The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 17, 1951 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 17, 1951
Page 10
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,ead Poisoning langer Cited ij Users of paint, especially those Jving in rural areas. ·««««·* |nat lead poisoning is a childhood rienace. , '»A survey in Baltimore reveals hat since 1931. lead poisoning--he existence of which the majority If the'public is largely unaware- las affected 301 children. Of, the 217 who survived, possib- ' 50 per cent have been left idiots, in the estimation of Dr. Francis F. Schwentker, professor of pediatrics ht the Johns Hopkins University. Furthermore, there is no way of knowing, said Dr. Schwentker, Sow many additional children have Differed permanent brain damage lorn lead paint which they have iiscontinued eating before developing the symptoms necessary to ·King them to medical attention. "We go to a lot of trouble im- ·aiunizing children to smallpox, liiphtheria and typhoid," he con- Itinued. "and every year there is a ·national campaign against polio- Imyelitis. Yet which is really worse I--a crippled leg or a damaged Ibrain?" Only three cases of polio have .jeen reported in Baltimore this year. None was fatal. Lead poisoning causes disintegration of the cells of the brain. This occurs in«children and not in adults, Dr. Schwentker asserts, because lead poisoning is closely related to ther growing process. Body Stores Up Poisoning The disease also produces an irritation around the cells, which in · turn causes convulsions. In adults ·the first symptoms usually consist Ifk stomach and abdominal pains, ^but by the time such pains occur in children the damage to the brain has generally progressed to an advanced stage. From 75 to 90 per cent of the cases Dr. Schwentker treated were brought to his attention he declared, because of noticeable brain damage. Lead poisoning is a cumulative process. The body does not get rid · of it, as it is able to do with other · +oxic materials--but stores it up. ·Absorbed Into Brain Cells The lead is absorbed into the cells of the growing brain--an absorption which, for some unknown reason, seems to accelerate during ·the summer months. There also develops a definite lead-line on the gums where they meet the teeth. X-rays of the bone usually will reveal the presence of lead for diagnosis purposes. An analysis of the blood will show the amount that has gotten into the system. I) Anything in excess of .03 milligrams per 100 cubic centimeters of blood is considered abnormal. The ingestion of lead from eating lead paint is the principal cause of the disease an America, Dr. Schwentker said. Associated With Teething "Sometime ago," he recalled, 'jit was discovered that lead poisoning was virtually non-existent in Egypt. The reason is that they rarely use lead paint in Egypt. The cost : E excessive and the type of climate makes it unnecessary." ' In this country children usually absorbed the poison by chewing on lead-containing paint or enamel-such as baby-pens, toys, woodwork and walls. For this reason, the ffreater mortality seems to exist in the eighteen-month to the 3-year-old age group when the youngsters are using everything within reach to help themselves teethe. During this period they have been known to peel off flakes of scaling paint from window frames or dig out chunk* or plaster from the walls and eat them. Name Winners At Food ShoV Would Drop Direct Wage, Price Controls WASHINGTON, Nov. 16. . . Eric Johnston, retiring as commander of the nation's defenses, against inflation, recommended today that direct wage and price- controls be dropped "at the earliest possible time." "The only way this can be done is by adopting a firm policy on indirect controls," the Economic Stabilization Director said in advocating greater reliance on taxation and credit policy. Johnston is resigning his post Nov. 30 to return to the presidency of the motion picture association. He discussed the task of his successor at a news conference one day after President Truman accepted the resignation with "real regret." Johnston did not say what he thought would be "the earliest possible time" to substitute indirect controls for direct wage and price curbs. However, on other occasions he has said that, barring world war, controls can be eased off about the middle of 1953. ,,. Johnston forecast a period of "relative calm" in" the anti-inflation battle during the next two or three months. Reminded by reporters that the CIO steel workers are coming up with demands for wage increases that would break present wage ceilings, he said that matter wouldn't reach the .ESA for perhaps three months. Johnston also said he had recommended price director Michael V. DiSalle as his successor in the top stabilization post but that Di- Salle and a number of others hac declined to take it. DiSalle himsel: said no one with authority had asked him to. Gala Thanksgiving Eve MIDNITE SHOW PRE-SHOWI1JG OF A GREAT HIT! (In advance of its recular showing) Young People... Asking So Much of Life... Taking So Much of Love! UOttlGOMEIH Paramount pteunls ItWBSIH Mill! CLIFHAYLOR-WINTERS . GEORGE STEVENS'~~«u A PLACE IN THE SUN -t. KEEFE BMSSEIU · "SSr «°»« SEVB8 leKMtbT Sv »«hwl»Iwfl M »vrt 9w« 8i»4 » »· ««4 M A«»ic» TM«O» i* THEODORE DREISER ««) «· PATItK XtACNEY *tr KMM *** I* tlMI Doors Open 11:15--Show at 11:30 --TICKETS NOW ON SALE-ADMISSION ALL SEATS 70c Jungle Love/ mrflfc* rd Woman lr«nJa JOYCE AND! '" LORETTA ^ ROBERT YOUNG ^ PRESTON "Lady From Cheyenne" SUN. NITE ONLY! "IROQUOIS TRAIL" GEO. MONTGOMERY' BRENDA MARSHALL 2 ACTION FEATURES "DAVY CROCKETT INDIAN SCOUT" R. F. ». ». m» cnr, wru. w««rrw Dodd. 24 JE*st Third street; James Stockman, 308 West South street; Mrs. Blanche Lowell. 22 IMehl Road, Minwhower Asks Caution Part Of NEW PRICE PLAN WASHINGTON, Nov. 16. (fP-- Government price officials said tonight an order granting automobile manufacturers the right to compute new prices on the basis of the Capehart Amendment to the new controls law probably will be issued in about 10 days. A high official in the Office of Price Stabilization said each manufacturer will have to figure his own ceilings. He said there is positively no way OPS can estimate ( the amount by which passenger, cars of any manufacturer will change. There were maryr entrants In the chiffon cake baking contest held at the Food and Better Housing Show Friday night at the armory. Mrs. Mabel Cecil. 303 West Seventh street, was awarded first jrize of a silver cake plate and server; second prize, Mrs. Lloyd Burtner, R. F. D. 1, this city; third, Mrs Wilma Phebus. Taney apartments; fourth, Mrs. Harold O'Brien, R. F. D., this city. The cakes were auctioned off for a total of $10 which was presented to the Community Chest Fund. At the cooking school in the afternoon conducted by Miss Margaret. Ewalt and Miss Ann Young the following foods were prepared and given as prizes: Stuffed angel food cake, Mrs. Emily Bartgis: fruit cake, Mrs. Clarence Rice; white fruit cake, Mrs. Earl Zeigler; freezer fruit cake, Marion Lightner: Christmas coffee cake, Mrs. Charles W. Smith; graham cracker pie. Mollie Filbert; Brazil nut pudding, Mrs. Melvin Stull; snow ball cup cakes, Mrs. "William Solt; snow ball salad, Mrs. Murray Fox. Flowers 'were presented to Miss Ewalt and'Miss Young and to them for Miss Irene Caton. Other Awards Mads Other prizes awarded were: Borden's ice cream. Florence E. Kelly 2 West 12th street, Eugene Virts/336 West Patrick street: cake server. Mrs. Mehrl Murphy, 507 North Bentz street; Esskay meats, Harvey Carmack, East Seventh street; Esskay ham, Mrs. Joe White. York, Pa ; Glade Valley fruit cake. Lawrence Willard, 115 East Seventh street; Potomac Edison punch bowl, Mrs. Irving Stride, .908 Motter avenue: case of Seven- Up, Dorothy Blackwell. 307 West Seventh street: H. B. Duvall toy tractor Paul 2ichenbrode, 105 East Patrick street: H. B. Duvall $25 certificate. John Grove, 485 West Patrick street. Those who won food baskets were- Mrs. Grayson Nikirk, Center street; Mrs. Viola Roderick, 22 East Third street: Mrs. C. Edgar Chng- an 24 Hamilton avenue; Mrs. Melvin Sperry, 347 West Patrick street: Mrs. Gale Cook, 508 West Patrick street: Kay Crawford, 9 Mt. Olivet Blvd.; C. Kenneth Henderson, this city; Robert Stevens, 21 West Seventh street: Jesse Smith, this city; Miss S a l l y Wnghtler. 105 East Fifth street; Roy Sopher, 210 South Market street; Mrs. George W. S. Summers, Court News Equity Madeline Gelwlcka Schaffer vs. Jack Schaffer, bill of complaint tor absolute divorce. Marriage License* Robert S. Jones, 44. and Marie E. Mars, 32, divorced, both of Hagerstown. Andrew Beasley, 21, and Lucrelia Ann Beaver, 18, both of Williamsport. Properiy Deeded Clara H. Cline to Clay Christopher Jenkins and wife, $10. county. Charles Robert Moberly. Ill, and wife, to Wilford Guy Black and wife, $10. county. . Billie Gardner Lapole and wife to Chester O. Feaster and wife, $10, county. John H. Syler and wife, to Wesley V. Wachter. et a).. $10, city. William L. Wimmer to Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, $10, county. Frederick Tressejt and wife, to Ross C. Stull and wife, $10, county: GRANTED LIQUOR LICENSE HAGERSTOWN. Nov. The Washington County Liquor Board today granted a liquor license to a Hancock American Legion post, but warned that this does not mean it has abandoned its policy of denying permits to veterans organizations. Chairman Francis Urner said the board made an exception in the case of the Webster B. Harrison post only because the mayor anc council of Hancock and "many prominent residents" had supported the application. Insects are subject to deases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and worms. Wet weather tones down the fall color brilliance in trees. A N T I Q U E Reproduction Repair Custom Bilt Furniture Combination Doors Storm Sash Screens Modern Kitchen Cabinets I. R. MORGAN Phone 30S-W-3 Maytag Makes Your Dollar Go Further! Low Cost! low Upkeep! T H E M A Y T A G CHIEFTAIN. Easy t e r m s -- l i b e r a l trade-in. r omt « today. $129.95 BETTER HOMES EQUIP. CO. 15 E. Patrick St. Phone 700 iiiiiiii · Drug And PRESRIPTION Service MODEKIV PHARMACY SUCCESSOR TO PEAJRRE'S DRUG STORE TELEPHONE 208 Join Hospital Aid, Inc., and Help JTonr Neighbor SUNDAY THRU TUESDAY Electrical Wiring Residential, Commercial and tednstrlal FIXTURES OF ALL TYPES AND REPAIR WORK HARRY TINNEY 12 Hamilton Ave. Phone 1601 A "M the-c"J v s-walt" niontnl at- itude, asunied by so many pedes- rians In times of rain, sleet and now, is jesponslble for sharp climb n accidents during the winter nonths. Col. Elmer F. Munshower, uperinteudent of State police, snid Friday. "That attitude is 1'oollsh," he said. Persons on toot who don't drive cars, aren't fully aware of the fact hat rain, sleet, fog and snow make, t more d i f f i c u l t for drivers to see hem in time to stop. "The safest t h i n g for any person valking on the road to do, especial- y in times of bad weather, is to assume at all times that the driver of an oncoming car doesn't see him." The police superintendent produced figures to show that 173 persons were killed last year while walking on. Maryland streets and roads. "And 85 per cent of these deaths- were caused by the carelessness of the persons walking," he said. At The T/vo/i The Tivoli theater bus announced the following schedule for next week: Sunduy throuKh Tuesday--"Mr. Belvedere Rings The Bell" stariitiM Clifton Webb, Joanne Dm and Hugh Msirlowe. Wednesday only- "My Outlaw Uiother" w i t h Mickey Rooney. Waitdu Hondrix. Robert Preston mid Robert Stuck. Thursday and Friday (beginning w i t h a Thanksgiving eve midnight show. Wednesday) -- "Foice of Arms" with W i l l i a m Holden, Nancy Olson and Frank Lovejoy. Saturday only--"The Ladv From Texas" with Howard D u d , Mona Freeman and Josephine Hull, 499 KKNT INCREASES HAUERSTOWN, Nov.. 16--ffV- The Rent Stabilisation Office here disclosed today it had approved 499 petitions for rent increases in September and October. The office yaid the average boost was $4 a month. PLAN UNION SERVICE Grace Episcopal "with Rev. Leon P. F. Vauthier, pastor; the Mon- ·ovia Brethern church, with Rev. ^arl Smith, pastor, will unite with :he Methodists nt New Market with service Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, at 10 a. m. Rev. Mr. Vauthier will speak. Frankincense and myrrh, gifts of the Wi^e Men in the Bible, are still listed as basic perfume ingredients. Four copies of the Magna Chartn arp extant, onr al Lincoln Cathedral, one at Salisbury Cathedral, and two in the British Museum. Th«t row*, Frederick, JMwrday, Nwvmber 11, 19St N1NK" At The Opera House Films booked iuxt wceH at the City Opera HOUM.* Include: Sunday through Tuesday--"No Highway In Tho Sky" starring Jim- tny Stewart Marlene Dietrich Wednesday t l u o u K h F r i d a y -"Saturday's Hcio" w i t h John Derek arid Doniui Hoed, A special ThankiKiviuii eve mid- nlKht show on Wednesday will f e a t u r e "A Place In The Sun" with Montgomery Clift. Elizabeth Taylor and Sholly Winters. This film wtll becin its regular engagement next Saturday. The designer of the Cologne cathedral in Geimany is unknown. There Is a tradition that a nameless youth bartered his soul to Satan for the design and n promise of everlasting fume. MAAS OPTICIANS Eyes Examined--Glasses Fitted T E L E V I S I O N G L A S S E S Phone 1951 Z42-A N. MARKET STREET THP THEATRE** DAMASCUS, HP, SATURDAY, NOV "THE TEXAS RANGERS" . George Montgomery Gale Storm Selected Short Cartoon Latest News, Shows: 5:45 Continuous Sunday Monday. Nov. 18 19th "A MILLIONAIRE FOR CHRISTY" Fred MacMurniy Eleanor Parker Cartoon Latest News Shows: Sunday--3:00. 5:00, 7:00, .1:00 Monday--7:15, 9:15 WE ARE NOW SERVING Oysters On Half Shell Fried Oysters Oyster Stew - Crab Cakes Hard Shell Crabs Soft Shell Crabs Shrimp Home Made Chili We have now added TURKEY DINNERS to our menu. Also all kinds of lunches and sandwiches. 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Jones "Metered Gas" Service APPLIANCE STORES 37 S. Market Street Frederick--Phone 2448 YOU can Own Your Dream Home SEE WBAL-TV (Baltimore) 10 to 10:30 P. M. t Mon.. Nov. 19th, Channel 11 WNBW (Washington) 5:30-6 P. M., Sunday, Nov. 18th, Channel 4 SEE Brosius Homes Corporation Phone 2340 -- 4 West Church St. -- Frederick ' get Quic Now you can arrangr a personal loan In ONE TRIP . . . often In as little as 15 minutes! No red tape . . . no hljrh pressure . . . Just fast, friendly, private service you'll like. Choose your own plnn and bmlKel-fUtlnu repayment schedule.. For extra fast service, phone us in advance . . . Everything will be ready when you come in! RITCHIE ASSOCIATES FINANCE CORPORATION 2 East Church Street Phone 2100 EBERT'S DINING ROOM North Market Street Ext'd. Serving Meals From' 11:30 A. M. To 7:45 P. M. The Home / the NEAR EXTINCT Complete Sl-OO iHnner A TYPICAL MENU Choice of Appetizer: Juice Or Soup Choice of Entree: 1. Breaded Pork Cutlet 2. Beef Croquette, Sauce Piquante 3. Fresh Crab Cakes 4. Cheese Stuffed Frankfurters with Homemade Baked Beans 5. Fillet of Mackerel, Lemon Butter Choice of Two Vegetables: Mashed Potatoes French Fried Potatoes Creamy Cole Slaw Corn Fritter with Maple Syrup French Style Green Beans · Stewed Tomatoes Au Gratin Sauerkraut Choice of Beverage: Tea or Coffee Choice of Desert: Jello or Pudding LIST TIMES " TODAY i .loiut ur.NNis,Ki:N Payne O ' K K K f K WHELAN SUN-MON-TUES \ On* hour ago, they were strangers Now th«y were all trapped by the danger- 28,000 fe«t above the tea! PLUS LATEST FOX NEWS AND TERRYTOON CARTOON' 33-35 SOOTH MARKET gX. SAM MILLER'S Army Shoe* and Slippers.... $2.98 Army Fatigue Pants .. J1.50-S2.98 New Work Shoes $4.»8 A'my Khaki Pants Shirt* $1.98 Dress Work Slippers $4,98 New Army Khaki Pants $3.45 T-Slilrts 49e Hoaae Paint *al. $1.98 IMPERIAL B R U N S W I C K · PHONE 34M Mat. 12:45 · Eve. From 6:45 Sat.. Nov. 17 Mat. Eve. · 2 FEATURE SHOW · TIM HOLT Joan ttlxon · Richard Martin "LAW of The BADLANDS" (1:20--7:20--10:25) · BIG CO-HIT · "BELLE LE GBAND" VERA JOHN RALSTON · CARROLL (At 2:20-8:20 only) SUN. 9 P. M. only MON. 6:45-8:45 DEAN JERRY MARTIN LEWIS "THAT'S MY BOY- JOIN HOSPITAL. AID S I N G E R SEWING CENTER 11 North Market St. KEY CHEV. SALES, INC. WINTER IS ROUGH ON YOUR CAR! AND SCRATCHES ON CAB'S FENDERS OR BODY WILL RUST THROUGH UNLESS REPAIRED PROPERLY. AND PARTICULARLY SO IN WINTER Our Body and Paint Shop I» Thoi-ouRhly Equipped To Repair Everything from a Small Dent To a Major Wreck The Work is Guaranteed and tht Price Is Resonablt Let Key Care For Your Cart KEY CHEVROLET SALES, INC 106 E. Patrick St. Phone 707 MONOCACY MOTORS Buy YOUR NEXT CAR On Our Insured Payment Plan Finance your new or used car with us. Your payments are ins u r e d in the event of sickness, accident or death. 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