; peopTe who reached 'age 65 on Jan. 1, 1963 are entitled to an extra exemption and larger medical deduction. Beta Members to Convention Patti Overton, Beta Club member from Wellington high school, will appear on the entertainment program for the state Beta Club convention Friday evening, Jan. 31 in Dallas. • She will sing a popular selection' of the "roaring '20s," "Bilf Bailey Won't You Please Come Home." : Others attending from here will be Ann Henard, Gail Henard, Jan Glenn, Vicki Killian, and Beverly Slngley. Sponsors will be Mrs. Bernice Welch, faculty member, and Mrs. Ed ETenard. State officers and sponsors will be elected at this meeting, and on Saturday night; the annual banquet and Beta ball will >e held. j £ 1 1 DAIRY INDUSTRY BIG The dairy industry involves people other than those who milk cows. Figures show that 292,000 people are employed in manufacturing dairy (products in this country. Dr. Chester L. Harrison Optometrist CONTACT LENSES 813 West Avenue On West Side of Square I wd]J be at my office ea»h Tuesday and Friday Phone 447-5830 Wellington EDDIE SLAY'S Boys SPORT GOATS Special Group Mens DRESS HATS PRICE * .*>, r""* * __i ••'••*• ,. -. & PRICE MEN'S Dress Trousers $8.95 to $16.95 values $500 —Discontinued Styles— BOYS' MEN'S Long Cotton Sox 4 PR. $-|00 Regular 55c pair Large Group of Mens JACKETS & COATS i/ 2 PRICE All other JACKETS OFF 9

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