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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Friday, December 18, 1931
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Last Edition VOL LV.--NO. 55. max WBATHER FOKBCAST FOR X MARYLAND: ParUy cloudy tonight and Saturday. Not much change In temperature. Fresh weat and southwest winds. Fafl NEA Serriee. FREDERICK. KD-. FBTOAY, DECEMBER 18. 1931. May SIXTEEN PAGES PRICE--TWO CEHTB IOT GUILTY. SAYS IURT IN CASE OF; FREED; IIP n CULLEP: ! WHITE HOUSE IGNORES ! MchADDEN AT BREAKFAST Washington. Dec. 18 (AP --The Wh;:e House today took its Srst formal , notice of the attack upon President Hoover by Representative McFadden. ! Republican, of Pennsylvania. Dessocralic and Republican leaders in the House, particularly those on the , , Ways and Means and Banking commit- . J tees, were invited to a White House i ! breakfast but McFadden's name was omiued. He is :he ranking Republican ' FOLLOW CLUE IN STEELE CASE TO ,O.C. NEW FEDERAL TAX PLAN WOULD COST $117,150 IN CITY OVER 300 TO GEF EMPTY STOCKING Evidence Not Sufficient, Judge.Wealthy Kansas City Woman on-.heBanki=« 5 ] Waller Nekton, one ol toe i*resi- WiHard Declares IP Render- I »-»««« U«m» *««· M lln«r« ·«*«*'* secretary in announcing the ing Verdict Today. Returns Home After 36 Hours In Filthy Rendezvous. list of guests said "one name was passed 1 over for obvious reasons and by unanimous consent." Postage, Theater Admissions ' j ! And Phone Calls To Provide ! i |! Carroll County Sheriff And De- i Most Revenue. j tective Makes Investigation .; mcapital. 'CIGARETTE SMOKERS ALSO'jj PROPOSED NEW TAX WOILD RAISE 51I7.1S* FROM FREDERICK PEOPLE "LEGS" KILLED AFTER HE FREED IN )EFENDANT SAID $270 HE ; NEWSPAPER PUBLICITY LED T WAS FOR COMMISSIONS' ABDUCTORS TO FREEING HER! samuel Hawker. Admitting POST ; Seized As She Had Entered : TO CONTRIBUTE LARGE SUM STATE'S ATTORNEY DENIES , FINDING GUN USED IN AFFAIR' J^"Z radios, snail letters, go to the movies. Here is an eit^nate of what ·.he proposed new federal tax »3j:d cost Frederick city aloa* in on* ear. in addition to »hat it is now paying · Postage - . $40000 T»phone calls 32 000 .Vjto=sobil«s -- J4000 Bar.fc checks - 000 I Final Plans For Annual Distri- I I bution Of Gifts Are t ' Announced. Thev »ho dance rcus: pay the fiddler. Tjijacco Theaters i draw checks, sell real estate or stock. : i session Of Liquor, Takes Jail Term. Driveway Of Her Home In Kansas City. Held Sunday Morning And i Evening, Is Announcement. · Lane Returns To Salisbury To , Resume Inquiry Into Recent Lynching. His good standing and reputation at- j Kansas City. Dec. 18 (AP).--Ser- j Lsted by 'ocal bussess men, and with voiis but unharmed after almost 36 j tested by -ocai aus-ess . ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ..g.^,.., resldeZTOBS o j u^ i ,ridence ^aciing on t_e a-iegea ^^^pp^. ilrs KeUie Donnelly. ALSO ON CHRISTMAS EYE o! embezzlement which had -rea'^y founder of a Kanras City gar- j Philrp H. roeni company, and George Blat. her ; Westminster. Dec. 18 (AP).--Carroll county authorities said today they made a hurried trip to Washington late yesterday after they had discovered a new clue to the incendiary who shot J- Tracks - ------- Realry transfers ---Tires and accessories . Rad.os . . Stock transfers ...... - 8 000 3 800 3 600 3.000 _ . 1.250 . 10OO 1,000 i 1 ENTERTAINMENT TO BE New York Gang Leader Shot To Death While Celebrating Another Defeat Of Law. BODY, FEATURES TWISTED, Henry Steele, aged retired farmer, and j m eac h pan of its com and ai: on the spot, if the new'.y proposed tniscellaneous federal tai is approved by congress · Secretary Me"on has recommended · the Increase as the best solution for j a*ee:mg expenses, one :tem alone o! \ which is a $150.000.000 annual postal i deflc;:. ' Frederic* will pay something more { than $100.000 in extra taxes if the bill goes through, accordms to an estimate Total estimate . $117,150 ·Depends on pcstal recoan- m«Ddatx?n. Rejection of three- cent postage may reduce figure by $35.000. AT GRACE REFORMED S. S. IS FOUND TWO HOURS LATER Families With Auto Or Radio ' Shot So Often That He Had Barred From Participation In Gifts. Been Regarded As "Bullet Proof." Over 300 kiddies will receive stockings at the annual Christmas entertainment and treat o! the Empty Stock- brought against fc.'m, Ps Albany, N Y . Dec. 18 (AP).--Fresh m a "ne» vindication by the force* law and order which he had flouted or his life. Jack "legs" Diamond ins Club. Mrs Ida M. Marker, presl- _ «as )u"ed today by members of the ; dent. Tuesday afternoon at 1 30 o'clock. enter- ur.der»or'.d in which £e had long been himself a sinister figure of ever-grow- waa announced toda\. The tainnient will be held in Grace j ing power. Reformed Sunday School and will be i Last night he was acquitted on a attended by a larger cumber of chil- Dornms- Willard stated that after re- j r^j-jr;. Barked the end jf a period of ic--iB the evidence he found it not j a=x jo,i5 waiting by her husband, Paul ufficient to hold the defendant guilty, j Donnelly, and delivery of $75,000 in lie case had been tried at the Sep- i ransom demanded under a threat of ember term of court, and judgment I death to Blair and blindness !o- the , rithheld. .woman. day wi^ ! The charge of embezzlement of L. M. Siegfried, chief of police, said J Christmas (TO made by the MoLer Company, he was certain no money had been: o f - t h e church by a section smpioye' of Culler until their store on! paid the men. Police squad cars and | High School Band under ihe d-rection season. The Senior vested choir, ested choir and the Young Glee Club wsll in :he festivities of the week- Eve ser ^ ~...~ on Thurs- ! Eldersburg when they were informed precede d by a half hour i the shotgun uith which the aged couple I eo down in your pocket for an extra with State's At- j 7 cents. Brown centered yesterday at | if TOU arc one of the kind of smokers Cantata "Bethlehem" l service from the ir i had the who "uses a pack of cigarettes a day in good times and hard times, your · yearly tip to the government will be from S21.90 to 525 55. Tfl Be Rendered Sunday Morning. forth Market street ·was discontinued ome hat of amount; of the firm's money ago, was made because rhlcfa he was alleged to have retamed, defense was that in his esn- dep'.Ky sheriffs set. ou: ac once ji a ! o! Prof. S. Penton Harris. renewed search for the kidnappers. Sunday evening will be the annual musical ser- Mrs. Donnelly said she and Blair ' Chrjsimas candle light were Laken from the rendezvous about · vice which Is one of the outstanding 30 minutes before they were pat out ; serr.ces of Ca'.vary Church and always also Deceived of a motor car. She quoted one of i draws a large congregation. This a^ rece-vea t commission on gross sales, and that be sum of S270 tras due him by the sompay in commissions. When in Say of this year it appeared to him hat he -would not receive this money. the men as saying: year the choir will give a sacred can- 'Another car wil be along soon to | :ata, "The Adoration," under the ask you for "35 cents, please." specting the shotgun but said there j $1,050. When you send a 30 cent t was no evidence it was the one used. | phone call or telegran^ the sender will . Thomas Rhubottom. a negro arrested the day of the shooting for questioning, was still In jaU today. Authorities hav- not placed charges against him. The negro was arrested when It was enough- to pay the new tax ARRANGED dren anu their parents than last year. Stockings for the children have : been purchased, bu: win not be filled '· until Monday afternoon, when ladiea J of the Empty Stocking Club will as; semble at the residence of Mrs. Markey, i East Second street. Etech child will I receive a Christmas stocking, contaln- ! ing peanuts, three pairs o£ stockings i for general wear, one-half pound of j candy, an orange and an apple, and . also another gift. For little girls, the ft will be a doll; and for larger kidnapping charge and he was still celebrating his victory with his revelry in a rooming house near the capital ·nhen gang guns suddenly spoke out the final verdict. The long arm of the law which to many times had reached for him had reached once more in vain but the ana of the underworld struck and did not miss. As gang bullets at last ended the career oJ the former bodyguard of Arnold Rothstein. the fair weather friends who had gathered to celebrate his lat* i children, scholars' companions or toys, i ost victory over the law fled Into the mt | Lists Swelling. j darkness before dawn and It was nott he said, he retained it from the assets j at the firm, and after the store closed month later suit was threatened, pick you up." In the meantime Siegfried had received an anonymous telephone caH which instructed him -s-here w 2nd the Z3L3. J.iic AUUlAk.iirxi, tAiiui_A v.ui» A^-H. u_ tv «uu .»..»,«-. -._-- -- , »._«.-j *·*«·»*· direction of James Heinlein Harris, learned a negro had asked Steele for a , and it to not Presumed that more John Taxpayer yic , ims ^^ ' Dolme j lT Ta5 h vsterical -when , to Mr" Harris, tenor. Claude S. Hahn shg first ^^^ :he yo , Ke car bat j^. , ^ -^^ Hoope - bassos. igainsc nan. The arrest oc a warrant j COTe ^ ner XEnposure lotellor -.he ab- ! T^ programs for the three serv- »y the company agents on toe crjainai i daK:on _ ' ices f o:lOTr: :narge folloreQ- xhe kidnapping occurred at her home j Sunday Morning. Wednes day As Blair drove into the j Prelude. -Christmas Fantasy." musical director with Miss Alice Cob- i S100 loan without success Police said | be. Returns To Salisbury. D^c. 18 (AP). Postage Biggest Item. Postage, at 3 cents a letter, will be the biggest single item in Frederick's new measure is adopted to Those who testified to Culler's $ eputation for honesty were G. Wiliam Shipley, K. Ames Hendiickson, jfo-*reM ·_ Nelson and Deputy Sheriff B. Frank Doll. The case was prosecuted y State's Attorney Walter E. Sinn. M. S36.500 per year more base H. ! Preston Lane, Jr., left driveway another machine pulled in. ' V O T~E- hymn. "O Come AH Ye Faith- bury to resume his investigation nuo \ «··--» »-- -- "-i""^ """ ---nmtals. '· Ijavla "asao. «u»u .m nm Three men got- out and cliiEbed into her : £ur - Aubstles' Creed, congregation; the lynching there two weeks ago of j than is now paid, increases on PW.UMA , -j-j^ the pastor. Rev. machine- , j prayer, Minister: anthem. "First Christ- Matthew Williams, negro. i "id parcels shoulc. run the agure to . John Ttaver _ ^m jroeat on ' As the car rcoved away the men j mas Morn." Newton; Psalter, First | Mr. Lane, accompanied by one of his constantly growing and many per- j his twisted features showed he had died He had been shot down so reputation butafc \ riSri-ss SSVA S£ r^dftlon of The MrirtL The *«** that tn « cil * *» « urt « ted lntc \ a: ° ne - ., ,, the rendiJon of the cantata. The j ^^ ^ a repre6 . ntatlve of the | The gang leader's widow and MM. M i M i n e White' ' ETM? 1 * Stocking Club in charge of each j wood, ttie proprietor of the houa» nm soorano ^vra H" Knock tenor: \ *** °^ through the district chairman | where Diamond died, were held as m*- HomeT n^Kevte bass Josetf Step- **· th « children be listed. Each Win- i terlal S^^'^S^i-^S- vS* «d ' ter the ladies visit all homes in their The n . t«»»v«i* -*»»v»..v, . to to w h e e r o, not started to blindfold her, she said. She i special Reading for Christmas; Gloria j assistants. G. C. A. Anderson, left fought them vigorously but they finally j patri, choir and congregation; Scrip- ; shortly after he had concluded ser" " " ~ got a sack over her head, was blindfolded, she said. They were transferred :o .f;er a 1 Blair also ture lesson, offertory, "Shepherds' |gs of conferences with Levin C. Bailey. ! Pipes." Harris; anthem, "O Little Town , state's attorney of Wiconuco county, " another ' 0 * Bethlehem," Neidlinger; hymn. , who came to Baltimore for that pur- parcels $40.000 Bethlehem" i an d there win be the dedication of two Alton Y. Bennett and William Storm were attorneys for Culler. Jailed On Liquor Charge. Samuel Hawker, near Jefferson, lleadd guilty before JUCg- vv-wara tu ^ ^^^ ^ii^ AAIU. OAJLU k.v^.i «. *vi*6 v*-..^. "^ugeis -rruiu xxic j\rrti:n.'* vi. ^»-vij . ^uoc. -- . _vc,.fl "rtV- chaige of possession of liquor for } ^^ taken into a dark house, the Christmas meditation. "The Most Free- " Mr. Bailey also returned to Salis- j sons attend movies in Freaen-K and received a jail sentence of ; location of which she did not know | oas G -j-~ minister; hymn. "Hark. The bury today and neither he nor Mr. Lane i average week. AJow only naii Herald Angels Sing': benediction, post- ; would divulge the tenor of their con- these from ti The public will have its movies at ; ieven _ cand!e dectrte candelabra, which all costs, so there we toss in an Item j ^ ^ ^ placed on eiaxr sl ^. of tbe of $7.500 a year, for admissions costing alUr The more than 10 cents. When past the j ,, Q . drive From Tfce Realms of Glory"; p 10 cent mark you dig up another coin. Reliable figures show that 10,000 per- memorial to Mr. s. Oliver C. Warehime, for a long time leaders in the life of the church, and are placed by their daugh- the children are of the ages torn two ° «*«« and " the gifts. Children in any family' having en automobile or radio cannot receive the benefit of the Christmas treat. it was stated today. The list of the club has been corn- marked the fourth time that he h»4 been a target of rival gangsters' ballets. . __ Chief of Police DavftrSmttrT attributed the killing to rival gangsters. He Mid to the best of his knowledge. Diamond, his wife and sister-in-law, Mrs. Bddia Diamond, widowed by gangster bullets. piled with the co-operation of Miss j attended several parties last night. Florence E. Garner. Federated Char- who months. The case came up as an Hawker having asked 3r a jury at a preliminary hearing. EL Aus- ^e: James was his counsel. S ^^-^r^^f^ £e ^y-ery f^y l1^^d j r kidnappers told her they took " her because they wanted money. They ; Ia( j e ..jjj Betalehem's Town," Mueller. | versatlon. ;re not going to hurt her if she would j Candle Light Musical Service. i Mr. Lane already has spent two days _ "We ] prelude, "The Holy Night," Dudley ! jn Salisbury this week in carrying out want j B UC S; hvmn. "O !awle Town of l Governor Ritchie's orders that he con' Bethlehem"; prayer, minister; anthem, j duct a thorough inquiry Into the lynch- | do as she was told, they said. Tcill treat you all right but we ST5.000. After some discussion she decided j scripture lesson, Isaiah 9:1-8: offertory, :o write io her attorney. She said one j . Christmas in Sicily," Yon: oEertory of the men s:ood near her with a I res ponse, hvmn. "Silent Xigiit, Holy ' Christmas Meditation, "The Christmas." minister. Sacred - - - - - - ,, ,, by 52. and we have 260,000 a a year. A ten per cent, tax could not ( ^ choir for [ Warehime held many offices in the ! church school and congregation during JJfe anJ a member of be below S7.500. flashlight and dictated :ae demand. She said they were fed mill; and crackers axui that only one of' the men was discourteous. Cantata, "The Adoration"; ' WhJe Shepherds Watched hymn. Their Xoel Polonais," Guilmant. Christmas Ere Service. Prelude, "Chrisimas Pastoral," GuB- ··Then the thing got oat (referring -S-.QC'SS by Night": benediction, postlude, :o the news of the abduction) and they : caace to me and told me they reaLzed ti-sy never snouid have taken a woman Blaze Within Year At . and" that they were going to release ' :aa ^t-"hvinn."Joy to the World"; i us. They told me to get up and they aj^^ster; carols, "Shepherds'. Shake FamSWOrth Place. P u5 :he sack orer mj head a ? a '^ 1 - T ~ ae * , Off YO-JT Drowsy Sleep." '· put another orer Blair's heac and look , Yfenoeslas": --~~ us out to the car." j -Q i,;ttle Town of Bethlehem," "I Heard Costs of Communication. Frederick sends someting like 1,000 telephone toll calls and 145 telegrams _ each day. according to a close check evening program at 7.30 o'clock will be a carol sing and candle light addition to many carols, ten class ^u ,,. ot candles. servlce of the pastor f j l a . . On each of these, under the new bin. I symboUc o: tne Llght of the world. there win be a tax of 5 cents for a mes- ,... . ^ Bell Harm Christmas play. "Why the Chimes - * foifcs of ^ Miss SLIGHT , i Less than an hour later tie two were , ******PAID $250 A WEEK FOR The timely passing of Officer George Layman on his ber, at 2 15 o'clock this . morning probably prevented a serious ' fire in the lunch room of Charles L. j Farnsworth. East Patrick and Carroll ! R esor t Proprietor In Anne Arun- streets, where an early momin? blaze broke out for the second sirae wnnin a ' del County Testltres. oa Cnnstmas Day," Young Peebles Glee Club; offertory, "LePetit ; Uerger," Debussv; offertory response, j " Wtat CM:d B This? -" " E. Church ranges Program. \ HOLD COSTUME PAGEANT J r Led," m^ter; hyrnn. "There's benediction, the "= -^ ^^ ~ ' ^-TM' rae ^ . t . . __ Chr^tmas program in tne Tnn- Methodist Caarch 3 there will be a tax sage costing from 14 to 50 cents; ten · j cents on each message costing 50 cents ; waiQscnm:Q ._ ^^ or more. If we figure the average ex- j t __ p.^ storm I tra telephone call tax at 6 cents and · telegrams at 7 cents, the annual tax here for all wQl be $25.800. Ten-day reports from the Commis- · sioner of Motor Vehicles show that _an about one Frederick- above t: I times a little below, i 350 new sales at an average o! i a car we have a sales total of ! on which a tax of 5 per cent. paid. That makes $14.000. One hundred and fifty new averaging $800 would mean a volume of $120,000 per year, whir would mean a sales tax. a who assists with the treat. No children residing outside the city limits can be included it was said. program Assembling promptly at 1.30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, kiddies will sing several Christmas carols and hear a Christmas message from Rev. Dr. Amos John Traver. pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran church. The gifts win then Dete ^ distributed in the presence of Sante ^ don Cnristmas eve . Hcl ' poj. i Glaus, who will assist. Every child must . ! have a ticket distributed during this " ! month by ladles of the club and en! titling the children to receive gifts. Upon prwentaUon of taelr tickets, the gifts will be delivered. *£** ' $800 acters is as follows; j Holger, a. peasant boy, Mae Mercer; i for about 20 years, and for many years "Some time between four and o'clock." the chief said, "Diamond came alone to his room at 67 Dove street In * taxicab. He was living on the second floor with his wife. The apartment in the rear of Diamond's was occupied by Mrs. Eddie Diamond. "Between 5 and 6 Mrs. Laura Wood and her sister, Mrs. Ethel Smith, heard shots. They heard a running down the stairs. They looked out a window and saw a man get Into a dark sedan that sped off. It was too dart for them to get a description of tha fugitive." SHORT TERM GERMAN CREDITS NOT DANGEROUS 3M8t1 * BmnrnVmrdner. m; Bertd. thdr "«*· I SS^SwS^haw "SeeS* uSsS mfbe^ · trucks ; :^^J°^/^ d A W uTMMer:i^^ this December, and in a num-1 J. H e t, f^f r ~r ^d^Ruth DaS'-priest^wc^d ber of instances perso^.have *nttt«« ! O f Amen, rhich. If i iZ; .» v, ,,., o,,K__fr cum- coctabutioas and asked to assist in , cess. -*^ . Whitmore: nch man, Kooert ttap, i ,. ! Washington. Dec. 18 (AP).--A member of J. P. Morgan and Company said today there had been a cumbersome amount of German short term credit In this country but that It did not endanger American banks. He was Thomas W. Lament, testify* ing before the Senate Finance commit:e said probably 90 per cent ;caa banks engaged In the pro- correct, !naB , Hoals: stop; , beautiful wo- ! cited, it was stated. on tracks. , a bank check or i END OF FAIR NEAR A general alarm, instantly sounded by ' (AP).--Former _ . Melvin and | Boc kTin e Managers To Can Meeting Of Society. Anne Arunael j county patrolman, together were paid by chemicals, wlthou: the use of «ac- church will be the anwau o see hs friends cheer, without first being soli- "The largest holding of such credltt by any one bank is $70.000,000 and tl»S institution is so large that It Is not A V U A O DACWCTC n "" ter of danger or eren of comment," XMAS BASKETS i he added. | Lament told howTjis company had Society To Be Helped ! handed 5300.000,000 of loans for Prance i and S208.250,000 for Germany. By Scouts. i ^ the cojnc^tee recessed from Aid Society has asked , luncheon the House took up the mora- -he chare'ischooane n i n w i l be the Frderick county Boy P- uts to ! torium measure with the erpectotioai in charge of a committee from the , assist in filling and saskets ! of latifying * be.ors aojounaaoft. church school and will begin at 9.30 , for ihe poor during the two days be- j 2. vear tnat would be $7 300. cut STOO for p.pes. s^ice cigars escape. :he total would sir_e somewhere near $3 000 more ~JO be paid eitlTer by the tobaccos or by Johnny Stnok- der direction of Mrs Webster "Wnite- . of walking is required. hill At 11 p m. a vesper service wiH under Henry R. Coates. executive, are be *°la in ih- ccurch with a New preparing to make the deliveries in h _ aa j special much the same manner that they dis- adu'.t room tnbuted clothing after the recent col- 3y that tune t a k - H e said h e paid a-, ap-ara-us bad ar- a=d Grerrpler S50 - - - - - - - ers. A Heavy stored on the upper 53r of Cvm S200 a week weei for several Grcrcpler also had he acced. ess' wife Grenip- frame officials -»anted so much zocey they rad to clase the place they opened two -.ears ago BTSS conacered at length- The consents was that, in view of the organization's financial extrea-ty, the property should be deposed of promptly at the most advantageous price. ·K"hat ~as interpreted as a definite -f er of S35 000 for the approximately h.ny-five acres was discussed favor-o'.y. but it was pointed out that the iirsct^rs are without authority to au- Year sennon by tn rr.asic by the cho~ of of the church school. The semce is so tirr.ea that the New Year will be entered in silent prayer. Washington. Dec. 13 (AP).-- A new expression of concern over the Man- chunan situation in friendly bat positive terms has been communicated to Japan by the American government Ambassador Forbes in Tokyo on ln- r.e caurth to attend these services. The Church School of tbe Trinity :M:*regat!OB has sad a ten per cxnt in- .rease -a attendance t!"nng t.i-e past iiree iconths. as coniparei with tn-e ^air.e period of a year ago. Holiday Cheer in Wall Street. New York, Dec. 13 'AP) --A sudden tr.on~« a sale and that it is a matter r ,;-,-ersa! in the securities market gave There were 1^03 real estate transfers at the Fred«nc court house is the -as*, twelve months If t-i-e £?ure holds --x r.ext Tear, ar.; -ie ceeded proper- ^-OTJX) nvore abo-.e S5 000 --cat rr.2.^ from Sl.OOO to 55,000 and ~y- dowr: to Sftv do'.lars or so, tl-K .-:"an-.p ta~ of 50 cents !or »ach S5OO rt val^e .r. excess o. S100 --Jl »e and the s-oStA'-nec damage from tlie Sanies. i~e fire a* the lurih rooin. took · · place in :« spring caused mnor d«n- J H R E E R E T U R N I N G FROM aee. or^ir.a:ir.z in an e.evator sna.w. entirely witlun the discretion of the society members. It therefore was decided to hold a of the members within the near It oecurrtc ?.: about the ^arr.e hoar of the Seek Shotynn Owner. future by Henry Tied from their bun-.r.g home near Eldersburg. is a o.ucst.or. which authorities are tiring to soHc Thomas Ma- Wall street a foretaste of holiday cheer today. A report that important bask- .-g interests had placed bids in the aor.d aiarket to prevent farther wide A call for the meeting to be breass in issues wsich they have spon- held earlv next month, will be issued 5 seed and that formation of a pool a* once. " nac ' been considered started a brisk Sale of the fair grounds is expected recovery in the investment market *o mark not onlv the passing of the . whi:h rjick:y spread to stocfe Rail- tim»-honored P.ockville Fair, bat prob- road securities *ere prorr.iner.t in the abls- the end of the fa.r assowatior.. upturn. In stocks. Delaware and Had, ;ii shot up niore than 10 points lins cable? were off 6 cents to S3 38 Windsor Cast:e in England has gar 1 - Ca".".'money renewed at 2 : j per cent ' "ArtiS Foster. 15. ar.d Richard Leak, dens covering 70 acres, of -ahich 23 are · 16. vere outright. Cecil M.rsor ' devoted to icgetabies. There .s one j* is estimated that a bushel of Park Change Sought. The Maryland State Roads Conunis- -i-n is asked to change the width of tr.e center parking in front of the new "ourciiousc on Montgomery avenue, at ^·Kkville. in a resolution adopted by -Ii5 Montgoinery County Commissioners Tr.c commiss.oners want the parking hanged so that there will be a roadway 25 foet vride on each side. As the lection Supplies, Including canned goods and srocenes. are to be brought by the scouts to tbeir troop saeetings tonight, j strcctions of Secretary Stimsoa ba» Monday and Tuesday the snpplxs win j 3za in emphasized to the Japanese be assembled, ar.d the delivery ill! be- j foreign office American solicitode that c.n the day ar.d cont^ae ' oo^jauons under the ni=e power and through Chr*5taias Eve. ^3acJ: s;oat s se2o^-Br^nd treaties be respected. asked to bring the same aa-oust of . No f Or7na i commuriicatioii was dc- provisions as if he were out on ' ij vere d to the foreign o*Bce bnt tne an overnight camping tnp. American attitude was re-expressed to A demonstration of first aid and fundamental bandagins was made at Park- i ; the Japanese. -. school Thursday afternoon by the CHRISTMAS PLAY KILLED Hur.tincton. W. Va.. Dec. 18-! Death today had ended the Christmas Wfll Hit Radios. Hc-o sales. have thus far besii « from tax. will be includ- eTat a 5 per cent rate i! tr.e new bi^ is enacts Dealers Kt^nate th^ ws- ^·.ean S'. 000 tAX per year, cxc".-- s .ve o» sales ..-je parking have been completed, these -ill have to be removed and rep^ced. This will be done at the expense of -.» country. «d Heroert Emmitsbnrg Stadents Depart. Ciirstmas vacation for the students f Mount St. Marys and St. Joseph's If each motor-st spends S20 a year colleges began this afternoon and con- for tires and a ~ c ^_ *'" n "J6 until Tuesday. January 5. Beser cent tax ·*-". ainour.t to S- 2^0 ·s-opn -he two institu'ions. nearly 1.000 Trie -.oljcie of cas-tal =toc t-ans- · are due to take A'.fred Goldoerg Miss V^ssaia Wesner. prin- ' ;ipal, and iEss Freda Etzler, la charge ' ?f Srst aid, connne-idecl the scouts for · .isir snowing A demonstration on arti- respiration will be conducted Jan- ^arv 7 by the same group. THE WEATHER TODAY Named Ox Fibre Superintendent. F. W Weitze", who has been super- -.s-cfer.t or the Florida branch of the Precipitation for 24 hosrs ending ** T a. rn. today -- noae. Precipitation. DecemSer to date -1.79 incii. Xormal December precipitation, Lit mches: actual, December, 1930, per cent, is so variable t.iat severa. orokers agreed that Sl.GOO is as good ., prospcc . tne paving of SlO.OOO more - thias Rhubo'tom. 23. negro » still held mrlev. IS. died today. for further Haves N Jackson. 29, dri'er of --··jd«"nts departed for th«ir homes in ox Fiore brush factory at Sanford. Fla , *-different sections of the ccointry. ,-a.s been transferred to Frederick. He 1 citered upon his new duties as syp- Tintendent of the local plant Thtsrs- -. resr at the most conservative figures say. No other changes r.ave been made 'm tn- Car.o.» county quesf.onir.e the held on a murder charge, j flower border which is 200 yards long wheat contains 556000 grains, a bush- a guess as any on this point . . . . _ . . . . . . . . ,, ,, _ _ and 15 feet wide on each siae of a grass e l of rye 888.000, and a bushel of clover Totalise all the .terns, as m ..-.e a.- And ^ Tc havpn - t e - ec i^g,^ on tie rest here. Frank M. Dertzbaugh, treasurer | 16,400,000. - ., . j '-ached table, we see that Frecer.ct aas ^ o - -jj g CC)UI1 -y - this monuig. This year's deficiency to December -- J! 17 inches. terr.ierat4ire yesterday -- Si, ixw teraperatiire last night 35. Sun sets today -- 450 p. m. Sun rises tomorrow-- 725 a, m. Moon rises tomorrow -- 1 18 p. ra. Moon sets tomorrow -- 2.14 a. m.

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