Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 14, 1970 · Page 64
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 64

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1970
Page 64
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38 The Arizona Republic , Fri., Aug. 14,1*7* i.: BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR WRITING WHO 00 YOU WANT TO RESPOND TO YOUR ADVERTISING MESSAGE? Attract their immediate attention with your headline WHAT , .DO YOU HAVE TO OFFER? Provide your potential buyers with a complete description of what you have to offer them. WHEN . . ( SHOULD YOU PLACE YOUR ADVERTISEMENT? Whatever day your need arises-because people's needs change every day of the week. WHERE . .. . WILL YOU GET THE QUICKEST & BEST RESULTS? In the people's marketplace— the Classified Section of the Republic & Gazette WHY BECAUSE REPUBLIC & GAZETTE Wants ads reach into 4 out of every 5 metropolitan Phoenix households. HOW , TO PLACE A FAST ACTION RESULT GETTING WANT AD. DIAL PHONES OPEN AT 7 AJL Power chief cites shortage of resources WASfflNGTON (AP) - A shortage of coal, gas and ml "is the most acute phase of our developing energy crisis," the Federal Power Commission chairman, John N. Nassi- kas, said. During a speech at the National Press Club, he described this fossil-fuel shortage as "dwarfing the formidable problem of installing adequate generation and transmission facilities to meet short-term demand." "Predictably higher fuel costs this winter will mean higher electric and oil bills," he added. The FPC chairman said it was imperative that there be a national energy policy to set a program for the most efficient use of all resources to meet the nation's power needs. Churchill grandson appointed to post LONDON (DPI) - Nicholas Soames, 22-year-old grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, has been appointed equerry to Prince Charles, the Sunday Telegraph reported. Soames, son of British Ambassador to Paris Christopher Soames and a longtime friend of Prince Charles and Princess Anne, has just'completed a three-year commission wittr a cavalry unit of the army. Legal Advertising. TERM WAV CALL EARLY IN THE WEEK CALL EARLY IN THE DAY... 271-8711 Irrigation SAN CARLOS PROJECT hrs. ended 7 a.m. acre-feet, T,»S,OOn LOCATIO Hfffe Sealed bldt will « , A.M., Naval Observato,, .... , ern Union, on the above date, and ...... publiclx.opened and ^5,nrt gt-flgj,* SBfttraawr-Jfew than one prolecf at the time Indl 'Enterprise' carried vital atomic load AMSTERDAM (AP)Capt. Kurt Carlsen of Flying Enterprise fame refused to leave his sinking freighter in 1952 because it carried vital supplies of zirconium needed for the U.S. submarine Nautilus, a Dutch insurance expert has claimed. Reyer Sodenkamp wrote in a shipping magazine that at the time of the Flying Enterprise epic off Falmouth, England, the United States desperately needed the shipment of zirconium, a heatproof metal, which the ship had loaded in Hamburg. "Only one firm situated near Hamburg could at that time purify zirconium from hafnium," Sodenkamp said. He added that it was only just before Nautilus, the first U.S. nuclear sub, was launched that the United States was able to carry out this purification process. mi wtftten reSuest to withdraw his unopened bi< T'he location of the proposed work is in Mohave County, beginning approximately 21 miles southeast of Klngman. about 7.0 tion of Stateoute ,,. wi .JIBIW r»****i*. 40 and axtendlnq over inicKiaie Route 40 for a isi.n« of about 2.9 miles toward Ash- 1! ifrie proposed work consists of trading ndVainTng a._divlded highway; fheeon. <0 IIIIIC9 awwlll&oa. miles east of the ly W and Interstate Route easterly over. .Interstate distance '•V and orainms ? omuim ""•"'ir';•"•'"," •truction ot two 3-spen continuous reinforced concrete bridges; the consTrucflon if three reinforced, concrete box culvorn) and other incidental wr— PI APPp>*"~» "*V7* ' " g oadway Excavation ralnaoe Excavation S'^ralj^atlo^ feTeTMileri.1 ' Cui Yd". L. Ft. 1,592 P 'ft.fer%peclflcat1on», >«S*' Jr-Sg grirof «, feH'HS ^f^jsaofu^ total cost of plans and tpfeItlCfttlom for m. —i—. —'-nlve. of Standard Spec!inward Plan., l»»hown this prolect, ficatlont a- above and n f the Artiona Hlj fund will be al ml Dear ,. ,'iant, is mown by check drawn to Deportment. J r - " for Plant and. Department f'" No contrac. ilt 8 Did untu ma vwi in>«*• *•<•• v> nanclaj Resources, Construction e STlS ^ fh fl e UiP A m ri e z n o t n. m fttt < y° r S 1 »hW«f!iOT^ flMS? p'SaKiOTddM."!!^ licensed as a contractor In the State of ArlionV prior to the award of contract. A proposal guaranty In, the form of either an unendowed cert fled «a cash- jer't checK made payable to the: State Treasurer of Arizona for not lest than five percent of the gross amount of the old Is required to accompany the.propos- al, sublect to forte ture on failure of bdder to enter Into contract. The right is reserved to relect any and all bids, as provided for in the Standard Speclfi- ea Min?mum wage rates are shown In the Wage Determination Decision, the number of which is shown above, which has been determined Tn accordance w1h the requirements of "•• '"" '"* '•«"•" hv the Secretary, of VI of the C v I Stat 252) and . Department of Commerce Agnew to visit Southeast Asia for President WASHINGTON - Vice President Spiro T. Agnew will make a nine-day trip to Eastern and Southeast Asia-later this month "to demonstrte the President's continuing personal interest in that area of the world," the White House announced yesterday. Agnew will visit South Korea, the Republic of China, Thailand and South Vietnam in that order between Aug. 22 and Aug. 30. Ronald L. Ziegler, White House press secretary, said President Nixon has asked Agnew to meet with heads of government and other officials to '.'update the direct knowledge gained on the vice president's first official visit to Southeast Asia last December." The press secretary said the trip is planned as a series of working visits, adding Agnew will be accompanied by a relatively small party. !e?tlfWVtn-e Arizona both of .,..,. o^re'^fal. VStSMg* on this pro ect shall bt oaid In accord- ""__..TtiiT AtL*.~^ .Mtv.1wiim u/»a« r*t»C. If h wage scales will the Proposal Pan S'nce'wltff' these mThlmunf wag«i rates. In case the respective rates for any .lab<rf classification -differ In. the two, •nan - oilier .in i/w *" v ^~^"!t scales, the higher minimum rate shall govern. The two wage scales referred to herein are on file In ttte DoPfrtmjJit •iw copies may be oetained at an reetpnaoie "The Arizona Highway DepaHment, In accordance ,with „«« provJsUs ^f ltl| legulations ,of_ the _. I Rights .the Re Comme IIVI19 <WI tn\. (IS t.R.F., ea •» 4' Part 8)7 Issued pursuant to such Act, hereby -notifies? »!!• bidder* that -it will affirmaflvelv Insure fhat. the contract entered Into pursuant to this advertlsemen will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder without discrimination on the er wou s round of race, color, or national origin. 40-2 (29) 79 August 5.^ pR|( . E , , 0-2 (29) 79 August 5. State Highway Engin State Highway Engineer Published: Arizona Republic—August 14, 21, 1970. ' then pu_ office of . Commission, ».™ -^sv-. "tv-, • Phoenix. Arizona, 85007. No bids w received after the time, specif led. Proposals for be ... more than one pro ect may be set for opening at Jhe time ndicated above. The. prolect order of openlnq and'• reading proposals will be determined at the .lime of opening, fnd tier* wfll -be a pause .Between prolect openings to allow a Bidder the oppor. tunlty to submit a written request tc wtthdraw his unopened bid. The location of tHY proposed work Is Merlcopa County, beginning at Glen; e Avenue and extending north over _. d Avenue to Peoria, Avenue for a distance of approximately 2.95 miles. The proposed work cpnsltt* of god ng and draining; .furnishing, and Two Kansas airmen safe in Tucson crash TUCSON (UPI) - Two Kansas Air National Guard fliers escaped without injury yesterday when their F-100 jet fighter crashed and burned on take-off. The two crewmen were identified as Capt. Duayne Buttel and Capt. Marvin Lank. They managed to scramble out of the aircraft just before it burst into flames. use a Inclden FRir PPr?C RemoVel of Sncrito P"av* Grading Roadway fw Select Material Aggregate Base Bituminous Material AtPhaltlc Concrete Curb and Gutter Sidewalk Underground Conduit "and"^? ent Legal Advertising Sq. Yd. Ton Ton Ton Ton L. Ft. S<>. Ft. L. Sur 20,100 125,500 44,500 30,450 1,415 Jl.HB 31,200 1,200 Mir. discharge, 'acre-feet, ' t£' nervoir lass, acre-feet, 542 SALT RIVER PROJECT ' Normal Flow Period No. 2? i _12:01 .A.M...AU9. 13, WO t* . 1970 Is for use in or btfort ---.-iir---..*n riviTs en* n- cultivation in or ta- ring yeari to • porfgi i-Jjieeumulayon it «H- M-2^'' 18M - 3> ^' J887: ROOSEVELT LAKE *».?;&?,' W'** Sto Ma Pre ximym elevation resent elevation APACH1 LAKI Capacity, acre-feet Storage, ecre-feet Maximum elevation Present elevation CANYON LAKI ' Capacity, acre-feet Storage, acre-feet Maximum elevation Present elevation SAOUARO LAKI Capacity, acre-feet Storage, acre-feet Maximum elevation Present elevation MORSE!HOI LAKI Capacity, acre-Net itorage, acre-feet .Maximum elevation Present elevation •ARTLETT LAKE Capacity, acre-feet Storage, acre-feet Maximum elevation Present elevation TOTAL WATER STORED Total stored, acre-feet 1,M3,*9f Total stored, year ago l,JO%605 Marriage Licenses , * Larry R., 28, ve>! Judv K8V> M ' Aye. IOHT, Andrew J., 26; u A.SP»h of Glendale. PARISH, Victor, 66, 210« * B 1 " A 4"> el E - ny Home 22; Colleen RIVERA-HOLi Richard J, ., 22, both of Avon- -vv(T,,amV- l k^! N 'G.r?o U v b . e v n . C f.', & •llftlW^lM*., 21. li; Marna K.', Third'-Dr^ fcnVfcal'-' JSflittftlt, David L., ft MSSfr*"'*-*••••• HOMPSON-HOLMOREN, Paul S., ?*Sffli§-ifflB; l Br*' Kartn Lef ' RWliRW&KbllE. David A./ 27; Nancy M., 19, both of Glen- TOFFS-FORREST, Donald Robert, 21, Dwight, III.; Jill Phyllis, 21, THL. 21' ... __ .__. ./Illlam P.* N. 14th St.; Cherl L., 21, VARG6-'G B A U RN'ER, George A., 24, 2144 W. Broadway Rd.; Sylvia D.,. vMY^Mfthur D., 27, . 5810 W. Virginia; Stephanie Ann, WAdNE^GRAHAM? St a n I e v, 48, X-4EO E. Lafav»tte; Theresla K., 31, 4480 E. Lafayette. 7012 Marriage Licenses ~- "-"• .firry -D., !J> William Amelia; cathe- a E. AMcWfdeiTNaricV.ft: Ni->]A¥T; V Kenneth P., 27, 3ttS • Ave.; Ton! Marie, 22, 3988 Donald Hoyt, 24; r •-iviAKi.j&.bptfi of Tempe. lL-WetM6fiS!R, Dennis Channel R., 19, both of rarCE-ARROW, Frank *..,&, £\im, III.; Linda Marie, if. Sun oiiJtp'BR-WELCH, Lawrence E8rl, 23, 282) E. MeadowbrooK; Linda «52? W. Van Buron; Ruth L!, w, HUT^tYlfftSOrftftoSS, Rov Ray, 25, 1328 W. Flower; Donne L.. 24,2934 JAMlOTYVA, Marcelino, ». .yy._ ftooseyeif, Martha , », V. Broadway. ui,»iB ir -o.. 49, Joan,.43, both of Scettsdaie. Births Mriion* niBnwsv i«H«rimBiii, _«»_ 17th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, 15007 total cost of plans and speclflcetlor this prelect, exclusive of .Standard .-,-- ciffcatlon* and Standard Plant, ft shown above and It payable bv check drawn to the Arizona Highway Department. No refund will be allowed f or _ plan? and specifications returned to t Proposal Pamphlets are n and, lj tl be returned X Bw "" r for plans the Department. 'ln"th*" envelope "prov ... Jment for that pyroose.. "•"Ml! 1 >» ^ 9 ™ c ...ll duly ...... the .Stale of Aril id statement* of Construction , e> le tp sub- control naf TR* Z^operitet en 1230 kHi, Phoenix, Arizona, with l kw, power; daytime, and 2$,wattt Power, nlgnttlme. . Shamrock Broadcattlng, Inc., It an ana, corporation wnoM owleeri, d roc !?*/«• «ockhokJert ar» Jofinl. WfW met Manning, 0. A. Wheeler, and Gerald J. application proposes that th their stock In The licensee to ntee to , .I ited at a con- Ixont, ana.uotll I Financial Re- Kiirpmontr'mftdV'on' fo/mt >uppfled bv the Arizona Highway Department, have been approved. Preouallflcatlon thill be filed not later tha.nWWeen dayt wlor to .. and u the eon- tt) on this project -•-- wflh^wete the re acting CMnpMivV Inc., I/. TeKat m. atlon whose ofllcort and dlrectort (Koli a tin Owbredav, jonnjr. Sargent, «•« ffTQ-Bfennafl, QavU 6. Scr finer, ?.??. P»rt 8), li&ued puri hereby .notlfljs all J aftirmstiyply insure red lute HecM, 'Kgnriath KcCwrnlcRT CTi»r fItkln, F. Huminston BSKoock, C M. BJacfc. ElbridB* T. Gtrry Sr., 8. Gutnrlt, Robert G. Psyne, «n ., Henry i«3 John responsible bidder on the siuunu 1 llO( oi 01 I • £'J 'i«J hout to the lowest oi^crlininstlcn vt isce, color. Or ns- Knit this Dandy packable trio in one or contrast colors for wear year 'round. Back-to-school investment! Jacket, vest, sunburst-pleat skirt are easy to knit of sport yarn. Pattern 7012: sizes 24; 64; 10-12 included. Send 50 cents in coin for this pattern; add 15 cents for first-class mailing and special handling. Address Alice Brooks, The Arizona Republic, Needlecraft Department, Box J63, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print name, address with zip code, pattern number and size. Send 50 cents for new 1970 Needlecraft Catalogue, 40 pages with over BQ deiifn*, three free patterns: New "50 Instant Gifts" to make today, give tomorrow,' Send 56 cents. Send 50 centu (or "1« Jiffy Rugs" to knit, crochet, weave, sew, hook. Book of "12 Prize Af- ,ghans." Send 30 cents. ' Bargain "Quilt Book 1" has 16 beautiful patterns. 'Send 50 cents. "Museum Quilt Book 2" has patterns for 12 superb quilts. Send 50 cents. hud "(JiJills iur 'IV HU¥ftETLm >Mald and Mary Ann, MOi S. Fifth Ave., girl, Aug. NDOjW, fnrtavt and Ofella, 915J KS," f ' Laveen, gir Orlando and Charlefte, ;ker Lane, boy, Aug. 3. 9LA, Douglas and Janice, 12642 22nd Place, boy, Aug. 4. CROSS, Michael and Martha, t W. Belmont, girl, Aug. 4. KS, Cortland and. Cynthia, 2527 3136 E. . E. Alre Libre, girl, Aug. 4. EALY, Randy and Judith, . St. Johns Road, boy, Aug. ». MAOSEN, Laurel and Hovdene, 3351 . W... ParjSl?? D tlve, girl, Aug. T. ARMSTRONO, Terrv and Marilyn, W9 E. Vogel, girl, Aug. 0. LARSON, Richard and Ethel, 6jenrosa - " LOOD, J 2529 E. 'leen, 3502 W. FLOb'ftT"James' .., . W A»H b O°^,; U AL-6>PHO.N,X PIPER, Charlet and Doris, 3611 W. .Jpneanfo Blvd.. boy, July 31. BfEONlO, Edward and Claudia, »15 W. Colter, Apt V, boy, Aut.1.. DEVINE, James and Frieda, 232* OENA sv 4 3646W. T, fho mas and Kathlearr, 482* W "Windsor, girl, Aug. 3. SVOLD, Michael and Joanne, _ School TlTam andCvnthta, 1419 W. Vine, Mesa, boy, July 31. SWEET, Jerrf and Charles, 3925 S. N A^<^llVR T ,^. P « A C U . 9 r-oi; 220 u N:.fiuthjlO' tfeto/bgy/Aug. ' Ml Donald, 500 W. PELlk, Marilyn -..- —_.„—... Shannon It., Chandler, girl, Aug 2. ROOMS, Charles and Barbara, 2120 S. D.r o m e d a r y, Tempe, girl, and George, 1970 E. Drive, Tempe, boy. Aug 2 OIX, Elvnor anhattan nd Charles, 1331 W. Garden circle, Meia, boy, Aug. T 5? C^(SSVHSd A £{,'54M N. 82nd St., Sconsdale, girl, Aug. Printed Pattern ftirtto ARNARO, faouglas'and'Mary, ^433 W. Seventh Place, Mesa, girl, Aug. i and Kendra, U21 •Ive, Tempe, girl. CI M U %k .AI**..!?* An tO'"J««»' <35 *£• §l&y3!$' "**»' ooy, Aug. 4. °| JW A flSUTBSJ: ^rS^^^'^pe; ', 1506 W. boy. . ». 6. David and Barbara, ird Place, Mesa, boy, Divorces Asked Patricia Ann sv«s Harold -l 0. sues Bryan A. DSE, Sh rley sues Georoe Jr. fc John H. sues Elsie Louise M n " su * s L * on » rd CARDWELL, Wiiiard L. sues Norma CR'AiTRtE, Patricia tues Gary AN .Lepjseparate) main?«na.nee)7 CRAWFORD, Nancl G. sues Robert DIMA80IO, Luke W. sues Nedraclta RTY, Catherine soes John. c ^ n 5 fan .?? sues Loren. , John W. sues Barbara ..? sues John. MarfhaAnn sues Joseph , 'Barbara Ann sues Mack Ar- KtWtOY, Phillip D. sue* Merry Diana L. sues Robert ' " KERR, Consuelo sues Keith R. KUZMIK, Susan F. sues Michael YONS. Mercy sues John. ARTIN, Ronald sues Darl , LYONS. Mercy sues John. MARTIN, Ronald sues Dara. 5552ui < Zt <J S SMl fi ^ «u«» Patricia L. McPHERSON, Barbara Ruth sues HRST^B' Oonna sues Ralph N. PURLEE, Louise sues Dentil F. H Sr trlc '* Ann SUM Sh RITCHHART, Suzanne F. sues Jack ROBINSON, Delores D. sues Law- R^LfNs', Patricia Darlene sues * Joh NanCV E " en sues Tlmothy $W?PT, Carolyn S. sues William G. ••pvbtlc and Goittt* Phone ITU ' Carriers collect weekly. Sytwerf. bers desiring to pay In Fall, fall, fall in love with the shapely jumper, blouse and 6-foot scarf from the covers of our new Fall Catalog. Printed Pattern 9379: New Misses'Sizes 8, 10,12, H, 16. Size 12 (bust 34) jumper 2 yds. 54-in.; blouse, scarf 2% yds. 45-in. fabric. Send 75 cents in coin for this pattern; add 25 cents for each pattern for first- class mailing and special handling. Address Marian Martin, The Arizona Republic, Pattern Department, 232 W, 18th St., NW York, N.Y. 10011. Print name, address with zip code, size and style number. More than 1U styles in new Spring < Summer Pattern Catalogue, along with free pattern coupon. Send 50 cents. New Instant Sewing Book Shows you how to sew today, wear it tomorrow; over 500 pictures. Send $1. Instant Fashion Book o/i vJibt 10 ci!i! ':• : hl:'\ CIRCULATION SERVICE 271-8381 OR 271-8356 •ranch Offices and RepreMntil'vM APies «v Buckiyt'jtTV) DEADLINES •1pm Friday for Saturday 6pm Friday for Sun. & Mon. 3pm preceding day, Tues-Fri PLACE YOUR ADS EARLY CLASSIFIED BUSINESS HOURS: SUNDAY • To Place Your Want Ads DIAL 271-8711 lowSS'io&VcfawHIid.rttil, The following local Mr • 4 Consecutive day* lie p Day 12c per word per day lie per word per day 1 Day or Skip Day Orders Republic ft Gazette Box Number Rental Cha , . 4TC* .,"* $* P* llnt ptr -ty 4 Consecutive days 9X1. 4—Funiral 1 Day or Skip Day Orders "— -rllnij • lint PW day 10%DI,co«n?W.SW d ' ¥ CASH .ORDERS placed JN PERSON ^1W CONTRACT RATE INFORMATION 271-8766 To Place Your Want Ads PHONE 271-8711 (corrections % cancellation* only) —12 neon tolpm Sunday (wraclieiNi fc cancellation* only; ^^••(j^moj^^w^Bpwv^ * w 4—FuniMl maul* A n nv wnCWTl CnrK 66HUNICKY, Steve J. Survived 6v wife Annie; 2 brothers & 1 ifittr out of »tate. RecmMm mass Saturday to a.m. St. Georoe cathoitt Church, Apache Junction. Rosary Friday I p.m. Chapel of the Roses, Larry J. Melcner Mortuary. Interment Ml. View Memorial cardans. lOYKfNr'Barbara, ~R. Survived "bv husband, Michael; son, John Ctm- way; daughter..Patricia Cpnwav;, parents, Mr. A Mrs. Henry Schoen- \ne; brother, Edward SchoenTno, all of Mesa. Services 2 p.m. today. Green Acres mortuary, Scottsdaw* Interment Green Acres Memorial . Gardens. Gardens BUROBN onn Sun City con... Maye Amer- EN, Walter S. Services ad bv Rev. Mary Jayne _ .ev. Jack CarmalnStneA lean Legion 10:00 a.m. today in Chapel of Memories, A. L. Moon jon*. Interment Greenwood. TER,""• • CARTER, Rate. Annovnti rrangements later by 'nary, ... a lereer \. Requiem mass 10 a.m. today at Queen of P*»«s Church, Burial Mesa Cemetery. Larry j. Meichar Mortuary. CRATTY, Charles O. {Chuekn^e7n«r- rjai Services 11:00 A.M. today. Grlmshaw Bethany Chapel, 710 W. Bethany Home Rosa. Interment Resthaven Park Cemetery. _ DALE, John Thurafon. Service: ducted by Rev. Robert Slebel p.m. today in Chapel of Memories. A. L. Moor* A Sons. Interment Greenwood. DEMAHTJNO, Mass..10 - , Louis E.. Requiem a.m. today, St. Daniel* athollc Church, Scottsdaie. interment Green Acres Memorial Gardens. Arrangements by Green Acres Mortuary, Seottsdale. D~ITP~eCb, Margaret C/Friends may' call today. Services 10 a.m. Salur-, day Paradise Chapel Funeral Home. Interment Greenwood^ Ralph L. Sage, Director. tUWWClara Sell. 3020"S73«h"s7. "- irt. Ruth Crockett. Ld» irvjces 10 a.m. Saturday chapel lueltr Mwrlyary. Rev. George : _ Handle Ottlclatln; Interment at rTJ8i3^rTiimd?rblrd . syrvlvod by wile is 11 a.m. today. ments pending, Grimthaw Bftniny Cn*p«l, 710 VV«st Bethany Heine Mother of Mrs. Angeles, Calif., . ters, Mrs. lone ~" Mrs. Cecils Wal- ACNeely, Mrs. Ma- Marlon Beger, & Erwln,.. Phoenix. Sitter.. . one Mc Mrs. M' of Mrs. Mabel Prlbble & Ira Lockwood, both out of state. 12 Grandchildren, 24 Great Grandchildren & 2 Great-Great-Grandchlldren also survive. Passed away Wednesday. Services conducted by Rev. George • R. Wilson 11:30 a.m. today In • Chapel of Memories, A. L. Moore . * Sons. Interment Greenwood. . FLORID, VIcfb7T~flosarv~7:l5~pSir. today at Meldrum Mortuary Chap-. el, Macdonald at First Street, Mesa, where friends may call after 4 p.m. today< Graveside services Saturday at 10 a.m. Mesa Cemetery. Family prefers memorial to Coro> nary Health Center, Mesa Southside Hospital. , GARCIA, Jose, M. Requiem Mats * . a.m. today. Immaculate Heart Church. Mortenten-Kinn Funeral center. G'ARZA, Valentine. Beloved uncle of-. Lupe Garza, Valentine Esqulval. and Juanita Garcia. Recitation of the rosary 7:30 p.m. Sunday, St. ' Mary Magdalene Church, jteaulem Mess II a.m. Monday, St. Mary 'Magdalene Church. Mertensen- Klngt Funeral center. GILES, Myra G. Services 2 p.m.. today, Chapel of Sutler Mortuary.. Interment at East Resthaven. . HA~tttto, William B. Services 16 a.m. today. Greenwood Cemetery Chao- el. Reverend Paul W. Strickland S mcistlno. interment Greenwood. annon Funeral Home. • HANrtON, Glenna A. Arrangements pending. Larry J. Melcher Mor- • fuary. « HILL, Leonard Jonn. Arrangements^ pending. Whitney 4 Murphy Areadia Funeral Home, 4800 East In- - dlan School Rd. HORTON~Evere"tfT~Masr"rTmTto- • day St. Gregory's. Interment St. • Francis. Northwest Monua itMn m«rr. f . * Moote services,, i. Services ? a.m. ices 10 a.m. sat., Pima Cemete Plma, Arizona. Friends may from 1 to » p.m. today g rldaV "universal Memerlif Center.' urlal at St. Francis Cemetery. JOHNSOHrKearney"BTSerylcescon4" ducted by Rev. William Vogel'' 10:00 a.m. Saturday in Greenwood Chapel. Entombment in Greenwood. Friends may call from 6 till 10 p.m. today. A. L. Maori A Sons. KELLY, Parley M. Graveside serv- - • Pima Cemetery, • ' ' call Mortensen-Klntt Funeral Center. KOCES«7~Peter. Rosary 7:30 p.m. today at the Sunnyslope Chapel ot Hansen Mortuary. Additional services and Interment will be in Cleveland, Ohio. ; KY6NA, Andrew. Services 7:30p.m. at the home of Delorls Palmer. Services Friday 11 a.m. St. Fran: cis Mission. Burial at Indian Pine, White River. Universal Memorial MARTIN, Ralph E., 4i»~w7Mvrtii: Survived by wife, Pearl; sons, Ralph Eugene, Prescott, Lloyd E., ' San Diego; daughter, Mrs. Bar- ' bara Jo Hawley, Chandler; 1 step-children, Mrs. Dixie LeBlanc Wash.; Mrs. Joyce -" N.J.; Fred Lake Stevens, Durant, McGuIre AFB. . .-_ Curtis, Sierra Vista; sisters, Mrs. Vera Logan, Glendale; Julia Angle, Sprino Valley, Calif.; Grace Burke, Bradford, Ark.; Kathryn McCullough, El Calon, Calif.; Hazel Raymann, Graham, Wash. Also 17 grandchildren. Services 1:30 p.m. Monday, LundBer* Chant of The Chimes. Masonic Rites Glendale Manorial. Friends may call 3-5 p.m. Sunday. MASON, RickyTU MASON, Ricky, universal Memorial. M05PTE,' Benton R., 45 W. Portland. v Services 1 p.m. today, Camelback Suntet Chapel. Interment Floral MtiVcthXTDblores M. Beloved wife of Gilbert Munguia. Mother of Freddie Waters, Gilbert M., George M., Rudolph M., Frank- and Joe Munguia, Lena Sanchez, Rosie M. Salazar and Gloria Jean Munsula. Sister of Santos M.Gar- cia, Esperanza M. Ruiz, Carmen M. Felix and Joaquin M. Miranda. Also survived by 24 Grandchildren. Recitation of the rosary 8 p.m. Sun,, Mortemen - Kin*s Funeral Center. Requiem mass f a.m. Mon.. Immaculate Church. NICSON, EfffJTAmelia. Services today 2 p.m.. Memory Lawn Mor- • tuary Chapel. Interment Memory Lawn Memorial Park. 0"SB6RN7verna. Graveside services »:30 a,m. today in St. Francis Cemetery. Whitney * Murphy Downtown. _ i_ OTTr Keith D. Survived'by wife Juanita, Phoenix; stepsons Bobby L. .• Jones, Tempe, and Edward D. Jones, Stt. Petersburg, Fla.; sis-* tors, Mrs. Florence Birmingham, Mrs. Darfhula Hoskon and Mrs. Gladys Mae Lennan, all of Phoenix. Also five grandchildren. Services will bo conducted by Mr. Harry Patterson, 2 p.m. Saturday, Chapel In the Gardtn, Mercer Mortuary. Cremation. Friends may t call from 6 until 10 p.m. today. Family prefers rremorials to the. American Cancer Society. _JLt MANLF, Peter J. Arrangements' pending, Orimthaw's Bethany Chapel, 710 W. Bethany Hpme_Rd. WA~NS'DECLT~wniiam Jack, 32, 4io> W. Krall. Son of Mrs. Zora Ransdell, Phoenix, and Rolland Ransdell, Brawley, Callfi brother of Mrs. Patricia Stephenson, Mrs. Betty Erb, Mrs. Vera Miller, Dwrlght Ransdell, Dwaln Ransdell and Marvin Ransdell, Phoenix. Passed away Widnetdiy. Urvlew 11:30 a.m. Saturday In Memory Chapel, A. L. Moore ft Soot. Interment Greenwood. MEYHOL~DS7~Renn AllaiTTMlb A'ire Libre. Son of Mrs. Claude Reynolds. Passed away Wednesday. Services and Interment In Morris, III. A. L. Moore*Sens. lETOYANT,"Victor W. Services"? a.m. Saturday, St. Peter's Mission. Interment Bachule. SunnytWe Mortuary directing. ; THOMAS7~Ceo~Uniyersal Memorial VANBROUT, Viola: Servlcet 10 a.m. ' Saturday at M. L. OlMtM Garden Chapel, 33 N. Slrrine, Mesa. Blsh- pp Maurice Bateman, .Mesa 25th Ward, LDS Church, officiating. Interment Mesa City Cemetery._ WALTERS, Michael " John. ioe22 Cheryl Drive, Sun City. Survived by wife Clara. Services today 9 a.m. Lundfcerg't OoMm Door Chaoel. WILSON, Robert E. Services today 3:30 p.m. Mestlnter Mortuary Chapel, Scottsdaie. Bishop A. Kay Rogers officiating. Interment Green Acres. 7—Funeral Directors ^ralno MORTUARY Phone ARIZ. N. HOME AL 7-210* A. L. MOORE & SONS FOURTH AVENUE AT ADAMS 252-3411 10-FloriiU _ "lONOfRIO FLORAL 00. ___ lt, two spaces. Green Acroi < m- 70. ._. _ ___ TWO crypt founders building. Lawn below maryeU. 9 25— Lost POODLE, nvtiitt lUlli Ijil, 4'US,^, ' m«le Vifill-

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