The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 14, 1932 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1932
Page 5
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THE DAILY NEWS, FBEDEBIOK. MD., SATUKDAY. MAT 14, 1939. KINK DBAMA SPOKEN 'Beauty And The Boss" To Be Shown On Thursday. MABEL,McELLIOTT OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS BUG IA HEUE TODAY SrSt CABEY to la lore BOB I L 8 A R . millionaire'* 1EXISK ACKBO-»1. .orlety tHe» tn brrmJk ·» Ik* attacaairat ·ma ·«cc*«4» at a aou* party irklrh ske flrrm. ERSESX BEATR. Snun'a ncplvTcr. kayaeaa to be _ wkea Samma a*« Bab am-1 aaa take, fcer krnoe. UU ·rife tkrcatraa to »ttc for allena- tlva of kla aCeetl*aa bat caaarw kcr wmirn* wkFB JACK WARING. Hratk's aaclataat, »»£·«« aa la- eiiatlaattac letter. HAY KLAX- KEKY, ·traacranhrr ia tfce aext offirr. ro»fidr* to Saaaa fcer iU- tm» aa kearlac tkat -SKY- WEBB ku aurrird aaotkrr Bea aad Suaaa «mrel « iday ifhen I'd sleep la the middle · little frightened lot "the afters ooa. 1 call it shift- has all aent ker. br-omr« final. txra. Her annt nndr OM operation aad S to ·tarry blm for tae Waxiac. mrrtlmc Dea- at fcer Interference la $he hr»l- 3tOW CO OX -WTTH THE STORY CHAPTER XXXIV CUBAN'S engagement had not been announced since neither i she nor Heath desired the publicity but It was a definite engage-1 rou ment Just the same. Aunt Jessie. much older. Not that he isn't a fine man. Anyone with halt an eye can see that, seem right." It just don't j me." urging *r a distinguished all-star cast m its fourth phase of pretenta- ion in she ajzniss-icent world "The Miracle Man," classic American p^y, comes to the Tivoh theater Monday and Tuesday. In these days of harking ack to the old stand-by for new the famous picture of 1919 covers an exceptional distance. It first was published as a novel: next, in 1914. t became a! Broad-way plsy. 1919 it was reproduced as s. silent new it is a talkie, with the greatest appeal of all times. The cast neludes Sylvia Sidney, Chester Mor*is. Robert Coogan. Hobart Bosworth. John Wray. Irving Pichei, Xed Sparks «jd Bans KarlofI "Souvenir," an "old umer," and Tivoh. nevxs are the auxiliary short subjects. A girl tilth too many pals, a. saxa- phone player, a young hoodlum and a jlare of music to drown the shots o! a murder gun are features of "Dancers in the Dark." stamr.3 Miriam Kop- tins, Jaei Oakle, and W-lUam Collier. jr., Wednesday. A vnaphone comedy ·Kith Jack Haley and a musical short, ·?ie Pie Biackbird." follow. Refreshing in its satire and one of the most enjoyable comedy dramas presented ia recent weeks, "Beauty And The Bess," comes to the Tivoli Thursday. Warren WiZliam and Marian Marsh, with dry-faced Butter- as the comedy lead. Besides these, there is 3. strong supporting cast, including David Manners. Trailers are Ted Husing's slants f~i\. a. comedy, "His Week-Znd. A story of excitement and romance is "Amatear Daddy." Friday and Saturday's Sim which brings Warner Baxter and Marion Nixon into a whirl of thrills and camera wizardry aiakes this ranch picture of a of waifs a drama of events. A laurel and Hardy comedy panic, "Any Port." is fo'lov.Tfi by Tivoli news review's. Opera House. Dorothy Mackaill plays the role in "Love Affair." Columbia picture -which comes to the Opera House Tuesday. The story is a startling moder tale of an heiress* experience. Humphrey 3oga-- 13 in the cast. Added numbers are a George Dewey soag novelty, comedy "cits and Opera House news. i Constance Cumrcusgs follows a unique profession for a woman m. "The j Big Tiaic-r." Thursday's picture. Sne j slays a girl figho promoter who enters rugilistic circles when her father is died in an accident. Ben Lyc-n u!ays the dub fighter who becomes a bigjles (Chic) Sale and Jackie Cooper.^ A riot. "Red Noses." ; auxiliary reels. The last ride of tile .Arizona Rangers I forms the -.heme of Bob Steele's latesi i City Opera House. starring drama, entitled ' Riders of the i A typical western of the hard nd- Desert." which will be the feature [ing and fist swinging type is -The jies. It; be all right." They helped him to worked out too smoothly, j the car. Oddly enough there were i le-ss." it stvins as though something j no spectators for this littlo drama. j "You're a humbug. You really must be bound to happen." The park at this hour at this par- Jlike it." Ssisaa to'.d her. leaving, "Nonsense." His reassurance! ticular place was deserted, j to get her-wraps. Heath was call-" was robust. "You're just fanciful. "Who is the fojl?" Heath de- j leg to take her for a drive. . that's all." ! manded in a low, angry voice. -** · He looked at the girl with some' "Maybe I am." Bat had it been "I know him." Suran mur- dissatisfaction as she got into the fancy " SQSan wondered, that had mured. "I saw him for an instant ***"· ... · caused her to imagine the tall \ under the light. It's boy I used "What on earth's the matter* f figure gtro i line past tb » house to see." Susan asked. several nights when she had been! Heath glanced at her shrewdly Notiing. eicept that I wish _ saylag goodbr to K eath looked ] H e knitted his brows for a mo- yon d let me gire you that fu. straage iy like Ben? Somehow thes mea t. debating. Then he ordered »- ! had refused 1 Christinas ev tbt most point she -was stubborn. Sb "What's that?" she asked fear- rightfully I thought -we'd go out to that! l n little Spanish place for tea." he, said. "That would be nice. I'd like tae w!od "5 w *Pt esplanade. ." she assured him. The lui-; taps we had better go.' and care with which he sur-' to see Ben since jyoang idiot in here. We whea he had ont- hush this np at all costs." her. · · · ·· CCSAN tried to protest. Calmly i *-' Heatir ordered her 1 "Nothing at all. Just the windithe front seat beside the the branches." j His left arm hanging at h!s side, "It sounded like someone run-1 he managed to help Simon dra( She looked back along: the limp figure of the boy into the ·Per- i ury ana care wua wcicii u« sur-- , , , . , , , . i roucded her was almost suffocat- rTHET began to walk briskly In Was she warm enough? Why · the direction from which they thin shoes? . had come. "Drive to Dr. Blake's in Bank street," he told Simon fiercely. "The young: fool's still allre, thank Heaven, although he doesn't ,. u ,. , u ^ ^ "«« =«" --«« "«« -- ·----. Susaa flua K another j deserve to be." home from the hospital, had been ; Susan appreciated the solicitude.', aniious glance over her shoulder. I Susan put throbbing hands to told of It. She had met Ernest { at tne same lime findicg it a little Her nerves were certainly in a bad' her temples. The horror of the Heath and had grudgingly liked · trving. Young men were not like, state. She could have sworn she j situation overwhelmed her. Sure- him although she had grumbled at ! tQ "j s sne reminded herself. Young [ had seen, the shadow of a figure ly she would wake, and find she the idea ol their marriage. j me a Vere careless and selfish and behind that oak tree. I had been dreaming. "I never thought to see you · arrogant. · s e heard the whine of sotae-j Dr. Blake's home had a drir«- marry a dirorced man." shej "What are yon thinking of? You Uhing past her ear. Heath way and a service door opening mourned. "Especially someone so' look as if you were miles away." 'grasped her arm roughly and be-.directly upon that. No one mo- She turned to smile at him. : gan to run. j tested them or questioned them as "What's the matter?" she pant-'they lifted the unconscious figure ed. flying along beside him. I and carried it Inside. . "Nothing, nothing! Only come i "Yon wait here," Heath told So- "Only of how good you are to There! She had pleased him The starched nurse Heath had i and with so little. She was almost; along san. "I don't want you Insisted upon providing for the j ashamed. It was so easy to make j The footfalls behind them were ( up In this." He looked convalescent bustled into the room then and Aunt Jessie fell silent. The plan was that on the mixed _ older. him happv. She divined some-] no longer imaginary. They were! sterner. thing of his former loneliness. : real. That strange, whining sound "Your arm?" she faltered. Oh, The drive was longer than Su-;came again and Susan recognized i she had not meant to bring trouble following day Aunt Jessie was to! san had expected and it was d a r k . i t for what it was--the room o t j t o him! go to Florida'in the nurse's charge.! when at last they returned to the'a bullet! She felt her companion i "It's all right. Blake will at- The marriage would take place the! city. It had been a clear, cold.' sway against her. j tend to it in a few minutes. Don't following month. (sunshiny day. and a faint Hght i "What is it?" she cried. "Some- 1 worry. It's lucky this happened "It don't seem right," Aunt; still lingered on the lake. On; thing warm trickled inside her. so sear his office. I've known him Jessie went on when the nurse j sudden impulse Susan said. "Let's glove. "You're hurt!" i for years." i : had disappeared, "to accept so: walk along the lake wall." j "It's nothing. Some maniac has much from a perfect stranger." "He's not a. perfect stranger." She -wanted quite unreasonably; turned sciper," Heath gasped. Simon came out, waiting orders. Heath told him. "You're to to escape from the warm, luxuri-j They could see the car only a take Miss Carey home and come Susan said, laughing, and then ous car and feel the east wind on | few feet ahead. Heath stumbled i back for me." wondered If she had really spoken j her cheeks. Heath told Simon to j and fell and Snsan. through a the truth. It had been strange j wait for then at the turn of the' roaring in her ears, heard a cry. ' She wheeled. The street light. and difficult for her to call her I road. employer Ernest. She had finally! "It's lovely here. Isn't It?" , glimmering. lighted the nightmare managed It as she had learned · breathed the girl. She leaned before her. There was Heath, tm- also to like and admire the slim, · agaiast the parapet, looking down conscious at her feet. There was Susan asked timidly. "You'll telephone me later and let me know what happens?" "Of coarse." She had never liked him as _ D _ _ . much as she did at that moment. quiet, aristocratic man whom she | at the water. 'Ben. hatless beneath the trees. J She leaned toward him and said. had promised to marry. There! "Not as much so as some of the · turning a bright barreled object j softly and hurriedly, "This boy was no time for regret. The die' places you and I are going to see · upon himself. had been cast. Heath had thought i soon." the man reminded her. "Stop it. you fool! Stop it!" It hasn't any claim on me." Heath's face lighted, but he said rather brusquely. "You didn't need to tell me. I knew It." "Will he live?" asked Snsan, it unsuitable for her to continue! Shs shivered involuntarily. In-' *vas her own voice but it sounded working in the office so she was at; stantly he was all solicitude. · hoarse and strange. Ben lay g home. "You're cold. I knew you : tesquely like a fallen marionette. "Time for your nap." she re-'would be. We'd better go back Simon came running and lifted his! fearfully, minded the invalid. i to the car." employer. j Heath shrugged. Aunt Jessie grumbled. "I de-l "No. no. It's not that." she, "It's nothing. He only got me "Blake says he doesn't know." clare I never expected to see the| protested. "It's only that I feel a, in the arm." Heath muttered. "I'llJ (To Be Continued) PKTUQES4/JOEKINC MARYLAND TO OPEN NEXT WEEK WITH "SILENCE"Fm Buck Jones To Be Seen There Next Saturday. Th- Mjr. .A::i cper.s Its pro- 4-^n. ?!:. '.*· vt.-.n CI-'. e Broofc in M^\ MarcaiV ·hr.lLr.g ir.elodraaa. · t- :.(V ' v.'.h P*csv SliaiuwK. Mar- |;tr,r Runlva-j a:-.c Charles Starrett. ' It _s a:i a :· a.*.:.? drsma -.h3*. throbs A car- twrc ni'.h Manor. " C.?--:.- ir. !V.! (· o * ci2---pe-n'. pie- DaMe--; and Clark the Circus " Death performers ·· :· , ·..-. :!'..s dr;n-.a ' r s-:-:r- ^ ·!;· 5hor'. i B-xk J^:-..^ *p;vATi Saturday as I · O:.«- M.u: l-i ·» " «·!" ^ Sh-rley Grey. i ,«'ir?::!is sttirv of th* Wes* ai ::s besU i Ar. ai:-t*! C.iarlie Chase comedy '· m:K*. * cartoon comedy witb sound aw j a..\i:tarv r.«;rr.trrs 1 I! BEAD THE STOKV. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE lur.ny sight." t;joas»t ho As Windy .tartecl in SIB plane, hf cried, "Some altitude 1.! SU.M and ·."."« I"l chase »o* Duncj. w.-.Oi still JUU-.K- .ng to his klt«. "I'm sure that I cav. sivo ·!·* ' and. my. oh my. nor.'t h* V gUc"" !on't worry if I have ·.·· 53!'. ".'·.» jsip right out o£ sluh; "How does it 7-d:i!'' Coppy cned ·And dots it tip Iro:r. s:d» to sic-." "O r . course not." a:iv»ere3 Wincy "It's as level cs can be "It could be lippe-d. I do n-«t doubt Sat that -srou'.l promptly thro-* :·.-.«· oat. I'll l«pp away troni i:;at thovish. It is merely up to nie And then he turned the w«* ship's nose toward the s'y and cried. 'He-re goes!" The Time-' saw him rtre real fast. "He's dong fine." said one Ana then h* v*tad Djary. near He ».i-'ea. ' H i thr-*-' Ka-.c n {far Just hang or. to th; t.'* You'll soon · ja!e a.^ ^a;o car. be «· * * 'All ru;'.;: ' ye'.Vd D^nry 'Got !*\vv :!.· ^.:!» j -ur pUr.e and tr.en 111 .·-haw you hew :o drop divm on the tail. No'*. p.u*e tior.'t swer-.o around" Th'-i: W.:sd U.ri t.iat -.try thing and D.1"C% Altil a SUCiilCIl S^l'li. SHlO"d tiirough the air and landed on the jznal". plane. s*!o and sound 1 · Hurrav!" r-e'-led Windy. "W are »aoa' And now. I franic'.y think vf sh«ald go ri?ht back to th* others. They aro not so Hf fjmed the anil shortly drifted .o t!v ground. The r frctn here." tt plane around I hope that Dunr-. s still a!', right i Tmie.t saw them coniins and let out a and hanging to hi5 little kit^ When ' merrj- che«r. Windy flna"v resues him. 'twiV. be a i 'To be continued tot of f u n " (Cop;.ri?ht. 1992. NEA Sortie*. Inc.) By now we* Winrfv ffIt at ca. 1 *. j Par. far ttelow h* sa»- small trp«= that . Coppy gets a scare in the next looked just like a blanket. "What, a i story At Start Of Solo Flight For Paris but. lively by-produ:: Man.;.- f them inads in a have seernea and o.a.te a fei" ha-.e been step bv step" process The screen attraction Sawrday. Chap^rj Texas Cyclone.- -R-hich piays the Opera ^our in "The Air Mail Mysterv," Is fci-! House today vrfth Tim McCoy in the bv a St. John comedy",'"Hareaii featured part. Chapter three of "The --,,,___.,,,,.._...,..,._,.,, Air Mail Mystery" and Frank McHugh I °- ms^ers Cr.a.^ o. u^?...a..on *.. "Estra Extra" are tiie short sub- a sizntjly ms^irci *cr~ an eye neatness. Generally spcak^g. it ~Sc3is jjst as easy to eSect e:o~c-^;ies ivitn the otir- ££U3. Do^ini^s.ons 2.^d ccpart^ients ss this goes into operation." folis differ on these reor- proposals was well democ- the Democratic House Tl-.e ^-a; gan^eatiaa r lac; im^jnsr.i.or.e was the transfer o'lsiratrf the Prohioit.or. Bursau from the Trca- ' ?o3snsitt-6e on expenditures studied the the Justice Department, made j arm;- -navy merger idea and voted it the special Demo- comnnttee promptly Scarem." Theater News j:n jects. ha-.e been greatly exag- Tivoli. ""When A Feller Needs A Friend.' drama of ?.n oid man's right to give crippled nephs-s- courage, -aiil be shOvtn for the Isst- tunes today at the Maryland. Jean Harlow. Loretla Toung and Ro- ·· bert Williams are co-starred in "Plati- Bloace" the feature at the Mary- tocar. It is a comedy drama of ;;he life of a reporter in society. A v . . . Tivola. In the leading rotes are Char- j Boyinend comedy rounos out oie pr- gram. gerated. aciiTit-ies or r-e course, is n3t re nir.s out; certain fssera. is perso Wouldn't Save Money? Xa one ever seems to liave any ie5- be saved iy a spc:i5c propc^wi cor.- soliiatior; Sstlsiates are soaljy «.ld Advocates are oftcr. sincere, but it is sury ·Rtthout ar.y tho'Jsh: o' economy. Near- i down. ' IT eve-- C"~es ota'-es some iransrer cratic economy , or merger I espoused the scheme and put it to the ! s ^. ^ . omr.ib-js economy bill. Tha Army-Xavy An;le j In :.dentally. Republican President '' The propcesl to merge the army and j u^gj-g O nce fa-.ored a unified De- ravy a Department of Kational j ?a rtment of National Defense, whereas ; Defense beaten ia tr«e iiouse the, j^^s-.d-ent Haover. long the leading I other day despite the official Demo;rat- I aoo .,;; e O l reorgamztion. fe strongly op- i .c spoTisorship because no one could I pgje^ o i:. ' prove that it -R-ould increase eff-c.ency' ' or save from S5C 000.000 to SIOO.000,000. ss its proponents claimed. The op?Dsit-cn cantenaed. apparentlv with equal plausibility, that the plan WORK ON INCOME TAXES At Tivoli i BEHIND THE'SCENES IN ton not. proved ;hat any pis: reorgan^a- TTO: tions have saved any mor.fy and ;t is ' certain that some -of tnem have been ' expenditure. · Also, no one cin tell r.o*" badly ar.y .uld'd.crJ-aheg.cieicy.mizhtieadto Senate Goes Into BQlion Dollar nue Bill. Ther? have beer. sme sir.ele a. great nat.onal disaster and would cost much more than the present system oecause it wauWi require a ;arge ad- i mlr.istrattve stiperstructure on top of Svea Joe Byms of the Ap- propnat.ons Oommittee. chief s?-3r^or i dispensing Washington. May 13.--The Senate drove headlon? into the billion dollar revenue bill today, going right to work en t.r.e vital income ta-s schedule after TODAV TO-NIGHT MARYLAND A NEW STAR- AJ3REAT PICTURE! Onc«inabla« moon com«s so delightful · comedy -- *o brilliant · portrayal as R O B E R T WILLIAMS gives in atinum Blonde A Columbia Picture with LOREHA YOUNG JEAN HARLOW Welter C.Uctt Louise Closscr H*lc Edmund Brccs«u_^ Al'o "MAMA LOVE PAPA" An AII-t»tklne Boy Frlrnd Comedy And Cartoon Comedy with Sound. Millnrc i.13 -- ETCoint 7.1J and 300 Adral»ion--Children Ific -- Adults 15e MONDAY--CLTVE BROOKS in "SILENCE." Warner Bros. Theatres TIVOLI the nlan. ^as found admittine at canr.ot tell Thai savings ytfj can -;th the usual prelhiunary debate in a few minutes. After a plea by the veteran Chair- A brief ?o;xibv to his v. .fe. his ! 1-year-old son. Billy, ar.d his parents, with , Lou Reicheri here i; nictured. ar.d the Arllnstor.. N* J . allot took off alone | | from Newark Airport on the Srsi leg of his flight to Pars*, oy ^ay of Harbor ' '" ' Grace. Nen foancjar-d ar.d Ireland BT RODNET DCTCHER SEA Service Writer. Washington, May 14.--Iot!d outcries Jor a sleeping prograai o' reorganization in t;he goTemineiit cepariments and bureaus have been heard peno-dic- . ally for decades, but echo always seeais to answer soasethinj like "Oh. yeah?" The idea of resaufflin; Ihe bureaus fc-r ihs saSe of efficiency or eccixcny ' is an attractive one, but nr genesal plan j has ever made any progress for a van- j eiy of reasons. i There simply isn't any brosd pro] sram. apparently. Those details are- i ! n't s-re to pile up a. mass of oppos.ticn . , the cotnbmed pressure of -whic , the -s-hol-e thin?. As Massies And Mrs. Fortescue Reached 'Frisco Attack Develops ; .nd znamt$n2nce of exist-ir.c ^Dvem- ' ;t services s-5 c-oera'^.? st2^= ce- ' velops rapidly Vet-rar, bts^ess farm- i er. labor, rel^iotis ar.d manv ocber j elements have their Tec-eral pets a n d ; ciiansas in some coancrs stir -u f.jhts involving public policy. Bureaucrats and tlieir fronds in Con- ' SVLvlA SIDNEY. gress get busy. Politicians are heard ' ! from *·· ery^-here 3.1: on 'y? of an that .' m^y be said tr.s alleged hdgep-dge of b^reatis the fyst'-'-m should be r^j.^serec. everyone e^^ AOOa. f-f.z* s^lou.c, oe cio».o ana ever, dtsa--eeing among then-.lv2s Political "Claptrap"? *S^ci"xsn~~z·.-OTi rnsK^? 3 li^o oc-..«v~ ^; sh.bbo'.e'Jt. b-t .t often becomes , ' m;re pol.t.:al claptrap from the mouths ' · of tho3 who dcn't. iaio~ tntich a^oat i.; and dont care as !or^ as it sounds On r.orr.e 5tU aga^i. ar.d a?par£r?.'.y "r.appv -xere L.cut Isood. Only recently has it become wide- K Ma.v ». aoo-.c tr.c:- 1-^i oect br"--rr ashore at San : ! ly accept^ as synonymous w.i'r. eion- la'ir.rn fc'loxj-.; ·:-. ir a~.v..l fr^ii K a ~ a ^ on a Iir«r. Ltet man Smoot of the finance committee, for speed and non-partisan acUor: the Senaie jumped ri^ht. Ir.vs the h»arc of of the bill, with Cotizen?. Rcpublicar.. Michigan, offering an amendment; ar.d an argument for the high ·yaritn-.e income schedules. Skirmishes over th° beer tax prop-ss^d by Sen. Binghajrj. Repub'.icar.. Connect.- cut. and over the i.-r.per.d^i«; v^ranele on the bill's four tariff i - err_- also developed. Tydings. Democrat, Maryl?.r.c. bro :zr.t up the beer issue *:th a demand taat President Hoover state h^ position oa the proposal to legalize 4 per cent. t-£T to produce an estimated S375 000.- QOO :n rever.ue as a substitute for the j T* Jli.S3.nCC j^SLXtS, j Sen. Borah. Repablxan. Idaho, a , prohibitionist, proposed that "we write | our own prograsi." i MIRACLE CITY Opera House! For a ct-r.terp.ece faro square vases. ' one f»o shalli'srer the other, placed s:de by side and holding the same k^id o' rx-?'ers. give a nice · stcpdo-m effect. : --NSA Telephoto ar.d Mr? Thomas , , ^ _. ". 5 '\~i2 s.~l in Para- otr.v. -,- s c . .. Z..c M--c:e Man.' | Its p3£' er..r.J at the TivoU iloucay and Tuesday. i Hoover when he itt .nc'.jd^-.g Mr. , Secretary of Corc- o' '.ic fc-r c.;fcrt'-.t.- ." '.-.» 'r.-i i'". '-' ."."r.-r.i t"al in Honilulu. nad .:.-. ".i_s vwie oooa after «J ;tr.tei.:- t jr mar^-augr er had been commuted ; --XEA Telephoto ?.i-s GrariVf.'.e R For-escu^. one of ·be fo\,r p«r50r.s wno were tried for ;'ne 5;a~.r.; of a nauve Hawaiiac ac- i-u=-d of attackir.j her daughter, was r.avy .rarnily greeted by friends when she or.e arrived n San Frar.c«o. This pic- nd :-;T£ transmi'tcd by teleohoto shows i one her aft»- 5.-.* had stn.lirigly accepted a g-t oi flowers. The Francis Scott Key Hotel COFFEE ROOM Special Dinner - $1.25 SERVED FROM 11:30 A. M---S:00 P. M. ChMc' "f Tosato Joire Cocltiil OK Ont-baJf Gr»ptfrait OR Cl»m »n H»tl Shell Choice of. Crcaca ef Maxbroom Son? OR Con*omzne OR Cb:cken Broth vtth Rice Choice of 3 OH^n CcTerr Pickles Chow Chow CT303CC Of B.krtJ Sbxd OR Fr:fd File: of Scrod OR C-dSsh Cke CJoire of: Oac-hmlf Fnrd *»pnnr Ch:rken OR Ro*^l ^pr:nc T^mb OR Roavt Staffed Chicken OR Baktd Cocr.lrv H»7n OR Prime R:M of Beef AC Jc\ Colre of 5 M»»hn3. P»!-IeT OR C»i5-ed ««e't Pot»to-»--Bntttred Beet» OR Fr.ed Etc Plant OR ^pnarh OR \^parar^ 1i OR Peas Frt'h pinrapplr ^alad, French Dre^strr. Choice »f Apple, Cherry OR Bcttrnro'ch Cream Pie OR Charoiate OR Straicbenr Ic« Cream OK Stewetf Rhnbarb OR Rice Poddlni OR Onnte OR Umr Ice OR Fralt Jello Choice of. CofTee Tea Milk t OMBIN.ATTON PLATTERS FnM Frot Lee^. Tarta r e ^iiicr. Coleslaw. French Fried Potatoes. Coffee ~*f Broiled Mackerel Be*-t* Parslev Potal^e* and Coffee We Dieed Virginia TTarD Ornelrl. Peas. French Fried Potatoes CofTee .rf*c Reast Spnnr. l^rrt. M i n t Saare Cauliflower, Potato's. Coffee Raked Country Hj n. Spinach. Sweet r*tatoes and Coffee. HE FHKED TO DO WH \T THEY WARVED HFM NOT TO DO! TIM McCOY TEXAS CYCLONE' 9 FRAVK McHI GH COMEDY RIOT--··EXTR.\ EXTRA" Dorothy Mackaiil "LOVE AFFAIR" COMMERCIAL PRINTING ;' Tie N_ews-JPost Jolz D.epartoient.

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