Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 2, 1965 · Page 27
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 27

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 2, 1965
Page 27
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CtOVtS ytft»»4(nmfrAU , May 2, 19(13 Alice's Angles it? ADw Miyli* Astl. Cfflttlty ftomc Agent New Mexfe» Etfcfltfflit Settfce _ AND YOU Do you know why^ a black 'and white cow can eat green -grass and give white milk? No? Well, you aren't alone in not •Raving the answer. Some 6f b u r Jijost learned scientists don't completely understand. Scientists have, however, over the years, unveiled many mysteries and thfiis made possible for us the many good dairy foods which \ve now take for granted. What do you know, for instance, about milk and cream? Milk is a vital part of t h e daily diet, rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and some fats, Your choice depends on your needs and taste. When shopping make certain the packages you select are clean and well protected. Check to see if the containers can be easily resealed for storage in the refrigerator and read t h e label carefully. RAW MILK: This is the way milk comes from the cow. It contains approximately 87 percent water, 13 percent solids line-hiding 3.9 percent butterfat-. PASTEURIZED MILK: Raw milk is heated to at least 143 degrees F. to destory harmful bacteria, then quickly cooled. Almost all milk sold is pasteurized. WHOLE MILK: Whole milk contains more than 8 per cent non-fat solids and. on an average, 3.5 percent butterfat. Whole milk may or may not be homogenized. HOMOGENIZED MILK: Whole milk is pasteurized, then cooled to about 115 degrees - 120 decrees F. The warm milk is iron, "forced, under pressure, through a small opening where each small globule of cream break? into many very, very Un> particles. The Vlny particles t~ : j-« formed never reunite to make larger ones. The cream oays dispersed throughout tre's. giving homogenized milk the excellent flavor. >-:rv :•>''.." texture, and richness w::iv" we know so well. >K!M MILK: In this milk all b ;* '. percent .or less- of the r .'•r'rfa: been removed. ;>*:rn rr,;ll< contains a".' the r: .rr;er,tj of whole milk except :..-.• and fa: soluble vitamins. , NONFAT DRY MILK: | Skim milk from which t h e iwater has been removed. It can 'be bought in two forms; regu- ilar; which dissolves in warm 'water, and instant (powder or crystal i. which dissolves in waiter of any temperature, i EVAPORATED MILK: Whole milk which has had 60 percent of the'water re;moved. It contains at least 18 |per cent non-fat milk solids. 7.9 jpercent butterfat. Evaporated jmilk is homogenized and gene- 'rally contains vitamin D. j CONDENSED MILK: Con- tensed milk is evaporated milk which contains 19.5 percent nonfat milk solids. 8.5 percent butterfat. The average amount of sugar left in the finished product is 40 to 45 percent. CREAM: Cream is a milk product that has a high butterfat content. Heavy cream, which is also a whipping cream, contains 36 perc e n t or more butterfat. Light whipping cream has 30 percent to 36 percent butterfat content. Light cream, which is used as table or coffee cream has not less than 18 percent butterfat. \ Dairy sour cream is light cream which contains a special added culture to give It a smooth heavy consistency and tansy flavor. Half and Half, whii-h is iiaif milk and half cream, contains 10 to 11 percent butterfat. Cream in aerosol cans is prt-<- suri/ed Press the gadget and out comes whipped cream. BITTKRMILK: Much or t h t- buttermilk sold in the market is low fat milk that has been soured with a culture and then churned. Sweet cream buttermilk is the by-product of churning butter from sweet cream Dairy foods are highly perishable and need special care Keen miik covered, coo:, clean, and in the dark to maintain it'* good flavo r Here are a few principles to remember: — Hurry milk from store to home refrigerator, —Take home-delivered milk in before the sun shines upon it. Sunshine destorys valuable vitamins. — Pour cool milk into cool glasses and serve at once. Return the container of unused milk quickly to the refrigerator. POLLY'S POINTERS Use Steak Knife Mrs. (ieorge Lamb Double-Ring Rites Read For Area Couple SPRING SUITS & COATS One Group Dress BLOUSES ? MOTHER* DAYS Sl'RPRLSE HKR WITH A GItT CERTIFICATE .. .\je\ hi-1- seie. t her New l>r«'>s t»uu or C'nai (ruin .N 'IVtr. Queens 'N Teens 506 vr^F^J Clovii, N. Mtx. Miss Janice I. Stration became the bride of (ieur^e F. Lamb. Sunday at ,'i . in a doubif-r i ii t ceremony solem. nized by Kf. Homer \kers in the Presbyterian Church i n 1'ortales The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Stratum of Portals and the ^rouni is the son of Mr and Mrs p p Lamb of Clovis. . The altar was accented by a seven - branched candelabra witn white tapers entw•.:-•••) u;tu greenery and pink rose buds Arrangements f rosebuds and greenery in pink urns flanked the altar. Mrs. Mary Harris, organist. and Mrs. Donald Smith, vocalist, presented traditional wedding music in the sactuary Candles were lit by Mr. John Burt and Mr. Tutch Tucker, who also served as ushers along with Mr. Roger McNiel and Mike Stratton, brother of the bride. The guest book was presided at by Marilyn Stratton, sister of the bride. Miss Ma~v Tipp?. r'a^-riiaie of the bride, was maid of honor. Snp was 3!::red in a u alt/ length pink brocade with matching finger!;!) V(li - and tv.rried a bouquet of pink rosebuds with s 1 reamers. Mr Dem<••':•.i.- V^,-::.--; u f Clovis attended the gnvun Given in marrigae b;, }.fr father, the bride was i.f;r-U in a -'own of organza edr.-ri A '.: Alencon lace with, molded ki-^ que bodice and d.'.signed w:'h a short train and fingertip '. e i I with matching la r i> n ner arm .-.i.e car: ,(-..! :•. bouquet of white rosebuds with white stephanot.- She ;\-'<v>- a string of pear!-. g;:t of ' g-oom's aunt, and wore a blue L'a-ter with a Chi s\m- hoi Mrs. Straltun. mother of t It e bride, was attired in a bltuie linen uith inatcnirv.: flowered hut. and wearing a rosebud cor>aije. The uroum's mother chose be i iii- linen with small bei.uo hat and rosebud corsage. Following the ceremony a re- fepuon was held :n the home of the bride's parents. Miis Jan Borden and M r s. Tom Smith assisted at the reception table serving a p i n k tiered wedding cake and punch from a table with Nambe and crystal appointments. Sorority sisters of Mrs. Stratton in Beta Sigma Phi assisted as hostesses along with Mrs. Tom Bell, Mrs Joe Place. Miss Tonya Leach and Miss Marilyn Stratton. Guests and relatives of t h e bride and groom from Portales and Cluv.s area attended the wedding and among the out-of!o;\n L'ut'sts were- Mr. and Mrs. \ C l,am Clayton, New Mexico. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lamb, Santa Fe. Mrs. Tom Smith. Tex- DEAR POLLY - When you need a small amount of grated Iftmon rind, use a steak knife with a serrated blade to scape the rind. No messy grater to wrsh.—B.G. DEAR POLLY - Don't bother to carry along skirt hangers when you travel. They take up too much room in your luggage and weight too much if you are flying. Use large hair clips on the ordinary clothes hangers that are in the hotel or motel. Just attach your skirt to t h e hanger and clip. Skirt hangs securely.—MRS. E. T. (ilRLS — Turn the waistband of the skirt over the lower wire bar, clip with two thrce-i n c h hair clips and you have no worries.—POLLY DEAR POLLY - I learned by accident that the bathroom mirrow will not seam up when you take a shower if it has been cleaned with canned shaving cream. This also works on glasses and prevents steam fogging. — MRS. A. A. M. GIRLS — Both. Hetty, my right-hand assistant, and her son Bob (who spends a longer time In the shower) tried this at different times after one cleaning. Even though the bathroom was hot and steamy, the mirror was not foggy.—POLL N DEAR POLLY — I stopped using the "grease" container that came with my salt and pepper stove set as I never seemed to reuse the grease My sister Miggc-sted that 1 use the container for bulk salt I find it is much easier to dip and measure a teaspoon or partial teaspoon of salt than it is to pour it from the original con tainer. Cover with adhesive-backed paper or paint two of the one pound coffee cans with plastic j nd ob do elp 1 he r s ob lids, Lable them "BIG" a "LITTLE." I call them j _ „, jars. Have hubby choose a '|slip j of paper from one of them. ' slip will list just one job to in his spare time. Often I him plan the fixing of t more time-consuming rep a contained in the "BIG" j par. Repairs listed in the snail job can should not exceed 45 minutes to an hour for cimi-' olotion. All over that go Into, the BIG par. This little gimmick has helped my husbjmd clean up a number of nee led repairs without the usual nagging from me. Frankly. I call it suggesting or reminding but \ he insists it is nagging.-M IS.. A.L.B. i Share your favorite h n ni r milking ideas. . . smd them! tn Polly In care of The Clovis News Journal. You'll rerrl\> a dollar if Polly uses your ilJea in Polly's Pointers. BIRTHDAY — Larna Rcnee ScL. man, celebrated her second birthday April 2!). She is the daughter of Mr. »ml Mrs Reginald K. Selman, 910 Connelly, the granddaughter of Mr. Clark Selrnan, Star Route, Clovis. and Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Gregory, 3116 La Luz. Larna is the great- granddaughter of Mrs- Bessie Gregory of Lamesa, Tex. NCO Wives Attend Social The NCO Wives social held ion Tuesday was well attended ihy members, and four guests, iriorcen Petty, Joyce Valley, iElaine Pulkowski and Alice Hatnm. Bingo and other games provided the entertainment and winners were rewarded with ( h c "white elephant" prizes brought, by the members. : Donations of food, clothing ; and household goods were brought to the social for the family of Bill Mayer, whose trailer home and belongings were destroyed by fire, Virginia Murphy was the winner of a shampoo 'and set which was the donated door- pri/.e. Refreshments were served by the hostesses, Amy Bally and l)oris Lang. I , fOR 'MOM Baby's Travel Tip Protect baby's skin while traveling. A new castile baby siap contains ht-xachlorophenp which helps build up an antibarlte- rial film. <Julck Drying Aid A quick aid for (irvitu 1 -.klin- smooth cleaning cream on !;|i •• and neck: leave on durng bath. Steam from water helps create a dew-v shitncvv COME IN AND SHOP FOR MOTHERS DAY . . . • DRESSES • BAGS • HOSE • JEWELRY • LINGERIE • BtOUSES • HATS • ROBES • SPORTSWEAR Tom Benrimo Paintings To Hang In Roswell Paintings by Tom Benrimo, }le was a] s° a guest instructor will be shown at thp RoswHI'at man >' colleges and art Museum from May 2nd through school. June 13th. i Tom Benrimo has had num- lerous one man shows and Has Tom Benrimo was born in j participated in exhibitions in San Francisco in 1887 and died this country and abroad. '' in Taos. New Mexico in 1958. j The Benrimo exhibition h The artist was largely s e 1 f made up of fifty-seven pains- taught although he did srwnd ings and twenty'six drawing a brief time at the Art Students There will be" a reception to League in New York City. Be- mark the opening of tbi« tween the years of 1935 and exhibition on May 2nd at 2 30 1939 Mr. Benrimo was instruc- p.m. The public is invited to tor of Design at Pratt Institute, attend. S Dollar Day Specials S .Wsl'|JI\<; M ITS — A FKW KAIU.Y 1 / SPRING DRESSES 2 HATS 1 / 73 - 1—Group Cotton SUMMER ROBES "r *¥* THE FASHION SHOP 571 MAIN ClOVIS PHONE 76^5431 M: M." Char 1e s S:i:ii(: 111 and and Mrs Hob Jones of Roswell. Mr. and Mr-, f) Y Brewer and Linda, Mr and Mrs Herman Brewer ac,d In.r,.i:,! M: and Mrs. Bill Kin'.isfiitiier, and Miss Martha Brewer of Albuquerque. Miss Barbara HU-MM!, Artesia, Miss .Teanme Carruthers. I^ov- inj'on. Mrs Karl Stratton. Jr. o! [>exter, N. Mex and Mr. and Mr; Torn Bell. Mitrhell and Lori .Jan of Littiefield, Texas. Mr and Mrs. Lamb attended FA Ml'. They will reside at 49 I..curia To,,.--' in Portales. For The For the Bath Nature's gift of precious oils gathe«<| from the far corners of the world, carefully blended wrih a special extract, for a sotur, smoother, more youthful skin. Softens the water... leaves no tub ring! The same oils m FRANAD 105 luxury K>ap Then, for the aura of sheer *leganc« *nd day-long fragrance FRANAD 105 Cologne (spray mist or liquid) jnd sooth* ing, cluud-ioft Dgsting Powder. * room 1115 X. Main Phone 763-7090 v w^>— \ \v ** •• \ V «-.^.,--'tv \ the blue room Louder co$me//c$ of the Blue Room. Special . , . w;V/i any f$/ee Louder purc/jose \ through May 7, you w»// receive a compact of Bttee Lautfer pressed powder with it's own blended in! Let us aquant you with everything from rewarding Renijtriy to exotic bath oil and all finishing make-up touches.

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