The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 1, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 1, 1948
Page 4
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ew* tafetftek, MM- ThwnA*?, Imly 1.1*4* THE NEWS THURSDAY. JVLTf 1. l»tt Protected Farm Prices Before Congress its Response By Public Aids Health Nurses Employment o! two full-time public health nurses in Frederick county is being made possible through the public's generous response to fund drives of two or-, SfanizatioBj, the local Public Health j *"* Out th « window. The other ; and Tuberculosis Association and ! means * f) * bt for control of the = Washington Daybook Ike Civet G* Ahea4 F»r 1953 Caatpaif* T» Seise Wall* ··«*· Washington. July 1.--Labor lead- By TEIS COFFIN ers have a problem of practical Washington. July 1--Ike Eiien- i politics on their hands in trying to hower made two dramatic decisions | decide how much support they Today In Washington Problem Of Practical Politic* Face* Labor Leader* IB SuBBortuif Ticket* By DAVID LAWUNCE .1** weekend. One *em the wist- ' »«" to presidential and the Cancer die* that farm prices were going l officer Society. Announce- was made by health projects represeat .t f Demo f r * t ^.U^ 05 .??: ! congressional tickets this autumn. lese leaders will have to de- paVirthe ^utelhe"_»Us"close"in i'ermine whether to line themselves *. be left to the law of supply j integration of local, state aixfna- ««d *» Weed -t to stop a tire- :** rank «» file of_th«' and demand, the implication of · tionsl health plans and uniScation ; up solidly behind President Tru- The General decided he would ' tn * a an1 thu » forc « Governor Dew- not run for love or money in 1948. I ev to Jooit lor his support either in less campaign beginning November j * r t h a n - i n the leadership cliques . I 5 to draw him into the White House j ° r to look entirely to groups and would fight agiiast such changes but the politically minded Dewey, conscious of the importance of labor-union l»aders and the support they can give not only in this campaign but four years hence if Dewey is elected and runs for a second term, will want to meet the viewpoint of the labor chiefs as far as practicable. \ Hence it doesn't seem sensible [ for the labor-union policymakers to j go all out for the Democratic ticket i in this campaign. Much more like- tb**e lamentations being that this ! of tax and private funds for great ly a goodly number of labor unions i by their strategy force Dewey over : Virginia, has just joined the staff - IOAO Af»«r »"*«"»· ««* JUST joineti me Stan !·*""*"" "· -~-« ,--...,..,. -.._...- _.- ^j uim ».*iie$v mrce jjewev over price support* tnrougo i»*»- of the countv health department as [ h i s reasons for turning down the : toward the right while hit natural re provisions for sup- j supervisor o"f nursing services, for 1 isg levels. But it is ' A hich position the salary is paid ; i problems to the left of center? ticket i Certainly if Dewey wins and has paid = this time: next in part by funds raised locally in : *· Th e Dewey-Warren ^ f a r m ' t h e annual TB Christmas seal sale.; Wl!1 * awfully hard to lick, and ; not been helped in'the slightest This is a demonstration project'· **« doesn't relish the idea of flunk- £he j abor un i on s he \ sponsored by the Health and TB : "»K out nis first semester in politics. ; ing to these i es _ der ^ Association until April. 1949 when j 2. He .has no excuse to renege j ence at the White Houje fa ^ ..^ that there are ports at varying virtually certain that the Congress will pass a new price measure, regardless of which party wins in November. As matters stand, the farmer can count his case 01 coitoa» ior iae nexi 10 _ :ne Jonns KopKins Training months. The new farm measure a:!d got her degree in public health s would nay f -- - - , ports for surplus crops and high'er Carolina. She has been with the supports for crops in which more i nealth «eP»runent in Wayne coun- production is desired. frantic pleas of Democrats to run j inclination is to move on labor owe noth . __ _ _ come out with his fists ! campaigns was to observe a the- provide"Wr much Tower sup- work ~at"the ~u"pfversity"of "JCorth ! doubled if the Republicans put upjoretical neutrality but actually lit' « wa d n ty. N. C. The second pair of isolationists. 3. Eisenhower genuinely done to offend the man be- 'i fc ely to be the winning candidate. ' lieves. and has all "along, that he : In the headquarters of both parties position, made pos- I needs four years of .seasoning as a ] '*'ere to be found labor leaders. tion of Henry Wallace's "ever-nor- 5Jb | c bv a g ranl f rom " the United j civilian before he will be ready for I Now. while all labor-union lead- States Public Health Service and i t h * White House. He has a com- ; ers today say they want the re- of consumers the American Cancer Society in co- P'ex about being a general ruling Jp*al of the Taft-Hartley act. many complain becau^ the government operation with the State Depart- civilians without any experience. ; of them realize that this law em- . ment of Health, will be available ! 'n fact, if General MacArthur had i bodies all the rights which the mal" granary. Representatives fa--i orice-; a- a fa.rn prices a. a 1-...1 " T»..^"rw;nt «··· thi, m i f i - ' Au Sust I and Dr. Roop now is re- [ copped the Republican top pot. Ike j Wagner act gave to labor and re- *e»e». i"CJ point t?u. usvs tun- --...inn onr,];,--,.],,,,.. »,,_ :. TU« vi-rllM havfr rinno h i « hf*xt In h»;it nnnl m*-nc. .i.-; .-- -_!.:__ .1.- for , , ,. . ceiving application gates against a lower cost of liv:n R . c o u n t y h e a l t h 6fflccr eonsidcrs But guaranteeing the farmer profit- a ,_ excellent opportunity for a The S would have done his best to beat : peal means, strictly speaking, the him. ! wiping out of Wagner act The fight to put pro-Eisenhower ] too. What would have to be done. able prices has been incorporated ' married nusse with public health Democrats in control of the parly i even if the labor-union leaders had And the farmer points out farm prices are lo'.v today in comparison with wages received by labor in the cities--and in comparison to the prices he must pay · service opens a part-time position i 19-18 "I'm for Ike" movement. This for labor's products, such as auto- ' ' · - - " : . . .. -- of changes in the Taft-Hartley act. Another big problem for the labor-union leaders in the coming election is what to do about sup- 'porting or opposing members of! Congress. The situation is compli- ] cated by the fact that ihe labor I chiefs have little or no influence in the South where Democratic Senators and representatives of the conservative ~and anti-union variety are usually elected. The northern Democrats, in large measure, are radicals and left-wingers. Will the labor-union leaders alienate all the northern Republicans or support the ones that give promise of be- Law Of Action And Reaction In Politics By ROGEK W. BABSON Philadelphia, Pa.. July 1.--§ir Isaac Newton tl642-1725) was one cf the world's greatest scientists and a founder of mechanics, chemistry, \ physics and other! sciences. He is es- I pecially known j for his law of ac- j tion and reactionj which he illus- j trated by the pen- ; dulum, the lever, the spring and 1 later in polities, i This law is that» all progress has a »»«er BakseiT n o r m a l growth line; that as we deviate above this normal line, there must be a corresponding reaction below it, in area. Side Glances Since the days of Cain and Abel ! has been a constant conflict I between those who "have" and! those who "have not." As each group got on top. it would abuse its power and a reaction would fol- get on top until it likewise abused \ its power and lost out. English his- ] tory illustrates Newton's law. Al- j though the masses of England have ! gradually secured more power | ing on l a b r leslation ; conservatism Again, it U- the Gompers bipartisan j policy that emerges as the most j _. practicable course -- supporting ; ' i. , j, those Republicans who give prom- i OI ^"S 131 " 1 ise of being friendly to labor and ' those Democrats in states or dis-! _. ,, .. ... . , , tricts where the Republican nomi- j t h e . Conservatives will come back ^ -gain some day even in England. This same law of action and rejection has also rule'l our country. '}· years, under Wash- days of serfdom, yet it been by alternate periods cf j and new the Conservatives j against 'em. too!' were in control and j a great world power, j y the reverse is true, although tout im rr m» tcmeg. me. r. H. *ca «.«. HT. orr. 7-1 * · "I've heard you complain about high prices, Mrs. Brown, and I dealism. ; (bought I'd better tell you about my uncle runnier for citv council he's Tvativ**?; I arainst Vm tnn*" necs are not likely ever to aid the movement to modify the Taft-Hart- If. of course, the union chiefs ex- i T he first *"· V*. ·«. VTV** il^r. M**. Wlfc**\71« ^**1C£^ t-V~ " - , _ . _ , _-. j .. pect to elect a Congress that would ! lngton and th ? Federalists, were .,,,,,....I,*, .h- ».!,,,» , -,,.. i very conservative. Then came a ! ficiated the double ring ceremony. A large arch of mock oranges_, J centered in front of the altar, of formed the setting. altar decorated with madonna lilies, roses and fern. Miss Mildred Jane England, daugh- ^V 55 . Anna Mae Kemp, accom- into national policy permanently, training since it offers regular w «ll be waged from coast to coast their way. would be the writing of 'ai-mor noin!* out that ' hours, a five day week, and a salary i b " George Allen, -/ho has the de- | a new law. This can be accom- range from $2.090 to 52.750. the ceiving appearance of a happy-go-1 D li s hed bv amendinir th» T-itt «-,·-» pe . , verv conservative men camp, a ^ - - - -- i »· , ..-, exact figure determined bv educa- ! lucky fat man. He is one of the \f£TM ' amcndln « the Taft-Hart- en . ascll i a te the present law. they ^ ti ^TiS" ^ffer^on anT the brid ° f Merhle WilUam Murphy, »f»«;^. namely "The Love O tion. and experience. " i shrewdest men in American poli-; V here see m s no rfo,,hf th,, r« . l m!ght M welt waste their support ' coun^ en^oved iff fiS New Deal SOn ° f Mn and Mrs ' Charles E - S^: HlS L ° VC b w «Ml"*W ^ ! , e Iner .! seems no doubt that Govon _ osing cand idates all along thei£.° un ' rj en ^° ed lts first \ ew Dea! - ] Murphy, also of Ijamsville, on the Me - and "Oh, How I Love Him." « , ernor Dewey. if elected, would fa- _ ine ^ countr ,. wants the5 M . This was overdone and there was afternoon of June J2l in s ig° na ._, -- - ceil?' AT en 5T e "^ t0 .. th ':Taft-Hart- L nce ^ lween latM)r and manage _ a reaction tp^conservat,^ Again, catholic church at Urbana. Th ter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Marion P anied ° r the pianist, Mrs. Ralph England, of Ijamsville, became the Puunan . rendered the sacred vocal ' " " selections namely, "The Love Of To mobiles and farm machinery. Political Talk Further expansion of local ^^l^^^^^^^^^r .ewey. ,, eiectea. wou.d fa-| line . ^ countr ,. wants ^ ^ r«» was overdone ana mere.was , afternoon of Juae " 2l ,, St . Ignalius · Miss Emma Lazar, classmate of i f o r a nurse who need have no spec- yearning for the General wiU make! ^ «T Jr^v durin/Sl"^' ·"" betwee " lab ° r a " d mana?e - ' SilcoSrvSiv^ "b^eSeiTMTM 1 ^^ ChUrCh at Urbana - The Ihe bride a « d ^m while attend- i ia! public health training. Dr. Roop It easy for George and his acco-; ^ }: ,, ,, . . , ,, , m ._ y - d . Urln|t t he .. am -! ment maintained. The recent effec- I t h e C °" Se . r ,. 3tn es ^^hf ?___' ! sln « le nn S ceremony was per- »ng Eastern Bible Institute, of tnem corrective or trve usc of the pre£e nt statute to ! !l r f n d ^ the / e . was * nOther , New ] - formed by the groom's pastor. Rev. Hazelton, Pa., carried a large ar spare the nation industrial catas- Deal under J a c.son. Tnese changes | j) r . Joseah F. Thornlntx Th» hrW» bouon*t nf **.*** ^;^LM ^-*.--- trophe is too fresh in the minds of j alternated . Roop also said. Such a nurse would work only in the Winchester Hall i clinics and on a schedule of ap- ; paign. call ciates to get Democrat leaders down ?**".; 5 a ". l "T . ^"ecUve" or to the counties pitching for Eisen- |. ^" .. ^ · la "or strategists hower. A completely pro-Hsen- *'' K ^^«V TM._* » -«i«t.on pink carnations."^ (Reproduction Rights Reserved) Discussing and arguing about .politics might be considered one of the favorite sports of the Ameri- . .. - - ;... .. . . . .. . , - i _.._ «_~TMi-. r «,,, «K. -o^;-o» ^,,.- i I S spending the summer months as j Washington s keenest political an- ! can people, irom the earliest das ? a . empora _. y ap p O . ntee to the local j alyst. 'He has a book coming out j July 19.) Bean, who's tagged every i .. i Dr - Joseph F. Thorning. The bride bouquet of de?p ^ m .,_,_. liauul __, d , u ^ to . . the conse "' a ^ ve I was attired in a white crepe street She wore a pink Jersey and satin Of Coohage and Hoover j length dress with white accessor- gown and a pink shoulder length . l j j -- --·«,--·_.--*."··· i»-- -- -» ^-t-*v»- it* £*4»«n. i-uwiAZiiCi 1 am revolted and . ies. She wore a red rosebud cor- veil with matching flowers. of the government they have en- j staff A K " raduate of St Joseph s Hospital. Philadelphia. Miss Smith has a certificate in public health nursing from the University of Pennsylvania and :n October ".'ill joyed such talk, and it has been interesting to them to exchange ideas on the issues of the time. It ia one of the great blessings of this land of liberty, that they have this freedom to say just what they think, and with them. no one will interfere election on the nose for nearly 20 years, figures a strong anti-admin- j istration trend coming up in 1950 i or 1952. Allen figures the time j Political Confusion been with the county department for about a year, has resigned, ef- It may be remarked that argu- fective August 1. to be married, meats rarely change anyone's opin-! Dr - Roop will leave July 1 to _ Ions, but such discussion is use- i a ^ ums . new duties in the state return to the university for work j will be ripe for Ike four years from : toward a degree. Miss Charlotte Shankle who has now. ; By _A sharp-witted Republican poli- j PETER EDSOK Washington Correspondent _ tician. Clarence Brown, agrees with ; Washington. July 1. -- (NEA) him. Congressman Brown, the j Compounded confusion of the last Taft campaign manager, told Gov- i two weeks' rush in Congress, fol- crnor Jim Duff of Pennsylvania ' 'owed immediately by the Repub- ! "If the next President does what : Iican Convention in Philadelphia. | could stand a going over. Dealers into power. · sage and Newton's law. a · groom, conservative government is again | ter of due. It will probably be admin- ! honor. She a locket, a gift of the Sirs. Thomas Miller, sister of the Miss Sylvia England, sis- bride, served as matron of honor the bride, was maid o f ' and was at^rea in wore a pink street : satin gown. She w o r a blue * l Ay*ui*n__^ i tic j_,i.c:ak vie» .3 »JL i. tic That's why m a n y , British Empire when the highest government believe ; type of men were in control. Ensj- merit in the idea of direct j ]and m^j ihe seas and these lead . nrl TYianr *»Ie»/»TH-irt nf n^nr4 · r ) _ tfif, f nu . I the groom, served as best man. Mrs. Hubert Biser, erganlst. gave a short recital preceding the cere- ^ ,, ^ «- -- Lessiistered by the Republican party.-- length dress with white accessor- arm boucuet tftan halt the 1094 delegates at the j not necessarily because its princi- } ies and a corsage of gardenias and Philadelphia GOP convention were pies are any better; but because of I Charles Casper Murphy, brother of elected by the people. The other j Newton's law. half being appointed by the bosses, l Brains. Airplanes. Communism it was only natural that they acted j During the great davs of the accordingly. -- - - - - - - · I s 6 students of a pastel blue a T*t. - ,,., e flower Sirl, Miss Carole, moir.- including. -On This Day O H " d ebrand of Frederick, dressed Beautiful Mother," "Jesus. " My in a yellow taffeta gown and car- C?aroleJV ressed primarv- election of candidates for ers _f e arful of the Revolutionists ! Am the presidency, doing away with , . Lord. My God My All." "O Lord I ried a ba sket of red roses, dropped Am TSTrtf Wfir-thi- *' ^n^i «^iT rt *t,«- A- rose rietaTs in fri^ hY-T/^aV. nn «u H .^« and "Mother At rose in the bride's pathway the presidency, doing away with , across the channel in France-- were ! Your F eet Is Kneeling." The tra- as she marched down the aisle with LJI cumbersome and out- 1 determined to nave tn » Eng a sh j diaonal wedding marches were · her brother. . Mr. LeRoy Blank, fuL New light is often thrown on """·=. '" °-»'»«^. . r, , . : appointment of his ! office in Baltimore, and pending j he ought to, he'll be a one-termer." I bring out the fact that what this successor Dr. Prather. the Washington health officer, will spend several days each week in Fred- P. E. county one's own ideas from the statements heard in such talk, and from the experiences of people with whom they talk. People may not at the moment be convinced by the arguments j they have heard, but as they think f^rtrle Anrl country may need most is a new Candid Harry -- Harry Truman · has a pleasant habit for anyone but j a President. It drives his staff to i convention procedure. * * * Senator Lodge was co-author, with Congressman Clarence Brown English!' , - - _. [people the most prosperous of any j played - ; who .gave her away, nation. Today, the United States is Following the ceremony- the cou: . K ? v - Ro °ert Hymes. of Cumber- faced with a similar opportunity. The one which the U S has' of TM°- ° f la ^ Year's resolution ' 9 U * country has men with excel- ine one which the b. S. has ^.^ ^ the - commission un . i lent minds: we control the shios of running on has been revised . ' office. these things over they may get what has come new ideas from been said. Political discussion seems an essential part of American life, and there will be plenty of it in the coming months as the campaign progresses- erick to direct affairy of the local ] biting their finger nails. This is i onl ' once in recent years. That " oc: " the President's way of letting down i was when Inauguration Day was his hair and speaking off-the-cuff I changed from March 4 to January to visitors. 120. for Roosevelt's second term. A few days ago a resigning mem- i The idea of that change was to cut ber of a Federal commission came j down the time lapse between elec- in to tell Mr. Truman goodby. The i tion and inauguration of a new ad- President was in an expansive i ministration from four months to, mood. He leaned back in his chair j two - Tn e railroad had made it and said good naturedl- "You \ possible for a newly elected official know, this is a dickens of a job '. to Set to Washington in less than for any man. And I'll tell you i f o u r months, but it took the gov- Car Theft Reported; Owner Gets Shock A visitor to Frederick had an unusual experience recently with his new Cadillac sedan, and local city and State police had a flurry of excitement which soon fizzed out like - , ., . . - , der ex-President Herbert Hoover 1 the alr whlch make the world so to study reorganization of the fed- ' era! government. This commission will report next year. It can't fail to come up with some good ideas. . P le lef t for a week's wedding trip ' I? 0 "- was the best man and Mr. ot Frederick; served close today as France was to England 100 years ago. Furthermore, our industrialists and labor leaders now There's so much room for improve^ I ^alize that the best way of fight' P - to Atlantic City and New York · Paul stu P. city. The bride is a graduate of , as usher. Frederick High School in the class ', Prior to taking his place at the of 1942 and for the past year has : altar, the groom mn" "Because" been employed as cashier in the i The bride was attired in a white New Market school.' The groom j satin and lace trimmed colonial also attended Frederick High j style gown. The sleeves which - School and ing Communism is to have con- The whole idea of reorganizing | tinued prosperity here at home, the executive end of the govern- I Also, a Conservative party in this ment is a natural follow-up on the | country would now have a far j congressional reorganization work beaun by ex-Sen. Robert A. La- * no his engaged in ! were very full, gathered at the Mr. and wrist. The many small pearl . . r Mrs Murphy are now residing at · buttons down the back of the the home of the groom's parents. | gown . culminated at the waSt greater opportunity for achieving Joncs ^Shull good results than Conservatives MARKET PRICES Wheat, bu i a pop-less Fourth of July firecrack- j The President paused reflectively ! er. I and added candidly, "Yes. I've been S 2.25 ' Driving about the city the motor- j tempted to t«e a .jandso lots of Barley, bu. S 1 41 j ist thought it would be a good idea ! : D "' Corn, bbl _ S11.75 j to dispose of his old license plates - i which were carried in the rear of | his nice new shiny car. On a side the wars. Congress had Lo do that it could easilv something. It changes vou " " · ernment 150 years to wake upland '' Follette. Jr., of Wisconsin and ever had before. The Federal Re-- -- - - " . . , . ! , - . 'Congressman Mike Monroney of \ serve, the Securities Exchange. Oklahoma. If outmoded proced- ' the Shipping and scores of commis- i ures of legislative, executive, j u - : sions. with their tremendous pow- itV*"l"don't let ' wind up its business in time to j *cial ^and electoral machinery . ers. are appointed by the President. ' * ' ' date. ' Since the Coolidge and Hoover re- admit it. Before ' so little with a large satin and lace bow, while the wide gathered skirt fell times. But I fight it get me down." Fifty Years Ago Local Items From The Columns Of The News, July 1, 1S98. , adjourn and go home before the ! could Oe brousht up to : conventions. Forty years ago. ! everybody would benefit. Back To Bushes--President Tru- Congress adjourned May 30. street off East South street near · nla n may not know it. but in the · T xvenf y years ago. Congress ad- where he is visiting, he turned I prc-convention huddles. Democrat I ^ ourn ._ i ^ Iay 2S - j ar d got out of his machine at a j P la ce where he thought he could I nicely rid himself of the worthless gimes. the real nower has been Dorothy D/x Soys ! shifted from an unruly Congress ! to these various commissions, the wards and precincts. One high potentate in Democrat COL. D. C. W I N E B R E N E R. i plates and do no harm to anyone, Charles B. Trail and James H. j The watchful eye of a city police- Gambrill. Jr.. with two servants j man cau ght sight of this strange and three teams, fully equipped . proceeding--a fine new car. bearing with cooking uten.ils. went yes- j Arkansas license, and the driver »- . . terday to Cookey's Dam and j throwing plates away Putting two circles - a clos e political and per- : ters unoonc. spent the day fishing. They sue- ! and Uvo together . thl _ » cop « prompt . j sonal friend of Mr. Truman, spread l h « ^gis! ceeded in catching one sun fish., ly conc _ uded that a s;olcn wachine his hands out sadly and told this ,, ?/ nl |*°; MR. V E R N O N RHODERICK. | was havin g platcs exchanged, and i ^"cspondent. "The big job is to as a Uoumm e driver of Mr. John Hershberger's the Stale po i ice we re notified to ' _. ecp the party ahvc back in thc bread wagon, was overcome by i get busv, ! Dushe f and to _ prevent a Republican chiefs have agreed the 1948 stra- i Ovcr time On ~vertime tegy will be to concentrate on local ! This - vear Congress wound up on and Congressional races. This , J u n e 2() only by working overtime! the requisites for a happy mar- j brought about these changes in | j members of which are appointed [ instead of elected. No conserva- A correspondent asks: "What are . tive administration could ever have . , -- , . . _ _ , _ £»u m *_.*. v-u ,_·· JXJJU L. J.CZL A quiet but pretty wedding cere- into a flowing lace bordered train mony was performed before the j In addition to the lace trimmed i a i tar J'Vr* 6 Evan S elical Reformed ; finger tip veil which was attached church Monaay evening at 7 o'clock | to a satin and sequin head piece by the bride s pastor. Rev. Paul · The bride carries a white Bible" L Alihouse, when Grace Virginia J covered with xvhite gardenias from Snull. widow, this city, became the j which were streamers bridge of Paul Otha Jones, also cf j After the ceremony and the clos- Fredenck. The single ring cere- . ing prayer, the couple sang while mony was used. 'Mrs. Maude W. ' kneeling "Oh, Jesus We Have Dittmar. church,, organist, provided ; Promised." - the musical background for the j ceremony. " t » " J Bride wore Immediately following the cere- ]ar - e]y attended recep . . , means the national -Lcket will have ; ? n overtime. The amount of work i riage?" to. struggle along without e a street length ; tion was held at the bride's home, L'Tfll O TirVllt** ·v\J**_ ! ·sfi-tir- ·*,,l^:_t- T _ ·« -- _. __ , " · , i_-i « - - , -- --- ------%* K.ku i.a__n, i__n, ivic a- mjiiitz, ', government: in fact, they came only iress ot white with a ivhite pic- i after which Rev and Mrs Bowers ,,.. ,, much . it did was really remarkable. Even j Well, theoretically, all that is through the personality of Frank- *·"-'·-* -J . _.. . : * . . . . help from the boys who patrol the ' 50 - li had to nurr ' through a lot j necessary to make a happy mar- · Hn Roosevelt" and under war con- wards and orecincts. of business without careful con- j riage is love. but. practically, it ! ditions. Now. however, the Re-1 and it left a lot of mat- j takes the wisdom of Solomon" . - t" 1 " 6 nat and a corsage of red rose- ' departed for a wedding trip - buds and baby's breath. Mrs. Da- i After their return thev wil - vid StulL matron ' _ ! patience of Job. the self-control Reorganization " a £ t 0 ic. years ago set July 30 j tn e endurance of a martyr, !' charm of a John Barrymore. j Outlook For Business the heat this morning at the cor- : ner of Sixth and Market streets. He was taken into the store of Mrs. Samuel Brengie and later to · m ^a c his home. MR- CHARLES W. BIRELY. SON A1I the facilities of the constab- : landslide. The best xvav we can -T.II t:ie ^d^-iiiiio u* titc uuiibiau- , ... . ularj' were promptlv brought into ! ?P t h i s IS *,°,. S1VC nom ' nees for play. Contact with Baltimore was , ^ r TM TM1^*TM'_?«««»- It was not long before the j mystery resolved itself. The man ! who tosred the strange men all the help we can." Cheerful, dapper Les Biffle. who Patricia Jeanne and Shiriev Ann DEEDS RECORDED Deeds were recorded in the clerk's office for the sale of several - , T3 . - . . . - ' V^ii^U4 LUAlaLCJL V iC \\ I l l U i L i l l S POSSC^S "^ i,V^« WM^t.l^^O ma* *J^. CX.A^AU. --· ^*.^._7 ..w*^. ^.VlCCTJt^a , _-^T^.«.ti* h°,v i ^-- -T H g u 0 ..'?^"' 1 , 0 ? 5 i all of these virtures. hence the great! with perhaps our country entering of rosebuds and sweetpeas. .properties. Virgie E. Wachter has June anJ?ea^-5ulv « Si? TMwh\n ! number of nwrriages that en^ in a great new era of world expan- I The groom had as his best man .TM W j° ^ and ^s. Marvin. J. thev had to be he d "is -ear ' divorce - or dse ar ^ J«* endurance i sion with untold possibilities. Not; David Stall, of Frederick. j Chandler a residence at 808 Trail This £hedu?e may hlvfbeen all tests - ! «* are our opportunities - great. ] After the ceremony the wedding | Av«,ue_ ^extended. coasMerafion ^ right before the days of the tele- ,, of Mr. Wm. C. Birely. this city. : p i ates into the durnp lol was !he received the raiddle class honor i rightful owner of the car after all at the commencement exercises; of Yale Lav.- School. He WES admitted to the bar at New Haven. ; Conn. j BATHING IN THE MONO- ' Ml TM, f all-out support for .senate candidates in sucn see-saw ! f- atcs as -^'nnesota. Kentucky. Xew '· ^ ex ' co - Rho ° e Is . !and -. Oklahoma. » n l a n a a n d Wyoming. Bifflc When than even chance, even with such a dazzling GOP yond his depth and escaoed drowning. Recalls Joys Of Old-Time Cook Stove The Feesersburg ·n a nostalgic mood, wrote the fol- CACY yesterday at the Sweet lowing in his weekly news letter: Hole. Harry Cole got too far be- , ' Saturday I attended a sale where narrowly J an old-fashioned cook stove was ;solci--the kind that used to sit in MR. HAMILTON LINDSAY. HAV- ; every kitchen. A heavy black iron ING completed his term as first; monster trimmed with lots of deputy to Register of Wills Say- j bright shiny nickle. The kind that lor. has retired from the oSice j belched forth both i-moke and a and Deputy E!i G. Haugh has | tantalirir.g odor of ginger bread been advanced to the position ' and hot rolls. Bidding was slow on I the stove and it finally went for a j few dollars. No one wants a cook · orator when he makes the effort '· stove arsy more to mar the appear- Typings is a conservative He is ance of a noderrs white kitchen · equipped with an electric stove and · all thc other shiny gadgets and no one can blame thern. The draw- Of course, love is the most im- · Dut far-seeing caotains of industry ! party was served dinner at the i bein S in the neighborhood of SIl,-*~". 'rplsn- niri t-l" *"rtant thing in marriage for no : are realizing that they must share '. Southern restaurant. : °°°- according to revenue stamps, i* coun'rv 'was ! ma rriage can be happy in which more with labor, must take a great- j Later a reception was held at the Mr - and ^ lrs - Lindsey P. Myers strictly on a mud~-road schedule ' t h e husband and wife are not deep- i er interest in the welfare of foreisn I home of the bride. A three-tier ' have_ sold to Mr. and Mrs. Charles it was necessary to have four I !v and tTM 1 ?' in love with each oth- peoole, and in fact, must avoid , wedding cake was cut by the bride , s - Rn'ne a property of about .37 months between "nominaUng con-j er - but just love of itself isn't 'another severe period of unemploy- ;and groom. They will reside at the , ^ a " ac f e . and improvements aldrjg and election That eave enough. Many husbands and wives ' ment in order to save their own ;fcome of the bride on West Patrick «°ute i» m Hansonville. considcr- - - - - - . . , . . , , ., . . _j x ' ation being about $8.000. . · - U i l l « l l t t i d l . U V * U i I l I : l O I U ' C C ~ - -- ! - . . . . -~ T _ A i t _ - * 1 _ A ' t?+TCH*+ thinks the Democrats have a better thc candidates time to tour the \ wno would die for each other can- StCln - Tn short, chere are siffns that j street. try by horse and buggv if nee- ', not live together in peace. And our financial and business interest 5 ; es-«ary to let the voters hear their some of the most devoted husbands are real3v "getting religion." ar.d held by Mr. Lir.dsay. Twenty Years Ago Local Items From The Columns Of The News. Jnlv l. 192S. Running Mates--The list of running mates lying en President Truer ' don l nse5 man's desk is long. This is the way it lines up: Senator Miilard Tydings of Maryland, ion.c-jawcd. sarcastic as ail get out and a spel!-b:nder of an golden voices and see how hand- and wives in the world never show some they were, ' their mates the slightest sign T.Vi;h today's faster media o f . the affection they really feel for travel and co--rp'.'rvcatior 1 . l^f* vrt- ' them. that much time to ' No a re convinced that ther n.ust ap- °" p^ffo^K.^^n t-oiienDerger ve. announce the , ,. small advance sale of this Of same law r.t "· plv this rel'sion to overcome Com- i - . . - . _ . - . ,, -- «;^i--««. *T__ »,__,_ .,,» . *. 01 - - ^, »_ i ' raamaee of their t'afMfT Anna . tici^sts. ine uanauet oi tne munism. Of course, based ^^^f^l^^^ s ^ f \ick High School Alumni Assoda- of action and re- They OF A TOTAL OF 20 PROPERTIES to be acquired fay the city in connection with the establishment of Mullinbe Park, aii but t-.vo have been secured. A two-story apartment house containing eight ! apartments will also be erected ' on the corner of Eeruz and All Saints streets. THE crnrs PUBLIC PARKING · ground on South Court street proved a popular place Saturday night v.-hen 500 automobiles were counted parked there at o'clock. , TIRE. BELIE\ r ED O BE OF IN- ' ° at an active candidate. Governor Mon Waiigren of Wa^h- sns o i. -.vh'o has prcrd -ic .-c^os-j of his ' availability" to help him out in a tough ra for re-election is an old crony of Mr. Truman. including dirt and its insatiable ap- . .- -petite for wood or coal which kept , Justice IVilliam O. Douglas is not 5n :he Keoublican p'.atform adooted one busy satisfying. But there arc currently a candidate, but some of ?* Philadelsh: isorr.e pleasant memories associated his friends and adniirer to talk both him and marriage can be make up their minds. And no par- marriage unless it is t.cular point is *ervei by keeping love, but it has to hav- other in- the country stirred up for 10 gradients, chief of -.\hich ic con- months of every fourth year, just geniality. They must have the to way pol:t-.cs. same tastes and interest? Conventions -.n cooler Septem- mxj?t have the ^^ bcr.« in November or. b _ tions Tner t i?ter. wois.a do the trick just as well. The country doesn't close down in early winter ss it did before the automobile. M""t Hopeful Plank Perhaps the most hopeful plank . _,_,,,,. : ,e,,o,. ,he CTM.^ive, rf , ,o m ,- j»- ?%'*£»% TMS"S i "°»" SiS^.S^SS Crt£ i°»-±?,TM s, h 'f Kers; h ^ssk£ s;.!»^-TM -"*_£ i L»,S. ^rr;j'^-"^ will a^ain have it? turn. \Ve. however, reed not d ; ?cv~s 5h: nov. Copvrrght 7943 Pub. Fin. Bureau. Inc. Grove. The double ring ceremonv ^ today. The dance which is to be light ions same cooking. Irvin Cobb once ss id that the Civil War was not fought over the slavery issue. It ims and am- allergic to sports who be-.vail their gray gabardine suit with white ac- orcne sira furnishing the music, ike even the fate as golf widows. It is the Tired cessories, wearing a corsage of red ---- was precipitated by the question : being gadabouts. of hot bread versus cold bread. i And~ another thing it Business Men. v.-ho don't want to rosebuds. Miss Hilda L. Poffen- take their wives stepping of eve- , berger, serving as her' sister's only nings. who criticize their wives for " attendant, wore a navy blue linen the old stove 2lor£ with the rs are trying for revision of procedure i the White 1:on of pre'ioVnt and vi the onp calling Tastes Differ In its wav dress with white accessories and a take= to ' corsage of yellow rosebuds. ! make a hapov marriage is for hus- Br " ce S. Kepler served as best man for his orother. , asteq .asies still rage?, for husbands and wives i other of trying bad. Who cannot remember coming into the kitchen on a frosty fall day and fee'.ing the cheery nest radiating from its sides or :"g in from school to smell the hly baked pie." from its cavcrn- S «5 ous oven and demanding I before supper. Thele in front of it and a dog be- House palace gusrd into the idea d e n t : ° ^f^c: They figure that Doua'.as. i We:- noal! ' ar vote more exactly ihe This is another o erner. will neutralise he glamor _p e of Governor Warren. Senator Bricn McMahon of Con- :ood idea* from S^c. -Jr. of of -he nccticut. »who cut Chester Bowles" " ior " : Committc-c t h a t drafted the throat politically tw- vcars a"O" Pn''adelrh:a olatform. . - - - - - " " Under ?hc oresent system. Roo?e- IT! ? rr . las . e a « !ad - sweet song. -*.- l ? re .*~ · ; . ti!1 So to the mat when one believes in plain living and high thinking and the other is wedded ; eye to eye. same jokes and enjoy the same movie.-, who make Sen. Henry is." instead to make their mates something they never were never can be. Before marriage every enamoured young couple sell bill of goods that is and {own Business College and is now en-.ployed by the Western Marvland ' Railway Companv. Kage-stown is a ' GIRL SLAIN Deale. July 1 iff, -- Police said a teen-age girl was shot and killed, today in her bed when accidentally. C o u n t y Sergeant Homer Dawson identified the tim as Jacqueline Spindle, 13. TI»t le G I r » P a IVPff* ' r-~"- --*-«. ·.' ... . . ^ Q I J ai;v. was ahvav« I' Senator Joe O'Mahoney of Wyom- rf = HO»"^» ! ing - a vigorous trust buster, and vel* in 19/!S cot only 60 oer cent 5bS.-»S££:£££., ta 2- *=rJE«LSl.*fi: -RJ?*SL- c^^ ^ ^., s ,,,-«-- _,,,- s ^ t - Ss- Sr^sjs^fg | name-calling of "Communist." j (Copyright, 1948. by Globe Synd.) ordinarv human be- store of W. L. Fornev near the | «·""«=""»«=»- ^"- I wouldn't State Sanatorium, Sabillasville TT!?"^ my electric stove for causing a loss of about S3.000. P ld ran se out the cook stove did Firemen had difficulty in keep- I radiatc a cheerfulness that the ir.od- ing the blaze from spreading. MR. AND MRS. VINCENT ROGERS. Mrs. B. O. Thomas and son. i!ove can never produce." r^pr cert of the electoral vote. Three t : mes in U. S. history this system has resulted in election of a president who did not receive i a r e in a majority of the popular vote. TIRES GO XT , New York, July 1 ·.-?··--United Master Jimmie Thomas, have re- j States Rubber Co. today raised its turned to Frederick after spend-I tire and tube prices from 5 to 7«, j cott Citv JD« aome time at Atlantic City. per cent Thev \vere John Oiiincy Adams in B. II?yps in 1876 1883. who never fig{ makp ure in the divorce courts, for they have nothing to fight over. They " agreement, so they can ;] other en the back instead S ° C " J getting in each other's hair. For. little as we suspect it, our ' - REVIVAL SERVICES For over a week a revival has been held in Lisbon. The sermois ' an* B f n i a m J n Harrison in 1883. : moral standards are mainlv a mat- ler Of t^Churrh ^f°r ^ ^ vlr' °" '^ ° f ^' t h e w h f t l « P ri " I ler ° f taStC ' We a PPTM v « of t h e ler. of t n e Church of God in Ell.- mary e H - f w wt»m and the r a n ! things we like to do. and we di«- everv nieht. s/An"r»« O.H ,7-^ ?° m r n e t h o d ' of -'eioctine delexate approve of the thmcs we don't e\er night Scmces start at ,.30., to national nominating conventions. like to do. H is the wives who are the other over according! ville. to his or her own pattern. Then the trouble begins, yet it could be they wouldn't other. Bowers--Blank On June 12. at 3 p. m.. Eileen Blank, daughter of happy marriages are those i ^ora C. Blank of Shookstown. and } ich 'husbands and wives not i R e v - R 'chard Bowers, of Eastern : lauqh Bible Institute. Green Lane, Pa., i in which on'y love each other, but at oach other's little f u n n v ways. , w e r c un 'ted in marriage at the Which ie a tip I give to all brides. Shookstown Pentecostal church. , Condition for free. . R c v - Thomas P. Miller, pastor and , muddy ,,, ,, by Bell Synd. lac.) j brother-in-law of the bride, of- i mac muddy Precipitation. July to date--"oi j of an inch. " C VI Normal July precipitation 3 97 ^ inches; actual. July, 1947--} 36 inches. Excess in 1947 precipitation to July 1--5.41 inches. High temperatures yesterday--89 High temperature a vear ago 92 Low temperature last night--64 Low temperature a yiear ago--68 Sun sets today--3.41 D rn '£ 4 a. m. tomorrow--4.30 p. m. of rivers: Monocacy i Knoxvillt. EWSPAPEIl NEWSPAPER

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