The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on July 23, 1969 · Page 6
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July 23, 1969

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 6

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1969
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Mull Mention Of'Motsture' On the Moon Western Comedy for Paramount APOLLO- Continued from Pnc/c One capsule communicator Charles Duke saw a while half-disc on his television monitor in mission control and reported: "We sec the earth in the center of the screen." There was a long silence before Aldrin, from 180.000 miles away, corrected him dryly: "Believe that's where we just c a m o from," meaning the moon. *'" Earlier. Aldrin, apparently refreshed by his first good rest since walking the moon with Armstrong, told mission control: "All v-ry quiet. Nice to sit sl " lll> skipped across a pond, hrre and watch the earth get- and the crew would be lost. ting larger anil larger and the Armstrong was asked Tues- Clint Walker is a star of "The Great Bank Robbery" Friday at the Paramount. moon smaller and smaller. Tho astronauts had passed tin! nf the moon's gravitational dominance at 12::!9 p.m. Iowa time Tuesday, and entered the earth's gravity control. T hey arc. scheduled to splash down at 11:49 a.m. fowii time Thursday, in the Pacific about 1.000 miles s o u t h west of Honolulu. Hawaii. As the spaceship passed out of IIH- moon's gravity. Apollo The Flight If Of Apollo 11 pilot Collins joked about it with newsmen at Mission Control, saying: "The spacecraft gave a little jump as it went through the lunar sphere." A mission controller laughed and said. "Thanks a lot." The spacecraft was about 30,000 miles from the moon at the visible miles from home, traveling b (lay if he remembered seeing a dust cloud when Kagle rose from the Sea of Tranquillity. "Then.' was quite a bit of kaplon i plastic-like insulation., generally silver or goldi and parts of the lunar module went out in alf directions." Armstrong said. "Hut I don't remember .seeing anything of a dust cloud." Discuss Samples During the day there -also was lurther discussion of the core samples taken on the moon .Sunday-by Aldrin. who punched soil recovery tubes beneath the lunar surface retrieve samples for scientific investigation. Aldrin said he "noticed when I took thc bit off that thc material was quite well-packed, a good bit darker and thc way it adhered to the tube gave me the distinct impression of being moist." Aldrin's use of the word ''moist"' aroused considerable Alan Arkin stars in "Popi." melodrama no wat the Galaxy Theater. O.fiflU. longitude 23.481. plus or minus li.OOO feet, but because of the manual landing maneuvers it is uncertain. The Apollo's quarter-million- mile trip home began late Monday only hours after another moon traveler—the Soviet's un- Myrna Loy is in fast of "April Fools" at Wakonda. Cinema H and Pioneer. Terry-Thomas is in the cast of "Daring Young Men", at Riviera. Michele Lee Is in the comedy, "The Love Bug,", now on the Plaza screen. 2IOW CITIES PLAN FREEWAY (The Register's Iowa News service) ' AfoES, IA. - Officials of Waterloo and Cedar Falls Tuesday Moifwi roads. Engineer Pedon N. Petrides, of the engineering firm which did the study tot the cities, said the project "requires major railroad relocations involving the Chicago and Rock Island, the Chicago Great unveiled details of a study lead- Western and the Illinois Central ing to their proposal for a $51 i'™,^ Mayor Lloyd Turner million freeway linking the two I gaj( , » Wc have two commu- cities. jnities ready to appoint a relo- Target date for completion of ca tj on committee to work with the 8.3-mile 1975. super road is in the railroads, and we ask the commission's co-operation in Cedar Falls Mayor William ! implementing our program." McKlnley told the commls ftlon the freeway was "an ob- solttie 'necessity for Black Hawk County and a possible tie-In for the hate's proposed expressway-freeway systems." Aside from money, the major problem which would confront the link is apparently the rail- APOLLO 'HOAX' NDOLA, ZAMBIA (REUTERS) — A Zambian policeman said Tuesday he believed the Apollo 11 moon trip Was a hoax because he did not see it with his own eyes. He told local reporters, "I watched the moon through binoculars all night and didn't see a thing." THEATER CLOCK (Wednesday's starting times as provided by theater managers.) 6, 8, PLAZA: The Love Bug—2, 4 manned Luna 15 probe-crashed CAPRI ° liv "- 8 RIVER HILLS: Beu-Hur- mto the moon. R , V|ERA; Those Darmg A British scientist who monitored both moon flights from the .lodrell Bank Observatory in England said the marked contrast of the American ship landing men on the moon and the Hnssian un- m a n n e d probe crashing showed a clear United States superiority. "This is the first time the United States has been demonstrably superior in a vital part of the'space program." said Sir CAPITOL ORiVE-'tN.Mackenna's Gold- Bernard Lovell. a vocal critic *W 1:15 a m - How Sweet II Is ~ in the past of America's space TOWN DRW E-IN : cartoons-9. Chitty effort. Chilly Bang Bang—9:20. Yurs, Mine Today's Schedule WAKONDA:~The' April"Fools-7:45, 9:45.' Today, the astronauts are to- EASTGATE CINEMA; II: The April Fools awake froma 10-hour rest'perK E ^f T ' E9c ? N ° EMA I: Romeo and Juliet od at 10:30 a.m. (Iowa time) z.-j q. 30 and face a day of relatively,pfoNEER DRIVE-IN: The April Fools—9 light activity. / (repeat one'hour—12:45 a.m.). The The main spaceship engine 2, 8. Young Men— 7 10, 9:30. GALAXY: Popi—12 2, 4. 6, 8, 10. HOLIDAY: Heironymus Merkin — 7:30, 930 INGERSOLL Sweet Charity—2, 8. PARAMOUNT: The Wild Bunch — 12, 2:30, 5, 7:30, 10. VARSITY: Mackennas Gold—7, 9:20. WEST-VUE DRIVE-IN: Cartoons—8:45. Chilly Chitty Bang Bang—9. Hook, Line and Sinker—10:40. S.E. 14TH ST. DRIVE-IN: 2001: A Space Odyssey—8:45 Charro—11:50. PLANTATION DRIVE-IN: True Grit— 9:10 (repeat one hour—1:15 a.m.). Guns of the Magnificent Seven—11:30. WINE AND DINE .. CHATEAUNEUF - DU - PAPE, FRANCE (REUTERS) - This wine-making village in southern France will honor the American astronauts by offering them 100 bottles of its famous 10 Rhone River valley wine. The town council and wine growers federation also decided to invite the spacemen to visit Chateauneuf-Du-Pape... , . . . , ,. , ,,,,. ...,...,, .j Ft ,^.,..,,, ^,, 6 ,,, t . . U .. T . he moment of crossing the in- cur !™-V f l l f e Ma ™ cd Space- wi| , be trj £, at 12 37 6m AMOS HIAT isible line and about 195.000: * r f Center here where scien- jf ncede(j { * { A „/ „ ^ a ss r a f t / Stalking Moon— 10:50. H]ATT JUNIOR HIGH . The Frog TV COVERAGE NEW YORK, N.Y. lAP) Scheduled Apollo 11 coverage on the three major television networks, all' times Iowa time: Today: ABC. CBS, NBC. 6 to 6:30 p.m., live transmission from capsule. Thursday's coverage of splashdown and recovery ABC, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. CBS, 11 a.m. to-1:30 p.m. NBC, 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. are gathered to study the samples being returned by- Apollo 11. Most scientists have not believed there is water on the moon. One expert said there could be several reasons why lunar material might cling -to the, tube other than because the sample was moist or damp; He mentioned an electrostatic charge as one. Saw Laser Another development of interest was a report by Aldrin — confirmed by Armstrong — of sighting what appeared to be a from earth during maneuvers Mon- more perfect course toward SCHOOL COLLAPSES earth. / CALCUTTA, INDIA (REUA spacecraft-to-earth tele- TERS) — At least 15 children vision broadcast is scheduled were killed and 92 injured when from IK 02 p.m. (Iowa time) to an elementary school building 6:17/p.m. at Kannamam in Kerala state /A seven-hour rest period be-~collapsed during strong winds 'gins at 10:32 p.m. %nd heavy rain. M W/U*f A MANET KYOND1 ? VENUS? JUPITER NOW; ,0 •J • • ^if^f V w^-wmtf, » w w* vv^^v ^r-w v m RIDE IN SPACE!, DRIVE-IN SHOWING; DIRECT FROM ROADSHOW ENGAGEMENTS AND AT POPULAR PRICES! MOM f mini .'STANLEY KUBRICK MboloON NOW; OMN , "»'" *T "An unprecedented psychedelic roller coaster of an experience." -Lift KEtR DULLE4 GARY LOCKWOOO IN Sfonfey Kubrick's Production . . . 20O1 a space odyssey Color Co-Hit M 11:50 P.M. ELVIS PRESLEY CHARROI NOW as the one called about 2,725 miles per hour, a speed that will increase gradu- rendezvous ally under earth's .pull to blazing re-entry velocity -of j he )jfiht was (iescr jbed as about 24.700 m.p.h. "white with a yellowish tinge" Armstrong and Aldrin, who and semed to ' come from tne had walked on the moon, slept L - s Eastern Seaboard then in soundly for about 10 hours, darknesS| Ak | rin sakli but the Monday night after returning, to source of thc Ught coul(J nQ{ be the iorr;rr.and ship and- packing f j e t Pr mined away the two sample boxes of R ' js be [ ievedi how . everi to •lunar .soil and rooks, the price- have bpcn an ear|v less t.res.-.urft of their quest. H was a much-needed day of relaxation for the crew, with nnly one maneuver to perform — a slight course correction tn refine the spacecraft's trajectory and target its path for re-entry. Collins triggered the 10-seo o n d-hurn of inc. command ship's thrustf.-rs at 2 ~>1 p m Iowa time to slow its speed by a mere five feet per second. As tiny as it was, the adjustment was critical. It. aimed Apollo"flown"cfpr'eci.sf: approach "tunnel" which narrows to a circle about 2o to 45 miles wide at the top of earth's atmosphere 400,000 feet above the .earth. Streaking earthward at nine times the speed of s rifle bullet, Apollo has a leeway of only two degrees in plunging into Ihe circle. •'If the re-entry is too steep, massive acceleration caused by gravity could crush the astronauts within their cabin and CINEMA I "DAZZLING! Once you see it, you'll never again pkture 'Romeo & Juliet' quite the way you did before!" -LIFE 7:00 9:30 7-DAYS ONLY--7 This Motion Picture is worth seeing again! .STARTS TO-NITE AT THESE 3 THEATRES, Wakonda 7:30-9:30 Cinema II 7:45-9:45 Pioneer Starts At Dusk WAKONDA iHOPriNO CtNlEI V ^ ,.--,...- _ •% • ^^ &••••• VV WAKONDA TCINEMA III PIONEER from an earth station to bounce a laser beam off- a special reflecting instrument left on the moon as a distance-measuring experiment. Space agency officials said Tuesday thc seismometer left at Tranquillity Base has recorded "several seismic events" or moon-quakes since the astronauts left. They do not know what caused the tremors recorded by the machine. The seismometer, which was working well Tuesday, will not last. long, officials said — perhaps no longer than Saturday. The insulation that protects the electronic equipment apparently is not working properly, apparently damaged by the blastoff-.... A'-Pimle Mission Control \ajso said Tuesday they were still not sure where the Eagle landed on the lunar surface Sunday. Spacecraft communicator "'THE APRIL FOOLS' ttTVERY FUNNY!" — -New York Daily News "Fresh and alive. ..romantic and funny."— Monitor, NBC Radio; "Pure Pleasure. ..deliciouily willy!" — Women's Wear Daily; "Genuinely funny!" — National Obierver, "It's hilarious!" — Cue Ma|aiine perhaps crumple the spaceship Bruce McCandless asked the as well. astronauts to have another look If the re-entry is too shallow, at. the charts to try and identify the craft would bounce off the the landing path, earth's atmosphere- and skip Officials believe the position back into space, like a flat of the landing site was latitude Tuesday-Wednesday Special DINNER PAK-REG. $1.35 The Dinner Pat 3 t,i.-i : • :... With coupon You'll never know how good it is 'til you try it 3700 S.W. 9tn St. 2447 Hubbell Ave. 900 Grand Ave., 5500 Douglas Ave. 6401 Hickmar, Rd. Weil Des Moines BRING COUPON TO STORE Jack Lemmon Catherine Deneuve are "The April Fools 1 Also starring Peter Lawford, Jack Weston, Myrna Loy and Charles Boyer, T •', ..i,r;,. '.in- l.y I nr \V.,.'«i. I Tnlr M>i-i,- ],: Hull H.'itluT.irli .nul [ l!;i! ll.ivid. \V.,.'«i. I Tnlr M>i-i,- l,v Hull K:n.lijr.irh .ind [ l!; 4 M .;, [ ' ' (.'"itiinlu.i Kt i "u! • A l.j!>'in 1'imlui I i"M TL-I lum'olor * ::. i I'rcid'iivil I A liiinldi; (.'.ill oil. I Inn ltd Ii'. Sill,HI KuMMiberg. .il I':, (ti.'r^ K,'!I-.I:,C A C'lin-ina t'ciilci ! ilrn.v l'K:,cnt.Mion. • PLUS: BIG COLOR HIT AT PIONEER ONLY! THE BIGGEST WESTERN TO COME OUT OF HOLLYWOOD! GREGORY PECK EVA MARIE SAINT "THE STALKING MO&T WEST-VUE DRIVE-IN TONIGHT! OPEN 7*45 P M CAPTCONS Z- 'i AT BOTH (THEATRES | 7/RST DRIVE-IN AT 9:00 P.M. TOWTM DRive-iN tHr AIR; £ •< HI(,HWAY (^ RUN! TONIGHT! DIRECT FROM ITS DOWNTOWN ENGAGEMENT! tVaaDyke Sally AnnTioWes "Lionel Jeffries £L* M Chitty Chitty Baq^3ar^ ,-.SUre*-fANWlSION TECHNICOLOR United Artiste fck^ COLOR CO-HIT W-VUE ONLY AT 11:40 P.M. COLOR CO-HIT TOWN ONLY AT 11:40 P.M. SEE IT AGAIN - YOU'LL LAUOH HARDER! LUCILLE BALL-HENRY FONDA VAN JOHNSON ««I,M- SPECIAL CHILDREN (UNDER U) ADM PRICE THIS PROORAM BOTH THEATRES 50c COMING SOON Both Theatres "DADDY'S GONE A HUNTING" fsf RUN O.M. WE WttDICT ALAN ARKIN WILL WIN AN ACADEMY AWARD! GALAXY STARTS TONIGHT A GIAN ALL IN DOLOR STARTS AT DUSK tGRAM! H*'< Sloppy, Hard Drinkln' and Cat ialloulth! They Coll Him 'Rooster'! Wed. *t 2 P.M. Call 28B-89W For Reservations Charge Tickets At Sears RIVIERA TONIGHT AT T AND 1:30 TONY CURTIS TERRY THOMAS "THOSE DARING YOUNG MEN IN THEIR JAUNTY JALOPIES" CAPRI 8 P.M. IN COLOR ALL 5SAT5 $].» Academy Award Winner-Best Picture "OLIVER" PLAYBOY ran ten well-stacked pages on this film! THE ADULT MOTION PICTURE YEAR <9 NIWIEY READ THE WANT ADS EVER FORGET MERCY HUMPH FIND TRUt HAPPINESS? YOU MUST BE 18 HOLIDAY IHtAIKfc i-IUO t,W Ytri TONIGHT 7:30, 9:30

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