The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 17, 1951 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 17, 1951
Page 8
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TerpsToMeel Tennessee In Sugar Bowl NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 16 Charles C. Zalarain, president of the New Orleans Mid-W i n t e r Sports Association, announced tonight the University of Tennessee and the University of Maryland have 'accepted invitations to play in the 18th annual Sugar Bowl football game here January 1. The game will pit the nation's -second and fifth, ranking teams. Announcement of the Sugar Bowl contestants before the completion of the regular season is unprecedented in the history of the Sugar Bowl, which began its New Year's Day game in 1935. Coaches Bob Neyland of Tennessee and Jim Tatum of Maryland represented the two universities in ·the negotiations with the Sugar Bowl. Still Have Games To Play There had been rumors that the schools were under consideration, but up until a tew days ago Sugar Bowl authorities insisted no invitation would be issued until the later part of November. ' Tennessee still has three Southeastern Conference games to play and Maryland has two games remaining on its schedule. "We are happy to announce acceptance of our invitations by Tennessee and Maryland." said Zatarain. "This is the game the football fans and experts of the nation want and although neither team has completed its schedule, we saw no reason to delay the invitations. It has never been a requisite of the Sugar Bowl that the participating teams be unbeaten. "Tennessee and Maryland are now the two top-ranking teams eligible for bowl bids." Both High-Scoring: Outfits Tennessee has scored 264 points in seven games, and Maryland 236 points in six games this season. Neyland commenting on the invitation to the Sugar Bowl, the third in Tennessee's history, said he was especially pleased because it would offer his great halfback, Hank Lauricella', the opportunity to close out his collegiate career before his home folks in New Orleans. . _ "Lauricella is a great star and 1 am pleased that he will play his last game in his home town, New Orleans," said Neyland. "Tennessee is proud of its football team and we hope to prove a worthy representative of the Southeastern Conference." Tatum. a regular attendant at the Sugar Bowl in the past, comes into the classic as a coach for the first time. The Maryland Terrapins have been hailed as one of the all time great teams in Southern Conference history. . a Headed by "Mighty Mo Modzelewski and Bob Ward, All America candidates, the Maryland team has rolled over all opposition in its bid for an unbeaten season. "I'm glad my boys are going to get a chance to play in the Sugar Bowl and against the great Tennessee team," said Coach Tatum in accepting the invitation. "No team is more deserving of a chance to prove its championship qualities in a post season classic." Selection of training sites probably will be delayed by Coaches Neyland and Tatum until after their teams complete their schedules. Tatum said at a press conference tonight that Maryland was "not obligated to ask pel-mission-of the other Southern Conference schools ' before accepting the bid. To Ask Permission He said "as in the past" formal permission will be asked at the conference meeting which is scheduled this year on December 14 at Richmond. He added that if the Maryland request meets with refusal, he would consider that "discrimination" since it has been the custom to permit Southern Conference schools to play in bowl games. Southern Conference presidents are on record recommending that bowl games be banned within the circuit. Tatum said if any action is taken at the December meeting to ban gairies, under the conference constitution it would not become effective until the following September. In his formal announcement that Maryland had accepted the bid, Tatum said the action was taken "in conformity with the usual procedure of Southern Conference members in connection with bowl bids." Earlier 'this month. Maryland players had wanted to play in the Cotton Bowl to which they did not get a bid, Tatum said. However, this week there was talk that Maryland was afraid of Tennessee and for that reason the boys declared they wanted a chance to meet that team in the Sugar Bowl, Tatum added. The Maryland coach will fly to New Orleans Sunday to sign a contract for the game. Dr. H. C. Byrd, out of town on a speaking engagement, was not immediately available for comment. Blue Ridge Bowling League Latest Results ·American Legion, 2; Coliseum, 1 *Sherwood Feed, 2; Damascus, 1 *Snow White Grill, 2; Moose, 1 Tonight's Matches Coliseum at Snow White Grill Sherwood Feeds at American Legion Sunday Match Moose at Damascu« THE FIRST THANKSGIVJNH llluxtrnttri by Wall Scott Samosef accepted an invitation fo dinner and sp«nt the niflw. H* how " Mtcs SHM«th p«tey*d wrt* H* htiw, who jov« h« nameios Samo*Tai. imports* cbMtain. M« h^ l«om«* inflitli from *e crews of fishing vesstU. TVh MM* morning, Somoset left Plyra- wMi fNpreuions of frimhHt» «», both sides. i The News, FreilorleV, M!., Saturday, Noveinbw 17, l»5f o hit with every pitch In baseball. I'd like to ask coaches advocat- ng multiple replacements how ften they've been asked by de- endeix for a cruck at the other jlokcs on offense. What pljiyer doesn't want a part n r a m m i n g the ball down the ithor side's throat? Who wants to play defensive uckle all urtenuion'.' Who wunl.i to be half of a luolbitll pluyer? The group gimmick denies young nen tlie chniice of winning the affection imr 1 understanding of euminutos by going through thick and thui with thorn. College football is supposed to be a team game. The original Idea was that the. kid had to learn to play along \ \ l t h teammates. It was meant t h u t he had to lonrii to tnko care of his weaknesses us well as exploit his High School Team Defeated Frederick High School's football team, crippled by the loss of several stars, dropped because they went rabbit hunting Thursday instead of turning out for practice, lost a close encounter to Suitland High School Friday afternoon on the Prince Georges County gridiron, 13-7. Coaches Homer Brooks and Gene Hummel were impressed by the showing of their charges, who played their best game of the season despite defeat. What could have been the winning touchdown was scored by Frederick midway in the fourth period when Comer threw a 32-yard pass to Ward in the end zone., The play was nullified when one of the officials ruled Markoe was illegally over the line of scrimmage. Frederick with backs playing in the line, scored first on their heavier opponents on the muddy field. Gene Krantz got off a 74- yard run on a buck lateral play to the Suitland six-yard line where Ward scored on a jump pass from Krantz after two line plays had moved the ball five yards. Suitland tied the score in the second period when Mayhue ran 13 yards for a touchdown. The winning TD was tallied in the third quarter when a series of six running plays advanced the ball to Frederick's four. The Cadets stiffened and it took four plays for Matthews to crash off right tackle for the touchdown. The winners had a hard-running game featured by · the plunges of Matthews, a big fullback. Gene Krantz was the offensive ace for Frederick, gaining 107 yards from scrimmage. Ward, Mulligan, Markoe and Winpigler starred on defense for the locals. The season will end for Frederick next Thursday against Richard Montgomery High School of Rockville at McCurdy Field. The score: Suitland Pos. Frederick Merkle , LE Whitmore Suit LT Hemby Edwards LG Winpigler King C Markoe Totten RG Beard Gatteau RT Butler Wynn RE Ward Mayhue QB Rinehart Gallagher RH Weddle Thompson ..; RH Mulligan Matthews . .. . BB G. Krantz Score by Periods Frederick 7 0 0 0-- 7 Suitland 0 7 6 0--13 Summary: Touchdowns -- Ward, Mayhue, Matthews. Point after touchdown -- Fisher (off tackle run), Thompson placement). Substitutions: Suitland -- Charles, Cookrnan, Cooper, Crown, Pitts, Clark, Scott; Frederick -- Tucker, Young, Stine, Thomas. Main, Fisher, S. Krantz, Eader, Comer. Standing Of The Teams Pet. American Legion (Fred) .^ ,, .28 Raney's Coliseum CHag.) .!.., 24 Rec. Center (Damascus) 18 The Moose (Fred.) 15 Snow Whits Grill (Fred.) 13 Sherwood Feeds (Mtbg.) 10 . Weekly Statistics High individual game and set-Schaffer (Snow White Grill), 162 and 430; high team game and set-American Legion, 633 and-1,847, PLAY BANNED WACO, Tex., Nov. 16--(#)-Baylor University officials have banned the presentation of the play, "Mr. Roberts," on the campus of the Baptist school They said th« "languag* was just too filthy." Rolls 468 In Mixed League Bowling Match Bowlers expecting to be in competition along about 1955, will do well to presently watch the rise of Bill Koontz, Jr. Bill caught the kegling fever from a now retired bowling im- pressario. Young Koontz is only 22 years old and besides his accomplishments on the alleys is a department manager for Jacobson's Department store. He has been employed there some thing over five years and has been toppling maples just about the same length of time. His primary backer ·was Julius Jacobson. . Today his employer, a smart cookie on picking rising bowlers (he spotted Bunny Powell and Jack Crampton) remarks, "Bill Koontz in my opinion is the best prospect hereabouts." Who wouldn't want a guy on his team that can consistently average above 120 for two seasons? But Wednesday night,. Junior Koontz made local history, maybe he 'was inspired by having a feminin.e partner, but anyhow, he was inspired; rolling a 468 set in a mixed league match at the Health Center Bowling Alley. It set operator Chauncey P. Cramer and even older managers of the alleys agog. They began delving into records and as far as can be ascertained, the 468 stands as an all-time mark for the Health Center, H not for Frederick. , There were a couple of fairly nice games rolled in putting together that 468 total. As captain of the Red Sox team, Koontz had the pin-boys busier than a polls worker on election day, setting the maples when he toppled a blistering 166 for his game. Then he dropped down to a fairly good 141 for the middle roll of the set and came right back with 161 for his finishing game. He started bowling when barely 16 years of age and has improved steadily to date, but bowling scouts claim he has not even yet reached his possible peak. Well if 468 for a set isn't a prospect's peak, 'what might this boy do? Most team managers in any league will settle for a steady bowling of sets 100 pins less than that and Bill Koontz topples that many pins every night he rolls now. The word is out, "Watch Bill Koontz, Jr, Cotton Bowl Did Not Invite Maryland DALLAS, Nov. 16, (£)---The Cotton Bowl did not invite Maryland and informed that school that it would not be considered as a participant unless it had the full approval of the Southern Conference, a Cotton Bowl spokesman said tonight. Maryland today signed to play Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl after being unofficially rated high on the list ofHhe Cotton Bowl for a week. The spokesman, who declined to be quoted by name, said "in -contacting possible Cotton Bowl, opponents for the" Southwest Conference champion, (host team in the Cotton Bowl), the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association definitely informed the University of Maryland that it would not be considered as a participant unless it had the full approval of its Southern Conference. "The Cotton Bowl is sponsored by the Southwest Athletic Conference and the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association is comprised of representatives appointed by the seven conference schools. It performs as the agency for the Southwest Conference in the staging of the Cotton Bowl post-season game." Tennessee and Maryland were included in preferential lists turned in by Southwest Conference teams this week. All the schools with a mathematical chance at the championship were asked to furnish a list of three teams they would like to play in the Cotton Bowl. Leonard M. Green, president of the Cotton Bow], was in Washington this week and conferred \ \ i t h Maryland officials but did not issue an invitation since the Cotton Bowl had decided not to invite any school that did not have the approval of its conference. Presidents of schools in the Southern Conference have gone on record as opposing bowl games. With Maryland and Tennessee out of the picture, Virginia. Mississippi, Kentucky and Oklahoma were considered the schools with the best chance of getting the Cotton Bowl invitation. Advance Through 2nd Round Of Tennis Play SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, Nov. 16 (/P)--Two American Davis Cup stars, Tony-Trabert and Vic Seixas, advanced through the second round of the New South Wales tennis tournament today amid indications that the U. S. team might have an easier time against Sweden in the inter-zone final next month than had been anticipated. Lennart Bergelin, No. 1 star of the Swedish 'team which "swept through the European zone, appeared badly handicapped by a lame shoulder as he won his opening match from Neville Enellgrove, a second-rate Sydnej player, by scores of 6-1, 6-4, 4-6. 9-7. The pain was so severe that Bergelin could serve only at half speed and could not smash during the third and fourth sets. He said it was a recurrence not an injury suffered in a car accident several months ago. Without Bergelin at his best, the Swedes would be given'little or no chance to upset the Americans in the inter-zone final at Melbourne Dec. 13-15. Trabert, the yrfuthful Cincinnati star who received a leave from the Navy to accompany the U. S. squad, scored his second straight-set victory at the expense of Geoff Pryor of Sydney, 6-2, 6-2, 6-1. Seixas, of Philadelphia, breezed past Rex Hartwig of Australia. Maryland Denies Breaking Any Rule COLLEGE PARK, Nov. 16--W-The University of Maryland Athletic Council tonight denied that it was breaking any rule of the Southern Conference in accepting a bid to play Tennessee University^ football team in the Sugar Bowl next January 1. The Council issued this statement with the approval of the university president, H, C. Byrd: "The University of Maryland, in conformity with the usual procedure by Southern Conference members in considering bowl bids, has accepted an invitation from the Mid Winter Sports Association of the city of Ne\v Orleans to compete iti a football game with t h e ' University of Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1, 1952. "In view ol certain recent publicity, a question may arise as to whether or not the university is violating a Southern Conference regulation in accepting the invitation. The simple answer is that the university is not violating any regulation, and is acting within the rules of the Southern Conference and on the basis of custom and procedure over many years." Southern Conference rules (section 6 of article 4 of the conference bylaws) require that consent of the conference be obtained before any member plays in a postseason bowl game. Tatum said the conference would be asked for permission Dec. 14 at the Southern Conference meeting At a press conference here announcing the acceptance, Coach Tatum said without elaboration: "The Sugar Bowl must have been convinced we had .conference approval to accept" or otherwise i* wouldn't have invited Maryland. Earlier this week, Tatum had emphasized that no bowl would issue an invitation unless it was certain it would be accepted. No Virginia Colleges Polled On Bowl Bid RICHMOND. Va.. Nov. 16 W)-No Viiginia colleges belonging to the Southern Conference were polled by the University of Maryland on whether the Terrapins should accept a Sugar Bowl bid. Section 6 of Article IV of the confeicnce bylaws requires that the "consent of the conference" be obtained before any member plays in a post-season bowl. Maryland accepted a bid today lo meet Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl on New Year's Day. Piesidents oi the five Virginia colleges belonging to the Southern Conference -- the University of Richmond, William and Mary, Virginia Tech. Virginia Military Institute, and Washington and Lee-said thev had no advance informa- UNABLE TO AGREE YANCEYVILLE, N. C., Nov. 16., (IP)--In a courtroom built nearly a' century ago with the help of slaves two Negro jurors steadfastly refused today to convict a Negro sharecropper of assaulting a pretty white girl. Marked Ford TELEVISION ^SALES AND SERVICE PHILCO MOTOROLA ZENITH REASONABLY PRICED INSTALLATIONS HOME OWNED HOME OPERATED MELVIN M. ENGLE BUDGET TERMS Back of Post Office, N. Carroll St. Phone 80 Hunters have found H difficult to drown a broken -winged bird as long as the end of th« broken bone was not submerged. Early Christmas Shopping Expences Immediate Confidential and Individualized Service 'LOANS MADE TO RESIDENTS OF SURROUNDING TOWNS" LINCOLN LOAN SERVICE, Inc. '108 W. Patrick St. -- Frederick, Md. -- Phone 1270 lion that Maryland intended to accept. Dr. George M. Modlin, of the University of Richmond; Alvin D. handler, of William and Mary; Dr. Walter S. Newman, Virginia Tech; and Maj. Gen. Richard S. Marshall, of Virginia Military Institute, declined comment on the action by Maryland. Dr. Francis P. Gaines, of Washington and Lee, said W. L, has "not officially been polled." "Personally. I am completely opposed to bowl games. Washington and Lee will vote against all bowl games," Gaines said. Gaines was absent when Southern Conference presidents met at Chapel Hill, N. C.. last September 28 and voted to recommend a ban on post-season bowl competition for conference teams. The recommendations are scheduled to come before the conference at its meeting December 16. Bryan G Ts Easy Winner Of Special BALTIMORE, Nov. 16 (^i--Bryan G, a second stringer from Virginia stable of C. T. Chenery, led all the way today to grab an easy victory in the 15th running of the sporty Pimhco Special. The chestnut 4-year-old son of Blenheim II-Anthemian, o v e r- shadowed by such stablemates Hill Prince and Mangochick. never left any doubt about the results as Jockey Ovie Scurlock steered him home by five lengths over the favored County Delight County Delight, from the Rokeby Stable of Paul Mellon and ridden by Eddie .Arcaro seeking his fifth Pltnlico Special victory, was 12 lengths ahead of Bedford Stable's Call Over. The latter wound up two and a quarter lengths ahead of the only other horse in the field, Mrs. E. DuPont Weir's Royal Governor. Oil Capitol was n late scratch, probably due to the fact all of the horses had to carry 126 pounds under the weight-for.age conditions. Oil Capitol won the Butler last week with only 108. There was win-only betting In the $15,000 winner take all aft'air, and those in t h e slim crowd of 11,973 who braved showers and a cool wind who liked 'Bryan G's chances, got back $5.80 for their $2. Bryan G, named after Bryan Gentry, a former manager of Chenery's farm at Doswell. Va.. stepped the mile and three sixteenths in a respectable 1:57 2/5 on a slow track. It was telecast as far west as Kansas City on behalf of the Red Cross blood bnnk. Earlier plans for a coast-to-coast telecast were can- Headquarters for HUNTERS · Guns and Rifles · Shells and Cartridges · Coats, Vests, Pants · Caps, Sox · Boots · Hand-Warmers i HUNTING LICENSES SHIPLEY'S Sport Store 103-105 North Market St. celled because NBC did not ^ ro- inquish one channel for which they had an eailior commitment according to a CBS spokesman at ,he track. College Grid Game ^Menaced By HARRY GRAVSON NEA Sports Editor NEW YORK--There Is IHtk question but that college footbal is iu graver danger than it h;i been since Prt'Mdent Theodore Roosevelt straightened the boy out in 1905. That brought In the forwnrt pass. Yet' famous coaches defend (hi platoon system, which since its in ception has been attacked on man sides. Dutch Myer of Texas Christian carried his advocacy of the uni plan to the Pacific Coast Confer ence. which has gone on rccort as being against it. Myer gives you the sales tail of Army's Red Blaik and other in the upper echelons. 1--More boys get to play. 2--Because of frequent rests the lads are fresher, m a k i n g fo more-spirited sei-onct halves, especially fourth quarters 3--All practice at the same time. Anyway you look at it. the arguments of coaches favoring mass substitution are specious, which is an Ivy League word for pliony. As Athletic Director Robert A. Hull of Yale points out, they sock the perfection of the professionals and have gotten away from the more-essential values of the college game. As lo the greater number engaged, what does it mean if the game isn't made worth while? It's like putting a now man in SEVEN Theie irc ways of getting «i; wTro want lo play into footbal without making them, specialists The principal thing in college lou'.d bo a well-rounded player Coin-lies should leave the more spirited second halves to the money players. That's their business. The college conch's business .. to bring out the best in what he has. College squads practiced jus as long before the rules committee took :i leaf from the pros am P A I N T I N G AND D E C O R A T I N G Kr.SlUKNTIAI, COMMERCIAL All Work Guaranteed Properly D.'ini.iKc A I'nbllc Liability Imtuimic* CALL 1527 E. Harp Gilbert (Formerly w i t h ColilenU I*alnlinE St. D c r o r n t l n c Co.) 114 W. 5th St. FOt THE THINGS WANT Loons up to $1500 GENERAL Acceptance Corp. 244 No.Marhet, at Third Tel Frederick 2791 Butchering Specials! Pure Black Pepper Ib. $2.69 25 Lb. Watkins Salt 57c 50 Lb. Lard Cans each 59c 25 Lb. Lard Cans ." each 49c Loose Brown Sugar Ib. lOc Kelly's Flour 10 Ib. 73c Kelly's Corn Meal 10 Ibs. 69c Morton's Sugar Cure 7'/ 2 Ibs. 89c 6 Boxes $5.00 Salt Peter, Red Pepper and Meat Saw Blades Domino Sugar 5 Ibs. 47c 10 Ibs. 93c -- 100 Ibs. $8.75 Regardless Of What Your Needs May Be Shop And Save More At MAIN'S SHOPPING CENTER PHONE 728-R gradually loosened up the substitution regulation. At the National Collegiate Athletic Association meeting in Cincinnati In January, the rules committee should be directed to return to the old method of substitution, which would HiU the platoons deader than yesterday's gag- High-pressure football coaches talking up th« two platoons contend that the only drawback is expense. They seem lo have no idea what it is costing the game---"and them. HUNTER WOUNDS CHILDREN HAGEESTOWN, Nov. 16, (/Pj-Three Hagerstown children received minor shotgun wounds today while walking along' a road near a wooded area used by hunters. Deputy Sheriff Leister Isanogle identified them as Martha E. Zeigler and John Mowbray, both 9, and Nellie French, 10. He identified the hunter as Bob Eyeler of near Fidlersburg. An investigation is under way. TO MEET WALKERSVILLE The Hancock club o£ the Washington County Soccer League will meet Walkorsville Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock on the Walkersville field. The Glj\de Valleyites are undefeated but have been tied twice since the reason opened several weeks ago. Hancock is one of the chief contenders. UiM JLI $ 35 DOWN GIANT 20" SCREEN HAVE TV IN YOUR HOME TAKE 1« MOS. TO PAY MUNTZTV PROVEN OUTSTANDING IN FREDERICK AREA SAVE '200 OR MORE JACK KENNEDY PHONE 2146-R FULL One Year Guarantee K A K M S -- D n i r v or slot-k farm 12 miles N. of Frederick. Comfortable home. J.niKO barn--plenty of water. Reasonable. UOMUS--Htmgaloxv. Linden hills, 3 lirdrooittji. fcirife kitchcx, livinc" loiiiii, -lo. t'liih liiiHcmPnt, u t i l i t y room A: garnge. Double lot b e a u t i f u l l y hiliclsrapt-U, line view. Qwnrr wlU sacrifice. BUS1M SS--Serxlcc station complete. I.oratcd In Tancytown. Every- t h i n g Prosperous jeneral store and liquors. Near Frederick, KeiiNonahle. CITY T.OTS--Two liiise desirable home ulteK near High School, fronting on Bilker ,1'arlc. Priced to sell at once. R. C. BOYER, Real Estate Cltapllno Ficilorlch, Aid. Residence . 108« ! Mlddlnfown. Md. TcL 57-J-I Geo. M. Chaplin*. Realtor MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT IK*UR«NCt COHPOKATIOH THE SELF-MADE" MAN usually has many assistants ... and always there is a helpful bank. The Citizens National is here to work with and for ihe people in Frederick County who rcalix.e the importance of a good banking connection. "Whether your business Is providing 1 for your family, running a farm or operating a store or factory, you'll find at Citizens National t h e kind of assistance that will make the financial end of your business a good deal easier. CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK FREDERICK Cheaper than rent! You can have your own 2 bedroom Home Includes principal, interest, taxes insurance *lJ*Ot down Phone Brosius Home Corp. at 2340 4 West Church Street, Frederick A call or a postcard brings you a free illustrated 64 page booklet. Larger homes at proportionate prices. IN FW SPA PERI NFWSFAPF.R!

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