Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 13, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 13, 1942
Page 2
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POUR—THE MORNING AVALANCHE •-' ('• """"" gclCf.. Texas, Friday, February 13, 1942 W ARS are not entirely fought or' won o the attle .fields bu won on the battle .fields, but also at home by those who realize that only in unity is there strength. * + A ON VALENTINES S TARS and . Stripes have merged with hearts and flowers as America celebrates the first Valentine's day of the new World war. Patriotism and sentiment are all mixed up in the hearts or the girls- at-home, and star-spangled . Valanetines are the order of the day. Newest trick of. the season is the remembrance ring, B sentimental revival of. an old Victorian custom. When Johnny goes marching to way he sends his best girl a ring to remember him by. It's not ar. engagement ring, and it's not expensive. It's just something to say, "I hope you'll wait for me." * * * BUYING STAMPS P UPILS at Dupre school have bought over S100 worth of defense stamps this week and several interesting incidents concerning their purchases were related by Mrs. Mary Power, teacher of room 108. For instance, Charles Brewer was pulling and tugging at a loose tooth the other morning. His teacher wished that he would wait until he got home to pull his tooth but he couldn't let it alone. Suddenly he jumped up and yelled, "Oh boy, I got It out! I'm going to put it under my pillow and get a dime to buy a" defense stamp." David Rutledge, in this same room,, brought his stamp book to school and said, "I want to {ill jer up!" He said his little sister, Sandy, cried because David has more defense stamps than she has David explained, "She likes candy too much." George William Berry brought a dollar bill and 60 cents in coin to school in a bill fold of his own which he proudly explained as he pulled the .bill fold out of his hip pocket, "I want defense stamps witn every penny of it. I saved It put.of my weekly allowance. I don t like any kind of candv except penny candy any more'" * + « DANCE MANNERS , TF YOU'RE hep to the jive, you'll V- bend an ear to the advice of Tony and Sally De Marco, those out-ol-this world ballroom dancer* and mend your dance manners'. There are rules,"even for jitterbugs: 1. Its' ridic to apologize for your-dancing. Just catch on to the down beat and do your best 8. If you miss a step it's the woman who says "I'm sorry." 9. Don't quarrel on the dance floor. If you don't like each other, don't dance together. 10. Don't sing in your partner's ear. Let the orchestra supply the music. 11. Have fun. « * * FAMILY BUDGET A LL of the househould budgets •"- we have ever seen were inadequate to a certain degree. Eternally there are unexpected occurrences arising which cannot accurately be listed under groceries, meals out, household bills, books, drugs or rent. What women is there who has not wondered where she could list "Junior's broken arm," "replacing rake which we borrowed from neighbor's and which someone borrowed from us," "Aunt Mary's unexpected week end visit," etc. etc. Well, today we heard of a clever solution to this budget problem. Head a column "Such is Life" and dump all of your emergencies and. "heaven knows- what" items there. It will save your nerves wear and tear and make balancing the budget easier. PLANTING SEEDS MRS. MICHAEL BYNUM - LVJ - says She plants sweetpea seeds each Valentine's day, buying the seed from Lubbock merchants. She has found the flowers do better if you plant them just a trifle deeper than J s -suggested on the packet directions. * * » _.SHORTS AND SLACKS TJLAY colthes show a change in x their length and breadth this season. More material goes into snorts and this should be pleasant news for the girls who wanted to, but couldn't wear them as brief as theyve been. This may sound peculiar when we have been hearing so much about shortages But while manufacturers are u<=ine more cloth in the boyish-tvpe shorts, they are saving in slacks shortening their length and narrowing their width 2. Don't bounce"/ boogie-riders glide. The best 3. Remember you have a partner Don t take a run-out powder when the musk stops. 4. It's corny to discuss serious suojects while rug-cutting. If you »« a * " ttle the fate of the world, sit that one out. 5 ' .f 0 ^ inter ested, even If you aren't. Don't be bJah partner's _.„.,_ „ ~ ,— -^M^UV.U to clutch your partner In a vise-like grip. She's ahlo *„ .,,„,> alone> an ^ £ ' Snot She's able to Ij he. Mrs. R. S. Rodgers Is Hostess To Club Mrs. R. S. Rodgers, 2109 Seventeenth street, was hostess for the 1916 Needle club Wednesday afternoon. Members present were Mesdames James H. Kimmel, H. G Bizzell, D. M. Henderson, J H Bryan, J. B. Edwards, R. T Coffee Torn Arnett, J. M, ..Gordon, E. B. Green, E. R. Allen, Willie W ' , R. I. Tubbs, ' - ' , . . and A. H. Leidigh, a gue=t Mrs Henderson, 2420 Twentieth St., will be hostess Feb. 25. Mrs. Grace White To Introduce Pupils Several speech pupils of Mrs Grace White who will be entered in the Arnarillo speech contest will be presented in a . recital tonight from 7 to 8 o'clock by Mrs. White in the home of Mrs. J. A. Hodees ' . . 1320 Fourteenth street. EVERYTHING IN SADDLE ^ our pet color ... the All • American love . .. that wonderful wear-with-everythine SADDLE BEIGE! COME IN AT ONCE and choose from our complete selection of stylos at this astounding low price' All type:; and hc-el heights: SEE OUR WINDOWS FOE THE LARGEST SELECTION OF SPORT SHOES IN LtJBBOCK Lead's 4 lngallic.' Giving 4343 For tfre A'vofenghe-Journo! OffJcts Va entine AAotifs Feature For Club Pro* Sewing Is Diversion For Several Groups Valentine motifs were featured at a number of club programs Thursday afternoon v.-hich were held for sewing, studies and social hours. Twelve members and a visitor were present for the 1911 Needle club meeting with Miss Delia Wilkinson, .1201 Seventeenth street, as hostess and Mrs. R. Q. Pierce as co-hostess. Members present were Mesdames J. B. Jackson, W. B. Irvin, W. O. Stevens, A. B. Cunningham, Fred Snyder, W. H. Bledsoe, Robert Allen, George A. Dupree. Allan Carter, Floyd Beal, H. D. Wood and T. W. Stoneroad. Teaching Children "Teaching Our Children to be Patriotic" was title of a talk given by Mrs. J. C. Dtan at the Homebuilders club meeting with Mrs. T. A. Mcllroy, 2015 Ninth street. Members attending were Mesdames M. G. Bowles, Weldon Strong, Wayne Thrush. Velma Morris, W. A. Lindsey and J D Stalnaker. Mrs. A. McKntght was a guest. Plans for a party honoring husbands were made when 1941 Needle club members met with Mrs Ivan Flynn 1903 Twenty-fourth street. Mesdames Meritf Clark and Wesley Smith will be hostesses for the social Wednesday night at 8 o'clock in the Clark home, 2511 Twenty-sixth street. A Valentine motif was featured at the meeting Thursday. Members present were Mesdames Clark, Smith, A. •£. Dietering Thelton Hamilton, Pat Henry, E. R. Trego, Bill Davis and J. O. Pope. Mri Henry will be hostess for the club Feb. 26. Her address is 1916 Twenty-eighth street. Mesdames Ada D. Stephen* Stella Hilliard, Clay Thompson! J. A. Pressley and W. E. Lyle were guests at the Six and Six club meeting with Mrs. Roberta Doughtie, 2314 Sixteenth street. Mrs. H. A. Davidson was elected club president and Mrs. W. C. Rylander was re-elected secretary. Others attending were Mesdames J. O. Jones, J. C. Street, \\. L. Baugh, A. B. Ellis, W. R Spencer, and G. W. McCleary. Members, Guests Eight members, eight visitors and two new members were present for the Energetic club meetm° in the home of Mrs. Creek Brown, 262o Twenty-second street. During a business session, members voted to make an afghan for tneir Red Cross project. Contests were conducted. Mesdames. G. W. Pardue and H. O. Waters, guests, presented piano selections and Mrs. Frances -Lee Tolbert gave several readings. Mrs. Jessie King, 2124 Twenty- sixth street, will entertain March 12. Work-A-While club members met Thursday afternoon in the home of Mrs. C. M. Reese, 1617 Eight n street. Knitting was the diversion and, plans for the year were outlined, Refreshments were served to Mesdames G. G. Stringer, John Pounds. C. A, .Ferguson, H. D Keith, H. A. Dean and Cliff Elliott. Mrs. Ferguson, 1614 Seventh street will be hostess Feb. 26 Chapter AK Of PEO To Have Meeting Today r *p em , be ^ ? f ,. Cha P ter AK of the - . tj. U. faisierhood will meet this afternoon at 3 o'clock with Mr* O. W. English, 2809 Nineteenth street. Pharr-Luttrel! Rites To Be Read Feb. 22 • Mr. and Mrs. H. M. McCulIough are announcing the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Mrs. Ruth Luttreli, to Buster Pharr, 5on of Mr. and Mrs. V. P. Pharr of Petersburg. The wedding wil Itake place at Asbury Methodist church Feb. 22 in the afternoon. rams He d Thursday Food-For-Freedom Is National Program; Gardens Needed The 1942 National Fooci-for- Frcedom program calls for 5,760,000 farm and ranch gardens. The goal in Texas is for each farm family in the state to have a garden that will supply an abundance of fresh vegetables lor use during the growing season, and an ample supply to can and store for the remainder of the year, wi'.h a surplus for the emergency of a poor growing season or otherwise, believes Miss Mona Keelor, assistant home demonstration agent. Events since war lias been declared make it increasingly urgent that a beginning be mtsde at the earliest possible date. In order to make it easier for all farm people in the state to secure the varieties o£ garden seed best adapted to their conditions, some work has been done by a committee of Experiment Station. Extension Service and Farm Security workers with the seedsmen of the state. The following are the varieties of vegetables that the wholesale seed dealers say will be most likely to have in stock for the 1942 season in West Texas. The amount of seed given is based on requirements for two persons. Tomatoes: 1-4 oz. Porter, Bison, Ear Han a, Break-o-Day. Spinach: 1 oz. Bloosdale Savoy. Collards: None. Beans: Snap Bush, 1 Ib. Burpee's Stringless: Snap pole, 1-2 Ib. Kentucky Wonder; Lima bush, 1-2 Ib. Henderson's Bush. Swiss Chard: 1-2 oz. Lucullus. English Peas: 1-2 Ib. West Texas Sur Cropper. Cabbage: 1-2 oz. E. Jer. Wakefield or Chas. Wakefield. Beets: 2 oz. Detroit Dark Red, or Crosby's Egyptian. Lettuce: 1-4 oz. Early Curled Simpson, or New York No. 12. .Carrots: 1-2 oz. Red Core Chan- tenay or Denver's Half Long. Radish: 1-2 oz. Scarlet Globe Okra: 1-2 oz. White Velvet. Squash: 1-4 oz. Yellow Crookneck, or Early White Bu*h Field Peas: 1-2 Ib. Browneye Growder or Blackeye. Cucumbers: 1-2 oz. Early Fortune. Corn: 1-2 Ib. Honey June. Turnips: 1 oz. Purpleton, or White Globe, or Shegion, or Seven Top. Pepper: 1-16 oz. World Bester. Mustard: 1 oz. Tendergreen or Florida Broadleaf. Kale: 1-8 oz. Dwarf Blue Scotch Parsley: 1-16 oz. Moss Curled.. Plant a frame garden in February or March. . Plant a summer garden in April, May and June. Plant your fall garden July 1 to September 1. Young People Will Be Entertained Tonight Young people in the age group from 12 to 21 years will be entertained tonight from 7:30 to 9:30 o'clock at the Community Center located at Sixth street and Avenue B. Lieut. Fred H.- Sanner and a group of social recreation leaders of the Salvation Army will be in charge. A Valentine party will be given with City WPA recreation loaders Mesdames A. M. Cowdrey, Fairy Holt and H. A. Beaty assisting in the entertainment. Euzelian Class Has Luncheon At Center Seventeen members of the Euze- lian class of the First Baptist church met for a business session and luncheon Thursday in the activities center. Mrs. J. C. Irwih gave a devotion on "Prayer" and Mrs. E. M. Barnett gave the closing prayer. Those attending were Mesdames Burney Slack, G. R. Severance, E. C. Pool, Joe Mcllhaney, Alfred Crosby, J. W. "owery, C. C. Worrell, Charles Fry, Elmer East Fred C. Litton, R. H. Fulton U. U Clark, M. F. McDaniel, R Z Abell and E. E. McClatchy. Buy A Defense Bond TODAYI On February 14(h of each year, all the hearts and cupids get together for one grand field day; so why not join the soft whisperings in a dress that is romantic and ... As Valentine Itself! THE VOGUE Defense Stamps on Sale Here Broadway at Ave. J Dial 6001 Open Hours from Nine to Six! Today's Events *.» Woman'* auxiliary of Locuit fllrtet rnp'l. 2 p. m., chapel, Bible itudy. Firtl Baptist W. M. B., I to i p. a.. >!neer Sewing Machine company. Red :ross sewing. Calvary Baptist Intermediate Glrla auxiliary. 3:li p. m.. church. East Side Bible Studv r!iu S p. m Mr. J. G. Hu/siedler, 1609 Ave. 2; Mr«. 'V. C. Heiiiy, teacher. HcmrjnaXjr* c.'atj ot Tint Baptlit :hurch, 12:15 p. m., activities «n*.er. Fellowship club, 3 p. m.. r. R. TtitnA icme, MeEdam« T. E. Crites and J. F. Ha:!kins co-hostesses. Friday Ntedle club, 3 p. m., MM. Jl. *. Holmes. S516 22nd Si. .terry Ann BrUige club, J p. m., Mrt. H. a. Holmes. 3302 Monroe 3t. 1D33 Needle club 3 p. m, Mra. T r McCall in Slatoii. Unit 2 ot AAUW Child Derelopment _roup, 3 p. m.. Mrs. Troy Dale, 2020-B 11tn fit. Bed Crois First Aid course, 3 to S p m.. sponsored by Senior High school F-TV room 110, school; M!sj Kathleen Ing'am' nslructor. ' Home Nuraiug coursr. 1 to 3 p. m Foursquare Gospel church: sponsored by K. Carter P-TA and taught b>- Mr* C j. Adams. First Aid course. 3 to 3 p. m.. sponsored by Ro;coe Wilson p-TA. school: Mrs. Ivy Savage, Instructor. Ann Hasscltlne Young Women's au»ll- ary of First Baptist church, 8pm activities center; sweetheart banquet. ' ,. elub< a to la p - m - Holel uoc; dance. 33rd air bate group. 6:30 p. m.. Hilton :iotel; banquet. Asbury Methodist Wesleyan Service -.uila. initial meeting. 7:30 p: m.. Mrs. Ted Vernon, 2315 13th St.. bulfct supper- all jusinesj women Invited to attend meet- Halcyon Club Meet Is Held InTrinkle Home Mrs. L. L. Kelso scored high for guests at the Halcyon forty-two club meeting Wednesday with Mrs. O. B. Trinkle, 1411 Thirteenth street. Other visitors were Mesdames A. B. Ellis, J.* B. McCauley, K. Carter and Kelso. Members were Mesdames W. E. Humphries, A. S. Meinecke, M. K. Foster, S. K. Mitchell, J. A. Good- Lubbock Girl Scouts Soon To Have A Paid Executive Secretary Lubbock Girl Scouts will soon have an executive secretary, a paid professional worker to direct their activities. That was the announcement from G. P, Kuykendall, chairman of a special committee to employ n secretary for the Girl Scouts. An encouraging report on prospects of employing & secretary was given by Kuykendall in a meeting of the executive board of Lubbock Girl Scouts Monday night at the Little House, Twenty-fifth street and Avenue P, at which Miss Mae Crysler of Dallas, national Girl Scout representative, spoke to members of the board and their husbands and wives. Miss Crysler met with . leaders, council members and committee chairmen in her three-and-a-half- day visit here and gave instructive information on the program here, especially that of the girls' part in deferise. Teachers at Dupre school were honored with a tea and the Little House Saturday afternoon, members of troop 3 which meets at the school entertaining with songs and a display of handicraft during the afternoon. Mrs. H. H. Van Aken and Mrs. Allen Farmer poured tea. The girls were accompanied in their songs by Miss Nell McNeely. Guests present included Misses Crysler, Verlin Cook, Fayc Coltharp, McNeely, Reuby S. Rhodes, Jewel! T. O'Dell, Lois Hale, Emma C. Hill, Gertrude Frye and Claudine Cook, Mesdames D. Jarrett R. E. Key, Vada Sperice, Carl Willingham, and Guy L. Trow and Mr. C. E. Batton. First aid instructions are being continued by .troops 4, 8 and 10 Mrs. Ewell Hunt gave Brownie troop 4 their first lesson on bandaging at the First Presbyterian church Friday. Miss Mary McGehee continued her instructions at a meeting of troops 8 and 10. win, J. M. Young and Webb Duval. Mrs. Mitchell on the Slaton highway will entertain ' for the club Feb. 25. PREMIUM CRACKERS You'll enjor the delicious ncis... the tempting freshness and flavor of Premium Crackers. Look for the red Nabisco seal oa every type of biscuit you buy. Baked by NABISCO NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY "WINGS" ON YOUR TOES FRILLY-FEATHERWEIGHT AIRY PUMPS 00 Black Patent Beige Look vour cutest at "Date Time" . , . with clever, fascinating bows on your toes. • See Our Windows GROLLMAN'S SHOE DEPARTMENT Miss McCrery Speaks To Bean Association Miss Jonnie McCrery, head of the department of food and nutrition at Texas Technological college, spoke to members of (he George R. Bean Parent-Teacher association Thursday afternoon at the school. Fifty-two were in attendance. Miss McCrery's subject was "Family and Community Health." Accordion selections were presented by Peggy McClatchy and pupils from Mrs. William O. Mc- Lcod's room wore in charge of the program. Mrs. Mozelle Dobbs presented the school with a hand painted painting. Mrs. L. A. Kerr was appointed social and hygiene chairman. Homecraft Club Will Not Meet Today The Homecraft club meeting, planned for this afternoon, has been called off, it was announced Thursday. WolfforthWMSHas Service Program A royal service program' was presented when the Wolfforth Baptist Women's Missionary society met in the home of B Mrs. Campbell recently. Ten members were pvesent. The meeting 'time was changed to 3 o'clock. *•-- -. --. _ A small piece of lemon dipped in salt and rubbed on the ccpper- clad kitchen ware will keep Jt bright ami shining. ACT FAST To h&Ip prevent COLDS from developing Put a few drops of Va-tro-nol up each nostril at the very first sniffle or sneeze. Its quick action aids Nature's defenses •..«>,. against colds. Follow VICKS directions %»• VMM UMI in folder. VA-TRO'NOL Myrick ( ' , Bldg. LU8oOCK'S STYLE CEDTER FOR Dial 9061 PRETTY—PRETTY PRINTS Bright and colorful large and small prints. One and two piece styles, some with solid color jackets or full length coats. In crepes and Jerseys. See these today! 9'sto 17's 12's to 20's 's to 22 W to 3995 Shop Our Windows Your HAT One of your most important accessories to accompany your new ; spring dress -or suit. See our large collection of straws, straw and felt combinations and all the other wanted fabrics. $3 to $10 Colorful Softie Turbans They're new ... imart and different. Wear them with everything, morning, noon or nite. Priced only— 2oo EXTRA SPECIALS For Friday And Saturday Limited quantities on these extra specials and on sale until sold out . . Early shopping advised . . . 22 Dresses, Values to 34.95 Silks, Wools. Velvets . . .4 Evening Dresses; Values 12.95 to 22.95 33 Wool Sweaters, Values to 5.95 27 Silk Blouses, Values to 5.95 . . . 500 500 2°° 129 •&• SWART OPTOMETRJC CLINIC §r. MHbrd F. Swart DIUURiR; HAMILTON DR. HARRY J. SMITH HVRICK IUR6INO LUBBOCK -A

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