Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 14, 1970 · Page 63
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 63

Phoenix, Arizona
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Friday, August 14, 1970
Page 63
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Page 63 article text (OCR)

CITY 88 The Arizona Republic jx] Fri., Ang. 14,1976 M AIL John W. Parker Rodeo head appointed in Scottsdale SCOTTSDALE — John W. Parker, of 8502 E. Rancho Vista Drive, Scottsdale, has been named chairman of the 1971 Parada del Sol, sponsored by the Scottsdale Junior Chamber of Commerce. Parker will coordinate the efforts more than a dozen Chairmen and their committees working on the rodeo slated for Feb. 5-7. Parker is office manager of the Garland Steel Co. in Phoenix. He is a graduate of Arizona State University and a member of the National Accounting Association. Parker was Jaycee treasurer and finance chairman for the 1969 parada and headed the ticket drive in the 1970 pageant. Error forces school tax hike TUCSON — When Tucson School District 1 Supt. Thomas Lee came up with a $1 million deficit in tax revenues, he said he was bewildered. He learned Wesdnesday from Pima County chief deputy assessor, Gerd Danneman, that there had been an $11.6 million error in the 1969-70 district's assessed valuation. Lee said he never had been told about it. Consequently, Lee said, the district budgeted $965,000 it didn't have. At the end of the school year the district found itself without the usual surplus funds to carry over to the next year. Hence, Lee said, the 1970-71 tax rate had to be hiked S3 cents to compensate for the error. Danneman said the mistake in his figures was a computer punching error. He said a resident of Pueblo Gardens area had come to him and pointed out an $11 million mistake in the assessment of his home. Danneman said the home, assessed at $4,424, was punched twice into the computer and came out wrong. He said the error had been correctly quickly. Health needs of poor in county topic of study A federally funded study of the health needs of Maricopa County's poor is under way, Juan Alvarez, chairman of a task force on health care, announced yesterday. The study is made possible by an $80,000 U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity grant to the Comprehensive Heath Planning Council (CHPC), of which the task force is a part, Alvarez said. The study will examine ways for the community to develop a health care program for the ppor, to include illness prevention, outpatient care, home care programs, hospitalization, rehabilitation and The study could lead to a $2 million grant from federal and other sources for neighborhood health care programs, accordingtoMilt Can, CHPO executive director. Can said he anticpates that preliminary findings of the study will be determined in from six to nine months. Approximately $35,000 of the study grant money is to hire a consultant, Can said. According to Alvarez, health probelms f,or which solutions are sought include: — Difficulty in obtaining transportation oravetl long distances for treatment at Maricopa County Hospital; — Limited alternatives as to where they can et health care; — Instances where health care provided the poor is below community standards or rendered inademeaning manner; — Prevalence of care directed to the cure of acute situations, accompanied b y littl attention to preventive and long - range care, and — Rigid and severe eligibility requirements by many governmental and voluntary agencies, limiting the accessibility and avialability of health services to the needy. Malpractice hearing for doctor opens FLAGSTAFF — A hearing for a Payson doctor charged by the State Board of Medical Examiners with malpractice in a three-part complaint filed with the attorney general's office opened here yesterday. Dr. David D. Gilbert was accused of "gross malpractice or repeated malpractice . . . with malpractice that resulted in the death of a patient . . . and with unprofessional conduct" in that he allegedly had not "strived to improve his medical knowledge and skill." Testimony yesterday involved a portion of the 260 patients Gilbert had from 1967 to 1969, of which 57 were singled out for specific examination. Testimony indicated that the investigating team of three physicians obtained no copies of the reports they examined and so in their testimony had to rely on their memories and. on tape interviews with Gilbert. Their memories apparently failed in the reported case of the heart attack death of Harvey Steele, 73, of Payson. Defense attorneys pointed out that Steele was seated outside the courtroom, waiting to be called as a defense witness. In other testimony, it was indicated that Dr, Gilbert's post graduate training of 40 accredited hours in 12 years of practice did not meet the standards of the American Academy of General Practice. The academy recommended the equivalent of 150 hocrs of study on professional journals in a three-year period plus 150 hours of accredited seminars, symposiums or courses during that time. The hearing will resume today. Dialogue necessary at all levels, Ross says YUMA — Jack Ross, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for g o v e r n o r, promised yesterday to make his campaign one of continuing inquiry on state, county and local government. "We need a dialogue with the people who serve us at all levels," Ross told a group at the Old Trails Steak House. "Arizona needs a governor who can get our cities, our mining centers and our agricultural regions on speaking terms." Ross said he had talked to almost. every sheriff and county attorney in the state on law enforcement problems and attended the recent juvenile conference at Ft. Grant "to keep- myself current and to acquire a firsthand knowledge of the facility." Two-country industries draw Fannin's praise SIERRA VISTA - Sen. Paul Fannin, R-Ariz., yesterday lauded the "twin-plant" concept along the U.S.-Mexican border for boosting the economy of both nations and producing jobs that might otherwise have gone overseas. In Arizona, he said, 3,735 jobs have been created, while in neighboring Sonora, 3,424 new productive positions resulted from the 3-year-old program. The twin-plant program allows components made in the United States to be assembled in Mexico. They are then returned to the United States upon payment of duty only upon the value added, provided the physical identities of the components remain unchanged. Fannin pledged that he will work vigorously to keep in effect U.S. tariff regulations that permit this manufacturing procedure. Court postpones sale of McCune mansion Two Kansas airmen safe in Tucson crash TUCSON (UPI) - Two Kansas Air National Guard fliers escaped without injury yesterday when their F-100 jet fighter crashed and burned on takeoff. The two crewmen were identified as Capt. Duayne Buttei and Capt. Marvin Link. They managed to scramble out of the aircraft just before it burst into flames. GAS HEARINGS WASHINGTON (AP)-The House Ways and Means Committee will open hearings Sept. 9 on Nixon administration tax propwsais, i A Superior Court judge postponed indefinitely yesterday's scheduled public auction of the Walker McCune mansion in Paradise Valley. James Winter, an assistant attorney general, said he made that recommendation to Judge Howard F. Thompson because arrangements were concluded Wednesday to put McCune's California home up as security with the Arizona Tax Commission. The state earlier had obtained a judgment against $3 7.3 fmillion budget sets record for Pima TUCSON (AP) - The Puna County Board of Supervisors yesterday adopted a record $37.3-million budget for 1970* 71. ) The supervisors said they trimmed almost $39,000 from the tentative budget which had been approved earlier. The board will meet Monday at a public hearing to set the tax rate on the budget, which is 22 per cent above last year's $30.5 million. 3 DIE IN MINE DORTMUND, Germany (AP) — Three West German coal miners were killed and seven others injured yesterday when a torrent of water shaft McCune for $55,117 in state income taxes McCune owes for the years 1966, 1967 and 1968. The state also seeks payment of $5,000 in interest on the back taxes. McCune has filed amended tax returns contending he owes only a total of $10,802. The attorney general's office said the California home, reportedly worth about $400,000, will continue to serve as security until either the tax commission or the courts finally resolve McCune's tax indebtedness. Legal Advertising PROJECT: I 40-2(29)7' BIDS OPENED: September 11, 1970 TERMINI: KINGMAN-ASHFORK HIGH- WA OF PLANS AND __._..,_. f —35" 'P^T'PNS: $15.50 LOCATION: Willow Creek Section WAGE. .DETERMINATION DECISION ;OMPLETION ... {KING DAYS Sealed bids will be received until 11:00 A.M.. Naval Observatory Time by Western Union, on the above date, and then •ubllcly opened and read at the office of he Arizona State Highway Commission, 06 South 17th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 500"NO bids will be received after the ime specified. Proposals tor more than one prolect may be set for opening ait the time indicated above. The protect order of opening and reading proposals will be determined at the time of opening, and there will be a pause between prolect openings to al- ow a bidder the opportunity to submit a written request to withdraw his unopened The location of the proposed work Is m Mohave County, beginning approximately B miles southeast of Klngman, about 7.0 nlles east of the Junction of State Route 93 and Interstate Route 40 and extending easterly over Interstate Route 40 for a distance of about 2.9 miles toward Ash- ork. The proposed work consists of grading and draining a divided highway; the con- tructjon of two 3-span continuous rein- orced concrete bridges; the construction if three reinforced concrete box culverts, nd other incidental work. BSflSS xc :: structural Excavation Cu. Yd. Ipecjai .Backfill . , Cu Yd, Overhaul Cu. Yd. Ml. lorrow Relnfor a° n d%r%CT6lde>.-are-jo James Manning, D. C. Sum A. Wheeler, and Gerald j, ,,, m application proposes that they s< their stock In The licensee to boul I™?*?""? C_°mMny. lne . fa Broadca l"? m *f B 1 flWraughlln, James I Lydwrg H. CUffon, Bruce A. Hec ?/ ti Jtfox* Wlpur Flinch, Gi tfecKJ, Kenneth" .Mccormkk, Ch »<<i,.., Jeorge A lick, Charles W , - . Jaueock, Doug la Jge T. G»rry Sr,, Henr urt G. Payne, and Joh B. Guthrt, F, Sangttack. A c.ocy of th» application Legal Advertising S: teel 'elect Material . .tructural Concrete -*w.aft->. J Ibs. tructural Plate Structures (457,922 Ibs.) Ipe Cluvert E u. Yd. u. Yd. L. Sum L. Sum L. Ft. L. Ft. 1,592 3,6»4 'Plans, %'peeltlcatlons, juij" Proposal emphlets may be obtained from the Division of Contracts and Specmcatlons, Arizona H ghway Department, 206 South 7th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona B5007. The otal cost of plans and speclflcationt for h s protect, exc uslve of Standard Speci- Icatlons and Standard Plans, Is shown ibove and is oayable by check drawn to he Arizona Highway Department. No re- und will be allowed for plans and specl- Icatlons returned to the^ Department. Voposal Pamphlets are not transferable ,ndT when used to submit a bid, shall be eturned In the envelope provided by the epartment lot that purpose. No contractor shall be eligible to submit a bid until his certified statements of financial Resources. Construction Experience and Equipment, made on forms supplied by the Arizona Highway Depart- nent, have been approved. Prequaliflca- Ion shall be filed not later than fifteen ays prior to the date of opening bids, 'he lowest qualified bidder shall be duly icensed as a contractor In the State of Arizona prior to the award of contract. A proposal guaranty In the form of Ither an unendorsed cert fled or a casti- er'» check made payable to the State 'reasurer of Arizona for not lest than ive percent of the gross amount of the old Is required to accompany the proposal, sublect to forfeiture on failure of >ldder to enter Into contract. The right is eserved to relect any and all bids, as rovlded for In the Standard SPeclfi-: Minimum wage rates are shown In the tVage Determination Decision, the number of which is shown above, which has >een determined in accordance with the equirements of the law and Issued by he Secretary of Labor for this prolect nd In the ^Arizona Prevailing Wage Scale, certified b^ the Industrial Commission of Arizona both of which wage scales will Se Incorporated Into the Proposal Pam- hlet and the contract. All labor employed in this- prolecf shal( be paid in accord- mce with these minimum wage rates. In _ase the respective rates for any labor classification differ in the two wage cales, the higher minimum rate shall jovern. The two wage scales referred to erein are on file In the Department and oples may be obtained at all reasonable ''the' Arizona Highway Department, In ccordance with the provisions of Title /I of 1he Civil Rights Act of 1964 (78 tat. 252) and the Regulations of the department of Commerce (15 C.R.F., 'art 8), Issued pursuant to such Act, mreby notifies all bidders that it will fflrmativelv insure that the contract en- ered Into pursuant to this advertisement will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder without discrimination on, the round of race, color, or national origin. 40-2 (29) 79 August 5^1970.^ pR , CE State Highway Engineer Published: Arizona Republic—August 14, 11, 1970. ADyERTJSEMENT FOR BIDS PROJECT: S-SU350 (4] TERMINI: 43rd AVEl.— LOCATION: (Glendale Avenue-Peoria AND BIOS OPEN — . COST OF PLAN SPECIFICATIONS: s/.o WAGE DETERMINATH Ffiite^^OMP^TION: 1970 Sealed t>!ds will be received until 1:00 A.M., Naval Observatory Time bv Western Union, on the above date, and hen publicly opened and read at- the jfflce of the Arizona State Highway :ommlsslon, 206 South. 17th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, 85007. No bids will be received after the time specified. Proposals for more than one protect may be set for opening, at the time ndicated above. The protect order of openinq and reading proposals will be determined at the time of opening, and here wl Ije a"pause i >penlngs to ' alfew a bi unitv to submit a wr wUhdraw his unopened bi Th een"prorec"t the oppor- n request to lali . The location of the. proposed work Is Maricopa County, beginning at Glen- Avenue and extending north over ._ _.-_i. . ----- and >ase ai, ncidenti Grading Roadway for Pavement 43rd Avenue to Peorla Avenue for a distance of approximately i.95 miles. The proposed work consists of Brad ng ' draining; furnishing and placing nd surfacing materials and other 'pV ' APPROX Removal of Concrete Pivefnen't' MMO 125,500 46,500 30,450 1,415 ii.f* 31,200 1.200 Select Material Aggregate Base Bituminous Material Asphaltlc Concrete Curb and Gutter Sidewalk Sq. Yd. Ton Ton Ton Ton L. Ft. Sq. Ft. Underground Conduit Plan*, specifications/' Pamphlets may. be riffi ... -.andard. Plan*, I* showr above and Is Payable by cheek drawn to the Arizona Higpway Department. Kl( refund will be. allowed for Mans anc specifications returned to the pepartment Proposal Pamphlets are not transferabli and, when used to submit • bid, shal be returned in the envelop* provided by lo*Sfe SSnTB a«''to mlt • bid until duly licensed a* a tractor In the State of Arizona, and his certified statement* of Financial lurcei, Construction Experience _,.. qulpment, made on forms supplied by i« Arizona Highway DMartment, h*v( een avproyed.. Prequanficatlon (hall IN filed not later than fifteen day* prior to the date of opening bids. A proposal guaranty In eltrter an ^ unendoried cer ishfer'* check -^^ Treasurer ,1.-* .*•. ^- - 9|i6$$ j mount accompany the ...-,-„. ~. ... „. ..Ifur* .on failuri bidder to enter Into contract. Thf ght 1* reserved to relect any J - 11 iS'...a»..provld»d for n the „. the tified form or iale, payable" to" the f Arizona T«r not leti the al w J r *9 »P, ac to fprfelfu ter Into c Win mum wage rates ore shown In i .Wage Detirmlnatlon p>cislon, thi mber of^which, I* ihown above, wtilc « been, determined In acee/oanco wlTf age scales will be Incorporated Into iu ProMsal Pampfilet and the con act. ATTlabor.employed on this prolec . lal be paid m accordance with thes minimum wave. rate*. In cate the r« * ctl il r *l** .i or <* n y '• b °i > classified on differ In the two we.g* icales, th e I . , higher minimum rate *fia!T»overn. The two wa» scales referretf to herein are on fife In the.. Department and cpple may .be obtained atell reaipn»bT» times The Arlwna./Hlghway peoarfment. ccordance with th « clv fan ni, i5»ueg pursuani 10 sucn ACT hereby notlfTer alT Wdders that it wll afflrnrvatiyely insure mat the contrac entered into pursuant to this advertise ment will be awarded to the Fowes responsible bidder without discrimination on the ground of race, color, or na llonal origin. S-SUM01*) J'.'ly J*. IVVi 3/71 CALL EARLY IN THE WEEK CALL EARLY IN THE DAY... 271-8711 Irrigation „ K SAN CARLOS PROJECT 44 hrs, ended 7 a.m. Capacity, acre-feet, 7,285,000 Available storage, acre-feet; 40,934 24-hr, discharge, acre-feet, 63S Reservoir loss, acre-feet, 542 SALT RIVER PROJECT _Normal Plow Period No. 9 O ' ". Aug. '20, U 1970 is for use ! wrtlvat en in or Mfonn ROOSEVELT LAKE Capacity, acre-fett Storage, acre-feet Maximum elevation Present elevation APACHE LAKE Capacity, acre-feet Storage, acrs-feet Maximum elevation Present elevation CANYON LAKE Capacity, acre-feet Storage; acre-feet Maximum elevation Present elevation SAGUARO LAKE Capacity, acre-feet Storage, acre-feet Maximum elevation Present elevation HORSESHOE LAKE Capacity, acre-feet Storage, acre-feet Maximum elevation Present elevation •ARTLETT LAKE 1MB m Storage,'' acre-feet Maximum elevation "}',m Present elevation \, < nt TOTAL WATER STORID Total stored, acre-feet 1,063,99* Total stored, year ago l.swlws Marriage Licenses , Richard J, e Colleen R., 22, both of Avori^ RIVERA-HOLGUIN, Ruben C, 21, Williams AFB; Genoveva T., « '6TWiRV M ijfcHM<iRE, David A.. 7; Nancy M., 19, both of Glen- TUFFS-FORREST, 21, Dwlght, III., VAN° t H*C»R l N'.EDWARD$, William D., 21, 3983 N. 14th St.? Cher! L., 21 119 W. Buist. VARGO-GARNER, George A., 24, 2144 W. Broadway Rd.; Sylvia D., 19, 2144 W. Broadway. VErfMEIRE-SEYK, Arthur D.,. 27, 5810 W. Virginia; Stephanie Ann, 19, 6829 N. 36th Dr. WAGNER-GRAHAM, Stanley, 48, 4480 E. Lafayette; There»!a K., 31, 4480 E. Lafayette. 7012 Knit this Dandy v packable trio in one or contrast colors for wear year 'round. Back-to-school investment! Jacket, vest, sunburst-pleat skirt are easy to knit of sport yarn. Pattern 7012: sizes 24; M; 10-12 included. Send 50 cents in coin for this pattern; add 15 cents for first-class mailing and special handling. Address Alice Brooks, The Arizona Republic, Needlecraft Department, Box 163, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print name, address with zip code, pattern number and size. Send 50 cents for new 1970 Needlecraft Catalogue/ 40 pages with over a<» designs, three free patterns. , New "SO Instant Gifts" to make today, give tomorrow. Send SO cents. Send 50 cents for "16 Jjf- fy Rugs" to knit, crochet, weave, sew, hook. 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Aire Libre, girl, Aug. 4. HP.ALY, Randy and Judith, J134 E. 2529 E. [neon, 3502 W. _ >> PHOENIX arles and Doris, 3611 W. ilvd., boy, July 31. . Edward and Claudia, olter, AptV, boy, Aut. 1. FLOOD, James'a*vi 'Elieei .»stepfe>, ystifts®^ BRIUNlO, Edward and _2915 Vy. Colter, Apt V, bor, «ui. i. DEVINt, James, and Frieda, 232* _W. Larkspur Drive, girl, Aut. 1. G 9,"K!i'..W2L 8 «.» n . d , p « me l* »10 I Xath A-bpy •MNpSKf WIT an~d"Kathy, 3646 W. Maricopa, Apt, 131 A, boy, Aug. 2. CLINGMAN, Robert and karen, 272» W. Colter, girl, Aug. 3. GENANDT, Thomas and Kathleen, 4826 W. Windsor, girl, Au9. 3. SVER5VOLD, Michael and Joanne, Harvard, b9y,. Aug.JL rvsnnKW nwvri anu jane, JU1 VV. . Portland, boy, Aug. 4. McRAB, Rey and Bertie Lou, 6215 v " e 'm, boy, Aug. 5. M, Earl and Sharon, 2945 N. — boy, Aug. S. r Roland and Jeralee, 'eftAli HOSPITAL MARTINEZ, Nancy and Arthur. Route 1, Box 188, Alma School ....dele, boy, Aug. 1. Rebecca and David. lelaware St., Apt. A, Chan•TOV: and, Donald, 500 W. .Shannon St., Chandler, girl, Aug 2. ROGERS, Charles and Barbara, 2820 S. Dromedary, Tempe, girl, Aug 2. DIX, Elynor and George, 197t> E. Manhattan Drive, Tempe, boy, SCH^LJI'RMANN, Adam, 317 t. Barbara and Seventh Drive, W. Garden circle, Mesa, boy, Aug. MARLOWE, Richard and Carol, 220 N. Guthrie, Mesa, boy, Aug. 4. TOUSSAINT, James and Lolita, 5432 N. 82nd St., Scottsdale, girl, Aug. 4. Printed Pattern Fall, fall, fall in love with the shapely jumper, blouse and 6-foot scarf from the covers of our new Fall Catalog. Printed Pattern 9379: New Misses' Sizes 8,10,12,14,16. Size 12 (bust 34) jumper 2 yds. 54-in.; blouse, scarf 2% yds. 45-in. fabric. Send 75 cents in coin for this pattern; add 25 cents for each pattern for first- class mailing and special handling. Address Marian Martin, The Arizona Republic, Pattern Department, 232 W. 18th St., New York, N.Y. 10011. 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Gerald MarthaAnn SUM J o««* *' B8rb * ra Arm W , Philllo D. sue* Merry ' Dlan * Ll * ue * RoMrt sues . F. sue* Michael i M £ rcv , soe » John. , Ronald sues Darla. i"It JSP*>£ M. sues Patricia L. Fred ' Barbara Ruth tun NEWT6JJ, Donna sue* Ralph N. PV-Rt^E, Louise sues Denril F. H I Sr atrlcli Ann suo Sherman R^TCHHART, Suzanne F. sues Jack ROBINSON, Delores D. sues Law- "ywmam 5 ' P * trlC " Darl * n * tue * j I? Nancv Elltn sues T| mothy SWIFT, Carolyn S. sues William G. Republic and Ocaett* Subscrl- •v ^a, in advance .,..,„„,,, „,,, ^leaie mall remittance at carrier rate direct to circulation department. U.S. Mall Subscription Price* Arliona, California New Mexico CIRCULATION SERVICE 271-8381 OR 271-8356 Branch Office* entf Reoresentef.'ve* Service— Phf~ ~ . Coolldge . Cottonwood Flagstaff 7. Globe Chandler Goodyear . 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RVv. George . Handle Officiating Interment at IfflGHAM, "!»iii(am~DTTkrrange: merits pending, Crimth»w »»thany Ch*p»l, 710 West Bethany Home • LACK, l : ti. M.. jkmjtk Will I>| ^I'iCMf > i tr.- Ifcii , Tl CW | h. 4—Funeral : «nti, Mr A'AvsiHenrvsenoen- ; brother, .Edw-ard SchoenTnq, of Mesa. Services 2 p.m. today, wi «DII *«*.i va ITWI tvmtj/ 3t.Oir*ua Cf, interment Green Acres Memorla . . Jeien «. Requiem mass id a.m. .today ,af Oueen of Peace Church. .Burial Mesa Cemetery. Larry'J.Meichei'Mortuary. WATTY, Charles 6. (Chuck) Memorial Services 11:00 A.M. today, orlmsnaw Bethany chapel, 710 w. Bethany Home fcoad. interment Restheven Park Cometery. DALE, John Thurston. Services conducted by Rey. Robert Slebels 2:30 A-. m L. 10d M- V '" I . ... Chapel of Memories^ oore at Sons, interment fMARTINO, Louis E. Requiem Maw 10 a.m today, St. camels Cathpllc Church, Scotttdafe. interment Green Acres Memorial Gardens. .Arrangements by Green • , Scottwlaie. _ DIPPOTB, ASargaretnc. FrleridTmav can today. Services 10 a.m. Satur* day Paradise Chapel Funeral Home. I n it e r m e nGreenwood. -..other oTMfs. Ruff.Crockett Loi Angeles, Calif., Mrs. Ceciie Walters, Mrs. lone McNeely, Mr*. Malory Day, Mrs. Marlon Beger, & Robert L. Erwin, Phoenix. Slater of Mrs-Mabei prlbble & Ira Lockwood, both out of state. 12 «rand- children, 24 Great Grandchildren & 2 Greet-Great-Grandchliaren alto survive. Passed away Wednesday. Services conducted by Rev. George R. Wilson 11:30 a.m. today In Chapel of Memories, A. L. Moore A Son*. Interment Greenwood. FVflR IO7~Vfctor~ Rosa>y~7: today at Meldrum Mortuary Chapel, Macdonald at First Street, Mesa, where friends may call after 4 p.m. today. Graveside services Saturday at to a.m. Mesa Cemetery. Family prefers memorial to Coronary Health Center, Mesa South- • side Hospital. , GARCIA, lose, M. Requiem Mass ' a.m. today. Immaculate Heart Church. Mortensen-Klngs Funeral Center. . OARZA, valentine. Beloved uncle of Lupe Garza, Valentine Esdulval and Juanita Garcia. Recitation of the rosary 7:30 p.m. Sunday, St. Mary Magdalene Church. Requiem Mass 11 a.m. Monday, St. Mary Magdalene Church. Mertensen- Klnti Funeral Center. 6ILES, Myra G. Services 2 p.m. today, chapel of iueler Mortuary. Interment at East Resthaven HA1HN, Wllllam-B—Services' " ay. Greenwood Cemetery Chap,., Reverend Paul W. Strickland 'flclatlna. Interment Greenwood. lannon Fir~ iferment alHpme. HANN6N, Glsnna A. Arrangement* pending. Larry J. Meterter Mor- yary. __ HILL, Leonard John. Arrangement* pending. Whitney * Murphy Arcadia Funeral Home, 4600 East Indian School Rd. ; _ HORTON~EveretTr*lass » a.m. fc> day St. Gregory's. Interment St. Francis. Northwest Mertuary. HUBA, Michael this evening I p.m. Services 9 a.m., Friday universal Memorial Center. Burial at St. Francis Cemetery. 3OHNSO"NrKearney~B7"Services~c6Jv ducted by Rev. William Vooel' 10:00 a.m. Saturday In Greenwood ' Chapel. Entombment in. Green, wood. Friends may call from 6 till 10 p.m. today. A. L. Meore * Sons. If E LLY, Parley M. Graveside services 10 a.m. Sat.. Plma Cemetery, Plma, Arizona. Friends may call from 1 to 9 p.m. today at Mortensen-KInt* funeral Center. • today at the sunnyslope, Chapel of Hansen Mortuary. Additional services and Interment will be in Cleveland, Ohio. KYONA, Andrew. Services 7:30 p.m. at the home of Deloris Palmer. Services Friday 11 a.m. St. Francis Mission. Burial at Indian Pine, White River. Universal Memorial Center. MARTIN, Ralph E., 6439 W. Myrtle. ' Survived by wife, Pearl; sons, Ralph Eugene, Prescott, Lloyd E., San Diego; daughter, Mrs. Barbara Jo Hawley, Chandler; step-Children, Mrs. Dixie LeBJanc, Lake Stevens, Wash.; Mrs. Joyce Durant, McGuire AFB, N.J.; Fred Curtis, Sierra Vista; sisters. Mrs. Vera Logan, Glendale; Julia Angle, Spring Valley, Calif.; Grace Burke, Bradford, Ark.; Kathryn McQjIfough, El Caion, Calif.; Hazel Raymann, Graham, Wash. Also 17 grandchildren. Services 1:30 p.m. Monday, LundDerg Chapel of The Chime*. Masonic Rites Glendale Memorial. Friends may call 3-5 p.m. Sunday. MASON, Ricky" Universal MemoriaT Benton H., 45 W. Portland. service* 1 p.m. today, Camelback Sunset Chapel. Interment Floral i _LA* MWGU'IA, Dolores M.' Beloved wITe of Gilbert Mungula. Mother of Freddie Waters, Gilbert M., George M., Rudolph M., Frank and Joe Munguia, Lena Sanchez, Rosie M. Salazar and Gloria Jean Mungula. Sitter of Santos M. Garcia, Esperanza M. Ruiz, Carmen M. Felix and Joaauln M. Miranda. Also survived by 24 grandchildren. Recitation of the rosary e p.m. § un., Mortenien • Kings Funeral enter. Requiem mass » a.m. Mon., Immaculate Church. NYLYON, Effie Amelia. Services today 2 p.m., Memory Lawn Mortuary Chapel. Interment Memory Lawn Memorial Park. 6SBORN, Varna. Graveside services 9:30 a.m. today in St. Francis Cemetery. Whitney It Murphy Downtown^ __ , OTT, Keith D. Survived by wife Jua- nlta, Phoenix; stepsons Bobby L.. Jones, Tempe, end Edward D. ' Jones, Stt. Petersburg, Fla>; sitters, Mrs. Florence Birmingham, ' Mrs. Darthula Hosken and Mrs. Gladys Mae Lennan, all of Phoenix. Also five grandchildren. Services will be conducted by Mr. Harry Paftarson, 2 p.m. Saturday, Chapel In the Garden, Mercer Mortuary. Cremation. Friends may call from t until 10 p.m. today. Family prefers memorials to the American Cancer Society; • ; RAHLff, Peter J. Arrangement! ' pending, Grlmshaw's Bethany Chapel, 710 W. Bethany Home Rd. W. Krall. Son of Mrs. Zora Ransdell, Phoenix, and Rolland Ransdell, Brawley, Calif; brother of Mrs. Patricia Stepnenson, Mrs. Betty Erb, Mrs. Vera Miller, DWight Ransdell, Dwaln Ransdetl and Marvin Ransdell, Phoenix. Passed away Wednesday. Service* 11:30 a.m. Saturday In Memory Chapel, A. L. Meore ft font. Interment Greenwood. __ KEYNGLDS7~Renn AlHnTJ510~ATre Libre. Son of Mrs. Claude Reynolds. Pasted eway Wednesday. Service* and Interment In Morris, III. A. I. Meore lloni. SETOYANT, Victor" W. Services"? a.m. Saturday, St. Peter's Mission. interment Bachwle. lunnyikle Mar* wary directing. _ tHbMAS7~LeorOiiivenal Memorial Center. VXNBU'ONT, Viola, service* 10 a.m". . terment Mew City Cemetery. WTALTBRS, Michael John. lp82» Cheryl Drive, Sun City. Survived by wife Clara. Services today » unOert'* fleHen Doer a.m. L reen Acre*. 7— Funeral Oirtctort WE 1641 * SONS MORTUARY ICER MORTUr,, Phon? H ^4^ ROAT p,|{I{.y.Vk,n. ARIZ. FlER!iL S HOME FOURTH AVENUE AT ADAMS : 252-3411 (0~Florltti DONOFRIO FLORAL Co; Il—Ctmttir tali . Memory Gardens. ipaeesTSreen Acra* ll*. TWO crypt ^foyh'der* building. Mem- 9nf ilW£Lbf!a*' mj|r^»l5, 933:1570.. 25—Lost minicitc're, black, m«l» uii,,

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