The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 11, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1924
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAC.F. TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 11, 1924 BEGIN HERE TODAY | .•II Hu­ ll. .Ill tin..; 11 i.l li nun ill'S. Isi.lllit lnHIU- I 'lnm i-\ rl II.- ll-'ll 'l 111. III. |>i *1|.) Ill I i.inl, ..- I'. i .l. i. 1 -1 mi' ! ^ iV.-i-l ll.'.'M I t 'l K;i \'l >lir'.* I 'll'', .\'.IIHy.| I'AII Tuimr, Uii^u.'i'- inns.', sinii.l.-. | t V III.' Ilnill SHll.'l. Til'll .'s '.llH.'-. lilT i Kiulhrr. on Hie K"ni. V.zni IS <»M »I-I. filf -riil .ir Kinl<-\ ; MM Miilll. . liny- I nor's n'tii, iii .M u'lur'. "filt !i''| cm. in. I.IIIIHM KIIIII'.I . -mi nf I ..HiMlas ! Ilnuiur l.y rirM nun i l.u;.-. i i.nn-s in ?\llini M.< tnlli'-l's «.-.'\;iti - Nuir-.. Till- . •n 1 !- riniilly ...iMf..'..^'-?. t-i int.Mii|.tltiK l.i I jmisnii ll.iwii'i' out nf nvrii(;i.. I'lll- .T !liKt..|i W'ii.1.. |.|.UI .|..iti'.l .1 1- 1<-.. 11 v.:. iv:ili hi* iilil ;i*."lst;.t.!. '/.i /.l. nr.. . :il]"il ;o In)*.' Mi.- I;I ^>. mil i.f Llir lunula nf I i.-l. . I ivi- I '.il .lilns. W iri' mill /.i/.l I"'- niii 1.. f-nj-i'"'''. t'.vlini'linw t',niui..v.. n lili.-il in. in, i.f l.< 1111; iinii|tciili..l in Hi-- •mir.l.-r. SOW GO ON WITH THE STORY "Ton KOI ii lot from n lit tin cnvcs- iroiipiiiK V "Vi'o. I ilicl," Zizi lniiki-i| mmrilii- :ont. "Nmv, VOU'IT to t.-tki' thui. in- '.iinnaHtM) iMni si'f if It's worth ;iny- JIIIIK . Vou !••'«', I'l-n. ilial olil Can- ntio Is im IIIPIII vllhiin - lin looks | for all th« world like a iininlerer, j .•vi'ti llkn a pirate or Iwtulit• -" j "luin'i In' t'oiilinli. YM - your iiiiiiaiiiiitlon Is riimilni; itw.iy with j >'>»•' ' ! "\\>11. it will lititiM mi' liiicli. (Hi, j K.'iin>- f ilo look at thu vii-w hum lii-iv:' And thorn's a hrlclKa-—1 sup j PMC Hint Is the liriilci. to wlilili \ Mr. i;.'iit walkoil with ilio ii"iKlihor j tlint nlalit --" j "It. mint 1 ihor"''a no otlior ; l.ri.lcn mnrliy. Vus, w, In-— Come jit down on tin. liriilfi", /.hi." i Tlii. tun wroit limvn lh" iri'iulo ini'lini' of ?',i>puii; lawn U> llif pr-t- j II llltlo Iniil.'ii' Unit s|iaiim>d 11 «• noisy, f nnililil::: lifook. w IHISC in.) sii'iii ripliln liail In'on alih'il liy jil ilicioasly plai icl stt 'iios in Its I 'tiurso. "Now. Ziz. ink'.' il in—-get llii? plc- Hll'v. .Mr. K.nt stmi.l, will) llio m'i;:lil>nr niri. at tin.' tini" of tho sluiot irii-'. Vou can't son tin' liollso trotu hc-io— look, you ran tsoo tho : roofs of it, but not tlio iloorways.'' "Vi 'S, 1 soo that. .Vor could lutti lirar a shot—could you'.'" "1 limihi. it. Hut that doo n't iiiattcr. I'm f^i'ttiro; at the time, .-ill the people at the hoii^e are la;:y as to the exact time—I mean. 'hi: nmuue, of Ihe shootini;. Til'y all say a littlij liefore s-'veti, ur near seven." "Kxeept the unrst-." "\'es—Mie fixes it liei'iuitely-— but, is she truthful?" "Why not?" "I dun'', know— I've not quite sized up that nui'Ho yet. Of course she would know the time, anil if she did ti 11 the truth—it stems to taily wllh Kent's account. He was lore m this hriiK'e at seven. e.\- .niiy. and he started to walk up (ins hill—" "llatillv a hill, Penny, Just, a pen- .If rise-." "YVi'il. this gentle rise, then. el's lake the rise ourselves, and •e how lnlm it takes." '1 'lii -y walked up the slope lowanl .•• linn:-e. "I 'm thinkinir now about an In- ii ier, YAz\. Vou see, it was pretty unit iltt?k at seven o'clock, and .Milt oimoln'l. he expected to i-ec ..!i\' one Mii . (1 kiiii; away from tile a nise, if the ] ersoti took pains not to lie seen." "And e.-pecially If tlio obserier had no tliouglit of looking out for a criminal, anil It the observer was, as Mr. K .-nt was, mlmiriuir the sunset RIOW." "That's all «o—and you must aiiree. Hint If an Intruder entered the. FUII parlor, just before seieu, amUshot Uou.ela.s Hnyuor, he could mako an easy getaway in the deepening twilight, without beiiiK seen by Orville Kent cumiug alotiK wh'Me \s e are now." "-All true—but y.m've no trace ' f a marauder, e>:cej.t in your imaiiin- atiou." "There's (lie overshoe." "(lh. pooh, tlio overshoe'." "Don't sniff nt It, Ziz; that overshoe ni"ana a lot to me." "Majbe it was faked—" "Maybe it wasn't." "Well, all ricjit; now. I'euny, I've trailed over this part of (he historic ground with you —now. you come w..ii me." "Where."' "In livim (lantinn'ii hoiise to find out .vi .t 1 • he Iri'l over iJiiuglas lluinor or Kaynor over him." .1 "lining to ask him outright?" ; "Vou are." ' (irlmsliawe Gannon sat cm the i Utile porch of his unattractive old' house. : "What do you want?" he growled. "I ilon't know anything about the liouglas murder!" "Then you surely need f"ol no uneasiness at wight of a detective," said Wise, cheerily. "Two detectives," amended Zlzi, scaiinc herseif on the porch railing. "Ves. I'm a detective." she added. "I'd UUe nothing hetter than to have yon show me your collection and explain it ail to me." "|io you—do you like that sort of thing?" Gannon recovered his poise somewhat, as his thoughts were swayed to his beloved work. "Adore. It! Hut no time Just now. As you say, Mr. (lannon. you knew noiiiing about the Kuyuor murder, and that's just why we want a little talk with you. . . . We can't get anything out of people who do j know about the crtme---4hev won't tell." "Vou know who they are?" "Maybe-—niaybe not." YAv.i was in her most flippant mood. "Any way, you can tell us other things nnd don't you refuse now. or I'll ha\ e the law- on you! " As she hud fully exported. Grim Gannon's faeo paled at the threat, made learful by the low tense voice and the piercltig gl"ani from the black eyes. "What do you want to know-?" Gannon blurted out. At a Klance from Zir.l, Wise took up the questioning "About the will," he said, in a low, even voice. "\.'ln:e i.s it'."' "I don't know -I haven't gol It?" "Vou had the copy—the little ay girl found It." "Ves—-hut I haven 't the will itself—the Higned will." "All right, then I know who lins. Now, see hero, Gannon — what do you know of liouglas Haynor's past ? If you'll come across with that. I'll let up on the will business —for the present." "What do you mean—his past? He never did anything wrong—" "Oh. didn't he? Well, I say he did. And, furthermore, 1 say you know ail nhout It—and you used this knowledge for—" "llon't say It!" Gannon put up Ills hand an If to ward off a blow. "Don't say that word—it isn't true!" Wise paw a! once the old man was afraid of being accused of blackmail. lie he!ie»ed that Gannon had been persuaded to steal the. will by a stronger nature than his own— Lionel Haynor's of course — and that Gannon even now regretted it. Hut it had to be proved, and Wise set to work to verify hlB opinions, Hy the dlut of careful and adroit 'luestloning, by judicious hints of "the law," and by means of some help here and there from Zizl, Wise finally drew from him the disgraceful story of Haynor's life In so far as it affected the dead man's widow. she couldn't (tct out of marrying him unlesH she brought her whole fnnilly down to the drop ot (IU- grare. And It wasn't trtto—It wasn't true;" The old ntnn wnxod furious now. "I know the truth; Douglas Kaynor committed that forgery himself; 1 know It: I've always known II. and llaynur knew I knew It! That 's why he gave tne this hin*t:e- gave nie money—let me \ have toy own way! That's why he I was afraid tif tne--and he was afraid of me! He used to beg me ; not to tell his wife of his fraud on her — " ''DPI you threaten to do so?" "Ves, I did! To see hint cringe and crawl and beg for mercy. Oh, I had no Intention of telling her— hut I loved to Heme him!" The old man shook with hysterical emotion, that was between laughter and anger. Then be so- 1 bered down, suddenly. j "Hut xho she found out." ho snkl, i alnfost In a whisper. "She found i out- tint through me—but she' overheard some words we said one night, and she gathered that he . had deceived her about her fa- • ther." i "What did she do?" Zlzl asked, breai hlesfily. "She went iitraight to Hnyuor and taxed him with It. He denied it, of course—she couldn't prove It—no she could do nothing, Hut— after she knew—I lor one don't blame her for killing him," "Hush!" Wise said, sternly, "we ilnn'l know Hint she did kill him. Toil rue exactly of what he accused her father." "Why, he told her that her father had committed a forgery—long a;io, you know — in his young days. HP said that he, Haynor. was the only one who knew the truth, that unlesH she married him he would expose her father's guilt, and that it' she would marry him, 11 could remain hushed up forever." "Didn't she ask her father about it?" "Xo: he was an Invalid—really very ill. The shock might kill him —liaynor told her. Also, ho said, the disgrace, would kill Orville Kent, who is of a proud, sensitive nature, and delicate as well. So, to save the bunch, she married that devil—" "Without proving his story!" cried Zizl. "How could she? She had no ono to ask hut her own family or this suitor." "And she was hi love "with Mr. Pinley at the time?" asked Zlzi. "That I can't sn", but they were acquainted, I know. When she said yes to Kaynor, they were marriea vi ry soon and settled down here at Flower Acres. Her father lived bnt a i time after that, and she nil', up with ner brute of a husband for i- • . . . .a *'- ars before she discovered what he had done to her. Then — well, I'm inclined to think she took matters into her own hands." 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Mr. and Mrs. Frank King and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ferddie Krouse took: Sunday di..ner with Mr. and Mrs. John Miller and family. Quite a number from here at tended the convention, in Hutchinson Friday. Mrs. Hemphill gave a party Saturday niprht for Byron, it being his birthday. Byron Kchalman is staying with Mr. ami Mrs. Chase while his parents are In Missouri. The I. 0. O. F. team of Ahbyvllle put on the third degree here Saturday night. The Hutchinson visitors Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. C. G. l'erklns and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hemphill. The Ladles Guild meet with Mrs. Harry Hamilton Thursday. Mr. anil Mrs. Roy Tlllery are the parents ot a hoy born Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Star Perkins and family spent Sunday with her sister at Sterling. Mr. nnd Mrs. Russell Crotts and son took Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Lymon Crotts. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Hamilton left Saturday morning for their borne In Topeka. Mr. and Mrs. Bert. Hurst are the parents of a baby boy born Sunday morning. Mother Short Is staylnir with Mrs. Roy Tiller}- this week. Mr. and Mrs. Xaorta intertained company from Hutchinson over Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Pendland attended church at Darlow Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Dorrschuck spent Sundav with Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Perkins. ROTARY QUARTET TO WARBLE FOR Hl-Y The Rotary club quartet, composed of. Harry Campbell, Bert Mltehner, Ralph Vouns and Jim Davis will feature on the Senior Hi-Y Father and Son party Thursday night in the Y. M. C. A. Impromptu talks will be lvmde hy B«veral members of the club and a number ot the fathers, will be called upon to make short talks. Following an hour of fun. refreshments will be served. Carroll Hostutler, chairman of the program committee Is Jn charge, of the entertainment and will preside at the meeting. 3 times a day! Women spend three months of men's working hours every year at the kitchen sink, washing dishes 1 Climalene will reduce the time a third, clean your dishes better, keep your hands, and your spirits young. 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