Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 2, 1965 · Page 31
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 31

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 2, 1965
Page 31
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Page 31 article text (OCR)

figg M, OLOVIi yEWSJOtlBNAL, Sunday, Mfty », IMS Roundup Of News From Clovis High School nnril T Jtftttfi W&Bn'A • A A j\ H i4 f*t AM(M#) fcjf **» tlAti** Vf *.&!**£! »1 J ««« A **.•» Ji _*.* «. *.^ ,»..»•_ . * * >. * ^^.. . a^^^k^ Mfi, Leona Head's s « e o n Projects we on display and Ing th«lr projects. Because the school year is almost completed, the students are starting short projects which can be finished before the classes are dismissed for the summer. Mrs. Head invites the student body to visit her classroom. year art classes are now finish many of them are wellworth seeing. Each period has a separate bulletin board use to display drawings. Other projects that are on display are various clay and soap projects. Several of the clashes have paper-mache fish which are hanging from the ceiling. GEOMETRY TEST Similar polygons are now being studied in Mr. Loew Chumley's plane geometry classes. The upcoming test on the chapter will be this Friday and will show the students' skill at •working the current "geometric crossword puzzles." The last chapter was on proportions. In that chapter, ratios and proportions and how to work them was the topic of study. The students really had a test on this because some of their Al- be«ra I, which some may have forg^ec, was in the chapter. "Regular Polygons and the Circle" will be the next chapter to be studied. The students are Looking forward to this seemingly interesting chapter. SPANISH CLASS Fifteen-minute recitations are being given in Spanish II classes under the direction of Mr. Henry Pena. The topics have to do with the Spanish-speaking countries, regular and irregular verbs, and Spanish ways of life. The recitations are the required semester projects and they count as two test grades. Aids to learning may be used on these projects, such as flashcards, charts, and maps. The classes are also studying the subjective mood under the direction of Mr. Pena's student teacher, Mr. Zeke Martinez. The subjective mood includes the polite forms, familiar forms, the present participles, the past mented Mrs. Betty Porterfleld, new secretary for Principal Harlan Beasley. As secretary, Mrs. Porterfield performs many duties. Among these duties are: being in charge of keeping supplies, writing purchase orders, and monthly reports (Including sign-in sheets, substitute reports, withdrawals), collecting and,.depositing money (including book fines and student fees), putting out the daily bulletin, keeping insurance records and reports, conducting correspondence, and looking after activity tickets, Federal forms, and locker keys. Mrs. Porterfleld, who Is a native of Clovis, has two children who In previous years attended Clovis High School. Her husband works for the Santa Fe Railway. BAND TRAVELS The award^winning Clovis High School band traveled to Enid, Oklahoma this week to compete in the 1965 Tri - State Music Festival. The 100-plece band which left Clovis at noon on Wednesday, performed in the concert and parade categories against such AA bands as Amarlllo, Pampa, Odessa, Texas; and Norman, Oklahoma. Some of the distinguished bandmasters who acted as Judges were Charles Brendler, leader of the United States Navy Band and Wilfred Manning, president of the Canadian Bandmasters Association. Although the band did not attend this competition in 1964 because of its trip to Los Angeles, are flaw displayed in school buildings and around town. Two plays will be presented Drama Night. They will be selected from those being learned In speech and drama classes. Acting awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and best male and female character performance will be presented at the conclusion of the two plays. After Drama Night the new Thespians will be formally Initiated into the National Thespian Society. PLEDGE THESPIANS Sixteen students will pledge membership in Thespian Troupe 1636 during the week of May 3-7. The pledges Include Mildred Beasley, Linda Brice, Chester Beates, Suellen Doose, Mike Duty, Ken Ford, Stewart Hammond, Linda Homer, Carol King, Paul McGinnis,, Pat McDaniel, Zane Lowe, Jason Metaxas, Susan Russell, Patsy Seller, and Dru Talley. During the course of initiation, these students will be required l .o memorize and recite various sayings, wear placards, and .earn historical facts concerning Thespians. Formal initiation is scheduled for May 7, following "Drama Awards Night." New officers for next year will also be announced and installed. BANQUET SCHEDULED The Quill and Scroll Banquet was the topic discussed at the Quill and Scroll meeting last Thursday. After the banquet,which will If one wonders what the Pepperdine College girls were doing using the dressing rooms, here is a very simple explanation. The Pepperdlne College A Cappella Chorus performed for the CHs students in an assembly. This college chorus Is from Los Angeles and has traveled many thousands of miles representing the college and giving programs. RUMMAGE SALE A rummage sale was held Saturday by members of Girl Scout Troop 235. The sale tookii owecl place at second and Mitchell at the drums, Rlchart Bultman on the string bass, and Norman Hatch on piano. Norman Hatch, assistant professor of music and director of choral activities, organized this group two years ago to fill a void in popular music groups on campus. Hatch Is familiar with the Southwest, graduated from Portales High and ENMU and having taught In public schools in New Mexico and Texas DKAMA NIGHT Come one! Come all! See plays, clowns and drama awards presented when Thespian Troupe 1636 presents "Drama Awards Night " May 7. Jack Ward, along with Pat Bender, Pam Hines, and Suellen Doose, will be dressed as a clown to greet the spectators. Then stage curtains will open and two plays will be performed for everyone's enjoyment. Do you like comedy, or fantasy, or are you the serious :ype? "Drama Awards Night" :ias a portion of the program to fit every taste. 'Ugly Duckling," directed by .._ Mrs. Ann Pearch, student teach-pavid Moreland, tiie troop lea- cr, will be a comedy. Its cast will jdcr. include Mike Duty as the king; ' Dayla Reynolds, queen; Linda Dulclbella, * summer school will be those outlined in the booklet, "The North Central Association of| Colleges and Secondary j Schools," and the special po-; Hcies inaugurated by the Clo-j vis Board of Education. j If absent the work missed must all be made up. The grade will be lowered one point, after a three-day absent. In the event that a person is absent five days, regardless of 'he reason, credit cannot bo al- CLASSIFIED " AlTs CHECK Ai)S the old sports arena, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The girls had collected items for this sale for the past three months. Proceeds taken from this sale will aid the girls to attend, as visitors, the 1965 National Girl Scout Roundup in Idaho. They plan to make this trip in July if enough money is earned. Conducting the sale were Glenda Beasley, Mildred Beas- All instructional material will be furnished by the student. A lab fen of $2.50 may be charged in addition to the regular tuition if a lab class is scheduled. Laboratory classes will include typing and science. S t u- dents will also have to provide their o w n transportation because school buses will not operate during the school session. Instructors will be the regular ley Janet Cox', Sharon' More- t( ':'('l'i»S staff of the Clov i s land, Sybil Moreland, a n d Schno! System, an'! n ^t be Calaudia Willetle. | al)le to r » e et the North Central Also In attendance was Mrs. i standards. The summer session is available to any person v\lu> nieds the prerequisites of the i.'o;ir->es (Sec SCHOOL Page 3'i) Brandon. princess; Stewart Hammond, prince; Steve Wil- Base, HAND PERFORMS Air Force B a n d Amarillo Air Force under the direction of DOLLAR DAY SPECIAL! Name Printed Free on your selection MONTAG'S Fine Gift Boxed WRITING PAPER It's The Gift Solution For MOTHER'S DAY GRADUATION This Offer Good 1 Day Only — Monday, May 3rd <Sfl9 Main OFFICE EQUIPMENT - n< > 5 Chief Warrant Officer Hams, Chancellor; and Albert ' h" 1 " h ™ nt n " ccr , « Humble. Carlos. |Whitehead, performed for Humble, Carlos. "Slave With Two Faces,' rected by Mr. Lonnie Jarrett, speech and drama teacher, is a fantasy. Its cast consists of Linda Brice first „ . band of 1963 are proudly dis concert and parade for 1962 and| Wednesday new Quill and s ' crol i I 963 , a .!! d ^o uts . t . a ! ld i n _!..^ onc ?, rt members will be initiated. Lynn Blankenship, this year's president, will be mistress of cere- Clovis monies. Older members of the society will help conduct the hi- played in the band hall. High musicians include a halftime appearance for a Dallas Cowboys football game in 1966. THESPIAN TO INITIATE New Thespian initiates were given initiatory materials at the Thespian meeting Monday night. President Diana Stoll called Itiation rites. They are Jane ^..^i., owunu gill, UilSUII JVie- [) n l],. " taxas, slave; Ken Ford, young i c., ', ll o s s a : . i special assembly recently. "I Among the several selections | presented were the. violin Phillip 'Sousa march. "Hands Across the Sea" and the theme from hit, "Hello, man; Andy Wallace, old and Kathy Wallace, old woman. For thp serious minded, six acting awards will be presented I , nl -' i ; iI !^;f! lt ! It<: f« aMnrc »„,» „„• ' , Ulg tllC flutCS. Special selections were "F.l Torrero" featuring the percussion and brass sections, and "Fantasia from Dixie" featur- to actors and actresses who have participated in various "Dlxieland Festival" w a s played as a tribute to Louis Teflon Ironing Board Cover and Pad Dixie Young read the minutes Daniels, Lora Deaton, Kathy'plays throughout the vears DeLozler, Linda Gerguson, Jean-j Admission for Drama Awards £ rsmslron , g ' and ' (Hossa Nov f nie Leavelle. and Joe Swartz .JNight will be only 75 cents- <o? a V ^T , w " ttcn es J )eclall >' The initiates are Ann Alder- come one, come all. ' i r their band by a P rominent man, Macki Austin. Barbara SCHOOL ZOO |composer. Berger, Dianne Douglas, Rich-| Animals, all kinds shapes and ard Elmendorf, Michael Hernan- 1 forms, greet the visitor to the dez, Barbara Keener, Carol 1 zoo-like room of Mrs. Leona the "The SPECIAL FOR DOLLAR DAYS Non-ititk h»qt r«fl«rtlng turfoct Sp*»di up ironing up to 50%. Stoin r«*ittont participles, the indicative tense, and called the roll, the imperfect tense the preterit: A publicity campaign for Dra- tense, the future tense, and theima Night, scheduled for 7:30, May 7, at Marshall Auditorium, was stressed at the meeting. Thespian initiates have alrea . King, Becky Rogers, Wanda'Head, art teacher at CHS. Spradlin, Suzi Szatowskl, and: Among the various animal. 1 ? is One SfMMKK SCHOOL The annual session of summer school will start Tuesdav. conditional tense. NEW SECRETARY "I thoroughly enjoy my and the students at CHS," com- job dy made over sixty posters that Dixie Young. Mr. Harmon Morgan, head of ! 0 f these is a two-tone bluefish fnr „._._._ „,„ ,, , the ENMU Journalism Depart- with a large painted red grin.,?^dT Vv ?7 fSi 8 ment, will speak at the banquet.'The fish are layered and are y ' y 2 ' frorn 8l Pat Bender, CHS Quill andWerv ONE SPECIAL RACK GIRLS 1 DRESSES Scroll member will [him. CHOIR PROGRAM The A Capella Choir from Pepperdine College in Los Angeles, color in the introduce Among the smaller mean looking shark. All of these are hung from the celling of the summer classes \v: .TO a.m. till 12 noon in the Administration Building at Clovis High School. Tuition for each class will be one credit is the that any student is earn , ... —• »w»o.uii. u^heduies win UL- day before an assembly of Clo-; e >' e l * a hl .'" e green worm with mad(? by , he summer schoo , " "~" ue - Near th , ls director, Mr. Frank Dillon, and ... . . f," °e obtained during registration, phant and a pink mouse with Subiept « nffprpf f arn * Aigcbra 'CORONET" 5 YEAR GUARANTEE GARDEN HOSE sion of a fish hatchery. j.~..^,... v ^, v . .^, p^t~ .iti *-*\jj i»ilJ^^lViO,' ,-, . , . /' l» 1 J L. "*••" rv «* w i vs I, M * 11 1414 I i 1 California, performed Wednes-! Stanngat a large flsh in VV;.mer session. Schedu vis High School students faculty. and 'a yellow tongue. SPECIAL... BOYS- SPORT JACKETS REG. $9.98 BOYS & GIRLS NEW SUM:/. :i SPORTSWEAR AND SWIM TRUNKS HERE NOW USE OUR EASY LAYAWAY GIRLS 1 PANTIES worm is the head of a pink ele phant and a pink mouse with "subjects offered" are The choir Is presently on long black eyelashes. The zoo j am j jj ^ mer j c their annual two-week tour. At'would not be complete without an< j n j st f )rv jjj 0 | ( the completion of the tour, they its several dogs and birds; also jj am j jjj 1 p n ,, sltdl will have made thirty-! i v e • a large head, probably the zoo planle goen ' 1e { r y""a* d performances at colleges, high i keeper. One student has ignored | theatre schools, and churches in the j the trend and made a red and; A!! C ! a s SPS v Southwest. |white striped rocket. ! North ' Central The A Capella Choir has pre- j Mrs. Head is teaching a c°nv which means viously performed a medly ofibination of things to both Art I mus( he jn a Civil War songs at the Los An- and Art II, balsa wood sculp Vtnyi Hot* • Gvanmt**d by Monufot lur»r. summer »J'nmtr , t> rcquircmeots mus( b jn t am:* two and one . lialf h d Uv { geles County Museum. They aJ. lure, seed mosaics, and enamel- and one . half we ,. ks ' in (jrd|M . , 0 ' . so appeared on a television show inp metal. Art I students learn receive credu (or t ,, c , UCCl . s ' s f v ,i sponsored by the Freedom Foun- to drill holes in enameled cop- completion of the co:i' Th(- CLOVIS ••ck«t R*»roctab4» An»d. Colon, i Good Quality. • ', SoU Prlc* dation. per and create attractive jewel mpletion student must also pass FOUTHWlSTEnw SUNDRIES 222 MAIN — CLOVIS REG, 49c 25 COMPLETE SELECTION SPRING & SUMMER MATERNITY WEAR INCLUDING 1 AND 3 PC. DRESSES, STRETCH PANTS, BERMUDAS, SLIM JIMS, and ACCESSORIES PRICED TO PLEASE YOUR BUDGET HEADQUARTERS IN CLOVIS FOR BAiY SHOWER GIFTS! FRIE SIFT WRAKiNS rn i i • . ' , • 11 i * •»'Mi4VMvmi*.ivn*ji/i'ua~ in* Twelve numbers of this samejry or key chains Art II students C()urge in w , udl ^ , s e[l , o!1( , ( , group of students recently re-ldesisn their own shapes and turned from a t'SO tour of the'personal Jewelry South Pacific and the Orient ! LOBHY CLASS They performed popular and Mrs. Jackie Harrison and Mrs. hootenanny rnuMc at bases in Laketa Phillips taught a class Japan, Taiwan, Korea. Okinawa, in the lobby of Rock Staubus Philippines, end other places in'Gymnasium, the military command. j No, it's not a new policy at "Silk, Satin and Songs" was Clovis High School: it's just one the title of the show, emceed of those one-day occurrences, by Nathan Lane of Xenla, Ohio. '• The reason fur this was the The ten vocalists who went on fact that the p»|>perdine College the trip were accompanied by girls were using the dressing a combo with Robert Lippre on rooms. THE RIGHT TOOLS MAKES GARDENING EASIER... S7OP IN AND SEE OUR COMPLETE SELECTION OF GARDEN TOOLS AND SUPPLIES • ELKCTKIC LAWN KIH,KKS UOSK • LAWN FKKT1U/KKS WE Give S & H GREEN STAMPS Singleterry Hardware 401 MAJN-CLOYLS PHONE 763-3631 Bunk Beds MAK-A-BED by Oak And Maple < >;.< fi S' ., Furnlt'.:. 8 Piece Group Vlni ; n or mji'»i \ ,:,•• <>n ' 4 I.IUIIIN O.•»;< ,• • ', C flirt 4" FOAM REVERSIBLE BACK AND SEAT CUSHIONS Beautiful gold or brown decorator colors. - Only A Box . tuu.uu SQA OC 07*79 FOAM BED PILLOWS

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