Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 3, 1969 · Page 56
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 56

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1969
Page 56
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Page 56 article text (OCR)

Abfoy Abby LMdetter daughter and LSD * By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ART LINKLETTER: The world grieves with you arid Mrs. Linkletter over the loss of your beautiful Ob-year-old daughter who jumped to her death while under the influence of LSD. You showed, t r e mendous u n s e 1 fish- ness in keep* ing nothing from the public. This you did in the hope that your personal tragedy would save other young fives tho all was lost for your Diane. While I know how painful it must be for you to discuss it, will you please answer one question, Art? Did Diane smoke marijuana before experimenting with LSD? Over 50 million people read me daily. If one word from you saves just one young life it will be well worth printing. Loves and kisses, ABBY DEAR ABBY: Diane did not smoke marijuana. In fact, she neither drank nor smoked. Diane had not used LSD for at least five months before that fatal night. Being a highly strong emotional girl, the effects of her initial experiment with LSD could not be shaken off. Young people do not know that recurrent reactions of LSD are totally unpredictable. We did not know that there had been any recurrences, so you can imagine what a shock it was to us. Mrs. Linkletter and I are slowly coming back and healing. Love and kisses, , ART. FATHER OF TWIN BOYS: Talk with the boys. Neither accuse nor condemn. If your suspicions are correct, arrange for professional counseling. This could be a "stage" through, which they •will soon\ pass, but taka no chances. ••• '•••'_' Alums meet CITY A champagne art show gave kappa Kappa Gamma Alumnae and their friends the opportunity to meet artists and view their work. The event was the annual Meet The'Artiste Party of the Scottsdele group In the home of Mrs. Darrow Thompson. From left are Neb Tuhey, who works in sculpture and jewelry;. Woodward Payne, who paints in water-color and acrylics; Mrs. Thompson, Mary Morez, who preserves her Navajo history in watercolors and Mrs. James Deremiah, chairman* The Thompson home Nonsmoker's taste buds add the fat Republic pnete by Yuia>n«w»y was a gallery showcase for the three artists. Dorsey Everybody has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply write to Abby c/o The Arizona Republic, P.O. Box 2406, Phoenix, Ariz. 85002. Enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope. By DORSEY CONNORS If you've stopped smoking and all those smoking muscles seem to have slipped down around your hips, you've got to get down on the floor and roll. There's no easy way. Lie on your. b a c k with arms extended out to your sides. Bend you knees' up over your c h e s t, Roll over '•• so the knees touch your right elbow, keeping your shoulders, flat' on the floor. Now repeat exercise to left. Do this 20 times a day and you'll get back into last year's pants suit. Remember it's not the absence of. the weed that pads your hips and derriere. It's just because your taste buds perk up when you stop smoking, and everything tastes better, so you eat more of it. You've still got to count those calories, doll. • DEAR DORSEY: You asked for ideas for carpeting scraps.. The indoor-outdoor variety makes fine blackboard erasers for our youngsters, all six of them. Because this type of carpeting is washable, the scraps cut into circles make fine coasters. We have also used bathroom, carpeting to make • a spiffy scale cover and regular nylon carpeting to cover kitchen - stool steps When the rubber mats are worn out. We scrubbed the stool and repainted it with gold spray paint (after removing the old mats.) We cut the tion piece even now after THE FAMILY CIRCUS 6y Bit Keane 'Mommy's throwing our pumpkin away!" AMAZING! STAYS *> CLEAN, CANT FADE EVER VERTICALS WITH NEW BRUSH STRIPE ALUMINUM LOUVERS Now FlexaluM® VerticaU in Brujh Stripes strokes of color on aluminum louvers. Won't chip or fade . . . dust can't cling. Big choice of Flexalum® Brush stripes or solid tones. FREE ESTIMATES Complete Repair Service SUN CONTROL BLINDS 2315 W. Van Buren 253-7630 and what a lovely conversa- it with a waterproof cement. The carpeting can be and seat areas and applied carpeting to fit the tread LENE BOZARTH HOUSEHOLD HINTS: A supply of tissue paper in your closet will find .many uses. Place a sheet over the shoulders of light-colored garments to prevent soil. Use it to pad the shoulders of hangers for dresses with fabrics which might be misshapen by the hangers' outer corners. Also stuff the toes of shoes with a wadded piece of tissue as soon as you take them off. They'll keep their shapes a lot longer. GOURMET TIDBITS: A mold has a lot more to offer than beauty of presentation. Unflavored gelatin takes on the flavor of any desired food, whether it's a sweet dessert mixture or 'a delicate fish mousse. It's also exceptionally high in protein, contains no sugar and has only 28 calories an envelope. DECOR DELIGHTS: Signature scarves look smashing framed. Several prominent decorators are also using them as throw pillows. Might whip up a few yourself for elegant Christmas gifts. Stuff them with those old nylons, cut into thin strips. DRAPERY CLEANING PROBLEMS? WE REMOVE And RE-HANG No Extra Charge LET US RESTORE YOUR DECOR DIRT, GRIME, SMOKE & FUMES CAN DESTROY YOUR COSTLY DRAPES BEYOND RESCUE. CALL BILTMORE NOW! 252-6744 DRAPERY CLEANING IS OUR ONLY BUSINESS PRE-HANGING (Our Plant) ASSURES PROPER RE-HANGING IN YOUR HOME Dollar For Dollar You Get More At DRAPERY CLEANERS 908 N. 7th St. Here's Dorsey GALAXY GAZING: The Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21) can achieve success in almost any field he or she chooses. The unquenchable thirst for power of the Scorpion wipes out competition easily. Just a few examples' of Scorpions who "made it" Charles de Gaulle, ; Douglas MacArthur, Jawaharlal Nehru and Chiang Kai-shek in world affairs; Billy Graham and Martin Luther in religion; Mme. Marie Curie and Jonas Salk in research; Richard Burton, Johnny Carson, Mike Nichols, Grace Kelly and Katharine Hepburn in show biz; and Marie Antoinette in les affaires d'amour. * * • ' GALAXY GAZING: The best way to get along with a Taurus (April 20-May 20) is to leave him alone when he's riled. He'll snort and charge like the bull that is his sign if you provoke him. Both male and female Tau- reans usually have thick necks and a constant weight problem because they love good food and drink. They are usually good mates because they adore the comforts of home. They don't like to be told they are stubborn, but they are. Because of their yearning ^for comfort and luxury, they * are determined in their struggle for wealth and power. Some famous Taureans are Barbra Streisand, Queen Elizabeth, Harry Truman and Bing Crosby. DEAR DORSEY: With our third child, we used the prepared formula with the plastic lid. Our two preschoolers are learning to count, so I made use of the lids. After washing and 'drying them thoroughly, I painted a number on each lid, with every number in a different color. The plastic lids became flash cards to teach the children both numbers and colors. The lids are tearproof and can be stacked easily when the children have finished playing with them. GEORGIANN TOMLIN APARTMENT INVESTING SEMINAR Set Financial Section for Derails Management Clearing 1230 E. Camolback 264-1007 FIRST IN .ARIZONA YOU IN OUR NEW TAPER CUT 0/ROUX COLOR GLOWLIQHTS! THE CUT, SHAMPOO, RINSE AND SET 8.5O PERT-TAPER CUT FRAMES YOUR FACE WITH'MISCHIEVOUS, FLATTERING WISPS, LAYER BY LAYER TAPERING MAKES IT HOLD ITS SHAPE MAGICALLY, AND Roux FANCI-FULL, THE COLOR RINSE-CONDITIONER-WAVE SET, GIVES IT SHINING RADIANCE.,, COVERS GKEY, GLOWS AWAY DULLNESS, TONES PLEACHED HAIR, GET THIS BEAUTY MAKING COMBINATION FOR JUST 8,§0 PEAUTY SALON, 277-55M FIRST IN ARIZONA NEED SPECIAL ADVICE ABOUT UNWANTED HAIR? COME IN FOR A COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION WITH OUR ELECTROtOeiST. IT COULD VERY WELL CONVINCE YOU TO WAIT NO.LONGER FOR THE GOOD LIFE THAT COMES WITH CONFIDENCE IN KNOWING YOU LOOK YOUR BEST. BEAUTY SALON. ...J PHONE 277-5511 - The Arizona Republic 27 Phoenix, Mon., Nov. 3, 1969 O Christfnas Decor LARGEST DISPLAY USA Cfowh Florist Supply 5813 N. 7th St. Open Night* How the "Water-Pill 0 for Women can prevent 2 to 7 Ibs. of Bloating Weight. New York, N.Y. Doctors have dis- fore and daring covered a week or so before a woman's period, her system often stores tip an abnormal amount of water. This can cause puffiness in your face, an inch or two expansion in your waist. Also pain, nervous tension and depression. But science has developed a most effective "water-pill" for women, called Trendar*. First and most important, Trendar helps prevent the build tip of modi at this harmful exces» water, from 2 to 7 Ibs. of bloating weight Then it relieves cramps and the accompanying nervous tension, irritability and depression both be- B , otl . no para* alone cart Tests, itt which Thigh, hundreds of Reg- Eniirg«mw» y istered Nurses took part, proved Puffy Trettdafwaseffeo tive when taken as directed. * Meanwhile don't suffer the Wot*- ing, nervous tension an9 pain of another premenstrual or menstrual period. Get Trendar, the effective "water-pill" for .women, today. No prescription is needed. TU DICTV DRUG AND III If I r I I DISCOUNT ST< Tender Crust Cracked Wheat Loaf limit Bight Besarved Family Kitchen All Purpose. FLOUR 16oz.-8pack Jl A< DR. PEPPER 49 i Peter Pan-28 ozi PEANUT BUTTER . 89* M.D. Toilet TISSUE STOKELY Drink GATORADE 3l' $ l Bi-Lo't Lent erain 4* 4*4*. RICE 3, 39 STOKELY XI Can Balden CORN 5I $ 1 Betty Crocker Layer tft pO^ CAKEMIXdrl Batty Crocker Pancake II I Y ffllA pkg, 49 ROSARITA FROZEN MEXICAN DINNERS 39 Eastern Corn-Fed PORK STEAKS ib. 69 Bi-Lo American Sliced CHEESE ,>. 69 C Western Family """•" H A i WIENERS- 49 Ad Effective Mon., Tues., Wed.. Powdered Cold Water King Size Coupon Effective Nov. 3^4-5 One Cbuport Per Family: .-.-A TRIM THOSE OUNDS INCHES MOW University Health Clubs UNLIMITED USE OF ALL FACILITIES * Delux trimming facilities * Finnish "SAUNA" Personalized programs * Nutrition consultation * Dramatic results guaranteed No Contracts No Extra NOVEMBER SPECIAL I DAYS '•< - '' \ " 14YI$(T| 25,00 Vflbie^wlfli this coupon University Health Club* do not require thgtiyou sign up fprJongj long contracts; : that stretch 1 out over the years, Y/e'can custom tcjilor yoyr seheldul^ as well as ; your figure, If you would like to; try us out! for! a (ittle wl|i!e just giye us a ;cal|. We will be hpppyitp answer : qny\qu : e$tipns..;and7pu.ar9-Mnd^r-'rji.|>:.opligatiQn-qt : . all. Let us show you' how easy it is in a matter of days to ha'vep figure that is • admired by everyone. •. i ". '"''," • , 'V: '; ! - : " T j -^ V T • ";''

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