The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 17, 1931 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Page 12
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TWELVM THE DAIL7 NEWS. FREDERICK. MP. THURSDAY DECEMBER 17. 193?. CIIY EMUYES TO GIVE BAY'S SALARY HP FOR "Unto The Least Of These Ali On Regular Payroll To Con-' tribute One Day's Pay Each Month. SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION TO GET WORKS OF OLD CLOCK Curb And Gutter Work Discussed # At Meeting Of Mayor And Aldermen. «mcn acti;:: »a* ccferrt^i and tons cira*. in of th- . ~::ir.t\ nc^fls of njany JXTS^KS IT. tne c f co-ati'.utcd the busies- to cu-re before ::se Mavor end Aicenner a: th-- n.-su'ar *cm:-mor:ih- lv meet.cs cr. \Ved-»eadav eiening As :s v^-allf the case at the rceet.ns prior so Christmas the seed for aid bj aiarr- cf the citv residents. »as d.s- eujiec Mjwr Mjrushoner told o' the tteps the c.'.i v..i;s uuis in the ger.cra: effcrr ;o ame..orate s-ifiTua; and »ant and how is* c.ty's efforts are be eg co-ordina-ed with other agencies in the cissemicat.or cf funds food and HELO BY IM WALION LEAGUE Ready For Drive Feeding Of Birds During Winter Months Stressed By Members. OFFICERS RE-ELECTED TO SERYE ONE YEAR State Superintendent Of Hatcheries Reports On Work Accomplished. CUT IN FARM INCOME American Craps \alue Drop* Nearly 59 fez Cent. Washington. Dec. 3.6.--The Amer-cac tanners' crops were worth $4122,850,000 tins year--a slash of nearly 50 per cent, to their income in t*o years The Agricultural Department fixed this estjnate today and compared i with a 1930 value of $5.818.820,000 and SS.OS8.434.000 in 1929. E\erj section of toe country leit the decLne, wr-h lie Oakotas nil by the- drouth, iseiass it especially hard. A! crops were affected. Prices are abou* J6 per cent below 1930. white prodac- t.on is 10 per cent greater. crtoe lor Tbe News. Carty's Gift Ideas The Ifcr-cr ai-o cellared that regularly salaried citj iispkncs \oluntan- 2y inshed to dcnate a aa\ s pay each month to the c.ty fund The contributions will be er.tirelv voluntary, the Mayor declared, but each offlc-a! present ceclirca he would willing^ co-operate asd department .T~aos stated other ^a-ar.ed ecnalove^ had expressed the same desire to a.d the neecy The payments -sill commence with the Mayor anc Aldermen ana continue down the ".at The Plan was approves b;. the Mayc: and AJdemsen ana »J1 of piaccd In effect immediately No enip.oje -will be ·compelled to contribute but all those en ths salary list as regular employes expressed a -willingness to give a daj's salary each month The annual col.ection of funds to held SI! baskets for the needy nas is ten and before Mayor Munshcraer left the board room he had received aboat S25 from those present at the meeting The City Attomirv was Instructed to prepare an amendment to the zoning ordinance to estao.tsh a building hue on East Church street extended to conform to the l*ne now estabishcd by the present buildings. The City Engineer wws also authorized to secure bids on eurb and gutter on McMurray street where needed from We*=t South street south to a io.nt jnicea.ately beyonc the last res- fceace oa said sireet Museum Gets Clock Works. Alter some discussion, the Mayor and Aldermen dec.ded to present to the Institution the old clock movement that was formerly In Trinity Chapel on West Church street Word was received from the Institution director to the effect trsat if the city would present the clock, the Institution would bear tile cost of removing the Old works from tne chapel tower and the cost of transportation to Washington. The letter from the Smithsonian official poir.ted out that the clock would be viewea by thousands of persons from a»l o^cr the country arid tha* a suitable inscription, stating that the clock nad been donated by Frederick city, would be placed on the Nation's "Official Family" Poses InfoTno. y c h i ' t n s ; ul-i'e lamTas clicked Pro.sidt.nt Koo;er and members of his cabinet are shown above as lhej ptvted on :r.e Wnite Hous^ la-An I t s the first p icture of tnrn together since the inclusion of Secretary of Laoor Wiiliant Doak in the ' official farnilj " Left to r icht frorrt- Secretary of War Patrick J Hurley: Vice President Curtis. President HJO\CT Secretary of Sta'e Stimson ; Secretary of tne Treasury Andrew Mellon. Standing- Secretary of Commerce Robert P Lamont. Secretary of t he Interior Ray Lvmnn Wfbur. Postmaster General Walter F Brown- A-'OTIC;. General W.liiam D Mi'cnel!' Se creta^j of Ajric'-iaure Artnur M Hjdc. Secretary of the Navy Claries Francis Ac-ims and Secretary of Labor Doak. '· M»n as feasible Otner mute's of ' minor citic import were discussed j briefly, but no action a AS taken ! ' OScers for tne ensuing year were elec'ea reports submitted aad other cvs.ness aas transacted at tie December jneet-ng of Freder;cfc Chapter Izaak Walton League, in the Blue anc Grej room of Franc-s Scott Kej no:el Wednesday e'.en»nj S Edward Sna*r. pres.cen:. presided and some time was oce-i?:ed in a discussion on tr.e suo;-^ct of feeding game birds during the wn:er All of the present officers aere reelected as fo-lovi-b Pres.den:. Mr Shan; first -..-e-pres-dent. Harry F Ship.ej: second ·..ce-pres:dent, Ralph F Wach^r. secretary-treasurer. Claude S Hann. ejectors. G Hunter Bowers. James H. Gamur.1!, Jr.. and G. William Shiple;.. Tne officers and directors compote the execut-ve committee. Mr Shai referr«Ki to recommendations from the Maryland-District of Co'umoia Council as »eli as national I heacquarters to feed game birds this ·si-inter. Stress was laid upon the importance of protecting the birds, in the lira.' of proMding food. All of the | measbrra of Use local chapter sere re- j quested to .nleres; themselies -n this project Mr Snaw announced that a nandoook tfn f^edinj bircs daring tile ·* inter will be mailed to each member Unless tnc garre biros are provided for many »i-l perisn. especially during the period the ground is frozen or covered Tith snow Albert S Powell. le-visto'scn. state superintendent of made an »: teresting report in reference to the cistnouuon of joung fish He stated tnat he had lioeratec aoout 200 small- mou'n black bass in Hunting creefi 1,000 aass in Fining creek. 17,000 crappie -n tne Monocacy nver, 5,000 crapp.e in Ljiganore creek, ana 12 000 crapp.e .n Miadls creek. He added that it is a j intent.on to stock otner streams v ith rainbow trout. He stated that more than 9 000 small-mouth black oass. three to fi-.e incnes. ra-sed tms ;.ear in ponds in the '. guilty of Lewistown, have been linerated in streams of Western Marylana. ' A prize--$20 in merchancLse--do- nated by Harrj F Shipley to the member securing the largest nurnoer of a memoers for the Decemoer was awardea to J G 2oell. Here's one of the urorld's most Ia- '"ous golfers, back on the links again -.-us ttjsler at the age or 92. Y«s, it's John D. Rockefeller, and above you ^ee him as. sun-helmeted against the rays of the sub-tropic sun. he turned out for a round of golf oh a course at Ormond Beach, Fla. YUEL LEE CASE IN STATE Lamps Why not a lamp? It will do more than say "Jlerry Christmas!" There is so much you can do with Lamps . . . brighten up the room or the dark corner or put it at Dad's chair or so Mother can see to sew, and above all, make the room cheery. _ Open Evenings from 7 to 9 "TO THINK OF FCKMTCKE IS TO THINK OF CAKTX» Appeals Body Hears Arguments On Change Of Venue. NO DECISION IS GIYEN Other Matters. Curb and cutter work or. East ChTirch street extended tras discussed to some length and it Is the sense of ths Mayor and Aidertnen that work on tha improvement should proceed as Wheat Reacts For Chicago Dec 16 --Wheat prices re- icted near the c! vse on the Ch'caco Board of Trade tocax and closed with net losses o' ** to% cen* The market md opened optimistical- , !f after ycsieroaj « of 2 cents and more. Deip te small recessions on l_--of it-taking and other seU.tiH. all futures marched steadilj upward Ther j weakness de-. e'opcd Bt Winnipe*: the local reaction discios-.c an o-.erb"UKnt · ccncution ·* car.vd -harp d-^c incs ' Other cra.ns ako uf-e affected corn ' closing -X to % cent Iwcr nr.d oat. * to ^ cent lower TODAY TM / WORLD WAR\ ANNIVERSARY OMIT QUARTERLY DIVIDEND Accuses McFadden Of Using Falsehood. JQ Say you saw it in The News Death Trial Stirs Reno Colonv s-_r.^'^r.. Dec f- "oca-. cc^ of lcr^-a f 16 -- as \aried as the and I SOVIET CHITRCH BP.EAK On DecernDer IT. 1917. it was an- rcur.cea .1 Pe'-xrrad that all lands. ^a^rcnes. m-^rey go c. s^'.er and pre- c.oos Atones of churcn had oeen cocnsc3"ed bj tne SOilet go\ern- 1 Rel.s.oJ5 ias'ruciian was explicatly banncc from all piib'l: schools and r'-.iirTi schools ^tre oraered closed im- ·rea.itc.; S.i:p'o;.e5 at trc Petrojrad city hall Ae^t out on s'r.^e when the new Bol"e-.-_ i-.a;.or, a fo-mer day laborer T2t." the rnora'on'. t n e Before Senate and Ko«se co~rr..tter'i i he adm'.n^t-at ^r s artrm-.ent for ear- !.· ra'.if.catior! of the debt ho'idar wa^ i -abora'-d E i; the headl.ncs were vr,"cr. on tr" Hou^e floor Mhcre one Rep--:b.icar. arc- ,«;eo anotrer o' h.vx:' for .-i-^irs; sa.d Presiacnt Hx? ci-'r ed the nior3tor.t.m to i rc* th-- ATncr car. ps»p ! It nas Hop B^ec^ Misre. who ar- 71 'cr"*; ?.IcFadccr Per.n. ·.'.\an.a. who t l - "-".1 ^ ler"'.\ yattd rcaro-, lalkv- r . - v - r 19 .- a", f.-,. ixl to ict- P~C'-:c.c:.t "^o '^-^VMTO No Gobi ^-s: i I -v " ^xi of a oo~_ cr t"^, =r^. -»-i ! . ,,, w ,- . c^.. c ,,. s ^, Th - ^ " ^ ? " 7 c ~~ *~ ' ~ r""t*^^.-- SL--' c^'Vv-- ! ^~--^----~ Or. tre Ita as froa% an AuStro-Gcr- n an afac.v a: Sari JIa-.nD was beaten i_-fT al'er w.ere ftsTtu'.g end an aitacSc '·-. Br.t^h troops at Monte FOHtana SEAL SALE REPORTS B. And O. Railroad Makes Regular ' Payment On Preferred- \ New York. Dec. 16--Directors of the ' Baltimore and Ohio Kailroad today 'om.tted the quarterly dividend of SI a snare, but declared the regular payment of $1 on the preferred. . A statement issued oy tee board said- ' ! "T^e road took HD action respect- , .ng a dividend on the common stock customarJ'v considered at th.s time The company ha.; already paid dividends relating to tne current year ag- p gregatms 3 - per cent on tne common , 'stock- j Payments on tr.e common were at 'an annual rate of S7 fr"ro.December ] 1. 1929. to and Deluding March 1 of 1 this year The rate was tnen reduced to S5 arid furtner cut to S4 by tne ce- r«trai:ori of SI payab'e Decemoer 1,' 1931. The pre\.o^s ra'.e of S7 was an ' -r.creaj-e from S6 in the last quarter of 1926, follow ir.g a S5 annual cas^s from the resurnpt-on of dAicencs oil December 1. 1923, alter a susoensxKi of oayments s^rce 1319. Tne preferred dividend 5s payable March 1, to stock of record January 19 Annapolis, Dec. * 16 --The Court of Appeals ton.gftit. following a day of argument, took under consideration the quest.on of whether the judges of tne Krst Judicial Circuit acted within their discretion in setting the murder trial of Yael Lee, negro, accused of murder, for Cambridge. Dorchesten countv There was no indication when a Decision would be reported. With Attorney General William Preston Lane. Jr, and William R Jones, a deputy representing the state. the accused was pleaoed for by Bern- ·srd Ades counsel of the International Laoor Defense League and John H. S'-ieen, of the Maryland Civil Liberties committee. Se^en judges sat on the bench, the cha-r of Judge John R. Pattison. whose decision was under appeal being vacant. Argument consumed two and a haJ rours Aces and h:s associates pictured a ca-igerous situation on the Eastern Snore and attributed it to race pre- jjd.ce. Ades. m a 40-minute plea cla'med the lower court "abused its discretionary power" in dealing with the case. "It is clear" he said that rhe cefendant could not have a fatr ?nd impartial trial in Dorchester county, to which the case was moved from Worcester county. TT.iJe Mr. Jones was speaking the jor-sts asked many questions seeking the attitude of the state in the case Mr Lane said that theoretically the case had never left Worcester county and sent to Dorchester since an in- "pecLca of the record had not been made by the defense or its rights to do so waned. to St PATRICK EAST ESTABLISHED 1868 sl»N FKEDBXICK. §KaR MD. Silk Underwear Makes The Feminine Heart Glad at Christmas f)ur Line Is Complete and Exquisite ·+ % I A than 1700 merchant vessels car- che American flay STICKLER SOLUTION A svww^r^iCAL CUT TOPER'S EVtNLV. l The larg'' ktlers Jxw tlse name of the oh that was Hxjden n the sentence. a A 55 ,^4 Exceed Tho^e Of Tear Apo In Four ConnUes. Bn.t.rr.ore Dec 15--Returr^s from TO Mar. .ara T-jberculoi.^ Associa- '. r 5 Chr^'miK fea'. sa.c in four i M^i-\ vrc. ro -t.^ -- - surpassed tne ] o. c" CTS c' fi^; a^:c .^' year. Henry j " B'K'-r n*\ ^» e cra rman and' "-c."W-"^r of '-~e t .bcrni*c^ts r.ssoc.a- { T^^ cv^-it c: ·K-cre the sale of seals vi ctre^f "d T".~." cf last vca- are Al- i v " - . »- T. n -~' r-.«a S931 Cecil | *· r " -" v '·] c '"" v "^ amounted ( T S* 1 -. ^r !M^; ^ c~- - c^e renims T , , c ,_ ,, .. 0 , T,_, c _ ._ Talbot oc-r- cs ;n ar. as;-csra*e Bandits Captured "% -- vs ^.·'.. C " "^ - l"i V a r- _- -·' D^-'r c' \ -.:,,; _ ~ .1 ^-;^' : :-v ' v -v * s, -- w-^-. ,,, ---«. . . ^ i.^1 'O L, G .-^ OE fa..i.cra3"-e d.-o-:e cc'oay A^dre ha-ic^orre ?ai-rr.ort W Va cental, wno ^ cna-ied ^. .u nch aic p-cfy fiance^ M-s Mar*.ha Hutchinsa^ 22 aso o* it be-rg a^e^ec that he beat her arid threw her from a" a u 'o C\- Pv"" · ^ o"a h cf .-- \ j * -.a ·· Ror.o .as' i.a^r-s Dr Andres lave for the g.~. coo.«i a'-er 5ne i-^c -o -s.-iEre "·· war to get a d:\or~e Dr A-a-" ··· ' j.-.f '· --?' T~° - 1 ~ " s"»07r, ao" ; were la^t fer. 01 f-.i-a.-- i '^' v a .£··· C^.r.c. A. \a-oer3^t Jr, tee main buudmg of waters « i u ^ n be-ov; io-.* :34 oco ~o. CI A »s TTO -,e\ " at '^ t in a \» oman ; VV ·" ^" ^ \» i^~ ^ -TC ; V- -r r - -- TV. -- - 3 ^ -o -" - b -« P.. S --..^ V: "^ ^ 5- - TM~ - Xs-sS H.I-- ··;· X\ ·-. C ,.-. -- -·- x t 3 f -- r - r^-'" i 7-^ r. r-v b- v n » H«'«-T A Tr r^ rt^hi'o ts n- c c ».. bo L ' \ ^ ' o v C TS L* ho d at d led .*^ \ - ; r ' ci-.e i 5-1 Mr a-^c i - i \i a local xii-v-i bv Mrs v\ ^-e hf-"d Ja-.aar -- i- .- tv H5 i Silk Dance Sets, Step-ins, Combinations, Kight 3 Gowns, Princess Slips and Ensemble Pajamas f *' $1.95, $2.95, $3.95 up to $7.951 SPECLAL VALUES IN $ PITfiE SILK I Bloomers, Panties and Bandeaux I $1.00 each | A Pure Dye Dance Sets, 2-pc. $1.19 ea. i JUST ARRIVED FOR CHRISTMAS SILK MESH HOSE $1.50 and $1.95 New Shades for Evening Wear DPU ,^ /^-MERCHANDISE OF A/g/g/r^vZ: LON ?, . IN ^^^"^Sf : ^- ""' -e C- -050 are shown , $g ~~ " l "" "~" ^ " _' r ' e ' ^ '° """'*''*" 3' %.- o - a J'-aancie fo'.dier i g_· i ' a - ? ,e » -e -- _ ·- i - c --"r"-s of ba-.d:: forces y 3" J«i--,jc ^rrr.j. Xo o ho-\ sec .re j tacj are bound. I «5*?i ESTABLISHED ISTT

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