The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 19, 1956 · Page 13
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 13

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 19, 1956
Page 13
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Monday, March 19, 1956 Sun Classified Houses For Rent IjAKAYKTTE DRIVE. 10— '2-bi'ilroom ui>furnlf>hpd li phone 593fi or 'I7M. Kor beilrooms, lurKf living room, attic fun, car nort. I'll. 3-1388. MAONOL1A, 1220 — G-room • unfurnished house. near rMlnery. utilities paid, frtS.on montli. Phone 2H16. rTuTcTsor— "~~ • . ft-roomit and foalh with garage. For Information phonii 3-1152. ___ ' - . EECOND. 709 N. — Thret-rnom furnished IIUWHO, Sec Mrs, Leslie Jarnes. ] IS EMI. ' ____ __ SUNSET, 1021— Two-bedroom KHA house, 1 $r»0 00 per month. For Inforrmtilon phone 3-1563. _ _ ___ __ WILLOW, isrn— ,1-room house on 30X100 fi. lot. n?fts0n.ibl*. For Jnfornmlon phone '2l'2-(. UNFUHNISHKD — -(-room hou.»*. Attic fun ganiK*. Hent reasonable. Apply 3115 Michigan. 2-Bedroom House Tor «. toiiple. Phon* 7317. 42. Bedrooms-Board 9hr layfonm It SS. Work Wanttd PAPERHANCiNO—Also imall r«mod«I- ln» jobi. Hy tin hour or job. for Information ffton* till. 60, Travel Information RIDE WANTED TO HOUSTON—Downtown nrea. 8:00 to 5:OW p.m., 5 days wttkly. Phone M44, Baytown. , 62. Schools A Instructions WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAT TUB GU1TA11? Contact George at Rhythm Music Co.. 17 S. Ashbcl. Ph. S995. 64. Special Notices i!RS. HELPER TEA LEAF READING Advise on all problems of life. One vlflt will tonytnrif you. don't fall la-ate her. i^o appointment necessary. Always open. « a.m. 10 9 p.m. 3S4-Bayway Drive, close to Wolverton Super Market, Wooswr: Ph. SOT.'). INCOME TAX SERVICE Day or nlRht In your home or my offlc*, S Lane's End. Ph. 5231. DOUK Walk«r. CP.EOER HOTEL—Clean, quiet, homelike. Good bed». «as titatern. tub nnil ishower bnths. Low rates, free parkins Jot, Phone 232«. J'KAt'.CR, .'116 WEST— Two bedrooms. Apply same address or piionr 2095. STKRUNx;. 400 K.— C'|>5t:tlrs hcitroom with twin beds. Men only. Pnone 6034. T.OOM. AND BOARD—For mother »nd 1 or 2 children. Will car* for children vhi'ie mother works. Monroe's Nursery. 32CV, Wisconsin. Ph. 3-2S87. ALCOHOLICS ANONTMOU8 1-rl-Cltl«» Grotip-Ph. 2198. 983J. Went Buytown Qroup-I'h. «076. Hlshlamls Exchange Ph. 2-1622 or 2-2721. 'SI.9.5 SEWING MACHINE SERVICE Any make or model - cleaned- oiled - aitjmttd • In your home. WORK GUARANTEED SHERMAN SEWING CENTER 102 W. TEXAS PH. 2004 i, King Fcilurei Syndicitc, Inc., World rights reserved "Mother got mad and wants to go home.. Better take her to the airport before she cools off and changes her mind." SUPERMAN ' I'VE MADE A/VERY WEU, MANUEL. 1 THEN • ALL THE / THERE'S NO NECESSITY ID ARRANGEMENTS \ SEE THOSE PERSISTENT FOK THE •) : REPORTERS. THIS •AFTER- PARTY TONIGHT, / NOON.' I SHALL GIVE AN 5ENORITA/ / INTERVIEW AT THE PARTY/ kl>iifc_ ' I'VE GOT TO SET SUPERMAN TO THE PARTY.TO MEET: DOLORES.BUT HE HASN'T 'RESPONDED TO PERHAPS HE HASN'T RECEIVED IT.SENOR RIVERA;' AH-THAT MUST BE IT.' OF COURSE.' THAT REPORTER, CLARK KENT, DID NOT GIVE HIM MY MESSAGE/ 1 SHALL GO OUT AND FIND HIM ,! MYSELF/ BUZ SAWYER —by RoyCraM I WILL NOT BK RESPONSIBLE for i (lebt.i made by anyone other than myself. Prince Walker. 43. Business Rentals Business Offices Modern. 516 Kan Texas. Ph. 6-194, 50. Help Wanted Part Time Full time later. Apply House Jewelry W. Texas AVI?. 51. Female He!|j Wanted 1 AVTLI/ NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for rieb.ta made by anyont other than myself. ROT T. Wilson. IT'S NO DISGRACE To Have Roacties But It 1.1 to keep them; 50 let us itt rid oi them for you. All Work Guaranteed Ph. 3-XriOl 65. Monuments-Burial Lot$ FOREST PARK CEMETERY—Ga.-dtn of OeUisetnJine, 6 Npnce lot. Choice location. Call 4-::!01, HlKMlands or write Sol S. Main, Hlthla.nrts. GRANITK. Marble. Bronie. Monuments, markers, cemetery vork. Kasy terms. Nn carryinpr charges. Tri-CHv Monument Co.. -M.-irket SL at U'«3t Main. Fh. 4702. BOLSTER YOUR BUDGET Durlns si'are tia-.t- in cri5y. itic.-i.iunt work. •Nationally advertised proUtifts. Wtlte Box ^^S, care of the Baytown Sun. No Experience Necessary To earn itootl Income \vith Avon COF- rnetlr«. V-'t wli! i.'.nn vni,. \Viitc Mrs. R. J.. Rj>r:nicf!e!<l. 2213 Kllen I,»nr, Ho'.:>:tm is. Te.x,is. CASHIKIt A.N'D CONFKCT10N ATTENDANT WANTED—School npe people need not apply. Mutineer. Brim-ion Theatre. WOMAN! v.-uh machine 10 sew ready cut -•ipron*. E.iJiV profltahlc. Strnre or ic!l- llmr. A * B Aprons, Fort Smith 3, 68. Lodge Notices STATED MEETING of Crosby Clmpter No. 2«1. Order ol Knstern Star. Tuesday, March 21). l»!iB at 8:00 p.m. In the Masonic Hall.. AH members *rfc urged 10 attend. Mrs. \Val!nce Dunks. W.M. Mrs. S. K. Orr. Sec'y. NEED A WOMAN' In cnrh of the follov.-- InK tmrni* for telephone survey work: Hlphlrsndjt. Cr^by. Sulnry Jl.oo ;>*r hour. Cont.ic* \V. S. Kotilnson. 1205 Trenton lAmt. H.iytown. Phnnf 3-2S.1S. RKGISTERED KUR.SK DEEDED—3 :W tn 11:0" I'.!".. •"' 'lay *«fX. Salary 1310 no. Contnct Mrs. Connell at OR 1-1311 or OR s-l»:o. Contract STATE a MEETING ft Highlands Chapter. Order of D e M o 1 a y. Monday. | March If. 19-">t5 at 7:30 p.m. in the Masonic Hull of Sampson Ixidpe No. 2.11 of KlRhla.nd«. Mothi-r's Club meet.! a: 7:30 v.m. AH members and vlsitlnc Rrethren cordially invited to attend. Donald Perry. M.C. Jnmes Catlify. Scrilw 52. Male Help Wanted 5 MEN (WHITE) PART-TIME $43.00 Weekly Work 15 to 9 p.m. weekday*. 2 to Saturdnv. appearance, car. In person. Hlue Bonnet Motel. Wednesday. March 21st.. 2:tm p.m. or 7:f>0 p.m shAt;>. Ask for Mr, Nurnej. "~ yo W S p.m. Apply CALLED COMMUNICATION Cedfir Bayon I^odce, A.K. *•- A.M No." 321. will be held Tuesday. March 20. !».')« lit 8:00 p.m. In the Cedar 13nyou M3«ontr Hnll \Vork In the K.A. and M.M. decree. Visit- tine Brethren cordially Invited to attend, J. K. McKatridKe. W.M. O. A. Wilson. Sec'y. One South, however, did not raise notrump—he made a (questionable) jump rebid of three hearts, and his partner put him in four hearts. This was a pretty bad contract, obviously enough— but South made it, for 420 points! West opened the king- of clubs, and u-hen declarer saw East play the eight, he ducked without hesitation. As South hoped, West read the eight &s a. come-on, so he continued the suit—and, making- full use of his luck. South took over. He won the second club, cashed his three diamond tricks, discarding his last club, and then ruffed a club with an honor. The 3-3 break of this suit, plus the fact that trumps broke, gave South the contract. All he had to do was cash the ace and king of trumps and then land in dummy on the third round. Observe that if South takes the first club trick, he is helpless. It would then do him no good to discard a club on dummy's third diamond—he would lack the entries to establish and reach dummy's fourth club even if the opponents did not meanwhile collect their three spade tricks. By Josephine Culbertson ONE of the fascinations of match-point duplicate is the, way in which zeros can be changed into "tops" in the flicker of an eye. That was what happened in this deal. South dealer, East-West vulnerable. CRKW DAME: BIG BEN BOLT 'LJU —by John Culta IT'S SPIPK. 1 HE'S /SKIP M£TO SO BACK INTO THE (JWS-HEHXS A new eoy /MO THIMKS xi FISHT WITH ME MfiHT HELP BUILD HIM UP. AMD IT'S POfl THE VWKE>W!4V. LL BL MO EAKSl Of COURSE I'LL CCME GYEZ .' CAM YCUSlVi ME A LITTLE HlfJT IT'S SOT A REOl/S TO IMKE. Almost every North-South pair in the game landed at three no- trump, usually via this bidding: South West North East 1 V Pass INT Pass 3 N T Pass Pass Pass Since the East-West spades lay 4-3, there was no defense against three notrump, and all of these North-South pairs scored 400 points. Al Capp and Bob Lubbtn STATED MEETING of Ooo»« Creclc Chapter No. 796. Order nt Kajtrrn Star. Monday. March IS. 1PS8 at 7:30 p.m. In the Masonic Hall. All members arc urseO !o attend. Eiln.i Boyer. W.M. Willie Mae Morean. Secy. Yr7(r~rirKt.KV!sor,TECH NlflAN. we have plenty ,ot work tor ou. I>o r.nt .ipiily iinlP's you tan produce. W. <1o nut navi> tune to teach you. Dick- Mli';" r.arilo <fe TV. 311 Kin! Teias^ _ Y~rAlTT!AN"'wANTEti-- One day a tvcck. >",ir rtiiind. who Is »'•*'» capnhle n:id wUlini; to do a!) lobs nece-isfry In kfopInK n tioilsc, f'.t:f.-!«iu'es tei|iies!(!d. Write Ho^ ^9T. du; "( B:iyl«»'n Sun. T1IIS TS THK SMAI.I.KST AD hilt ofter' ::•.(• Krrrttest oV'i'oTtuntiv. ("'ontact W. S. Kolilnscm. R.wm K«. Woods nulldlnc, B.tytn'.vn. . 55. Work Wanted Monroe's Day Nursery fl'iio n m 13 1:00 a.m. Sl.M ptr ilny or Sio hmir I'.it'y sltuni; «vrnlnK.i. Rfftrcnces. oIO.'i Wisconsin. I'll. I1-2SS7. DF.PKXOAJU>: HAIIY SITTEK AVAI!.ABI,1-: ANYT1MK. ANYWHEP.K 712 BOI.STKK. P1IONK TCM9 PEST CONTROL TKHMITKR. KOACH^S, ANTS All Work Ouruantei^l For Uest ItfiiilU* Ph. 3-ibOl LAWNiR MOWK11—J2.00 up. Apply Weat Kr.incl.1 Street. Or Call 31373. LAWNSCUT 316 ^ McShan's Button Shop Cii.'Hom Belts, tnittiin.". huttonholti. Corner Pi-arcn »nd S. Third. MOTHKRK. for one or two ilnys :i wcpk. let yflur prfsclmol nfc clillil sharp In all the nm ai Jack & Jill Day Nursery Kvpry clillil njirllclpi'" '" croup piny, rlnv mixlcllni;. rhvlhm hand, period, color crnyuii work, nursery rhythms and .«onc!i. Hot Hmchp." nt noon—plus mlil- mornlnj; ;ind p.jld-nftcrnoon refreshnn-nt?. All (or only 5'.',00 prr day. Jnck and Jill bay Nuwry. 'MRS. NOVA WANG, niRKCTOR 805 Pearl Ph. 3-2400 arKC.IAU7.lNu—in rcpnlrlnc. rtmodflinK, m-w additions, rooflni:. sldlnp. cnlilnct work F11A improvemrnt I-onii 1 ". Free •stimalfs. Call L. A. .Stancr. Ph. 21>1.1, ISH Netv Jersey. Judge Casey Cuts On Houston's New Doctors Hospital Houston's newest general hospital—Doctors Hospital—was officially opened Sunday .it 5815 Airline drive. County Judge Bob Casey cut the ribbon "in the opening ceremonies. The 34-bcd hospital was founded by .seven osteopathic physicians and surgeons. They are Drs. James E. Carey, Helen K. Gams, Jnck P. Leach, D. F. McKay. J. Edward Vinn and H. Murphy Webb. It has 11,000 feet of floor space, including two emergency rooms, an obstericnl department, two operating rooms, nn X-rny department and a children's section. Its facilities include an all-electric kitchen and nil-weather air conditioning. Judge Casey said that the new hospital meets a long-felt need in the area and that its founders merit the thanks of.the community. Thailand May Seal Off Border With Cambodia BANGKOK, Thailand — UP — Prime Minister Pibul Songgram of Thailand said Monday his country may seal off its border with Cambodia because of "many incidents" in the frontier area. The prime minister charged that Camj bodians dressed in military imi- I forms have been crossing into : Thai territory in recent months I and robbing or kidnaping citizens ' of Thailand. BIGGER, BETTER, MORE BARGAINS THAN EVER, IN WATCH TUESDAY FREE PARKING ALL DAY WEDNESDAY LONG SAM our WHY HE* O&SeSSGD.t -WrTHTHKT SWTHEyiK.-.Jw NCWJLY TT^o^f^Sm^i THAT APPOINT- ;->nsvr/,v wrm DEATH — BEETLE BAILEY I tHOUSKT 1 PUT YOU ON K.RTOPEEL POTATOES I —by Mort Wdkt r BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH —by Fred Lasswtl VOTIN' TIME - GIT OU YORE ONMcT AN' LE'S GO XDWN AN' CAST OUR BALLETS IN TH' SOX I'LL BE WIF YE IN TWO SHAKES OF A SHEEP'S TAIL, PAW- BY THUNDER «! IT MAKES ME ' MADDER'N A OL' WET HEN WHEN I THINK ABOUT THEM NO-VOTE VARMINTS THAT_LIVE IN TH 1 NEWNITED STATES ALL THEIR LIVES AN 1 NEVER-UH" OHOH- SECRET AGENT X-9 —by Me! Graft WOLVERTON'S SUPER MARKET 8prciiils for Ttit-silay and Wednesday. March 20 and 21 300 MARKET ST. KD. AT NOKT1I ST^ WOOSTEK Hosorvocl to Limit 29c FRESH DRESSED FRYERS VEAL STEAK ,,, 39c FRESH GROUND VEAL ,, 29c VEAL SHORf RIBSi „ 25c DKCKKK'S 'I'.Al.I, KOKX SLICED BACON u 4Sc KRKSII, OI5KKN CABBAGE 2 ... 9c CARROTS 2n,,,15c APPtis" 2 ,*. 35c MARYLAND CLUB COFFEE noxxiK DOG FOOD TRKSH LARGE EGGS HORMEL CHILI 20-ox. can 39c SUN-UP MELLORINE Hdf Gol. 59c MIRACLE WHIP Quart 49c SUN VALLEY OLEO Lb. He CIGARETTES Carton $2.12 COCA-COLA 12 bottie carton 39c IREUE Large Box 27c CRIPE MYRTLE B?'S' r ES 4-5 ft. 40c FOR OI:R N r.wvr.irt AM. WAV f, FRID.Xl, SATl IJHAV FW& colleague Pr. Coon , considering nfe mi»»ion YES - AND I UNDERSTAND TriAT H£ PEO SINCE , FOR PUNISHMENT. 1 - Uri, 5£NOR - TOO MUST 3 TO GESVE / RONRie DIDN'T BLOOD FOH THE VASKEE SCIENTIST! HE riAS SAD ^- HEART riEART-THE SHOCK'COULD Uf CONDITION! n 6W CLEAR OP THE 5ENOR CORRI6AM! TH£E5 CAT A^KE A PASS- AT RONRIO / IF VOU RETURN V.'ITH U5 T I HAVE / AND OOrJATE NOUR SLOOD, / THOUfitfT IT OVER, IT COJLD COST 101) NOUR / DOCTOR DOON~ UFE! THINK IT OVER! J 1 WlU RETURN WITH N'O CURLEY KAYO Dozen In Carton I GUESS I CAN'T REALLY BLAME HER... HE IS A HANDSOME MAN,'.' SHE EVEN HOCKED A LOT OF OUR STUFF TO GET MORE CASH 5 SEEN GIVING MISSING MONcV LIONEL BARTON By Sam Left

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