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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Thursday, January 8, 1948
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l^"*~ i Classifieds Get Rejulh THE DAILY REGISTER THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 161 REPUBLICANS JUNK TRUMAN TAX PROGRAM uest Marshall Asks Conress (bout Town And Country JJ TEBOTHEUS f. April 1947 Was Month of Many Elections ffiril 15 Elected Mayor was H. ?Ralev Commissioners named police commissioner. Ibmsburs remained dry adora the same day, Jonn ,,' Opchurch was elected mayor Investment in Peace, Sec'y Tells Senate Admits Program Will Require Sacrifices in U. S. By JOHN L. STEELE United Press Staff Correspondent "WASHINGTON, Jan. a-ouj- Secretary of State George C. Marshall opened his fight for a 56,800000,000 down-payment on the European recovery program today with this firm challenge to Congress--put up what's needed to do th* inh "or don't undertake it at I State Sales Tax Receipts Totaled" $152,652,615 in '47 SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan. S--(U.R) --Sales tax receipts during 1947 topped 1946 collections by $27,722,116, the state treasurer's office reported today. Receipts for 1947 totaled $152,652,615, compared to 1946's $124,930,499, the office said. The general revenue fund at the end of J.947 was $174,610,698, the treasurer's office said, or $5,524,000 greater than at the closing of books in 1946. Motor fuel taxes totaled $53,799,833 last year, compared to $48,711,676 in 1946. The one-cent additional levy on cigarettes boosted the tobacco tax to $25,952,127 from $17,217,2177 during 1946. up board found itself lined h 11 Republicans, 10 Deme- nts and with a tie existing in Mountain township. They drew numbers down there and Gwin Davis Democrat, came out tne over , -------Loren MilHgan, Re- and controlled.' the job all." , In plain and carefully-chosen, words, the gray-haired soldier- statesman warned the lawmakers that the alternatives to an adequate program were intense economic distress and social and political upheavals which could well wind up in more dictatorships and eventually in a third world wsr. g^y ^£\.\jJL* *· u»v** v*^** "Our national security will be United Press staff Correspondent seriously threatened," Marshall ( SPR i NG FIELD, 111., Jan. 8--OLE) continued. *We shall m eltect T f you see a bareheaded man live in an armed camp, regulated these days he r s pro bably an Hli- No Top Hats In Illinois Political Ring By PAUL E. SVOBODA Umlci v * v + ~ ~ - -- - ~ - .1 publican. Milhgan contested the election and Davis took his seat on the board, making the lineup fllto 11. At an organization meet- jn« Earl Vinyard. Raleigh Republican, was elected president. On Apnl 1 Brushy and Tale Admits Sacrifices at Home nois politician. If he's running for something, i Heavy Seas Prevent Rescue Russian Ship 800 Passengers' Aboard Vessel Off Northern Japan TOKYO, Jan. 8--U-E--Mountainous seas today prevented rescue ships from removing 800 passengers from the Russian motorship Dvina xvhich was sinking off the coast of northern Japan. Skippers of the ships which rushed to the Dvina's aid after she flashed an SOS yesterday, said they had some hope of averting a major 'Marine disaster. The U. S. Navy reported that the Dvina's list had been reduced from 45 to 30 degrees. Navy officials were hopeful that the Dvina could be towed out of danger if she remained afloat. American aviators believed, however, that she was settling slowly. The vessel was reached early today by Russian patrol ship No. 30, thought to be a lend-lease des- and two smaller 11 011^0, as well as the Jap- tanker Yoko Maru and the _;j tug Kentai Maru. American B-29s and B-17s cir-J and em- Promise to Beat Veto with · Knutson Proposal Expected to Get House Approval WASHINGTON, Jan. 8-- OIB-i. Republican congressional leaders junked President Truman's tax program without a second look today and confidently promised to beat his veto this session with a new tax reduction bill of their own. s As it stands the chances are 1,000 to 1 against enactment of the combination tax-increase and tax reduction plan proposed by Mr. 'Truman. Chances are about even, i that enough Republicans and Democrats will support a compromise I bill to override a veto. *·**··"·" ---- , , ·« «"- -- --------- t* _ . tU 4- ClCU. ctUUVC: vn,il* Aj,j.^fc/\y**vo ****«. ~ --Marshall testified before the his hat has been tossed into that ; equipment. Five other Senate Foreign Relations commit- mysterious ring where headline j Japanese sh i ps including two re- tee as the first administration wit- a nd political writers throw candi- 1 pa ^ riation vessels, were racing to ness for the plan he conceived dates' headgear around campaign ^ the rescue opera ti 0 n. seven months ago and which he time. County Supervisor of Assessments Urged by . of Illinois Report held local option rcferendums and - loth voted dry although the Tate; 1 result was invalidated because of improper petitions and ballot.' An inebriate voted dry in the Brushy election. . In village elections, Carrier Mills reined the People's ticket of Charles Russell, Dr. W. H. Dean gud AEffi' Con'-all as village trustees and C. H. Austin as police magistrate, and Galatia elected James Odle, John Barton, Howard Malone, S. L. Hall and Kenneth Hale as trustees and Clsude Todd as police magistrate, described today as "an investment Few politicians get to just plain r .run for office. Newspapermen He acknowledged that the multi-' ma k e the candidate toss in his hat, 4 1-4 heave his fedora or flip his felt. Brief messages from the American planes said the Dvina was ' wallowing dangerously in a heavy ?ea" with a list of 4o degrees, engine was knocked billion 'dollar program, a 4 i-* heave his fedora or nip nis icu. ^ The ship ' s engine was knocked year project, would require sacri- JA. politician who wore a cap would Qut and it was repor t e d taking on f_ _ A u«**«*A A nrl ViP mane nO /*onco a frisiK. ' * i « An ;,-31-,r fices at home. And be made no cause a crisis. . attempt to minimize the "avowed The hats are piling up in that determination of the Soviet Union "ring again, and today--while the and the Communist party to op-ihatniakers shudder--you get a depose and, sabotage it at^everjr sc ri P Uon of ,the,.hats_instead ot.the ~ politicians.--' * **'" Adlai Stevenson, Democratic gubernatorial hopeful, said he toss- turn." It is a calculated risk," he declared. "But there can be no {·IS rCCI ^JlAV V»*^» "^ -^*fmr -- -- - - ^V»*S W» ··--»»·«*·-· - -- -- f i doubts^ as to the alternatives. The e d in two hats--a grey one and a wav of life that we - have 'known heavy brown felt--for good meas- is literally in the balance." ure. His wife calls him the "most supporting President'disreputable-looking person in the * r j : » - » « gestions from "some quarters" , the political gales that it be placed under an mde-!j n his fedora this time. Hed r oendent government corporation, ther wear his grey snap brim, with K Bottom Estimate |the edges curled up. He wears it "It would be unfortunate to ere- squarely on the middle of his ate an entirely new agency of head. foreign policy for this govern-1 And Lt. Gov. Hugh W Cross menL" he said I who wants to hand Green his hat There cannotr be two secretar- at the door of the executive man- mere can s _ on probably put a C urvc on his ;. ICS hi?h school board, Paul Endicott, j the program through a . John R. Jackson and Dr. L. I. Wive agency, the secretary ap-j , Gov Dwight H. Green Webb to the citv school board and pealed to Congress to reject sug- ready has uncovered his Harrison Kible'r to the Dorris- --«««« frnm ".some quarters ,the political gales twice, |ville school board. So much for elections. · · * Deaths during April: Mrs, Pete Burton. 20: Mrs. Carl Stuby. 27; Cecil Cannon, 55; Jushua Hubbs, E3; Clark Wheatley. 72; Mrs. Martha Guest. 85. Mrs. George Wasson, 83, of Pankeyville; Mrs. Jack| Burns, 82. of Carrier Mills; Hiram Mnsgrave. 90. of Raleigh; Charles D. Ritchey, 44, of west of Harristarg: Mrs. Pat Carrigan, 79. of .Carrier Mills: Mrs. Ellen Armis-1 " 2d, 83; Mrs. \V. J. Younger, 74. i * * a ' Other April events in Seal order: Salph Davison j)f Johnston City ^Placed John Rauth as athletic "Rector at the Harrisburg high school. ^ind and rain caused thousands « collars damage in the county. Circuit Judge Harold L. Zim- osnaan of jlarion · told Saline T. to make its jail safe or it. following a grand · jury of its condition. (The jail *s aade safe). *· K.C) X resigned as pastor Avenue Baptist water rapidly. The position joi the Dvina was about 200 miles off the southeastern coast/.ot -Hokkaido, -northernmost of thVJap'anese'islands. U. S naval officials said they understood the Dvina was in route from Kamchatka Peninsula to Vladivostok. Former Shawnee Couple Drown In Oregon Flood U R B ANA-CHAMPAIGN, 111.,. Jan. 8--Establishment of the of-; [ice of county supervisor of as-| sessments as a step toward improvement of property tax assessments and tax collection procedures in Illinois, was suggested to- Mr. and ivooert Lackey, Plane Victims Claim Sought to Cancel Tickets SAVANNAH, Ga., Jan. 8--OJ.R)- Seduction along the lines proposed by Chairman Harold Knutson, R., Minn., of the House Ways and Means committee. Bitter Controversy ! Senate leaders were more cau- 1 tious but still confident they could Shammer the Knutson bill into ' form which would be enacted into i 1 *i\y The tax controversy rapidly* is becoming the bitterest of Mr. Truman's administration. Democrats Authorit i es today Ai. \S -- %w" *f i lltk« tj v-w-- - -- ------- f , investigated ' were divided on his plan to of survivors that they had all hands a $40 tax credit plus an, unsuccess f u ii y to cancel their other $40 for each dependent perr day by H. K. Allen, director of the ! TM U ^ uncc 7 h aycharte red DC-3 son and to hike corporation taxes University of Hlino^^Bureau of ^^ d near ,, about 12 per cent to of set the lo^ Gov. Green Urges Fuel Conservation Throughout State SPRINGFIELD, 111., Jan. 8.-(TIE)--Gov. Dwight H. Green today asked Illinois to observe a six- week fuel conservation period starting Jan. 15 and ending March 1. Both fuel dealers and . formerly of Shawneetown, and a woman named Porter. were drowned/ late Tuesday, in Oregon and th«2: bodies had not teh ;recov» ered this .'morning, G. W. Martin of Harrisburg, brother-in-law of Lackey, said today. He said that his wife, a half- sister of Lackey, had received a telephone call at midnight that told some of the details. Lackey, 37, and his wife, Lucille, 33, were" caretakers of the Jergens lodge, owned by the maker of Jergens lotion, near Agnes, Ore., and the three were drowned in Rouge river near Agnes, where there are flood conditions, when a cable broke as they were crossing the river. Economic and Business Research. (Allen suggested in a previous report that the lower 16 counties be consolidated into three or four ""its and that townships, and road districts ~be' :i discntmued^in^ order to "provide a system of "esponsi- ble representatives of government, to reduce taxes, and to provide more efficient administration of local government.) In a report to the joint committee on development of the state's lower 16 counties, Allen proposed that the supervisor of assessments be appointed by the county board from a list of eligible applicants certified by the State Department of Revenue. Functional Plan At the request of various com- The Lackeys and the Porters were crossing the river m a small munity leaders and organizations, the special committee is making a ;4sterda y rkillin7l7 persons and of $3,200,000 000 revenue Reput, fmnrin* nine. licans ridiculed tha_ proposal as nine. The converted Army C-47, en route from Newark, N. J., to Puerto Rico, crashed and · burned m political trickery by the President ^ · _ _ _ im-Lnt-nr- rte\CT\\T I11C jcucy, _v;i«i 5 ucu ««*_ ^'i"" ,*£ bill could'be obtained tnEfjyear; _ swampy marshes near trie moutn " Knutson bift- would .reduce of the Savannah river. ' personal income taxes by $5,60p ' Of the dead,-14 were Puerto Q OOOOO relieving upward of 7,Ricans from the New York area 00 ooOO taxpayers entirely of in- making a pilgrimage to their home- come tax in t he process. Mr. Truland. Another was plane Captain ns $40-per-person reduction * * i? ; * A ;«ii: * t _ A _i_*_.4- i n AAA flfin Twrcftns Aldioni Atoniolli. would cut about 10,000,000 persons Two other bodies, burned to a f rom the tax rolls. crisp, were said to be those of , Knutson "would increase person- U. S. Internal Revenue agents a l exemptions by S100 to a total Truman $40 credit is . . picked up in Philadelphia. They O f $600. The Truman c r e i were burned so badly that they , the equivalent of an exemption of were not immediately identifiable, about $200. . Tr niltson Reused Refund _ A sliding scale in the Knutson Refused Kef and In Philadelphia, it was disclosed that Revenue Agents Harry Wood bill would reduce personal income taxes from 30 per cent in the low- o S, 37 C and Ger7orBro"dy;also 37, eTTrackets to lO P«-cent in the me specia. ««mu««« » «---.«, - had left for Florida. J hig 5 e L bra °Sf i J of --cable v b£t when" the"boat stalled thorough study of,southern niuiois Woodcock, is. division chief + of .tendjhe Jbenefits ^ in midstream, Martin said. The senators that ^theSWWMOWWO re-'dorsed candidate for U. S. senator, Trogramwhich ' S*«· "-Sf/SS Sff^S^ttlST'E Su« f ±ing winter me . ^7 ..:__ * " ." T*t" -i-ij 4» «~w, w; c wit/*. Thn governor said that ,,,,.- it was not gets attached to 'em. His wife, figure based on the Emily Taft Douglas, whose" own *A$V» ·%* _._4. * . * _ i _:*^t»^J nvmtrtH c^VC The governor shortages had already hit some s Porter man swam to shore to get ^"·assistance and while he was gone the cable broke and the other three were- swept downstream. 5 .; There has been no trace of their *as announced there would on Page Six) an "askinc" figure based on me Eimiy Tail uougias. wmw ""» , X-f «r iiTr ct at A hut the oro- SJW o^. _-- --SS »,«?$« Marshall did not side-step the impact of the program on the (Continued on Page Six) European Recovery Would Cost Each American $121.42 'she takes him downtown and "for 'cibly makes him buy a new one . . . two if possible." Another entry in the GOP race for governor. Warren Wright. wears a "conventional tan felt He tossed in the same variety when he ran for state treasurer. Top hats? There's not one m the pile. A politician is a man of the people. - 'Save Your Campaign in ""nois Schools SPRINGFIELD, in.. Jan. r*---tonrerned ahnn* im ;,,,. - about lhc '"crease schot1 Ghent Seeks State Central Committee Post Bill Ghent of this city is circulating petitions throughout the 24th concressional district " r da C v nt Soul? eoTelch'A^eric^' lS£oSS*S»te central sSl«3l· tff!cost were: shared .tecman of the dislnc. blem -- . , acute with the arrival of severe weather." SSSSSt^bto^Sd Sep»- the Phli^delphia Bureau of the property 01' "split income return^ ing recommendations. _ I Department_ of Interna; Revenue, toa^^ ity property system under state law. It permits husband and wue to divide their income equally ,for tax purposes, their combined tax thus being computed at lower rates than if a single return were countries. , And, figuring the U. S. population at 140,000.000. the esti^^d cost for the first 15 months of the so-called Marshall P^a»r 000,000--would amount to Village Mayor Quits, Says Job Too Big For One Man-Woman is Appointed .veather. lodge for four yea rs. They leave · Production of crude oil, coal a nd | on g son . who was boarding m town gas have generally increased, Green while hfi went to high sc hool. said, but consumer demand nas TJie p cr t ers were said to be also grown. t mm Long Beach. . In addition to voluntary con- Mrs Charlie Vinyard of Hams- crvation. Green called on Illinois hurg is an aun t of Mr. Lackey. 'residents to ''properly" »^»^ mente oTufeir^heSting plants and ThoUSdnQS Ol AtfCS employ regulating devices. ···vw*«« *a»-is*Jg ll s. pSrSj flooded in Oregon proper installation of units, m, supplyinc of accurate instructions! PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. and in "maintenance work ncccs- --Western Oregon rivers sarv to keep plants in working L^ins flooded thousands of acres order of rich farmland and hundreds of '° e -ihomes today. a " rf authonties proposed, . . . . . . . tivities of local government be assigned to the county on a functional basis, according to the U. of I. , ,. _. Mnotn ... n bureau director. All activities per- The Lackeys left Shawneetown TM ni to a par ti cu i ar function in about 1940 and lived in Long be coordinate d in an appro- Beach, Calif., for about three jears. county department. They had been caretakers of tne *· The {unctiona i p i an requires elimination of most of the present elective county officials, with appointment of various departmental heads being made by the county board. Although the structure of the proposed county organisa- tion should be sufficiently flexible to permit ' adaptation to local needs, most counties would require such departments as fin- - - - - - i aw enforcement. Under the reorganization plan Frankford Branch, and Brody is ·oposed, it is desirable that-ac- deputy collector for the same office. Two Puerto Rican sun'ivors charged from their hospital beds that the plane, operated by Coastal Airlines of Teterboro, N. J., had not been fully converted for civilian use. They said it still had bucket seats for passengers. Pinol Octavio and Pilar Diaz, both of New York, said they were dissatisfied with the plane when they first saw it at Newark airport. They claimed all the pas- sengers'tried to get their So/ each passenger money refunded from Travel Agent Manuel Cassiano of New York who arranged the tnp. They said the agent sent his son to the airport to inspect the plane and he told them the would have to take the plane or and lance, highways, law enforcement, i education, public welfare, justice land records. 'Department of Finance !i os c their money. ! Under the plan of reorganization proposed by Allen, supem- The House will pass a bill substantially like the Knutson. bdl. The Senate is expected to trim it in amount of. reduction and some to modify its provisions. The figure of $4.000,000,000 frequently is suggested as the sum of tax re- ductitn the Senate will approve. But Congress assuredly will pass a Republican tax bill and it wiU not have much resembance to Mr. Truman's proposals. It is "L:?i th TM3»;ar brushing, will locus attention · known to be the means of prevcnt- ap- of fluoride to. the woman to the Laborbepartmcnt's Bureau of Labor Statistics, is about what the average American family spends every 17 days for food. President Truman conceded that the proposed expenditures are a lot of money. -Budget Bureau fig- 1 1 u^ show AattiT $6,800,000,000 Jrequested for the first part of the ' ' $789,000.000 more "-- moni: sth001 children 1926 rcsult ?*lt£» » « M V * - » V - m , The Willamette river and tributaries, swollen by heavy rain washed over extensive areas near to a y department of finance. The department of finance would have complete responsibility By PAUL IIX EAST CAROXDELET 111.. Jan. 8--OIP--The mayor o£ East Car- ondclct (pop- 600) up and quit. He said the job was "too big for one man. So the -village council appointed a woman. Mrs. Dorolhy Pugh- the new »,ayor. is 31 years old and has three kids. Her husband, Llod, Missouri Pacific engineer. and sheets in children's.the entire government budget for tCns 1934. Spending for this fiscal Cross, director year ending July 1 will total about $40.000,000,000. . . 1e But the administration feels the cost of the Marshall plan will be small in terms of wartime spending, projected national income, and future outlays for defense if Russia gains control oi the 16 western European nations involved. The $17,000,000,000 amounts to about five per cent o f t t e 533-v 000,000,000 spent for World War II by the United Slates alone. It amounts to a little over two per cent of the estimated $80,000,000,000-plus national income for tne next four years. holds down two other jobs HUS U V » « « * « w ~ - r n ~t «Vi?c The other womenfolk of this little Mississippi river co mi " un ^ don't like it At least, ;some of those interviewed m the towns only market were pretty bitter girl herself, job of diiSrrSii.- Sje wouldn't give her name, thougn. "You think I'm nuts? she said Mr?. P«gh .^jejA/^S fiw hcels ' She doesn't mind the comment -They'll get used to me, she "'ve ot a man's job cut said "I've got ' there's a lot to be done i Salem, Oregon City and Portland ng on tables at jaxcs, Terry Antonc Moravcc. . ^isnouiq. Alien say^, !««.«. «« her off hours. A maid mon th s ^ld son of Anlone Moravcc,jand improve the quality of tavern on Ukes care of the kids. · ··W1BV4BO V * l « +.-*r»m ·*··· ·" ~ _ » ..^ -- IStayton. Ore., was drowned when Mrs. Pugh is the first woman hc fcll into a flooding ditch while ayor in the^ 150-yc?r^histor' J», playing in front of his home. Herrin Norge Plont mayor -- -- East Carondclct, JO miles south of St. Louis. The former mayor, George L. Ricbling, resigned two days aco. saying the job was too much for him. Ricbling said that in the three years hc was mayor, he had'in- creased the town's treasury from S162 to S800 and put in four new street lights. "But I had to borrow money from mv brother to operate IS street lights before 1 talked the council into kicking in with encugn money to run all 30 lights," he explained. "I had to cut the weeds alow the streets myself," he added. service. Dies in Perry Co. DU QUOIN, III., Jan. 8--HE)-- not expected' to"provide for any increase of corporation taxes to ott- set relief of individuals. Republican Complaint House Hajority Leader Halleck was all smiles. "I'm confident we could pass a tax bill of our own over any presidential veto in the House, he said, and there isn't much doubt about that either. "With President Truman now out for tax relief, thcrcll be a lot more Democrats who will be willing to go 3 °$ne thing that will be neccs- -- - · '- the cost oE not a damn message that all the for will cost budget meet the people" campaign cara-j--j^ ^ pre uy much the bur- vans to start the election battle. d of jjj c Republican complaint is will be similar to l^ h t u,,. president had asked for Illinois Demo Caravans to Begin State Tours Feb. 23 The caravans those which toured the stale dur-] a liule of ing the 1946 campaigns. One caravan will travel in northern Illinois and another in the southern for almost Strike Continues In A Deadlock HERRIN, 111., Jan. -O--The three-wcck-old strike here of 300 union workers ?.t the Norgc washing machine plant continued m s deadlock today with no settlement apparently forthcoming from a meeting of union and company representatives yesterday. , Mrs. Lilian' Ferris Brayshaw, «e-, cnd o f the state. Candidates will except the cd citizens--and that for them he proposed a tax increase on the corporations representing much ot * , · . ^ * ^ A ^ J «»«**wt rt*? licvcd to have been the first Srad;) accol npany ^ c caravans. . , t jj C ir investments and savings, ualc nurse in Perry county, died Blowing yesterday's meeting, last night at her rural home nearl Georj , c D Kc u^ committee chair- here after a long illness. She was 77 years old. She is survived by her husband, W. W. Brayshaw, orchardist well- known throughout southern flh- . Funeral services were incom- The plant's production workers, members of the United Mine Workers (district 50, have been idle since Dec. 20 in a dispute over IJC O*-4tV*O 4liyOV*», "** %»\«»*^»-- i «---·--- «- vv ~ But 1 think Mrs. Pugh will get I wages. No further meetings Circulates Petition for our town. along as well as anybody." J scheduled. Charles A. Ferguson today circulated petitions seeking election as Republican precinct committee- in Harrisburg Precinct No. 4. man. announced formation legislative committee to arrange for filing of Democratic candidates to the legislature. Included on the special commit- nee was former Gov. John Steiie, McLeansboro, who frequently has clashed with party leaders. His appointment indicated a bid sy ipartv wheels for unity, in the forthcoming elections. Other mem- The Weather Southern Illinois: Mostly cjoudy tonight and Friday Co" 1 "^ mild! Low tonight 35 to 38; high Friday 45 to 50. . bers of the committee were Harry « 6 p. m. Hershey, Taylorville, former ca n- p. m didate for governor, and Kells local Temperature Wednesday Thursday 3 p. m 51 3 a. m. 46 43 2 roid. -- 6a. m. 9 a. m. 12 41 40 40 _ 55 Mhi K it If 1 f i !' J .f * ' V 4L tax x. i. :·»·* **v $'· ? ' -* · J!

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