The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 14, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1932
Page 3
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THE DA1L-Y NEWS. TKEOERIUV M D . SATURDAY. MAY 14. 1»33- THKEB The Menace Of The Drinking Cup BY FREDERICK B. BALMER. PH. G.. B. S. M. D. Submitted by E. C. Kffauver, M. D., City and Caaatv Health Officer D A "IT ^/ AJLY Rotarv Governor ^ The hj^tcry o' our earlier explorers ' Most states and cnies hive enartei re-tunes us c! tlis fac: tea: the In- laws and adopted regulations rei-sic- r:a"g recognized the career o; u^mg -"g ttie use of cnniirig i-ups in ptiMic ; another's cricking \essii. They had or semi-public plac's M*K c-: tliv*m' ~*ir o^vn cr.nkmg cups r--;^ v.o'-lc net require s.riat the ci5l;o^ tittnsils. u?e a cup v t h - r tliaii their o^t:. In, after being Uiorug:ily iaiird. ni:ist drinking :iiey held the cup abo-. e U** · be expo^ to live i-t^m. Lxuling v.ater- head aad j»ureci the liquid :nty -.ii? or ho: air at certain definite tcir:p-?rs- , reoiiih without touching their lips, tures. for it leas ii'.e minutes, -iome j Strangers -Acre not Slewed to use cf then: prefer tie ·_? o* sttr-Ie d^hes. their cup. if he had none cf ha c~An,' cups and spocns inacfe of paper, v. xd j the liquid being pc-ureti --"° ·-'·' CU F- o: other suitable material, handled n ' ped hands. They ihoroujh'.y apprec:- a sanitary manner and useci -Vr one ated the association of hygiene of the service only. Many «til accept stenli-, body and long life. zatijn T.nh a chl~r:r.e solution, vihen Even the priniiti'.o people knew bet- property controlled. The var-jus! ter then, and -A-e kr.o-.v better now: but heal-.;-; departments are eager to aid srs ' the fact remains that, the careless ] any way to tr:n; a'oout better cvndt- ' c«:ps. cuhes and ee'.mg utens-ls. are · ing uiiiati»fictory conditions t tnv-ir potential s-tirtes o: danger, by s^rnis · s:t«itiou. The present situation 15 adheres -.Q uxir. inc being trans- very much improved, as compared \.i:h' ierred from cne person to another I t . that of a itu- years ago, snd most of ] is not my -purpose to frighten -3d I ; the credit is du-e t? the efforts of the I SATtSDAY. MAT SATIKB*VS EtST L»ui» So!«el--WEAK Me". K-7-WEAF S?:«.-ri . lA9(rr Fightm-- WJZ Xf.»orK IXj»n».» IVOM-- \VASC Kf.crfc Mjdr:{:wra Orsh.-- \\ABC N:»,ri lEASITSS STANDARD TISiE tfc_ --!- i 10 00 -- A i '· K U K V j wv.' : .- W W J . DETKOir-- It«-- ?-« f s oo-s «. s :s-i: oc K,'» H J . - J I K - - V J :-n:-o i C\STEKN STATIONS i WEAU BAJLItMOKt--,S»i-- IvCt k. S 90- E- P_:.j 10 oe-- Xt:^."- WJZ. " BOSTON, and k. s :?-* -x. M O Y . t i u t M . C S \V£.\ * : ^ . T :.- " 3)-M - S-.i=ii.-c l O E J v -- li»--S« k. .-·;: i re-- Our rt 5 00-5 00 rr l»5- -- lots k. ·Tl-.ri'.-r. Or am an are o: the fa'.t under cer- · public health o££cia!s. tain cirrirn^tanc happens; but .".-.arc cleansing and sterilizing n:ay \ be be cone by hand or machine. Statistics car«ful. that the exceptional cas? may shoo- that machine-washed dishes un- : be spared. der good super\"ision, are sterilized ef- Scientirlc me-dicin^ toiiy, is larse- . fectively. The hand washing method ly based upon the importance of bac: -xss disappointing, in that the proper teria, the recognition cf ^hich began temperature to kil! the germs could when P=st-ur nr^t locied into th^r : not be u.'ied. Chlorine has been found vronders of the microscopic '.\orld aj:d ' to be very practica!, when properly- gave us the bas^ of o drinking cup. The statemeni is made. -The coin- service is probably the best solutio mon drinking cup. -lie the eld osl-ie.i · for the small institution and inhere the i bucket 13 a thing c* the past." But. · more elaborate and expensive n:a- | is it? Any cup that i. 5 net pro;rrly chines are not fe^-sible. In the main, i cleansed and strril-ze-d - as dangerous . :he larger institutions are compelled t»; : as the oii common drinking cup. Be- go to a sreat dea! o' expense in in- S CO--B-rii D-^ce IS JO--Sports: Xttt . K V V T . t li W t ' J . BOSTON--i«9--J90 k. . V. EAi' 1 :.-^ tt'EAF :- :s-:. .;. C.i5-7 IS. ~. »-i: OC. ; « . V -- O : . S . i; i?-i: .3 ' a .·--A.: .vs N .? .- s.s. ^-.-c:.s- S:30--Ssix^jr, Kt*s s-44--Orci WM»Q t'au «.t--!:N--i.:u k «Bt.N. Bl»tAW--S33.I--S*» k. V.VZ J ;. - i, 7 . . - - I ,\. , c-:-s IS ii-_- ic 7 S3-:o eo. :: oc-i: » V.EAF t ...-: ,: t -.1 a --;.. r.iiet»^ 4.3^--.'3i^.ca f :*- t»^. - i:;-.f;j. ( :.^-S;-^r:^ .«^'.~r « IS--Li*» : s 15-- l.'.f i-.^. s .= :~jf:-^:;^ K. BIFFAtO--Mi--«· k. ' S ii--U*^.-f .-.i.-..-:r.-» I J c-.'-A=-.^.-A3.» IVABC i 15-5.45; « 93-8.CO I :,' Si-lrp«:e S-:--i t .- :: tj--^rci-rwriv S t--Sp^r^i s-«--Pl»ibc«s - WEXK acd HL^. CUICACO--«li--^:e t S iJ--Ps^« Act S:CO--Ute Euca ; \\VZ 6 !J-« . . 7 -.;-: ^. s J-"-S CO » li-S-u_:o 9 »--Orch.; Mc=wrx* ' \VEAF 5 .-.·-; :J. t lj-7 ,c. i W - : J 00 WLW. OLVCIXNATI--1»--7»» k j i :--Si'-^-ps :· «3-A^:-.:c 7 :o -- !*i:;% WJZ. S :-« :5; S 30-i:OT; u.»-::-J3 I it W--An;o»-As;» :. .*r--O.'CECT::* « JO-B.O XcitjCi e.«3--s-=tn:=« j wcrt. CUIOAUO--j?j--y-.v *. T W--Pr:r.3 7.1S--GiSios ; 6 15--V»r:.-j. Orch T ,V-Y»;:«». Too 7-J3--A:r Tif»trn S:00--folie* ! S.19-- K«2. B c:.= l^ . \\CFL Ore:. 19 30--lir KSf^l 11:J!-- IXxxllfsocicrs i S W--MUMCS: So-ia:--- tVHK.. CLEVELAND--JIS-7--ISsa K, j WHAS. tOllsMLlt--!«--*» k. WABC 6 4S-7 W: 7:15-8 Of; i 33-9:li; j \VE-\F. S ?C-S 1-. 7 .\-5 :. S ?.--:? V O K K -- Jl«-- fear of ihe ecntrolled and changed frequently I ' enough. A comple-.e individual paper : S S - l v M; J l . K - 1 - 3J 8.:5-Ss.-«r S IS-- Course 10 Sa-- Lt-u:sif 12 00 -- Qrssa WT.UI. CLEVELAXB-- ISO.4-- 1»70 k. WEAK 6 ?e-5 33; 6.':-10 IS. 1J 3:-!t OS; 11 :5-:; wo 5^15 -- T»:-5h: T-jir.e5 s 3J-- Biics-::: Sjxrts w.xvf. UEIBOIT-- tm-- I:M k. ^ - ABC: 5 33-1C. 10 15-12 3J: 11:15-1: SO « (K-- Div'* H^t:» 10 O0--Orc=f ··-!» :o:33-- D-.^-fsrr-wc^s :; 45-- Nc:n Or H J K . DETKU1T -- IDC -- 75O k. 13 f-J-- A=-.^»-An- J? H -l'»n;e Kri ,; «TMJ. MILUAlKti.--ll:--CO ». \VEAF T-oO-s J.' a . ' w ' - ' ^ v X ; W."4. 7 00-7 ; tJ. S j.-.- .. WABI-. v · ?J-- Ur: ,,? vs»-- i*r ii:ri -ii-- ^j.\ir::iU3 3^ -- Trsir.rr ,« -- Itf.'.e Bitrr -^-- Kc::» Is ·; ;vr WCAl'. rHH.\I)|-LI'lll\--T..S-- 1I7S k. V.'ABC T O C - I C . \ . : .;.--:; ,o 2 33-- rrsp:ei :.- ,.·--roue C»::i WLIT. PHIHHEIPHU--i3C_va k. v. K^r i cv-5 :c. ^ ;%-; 3?. '. K : cj Stieff s Silver PATI'KRXS K l U . L l \ t C A K K i t U I N S l O f l i EXCLUSIVE AGENT FOR J A M E S E. DOLL JiWclcr fur (irer SO Years ·,»::-.:·:-. t". A - " · - . - · · N -' Dr ;;::-..· iv p:,-Mo,-"t v t :.·.-· !·: vi. Ii.'.. 5 C !CJ T. ..::.. ·-. .r F:,-.:.-:.. ·:. .1:^ I-roth- K D K \ . PtTrsni'KOH \V,V. r: ts-s ;i ;. ii-;i 10 :i -- D^y !s D-:.-.r 11 $i~-O--ch»- KS1P. MM.;..-*!. PAl L-- t.'i.I-- 1U-O k. \VEAF. 5.15--S=..;-pv i-X-9 *5. i WEAT * 15-'s «O«. ceuse v. ished, cr even stalling dish -.vashmg apparatus. "sparkles" and looks clean, it does not : necessarily follov/ that '-'. is not har- , boring the or^msms o. directs-:-. The ' t'i adage. "What y~u don't fee or c^n't kn".v vcn't h-^rt you." _= un- ' true. It h2.«= bt-:n denn-tcly that influenza is very frecuc-ntly trans- micted by improperly cared for disnes: - V.'hy are i'e so indifferent to the soda , , fountain, pop stand, etc., despit? the' fact that the United States Public · Health Service, from forty-five radio ' stations, has broadcast the warning! against the use of the community glass I ;h3t has been '-.'.ashed" and yet not j -freed from germs? The use of indl.'id-l paper cups has been made com- ! monia. iub?rcu:c3is. sore throat and pulsory. by the government, on all rail- others. These ^re nc-t my persona. ' read trains. Most institutions v;ou!d ' feelings -n the niii:c-r. tut arc- based · be eager to consider your demands for ' upon scisntir.c rcsc-arch. the results of absolute cleanliness, especially if your j f-'JZ: 7 '.iJ-T CO. g.30-9 ? !0 :5-tO-30: 11:15-1.00 S OO--S.-.-r=»rielJ 6 15--Dot-:.:« Wli'i. DETROIT--3M--«o k. "" [ \VEAf. s'^O-j'li i VZAF: J; 5 «-S.!5: 6:tS-i: S3 : 6 :.i-!i-sr.,:i 5.00-- SiM-Sil! 6.15--Brrcscle B.^ : KMOX. ^T. ml i»--.-;:..l -- «.JO--N-ws j WABC 6 :-l-6 15. 6 i 5 - J k- ! 6 45-7.(X 1 . see -- asa k. s :«·-:! w -7-.-0 k. the scr:ns o: ciphth-?r-a. pneu- -jj! niW. HARTFORD--155--6CO k. ITEAF 3 15-12 OS i MOK. NCWAKK--It3--710 k. I 5 CO-- V::c loa S:20--AItr= Brc^s . S.iS--3;rgirr Or. T:30--Sltyer Or. ! S CO--Vlush Or, 9 45--V.'arren Or : 9.15-- tclfrs 9 :o--Gotd;!i»i:te ; 'J Or. Ifl-;o--\Yooiior:r Or. i W E » F . NEW IOEK--4il--653 k. j 5 OC--D:=r:er Orrh. 5.30--H:::blt::r5 · 5 45--Junt- Pt;r«a 6^0--Sludio ' 6 15--Sports 'J i 5 -- IV-ssy IO.CO--S?cr-.j :-.· ?·!--li»=cjr-v i P F . . "~ " siMiVv." :\v""r. " Sl'XDAVs C».^« f I . M I K E S Srth Pirkrr --V. S \ K s.;. v ,. : a . Makinr MJVK-I-V.-J:-. N - : S , T Lifet:aie Ectur--V.'^At-" N - : ^ . r i ks«ris odot:ni.(f--Vi,!^ r*.:-A_:*: a great clcai of c-ffcrt: on the p^r: ot patronage and good trji are at stake, j individuals, research foundations, sc:-; That this subject is time:;.- is exent-1 entific groups, vtc.. cations"" and in- plified by the fact that Hy^ea. pub- j tern2ti.or.aUy knov. n. ; lished by the American Medical A^sc- A vast, amount of pr;p?.;=-nda ccn- · cintion. in a recent pos-er contest for: oernins this matter a g-cing on in iiiis high school pupils of the United States country, as v.-el! as a'cronc. Recently I s-c Canada. a7.~aried ihe Srst prize to '. read an article by Dr. F. A. Fcrs'.ur. of a girl in Cleveland. Ohio, -srho per] Germany, r.ho refer: ID the cir-pior^ale. trayed a schcvl-girl drinking cut o; a ! conditions in sm3li tc?m and liLtlr sanitary fountain. · restaurants, in u=in; unchanged v.-^ter Cr.e Vni be surprised what cne v.iii Tor dish-v.-2shing. Ke states That liiey ' see if one is obser.'ing. Harr.ona's Mar- irake s. great, sii:v in clsansin; the ' ria;e Place, a --.vishing v.e"." at S^n dishes befcre the pe;-pie. and ye* they Diego. C^lifcrnia. is a historic sc-ot are filthy, and re corn-sends a machine -here nsrly-weds drink of the water for hygienic clean;inj. ana make a wish, after having thro'.vn' Major John \V. lueehin. in v-riting money into the v. ell i the wish :s. c f ' of "The cup that kills." says: --\Vlth | course, fuppcsed to come truei. On-: ! the advent of hot weather, hurnnnity may purrhase a sznitar;.- cup for a v.*ill seek relief from thirst by frequent cennv and use it tc CT c-" r'-r- ·-~ 1 -^draughts of cool liquids, and our pro's- ccr.taminatc-d v;ater. Think it ovc-r: lem is to prot-sct man frc-m ci-ming in Another recent personal espsrtsn-:e contact xvith the mouth secretions of might be cf interest. I vras a pas- his leilcv.- man. and here -AX- rrwst r^ith ienger on cne of the imrjoriarst '-a-'- ·The- cup that kil^.'" A psrsrn c:^j riais out of Chicaso. In the "oascrva- be e-. 3 r » fastidious with his eit.ns r;on car. ref«.Ojt-cr.ts v.ere bc-lr.= Hoover Says Present Aim Is To ·' -- - t^b:e-xare. served. A dozen Or mere 7:!5--C.r:c Cozcrrt t.iO--Ca--ncu en Ei-^czlloa 8-00--K-7 t 23--C.-jb Or. S:00--Scbcl 10 C' Or. 10 15--Cri»-:orC .0 -i--Kinp Orci- 11 00-- Klrtery 11 05--Cj!. Civilien 11:30--Gordon Or. WJZ- £ 33-1! CO IYJZ. SE1V VOEK--CS-J3-- 760 k. «BZA. BOSTON, stnd 5-00--K^p Tj::!Ter 5 15--He-art Seas? i WBZ. SI'RIVUKlf l_l-- ~^,--yoo k. S-30--K«a- Or. 6 W--A=os-Arjt!y ; V.'JZ 6 :-3-7 CO r r-.!-3 ^5 S !5--Jesters 6'; 10 oo--Kp,!r:«. N*i to "5 --:::r:c! 7 00--Dc=;er F-.;h:ers 7:38--Dance Or. WHEN. Ill t K \H-- r-~3 l----si t. s-r-£=.·-=:* 8 30--F:rs: Nish:er j \VEAP. 5 fo-« :5. t - 3 - s :j. c. ::-:t-i , p---N'-E Yor«r 9 t5--Comedy Sietcrs S Or S ·--P.J^; · "0--H^ri.Ess 9 ^5--MeGrarj Bro^. ! n'GK. r.l rr.\LO--MJ--*5v k. I"! iW--Sturr-tirr 5Ju; 10 33--P:.-.r.o Mcodi i tVABC. i OC-'.'.OC. i 3i-15 CO ·0 «--Ted Co;k Or. 11 CO--!c=r:r Or. j 9 TO--Mus-:-:t-r *;.3u-- A^new Or 1 WABC. NEW TOBK--S4»--S6O k. I S-00--Fre;d=i3 Or. 5 JO--Jiel i::!:er · 5 -5--Se'isro Or 6'00--\Ya_ih ::e«« i £ 15--R:rh Or 6 30--Do Re Me 5 IS--Do^vr;t?-',VOK5 i 7 03--Fr^y-3r^~s:a:;: | 7 :5-- iTTr.r.n Or 7 3D--Movie ?··»-.- S C-3--V^-^shr. de Lc^t!- S-15--Cr.crus , S 33--Jones Or. S:C3--Sit:i;r:n- Xusic i 9:-.5--Pub::c Alrairs 9 45--S:ree; S.r;ger 10 00--Redrrjir: Or. v. 5:.\j- i co-e c" nov. sciii'Mc i WEAK 5 00-11 :_· WHAM. KIX iu--r J jj -- M r . ! - - . i w ^ N i r K N sr\Tio\s (EST--SV5!!i:ACr ! Ho'^r :or Cf.-.:rzl !.»-!-.: SaCiEg T.~;V KV»?. rmr »-.-- r.-i.i --:«o k. wj; « ;-- v s -? -.- is ·.VEAP. i ii-" ;·: L- i^-:.' :^ 7 J3-O.-C!:. 1C :s-s.-::= N r » - C:-!.J- WMtQ. CHIC.U.O--ll!t--67u t. \Vr-\F. e :\.s - j v,-jz f -..·· :=. 3 :.'-· -.5- :c -^-:: oc V «5--L'r.--::i :, : 7 -- A - . . J Sa:i5j wi'VK »r.d \vi.«. run »t:i--sij--s7o k. Ca!irard! SIrlsdirs --V.'ABC Nclao: C.fT:.KN STATION-;' lEASTEHN STA.ND«U TIM-; thro^cri- ! " i - " - · '"···' -' o^L SUBrKACT on- t-c .t :cr C e u : . - = ! ; WCKL. Cl!IC\aO--»"J--970 k. S:i=iirc T:.-r.e ADrj o-e so-jr !cr ; 5 oo--R-.srr !-:· ur _ s ;·'_!;.-.r:on IVBAL.""BVLTIM"OKE--jivltou k. s w--Cb.rc:: is p.-o;. HOC. O t V E N r o l t C . and ILS MOl\H-i---rot*.K--10O3 h. '-o 5: 9 t5-9 31: s 3'*-:: oo W E \ F - «'IIAS. l . l f l « V t l . l f--W--*-·« k. V.-EAK 5 c:-0 21 £ C'-C li; t 15-" CO; S".5-3 5: 9 C-7-I1 00 v.vz. '- ,0-7 t5. s .-c-d :: ·- ! = -T-r.-i 8 53 -!;. 5 -!-=::: Sports t: CO--r..r.-, N.^e I t :7 --Drer..T. Tr.::3 HT.MJ. MIMVAVKCh--1X1--«U «. i W.*? 6 ;?-7 CO 3 *V»-3 !5 ': WEAF: 7 15-3 K. Z 15-5 45. 9 io-'O'-.S !0 3D--Vair.gtiera 1! CO -- Lcrribardo Or. ;'. 30--S-.err. S:ss. Trer^alr-.e Ors. IVC.ll". PHII.^DELPHI \---i"."--1170 t. 5 :o-iD.30; co \VL\V. CINTIVS'ATl \vj7 «;'-3"c s :s-? 10 CO-- Arch-.m it- : ' -- . : n \VI;K J l EXEtAVD-- *ii.?-- !·;·« t WABC 5 3.^-e ··;? c 43--.0 o- ::-:o-i: oo 10 «0 -- WHK P.IHT' 1! C-1-O:c:i . t-.U3 WTAJ1. C L F V E L A S D -- ·-·s..t-- I" 1 :" I;. j V.'EAF 5 C0-i; 30. 7 UO-3 0-5. S !S-i: CO | 6 3"-- Gr-e-C.:c."..- £ C O -- T^-.-rri Tales : IVXVZ. O K t E O l T -- -l!.u-- l i l i i k. i \V\EC- 5 30-6 CC- 6 30-7 CO 7 33-li 00; : II 30-12 CO I . . 7-15-- K c: C :1T3-- D'. C:rro Or. ' V.'AEC s CO-6 ;5: 6 IVJK. DETROIT-- t«f.--TM k. ! 5 31-- Mm;cil ilcmor'.e.i V.-JZ- 5 00-6 CC- 6 30-10 -"0: I" 30-1? OO out the w ·:'. : He -- :i .'tor oi '.^A' R;x. H::: C.:i:r..vr of C-r.-.::xr---c sr.J YOUR FUR COAT should be thoroughly and expcrtJy ck.ined before putting away for the Summer. Dust and soil destroy, not only the lustre, but the pelt iiseli". Your Fur Coat Cleaned INSIDE and OUT. (Absolutely Safe) Only $3.50 Q U A K E R C I T Y FREDERICK'S OLD! S I C I G G l SI \MI Bt'ST CLEANERS AND DYERS JACOB RUPPERT BARLEY MALT SYRUP j^TKe Talk of tke TowrvJ 6 00-- Tor.c;r 10 QD-!!a; p? iir:i: ii ;-jr VJZ- 6 3"-7 On. J P3-S !: VE.'.F: 5.03-5.3'.. 7 C3-r. 00: 8:15-9 15: 3 30-9 35. S 45-10. :5 '- 00 -Orc!'-«:rs 1VOIV. OM \IH--fl -- .120 k. .'H \T: 5'00-8 30' 7 CO-!! 30 K M O X . ST. LOI I-- v;.'-.! -- HVM k. :5. I I CO-12 CO 10 15-- Reconer IB 30-- Orjan (C.F.S.J WILLING TO USE WARTIME POWERS TO BATTLE CRISIS ^^V^-S Z 12£~ NeT5 icverti^ir.c: pays b:; diviior.ds ..-.vest ::i :: and the clearJ hnf. out or any gl venienc. regardless of -chess -ips soiJeci i: before. The average ; -pai-=c:ir.g, Secure "Unity Of Action." ' to restore ccn3ic:i?c. on th^ jo'j aniil the cui^r; is balanced \ The comprrrr.ii; measures pr^pcse-i. j h* sc.ii. co not con=titutr; a crasn on ' ·'-- -iv-,-iva-i t:;; 3rc r , ··:;r.i?2rary 27:".-.;." SS . Jj! ss-I-f h« a not day h; wi!! drink iron: -lasses tvere in use. shcrtly ihev -ere'. s. tin can. or cup :hti;- is con- all used anci the porter, caser to eire '· nave u- goc5 ^j.,-^ brcugh - =,, ~ a o,^.:,^! w ^ h: -, K , n . Mav is.--pre-ife-it Kco- ! ^1 ; ^^?^" ers , . .. . man cf ivater and orocecdec to v.-as'i -~r . ' .' · raob..^a..on cf ..rn.c be horrifieci J. requirrd to iic= a -i--, : n t r.e" pail. I found he r^ " er :D " y £ervea no::ce :rla: JUS " ^ - Se-ai= hs liad "no :a?to .'-r ar.y s:i.-:i icoca br-jjh cclcngir.g ID bis r.cscot. using pis;n frater a= "-"» a : rvav^ '*** ---~ "-c"^^i gDvemment had use-d era- cn:?rg;nry p-^-rrs ;n t::? ;jvcr:i:nont." frisnd. anu ve: he Is frequently o.jxjs- ccnc. Ke thoughr, I «s just fu=sv i er S-ncy tactics to Tin the war. he in- "au; 7,ou:d -u=? ilic-ni t^ c\-j.-j?mc- " i-n- ing himself to another nisn's mouth . neverthc-ic=s. I had the CQ~'-~.--^~ ! "s^dec similar measures if necessary to · justified fear as t the future of the secrcCic-ns. ju=;. the sarn? as if he were remedied at once ard ~c- rad ir" ! iv ! r'_ · Satt'.e the presen; econsmic sit,uaticn. · Cnitec States." using another man's teeth brush. ua ! caper cups th'ereafte" "l """" ' There will be. daring ihe stin-znsr.. qv . o:e instances the vacaticnist. fishing and roa-mr.j T^ c'-Dsing- 'e the *"?.-i FADA EADIO riJOXE KM--32GW EELIAHLE KAD1O SEKMCE EOGER F. LIPPS | CXPEICT R A D I O SERVICE. HOUSE WISING. FJXTL'EES A N D REPAIRS No J«N Too Start!!--None Too L-TEC When your children, like the buds of flowers, blossom forth in spring attire, just notice how much they have grown in a year. There should be a new photograph to keep, for all time, this record of charige. It must be made now. Make an appointment today . . . PHONE 799 IS Eclmonston Studio i 11 "While Vcu Arc About It Ii . . . Get a Good Picture' 1 .r_ IT; .1: n ·I'. IT IT thereafter. of thj sort at *i a ire- mencoiis amount, cf good has ai-eadv i brook (which is tts-aaily a giori- been acccrr.plisheri and. if we hoca t" picnickers along tl-.e tec- An agritement; ·K-as made bet-- een allies acci the Urtitec States providir:? 1 . triat all U. S. imports sho'ouc first re- : I ceive sanction of ths War Trace Beard ! Austrian t"-O~D3 i-p-«Tr-* nf-pr-Vc nn i · Monte Camo and" advanced ra the : Ita::an at Dosso No amount, cf rcgtilit-cn feet this situa-isr., and tie insi-.-Suars · no; be th? to-.o--o- l!v OTO prc-camion r.ius; be depended . aim is to c?.i: attention to the irdiv-c- upon to c-nr.^it: tea m=n*ce to puo- · ua! responsibility and to awaken ihe I public consciousness t-o this danger. TODAY $p I "THE- S'jr WORLD WAR \ ANNIVERSARY ^rEvi' SHIPS COilPLZTED. Oa May 14. 191S. it Tras announced ; that, the firs; millicn t:ns of ships had News advertising pays big ciiTidescs, == been completed and delivered to the ; invest in it. : -- Repeal of tbe ProMblflon laws demanded by attorneys of the District of Columbia, who ! 1! will address the men and women of Frederick, Md.. at '*' Winchester Hall, Saturday, May 21 ^ ( ill ! -I S P. M. Adults only. Ask your merchants for complimentary tickets- 'sii i naught in ?o!a harbor. _ _ _ _ _ _ -i FIGHTING FOR TIME 1 OR United States jcvemrr.ent under stiper- v:s:on cf -he Shipp'r.g Board. Tile rsumber of ships delivered totaled sb-:-ut ISO. rr.c-re than h;!f cf which had been construct jd sir.ce the first of tha; year The Battle That Saved Washington and Mayhap The Union face a == ALMOND ICE CREAM The Dandelion Poet Says: = "When your liver's upside · = , = down; , = And upon your frown, Just you g risk And take a Dandelion ' = Disk." i = large box $100 BT FORMER JUDGE GLENS H. TVORTHINGTON According to information received from the printer of the above entitled book, the printed folios are now in the hands of the binder and completed copies of the book should be ready for delivery in a few days The book is A faithful history of a local event o! Nation! Importance, with many stories, incidents and anecdotes of pc.-uliar interest to persons who know anything of Frederick, its history or itv environment- It £s no forbidding work bat as easy to read as the "IMi-rors of Washington,TM as entertaining as a child's story book and as instructive as an encyclopedia of local history. - .. _ i = It contains about 320 pages, including an index, also seventeen il- WtttlOUt a :r-= lustrations that illumine the text, it trill be well bound and artistically lettered. The book is beiru: published to sell at 52-50 per copy net. hot orders received before publication will be filled at the price of S2.CO per copy delivered in Frederick, or S2.20 by mail postpaid. Orders received on or before May 20. inst- win bring the book at the lesser price. A postcard order is sufficient. After May 20th the book will be on sale in Frederick at the price of S2.50 per copy. Address: FIGHTING FOR TIME, Boom 3, Pythian Castle, Frederick, Maryland. i: C At Torn- Druggist's or Dealer's Chotlf jfoD ALMONDS A Sale of Washable Doeskin Leather GLOVES at $1.00 the pair Absolutely nov/ tjoods --and ]iort\-cl. Col'U-.--. \\Tiile and Kir Sizes 6 to 7. A Genuine Cannon Colored Bordsr BATH Beautiful:;." InJore-d. half p-iqtie. I:iy t::c?e for 5um:Ti-?r ;;=c . . . them for c'^Tiin-^nc-' gifts . . . Buy s-^vera! at this ur.nsnal pri^c-. one- now Bur FREE with the purchase of 4 cakes of Peets Vegetable Oil Soap for The supply is limited and no more are available at this price. NO APPROVALS NO EXCHANGES TASTE THRILL Garber's FROSTED DOUGHNUTS For Sale By Your Grocer The Garber Baking Company 4 cakes soap ) 1 Bath Tcwel \ Prevent Moth Damage AND SAVE ON Moth Preventatives Moth Balls ICc full Ib. Moth Flakes I C c f u i l l b . Naticna; Moth Bags 25c 3 for SI.00 Genuine Molrex Bag's 52c each Moth Rid ar.d Container. See. 3 for SI.GO SHOP FOR STYLE AND VALUE THE REWARDS OF THRIFT- have iioon oxtnlh.-J ever since Bcnjaiuin Franklin praetiecil it and l)ecanir- irs outsiaiulinp: advocate. It is not the amount saved so much as rejrularity that counts in buildinc: a thrift fund. A small amount will start your account at this bank and prove to be the foundation nf your future tinan- cial security. Farmers L Mechanics National Bank Frederick, Maryland 'The Bank of Personal Service" ESTABLISHED 1817 Office Furnishings that mark the Successful EXECUTIVE Thin Art I f f f a l furnillir? srr.oo:!i -r-jr.-r.~-T;-: crcr .gr'rrs a-jlhmtic backzrmtnd 3 "' : : - - f ; " ^·^-··'··~ % i~i:- cr.-rc :s :or Art v !e*~; ~ prefcr- . . . permanent scmce . . . to eftcient commanders of · "-*' c " :1i - e ^f--^ n ' : A ' 'pODAV. mor. o: af^rs sre ^ '-'^'- J ^ V -"-·'· er :',. = : !.".a!jrncrj.-e:-5 '..-.e.r ov.n crnr- _.\; ; c --,; ( = o ^ ^ c.-.r.r_.-)i «r-I ac '*" -nnrp. r.-r r:.i, k. Their r==rer::;y sniart and Irini. ,,, - , t none 1i,r catalog STORM SHIPLEY The Busy Corner Phone 266

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