The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on February 28, 1964 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1964
Page 2
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IV! r urt /. - 1 ni»in. rnat, MM* I «*•«. JAM! ft t. MAtOftfc We** H*** •*»*» !«••• I, 2tet«tM*t t«ttMf • Mwtecer t«H*» V<««**'l f OHM . . !»•*• t«*M . . . , . <»«••• * MM*** Mrvto (ttt. . UMT Or* waerurTx* IUTM »i tmn. «•«» MI M*»r, |t.e**w mm*. MM n* •MMM attiva n. Ittt, at •» rra^arl. Tea**, He* O***, «•*•> •* •« n«, >»«r*ai «f nan* * ••*" EDITORIAL Program has good timing Th* municipal bond proposal* l«k* IM Katurtfar ir* both **ll-llm* and w*ti-«r«e*ired. There I* HHI* *«« l«t thai (her "HI flat </v*r»l*lml»f mftjfort by th* public. They »HI, U<il li, H Ih* public I* *tr<«*.ly mouth rep- r«»*M«1. A br«* vnt* w««*l uado(*tadl» inwr* p****(* if tit* pfM|n**la, and wuuM at th* **rne lime be i *ttH*bl* • >l,r**eMi* "f i(i|ir««l*llan to Ih* tdminlitralkie for IM l»nf, careful iy<«ilil*rilhm Uial haa **• into th* pUftttnf if IM* l**rt |»»>cr«m. In DM lul in fiMttlon, IM* prwtrim «•»•• inroad what lli. ollr tiaa twen abl* lo afford prerloualr. i,r .<riii, thoufh dcflrabte b*«*u** H >»Hh reflect* tad or»t*a !>iit»>rlualll*«, i* *ip*n*lv*. om«tii create* prob- 1*11111 which, if <it»i *r* to b* enntronwl, mu*t b* met ** quickly •« they arl*e. Thl* mean* that the r**oure*i it f««l-fr'i»ln« cltlei ire torteir al«*«Tti*d by bMtc we*aalll*a al"l**. That (>«• l»*n Ih* e»a* with Driaoiport eltle* for more than lirn itMKlr*. lie* a us* ot M almoat imc***laf irnwtl), up in ihia urtler <if priority: Health, i t nr aiveral year* now lh*r* hi* been * ilnwdowa la in, me* »f truwth. Th* rate I* at ll> tow*«t aow. But n*» trend* »f local development, and the itlmulua otMW roaila, will m*an the b| I* *hDrt>llved. Thin tempnrary let-up la *lpaMlM> protowm* hi* allowed ih« riir udmlnlitratloa tM tlm* and flnanclil reaouree* IM,I ,,nly In catch up with' IM prVMBt population'* needi, Imt i» i>r*inr* tn meet requirement* In *dv**e* oftM n*««i; «i»i to t«. ii*y»nd primary Mc***iti*i. i r<i|n>«tilnn I call* for Improvement* la In* **wer lyitem. rim (Ji'iicll) nf the prevent treatment plant It already «K)*M«.I««I, 'i Ui< |rft't«>*ed *nlari*tnr>nt >'itl prorti1f> for the -iiv a much «l«l (Tuwth fur more thw twu decut**. H la doubtful if at any time durmi th* city'* *il*tene* h,vr, the )'nl(r. Kwl fir* Departmimt, awl th* city Court, tw»n pn>p*rlx Iwueed, Ifopoeltloo 2 will do thl*, now and f»r t»tn* yearn In com*. I'ropuiition 3 t* for * r*ereallo* butWinj. It will aerve primarily a* • *ourc* of dwlrabto ictivity by yount pmpte, but will tie u**ful to adult*, in the pall the community ha* *>|ir**Md * *tron| d**lr* for thl* type of facility. A rrufal Cuunell hi* wlthneld plan* until the prevent con- illlloaii which favored II. Thl* bund protrim prnpove* to civ* Ih* elly btallh, >_.. ~ i . • ^^a..* __-_t_i—. jm** iia-d*MBiBl - n Jiiiiti M d***rv.. THE WORRY CLINIC Their fault: Being given a conscience Chirlet Lamb offer* tome idvteo that cleriynien can o»[iand beiutltully In their •trmoai. It m*y***nip» > - idoileal, but the nmro our clergymen oin nurture ooneelene** In Amcrlejni, the creator will b* the demand for neychlilry ind column* Ilk* UUioo*. con- •clentkHU ubjeetor* were Ihu* in Indlrwri trlbut* to ckertymeoi Uy GEORGE W. CRANE. Ph. D., M. D. CASE B-»*S! Charlea Umb wa* a fimoua Eatllah writer. ••Don't introduce m* U> that man!" he utte* *Ut*d. "For I uwat lo gu on hat- inf him utdleanaothiteiman •hum I know." That llluatrata* OM of the b**t methud* of pro«*ntlnf «ir*. It we e*n pr<Hiw<* mur* ittnleol *»ehia(**, where th* vl«lt«irii actually Uv. with the ha*t family, then we can (Je- urmlo* inunh of th* motlva- tln« fur klUlM. V*ft*rdiy I t^id yuu how Mr*. cr*Moa»ktaletM>cw- rx of* h*r |d*a tu UrwupUat lae chipmunk* (which were robblM uuf Urd feeder*) to • f»r*«t * mil* a«*y. \ft*r *M «*ufM ker fir*t iirtimuok, ab* brtxitBt Urn tnaid* our hma* and iivklm, «f». TMa *a* dUat ham li:*. tear! to move aim a wile *«*>•. S'i et» riUotuIIMfd by ity- um our utu* |T*ttd«hiWre« vuttfct protMbly e«>'» watch- ins cUpme*** a* mu*h •* th* u'.U Mrd*. t.mtlurity lM*t* to die- •tjiite pr*vtoM **Mtt>**weU a* tear. tt lime et w«r, however, klroa iuyctotoflM* to de-au- «*ata* tM *n*wy. ptetured a* "AM MM" wltt tortUa teetk *M a THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS * OffNJON - ANALYSIS WETRYTHt SCISSORS THE WORLD TODAY Tax cut can help if greed doesn't bring on inflation heart* or wive* and children. CoMclentlou* Objactor* were thu* more numerou* In World War U than ever before in American hlitory, for the church** hid (Ion* a jood Job uf teaehtnc world brotherhood of mm. Thoee c. o. boy* were not any mur* cowardly than tM r**t of our milllary troop*. They just had been *o brala wiabed with reference to brotherly lore that they couldn't dtomich th* act ot rlpplnt out the entrill* of a German or Japan*** teen- *|er with a b*yoa*t or ahoot- mi him down with a machine fUD, Indirectly, Ihertfur*, IM rl** in the number vt con- •clenliou* c*J*ctori was a tribute to the ettectlwo*** ot th*church*i. Durlnc II year* IM Con- •cKntlou* Objector* had been Uu|hl to tivetheir rtllowman. Then, overaiiht, they were a*k*d to (boot dowa tMIr f*L lowman, Thl* eau**d a terrific emotional conflict, tor you cant make auch * eontpMa turn•bout ta deep-Mated emotion* IB a mom*ot of Um*. Thua* who dWat beeome Coo*«l*«Uo«* Objeetara, often became IM piyehlilrie CMUattlM. By JAMES MA , w WABHfttlTOH «U.g-bllMan -Urt**t to ,, Mflome law with IM btoulat ot two pr*«W*ote and both hotiM* otContr***. nt*b*Md on hope and faith. The Mpe I* that Individual* and corporation*, with mor* money to apmd Mcau** of tM tax reduction, will now ipend li and in thl* way boot* tM economy and cut dow unemployment. For a while, at lead, thl* economic btood-truafuitoB will work. people will M abl* toiptad mor* to buy what they want Ud need. And bu*tn**», with mor* moMy to Inwat to supply IM demand, will expand nlante and production. But tM pattent may begin to develop aMmla-tau* de- feallnf the very purpoM ot the tax cut-It, throuth hunter tor • buck, laflallon r*l*e* IM ooai ot *w||thlB|. For exampkti tt builn***, eaelnt eu«- tom*r* with more moo*y to •P*nd, rat*** price* and labor, either anxiou*for*om* of th* toot or Mcatuw tt feel* worur* nted even more money to ke*p up with prlo**. bejln a broad demand for reduction I* bated on filth la tM aood MM* el.lbe eountryt That American* wont e»t (reedy. • Nobody ha* *ald It plainer than PtMUwt JohBBon W*d- M*day BUM in U* talk to tM natton alter rtenlnc tM bill into htw. "Thl*," M**ld, "tea bold approach to IB* problem ot tM American economy. "W* could haw cbo*en to •timulate IMeconomythrou(h a hlfMr lav*! of fo»emm*nt tan redactlon-anfl attM«am» time w* redUMd totemment "By taktat lal* ootv** w* haw mad* Una bill ah •*- pr***loa ot tallhlnour *y*tem otfrMenterpriM." But IM lax bltt Jobasoo •teMd wu tar dttferent from »M OM ?r«ttd«nt XMMdy propoMd to COBUJJ* on Jan. 24, 1M9. n addition to tax out*, M propoMd a number of tax reform*. Th* (owrament l* toalac a W ot mon«y ww~aJtho*«h toiaUy-tnrouih pttftmiBrt treatment and (Metal prM<- DAILY CROSSWORD ten* ctwn parUcnlar type* ot (raMaetlon*, eaterprtee* •kdtaxpamr*. , 4KiuB*dy flivnl 4te r*- torm* M moMtcd, by *top- pUC up loophokMand*llmlna- Unf iptclal prt*U*CM, would eateh back tor tMtwerameet .about $S.S Wllion la t*ja» It Uat nttlnf now. . Sen. Paul DoujlM, Bllaol* Democrat who toarhtenilte**- ly last year bat madly tm- *ttoc***tully to Ml COBETM* to reform tb* tax airueUre, taw *om* *tampl*« ot mU- Uonalra* who paid no taxe* •tail. TM Trtsrary Depjuiment had tonlBtod him with information OB a number of oil operator*, tMIr income*, and, uatac tM year 1MO, what IMy didn't pay or haw to pay In tax**. Doufla* want MCfMUac any lltecallty. But tM example* M taw Implicitly indicated IM operator* -had •mart lawyer* ud account- ante who were able to take advanteM, tofally, of all tM hwphotoa and pri*U*t**. Her* are tare* ottMexam- ple* Doutlu ettedi OM OMrator, wltt income ot •>*.? million, dtttt pky a dim* la federal UXM; MltMr did BMrJatr wtth |4- mlliloa )»e«nrm and asttaar did nflirtifef with 9LSHB1UIOB 1. Semitic deity 8. Ftah *. About, la time 10. Menkey- like II. Happen 11. Amend 14. Nttratlve 14. To lw1*t a miucl* 1*. Journey « AlofX Th*y aprouted «ll *orte of Myehuwtmatte ailment*. H may **«m peradoiual but bath CaB*rt*9Kiott* C*>- jettar* aad tky^nant crt t*y- cklatrlc eaauaJttea amc** our troop* were duetuth* preach- tat ot «k»rgyiMB i* the P*»M um* year*srtojr to Pearl Barberi TM better IB* pr**«wa«, tM mur*ot****««•*•. SO.»Mr*Md Into a ccntp ItrUfhtdde: 11 Marked wtUi 15.UIU- 1. HavUif mate two horn* IT. Acre*' 3. Ovtnhoe* meat 3. Needle: H.8*a- < ••«..*•.. 'mm -•*„.* * iiotnart a*. Wl.%* hou**iod laa- B.a*tt talle tanxu** SS.UMM* •. Muter: material O*r T. Kaklmo hi«t I. Mar* JJ.A occupied fuarM •.Aahort IT. A tal«: ft. apeale* II ReUtnu otfrof tram KlRurfUd *putm*>U ,. .,,. -,.' : II 1 < iiiti >. ','• 1*1' "l But Contr***, while it o aom* chum* lata*talBtr«*- tur*. balMd at uy whotoaaki reform*. And K*«Mdy vat *o aaxtox* to f*t at hMBt UM tax eat M IMa*M to b* BO MCMctry that btdnpptd «k* •Birtt ef S*.ta*ted 40. Head LtjB,.,, llmtluu, au M*4 wer* «*i»»4 vtataM* ••»»**" MNl **&MMMtfeMV*,** a i* MH**ll *• a e»»t»**d Mat** Miat to p*UtM brki- c*r at tow »tr***** atou»» temo tmjra wte a*** *w**t* emw«af*4 by eMnBM MlM produce IMM laaer eeaflMt* that r**HM la n*rw»a »r**k. dowa*. "Hamlet'* "Tc M or Bet * M" wa* *uaUarty a re- a*m at eoafltet Mtwee* eoa- **t**#* urt rwWBM. M.OMalM«Uv* •tike erkt: her. U. Utter SLNot: >r*fla Maaio* MBAkcJ* will Iftvlt amo*« IU M«Bl*. ro» MMT* MHt Uea* duBf M**p*yehlalrl*te! You'rt Telling Me! $ Uy WILLIAM French kept lead in world scents in nt M mwfe M uqm. M UN wwrM Awl pwtaw ti Mo«.rtCo«*^l»«lolUBtli>.H«U«l,b.W,» Ml* ta MI <*tart«M ettM MI Mi Awm, H« Ifofk. H» *Jw dMrtfMd ttw W| bUek e*t rowM by «ttto kttMM-te OM whwh MtmtiM* Myila. TM< r*4«iw « IMV, M«fl^ mlod, urf MoMlWOMrMdid bu II. Good ptrfWM* <KMl «boot $» M owe*, Ml tr* •old la (pitftw-ooM* oMtainm (pom «1M> i/aos.|io*.*jidSoi. •IMC. to FrtJKW, M. Cownuwl MJW ( IM MM<M« mu boy* MM l ot. •»•• iw in* »«*, Md IM « M. far nu mlcAMM. DUtervnl pwftmMt o* OWM, toteca* IM mwi U«ufflet*ot- ly M*iHMd Mikir* to *bop« for MMto. to Lttla, "p*r" I* by, ud "turn*" !• •rnok* at tamtt. It wuat ntfU Ckwpntr* 1 * Urn* th*t nrfttmM ww« Ulna oo» of ID* Umpto ud pal la Uw boudoir. Tbt EsyptltM »mld it ciiw • "lift to IM rttto of mind." in U»M dayt, MrfarnM w*r« mid* by plaekliw roM* tad mtor Ullto* at tlfM, ud pUel*4 IM brolwd petal* la warm oil. TM ROfflaM may haw b*w vletlmi ot Ctoopatra'n pw- fam**, bat IMy toarMd what to do with It. Ttoy iiMd many mrtetlM of floww* to makt lowly odor*; roM*, fardmla*, lavmdir, vtoteU, JumlM. Still, wtmi IM Roman BmplN tell, MdMDtrtaim. TMnUnomMtloaotltUiuyhMory tnhnu UN UIM ot Callfula ud IM r*ln ot Franol* I. A trap ot HaJlan nobtomw, Tl*ltlBf tM Klac <* fnun, mad* Dtrtwnt tor th*lr own UN. TM Kin«wa« *nehiuit*d. H* ordered a p*rfum* tbop op*Md la Part* la 1888. one* La Mil* Franc* tot into tM partum* biuum*, it MWT M- llaqidiMd It* toad. pnfnmM •ttporato quickly, and Frweh- m*n had to Bad way* ot kMplw IM pnotoiw drop*. Eafllah «Uwr«mlttM mad* alrtlfht vial*) Fwnchman la Llmoc** dMlfMd aUraetiw bottte* from natlwroclcorytUl. UmofMM* al*o mad* *aam*l Jar*. Ctoopatra pot ptrtum* la tM boudoir, bat Madam* DuBarry put lion IM woman. BM •aid ih* d**lr*d to er*at* a o*rt*in rotpoiu* la a man. 8M wor* a ring with a mlp ot f*lt la II. 8M damp*Md IM f*K la pr.«tou* pnfam*. WMn her hind wa*kl«**d, tM UM- n fr*qn*flUy 1*11 oa hi*. Madam* *Ho wor* a loot n*eklam with a hollow eryrtal danfUnc at d*ad ewiter. Thl* was k*pt Hal Boyle's People Passport back to the golden ages CHAMBt FRIDAY ON TV Z Cauanii, AFTttNOON i«» Lov* t:U • New*) Don Coatirah tvu M a*w)i ^•V •»- ^*... -.-. a ^_ ifca ^». ga^awl'Ul'^V,"' ~aifnm'' (P nMMftpM H flM * rtmmml, HOM»1 HaM m TUU TV MHotiaii World HMdUn** 1 JO • ft. Bewlon Tear • Wewaraeh Joe Htfar; IM (• WtHmra Btethan 41 weattMT. John Wu*ln**r *M • ***rai •fetlali Uth aauoal 9M • DMWTI «MottMfi Helper.- nal/enil AAU Indoor inch and On* Merkel tueet* n Dattry IWd champSiuhlpa it MadlMa dtoeoven that aweet old Gran, ny r*rr*u_hu robbed a bank iaT*|r*ea to kelp Uw money • TIM Or* a I Aimletii a n*n*." Bob Cummlna**t*ra ** phyrtcl*n who Introduced tmallpox vaeeln* rMorn U.8. hU By Ib* Urn* Napoleon arrlwd, M wa* mad about tun* and odor*. H* wanted etery room ot tM palae**pray*d with per- twn*. HI* ptrtamer* w*r* tb* flr«t to lighten tM perfume oil with alcohol, law p*rmltUai it to be *pray*d en drape* ud alothlat without •tain. TM *mp*ror al*o commanded Faberf* to mate a bottl* ot pwrfum* and DM a $4,000 ruby a* a (topper. Edouard Cooraand recently boufht that DM tor hi* wife. In in* po*t-Napol*oale era, prenehmra tefan, tor IMtlrcttlm*, to blend OM floral *e*nt with anotnw. Soon, th*y were In- vnUac whot* bomueta In OM pirfnm*. At IM turn ot IM oratory, Madame Laarln boujht a floral palnUng by Renoir. 8M uk*d myu*, a cMroUt, to.kwt at it. He dW. "lf>»," jiM **Jd,«ro*J» | B*rtum* for m* which *ay» thi wntMlMpiJWtln^'VlitayaMwrtrt^hijrt, awltaBf. Whwi M oompletod hi* work, M punlttod Madam* Unvln to araell It "KiaeUy," *M Mid. 8M Arp*(*, from la* word arp*cfto, a moaleal chord played in rapid *equ*nce. Around 1117, IM French becin to' mate ab«traetp*rtimi*8, a bhftdlne ot natural floral odor with pleasliif chemical odor*. The two moil popular or* Bin* Hour, by Oiwrlala, and My Sin, by Lanrta. Som* prafumM were found to be better In tM •yatbetle *t*te than In tM nataral. TM roakiat ot ptifum* 1* todtaw. Tate *lmpl* jumlM: Stop OM la to cot tM jaimlM at nlfht, becau** it hu mol*- tur* at that Umej (») the dowers are diatiltad by *b»arolnf, and earryla* In* trasranc* off into cotli; (S) ih* *cent la reduced to pure oU or wax; (4) It 1* melted to nt tto concentrated odorj (6) It 1* mLad with ambercrla and alcohol, •Urriai ooee a day tor week*i (B) lmt*rltl**ar* filtered out; C?) Ih* r**ldu* to troMni ($) It la put into worn pnftime tate tor moathk to acquire u old *e*nt u well u IM new; (0) it 1* bottled. It to wojMMhw. But, men, it'* worth it, not tor what it doe* *>r Mr, bat for what It can do for you... *k* j .Wild Waal Hotl. Don Ameche 7:00 *B At !*•• 7-JO fJB BetkA Uwt "Who M*rty Kltaor O pmtoui wrna ol . •Cent ere auipetted of murder • tfc. Himiw 4**j r | B Orkney: Mr. Mlkaml anew* how tt .oak* two boat* okl of on* . Tkkal," CUM . •on, Brodtrlck Cra _. Janice Rule, Chria Roblnaon. Waahad^up prlaeflchuir trlea lo k**p hla jrounwr brothar from Mlowuuj hta fooM*** lo faUur* 1:00 0 JaaaCaaeali -JoeSulDvan" BJO BO Pttee I* Blghti Queat li Tvatl* (XShe*. muikal comedy alar aTwUfhl tenet "An Oe. eurrenceMOwl Cnvk Bride*.Confederate toy In Civil War vividly experlcM** ticapa from hl» Union c*p«ar*-U they pnper* to h*Af hjn,. .... ... f' ' • tattnllit UMArlat Dram* IMrnl: Treado September- by IraoTanener,' a. produced to EntUnd • Ttal Waa Uw Weak 1ft*l Waat SaUilcal revu* of tool- •!SO WtB*. D***t "Ho- Doetor." True atory ot RMdldne'i tklht afalntt ntper- m at tmii "Wanted" Twenty dollar hill rpotled by eaih- l*r wad* to th* c**tur* of I at Udnippen end lo eolu- af two muraen .. .. Aimrk* u power. Third In Mrfa of four •pMfeli on «l«ninc»ni In 'Wwtwn hwtocy (• jMfeto at***** i Pniik rontatae, ButonJM- Ur, JUM Tiylor ttty opcup MM • UeMoMrt: "In Ink HHh*M TrwllUon." U. BUI RKt l> Itchnled wtvlMr to Olra-new who cam* to Camp FtndMau to nute mnim *bout • Mute* Henry Morgan. Nancy Aim*. David rrcM^DIck Noel W» • n*M *t : Ae Weaki Rubin CariarraJbmay KUIa 10-round ndddlewdiht contest m C*wl * O**a*U7> I Hrol BurneOT STSek Pa». Sn Jtawea, DodyOoodman. *:« IBMan 10.-00 • N*ww Ray Conaway; weather, Tom Evana: abort*. OUT Bavafe ~| Newai Ron Stone; wmth. I SM Uuher Hawai Larry Rtaco; w*aUi- — Chrta Chandler: troru. Dan Love IO:IS B Lal« Owwi -Beeu Oetle- nt). a*ry Cooper, R*y Mil. Una, Robert Proton, Suaan Haywwd. Three *nuwt th* world, brathera and aoWlan all. who confMHd lo th* theft " " ~ to aav* • puna prtvat* Uva* of<n«mb*i> ofncpeeUd dttaena la Arlaoad> aBhilftji town fan* tk?? 111 " 5 a 10:10 1010 • IMnny Caraao.! _ Johnny Canon and sueit* revenge for hi* wuVi death (•JO • Ma*aa> Uw Btaew Mite 8tok*y qub c*m* IOM B/Nmu Charlei Harrlion; wwUwr, Tom Bvaaa • Mmnt Al B*U • * • • • Newei John Raymoodi* •part*. Bruce Layer 10:10 IB Oaiiiau Award Tbaalni <"Aomttelbuthlo Uw Maea£ - Venw-a atrlenc* ftctton thrlUar about three nwa and • tut who rotkM to the : NEW YORK (AP>-M*mory i* tM paaiport back to a 1*B4 that M«tr ebaacM-tM tt I* r*ItMMBK to th*»pirU to*lak % «ajatromtMloua- tala by ntMmbertac wMa- You cort* toll *>• COU*» byhUoocMklaooataadmu- Bwry nrl wutod to fc» tMttmiBMrcrowdtotoara to da*** the tax trot A raaft coukj achlaw *oclal •tetu* of a kind by teamiac to roU a eltsrette wito OM hud-an old cowboy ouatom. tn a kuf* family wwry child had hl*owB*p*clalpI*M UBd*r tM dtoMT table to park hi* eMwint turn. «*9Bto wondewd what th* oooatry wa* oomlBf to wMn U wa* reported lhat Wn-Tln- Tla, th* popBlw film *Ur, ww balnt n»M mor* Ihu tiw ot the OJItMlawii Peppery ktexlcan oRMal arneti Depoty for*. nun and Manbal £Ja* when their crow the border in pur. cult of bandit* ^£re.» CXM Dow Local efcUdrani ate tifat far bnafetMt wm* apiplBf hot I . Whit* *ollar work*r* »f«a*4 mow BJBM- «**»«•* w>Uw wotkatev aad *}M prkM tMm*alv«* on th*fart IMy MWT Md tojai a liwr- ww««»wdwl««|wfc»ch. Try and Stop Me •INNRTT CWI>- BBVBaAL et the, a*** model m. Men to iMaar P» th* nuwket. will featut* ft curve tiafA raalMM t* , _ wb*t th. d*- *Hn*r« call a ^ulli ba*1f ay pearanf*. A real ga* batpffyf I ! I ta a man WM a aad trv it««a*n <m ter. •BdaMffTha*-. _ ; . ,^. m mmmz&S* ^M^*k. > ——-*-* J^bJa^MhaWT^MMkak .M •Ham cflMaB^'^BBMvvWii wnHHr 9~ •MBBKl t«B^0^ JBJBiJSl! WL Eltf.' BB 1 ' 1 »U ' ~ ta* BMII** etafltef MI* **!»• tewlwt confer. **fkta« ! I I «• HM

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