The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 17, 1951 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 17, 1951
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

M|UHI^MMM^M;##. IffH*** Sr · ,w«|;V;t/ x vgfyt V ·Hit . N*w«, Frederick, Md., gatur£»r» November 17, 1951 »T DOESN'T MATTER- NOTHING JAAT7ERS, NOW THAT BIM WAS 5-60NE... WHO COULD BE RtNGINO OUfe DOORBELL AT T-TWAT VOICE/ N-NO/ IT JUST TO INFORM YOU YOUNGSTERS THAT REPORTS OP MY DEATH MAVE B6EN GREATLY EXAGGERATED... · Let Joy-Bells Ring! Bim'g Back! MX. ANB MM. PIPN'T VOU \ NOPE. NEVES? \VELL, LETS SEE. IT THC RJ6AP 'PM JUST I5AV5-FOI? , PA(?TLV etoupy rr TWAr5 c?uiTe ALL RIGHT. AMP LOOK/ THIS ($ A AT THAT / CONSERVATIVE RAIN RAIN. ITS CERTAINLY LAUGHABLE OHKIS WELKIN. MANETEER fl FEEL BETTER NOIV/-£MRI^j eee! IF THESE ei'v* W THE EOCXer, /MAYBE , MAR*' They're From Icthus FROM ANOTHER . WC«LE AT LEASH MUTT AND JEFF Without A Shadow Of A Doubt This Is Not Ground-Hog: Day? Carnival T. M. DC O. U. S. PUT. OfT. corn. 1M BV NC» SERVICE, nfc. "Son, all I can say 1* that If you ian live 19 years with your mother sod still want to get marrlrd, ffo ahead!" JACOBY ON BRIDGE More Than One Way To Play Hand NORTH (D) * A K 9 5 3 V104 17 * A K 7 6 2 WEST EAST 4 8 6 4 2 ,* QJ 107 ¥ 5 2 V A 6 3 · A K 1 0 7 4 » Q #Q10 + J 9 5 4 3 SOUTH 4 None V K . Q J 9 8 7 4 J 9 6 5 3 2 48 East-West vul. North East South West 1 * Pass . I V Pass l;4k Pass 2 V Pass 2 4 Pass 3V Pass 4 V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead--* K JACOBY ON CANASTA WEEKLY EATWfi CLUE By Jim Barstow AHEM! WELL BOYS. ..era/news.' ....i JUSTeoucM* THE OLD WING DING PLACE OUT ON MUDHOLE ROAD....FIXING itUP -MODERNIZING, YOULL F»X ITU ALL RIGHT. THE TERMITES HAVEN'T BEAT .YOU TO IT' BUT IT BOUNCED BACK AT HIM..II1KE A PUNCHING BAG IN A GYMNASIUM!! HAM ANOTHER; BLAMDlNS' DREAM."' HOUSE' PL-ACE WHERE SOMEBOOY A BARGAIN IS A DEAL WHERE (THC OrrHERGliy BOOTS AND HEX BUDDIES ft Uncultivated Plant Answer to Previous Puzzlfe HORIZONTAL 52 Cooking 1 Depicted utensil flower ot the By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NEA Service There's usually more than one way to make a bridge hand, just as there's usually more than one way to kill a cat. In today's hand, .-·-Sharp defense robbed declarer of the simple play for his contract, but he was clever enough TO find a satisfactory substitute. West opened the king of diamonds and realized the situation when his partner dropped the queen. West thoughtfully shifted to *a trump, the best defense. East naturally took the ace of trumps and led a second round of trumps, thus killing dummy's ruffing powr er, The contract would have been easy against any other defense. South was sure of five trumps in Ms own hand and four top cards in the dummy. If he could ruff a diamond with dummy's ten, the tenth trick would surely develop. If East over*ruffed, the South hand would ,win six trump tricks: if East failed to over-ruff, dummy's trump would win a trick. Declarer won the second round ot trumps with dummy's ten, cashed the top spades, and ruffed * spade. Next he drew the last trump with the king of hearts and entered dummy with a club to lead another low spade. East played the queen of spades, and South calmly discarded a diamond. spades much- needed tenth trick. What's more, ' East had to lead a club ( he had "· nothing but clubs left) to dummy's ace, thus enabling dummy to gain the lead. Now dummy's nine of was high as- declarer's t Only the U. S. and Canada have · ; r«al Indian summer with bright ·^ days and ohiUjr nights ia proper ' ' proportion. , CONCEALING rtlKI.D IS LEGAL By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NEA Service "The discard pile was frozen," relates a New Jersey correspondent, "and contained wealth beyond the dreams of avarice--including a couple of natural canastas. One of my melds was three fours and two deuces. I held two more fours in my hand. My opponent (friend wife i felt safe in discarding a four to rne. "When 1 took the discarded four, she claimed that my play was illegal. She said that 1 could, have made the canasta with the cards that I held and that I was therefore guilty of misrepresentation. She was sure that you would agree with her. "What about it ?" I have to rule against friend wife. A player doesn't have to make a canasta simply because he happens to have the required cards in his hand. If he keeps the cards in his hand, he is taking the risk that the opponents will meld out suddenly, in which case he will never make his canasta. In return for taking that risk, he is entitled to the big bonanza when he wins the discard pile. This may be called misrepresentation or deception or low cunning, if you like. It is nevertheless clever play and as legal as a policeman's whistle. My experience is that women can f fr _ f f play just as craftily as men. once I / I f f c N f l i r T *V. n ..~ ·«,,* 4U«:'« --: -- j., * _ n. f - \- - I ·"·**· *f ** i w I t strawberry ,5 This plant usually bears w fruit 8U is to breed the common garden variety 12 Bewildered 13 Age 14 Roman emperor 15 Fine-grained rocks 17 European, swallow 18 Hazard 20 Mexican laborers 21 New version ' (ab.) 22 White 23 Unfettered 25 For fear that 28 Cover 29 Rough lava 30 Out of (prefix) 31 Unit of wire measurement 32 Forest creature 35 Summon 36 Symbol lor sodium 37 Article 38 Silk fabric 41 Genus tf geese 44 Ascended 46 French oyster pond 47 Mud 48 Bustle 50 Quantity of medicine 51 Hessian river 53 Social insects VERTICAL 1 Insect 2 Small island 3 Erudite 4 In one's gift 5 Legal point 6 Symbol for erbium 7 Barrier in a river 8 Fanciful No Comment · BUGS BUNNY Don't Spill m TWENTY-DOLUAR BILL 1^ ALL.' I HAVE. -v---___----' CAN VOU MHSA.WA.' CH*NGE IT? A^^Tr^ 23 Vanished 39 Dry 24 Oriental food 40 Compass'point 26 Go by steamer 41 Indian 27 Great in stature 9 Bristly ,,, ,, . 10 "Emerald Isle" 31 Manor house 33 All 11 Puts on 16 Hebrew deity 18 According to (ab.) 34 Lifter 35 Large nation 38 Identical mulberry 42 Formerly 43 Scottish sheepfolds 45 Snooze 46 Folding bed 49 Accomplish- IT'*. CLUCKS LIKE VOU THAT PEIVE'S WACKY/ HUwWV UP WITH MV CHWSGE/ I'A\ GETTING OFF THE NEXT COKNEK./ GONNA GET EVERY CENT THAT'S ccmiN' TO VA./ FRECKLES AMD HW 'EVERYTHING SPIC AND SPAN - 6LU-6LU/ FOR THE LAWES/ BLESS ' i ·I' t ^ * ^ T . V \ ' " v ' 1 * x '/-/A T. M. EEC. U. S.-PAT. PET 1/J · · · VIC JPUNT Down Paymenff HOW MUCH WILL. U THAT'S- A VOU TAKE TO tr^ OOD KEEP QUIET Jl QUESTION, HAM? they put their minds to it. So beware of friend wife when she takes this lesson to heart and starts to play tricks of her own. Q--My opponents melded out and caught me with all four black threes in my hand. Is there a spe- cial.penalty for this ? A--No. Each black three counts only 5 points. AH four together count only 20 points. There is no special penalty of any kind for black threes. * * * Q--I "forgot to put a red three at my first turn. At my next turn I did put it down. Was I entitled to dravyanother card from the stock to replace it ? A--Yes. The usual procedure is to make your normal draw from the stock, put the red three down, and then draw another card to replace it. You are not permitted to take the discard pile at that turn. Mr. Jacoby is unable to answer individual questions on Canasta from readers. However, he will include the most frequently asked questions in his column. CAP HAS DINNER Frederick Squadron, C. A.P. held a fall dinner at the tea room at High Knob on Thursday evening. Following the buffet style dinner consisting of shrimp, oysters and hamburgers. L,t. Mark Golibart led group singing, accompanied on the guitar by Chester Jackson. Lt. Golibart also acted as auctlon- mfi for the excess food e* hand WEATHER Weather is a fickle thing. No telling what it next may bring, as rain and sunshine, wind and snow, are lined up ready for their show ' But weather really is a friend, which brings us blessings without end ! Indeed the sun might shine in vain if-there were never any rain! N. A. LUFBURROW. WOMEN OF MOOSE DINE " The annual banquet of Frederick Chapter 347. Wcmen. of .the Moose was held Friday evening at 6 o'clock at Hotel. Frederick. Dinner was served to 101 members and guests.. Co-worker Helen Gosnell asked the blessing. Prizes were,.won. by Co-workers Gladys Wiles and Hilda King. Following...dinner, a .dance was held at the Moose Home with music provided by Eddie Burke and-his orchestra. HUNTER FOUND DEAD HAGERSTOWN, Nov. 16--/P-A hunter who had been .missing since yesterday was found dead today in a wooded area near his Hagerstown home. Relatives organized a search party for Emory C. Reeder when he failed to return from the hunting expedition last night. Authorities said there was no indication of foul play and death apparently was caused by a heart attack. English Lesson Words Often IVlisused: Do not say, "Mo one knows better than her why he was indicted by the jury." Say, "No one knows better than she." Often Mispronounced: Frequent (adjective and verb). Accent the adjective on first syllable, the verb on the second syllable. Often Misspelled: Emerge (to' come out of). Immerge (to plunge into anything). Synonyms: Hinder, hamper, impede, frustrate, baffle, balk, deter, embarrass encumber obstruct, retard, thwart. . Woid Study: ''Use a word three times and it is yours." Let us increase our vocabulary by mastering oae word each day. Today's word: Commendation; praise. "The soldier received commendation from his officers for the work he had done." DOWN FW/MENT, THAT " * FRISCHXA'S POP Time Chang* fWHY DON'T MDU CHUCK THAT JOB/, WALDO, AND WE'LL. J ALL GO BACK TO INDIANA TOGETHER?! WE'LL BUY A LITTLE FARM IN BROWN COUNTY..^-GO HUNTING AND FISHINS EVERY DAYJ _ TELL ME , MORE* I'M IFASCINIATEDJ. ^1 CAN JUST SEE SOING OUT TO MILK OUR COWS AT -4 A.M..,, COPIj. 1851 BT NEA SCBVICE. IMC. LT. IH. BEG. U. S.-TAT. OFF. OUR BOARDING HOUSE OOT L I T T L E L I Z . . © 1SS! br NtA $«*., l Civilization has been defined *s on income tox blank, on atom' .bomb and a worried look. ^·ESADjTWlSGS/rMNCfr . . . . . . A LOT, MA7OR, "^ ALLTVte WHH.E I'M OOT rtER5/-*-AT WITH THESE'G\8-] FIRST A SUCCULENT \JJAr4D THEY'D ee-~~-80TfJOVvirM THEIR KHLER5 i^fA. DEEP AFFECTlOhi FOR.TWE- WITH 50 MUCH CO£M, )£ v -i 8lRDS/~~-rve MAMSD 3 AREN'T YOU AFRAID/ X^t THEM DAMTpM AMD THEY'LL GET f?OUMDV f--iji ROBESPl£RRE---y m^ JTXt. £HOULD_ER5D 2 f_J^Js) I ALAS/ THV FEEDING 1HEA/ OtrXOUKftY NEWSPAPER!

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