Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1968 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1968
Page 2
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PAGE A-2 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH , JUNE 2?, 1968 ainst LBJ Court Moves WASHINGTON (AP) - Eight Ma Senate Republicans have signed & petition opposing president Johnson's appointments to thd Supreme Court, far short of the force they must marshal to block confirmation, but enough to make rough going if a filibuster develops/ Signers of the petition so far represent half the Senate's 36 | GOP members. More could sip. if Southern Democrats, loudly critical ol the court's liberal nil* ings, should join the opposition, confirmation of Abe Fortas as chief justice and Homer Thornberry as an associate justice could be in doubt. President Johnson Wednesday named Fortas to succeed the re- tiring Earl Warren and Thornberry to the vacancy created by Fortas'elevation. Fortas, fourth Jew lever to serve on the court, Would be the first to lead it. Decision Tested The President told a news conference he believes the Senate will confirm both and that he tested the political winds In talks with Democratic and Be* Wood River Hospital Eying Another Room Rate increase Wood River Township Hospit al officials are considering in creasing room rates for the second time this year. George KJ Myers, president o the hospital board, said ri^ hospital Salaries and expenses in operation may make a sec ond hike in rates necessary. A $3 room increase became effective on May 7. This pushec the cost of two-bed rooms from $30 to $33, and the cost of four bed wards from $29 to $32. The board, said Myers, is now considering a new boost in the rates. Insurance firms offering hospitali/ation insurance h a v been notified. The overcrowded 78-bed ca pacity hospital is also in th midst of an expansion program and the U.S. Department o; Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) recently announced $548,837 grant will aid in the construction of the new plannet four-story wing and remodeling of the existing hospital. The grant will supplement a $1.0 million bond issue approved by Voters. In 1967 the state rated the hospital third on its priority list for such grants, based on the need for additional space and facilities. However, Myers said that due to a re-allocation of funds by the state, the hospital expects to receive morJJ than the sum announced by HEW through the office of U.S. Congressman Mel- Price (D-East St. Louis). He said the figure would be approximately $574,599. The president of the board explained that construction of the new wing, containing 30 beds on the second floor and 30 beds on Penn-Cejitral to End Washington- Chicago Run WASHINGTON (AP) - The Pennsylvania-New York Central Transportation Co. plans to end its last direct railroad passenger service between Chicago and the nation's capital, officials confirmed today. The railroad made no public announcement of the change — but a reservation clerk at Wash ington's city ticket office said she could make reservations only through July 6 — last day of the service. *"• .; the third floor, could begin anytime between October and 1969 if the federal and state governments approve plans. He said the board hopes to open bids by Oct. 1 or Nov. 1 and groundbreaking could take place shortly thereafter, providing the weather permits. Under the present plan, the fourth floor of the new wing will be only an empty shell and be completed later; the first floor will house examination rooms, offices, supply rooms, a dental clinic for the underprivileged (it is now in the Wood River jail), a physiotheraphy room, and a chaplain's room. The existing hospital does not have a chaplain's room. The basement will be devoted to supply and maintenance facilities, and the power plant gear. Want No Part of Wallace': R. Nixon By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon, replying to state ments by GOP presidential rlva Nelson A. Rockefeller, says he wants no support from third >arty presidential candidate George G. Wallace. "I've been In politics for 22 years .and I've never had a rac- st in my organization," Nixon said in New York Wednesday. 'From what I've read, Wai- ace's appeal .is in the direction of racist elements. Both major mrttes dissassociate themselves rom him." Nixon said he hopes Vice ^resident Hubert H. Humphrey, Democratic presidential aspir ant, will make a similar statement, "and that should clear he air." New York Gov. Rockefeller had accused the Nixon camp of ourting Wallace support to win outhern votes. Will Not Withdraw Wallace, meanwhile, said he •ill not withdraw from the pres- lential race under any drcum- ances. The former Alabama, gover- or said early in his campaign e would withdraw if it ap- wared candidates of either ma- or party would adopt the policies he said America needs. , But now "it's too late" Wai- ace said in Montgomery, Ala. He said for any of'the Republican or Democratic candidates o support his policies now It |(ould only make them more ikely to come to pass. In the Democratic race, Hum- ihrey said every able American Child should be guaranteed an education from age four through college and Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy said he has no intention of "meddling" in the Paris peace talks. Humphrey said in Denver, Colo., potential high school dropouts should be counseled on a case-by-case basis courses should be developed for students who go directly from high school to work. No Participation McCarthy said he wants to meet With North Vietnam diplomats in Paris this summer only to "hear what the Vietnamese are saying with iny own "ears" and not to participate in any way in the peace talks. !"This would not be an official mission," he said in New York, "and it would be consistent with my campaign and I think in the best interest of the . United States of America." In other political developments: —Rockefeller called in Hartford, Conn., for "a totally new system for distributing federal funds"—Including direct payments to states and cities unre- itricted as to use—to support governments close to the peo- e, -r-Nixon and Humphrey scored equally in a Gallup Poll survey on their ability to. deal with the Vietnam war—with 4l )er ecnt of the adults surveyed jelieving Humphrey and 41 per cent believing Nixon could do the job better than.the other. •The House Republican Policy Committee, blaming Democrats for delay, has urged mmediate consideration of a bill aimed at tightening controls over campaign contributions. Council Rejects Bridge Location (Continued From Page 1) ^However, It is the opinion of Downtown Alton, Inc. that the location of a north- Bouth highway approach to a new bridge as proposed in the fttidy of Howard, Needles, Tammen & Bergendorf, would hot be to the best interests of the central business district of Alton!" bridge report show* « highway projection for a nortb-south route, to con* g*ct the bridge with Rte.«7, tfcit would follow a line east If and parallel to Liberty Street northward to a point where it extends diagonally across 20th Street Alton Evening f»MM Telegrap <t p«Uy bv Altg h behind St. Anthony's Hospital the YMCA and continuing on the diagonal line but to the Godfrey intersection withRte.67. All those who questioned the report indicated that they were not opposed' to the bridge as such but said they had questions about the north-south route that would link the bridge to U.S. Rte. 67 at Godfrey. Attorney Marshall said that a previous study of a north-south route prepared for the Greater Alton Assn. of Commerce by Thomas F. Griffin ft. had established the feasibility of locating a north-MUtl) approach highway In the proximity of Market Street, Marshall said that his DAI clients feel that putting the north-south highway in the Market Street area would better serve residential as well a* business interests. "If locate^ as proposed in tjw stu<)y of Howard, Need* les, Tammea ft Bwgendorf, will neither serve the resi- nor business inter* U* dty," be added, Attorney Euiraett Fitter. aid on behalf of otter objectors ««jd AHf clients were not opposed to progresfi, "There seeras to be • mJaeonuepUQn tbat speaking against §9 proposed Wgu- way mean* people are aping* progress, bit thj« ii not U»» case," He«wid ttot the present at tha meetlag rip- resented hospitals, business interests, and homeowners. He told his audience that construction of the north- south road as proposed would mean numerous dead- end sfreets.: < ,. "You would end up with deadends at 4th, 5th, 7th, Pearl, Spru,ce, Linden, Royal, Euclid, 16th, Franklin and so on all the way out the proposed route," Fitzgerald said. He seid fhis would cause great Inconvenience to residents. For example children Just going to school would have to walk down four blocks to cross and then back four blocks —' which in itself would be an inconvenience" A communication from Sister Mary Catherine of St. Joseph's Hospital was read. The administrator said that the present Alton area highway and street system does not provide safe, convenient, and expeditious access to any hospital located within the city. She said that she as ad- rolnJatrntor urged the support of three projects: (1) CQrapMofl of toe Great Rlvw Boad and the extension of tie Beltllne Highway. (2) A new bridge across the Mississippi and con- gtrufitton at a touMwie Rte. C7 to the Dortb- (8) Widening of Rte. 140 and construction of in east- wait croistown route. , I publican leaders, as well as key committee chairman, before making the decision. The GOP petition, circulated by Michigan's Robert P. Griffin and California's George Murphy, takes a stand against letting a "lame duck" president fill court vacancies. Both Griffin and Murphy said it had no bearing on the personalities of Johnson's appointees. In fact the petition was drawn up before Johnson made public his appointment with the object of opposing Johnson's move to name anyne to the court. Notably missing from the list of signers was Republican Lead er Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois. Dirksen has refrained from taking a stand on the issue, first raised by Griffin. But he would be under increasing pressure if the petition picks up more signatures, The GOP leader, also top Re publican on the Senate Judiciary Committee which will consider the appointments, said both Fortas and Thornberry are able men and he has "no personal reservations" about their appointments. 'Mood In Disagreement* Sen. Howard Baker Jr., however, the Tennessee Republican who is Dirksen's son-in-law and a signer of the petition, said "the mood of Congress and the country is in disagreement with the views of the Supreme Court on many issues." "In this light," he added, "It is important that a new administration and the American people not be deprived of the right to fill these positions." Housing (Continued From Page 1) It was referred to the aldermanic Housing Committee, the Mayor, and the corporation counselor. In April, 1966, H o u s I ng Committee "Chairman William Parker brought in a resolution to table the ordinance and the council voted his wav. . The open occupancy issue was then dormant until May 10,1067, when a fair housing resolution was introduced byBai;ey. Following referral to aldermanic committees the resolution was brought back to the council floor on June 14, 1967, by Parker. Parker at that time sought a vote on the issue but it was instead laid over for further study, and nothing reappeared until two weeks ago (June 12) when Parker introduced the current Fair Housing proposition. SUNNY AND WARMER * It will likely to continue along the East Coast be warm in the western halt of die na- from Florida to New Jersey with cool* tion Thursday night and cool with oc- er temperatures in the Southeast and casiona) showers throughout the North* Mid-Atlantic States. (AP Wlrephoto east and the Ohio Valley. Showers are Map), Wea ther Forecast ALTON and vicinity —' Fair and cool tonight, lows from upper 40s to low 50s. Mostly sunny and warmer Friday, highs around 80. DATA AT THE DAM 8 a.m. at Alton Dam—Tempera ture. 55: Tailwater 13.6 Ft.; Yesterday's High 76. Low 57. Innocent/ Says Shell Trucker Cecil Huetch. Belleville truck driver charged in the Shell Oil Jo. gas-stealing scheme, plead' ed innocent Wednesday and posted $25,000 bond in Edwardsville magistrate court. Huetch, veteran driver for lommercial Transport Co., Inc., with headquarters in Belleville and a terminal in Wood River, is one of five men charged with theft of over $150. A warrant for the fifth man is still unserved. Harry Melow, owner of a Wood River filling station reportedly the outlet for most of the stolen gasoline, was still in California today. Melow works as a mechanic 'or the Navajo Trucking Line in l,os Angeles. Chief Deputy Sherff Frank Schmidt said he was withholding mailing the warrant to the Los Angeles County sheriff's office because Melow was due in Wood River in the 'near future." Schmidt said members of the amity told deputues Melow re- urns from time to time and may surrender voluntarily. Schmidt said this would save he county the, expenses of Deputies , traveling to LOS Angeles o bring Melow back. A second truck driver alleged- y Involved in the gas-theft plot, William Waters of Jacksonville, was scheduled to ap- >ear in preliminary hoaring" or the ttiird day on Friday. Appropriation Up ' JL JL JL . " • *'. .. •. • ,J*m> In South Roxaiia An appropriations ordinano which calls for a hike of ex penditures of almost $27,000 wa passed at the South Roxana village board meeting Wednes day night. The new appropriations ordi nance calls for $80,948 while last year's ordinance was for $54,023, a boost of $26.925. Thi ordinance does not mean thi village will spend that much but can spend to that limit. Appropriations are usually about 10 per cent higher < nan the figured cost of operation to take care of emergencies. The largest amount, $41,500 of the new appropriations is In the street and bridge fund. Oth er amounts include $10,700 fo general administration an $9,200 for the police depart ment. The board accepted the resig nation of Daniel Steed, a police man who was charged Tuesda; with committing an indecent o lewd act, and appointed Jacob Gray to the vacant position. Bids on rock and asphalt fo the road in South Roxana were opened with the lone bid fo asphalt from Midwest Black Top Roads, Inc., of Collinsville being rejected. The bid for stone was award ed to Sweet Construction Co at a price of $3.60 a ton de livered and applied. Midwes had bid $5.40 a ton on half inch ;o three eighths inch chips. The Sweet bid had no specifications as to size, but the invitation to )id specified half-inch rock. The asphalt bid was .1625 per jaUon. Questions were raised )y'board members on the price and the fact that only one bid was submitted. . Trustee Willie Evans though ;he price of the asphalt to be out of line and should probably be in the lucent category; He said that the bid for^he Monticello, Wilshira and Alton Shopping Centers Open Thursday, Friday and Monday Nights 'Til'9 #872 "Sklpples", a tfreomlintng Jong leg pintle girdle with 2tt Inches of waist whittling band, self- reinforced panels. REG. $11.00 NOW $8.79 £87? Thb long-itoinmed nylon ond lycra* ipgn* dt* pontifl girdle k Sghtwplght and functional. Tteil^Bta ' ' and control #573 "Romance"? It's a ckusic. A bandeau bra with Princess styling In cotton batiste wtth a 2 Inch front band release, circle stitched cups, lace trimmed. B, C cups, RE<3, $3.50 NOW $2.79 D cup, REG. $4.00 NOW 3,99 PLAYTEX SALE No. 2834 Doubl. Diamond Glrdl, Slit*: S, M, L, Reg. $13.95, New $11,95 Sl«ei XI, R«g, $14.95 New $12,95 MAIDENFOHW SALE No. 9096 Dreamliner Bra Fiperflll contour with tlaitlc straps A, B, C Cupi, Reg, $4.50 Now $3.41 Othtr SAUE lt»m»I Entire Stock of Coftujnt Jewelry '/i Price Shear Panty He-it, R»g- $2 ,.,..$1,60 RAM 3-D 3olf Bald, Reg. $U0., .8Qc last year In South Roxana was .1075 per gallon. The bids were for work to be done on eight miles of road in Soutb Roxana. The board agreed the bid for asphalt may be too high and decided to hold a special meeting on July;5 to accept new bids. 3> East Alton recently accepted a bid for rock chips from De- Gerlia Trucking & Hauling Co. for $6.25 a ton, while Wood River will pay $5.25 a ton for their rock from Kienstra inc. Twin Too Young To Give Kidney; Dad to Be Donor en A legal Hitch eliminated Jan* Mellenthin Wednesday as the kidney donor for her ailing twin sister, Janet, 16, tfhd will undergo a llfe-aavtog sometime next month. William Ralph MeUenthta, ft year-old unemployed father of the family which Is supported by welfare t*yments, was chos- as the probable donor, Mellenthin, father of 13 chfl* dren, will leave July 6 for the University of Virginia School * Medicine Hospital at ~" ' for additional tests. Previous tests showed the blood type and vital parts of the father and daughter match* ed, a member of the family said. Janice was rejected as the donor because of her age. The donor must sign a legal document, authorizing the removal of one of two kidneys. The donor must be at least 21 years old, a member of the family said she learned only yesterday. . If the father Is rejected as a donor, four other members of the family whose blood types match will be tested, the Telegraph was told. Meanwhile, Janet continues to undergo examinations at Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, and meticulous precautions are being taken to assure that she does not develop a^serioUs cold, which could be fatal. Her transplant is being scheduled for sometime in mid'Juiy at the University of Virginia's hospital. • Surgeons who wfll perform the transplant hay* delayed the operations untfl a long seriei of tests that started four months ago is completed Medical specialist! detected Janet's deteriorating kidney condition to February and con* firmed their diagnosis after she spent more than three weeks at Barnes. More than 20 medical specialists Were on her case. A fund-raising campaign to raise money for a round-trip to Virginia is still in progress, About $1000 has been raised, Including a donation of $800 from the Illinois Kidney Foudation, which responded to a request from the American Medical Assn. The AMA had been asked by Rep. Melvir Price, (D-Bast St. Louis) to airt the family. Travel for the donor, the patient, and the mother of the girl and lodging and food expenses must be paid fop the family which receives support payments from the Aid to Dependent Children program of Illinois. 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