The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on February 28, 1964 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1964
Page 4
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Architect to speak at NSA Seminar Wttttr ThofMM ««lf* win b« mw of «M fMt«r»4 apeak. •re a) the filth aomal «emlnar MaMar. iponaora() fcy the nraaorlt CowHy Cha»t»r «f the National l*«r*tarte* At- state urfveratty, M. of Art*!- w. T. f»0t»l! will tveak c. JWA HM **>)M:| will he "Th» p*rl»ci oar.'' Them* tat thl* y»ar'*Mffl- inar u "At KMra Der-Warfy or Play," It will h* n*M at Th* Dow lloul In Frwporl from lo t p.m. Rotlt »«» horn In Wotmore, Kta. H* ree*lre4 Mt B.I. M v fr- *» II Miss Jackson honored with FP bridal shower Mlas PaMy«jaakaoii,brkw. •teat of MMhaal llarptr, waa koaerad raaaatly with a efcower at Mrs. Walatoa'sTea Room ia rreeport. Hoateaaes for UM eveat awra Acaes Kay, aw gmita, Evolyn Collies, DoroOr/ orudtoto. Naomi TtMery, trta rowter, Ruth nowmsa, Stella Korean, eiltabetli Tkomas, VerdeUe Uaders, dart Uadaey, *ta. c. P. Kaaaedy, and Mrs. rrank OaMoMk. They preaaated the hnnoree with M electric skillet, i hand miser, aad t onrsai* fMkloMd of white Iria wiui pearl oraata blossoms. Her mother, Mrs. J. Jackson of free purl, WM flvee a coktea yellow pompon eorsace, aad the mother of the croon, Mrs. R. H. Harper of Lake Jaakaoa, received Piak PerfeeUoe eamaUlM. The table WM oeateredwtth an arrsinemaal of yellow ehryaaasMmama, white fladl- oli sari c» senary la a tour- brsMhad aaadalabrum. Mlas Jaakaoa aad her fl> aaM will be married MMarah 7 la the first Baptlat Cbarah w iMtftute of hi* professional detree from Kansas Ctete uetversttv. He IMS preeltoed eMMMf - ektl, InstltvtloMl. tad In- dttttrtsJ arcMteatim ataee 1*48. He WM Selected tor tM Dtettoavtehed Serrtee Award by Kama* State III ItM. He Is a partner to ft* firm of OoUmon Md Rotfe, Architects, Houston. Tbte Rrn hM received teeai. state, Md national ewsrde for M*rltortMM Design. MoM le • ftllow of It* American iMtltute of ArtW- i*e(* and i member af the Teas Society of Architects. He hM traveled eitenelvely throve* Morth America, South America, Md swept. His wrttlac Md apeaktnt MtlftUM Include i»My ar- tlctee written forproeMaloeai Md technical tomato Md otter maaaalnMi a booklet entitled "TeaM," puMlahed In i*Mi WM editor af monthly publication of tMCeatrelTM- M Chapter, AJA. for ISyearai .hat mad* numerous speeches to profMf lonal and civic or* eanUutlons throughout the etetee. Dvon Kchardson to speak of Epfccopcl Lenten even* AWourro* * itt DMB of chrtat Chafe* aatMrat H nunatit, ws ijibjMuA g^hAfM^iW Atf I&H Ml a SttaMof fetMat of ttaCkurahPM- •MB rataV cut a trustee of tha ittsiauajaJ Tkaolocteal a«Ml Ckank te AasjSttM, TM MhlM Wtt lM|tt It Of tM prayer Afcaaa TM Omata fraternity art' Mrttea, TkswM of tkta aar- and la aow Ha aatioaal ekap. • tea of MnrteM te aatf-wa- ktla. JOHN MAOkt To toad mwte »V, JACK ICTBR MM*»I eraatattet Revival slated at U Willow Drive Baptist DID YOU KNOW ft UVtfc ItfaM If • b M MM Did you know You made i imprMtloa oa aomoM today. WM It pteMlac Second Rate or Ootlteal Woodmen inifiofe four new members moderator of semUar paneU for the Te«M Society of Areh- Iteate' MMal coavaatloaa for the past several years, M wall M for many at the University ofTeaaa. FOttf MW flMRltMTef lallltUd Into the local Woodman of the World Camp 1147, al the recular monthly meet- IBI held la Rtehweod VUlasja City ilKll. The new members are Dr. and Mra. E. 0. va&Meter aad Mr, tad Mra. Jeaaa Fowler. prealdtea offteara for tto lalUatloa ware Johnny Baham, the Rev. DM Griffith, Daaay oriffith, Mra. Effte carter, E. J. Sophia, aad Sid Barry. Daham aad Berry ware vlal- tora at the mssllnf KEEP IN PACKAGE Ktep dial bacon. In tha closed packet* It cornea in. In yout rt- mott-ktopof. . to Hated la Who's Who la America, Who'a Who la Cnctneerlnf, Who Knows and What, Who'a Who la the South aad Southwest, Who'a Who to Art. aad tha Aatarl' CM Architects Directory. Otter speaker* will Include Mtea Lou Reesel), director of Placement, University of Houston and J. D. SartweUe. prealdent of port City Stockyards Company, Houaton. The luncheon will fca hlch- llChted by the appearaBce of Mtea Jacqualyn Bowran and Larry and Gary Moore. The Moore Twins have made two records on the Todd label which will be raleaaed thte aprlnc. §*• LAKE MCMKW-Tka Bar. Jack Jeter of Happy, Tan., will be the evannUM for a revival aeheduled March |.|R at willow Drive Baptlct Cnareh. John Macee of Lake Jaekaon will lead Ike maalc. Sarvlcca will be bald dally at 10a.m. aad 7itOp.m. A nwwanr will be provided for all a»rvt»M. Tha Rev. Jeter WM born in Haakell, TVS., la IMOt Ha WM bapUaed at tha ate of 14 at Ike Plrat BaptUt Ctoreh In Rule, Tea. Ha Mawered Ike call to nreach tn 1*47, tha aame year PTA movie AMQLCTON-TM sowttatda Panat-Taaekar AaaoelaHoa of AM>ton wui preaaat Watt Oiaaey'a natara eUaato,"Tba AfrteM uon," M the tea. ture of SafcaTday'a movie. TIM now KIU be held at AiaHatoa mck School Auditor- law, baalaBlac at liM p.m. A eartooa, "Bird oama" will alao be ehown. Admla* aloe la M ecata. Martec Mama In Mefrla«ntm All canned hams ahouW be tiered In tho re'rlferator uniaea label Inatructlont are to the contrary. The labtlt on tome canned hama wtlfhlnf lea* than i pouadt may Indicate that you can etar* the ham on your ahelf. All bitma, except poaaibly coun- try-atylo twlth a very heavy i; amteltf1)e retrlceraiatf. 'i— • ! • -*™i--i -.'• •• •• from Rate Hliti Na attended Baylor Unlver- alty Md Waylaad BaptUt Col. lefe, Majortni in apeaeh. The Rev. Jeter received many honora white In collate, tnelodlnt balm Mteetad for Wbo'a who In American Col- tetaa and UnlvtralUea. Ha mduatad from Wayland In UM and received the Bachelor of Divinity decree from SowtkWMtern BaptUt Thao- lotleal Seminary In rort Worth In MM. Ha • hM paatorad alx cburebM la Tanai ralrvUw, Happyi Flmay, Plalnvtewi Plakarton, Rulei HUlburn Drive, OallMi and Flrat Bap- Mat In Bovtaa. Ha DM alao paatorad the Flrat southern Baptlat CkurebM ofPlnahurat,WMh,, and Bueoa Park, Calif. Ka U married to the former Fran Rowall aad they have four ehildran. Macao, choral teacher at Braaoaport Rich School, u alao maalc director at Willow Drive BaptUt. Ha DM alao aerved In that capacity at the VeUaco and Shady Oaka BaptUt Ckurehaa. Amoac honora oaatuweu on him U a acholarahlp In hla name at Sam Houaton state Taaebara Colteca each year, with Macee aalactlnc the recipient. He U married and haa two., children,,,, : .•Ml H aawMaatvaly M riatot of » t^m •niiiti 9jtm ^l^u ^-aa mw avaaa. For aaM jwara M WM raator of St. Lnka'a Churah la Atlaata. aad staM tttt hM baao iteM of tha HoMtoa Churah. He 10100 Av|afe*MI aVONI IMNH Ma Ualvaralty of Oaorcia aad Emory Ualvaralty, aad took Me tbeolodcaltralatecatvtar. Clala TMotottea) Semlaary. Both tha Ualvaralty of tha South at Sewaaee, TMB., aad the EptMopal Thaolotteal Seminary of KMtueky hava aoafarrad upoa htmthaboaor- ary decrM of Boater of Divinity, aad Ike Job* Marshall Law sabool tha honorary decree of Doetor of Laws. Ha la a msmbar of Phi Beta Kappa, Ml Kappa Phi, Omloroa Delta Kappa and tha Bias Key. OMB mehardsoa haa arrv- a*5 oa the HtUocal Conaell of tha Eptaooptl chureh and hM baan alaatod deputy to five tuners! eomanUona of the Episcopal Church. Ha te a trustee of the Epla- oopal Radio-TV Fouadatlon, Senior Citizens Day set by club BRAZORtA-Tne Braaorla Study Club will bold Ita annual Senior Clttawn Day Wednesday at 10 a.m. at the Methodist Educational buUdU*. For the first time both mate and female M and over will be en- tertalead and served luocheon, InvttatloM will be teaued and My eligible peraon who te new tn Braaorla and mlfM not be contacted te asked to call Mr. Joe Brlganee atSW 8-7110. . TraMportelloa will be pro- yldedrfor thejtueau. ^^^ir«3^^^.^^i^^^^^^^^^^»^^^^^^* Miss Collins speaker at Sealy school ntnpORT-Ult * tora CoUiaa of Praaport, dlnetor of Dtetrtet m of BwtaaM and Profaaalooal Womaa'a CJaba and a cftartar mambar of UM Vtlaaco B»pw club, apoka raeanUy oa '•Amar- leanlam" to atadanta of tha flaaly tndapandanl School Dla- trtet, Mlaa CotUaa appaarad undar tha apoaaorahlp of tha Saaly Amarlean Latlon and Atodllary. She atreaaed the Importance of balat appMclaUva of the fact that they we eUtaena of a republic, and for working coUecttvaiy for the betterment I»to H. With iht jj *|u flfa*. CJK inej «••• M « OH I what It tan m*m lo ity truly. I ChrM to tht Mtd Ihli hogit. «a§ to aw M MNcti H«. I amtta UN." H. •f^M^Mfl kv tet^fa^Ha^teJl^B we art Jtsw waa .--.-, —- "'.A af the hovtthoM. t««n thoiiiff •sat. H waa tho hono of Mary, M«W Mfk* M Ma (M t Illtl, twr«MHt aMaa* «• •aychriM >a»« «» .am ™ . pato , •ami, *MI* wri a MaN »inr« MM fa WM UM bMd el that bow-hold, U«« tMaUygW; den net HMM Out httaMi<*r*d with thtlr work or tlMb- trrmft- mnta. Wo til dMUk* Mddwn. Md Jtnw WM not « iMddlor. Ho weald Icat ortr bodtwinta, o> to «Mk. to kMa from MM oao. Wkea thty tad Ma to dlmor, yea naMmktr. MvUM lot evlto tbed and mm working h«d om Ike dlaacr. JOMU (h*d ht btm kttttaod to ttko ovtr n^toi; the bout) mlHil hm orttrtd Mtr- IM "Aa aoon M we atop tninUnc atop aetlac on what we have tnonajit of, alt down and wait for the (onraroent to flw a«*nrtUnc to ua, not only are we tolnf to atarva to death, baoMM no one will have any batter Unpulaaa to put forward and nothlac will (at dona, but Khmchchev will Juat walk In," aha told the atttdente. Miaa ColUna apoka to the atudanta In bar capacity M B*PW,Dlatrlct director. HUVOTf m»»n. w»«- mw.w— —-. tha to pat out Uw Utchtn Art aad M tbtn tat aandwIchM for oat*. Ho BUfht hm dtaanded tkat ike rit btcMt Mary and Malta white ha tatted. DM ht M UN* ttch do It btr way, ht did not pt.1 In hi. oar till 0» rlfht mlnult. And whan hi did, It wai In UM matt lertful and affattkmit* way poaublt. Ha dldat uy Manna wat wroaf. What be MM waa that tht wit "tattout and trombW-uahip- py, In abart Ht dWnl tay Mary wst bitter than MarUu. ht aaM abapfar that tht had cbootn tht "aood portion," tha iMtttr part." Hewaa tavlUaf Martha to leak at tktaut hit way. Tan daya. tan yaara, half a Uftllna attar that dinner, Mary would rtmtmbtr what Jem had bean aaytaf. tat whs weald rtmtsibir whit Ihty had to oatT A ilowlni tm Iheafht oftm rtnanband U worth far man than Iht Innt foodi serfocUy aarvad. Sot It my wty, Jem tald. To offend CLUTB-Mambara of the Clute Home Damoaatratlon Club are plaaalnc to attend tha tea la Aacteton on Satur day honortnc Mtea Iria Shoemake of Alvin, Braaorla County 4-H Cold Star Girl. •••• The event will be held from .Il*tttf4 fOKf , Thlj wuBol UM only occuton JUKI worked with HUM mcmlur •t-lht fially to Mt thlnp M ht «w thtm. But muldtr •» otbtr potat Jtmn hid bli own way «l dotaf thlim, UM) ht WM net Mai cooetlMd whtn h» uwd oUwn to do UtowUt. Tikt UM laddtnl John UlU of Ihte oat upon Jtnu box Of PIlfUHH. Wbil • WMUI Son* of UM mm -u.-i«ai-.B*t-J«tu» did not think 3 INC 11 -UM '^'yj-t •ten ill, Uw hMMVhm In um« rf<TM*M4 arttf.Md mm !„ JhihWf .»;<«!*. OWit (MIM ftraaoit hi (ha adaa>-lWi te IK, horn* »fctt« hi i to ttiUy U» h,, d Prayer week is slated by Temple WMU CLUTE . - The Woman's Mlaalonary Onion of Tempi* Baptlat Church win obaervt t § weak of Prayarforhome mla. slons, Sunday through March a. The tbsmate 'In Freedom'a Holy LicM." Tha program, M outlined by Mrs. Maarlene Ray, prayer chairman, will be M follows: "We Proclaim 'Christ," Monday) "We Proclaim Life," at Tuesday) «Wa Proclaim Lib. w arty," Wedasaday) "We Proclaim Love," Thursday, and "We Proclaim Victory," Friday. All women of tha church arc Invited to attend and brine a friend. Tha obaervancea will be bald from 10 to 11 s,m. each day. A nursery will be provided;'"*"""" '*•*!J l«3 s f.r,f it' 1 from The 46th Annual Abilene Christian College B'Aile £ectu>iesltip Pretenvael by tha CHURCHES of CHRIST RBUBL LRMMONi Auattn, Texas CUFTONRQOBRS Uka Jackson. Tax OUB NICHOLS Jasper. Ale. CAUL bRBCKBBN AbUene, Texaa COOPERATING IN MAKING THIS U PROGRAM POSSIBLE ARE THE 10 Brazorta County Congn SUNDAY "Qiurch MONDAY CARL BRBCHBBN 'Peraonal QwitttM of tho Good Loader" TUESDAY RBUBL LBMMONS "Leditenhip and the G^opo! Outrwich" WBDNBSOAY GUS NICHOLS "M<ittv*ttag Young M»n to Pwach AlVHt CHUICH af CHUST AN6UTOHCHUKH ef CHWST tB*l8 A, WWOMT. MNItTIR f|U<OH yAfcl.ACij ajtttlTtf' DAMON OrUICH ef CrlBST fKBOtT CHUKH of CHtBT LRKOY MPIVM. MINISTIK CIOI. IMITiOII, atMtTflt rlUUW CHUICM d CNHST SNBNY CHMCN af CHUST IAK JACKSON CHttKH'Jotisr IN THE CHURCH '///HAM

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