The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 14, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1932
Page 2
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TWO THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK. KD.. SATURDAY, MAY 14, 1932. jmc in the / f k Churches Text: Ceo. 28: 1«-17. The lnt«mat-OEal Cniforai JACOB AT BETHEL MEllKiY Sl'N'UAV SCHOOL LESSO.V AO Saints' Church, Ser. OxigUss Hoc-fT. rector. i \\ilkrrsiillc I'suied Brethren Charge. jScsool lesson for May 15. Mt Vtrr" T. -a-Eday schooS, 9 JO a. Hcly Cosarjsisi 7 3C a. re. Morzi-sg praj er ar-d sermon »".th' Holy Cossum-oE. 11 o clock- Ch^dren's csroi «rvlc«e. ·sr.'.h Soral m^:, .. Jxt:;. Bejlor. Wa^:.- Sr:..u: C E \V.cntrda, 730 p. CTO.SS. and special offvnris ani acireii. ( IT^.J:. ·i.3? p. rn. iT3£^r? ^fl-- .Jfr HO C.P'*'llZ2jf O« »»j^ t JTS£ S"?^-1C* school ^i the forenoon but the c.-i_l-1 Fr.i^". dr«n vtll =wet in the Parish Hou^e at 4.15 and Tares t trie churci. St. Barnabas' ChapeL R*r. Potag' Hc-c-2. rectcr. Church school. 9 X a. SL i Bethel Tabernxcie. Mu»s £-,*-·· n D B*ci»"r. pi:'. Dr. Mt Ver" T. -Sunday szr.vil 9 JO a ' S-r.Cj.. sc..».. 3*3 » aT 2: . » * " » . BV «'M. E. C1LHOY, D. D. W^rs.1., 11 a 31. !"-rrwn ty pastor Ti'ali-'.'v. ..le-- Su:-cay school. 3 30 a ' Editor of The ConcrrKxtioiubst. E-.iS5« Jt.c -vr.. e 7 3: r; si. ser- rr ; prracr-.r.,: 7 30 p rr. . J-onior and j The stvry of Jacoo's exper.mce at j Bt'.nei roach oi :ts real asean- . ir.g sr.d s.?r.iScariC« froai the Thole . story of Jacobs previous life. Ja~x's career had been theci- " er'd Ke ii'as not one of those charact- · s iers 'inoi* ^fe experiences move i!/ead- i ilv ar.d »hose cnaratter and action had ! ' T.:_rdsv r..g:it. 745 ? 21. preach-^". : p rr. ; -ay»-r ier. "e Fr.:..*;. ar.c, a'jrlx;. 7-Ji p m , ffetu.j, M-. P.. ^^r.-. Ml. Hope Asstmblj Of-God. Re- H. A N-inly. pwtcr. S-incjy SclXfjl. 10 a. m Pra:.*-r 7 30 p m. Preac.i_-s Sat-rda, 7*3 p. ai. PuriUn Mrthodut ChaprL Wat*r street r.^-ir C;1- M A Ru-J.ll pistA..r V P rr.--"..-.»; S.r.Ca*. 7 p m i Burfciilsrille church Of The Brethren.' been '^ good and prompted ^" = ! Rev Jonr. S E«*:\i5. partor. 'r..?h tr.otsvea Cta the contrary, th^re Calrarr Methodist Episcopal Chturrh.,° Wesi Second street, at MemorjU' P-^a^-r-;. S-t-ia-.-s and Fridi-.-s a: _ Char la D Bor_.aci. Egls. Ill- Park. Kev. Dr. G. ETa Wil!iirnn. cia- ; £ ' "- · Jster. · ~~ ; ;hrut R«-formr«l C'hBwh, Middletown. Chtirch school, 9 45 a. rn. Cline. s^pertntendent S-nda-, s-hcK:-., 9 30 a m. '-»as a ^reat deal. boUi m the man him- j :c 30 a m : sermon by Kev. jself ar.d in ha o-jrsrard conduct, that at '.ariance »ith thr r-?putation r.e has come to have is religion , that our aspirations speak m?.-v truly cf e-..~c-r.:ly liad been. £i:^?ressinu _ Casper p. I Christian Srfirnfe. Rev John Sarr.uel Adarc. minister, i if Msis reputation of Jacob be deserv- ;ihat ^e are than our Eli?rt-crr..nr5 ar.i th-n? f.ner ic hirr^rlf had come , Trie C.-.r^t-*:: Srt'-nce Group of Free!- · Ciurc.i s;2xx.. 9 30 a. IT. '/.^ ;· u becaiiie tn spit* of the f act i o'^r failures to li?ht in his ?.crcs cr h^ act-oiis. ·An Cn;isiil ?·»«· a. a f--ir E^nc Cr.:.";ii lor: service. 1045 m. spit* 'that t.vre »'as much :n hm recorc that ' It is perhaps signiricant that Jacob's In tne j! Christian :j Endeavor News '· 3Y GORDON P. PALMER. ; A letter has been received from Har, oil Cheyaey, field secretary, stating that he is noir back on full-tune duty | at the oSSce in Baltimore, and »"£! be , very g;5*i to telp societies Sa any -ray possible. j Just no* Mr. Cheyaey is prepares \ to 21SJM a tour of the staie to visit each county unioc and hold rallies rn each county. As has been announced; ' oefore. Mr. Cheyney and other state of. ficers »^11 msc-t the enaea\orers of ' Frederick county on Wednesday even', mg. May 25, at the Evangelical R«- ; foraied church. Frecerirk. A helpful . program is being arranged and feacn i society is urgec to se represented at , tins meeting i The executive committee nil! be glad to receive aa invitation to hold their I J'ine meeting with, some society of lie countv. By High School Glee Clubs And Orchestra. at Srt-:tl Jacob h^d a orth L^ar-*?- 630 p :r. ; leader services at 11 a rr. 1.1 trie J-ir.ur. l:i:errced_ate and Senior C. ' j u:.-*orthy. there »ere al.v *« ar.d ' experience- at Betr.el -ASS :n a cream, -.iiion of Gja. Tne cr.ti: may quibole ss Lydia L Bidcle. topic. "Torch- :?c **' roc-m of P-. ·;:.ars Cai'.le c;i CVurt S., 6 3 0 p m. lexper.*:i;*i that shofced him capaok- of ; Modern psychology is teac-ms? trial .is" .it state'-ent and sv.jyst '.nat bearers" Jtrw-t S'-r.dav mon-.r.g's le.Mcr.-srrsr.or.: M-i:-al service by Chrtsie de Fill--- j rel.jriTis feeling and of religious re- · oar r-a! longings and c.e.sires are oft- Jj:ob nid not a ver. :i:;:i conception Evening- ·srorsh:?. 7 30 p m Third ·'*··- ** Mortals and Immortal;" , Cl.vss, 7 3 0 p. rn. Uponv en experiences in dream l.fe A t na- ?f G-.-a. tna' it s-24 more a tribal deity SOLO AND GROUP NUMBERS in a ser.*s of spec.a". srrrr.o:ison 'Yo^th i ar.d Their Problem;.' subject. -Mar-; nape.' Special by vested choir i Monday. 7 p. m . chtirch school COUNTY CHURCHES Rwkjr Sprints Cnion Church. 1 , s.h'x:!. 2 p m # # * ' ency of siodsrn psycholc-jy his b-.-er. »tth ·sr-om he- ec-n-.ersed But the Gcx! \\V forget, sometimes, that nv?n are to to assocjte creinis chief!', sip- Kho came to Jacoo in ais creara repre- oe judsed b; the best that is in them . pressed cesiref, larjeiy doA"n'.\ard .ind -cn:ed the noolcst bc.nj of whom hf , Your.? Pvps aiorting 7 30 p ra ; as. -At" as by the worst. No jiid?err.t.-nt ' tiil IP. thej- ter.rlenjy. b_t a fyjr.i.-r :o-li c^n.ei-.e: ar.d is noi tnat -.vhat |rva^er. Prof Arr.on Bargee. ' O f a man is quite valid unless it taies ·-r.terpretation xa-jl-ci c-.-dfntly relate Gcd is to each one of us? Pra;.cr ns.i-t:ng Thursday evening, 'into account what the man *as capable -our dream life to our b-fer imp-lscs Tlie important thin? is that the es- 1 TrinitT Keformrd, Adamitown. Msnday. 7J20 p. m . Ladles' Aid So- : Rev Harvey s Sh-ue. pastor. cietv. ' i?'jr.dc.y 5-:.~co.. 9 15 a m. Tuesday. 7 30 ? rs. Epirorth Leaguo \Vors::.p. 1030 a m. and , I:.t- C E . 6 45 p rr.. Wednesday. C 30 p. rs. Woman's For- , Scr..---r C E . 7 30 p m ! Myersville Circuit U. B. Chnrrh. i We 1^^ to thini that «ve:i when we ' arr.o.tion ar.d s^l5.hnfiss 'Aith tne cor.- .VAakcr.-ci out of his slt:p a new and a eisn Missionary. I Junior Chr_st;an E.".Uea-,or. Safurdav. ( R c v - B - F Blu'jau^h. pastor lu-ldcd to temptation there was a be'.- .sruu«ness of some'nin? better f v.nirri i bitter man He is not tne first man Wednesday, 7.30 p. m.. Church Farn- j ^ p. rn. " j Midj..tyAn--Su:Hay scho«..:. 930 a. -j. : lr ^~. sane-aherc within us than the Ive hau not quit-.- .eluea h-s l^e, · life r.^s b.-rn cnan^ed '.hro-ugh i 7 30 p ni , jracler. Mrs Joseph HilcJer- , 0 ; becoming. Not one of us would liio arid l^nsinss as w^-i: at Esth?l, though -t began in a [-""·-·-- j t o be judged oy his manifestations of j The fact that t'r.ere '.vas in irt.-a.-r.. d.i not end th^re Fillonin? I ~--^ __ , _.^^--_..^_ _^.^ 'n.'-.rA ' _T-5...V-\ T^»fc :*-- :T? 0 o* *^'s ^»T^'*^^."*" 5* · .ui n^*^^-T ^*i^^.. *'-js ---·fci'-rv .?·*.-*,^H ! weakness and failure. ; Jacob the str^g «emen:^l the dream came the reality. ily Xight ser-.-ic«. Thursday, 7 30 p rr.. Wesleyan Bible | ML Pleasant Reformed Charge. class , Ro\. George K. Ely. pastor j Mldj. t 'to'A.".--Su:: ' a: . S-n.or C E . 6 30 p. r j Myersyillc- Su:!iay school. 9 15 a | m . 7.-orsnip 10 30 a n: : Senior C E:. People's Meeting. The Young People's So;:ety of the; 1 Rocky Spr^js Union church will hold j :ts regular monthly meeting Sunday evening at 7 30 p. ra. The program: Song. society: Scripture reading; p/ayer: mu- ,^.cal selections oy ilesrs. Raymond. , Herbert and Wc-odrow Free: recitanan. ! Evelyn Stup; vocal duet. Marietta and Rebecca Zimrcerrcan, piano solo. Mary · RiddleaiDser* "vc"atuo" 1 Lucille Blank* · vocal solo. Robert Martz: re-rttauon. i Bernard Blank; saxophone solo. Gii- more LescaHeet, Jr.; recttauoc. George Sbafer; piano solo, Emma Gonso and rine Keyscr; reading. Cathmar. who y-rfd-d. We like to think i .ould account f .r the dream Jacoo , the po»«- of a cream coming -_-ue. Frtday. 730 p. m . annual M.te Box 1 Mt. Pl-^asant--C.m'rch sci'.ooi, 9 30 a , 6 30 P m : Ir.termediat* C. E. )enuig of Woman's Home Missionary; i. rn : services. 1030 a m. ; «iay. 7 30 p tn I Society and Queea Esther Circle. First Baptist Church. Rev. W. C. Royal, pastor. B:bl« school. 9 45 o'clock, Morning worship. II o'cloci. "What Grace Tritiit;.--Cnurch schcK)'.. 10 i 1'ieasar.t Wa!i--Sunday school, 1.30 ! a m : Inie-awciate C E. i: a n: : ' p m : worship. 230 p. m ; Senior C. j topic. "Heroes of Peac,. Tirr.e. ' k-ador E · 7 3 ° p - m · P^l-'s- mftftaig, Wednes- Edred Carpenter. · da - v - " 3C P n '- !QOL AGE I . . CUca Reformed Charite. May the Pastors of Churches Do to! R * v Seward R Kr-^:-. rr.L' -ter Help ' Condit past : ZIon Lutheran Church, Mlddletown. Rev L. Ralph Tabor, pastor. m sermon subject. New Windsor FersonahtT of Jesus." wC be the evening subject. Woodsboro Lutheran Charge. Young People's Societies, 630 o'clock. Ee '" J Frani F:: «. rmediat* C B a n d p m. U.-i.c-n vespers at Christ Reformed Woodsboro--Sundjy school. 930 a ' Wors.iia W I M .--rmcr. at Harmoay. ' m : worsh.p and sermon. 10 30 a. m. - 30 p m. Lutheran Church- .. . . ·-- i R«v. Amos Jchn Travsr. D. D, pas-!- ^-^ CSa^.-Worsh.p ar.u s-rrnon ; j^.. 9 » m : S -HOA-. school. 10 30 .i. rr.. j f~r May 27 | P^llo.'.ins tlie bis-intas se«wn. those New Waidsor. Mav 14--The thirty- i pr«en: Tiere er.u-rtatn«i by a pageant icond annual comn-.-::-.;eme::t of t::j · =-'·*- °- v "-»? Damisc-us 4-H Club. Re- JBhie Rid;e colleje T.ill be held May ^7- i were rfrxed by a group c-f j 30 vii-h tlie fjlljwir.T oro^ranit -~r:daj. 8 ' niotners. m . musica!; SiVurdaj 5 30 p m . ! -Th « Horr.rmakers' Club wiU hold ·\lumni banquet- 8 p m ; Sc.phx-.ijre ' : ^ NI -'5" m^ on Wednesday at, the pla--. "Atlam and E-.-a"; Sunday. 630 p. aorne of Mrs Roy Brandenburg. Mrs. m vesper oy V M and Y W C , Brandenburg and Mrs. Slna Cue will A . 8 p. m. baccal.aurec.t- icrrr-.or. ay ? :ve a '"^ d^raonstratisn. JRe-, M. R Wolfe. Mondr.y. !0 ;» m ! --The Lacier Aid Society of Wesley i commencement address bv Ro\. J.' H. · Gry.r :.Ietr.o'.-_-t cp^copai Church at n a r f m p n t Wppk Of Mav 16 i Hjilin;er. \V.uhin?t.".. D. C.. 1 p. m. | W^dr^la. h u ld a strawberry and payment WeeK UT may ID. , ^^ meet:r _ 5 of tlK ^^ c , ... J;;ees . | ice cream festival au the community ( T h e roastmaster for the barqust siU TM- =-_ Wa^Sr.d on Saturday ev3ning, | oe George Artnur McDar.icl. Ftials-i 1:a "^; 4 ! Under Auspices Of Health j terly; reading. Miss Virginia Gonso; ; clarinet solo. Edgar Marti; recitation. Virginia Stockman: piano duet. Mr. ' and Mrs. Mehrle Marti; reading, Mrs. Thomas Shoemaker; p:ano solo. Roger Fogle; reading. JEss Edaa Graco^Smith; , vocal duet. Mrs. Harry E. Stup and , Itss Rath Free: address. Prof. Amoa | 3urg«e: song; benediction. j Program committee: Mrs. Richard H. i Wallace. Mrs. Lester Shafer; Miss E-.e- 1 lyn Stoikman, Orrille Stup and Mau, rice Blank. Church school. 9.*5 a. ro. Rack;, Hi:'~-3.;:-.d.»:. schoo:. 9 30 a Worsiip. II a. as.: children's semion. ' ! N A M T ? MTPQ i N H PT IPP^ I burg, of the cUso ot -7 and a r?ur..jn I --Miss Mary C. . r 3.-ht«r eryxrtamed inftffil!; IJniltO nTlLI r LROllO ! w .,,° ^ nv , d or , ne ,..-,,_ 0 , 07 Th ., , h*r oriage cluo st the home of Mr. j sophomore" class "this" year" w.'.l cori- ! and - II3 R-«=» Purcum. on Thursday f ------ - i _ _ ,, _ . _ _ ^ . - . _ , , n:~;i* Pr:r.*=; -t »-* ^T-^^.r.*rt -r \f»«c - ., Frf-denck cl;y and countv cnuareti ·«- of f-eity-o-e merr.'-«rs and -,o · n : = : ~ M P"-~« "·?-"* pr«Kr.:«J to Miss BurkltUxiHc Luthtran Church, urk"^l^:Su;^ P ^'. 930 a '· TM^TM'* ^ TM* countv c.iLanr., _ ;- ^ ^^.^ :rom :he ac2;;c:nr . 3efy Mtt^ell, Mrs De^a Souder Hara. m : subject. "Tne ' »ho ·»!!! enter public school m the j _ The me:n j, ers o: - E j, s Hopeful Banrl rii a , r ;= M J«- 3r.r|e Eates. ' " :.ven exarr.mations imder j class of the M. E Sunday s;ho:-I held ' B s i ' e the county health tle- the week of May 16. alth conferences :o be "- of Ba-"-^=ore. : -.j-.t-ns Mr?. William A. Baker. --Th^ mockl elec-.ric kiKnen and ,iield in the Church Street School.; Trios; present a " vrecme" rjast IP. Le.-callects rr.Ladi'.v Thu-sday evicing: in honor oi the members of the class w h o -alii be graduated ' =o ; =i~? i?hool will be held in Gaith- from :he Blue Hinge college this year ' ersbiirg. at 5". Martin's Hall. Thursday Misses May By.;*. , ar d *'-**· ^? !9 3-^ =0 Tuesday. 7.30 p. m.. Ladias' Bible j £T, -v - ; ':. " /-'-· cr - pastor , -!,« v- s* WaU«rs-.:i.«--Sunday school 9 30 a. , i C^ss. -%o sa. _ . m _ . ,.,.,;..., 7 , Q = n ,. Mn . ce , n [ Myersville Lutheran Charge. North Market Strvet School, the Wash- | Ar.r.a Bartol. ELsie Erlsor. _^ \\ec_es-ay. . jg ?. nt. s^o.e b - Jl T -1 cha _, c o: Rev F R ' ^.i^,.; Christian nev - Hl ' :!r c Kra.'t. pastor. i mcw.1 Street School and the Parkway i Pr . ce EJuatcth Mills. Ar.n C.aus. Si:h-' Aid Society Meeting i Endeavor. Wcdncsaav. 7 30 p m. ' ' s " Pau: ' s - Mjerivilie--Sunday school. | School, it was announced Fr.aay. 1 erir.e Fur?an^. Betv Dill, v.ho v-ers j The Ladic?' Aic Ssc.sty of Araby met Eranrclical Reformed Church. ' ' 3 20 a m . worship. 10.30 a m.: Junior j The examina'ion schedule is as foi-: honor guests. Ethel Eruor. Donia ?. oie. . recently at the horn? cf the president. Her. Henri L. G. KicSer. D. D, lain- · Lewistown Charce. , c E - - P m : Intcrm»ai.«e C. S. 6 p. ! lows- Church Street School. Monday j Wilus Ber.ed::t. Mary Ea.ncs. El^a- Mrs. Golclle StaufTer. thirteen Isfcr. ^ ! Rev L J. Moore, pastor. ra . Scr.i^r C. E . 7 D m : prayer meet- ' afternoon. Miy 16. at 1.30 o'clock. | beta Kather.ns Mo!o;^ortl-.. . members pre~ent The rncetmg was Sunday school, ?is a rr.. I BrooihUl--Preaching. 9~ 30 :». rr. : :n TM- Wodn^dav. 7 30 p m. ' North Market Strec'. School, Tuesuay · Alice E.-ilof. Hild.-. Bcnuc-.t. Bernir: cpened -^Ith the hvrnn "Blest Be Tne Morning-Brorship, II o'clock. Rev. Dr.g.^j.-^y j^^,,- ;o:o a rn.- Bri worth S: -J^'-n's. Church Hill--Sunday ] Mav 17. Washmgtor. Street School., Sauter. Ethel Pr.ut. Ethel M2Cu.lyj.jJ. Tie Tlizt Bittis ' folls-v-d by prayer by Slseffer wiS speak to the Junior con- League. 7.3Q p i n : address "bv Hubert 1 i *" 0 - ' 30 " J "' : ^"rsnip. 2 30 p m ; ' Wednesday. May 13. and the Park-ny ' Margaret Mra Carlis Dur.a^^r. · Hev. Mr Elliot- The secretary. Miss gregatian on "Qarm-er.ts of Wliite." £,_ · ' i Ser.i^r C E 6 30 p rr. ' schoo' ThurxcJay May 19. oich event ' sr.ri ?.Irs C E Tu3baura. : Helen Asishe-mar -"ad -h« -epo-t o' r^L H °i; C^r 150 ? '" : ** a=^- 1 Le^aMwa-S-a-.dav school. 9 30 a ' ' tered. Dr. KiefTer oeir^ assisted by . ? - C3C; ,. r!: -,, 30 a ^ R?v. Edxard A. G. Hermann. , Chr-sUae Endeavor Society. 6.30 p.' Jefferson Lutheran Parish ^; topic 'How May We Work f o r ; ^ Q H Wor.d Goooiri.? Lcacer. Miss Hcoecca Zimmerman. Health Day Program Mrs. Frank Zimmerman Tas hostess to Xe-a- Marker W C. T. U. on Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. J. G. Shai-bater.' health director, had charge of t-he following prograai. Singing. "Consecration Hymn." scripture. Mrs. Sha^'oaker and Mrs. Andrew Zimmerman: talk on health, by Mrs. Sha-.vrik"er; son;. "Ode to Health."' prayer. Mrs. Shau baker: reading. "The Staff of Life." Mrs. Virgil Baker: reading, "The Blood--The Life." Mrs. John Broadhursi. reading-. "Prohibition and Health Tea Years After." \ Mrs. Prank Zimra^nnan and Miss Mary i Shaivbaker: "Quot_tlon." Mrs Andrew ; Zimmerman: reading. "What The Fairy | Told the Queen." \f*« Mary Harren; ' rcizpah. benediction. Mrs. John Broadhurst was appointed delegate to the county convention a Frederick May 19 tnth Mrs. Andrew Zimmerman alternate. The next meeting will be held i June 8 ac tha home of Mrs. John Wag| ner Mt. Airy. Refreshments wer2 More than 100 boys and giris. members of the coajbmed gl«e/ clubs, and the orchestra of Frederick h'gh school presented their aiiwai ausica! e-.ent before a fair-E!zec and apprectat- tjve audience at the City Opera House Friday night. The choral .-numbers were under the direction of Miss Martha 3 Pettit. :iead of the music department, and the canc'ng under the direction of Miss Eelma Haan. girls" physical director. Prof. S. Fen:on Hams led ;he orchestra, which played at intermission. Soa and small group numbers featured the first part of the program. The second part consisted of a cantata entitled "Three Springs" In wircb the girls' chorus formed a background for interpretative dancing. The girls were atcred in long fhite dresses and the boys m white trousers and blue coats. The dancers wore whitjfc blue, and orange dresses. Ths program opened with a mixed choral number. "Come To the Gay Feast O* Song." and xtras followed by "May Mom'ng" and "Come With the Gypsy Bride," the latter number from 'The Bohemian Girl.' Jerry Young was encored on two solo numbers. "When Yo-i Pass" and "Home On The Ranje." One of the best numbers on the program was "The Tinker's Song" frora Rcbin Hood, which was rendered by the boys' chorus. They followed wirji "Drums" and "Drink To Me With Only Thine Eyes." Following "Sylvia" by an octette, the girls' chorus rendered "Gleam. Gleam. O Silver Stream" and "Barcarolle" from "The Tales of Hoffman." Donald Leatnerman presented a pleasing bantoce voice and received a fine round of applause lor "If I Were A Rose" and "Morning." For an encore he sang "Little Gray Home In The West." The first half of the program finished with three patriotic numbers. "Father of the Freeman's Nation" and "To Thee O Country," "Star Spangled Banner " The "Three Springs" cantata was a story of three springs that rise bigb on the mountainside under a ·willow tree. One is blue, one is white and and one is gold. The dip of the willow branches bios each farewell and they flow "merriiy. cheerily"* over the great waterfall into the ocean to be wafter 1 back to^their lovely home, high on the mountain-side. The interpretative dancing was ctene by Mary Ann' Myers. Katharyn Tinaey. Mildred Yir.ser. Louise Jonas, Mariorie Staley. Baty Baumgardner, Louise Damer, Lula MrKenzie and Lucille Shapro. St M-rk5. Wclfsville--Sunday school, j to held from 10 o'clock in the nnrn- j --Mr and Mrs Paul P~try. children "ne last ntsetin;. Mr« Elliot: ££.-e a ! ·ins 10 3 o'clock in the afternoon | Yir;ir._! ar.d Ja.k, Ba.:.m,ce '.-^::ed · talk on 'The Dutlzs cf the Members' la conducting the examination of . Mr and M-*. Fran.% Petr;.. Sur.da;. Aid " Trinity Reformed Charcr. Thurmont. ' p-e-school children this Spr.r.5 and] -- Ker.nth Cr.arlaf.e Hall A:ad- corr.rr.:ta« v.rrc R^v E D Bright, pastor. I Summer, the Bureau of Chi!d Hyg'-ene I em;,. i-jrn", Sunday ar.c ^:th Miss Evelyn Waltz. :jrs. Margaret Rev Ralph Mil'..;.-. Otettysburs,' school. 10 a m ; of tne State Health Department has j liu rr.^.hcr Mrs Xrll.r B-Jr.d. Kn:rie. and :.t^ Ksler. Ausherman; preach uorbl-.iT and sermon. 11 a m. ; mide it possible for parent-teach;;: --Mr ar.d Mrs C~l R.t;er, daugnttr s rccrcatun. Mrs Ruth Wai-z a-^d Mr« Evening worship. 730 o'clock The; s - L^ c - a _\Vorrh.n 9 a m - c h u -- h ! A -'"·« Church--Sur.dav school. 1 30 orcar.K-ji.orss to ta^e a more ac'! Ru.lj E!l?r. X .'. spent ' Ira siS:. M-s Ha^-r L="'sacrament will agair. be administered. ' ^v.^,; :o a ir. ' " " s .T. . T.nrrhip and tenr.?r. 2 30 p m _ part, it was stated. Members are m a k - j Sunday *ith Mr ar.c }L-s C D Eo~- ·_--. mern'oership. Mrs G. W." Kirnmeil. j Mt. Zior.--Chjro'n school. 9 30 a ra ' j inc a house to hotise campaitrr. and j rnar. ~ Presbyterian Church. 'worship 10 ?! a rr. i Thurmont I". B. Charge. Rev. Dr. C. E. Wehler. pastor. j st Pa a'.'s--Cnurch scr.ool. 9 15 a m:' R '"' H s Kro " e - paswr Sunday school. 945 s. m. , union cnristtin Enseavor. 6 30 p rr. : ' ' " r i Valley--Sarday school. 3 p The mcetir.2: cl==oc! w-.t-i the Lord's Morning we---hip ar.d sermon by pas- ^orsh.p,. 7 30 p n-. tor. 11 o'clock. Tne choir iill sing i urgjic as manv parents as px^sibk to; --The lid.--- of W.nters' Lutheran prarjr. The rsext, ntee'ine will be held I take ' h e r clii'.cren t-- their o-vn physi- · cl-.arc.i wo-e er.tertatn;d iv Mrs Xe-.11 , a: the home cf Miss S'-el-rn Waltz on '· cians for examination, reserving the j Royor ar.d Mrs Ry..i 3ufrir;;t.-r. a: June 5. at 8 n rn. "Praise Ye the Lord" by Mendelssohn- j Lcwktovrn-Libertr M. P. Charsc. Wison. i Rev Owsr. w Pr^-.ce. pastor ir. : ,\irs.hv. 3 p rr. . ·.^rrroti by Carl crsrar.irecJ pre-school child confprcuce j :r.c.- .-.imc.'. Wsdr.'-sdsy e\er..r.j. . L ' r o i n f c r those children shosc parents are j --Mr. and Mr=. Ediar Bar;i:=. Bal.i- ' D--»-r.X.l--S.;r:c.iv school. " p m : l::i able or unwilling to consult their j r r . ' r e i-per.t Sur.iij 7 .;li Mr ar.d M-= i n-n-s*-.. j. 3 p rr. . wrrr.on bv pastor jfarnilv physicians. I was said !J Ed*.ird Barnes. yi:iyi^^ Calvary A/\ethodist episcopal v_hurch WEST SECOND STREET AT MEMORIAL PARK G. ELLIS WILLIAMS, D. D., Minister AKXA M. SCHAUTZ. Assistant Plan Rcvhal Meetings. Bocax:;? cf :he In-lerr.ent weather of the tent scheduled rament of Lori's Supoer. Cno.r T-.ll L.^rtyto-.r.--S-.r.r..iv scno-«:. 9 30 a Sins'. "Hail to the Lord's Anointed Sy ~. ".?3^ a rr. . J.r..r C Asnforc. _ E 1 3C ? m " Ser..or C E . £ 30 p rr. : Young People's rr.*u=R. 5 45 ?. rr.: :Uc_.^ A c. T..-=rla-- e n-.u-.s ;ira-- er leader. M-SS Viola Stalcy. cr..:c 7 3: r --.. Wodne«da-. Sven^i^ -R-c-rship 730 oclo-ck: Sac- ,, ramer.t. c-f the L:ras Supper; semior. frbana Methodist Episcopal Charpe. tnyrne, ' The noly Spirit ' Cnrir wi.. Re- \v HTl.c :, rnin^:^r sing. "G-d So L-cved tne Worlc by Arac. -- S-n ._. ^-.·.·. . 1" s rr. tl;e Parfc»"ay Scht-"l is nia.jn; ar. ^i- S Grr.cfham Moravian Church. R - v K D B ndor txVr. S:r;!-.-,- *--.-'. 9 3i a rr. W.-..:· ir.rli. lo'-cfow. 1 0 2 0 3 rn M^r.ia^ 7 oc".--»c. p rr.. annual cl-._-c-. council rr.ret.r:g at churrti : Q^ H:; : ; rorn ,here children or-- to --M.s Rut.-. 3_\lcr and M^.= Ar.cre be sent to th- Par*wav School In Gu.tor.. jt^c^r.ts .:-. t i e 3r.r--- » - ^ r · A.TV. . j| 9.45 A. M.--CHURCH SCHOOL. Mr. Casper E. Cline, | Superintendent. " s i 11.00 A. 51.--"AX UNUSUAL POWER/' U » · ;§ 7.30 P. 31.--Third in a series of sermons on "Youth J ;5£ and Their Problems." Specia' Topic, S jp "MARRL4.GE." jS SPSCLAL MTSIC 3T THE VESTED CHOia IS A Cordial Welcome Awaits You Always at Calvary ill be held in Mt olinr.ille. Jefferscn ? ro a ·.Vxir.-,.v. Trinity Sonthern Mcthndfct. Bev Nat G Bamr^r.. paster. Service. '.". e. ~i_ --.:.-. scr^or. "r.- W-. part.-r. s^b,-?:: W.-.a-t to lo Ac:-_: c-.-- t Crt--* ' 1 n Church Of The Brethren. -.-.,- V-CA Her. H G- Wi^-sn paster. Cit-rcr. s:--.»!. ? ^i 2. rr. Beth; Wcrsh.!). 11 2 m " ^c-rTnici ?cr.*c- H". Va cost, an: Spir.tisl ?;-^r 5 _ r ; · Our Laflr Of Mt. Carmel Church. K\ J?5^f;-. L C irran. pastor ::av vm-.or. and bcncclicf.or.. fol- n t Lutheran Chnrch. Thnrmoni. c a ."- ,-- H C rac;:. ?is:or ;- s r--- 9 30 a m v her*" tri'-y feel^ 'o do so t o 1 :^ve :!-e~ to the clir'c t5 be hy.d a t ;l:e Parkv. ,\v School cr. Ma 19. If it 'o take ;h t .r *o ed. i' T.1- Etaf'd oy 3 rr.frr.rer o! ;lw ^ Monoa\ Aftrrnoon. · - c,*i"."t r.o*- ^-.-^ r.c a MA" 11 ana 'r-r "^11 t*-v»r P^Ci* Mor.cAv ai cr- ar.d 5no recuis-j £' -ufT-.r Lo-.-.H Q-_?.r. .-^ Va " _ _ _ _ ^^^ ^"". ^.*'.t~.^' S '^ ." : " = :-1 " s " kV "" "---'t-~ A larrc 3-moer came frorr. ccrr.m^ '.^;xd ihe sitecfaprop- er.y .n :h_* c.:; ar.d ;:v;tea over Ihe -. v n-._x..» D ; - r ^ "3.-,.-,- ac'ior: The M-,- r.r.o ·» -.1 ; r." ^^-"m;nt ~.i= rr'ce ir ·= Damascus cu l.fav 14--Off-:.- :'~ ---- _ , _ _ . . ^ ____ ^ _ ·,,,,,_ ,, , 'T.-.s Four St. M.irk' E^_ Lntheran. Sabillasvaie. Weclr:«c^.y. 7 3C p rr.. prarcr ar; i- 3.3-e Stuiy -. Friday, choir, 73:. B V ?. D , 3.13 ;r p -z. Church Of The Brethren. Thurmont. _ S. :*-. tclicil. 3 2 1 i. rn Church Of God. Brans-wick Charge. R-:-. W.. ..= - A Hrrr..!-. ~^--- Z»:-5t V.=.'.c---B.a'.e .«c.t- ? J^ a "~x«:.. r; '.' 3" - -r c F T · TTniOn Gflspel Mission. scrxol, 3 p nt. 'otin? pe-3-ple's ?Ervice, 33 p m. n tentnr service 733 ocloci ir.c-.arjc - -. -Z S. R'.«. " Tl-.»rds:. s r; Cotta?e prayer rr^et^t? May 17 73-:., 3rj-^.c--B.b.-c school 15 . horns of M.SS Ka'-e Flan. Jefferson Sen.--- C E 7 3: 3 rr..~Ve;=c'.-..r.; S c-? = Chape, prc-rrr 3"re^:.r.5 May 15 730 p rr. : ir -·· j. -. .a ^c x.-c.j:.;, Wee- ·.-.»r. -- 3L » charge o; Rev. Doug^ss HooS.'. nesca;. 7.5C p. a. " P^eicrcc ~ "ee f--r l~~." ?r\ x: st , h ^ Par*-"-v Mv.r. ar.d Mr.- K - r c - r - H - _ - s * - - c - ?chx. _-. crn-.tx.tec cf. Mrs- C C cd ·- -^r;.-·:·-· ;i ..·--, .- -^. ,,: - 1- ?p?.r-ii? gerx-ril cha.irrir Mrt G ·». r. Dr !_;·» _s Cr--t M-; Ge^ B Kfhr.-- Mrs · ~'.~x c- -^a'.n i -. c,-- Kr-.- Mrs G M---*v S,^:.;r Of ;.-.-·--,r o , - r " , . - ? Vr- Rc'iort 1, Sr.-.ith. Mrs W,^..i:r. M r-rt-cl -.3- r .-..-; S :-. Mr? Charlw VcC M.,;hii ac-orrt:. Tr? c rr.rr..---e ·v:-« C W G-vsory. Mrs G«". M.iu-r.;.. ·»i- or,-rr.j= ^-1 cierv..-..r]? ^T^« C S'..rr.rr.cr5 ?-Ir? Ca-- ~- · :lc V c^~-^ , SsXrr. r-i: r. Hf r rr.'S«o-. Mrs G-v".- L Br.»i ··". :,: y." xi;-, - -j-,. - r.- To Preach Sanday, W I S-.o-dt- Baltirr--rs. A Ccr.f-r.-nrv, ~11 r ^-.t at S p. m. at Q:i-r A M t "\" ·-··? re- s-r-^- iho f .- x --.11 bo '·' . t- c»r 3vrr. Tr.3 Scccr.c Ttrne ' A Man S In Gradaatinc Class. M:.^= M-,-- \ r. r: Sltrajetl- 3re^- i - S -'.-·- w.~ -o o." ?-IM-..; ar.c To Offtr:3te \« S r- .- N -i, v..-.-. p-.-- -i- K -"--~: ch ..- - Har-b nr Pa. *.U Ro.licr.-oefor. Mrs Ai;--n G Q-;vr.,; --'--e or. 3. --rrm.-, -o - . - . - - - - ^ ~ - - " - " ' - May p v Vesper «cr.- ar.d Mrs RA.vmor.dl Ford Mrs " W t;;o.x fr^n: .:l-tr .-...-".I 5 .V.--U --. r. -"" ^re --rVi ^"-^eV^'o .n Broc.bock,K -s wcrctary of the assoca- ^.ctncr c-r r.x to a^?r= -r r .r.v ·- May i; from tas has- *" Fr«^dcncl-v ind sp'-^r-c:.^! , rr.-^r^ ·f reported by ihe lacal to .rr ia; tic- coaaaor.ity f. E. Church Broniunsrsritlc. pre-ol-.^-.; services uag a; e-giit o f .iocs. Dr L-- var. r l J7 'vOn, P*. Your Ship Comes In When you, the skipper, steer its course safely to the home port and happiness. This bank serves as a lighthouse to aid in avoiding shipwreck. Use its help--regularly by saving a little each week. THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK XO. 1 NORTH MARKET STREET Where Banking is a Pleasure ^ti».-tnitl j rtt vji..

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