Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 8, 1961 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1961
Page 11
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.a, tulbright Pleads for Sub Cars Arkansans in Wa*hin«t«n By GORDON BROWN WASHINGTON (Ap>-in nostal- mood. Sen. J. w. Fulbright, rk., made a pitch in the Senate the other clay for "the good old days." But he stopped short of standing in the way of progress. ; Fiillbrighl took the floor to de,; nlore the passing of the old Senate I subway cars and to protest their |sleek new successors. i'f *' e to'd n ' s amused colleagues [Jfthat he had even drafted a resolution which would require operation HP-he old cars and disposal of the Jfiew ones. But. he said, he figured ijthe resolution wouldn't stand a Chance of being adopted. So he Icontented himself by making his iprotest and having his resolution 11 printed in the record. For the benefit of those who haven't visited the Capitol, the senators, for many. ; many years, rode the old subway cars between the'old Senate Office Building" and the Capitol; There were two of these monorail cars, each seating 18 persons. They were similar to the old open trolley cars. They'd start at one end of the line, travel about 300 yards, unload and then start back without turning around. No one ever knew which was front or back — they looked the. same .from either end. Later, when the new Senate Office Building was built, it contained two new subway tunnels from a terminal under the Capitol steps on the Senate side, one tunnel leading to the new building, the other to the old building. The new cars are sleek affairs with sliding doors and windshields- There are four of them—two for each of the new subway tunnels. With their advent, Senate authorities figured there is no need to keep the old cars running. But one is to be kept in service until the end of this session of Congress. the other will be~"seiit' to" the Smithsonian Institution. Fulbright didn't like the change to the new cars. "I shall long fefKember with pleasure the swift,silent'fthWner in which they (the old cars) conveyed me 4 to and frprri trie old office building,'* he §aid, ''"There was a rhiffimum of friction and noise. . . . There was an intimate camaraderie among the members as they piled into or out of th open seats, unhindred by door . . . in short, these! old cars wer soothing to the jangled nerves arx put the members of this body i a friendly and amicable frame'o mind when they arrived to do bat tie over the Nation's business. He called the new cars ungainly uncomfortable, unpopular and un predictable. In his resolution, Ful bright proposed that the new car be disposed of, possibly to Disney land or Coney Island and that the new subways be used for office space or a parking area* > Fulbright got some sympathetic nods from his colleagues but lha DANNIE + FOOD CENTER * 206 East Second St. - FREE DELIVERY - Phone 7-3611 • BIG'BEEF SALE U. S. D. A. HEAVY BEEF ROUND STEAK . . .SIRLOIN STEAK . 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Bui they are spent ig, and going'into debt, at clos o their old pate as .sol. in mor n.cortzu'n days. That's how the latest flood o talistics seems to add up afl.e eacling the host of predictions— nd most forecasts are optimistic Retail sales have yet In rcxponi o the new confidence most Amci cans arc said to feel. Consumer are busier paying off old debt than talcing on new installmen credit. Businessmen ni-c ordering but tor than in the dark days of win ter. But so far they are building up (heir inventories only slightly apparently with a keen eye fo actual sales as well • as for pros pects. Perhaps (hey arc waiting nwo to sec how much of a sum mcr-lull -we'll have. And in spite.of nil the talk abou a sound recovery under way—ant even- talk of a possible new boon —industrialists haven't stopped u p their plans for expansion of plan and equipment, trimmed when re cession was the chief concern. To tar spending this year still seems likely to trail I960 by about 3 pei cent. But when you've said that—and added the somber view of inter national affairs that President Kennedy has expressed after his talks with Soviet Premier Khrushchev—you've about said the worst. Steel output, aided by auto male- ers' orders, has risen —although was all—the new cars still glide )ack and forth and the old cars still are beaded for oblivion. •The Interior Department apprb- Jriations bill approved last week >y the Senate Appropriations Committee included items that should contribute to better fishing in Arkansas. Added to the bill was one item of $170,000 to start construction of fish hatchery at Greers Ferry 'eservoir. Retained in the bill, previously )a.ssed by the House, was $150,000 o expand ihe present fish hatchery at the Norfork reservoir. Also added to the bill was $170,000 for research into fish habits at the Beaver, Bull Shoals, and Vorfork reservoirs. This is a pro- ect supported by Fulbright. He vants to know why fishing declines at the big federal reservoirs a few '•ears after they arc opened. The bill, as it passed the House, ilso contained $114,000 for admin- slration by the Bureau of Sports fisheries of the commercial fisli iroject in the central Arkansas ice areas. To this, (he committee added $65,000 for the Bureau of Commercial Fisheries to use in e'search into possible markets for he fish being produced. This fish farming project is lo- ated near Stuttgart. This may cost Fulbright the vote f Arkansas housewives but— He recently was viewing a film ut out by Urban Progress, Inc., bowing the great progress being made in Little Rock. There flashed n the screen the picture of a man mowing bis lawn. Then the ceae shifted to his wife, clad in sun suit, leisurely sun bathing n a lawn chair. "Why that's not a fair division f labor at all," protested Ful- right. "There's no reason sho aii'l cut Hie grass—it's not hard ork." . Lake to Cover Indian Marker TUJSSELLVILLE, Ark. (AP)-A monument marking the spot where the Indian chief Sequoyah wrote Hie Cherokee alphabet will be covered by water when Dardanelles Lake begins filling in U)(i4. The market is on the bank of Illinois Bayou near here where Rev. Cephiis Wasbburn establish- for Indiaire in 1020 came to Arkansas nl'ler (be 1817 Cherokee Treaty, became interested in written communications and began to work out an alphabet for the Chorokccs. He completed it in ]i)2!j, The monument was erected in IM(> by the Arkansas Centennial Commission and the Arkansas History Commission. etl a school Scquoyah Urges Money for Health Facilities WASHINGTON CAP) _ Appropriation of $150 million for hospital and health facilities was urged before a Senate Appropriations Sub- rnmrnilluo Monday hy Son ,1 VV Fulbright, D-Ark. Fulbright said Arkansas would receive about $510,000 more in hos pita! aid fund for a total of $2,fM2- 000 if (he budget is increased.' The senator said !)l federal' aid hospital projects have been completed or are in the planning stage in Arkansas. Fulbright also urged approval of vocational rc- program, in- $«'U50,000 voted by $!)0 million for the liabililalion grant slead of the Hie House. !lic rise is most likely (o be iu- .oiTupled by a summer slowdown in metal using industries. The nation's lota] output of Joods and services was under a annual rate in the first .hreo months of lOGl. But thn spring recovery is loading Wash- ngton pundits to forecast that the April-Juno figure may reach a SlO-billion annual rate. So far the optimism seems to lave been turned into terms of 'ash largely in the manufacturing sector of the economy. Not: only is ndustrial output up, but largely n the manfncturiiig sector of (he eonomy. Manufaclring Invcnto- ies were built up by $100 milion n April. Wholesale and retail cred the most, cut its stock back n a wait-and-see basis apparent- y. Much of Uiis is natural when the eonomy turns from recession to ecovery. Manufacturing had suf- cred the most, cl its stocks back Just 35 More Payments and You'll Own It By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AH)—Remarks a new-car owner gels tired ofhcaring: "Now you've got it, where you gonna park it?" "And just think, 35 more payments and you'll actually own it!" ie most, stood greatest in eed of building up again. the All along the line then, there is (ill caution—confidence, but no plurging. "Yell, it looks fine, but what was wrong with your old bus? I thought it. was more comfortable." "Is $750 all you got as a trade- in? Why, I know a fellow down (he street would have been glad lo give you $900." "It certainly is a lovely color, dear, but it doesn't go with a thing I have. I guess I'll have fo buy a completely new wardrobe." "Well, I admit it rides nice going downhill—but so does a sled. Let's sec if it can go uphill." "Frankly, it looks too big to me to be called-a small car, and too amnll to lie called ;i bjy cur. Bill 1 guess in time you can gel used to anything. Right?" "There's a nice clear strcch of road ahead. Push her in' all the way to the floor ami let's sec if she can pass that bicycle." "One thing about this car—it's nice and compact. You won't have any trouble hearing your mother- in-law's voice in the back scat." "Don't tell me Ihe dealer didn't give you a bonus? When I bought ny new car, the dealer threw in a radio, an extra tire, two theater ickets and 10 shares of uranium mining stock." "Is that all you get? Why, I get 20 miles to the gallon in my car, md I've had it nearly six years." "Look, you got a big scratch on be hood already. Now, I wonder who could have done that?" "The way he babies it, you'd hink no one ever bad a new car before in the history oC the world." "Hope the kids don't steal your hubcaps. I understand that on this model they itemize at $24.67 each." "No matter what you really think, tell him you like it. It'll make him feel belter." "I'd like to have a car just like it, George. How many box lops did you have to send away to get it?" Case of Murder ROME (AP)—A Vientiane dispatch of the Fides news service says the rebel Pathet Lao killed the Rev. Vincent L'Henoret, a French member of the Oblat* Missionary Order, May 11 while lie was on his way to Mass at the village of Na-tum. UNSUNG HEROES ^ by Janet Henry The TV repairman and pediatrician A Must each diagnose with remarkable tunning. The call is so frantic; so grave the condition; And then on arrival, the patient is running! "£,"*' i Moore Bros. 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