The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on February 28, 1964 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1964
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VOL.. 31, NO. S1« RAZOSPORT FACTS FRIDAY, FfttUMtV », 1964 fawn bayou bridge height SCOUTS TO BABYSIT AT U POLLS tiAttt JACKSON- MftaH «MMTM ban AT AHOIETON School jobs get good bid voted TMnday Id eppoM a permit CommlMMMtt court bMeaMtortobttUdabrtdg* AKatBTOK-A oontraetfor tka Aatfaton HMHi flebool tM" Korthatd* Blamaatery Behool war* awardad by Ow local aebool board Tbaraday mint at a prtoa f!0,MO undar taw archltaet'8 •atimat*. Tba contract want to T. D. Bow* conatmtton Co. of Rowtoa on Uw low bjd ot $•3,000. ,. AM>too S«pt. O. V. Me"an vary happy" with fela Md. Tb* eontraet caUa for SJO daya eoMtneUoa Ume. tha eompany agraad to eoajplate the project aa aeon M poa- meat can to brought to and oQwrdetaUaarraafed. » Plane eell for work to to- * gin on ttw high Mhool flnt •tec* thto M Hw larger pnjMt. MeDBBtel aaM Uw •ohool offlelala <M! that It Uwy mutt wait OB OM project ttwy wouM rattwr it to Uw •toBMntaryailltlon. H* *aM that It I* not M. pected th*J beginning with high Mhool coMtruetton will delay ttw NorthtMe •v*r. DALLA8~Wlth M mar* proap*eU«* juror* being awora tt today. Urn* are M*d«d for UwJuk Ruby trial for murder^ with MVIII men and two woman tooapted a* Jurora dartoi the ptatlOdaya. WASHINGTON-Sweeplns regulatory propoMl* by Uw rood and Drag Admlnletratton OOWTtftf UBOttMtBU Of (VUBal *Bd antlblotlcaaretobepub- llahed today. other' bMe were recet**d raagtttg up to $944,000, The Mrt low bM waa KM.OOO. hoping Uwy eaa be pot Into" UM by flaptombar. The contract doe* not llat a penalty lor non-oompleUoa by Sep- tomber. MeDanwt aaM oooatractlon ahould begin ar*oooa**«iJp- [Facts in Brief Meoaalcti i *aM board mem- ben tett that Uw cloMMM of Uw KM* indicated that they had received good Md* OB ttjr project*. UBOanlel aaM architect* uw now at work on plana for M at ttw Marahan _ and tor construction W B new elementary echool OB Water Stn*tMar«ww**t city limit*. KB MM ttlihoped that UWBB projKt*Ml "~ BEACH, FU.-Tto PBl will MBdachwt toapeetor and 30 agent* to crack down OB violence to Uw FlorMa Beat Co**! Hallway etrlto, •parked by tto dyMmltlBgof a train Mar when PmMcot JtohBaoB waa *p**ktBg. WASHIHOTCm-By a veto of IR to 4S, Uw HOUM paned v a bUl thtt wouM prohibit Uw § FCC from laautog any rule *JtmlUnf tto langth w»d fn- f qoaney** radio ud taMvtotoB icommerclaU. •• HOOBTON (AP) - A Jury ^oavtetod Carolyn ABB Lima Of murder today and a*t tor WalahmeBt at five year*. Ttoy agreed ttw brtdgemaet turn * MiNt vertical clearance Hun the *J feet IM Bounty U uktog to It* r»- OM*t (or * permit trow IM U.& Army corp* ot Bngl- MOT*. Tto propoMd bridge le one fit Uw Item* In Draaoapdrt 1 * Read Dtotrlet M bond pro. gram. It would replace *co«n- blMd road-railroad brMge on COUMy ROKI SI7 Ihatnowear- rttd veMetea to HoaUn* Mound. Board Chairman B. U (Jack) Barton Mid he eouM not accept thU rMtrleUon on future navigation on Beatrap Bayou. "It any to yeere before w« actually nMd a greater etMTUMM than IM* but one* tto brtdg* I* tten, there'* nothleg you CM do to change II." A. 0. BVBM Jr. until: "I dont think w* •hooM fo along with 8» feet. It woidd really He u* up, "I think w* '*houM |o no lowtr than on Chocolate Baron, wton w« htld out for 80-foot clearance. Baatnp Bayou ha* aa much chance for development aa Chocolate Bayou," BVBM MM. ( •The •CommtealoMra Court ealted for a brldM f*tt loot, wtlh bortioBUI etearinea for nariMUof of 60 IMt. TM Corpa of En- CiMtri baa a*t March » aa th* dpdltea for putiifc. SMtOT OUI SMut Troop KM memfiera win to oa head from to *.m. uattl BOOB *wtfnmS*MU4B,m> at botti petttBg PBWM to ear* tat ameB aMMna white Bwlr ptreata vote. indoar faaHttte* wtt b* Ubomd election Saturday LARB JACKSOM-Ctty otflelUe an topMs for a good emovt at votere In ttothne- part BtlO.000 bOBd ateetloB tolwtoMSBturday. Mayor (tars Coouar, weak- lag tt a public meeting MM 4—*», j_a> *».— ^-—«—•— ^^Mk*^ IWf V VJlV sroBKUM Wffw tto etoettoa I* being heM. Tto troop, tbougb too •matt to have membare avallabla durlBg Uw entire voting period. Is providing Uw eMM care M a pub. 4 cities get new fire rote TM new fir* toauranoe ralea JM» aawawed by Uw state BoeHtot laearino* win toereaaa bjsflv* earoeat Uw rato* on aonte typea otpoll- i elo* to uk*"i*ekaontndw«*t Columbia, wttfc nva pareeal deereaJM to Aacwton and CM* aad no obann In Bra> aorta and Praaport rat**. A looal tomraM* maa aaM Uw atato rattotr.ara baaed .on aflvayaar parlaiJ ineooj- paring a clty'a flre'lnaurano* premium* vrttt ttcftt* program, Mid that while to eartatoty hopMttwBMInpro* mm trttt to approved, to wouM Ml ilk* to IM tt «Hh*» approved or voted dawn by a mill pemntge * tUfMt votor*. •«*• went • retleipreMK* at ttw twltog at th* ettjr," (•MM. Voting will aUw BUM from t *.m. uMIt 7 p.ra. it the Mtor High Sehool aad BttMbet »ey Bwmeatary school. Mayor cooper MM that to vote OB IM two tax boad IMM* ItwMMMeMry that the voter MV* property rendered tor tumUen by IM «tty. TM UMM to bt decided *n» -PropoaWon li 1890,000 to MVBBM Mad* for eitoMtonat the prieeut MW*M trottmoBt plant, work <m a lift rtatw* uM for purchiM at a alto IttF It nsMsTt) WSjMY W91I QMl w«ter *torage tower. wouM be ft- BP SCIENCI FAIR IS SATURDAY Mtor Hith swNaUi oradw 8u*u BoeaMr uraate* bar preMit Mr Ow Braaoaport aekwM nir tobeMM tomorrow » IM aMior niib Mwe) CaMerla. 8u*M Ma OOM roMarah oa i otHieaaUetdae aM> uaid other thaa aa IMiadH by tM tarer. liar »t«b« poWa out IM \rnm- ttM* ot foUewMi tb* maautMlarefa dlnetwa* etaMly. TM fa» wiu «a a*M to tM pubiie from I to ip.m. la the tnih school eatalana. Clute to vote on dance halls nUUUe* and tt la taUclpatod that the mm* water wouM not Bacd to to ralaed. -Propoattlon It *1M,000 to of a eombtaadflMaad poHM atatloB which wotfd Include etvU rteHnii tMtttttee and •aabl* Mtttog up ot arouad Uw owekdlqMtehtotearvtoe for lh| towl fir* aad potloa .daaigMi1to. bar* with their ment win b* Mid Momtqr by Uw neaM of WomM v»> *"*• "'-..'. ".i Tb* group win meet at tt>f a.m. at Uw Freeport Ubnry ^ wton Mr*, c. Jack TUTMT 9wtll speak on Uw topte, "Know Your Ctty."Aflerward the women win tour the City Hall with Mayor C. U. Hito. ttutillaa Uwtr goMe. LAKB JACBOH - D«W to their b*lng a hiuteainny Mhadutad for tonlgM at the m Juator high aahool, than wltt "be BO TAC daiwe * PUa* art to reaume the TAC danoM Mat rrMay a* .** i BBAZCHIA— A Bear! fund Bt*w to Uw fteat, State Beak tor* by tM . is en CLUTE-Wattora votoed erHiel*m Ttaunday night ot Uw recent method of handling • dlMuuton by vi*Uor* of mat- ton baton tto City CouncU. , Mr*. LuetiM Rerrlagton eatod ttw Coaaoll U tto procedure ot ttw prevtoua meet- lag we* to to obMrwdateaeh meMtog. Sto wa* prevent at ttw earlier meettog when vl*ttor* wra* lavitod at ttw •tart of ttw mMtlng to atato any buato*M Uwy might hav* with tto COUMU, ratter than pertlclpete to CooMll dl*eaa- •iona daring the rematoderot UWMMlOB. , , "A. cltlMn eantoomplato untU -two, week* later," ato MMooBcwnlBgdecUIOBaUw - f ;'fc*»*Mi . • y of UM vleltora dMlrtog to dioenM any of tto Ham*. The IMM of tto *u* for ttw MW olty haiv t « totonst to ,vlaltora at the pmkiu* meeting, wu not on Uw aarliar ttaTtcatton, la U60, the Tana Highway Ddpartmant WM pUnatnc to UM County Road OT aa part of an taat-wcat roota. A parnUt waa aatod for a brldM at about IM aama point In Kay of IttO. ThU nojuaat called for a brldn with 30-foot vartteal elaarane* and 100-foot horl- Mayor BUMBU MMaftoaB- atal report WM Mftyad by tto •tty'aflMBl ageMtotogcaltod •iMwtor* Thunder. H* **M th* report OB whether or not tto ctty baa fund* to buy Mala «n*t property for a *% hall cite pre- Matod at tto next regular meetlAg OB March U. ' tlw city *aguwer will ilao bear Meet than with if report on plua for Late Jackaon Road Improvemwta, to aald. Sbaip protaata war* haard • from Aadaton. SUOMUOM for ebanMa varlad from'MT faatloTSfaat. OppoalUoa to tha bai(M of tbla brldM waa Uw problam tbat eauaad U» HI«Rway Oapt to com* up with what WM tatar eallad th* 'na>p»r cast- WMt route," which la now tb autborlMd Farm Road*? SMa today <tkOp.m. RIM* Saturday «:Oa.m. Bat* Saturday 6:81 p.m. to th* doaaHttn otfMiMto ttw BMottof*. Sto ayatom l*Botfavondbyc •11 vUttor*. Sto tod no way of kaowlngal Uw •tart of a mMttBg what iate to brought op by the COMBO. BO , ttwy oaMOt expr*** OBjBteB* at tto atart ot a. dfl«a|td by firt IB FP PRBBFORT-A MMllhOBM at &« South AIMM B waa damaMd by fire about mM- alght Tbmday Mgtt but Uw BUB OOBUpyiBf tto hOUMWOM up aatf left without injury wh« UwbajraaBgMflre. BothSMIOMictth* Free- ttW COBBOU aa BMttogo atart M vMton wUl kaow what UteomlBf up. B* **M that tto riattor* an primarily to* MrnNd u OM part ot tto dragBtotabaratog j*m V/WT9 MOMMQ* b addition to tto tod, ttwn wa* damaM'to rug*, ntniity awi wall of ttw MBM, fin MarhMl C. p. KMMdynM. Pamegea bad not ban estimated but Kennedy aaM it wottM probably ruatoaroaad Itooormon. Flnmae neelved ttw aatt at Utta pjn. aadwenoBttw k a halt tov.. CLUTB-CMa to* Ml II* ally *leetloa tor April 4 with voter* aleo to caet ballote on the eoatroveretat dance hall ordtoanee pM*ed by the Council Aug. tt. CoMeUmen to till INwUloM 3,4 and B will to elected. with a vote oa Uw qiwetlon of whether or Mt Uw CMe dance tall ordtMnee ehmM torepealed. The ordUHfM aeto a BOO aawmt wTBT e U**M* lo UU>«deMl<«l>i»v*t**Vme owated by Uw potlc* ealef wbo eaM eonw type of refute. tloa ot deMlag m tavenw. ••- peeletty IBOM win limited dancing *IWM, •** deelrable. CaiwMMM ma? at* tor Council position* twttl mM> nUM oa March 4, wiih ab- I4.S1. Tto dir etectioa wot to told at Uw dale Klemeetary School from • a.m, to 7 p.m. onAfrlli. runs on record Tea AaM*scr-cot- iMtor B. A.graomM today formally aabtMt tor aomiM- ttoa to ttw May 2 Demoeratt* primary, ead re-eleeUoa, potattog to woflte* reeard "MIOBdtoBOMlBUw*t«to." la aaBttBltBg Mm u IM* ofBoe, toMM, the pubUe will •«B*et*Btloae, ton and ottwr eabmtttod to the Co llag for IM ordinance to to reeclnded or voted on by Uw people at ttw election. A prevtoua pmpoeed or- dlMBce eetttog e minimum limit on epace for dancing In tavern, a *»» llceaM IM and ottwr provlelone WM *i*o protected by Council vtellor*. Tto ordinance had been re- Baker Me ttwy ktoe reeelved to U» lull Urn* employee, which ttwy an eatttwd. "Th* r|kotd*af thuoftw* apmk Mr Uw affUhuay aad •KttJ Uwf to* mad* thi* of * 1MB M*Md to BOMttttw*tBto of T*M||-;:ajM to wtteh ttw OBtBlTt* eon- people oftbia *auBty an ea- Lott,e1PMnip* C**; employee, la Uw ninth aamjMel* to fU* tor IM Unrw* DoatttflMtotofllwd. file CLUTB-Tte Ctato Jaycee. BttM wffl hoM * cato and pw satardvy at Baak'e to- mlilmara of fhatl city mwd* at tM* Urn*. You hav* never tow aatod topro- rtde •ayttdag that want gram to. tto Tbaradey BlgM aniHiBH, Mayor Cooper had MpUlMdttotpctwleUeBpro- Jeottoaa fro* **v*r*l wltt haw from ia,OM|» at,> OOOreaMeatalalBia M* MMHwdowBtowaClvle Ceater, whan iMveereettoa ttn«poltoa baiMtoa wouMb* loomed, waat for aaBBMlt*) to MH «4M «tty wheaUwMedeame*. H* tat CouMy * Bnaorla to Sweeay ee i eohool leacMr to 1*37. SIM* that time hi* delayed WAIIimOTON (AP) - TM fwaato Maw* Committee can- eetod PWM foraMartagloday M K* laveatlaalioe of former Soeiaelde Bobby Baker'a baatoM* BMliage while U.S. mantola bantod two miMtog wll preMBt poatttoB u eouaty tax B* t* a grirtuele of Bam Uoaatoa state Cotlen to MaatavUl*. Ttomaa la a member of VBttewt nttftou*, tra- M* U *a **U*a deeioa IB ttw VMhHMB Baattn Cbunh and a toe*tor of ttw AdWt klM 1 * Bftto OBM. H* la*e» ttve to Bay S*aut work, Md M* elvto afflHetlon toaluae m*iiiif*hl> »ttw Freeport W*oi*ch*,B*aai»tBCewv- ty Fair AMeaiaUoa ajM cat- Tto eommlHM had boeedto oM*twB Edward Levtoeoa, e La* VBcaa, N*v., hotel CWBMT BBd gambUB* tlgure, a*4B*B> Jamta StoaBMMi, a Miami, Fl*,, real eetate operator. But It* aidipu«M« bawBt MBgM up wttk Uwm. L. 9, UeCW****, tM eom- »Hto*'* (pedal eotwMl, aaM U J. manhal* tov* MM aah- edtoftodltonea. M* toM MwameaMtodaa •Miluitva proof that UVUWM ajM BlM*j*ym were evading ** JudtelM Mr*. ger wd Mr*. C. Bi-Watt* ee clerta. ' Freeway discussion proposed H*pr**Mt*ttvM «t Bra*Mpori eommunUy, gwtoa tad Drienru are to M tovltod to take put toaau* auaaioB ot tM proMMimoM. toe-Braioevort freeway, OM* detail* of Ik* m**UBf an wortodoat. Al Uw *un**ti<» of itaCMy of Fneport, IM Bn*o*port Chimtor of Co«MtM*tn*». porlatloaaommlll**an workug togatMr to act up Uw m**Uw. Nat HteMy of IM PlaMMajL CommlMtoa Mid Uw n>e*tiat wauM «o» to i nolwy or ae. alatoa M*IIOB, tot mera^r give aa opportMHy for eeak ; •ommunMy to JIH*M *aa*a> • United I* *IU1 •bout IM meetwc," Hletoy MM, ronaciecM l*Mrpar*t*d *My*M'« wttti woknd out, M admM, TM Chanber ttoB CommHtoe Md PloMtag eommi**toB •eatty have group* *t TBMM*, MM wtfeaatfflw -" ttnat talnu up flrat aovlaltonooukf *TMi» of tM prevMBi ttw flv* couaaUawp that way. B« n. S/a Rto Del OTMO DMF*b. M •DajMKj djB* to •MMMBIMJ to> TM4tor* of matter* before «w S/f At*MUUant DMFel>.W.t* Shrtves ftfts •/* Fort Ne*kM* DM Feb. M Thtoiattw by Or. B, K. Man* wloha* atnady OMd to g^luglgjMUf ajtofg, " Toaay- Low !*«***, L*» MM 1MB* BBd toatlmoayttottteiaeaMlMd wwhrtethpiarehiiMBBllMB* to fMMM* ttw s*rv«V Corp., to wMta BaMr I* a major hut uaH*i*d *to»kMM*r. •erv.u, *»*« me* ef tto * fowl patoiMttw IBVMU- flf to tb*BM*t*'* majarttjr.

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