The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 19, 1951 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
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Monday, November 19, 1951
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TEJT The 'N'«w*. Frederick, Md., Monday, November 19, No Desire To Injure Sports NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 18--(X)-Sugar Bowl sponsors, defending post-season football games against increasing attack, said today they would drop their annual sports program immediately "if any of us thought we were harming collegiate sports." The defense was issued two days after Maryland and Tennessee were announced as opponents for the 18th annual Sugar Bowl game January 1. » "W« do not yield to any individual or group in our allegiance to intercollegiate athletics in general and football in particular," the sponsors said in a statement- "If any of us thought we were doing anything harmful to collegiate sports, we would cease our program at once On the contrary we believe we have made a very definite contribution." , "Recent critics x x have attempted to make a 'whipping boy of post-season contests," they said. The Sugar Bowl did not identify any of the critics. One recent critic was Charlie Caldwell of Princeton, the 1950 "coach of the year." Last week he urged that all bowl games be outlawed Football would have no problems -with commercialism, he said, if post-season games were eliminated Among the arguments the New Orleans Mid-Winter Sports Association sponsors, of the Sugar Bowl carnival, advanced m support of the Rose, Cotton, Sugar and Orange Bowls were 1--In the 18 years (or more) that the four major bowl games have existed none "has in any way done anything harmful to any educational institution, football players or the game itself" 2--The four major bowls "have had official approval of conferences governing collegiate athletics in their locale." 3_The four major bowls have been approved by the Natibnal Collegiate Athletic Association and are regulated under provisions set forth in the NCAA Constitution 4--The four major bowls have officials selected by the conferences from which the participating teams come Industrial Bowling League Latest Results Morgan Lunch, 2. Riddlemoser. 1 Stup Tex, 2, Landis Jewelry, 1 Gladhill Furn, 2. Harold s Shop, 1 K. H. Sheetmetal, 2: Broad B, 1 Mid'town, 2, Quaker City Cl'rs, 1 Bitzer Moore. 2; N. End Bar, 1 Standings of the Teamn W. L Bitzer Moore 21 6 Landis Jewelry 19 8 Quaker City Cl'rs. 19 Stup Texaco 18 Morgan Lunch 17 Broad Run 14 North End B bers 12 K H Sheetmetal 11 Rid moser B Mkt 10 Middletown 8 Gladhill Furniture 7 Harold Sand. Shop 6 8 9 10 13 15 16 17 10 20 21 Pet .777 .703 .703 .667 .620 .518 444 407 371 297 2W 223 Weekly Statistic* High individual game and :et-Kline (Morgan's Lunch). 149 and 393, high team game and set-Stup's Texaco, 615 and 1,687. Mining did not begin on Norway's Island of Spitsbergen until 1905 National Football League American Conference W L T , . 7 1 0 . 5 2 1 , 3 5 6 Cleveland N Y. Giants . Philadelphia . Washington . 3 5 0 Pittsburgh 2 5 1 Chicago Cardinals 2 6 0 National Conference Chicago Bears 6 2 0 Los Angeles . 6 2 Detroit ... 5 2 San Francisco .... 4 4 Green Bay . 3 5 0 7 N. Y. Yanks Pet .875 .714 .375 375 .286 .250 .750 .750 .714 500 .375 .000 Terps Rapped For Taking Bid DALLAS. Nov 18 tfP) -- Bill Rives, sports editor of the Dallas News, today rapped Maiyland for accepting a bid to the Sugar Bowl without its conference's permission and said the action was a disservice to intercollegiate athletics. In his daily column, Rives declared that Maryland, in taking the bowl bid, figuratively thumbed its we at its own conference 'and the Sugar Bowl was a partner to the conspiracy " He declared that thes.e were troublous times in intercollegiate athletics as educators and coaches all over the nation concern themselves with deep explorations into athletic practices "seeking to bring sports back to a sensible level" And, he said, Maryland s action was a disservice because one of the suggestions which has been made in the hunt for a means of reducing athletic ' pressures" is the study of a possible elimination of post season football games ' Witnm thiee days after Maryland's action the NCAA council will be meeting in Chicago to formulate a definite program designed to release the picssuies which have sent athletics to the sick bed ' the News sports editoi wrote 'As (he council membeis convene Monday. Lhoie is certain to be a lot of head-shaking over Maryland s di«rcRard of the basic principles of honcsU and faii- handed dealing Mai \Jand and the Sugar Bowl, at a time \vhen -wisdom and honor aie sorely needed m athletics, have created another headache " Rives, pointed out that the Southern Confcioncc of which Maryland is a mcmbor, has not taken anv action on the subject of bowl games but that the presidents of the conference schools voted last September to recommend a ban on post-season contests That recommendation is due to be pie- sented for f o r m a l conference action December IB Marvlann was one of seveial trams being con^irierpd h\ the Colton Bowl but Cotton Bnwl rppie- scntatives told Maryland that in order to lemam ' i n the running it would have to obtain permission ot the Southern Confeience, Rives continued "The Cotton Bowl, which is operated bv the Southwest Cnnfei- cnce, always conducts its operations upon nn ethical basis and eeitainlv, it w o u l d not meepl n team which Hid not have peimis- F D COVERS HIOIM 1914-1111 ,\T Till- KEY STAMP CO. llfi-A F. Tatrirk St. Hrs 3 T0-5 10 \V k. Day; 91 * SA Three Die In Chicago Hotel Fire On Sunday CHICAGO. Nov. 18 (If) -- Fire swept a South Side residential hotel in 22 degree temperature early today, killing three persons, injuring nine and leaving many homeless The spectacular blaze forced five residents to plunge from top floor window of the four story Norwood Hotel at 6400 Normal Avenue All were injured. The bodies of two men and a women were found in their rooms in the south wing w,tuch was most severely damaged. One of the heroes of the fire was a British evangelist, Rev. Leonard Ravenhill, 44, of Oldham, England, who rescued a 75-year-old fellow mission worker, Thomas Haire of Lisburn, Ireland. He dropped the the semi-conscious Haire from a fourth floor window, then jumped, himself Mr. Ravenhill, from a hospital bed where he was being treated for possible leg fracture, hand BETTY'S BIGGEST MOMENT--Betty Thompson, 19-year-old Atlanta, Ga., cancer victim given only four weeks to live, is surrounded by stars of the entertainment world she had always dreamed of meeting. Betty was guest of honor at a dinner given by the American National Theater and Academy at New York's Waldorf-Astoria hotel. In the group are: top, left to right, Joey Adams, Frances Langford and Jack Carter; center: Jane Froman, Irene Wood, Betty (with crutches) and Marguerite Piazza; left foreground: Helen Hayes, noted actress and president o£ A. N. T. A./ -non of that team ·? conference colleagues," he wiote Discussing whv Maiyland 'Bypassed its own confeience Rives said "it seems logical lo assume that Maryland was afraid ' to poll its conference mcmbcis 'By plunging ahead and taking the Sugnr Bowl ofTrr Mai land put the Soulnorn Conference in an embarrassing position The conference will find jtself, at the Dec-cm- Acts AT ONCE to Relieve CAUSED BY COLDS For ypais thousnnds of doctor-? hnvo proscribed PwmihSiN It nets AT ONCE not only to iclieve coughing due to colds but It nl c o "loosens up" phlegm and makes it easier to raise. prmrussiN it. enflielv free fiorn nnv hnrmful ingredients of nnv kind. Kiddles lov c its pleasant tnte--like "candy on a spoon"! -PERTUSSSNc bcr meeting, faced with a fait accompli " RJVCS declared that ' the spectacle of a school refusing to act honorably and ethically, because it is preslige-mad 01 greedy 01 both, will sicken some of the men who aif» chaiged with the conduct of rollecc athletics" APPLES G rimes--Delicious Stayman--Yorks Sweet Cider WALKER ORCHARDS Mt. Airy 74-J l\I%rv]amI-TT X Approved Piillonim Clean IIat hcrv Chicks avtilable Tuesdays "'id Fridays Started Chliks available for Imnipdiilp de- IKery Also, a complete line of poultry equipment, medicines and supplies MARYLAND CHICK HATCHERY, INC. 100 West South St. Phone 439 Button button you've gof call ! I EN little push buttons now help Long Distance telephone operators handle more calls more quickly. Named "operator toll dialing," this new development is already used on 1 3 A million Long Distance calls daily and is steadily being expanded. 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Y. rmrns ana mocR, x«v* tnii ·** count"I thought of my friend, Tom, in the next room, and went over »nd awakened him. "We went to the window near the fire escape, but flames were shooting up around it. There was a great deal of screaming and shouting. We went to another window. 1 held Tom's head out so he could get some air. I burned my hands on the bricks. "Then I helped Tom out of the window and jumped, myself" The two had been conducting a series of revival meetings here Those who leaped landed in an ice-crusted alley on the north side of the building. BIRTHDAY A chicken dinner was served at the home of Mr. and Mrs "William H Gearhart, Rocky Ridge, in celebration of the birthdays of theu son, William H. Gearhart, ...even if you want just a few * dollars Loans Tip to $1500 GENERAL Acceptance Corp. 244 No. Market, at Third Tel. Frederick 2791 PUBLIC SALE FRIDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 23, 1951 Beginning at 6:30 P. M. Al Barbara Fritchie Candy Plant, Washington Road Deep well electric pump and tank, lot dishes, cooking utensils, three gallon electric coffee maker. 16 iron lunch chairs, excellent eleclrlc rariKP elcctrle movie machine and film, electric drill, 2 elec- trit insecticide machines (indoor use) 2500 wood spoons, 500 gallon JUKS, 100 gallon inns, 2 double porcelain sinks. 2 Coca Cola dispensers, 1 Cola cabinet with cold uater (oils, electric record plaver and records "! FINE NKW GUITARS, BANJO MANDOLIN Instrument lases old \iolin, piano boxes, show case. 150 GLASS BUILDING BLOCKS (NEW) Lawn mower nashcr, high chair plajpen. Venetian blinds, 3 I imps wash slind auto tubes lot ntrlc acid, boxes, containers, lot insect powder, antique Iron dog, saws, spigots, books, fine electric to.isier, t«o pianos etc N U L L MILL Auctiotieen A TT 1 f'Tf AlVfTTT? R L KFLLY, Clerk A. CJ. LJtW\iVUliJtt FARMS--Dairy or stock farm 12 mile'; N of Frederick. Comfortablt home. Large barn--plenty of water. Reasonable. HOMES--Bungalow. Linden hills, 3 Tiedroomi, large kitchen living room, etc. Club basement, utility room Rarafre Double lot beautifully landscaped, line view. Owner will sacrifice. BUSINESS--Service Mition complete Located In Tanevtown Everything $1,500 00 Prosperous general store and liquors. Near Frederick Reasonable. CITY t,O1 S--Two large desirable home sites near High School, front- in K on Baker Park Priced to sell at once. R. C. BOYER, Real Estate Chapline Bide Residence Frederick. Md Tel 108« Middletown. Md Tel 57-J-l Representing Geo M Chapline. Realtor BUNGALOW-- FOR SALE Two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bath. Situated on large lot and located on Jefferson Blvd. BRADDOCK HEIGHTS, Maryland. Priced for quick sale S6.000 00. BUILDING LOTS Building: lots 100x200 ft , frontmp on Jefferson Blvd., Braddock Heiffhts. Nice elevation, beautiful view. CITY PROPERTIES Six room single brick dwelling. Steam heat. Garage. Immediate possession. Trice S9,500 00. 2 apartment dwelling with extra lot. Located on Franklin Street. Price $5,500.00. . D. HARP AGENCY - Pythian Castle Building Phone 725) PUBLIC SALE On my farm along 1 Goshen macadam road, leading from Gaithersburg to Wootlfield, 18 miles north of Washington, 20 miles south of Frederick, one and one-half miles northeast of Gaithersburg, Montgomery County, Maryland on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20,1951 AT TEN-THIRTY A. M. 100 Head of Dairy Cattle SOME REGISTERED, SOME CANADIAN Majority Holsteins, nearly all young; lot of first calf heifers, large number fresh or heavy springers, and some to freshen litter part of Dec. 1951 or by January 1, 1952, balance in heavy milk. Having a butter fat test of 3 9/10 to 4% and a cattle Mid barn score of 98% on the Washington milk market. 1 registered Holstein bull 4 years old, 1 Holstem bull entitled to registry, 2 years old; 1 Holstein bull, 2 years old. A fine grade bull This is an excellent herd, and every animal in the sale will be sold without reserve. All dairy equipment goes with the farm. MACHINERY--Oliver two-row corn picker, used very Uttle; Fox ensilage cutter, McCormick Deering hay loader, John Deere com planter with fertilizer attachment and tractor hitch, ahd other items not listed. TERMS--CASH with complete settlement on day of sale. CHARLES J. SAVAGE, ROUTE NO.' 1, GA1THERSBURG, MD. TELEPHONE 14-M EMMERT R. BOWLUS GLENN TROUT, Auctioneer* RAYMOND L. KELLY, Clerk Lunch Served In the tropics, where the banana is grown, it is a mam dish. jr. «n«l son-in-law, Charles C. Conaway. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. William H- Gearhart. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Conaway and daughter, Carolene, Donald Paugh, Mr». Ethel Jackson and daughter, Jeane. Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gearhart and children, John, Dorns, Ida, and Harvey. Other visitors were Mr and Mrs. Mike Fitzgerald and children ANTIQUE Reproduction Repair Custom Bilt Furniture Combination Doors Storm Sash Screens Modern Kitchen Cabinets I. R. MORGAN Phone 308-W-3 GAS StrviM GAS IS · FASTER · COOLER Kitchen · CLEANER · CHEAPER FREDERICK BOTTLED GAS CO. 410 N. Market Street Phone 1684-W TOD AT JOIN HOSPITAL AID Th« biggest gold nugget »v»r found, weighing 195 pounds, wa» dug out of the Morgan claim at Carson Hill, Calaveras County, Calif, in 1854. Electrical Wiring Residential, Commercial an* ladustrlal FIXTURES OF AIX TYPE8 AND REPAIR WORK HARRY TINN-EY 12 Hamilton Are. Phone 160} ALLEN'S IS NOW SELF SERVICE COME IN--BROWSE AROUND SERVE YOURSELF SEE FOR YOURSELF HOW MUCH EASIER IT IS TO SHOP THIS NEW WAY. ALLEN'S Corner Market 2nd Sts. THANKSGIVING'POULTRY Prime Broad Breasted Turkeys, Roasting and Frying Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Capons and Keats Live or Oven Ready PLEASE PLACE ORDERS -- PHONE 433-W W W POULTRY MARKET 33-A E. South St. HAMILTON, ELGIN, GRUEN AND' BULOVA WATCHES JAMES E. DOLL 1 Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silverware 9 SOUTH MARKET STREET HOMES FOR SALE COUNTY $4,000.--Newly constructed white weatherboard--just Zli miles from town--this is a nice home for small family--early possession. $5,500.--6 rm. white weatherboard village home with central heat, Ige garden lot, chicken house, garage, etc. CITY --9 rm. nad 2 baths--modern \vith oil hot water heat and many other splendid features--on lot 75x180 near Hood College. --1400 sq. ft. of floor space and every inch a beatv--1st flr.--5 rms. tile hath--2nd flr. 2 Ige bedrooms and bath. Modern cabinet kitchen, oil circulator hot water heat. Lot 100x160--we'll wager you'll like it. --2 family brick with all the features of a lovelj home--Immediate possession. For further particulars call NED S. ZEILER "REALTOR- 102 N. Court St. Phone 1910 Frederick, Md. 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