Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 12, 1972 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 12, 1972
Page 3
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Suspect V, D.? Don't postpone checkup ly Abigail Van lurtn I* im tt CMWi tlMMM. T. NMM MM., tat) DEAR ABBY: I have a good friend who is my age 116]. We are very close and tell each other everything. Wei, my friend thinks she has V. D., but she's afraid to go to a doctor because she thinks her folks might find out. She is planning on being a Junior Counselor at a summer camp where she has been a camper for many years. I tell her she has to go to a doctor before she goes to camp, because she might spread around whatever she has, and that would be just terrible. Abby, she is so frightened and stubborn. How can I make her go to a doctor? Her family doctor is a friend of her parents. HER FRIEND DEAR FRIEND: Tell her to telephone the Comity Health Department ••<! tell then her problem. She wUlbeeiamlned [and treated If necessary] without her parent*' knowledge tr congest. If she Is too frightened to do this, ask her to write to me and I will make the appointment for her. Insist that she act TODAY, and please let me hear from yon again. DEAR ABBY: A Hurt Mother wrote that her son was being married at a big fancy church wedding. She said she had a beautiful unmarried daughter who was 23, tall and slim who wasn't even asked to be in the wedding party. Without knowing any of the facts, I'll bet I know why they didn't ask that girl to be in the wedding party. She was TOO beautiful, and the bride didn't want any competition. SAME EXPERIENCE DEAR SAME: That's a possibility that almost every mother would find easy to believe. DEAR ABBY: My husband and I have a very happy marriage. At least we did until something happened which has put a strain on it. On my husband's last birthday, his sister and her husband gave him a large [practically life-sized] framed painting of a nude woman. Abby, I am not a prude, but I don't care for the painting, and I don't want it displayed in our home. My husband has been rather passive about it, but when I suggested we exchange it for another one, he refused. I think in time he will probably hang it. Until this happened my relationship with my sister in law was good, but now it has soured. Am I wrong to object, and have you any suggestions? ANNOYED DEAR ANNOYED: You're not wrong, and I suggest you remind your husband that It's your home, too, and that you're entitled to a voice In what shall be displayed there. If he wants to hang it, tell him to put It where he can enjoy it and It won't bother you. [Like in his place of work, his closet, or wherever.] WIN AT BRIDGE Luck of IMP Matches NORTH 11 A 10974 VK32 • Q 7 5 2 *Q10 WEST EAST * K 2 * 5 3 V Q J 9 7 V 10 865 • J943 •AIDS *A74 *K862 SOUTH (D) A AQJ86 VA4 • K6 • J953 Both vulnerable West North East South 1* Pass 2 A Pass 4 * Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V Q By Oswald & James Jacoby There is only one thing wrong with Soulh's four- spade bid. II happens not to make. In rubber bridge your opponents chalk up 100 points. In an IMP match, in the event that you bid the game and your opposite numbers stop at a part score, it costs you six IMPs. You go minus 100. They score plus 140 for a net of 240 which represents those six IMPs. There is nothing to the play of the hand. Game depends on the trump finesse and the finesse doesn't work. We have shown the hand for two reasons. The first is to show the luck in IMP matches. If both sides bid the same there is no swing. When one stops at a part score and Ihe other bids Ihe game a full 16 IMPs depend on the localion of Ihe king of spades. Pul il over in the East hand. The game bidder scores plus 620. The part score bidder plus 170. Then the difference is 450 or 10 IMPs. It also shows that the game bid is a good one. The game bidder is getting odds oi 10 IMPs to six IMPs on the location of the king of spades and thai is exactly an even money proposition. 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I»72 By /*««• Dixon IIO.NOHKD—lU-prcscnUitives of the six I'ampa women's Clubs affiliated with the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs were on hand to plant a rosebush in the ya|rd of Mrs. Ket^mit Lawson. i knot-linn i 22211 Beech, to honor her for her election as secretary ol the state or^ani/ation. They are. left to ri^ht. Mrs. Mdlenry Lane. Twentieth Century Forum: Mrs.'K.W. Lane. Variolas: Mrs. A.B. Cross. Civic Culture: Mrs. (Henri Dawkins. KJ 1'ronresso: Mrs. Kex Hose. Twentieth Century: and Mrs. Walter Colwell. LaCultura. (Stall I'hoto by'.fohn Pampa Clubs Honor Mrs. Kermit Lawson TUESDAY, JUNE 13 YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: Successful adjustment comes naturally this year. Your talents for persuasion, selling and related skills improve. The temptation is toward material advantage without enough concern for adequate health care. Today's natives include successful inventors, shrewd guess experts, and a few who merely hope that casual estimates are good enough. Aries [March 21-April 19): Things go so well you may forget something—and find you've hurt someone. Carelessness never pays, and is very likely hazardous now. Taurus [April 20-May 201: That second thought saves the day; wait for it. It is difficult to listen while putting forth any dramatic expression of your own. Gemini [May 21-June 201: Close associates bring up a simple idea worthy of checking out. Continued skepticism on attractive financial offers is recommended. Cancer [June 21-July 221: Your opinion is a catalyst, may set off turbulence, par-, ticularly if you weren't asked what you thought at the outset. Leo [July 23-Aug. 221: Clearing away neglected odds and ends turns up an idea for more creative activity. There's easy money for those who know how to see the opening. Virgo [Aug. 23-Sept. 221: In noticing what seems to be officious behavior, remember that when you are trying to get something done, you are demanding. Libra [Sept. 23-Oct. 22]: Reflecting on what you've accomplished lately is half your fortune; thinking clearly of what you are about is the rest of it. Scorpio [Oct. 23-Nov. 211: The more impatient you are, the less likely to achieve immediate success. Travel, anything mechanical needs special care and safety measures. Sagittarius [Nov. 22-Dec. 211: Differences in money and materials show up more dramatically than they deserve, and you have to find some good reasons. Capricorn [Dec. 22-J a n . 191: Early hours are tense, mellow later in the day in accordance with your tactics in dealing with somebody who wants to fight for the sake of it. Aquarius [Jan. 20-Feb. 18]: Cooperation now depends almost completely on how clearly you explain what you want. Avoid any detailed comment on why you ask. Pisces [Feb. 19-March 20]: If you can afford the costs, make decisions involving minor investments, spending for home. Just be sure before you splurge. Womons Page This Week MONDAY 7:00 p.m.-Lota Pounds Off Tops Club, Central Baptist Church. 7:00 p.m.—Pampa Tops Club. TX 41. in Lutheran Church annex. 7:00 p.m.—Weight Watchers.' St. Matthew's Parish Hall. TUKSDAY 6:30 p.m.—African Violet Society, Kurr'sCafeteria. 6:30 p.m.—American Business Women's Association, Furr's Cafeteria. 7:30 p.m.-H&PW Club. City Club Room. 8:00 p.m.—Women of the Moose. Moose Lodge. 7:00 p.m.—Skellytown Tops Club, in library. THURSDAY 1:30 p.m.—Senior Citizens Center, Lovett Library. 6:30 p.m.—American Legion Auxiliary, Furr's Cafeteria. 7:00 p.m.-Weight Watchers. St. Matthew's Parish Hall. Known as Dinosaur National Monument, the 330-square mile preserve along the Green and Yampa rivers in Colorado and Utah has been completely remapped by the U.S. Geological Survey. When young, the common iguana is a bright emerald green. As it grows up, it becomes grayish green. Six local clubs, affiliated with the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs, honored Mrs. Kcrmit B. Lawson. 2223 Beech, for her recent electum as secretary of the state organization, by planting ;i living rosebush in her yard. Present for the occasion were the following club representatives: Mrs. A.B. Cross. Civic Culture Club: Mrs. Rex Rose. Twentieth Century Club: Mrs. Mdlenry Lane. Twentieth Century Forum: Mrs. Glenn Dawkins. Kl Progresso Club: Mrs. Walter L. Colwell. La Cultura Club; and Mrs. R.W. Lane. VarietasClub. The Texas Federation of Women's Clubs is composed of 851 clubs throughout the state: with a membership of 25.000. It was organized 75 years ago "to unite the women's clubs and like organizations throughout the state for the purpose of mutual benefit, and for the promotion of their common interests in Americanism. American home, education, fine arts, public welfare, philanthropy, and the general welfare of the state." The TFWC is a part of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, which has 11 million members in the United States, its territories, and 55 foreign countries. Mrs. Lawson is the first woman of the Top of Texas District to be elected to serve on the executive committee, since the district was reorganized in 1960. The last person to be on the committee from the area was Mrs. D.C. Kiriard of Memphis, who served as secretary in 1951-53. Klected to serve with Mrs. Lawson for 1972-74 were Mrs. A.C. Hughes of Commerce, president: Mrs. L.R. What ley of Fairfield. first vice president: Mrs. Robert N. Tipps of Denver City, second vice president: Mrs. H.B. Bratton of Waco, third vice president; and Mrs. Howard Weant of Falfurias. treasurer. Mrs. Hughes stated her theme for 1972-74 was "Our American II c r i t a g c - - R i g h t s . Responsibilities. Respect. Reverence." She will continue two TFWC projects of the last administration, making the Big Thicket into a natiorial park and emphasis on vocational and technical training. Due to the vast amount needed to maintain the TFWC headquarters building in Austin, built in 1932 at a cost of S200.000. the convention voted to dispose of the property. It is two blocks west of Texas University campus. At present prices, it costs the clubwomen some S2.000 monthly to keep the building for office space for the executive secretary and to house Federation momcntos. Three resolutions were passed dealing with better food labeling, highway marking, and traffic safety. WATER WEIGHT PROBLEM? USE E-LIM Excess water in the body can be uncomfortable. E-LIM will help you lose excess water weight. We at Heard-Jones recommend it. Only $1.50 LOSE 20 POUNDS IN TWO WEEKS! 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Send only $2.00 (S2.25 for Rush Service)-Cash is O.K.. to: Ski Team Diet, P.O. Box 1549? San Diego. California 92115. Don't order unless you expo,', ;o lose 20 pounds in two weeks! Because that's what the Ski Team Diet will do! This Week's SPECIAL Good Tues., Wed., Thurs. June 13-14-15 In A Basket Served [Cheese Sandwich MM 29c (aldwell's Drive Carl E. Lawrence, Owner 220 North Hobart 669-260! The best things in life are not free They cost money Serious money Like getting married Yes, the best things come easier when you have money set safely aside, ready when you need it. This is serious money — for emergencies, necessities, and especially peace of mind. Be ready. Save today at Security Federal. Earn high interest on all accounts, compounded daily, paid quarterly. Savings in by the tenth of the month earn daily interest from the first. Save by mail free; park free at both offices; and save at the drive up winuuw in Amarillo. 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