The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 7, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Wednesday, January 7, 1948
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL.. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1948 .PAGE SEVEN ' *5£t-SpS 2f|;.gg:l T|n . ^ Out Our Way By Williams I / A IT'S PART OF TH' ·BIGGEST CRANE EVER BUILT, AN)' I WANJT YOU TO 6E TAKEN) WITH IT AN)' YOUR PICTURE WILL GO ALL OVER TH' WORLD IN OUR CATALOGUE/ ·//; HE THINKS \T' SONAE KIND OF HONOR, BUT THEY PICKED TH' SMALLEST RUNT TO MAKE TH' BIGGEST CRANE LOOK BI66ER,' ·v f ft-VO 5 THEV TOLP ·HM IXSCUZ. HE HAD A PART IM TH' BUILDINi' OF IT" HE DRILLEPA COUPLE OF HOLES INJ A Ted Williams Agrees to $80,000 Contract; Joe DsMagqio to Get -$651,000, %^ (%·* n TO 20 MONTHS TO REPAY Foliar Brushes Phone 678 THE ENLARGEMEMT T. M. REG. 0. S. PAT. OFF. COPR. 1948 OY NEA SERVICE. INC._ BY HARRY GP.AYSON NEA Sports Editor 1DOSTON, (NEA).--Billy South\vorth views the Braves' 1948 chances 1 ·I/ nr.r-t-1^. By CAKJ, LUNOQUJST United I'rcss Sports Writer NEW YORK, Jan. 7.--(U.R)--Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio bumped into each others' headlines today in an off-season journalistic crack-up by which, through some-,' body's bad timing, they both came j to 1948 salary terms on the same' day. The premier American league sluggers both got fat raises, too, as befitted outstanding performances in the 1947 season which found DiMaggio of the Yankees getting the league's most valuable player award by one tenth place vole over Williams of the Red Sox. Williams, the bean-town beari- pole with the fat bat, settled up yesterday for $80,000, while DiMaggio, " the lanky Yankee with the v/idc stride, had to sign for !$6r,000. but he got the bigger raise of the two. $3,000 I5oost for Williams At Boston, General Manager Joe Cronin, who previously has dealt v ith thumoinij Theodore only on the ball field, announced in his new capacity as lied Sox general manager that Williams had wired acceptance of 1948 terms from his winter retreat at Princeton, Minn. Williams' salary represented a S5.000 boost from his 1947 figure and was granted without even long- distance haggling in view of the fact that he earned his keep and then some by leading the league Durocher IN THE Sporis Parade in baltijig with a .343 mark, in home runs with-32. in runs batted in with 114, and in runs scored with 125. Actually, steady Teddy wasn't down .on the dotted line as was DiMaggio and there seemed a remote chance that he might kick up a little fuss over a low provisions, but Cronin said that he wasn't concerned about it. $21,230 Increase .for DiMaggio ·DiMaggio, who had an even big. gor post-Avar comeback last summer than bubble gum, was rewarded with his first raise in MX years an increase of $21,250 over his previous^'salary of $43,750. He followed by only a few day: his outfield colleague, Tommy Hen rich, in'signing up for 1948 and Henrich, too, received a substan tial increase. Thus with the Yankee owner setting the pa^e in the salar. league as their .players did in win ' ning the 1947 world championship there were general indications that next season's major league payroll would be the highest of all time. The Yankee payroll on the basis of the raises to DiMaggio and Henrich and to other players who already have signed for 1943, was expected to go over §500,000, which would represent an all-time major league high, exceeding even that of the New York club in the heyday of Babe Ruth, who made $80,000 a year by himself. Darkly. *^«*t ***j · That is lo say Dark lights up the National Leaguers' outlook in their battle with the Red Sox for patronage and prestige in Boston. HENRY L. LIGHTFOOT LOANS Signature and Realty Collection Adjustment Service SkaTMs Bids- I'ho. S93-W f INCOME TAX SERVICE Keaster Kutr Upholstery Cleaning 503 W. South St. Phone 859R Harrisburg Kirbv Vacuum Cleaner Dealer COLLECTiOHS ?.':? i 1 ':-,* past dj; jcouvs, ro:es and bad ocn «,-h ^ vie ccllctt fren an/cne. arr/- «"»f 2-v ! T No collection, no charge! M. D. Ncsler Collection Agency 302 E. Walnut Phone 113 ,Alvin Dark, you see, was the; ' recruit-of-the-year in the Amer- 1 icon Association, and he plays ; shortstop, which has been the one ! big flaw in the Braves' armament i Fince manager S o u t h w o r t h | switched from the Cardinals to the land of the bean and the cod two | years ago. i Donie Bush, who played considerable shortstop himself, calls · the Louisiana Stats alumnus the i best young player o£ the position I he has seen in years. Bill Meyer, ! who this year steps up as man' oger of thc Pirates, describes him ES the slickest to appear in the Association in many campaigns. W7HAT encourages South-worth ! to an even greater extent is i She fact that Dark batted .303, ! led thc circuit in t%vo-base knocks and runs scored and V;DS around the top in practically^ everything ' % else. After having had a look at Dark j at Fort Lauderdale, Fla., last ,, ! spring. Southworth predicted that 1 he would be one of baseball's all- time fast men. All Dark has to do to round out I the Braves is live up to 50 per j cent of his raves and be half as ' good a shortstop as he was a run- j ning and passing back for LSU. If Dark comes through, owners Louis R. Perini, Guide L. Rugo : j and Joseph Maney will richly deserve whatever additional success he brings to the soaring Keciskins. The Three Little Steam Shovels , ponied up S50.000 for the one-time | LSU Tiger's signature, a bonus barely exceeded by the record one that went to Dick Wakefield of the Detroit Tigers. Another big hope on the NL MOTSINGER AND ROSE HomU and Insurance IT'; S. MAIN ST. Phone 655R r-w-a, Yjf J. E. "?f.t" Ra? By OSCAR FRALEY United Press Sports Writer NEW YORK, Jan. 7--* " v "" I torially subdued and NEW YUKIS-, Jan. i--v^.---^ Jaonths wr jtj ng the movie script | torially subdued and tonsonaiiy ,^ Qne of m - QWn my stery hooxs i thinner, it still was the same old d letting Jeff Haversan help IT.PO Durocher who came home to , nwnr Craiz. Jeff THE STORY: It all started after "See what?". Morgan growled. I had been in Hollywood three months, writing the movie script side in Beantown is that the temperamental outfielders Jim Russell and Jeff Heath will respond to Southworth's magic touch. Russell, a switch hitter, has^the phys-j ical equipment to be something:i approaching a Tyrus Raymond i Cobb. J. Geoffrey Heath manu-' factured 27 home runs as a lowly Brown last trip. · Johnny Sain last season became the second Brave since 1915 to win 20 or more games two'years in a row. Paired with him as a 21-game winner was Warren Spahn with the lowest earned-run average in the wheel. Bill Voiselle pitched magnificently for Southworth after being swapped by the Giants, and now that Ol' Ninety- Six has lost a choice crop of varicose veins, Billy" the Kid rather expects the large right-hander to join-Sein-^nd. The Profile-as-20- game winners. Red Barrett's earned-run mark was'the 12th lowest in the league last season. If Ernie White could stage a comeback, the Braves' pitchers would slam the door in the faces of a lot of batters. Among other things, the Braves have the most valuable player in the league at third base in-Bob" Elliott, and a home-run manufacturer at first in young Earl Torgeson. The rich Red Sox. no -Jonger have things their own way at the bucks office in Boston, and that goes for the National League leaders on the field. National League baseball will be promoted aggressively in the Hub while controlled by Perini, Rugo and Maney. - , Leo Durocher who came home .he Brooklyn Dodgers today. A year's requested absence has expired for the Lip but that subtracted season did little to the clarion voice or the ability to use it. t**iu «*-*** "O ·*···*·· -- -- -me get over Oscar Craig. Jeff was director on my picture and a \eiy attractive man. So when Li/. Lcyden my unpleasant collab- fliatcr, informed .me vindictively that Jeff had been married far some time to Avis Vaughn, ouf A U l l i V s HI AAV- +-V i.» · -«J - -- -- IJ^~ "I'll be my natural self, just g; aaior s tar, I v,as stunned, the same as I always was," prom- - - ~ ised Durocher as he again picked shifting his cigar to the other side oi his mouth. Ben Morgan's a big rough man who made his money in Texas oil and went into pro ducing movies as a hobby--ana to make more money. He isn't what I had expected in a producer alter all the jokes 1 hau heard about movie magnates who couldn't bieak the King's English. .Morgan cluid speak tngiisn all rignt. Plainly and proianely. too, upon occasion. i Instead of answering him Jeff called to the operatoi, "Hun it SCRAMBLE. -Bill Erickson (33), of the University of Illinois, and James Barr (10), Northwestern, indulge in some double-time gymnastics under the basket as the two teams met in Champaign, Illinois. Illinois trimmed the invaders, 52-47. (NEA Telephot) I Department of Commerce. The 1 need has been accentuated not dn- ! ly by the all time high demand for 1 paper, but shipments of woodpulp which had been anticipated from the Scandinavian countries have not been forthcoming," Mr. Wise continued. Collection of scene began He got out then but not beiore \vaited-Jelt ana 1 tense witn the Loquacious as Ever , ·he managed to get across a smug But if baseball thinks it crush- te ehng O t soh-satisfaction at my ed this man Durocher by handing | aisma y. him a term in the pokey but its. j walked over to the window all wrong. The blond thatching ^ iler a i^tle while, and stood provides a mite less cranium, staring through the Venetian nlmd camouflage and there's a bit of' S i ; l s a t the street below and the excitement ot discovery, the rest alert with mysuiied expectancy. The preliminary action of the scene wound oft and there was the linal moment again. AVIS ana Madge Narney staring at eacn camouflage ana meres a OIL ui- s i s l s at tne strew, oeiow anu u«s ; ":°~ : n " Yp e width oi the room white peeping out around the ears. wall ot the yellow building^oppo-; othei across t n e w i d t n o tne Yet the Lip is going to be as lo- sile . j doa 't think I was feeung and, at that distance, ^op^is^^ quacious as ever and you have vtry muc h of anything, except a President Branch Rickey't. woru i co ^ a s i c - K emptinebb as it some- for Itr" v '· ' · ' ' " '' ''one 'had hit me in the stomach. "You may have read somewhere, as I did. that I have gagged Leo." the Deacon announced. "Well, u the gentleman-who wrote that will give -me the formula, I'd like to have it. "I might be able to use -it occasionally, at that," Rickey added. "But I can assure you Leo is the manager--and he isn't gagged." Leo proceeded to prove it with his warning to the men in blue and anv other interested parties who think they can lightly challenge Durocher or his dandies on the ball field. Wants to Win Does Durocher think he's on the spot this season? The answer was ( typical of the man whose chal- made DR. D. A. LEHMAN EYE. EAR, NOSE. THROAT Glasses Fitted 203 North Vine Street Suite 4--Harrisburg Hospital SPRINGFIELD. Jan. T-- Cummins Placed On Centralia Tourney Firs* A!I-S*ar Team Herbert Cummins, Harrisburg center, was named to the first all- star team of the Centralia holiday 4 « ; , « « p n t all' It,' IIuU H i t n*t; .i" iii^ ^*.w»-«--- --· So Jefi Ilaverson was married. And to Avis Vaughn--oi all women. 1 don't exactly know why tne iact that it was Avis affected me so stiongly, except that snc- was so _ % \ell, cheap, bomenov.' i \votila have expected Jeff lo have ,iaa more aiscrimination when he picked a wife. In my own mind i , much alike as sisters are supposeu 10 l^k and seldom do. uieacn Badge's hair and they could pass lo; twins! "it was one of those unexpected resemblances that the camera sometimes brings out. like the one between Joan Bennett nnd Hedy Larr.arr--after Joan dyed her hair, i. mean. No wonder Jeff was excited. K°re was the double he'd been By Junior Police Corrugated and kraft paper are being sought by the Harrisburg Junior Police, in addition to newspapers and magazines, for the waste paper drive to be held throughout the city Saturday, Jan. 17. The collection will be made with trucks and the paper bundles will be picked from the curb every place in Harrisburg. "The emphasis on old corrugated boxes and paper such as brown craft bags is being made because these two types of paper are especially needed by the mills which use waste paper in the manufacture of numerous paper products," said Eddie Wise, chief of the Harrisburg Junior Police. "We are anxious to make our drive as beneficial to American industry and the public as possible at the same time that it raises money for the Junior police. "The need for corrugated and kraft paper bear a direct relationship to the amount of wood pulp available to the nation's paper mills, according to the U. S. lore she falls in love WUH u »·"·· " a distance snot. Ana iieu ium i»=. The afternoon was hall gone De- j in the cast a u t he time, fere I could force myseii to go The others saw j l? too, this time back to the set where Jcfi and the j hcard severa i gasps back of us ss.v.»,-o ti-oi-o nr \vork. They had "Do c "'one if they don't look luce .-inc-^Mnrffan sa'id and took the others were to the They had scene UK tne lenges made "time called, argument at Brooklyn" a baseball byword. "It might be tough to some! "But as I look at it," Leo added, "we are starting a new year. That 1947 is over. And we're going to try to win each and every dav--and win all we can. : * 4 Then Durocher sat quietly by as Rickey announced that the Dodgers had" taken over the Brooklyn football team in the All-America ,,,v.^ Jimmy Peters--he swell-looking detective-- tv. ins, was doing his stufi. . I sat down in a chair and watched the rehearsal, it didnt thrill me now. Avis Vaughn, Art Cievcs. Madge Narney and Jimmy j Peters might have been so many robots moving around under the bright lights lor all I cared. The sound of Jeffs voice, curt, assured and impersonal, giving directions was hKe thc prick ot a knife in a fresh wound. To shut it out I picsed up a iv. ins. ·uuiguii .w^ *··-- .-- , cisar completely out ol his mouth Y:"hich was an exclamation point for him. stars were selected by spprtswnt- GOODRICH TIRES Passenger, Truck, Tractor HAKRISBURG , A J1UE BATTERY -W K. Poplar Terms 17-iRl *J4. i * . A i A V I X J , J L j * J * - ' « .*,·».« v *»-« - O V U l * » » V I . w ox. »*··'*.*·*·« --»- -- i (U.K)--If there were any lingering ers and coaches attending the doubts that Ernie Eve-land has an- CV ent. other powerful prep basketball T camc( j w jth Cummins were Clif- club at Paris, they were removed ford «; tout O f preeport, Don Cullcy 'last nisht bv thc 100 to 40 score of p :: na and Bus t c r Stevens and Dick Heath of Robinson. Robinson won thc tournament. The second team was composed night by the 100 to 40 score i his Tigers racked up over Marshall. It was the first time that Paris reached the 100-ir.ark in its 41- ycar basketball history. The total was four points better than the highest score marked up by Eve- j land's stale champions last year. Freshman Tom Plcw. a substi- and the name of Michigan's Fritz Crisler was mentioned. "Goodness. I'm a Michigan man.'' Rickey 1 cautioned, "I wouldn't want to lose him." "How about Dud DcGroot. who left Los Angeles." came a suggestion. A i i i ; aviviiw »v«»" » , «.AV.«I. ., of John McMackm of Salem. Jim j "He could almost out talk you. Honakcr of Quincy. John Pfau of someone added. Pana. Jack Chamblin of Robinson "Then I don't want him," Rick- A Vl'Ki 1 * ** ***-·» ^» ···-·« -^ and Bill Staff of Vandaha. Barker Miley ' 100 points over their Eastern Illinois League rival v/ith a Ions shot in the final seconds. High scorer for Paris was Dick Hcnson. with i ;4 points. It was Paris' 13th v-'in in games this season. Stout was voted the most valu- to his team, drawing number of votes--108. ' J L l i V U JL UWil c. » ey intoned firmly. ···»»^ ···*.·*· ··» ···-«,- - . Sec. it is definite. Durocher is as ever! BUREAU ?. IT REPORTS X SERVICE Phor.c 673 igh! Pay Paid "Jo Navy OHkers Notre Dome Best, Southern California Players Vote in Pol! (To Be Continued) John lockwood Elected Head 0! Anglers Club To shut u out A yiui^ »f T h c Egyptian Anglers club, newspaper that happened iq. be which last night c i cc ted new offi- u-ino on a chair next to mine and - -~.o ._j_ .,.- TMt, n t m *J lll o w * _ . » _ _.,. « T i n n t T " - i n "Because of these factors, -we particularly urge saving of these ', types of paper for our January 17 drive and for the quarterly collections lo follow. Old corrug'at- jed boxes should be flattened to Imake a compact bundle. Because of the large number of Christmas 'gifts which are received in corru- i gated containers, there should (be a substantial accumulation of I such paper in the homes at this time,'' Mr. Wise said. Atomics Improve Cattle CHICAGO tL'.Ei -- Radioactive tracers are paving -the way for healthier livestock in the atomic age. Scientists in the Institute.of j Radiobiology and Biophysics, one ot three institutes in the University joi Chicago's $12,000,000 nuclear ', research program, report it is TIOW [nossihie to learn_ho,\y ^copper and I cobalt influence the growth of pas' lures and cattle grazing there. With tracers scientists can folio"' these minerals from the grass right 'through the cow's digestive and ' circulatory systems. Tonite 6 p. m. Cory G R A N T My met L07 Shirley TEMPLE Carroon and Pete Smith Specialty IX i l i s f VM *l v,«»**«* ·»-.·--- -- . . . . tnea to concentrate my attention upon it. ,, But I wasn't really interested m the dav's news. 1 wasn't really interested in anytning except thinking up some Ptausiolc excuse lor leaving early, when Jell turned to me and said we d go over to see thc rushes of tne morning's take as soon as thej finished the scene they were on. The entire cast troupcd along_to- thc projection room, ine were on when we went in. beside Jcft. and 5en Morgan putting a cLsar, came in and wok au. seat on the othsr side of him. The lights There wss thc white cers for 1948. today was acting to . change its status from local to national. . A . , . The secretary was instructed to j ; cv* w« » -- - » 4 'ziing our eyes and thcn^ u LOS ANGELES, Jan. 7-Cr'- iiiled with the scene Thc boys who took the beatings, morning. There w.r^ Southern Californias battered foot-1 anc Art ticves -ball squad, today picked Noire acx-oss the ropm-andinc . lilt; acv»v«x»»_» ..-- - - - -- - , " . , . i contact the national Izaak Walton league and the national Sportsmen's league to learn about cnang- in" thc local club lo a national or; ganization which would include both hunters and fishermen. At present the club activities are devoted strictly to fishing : Officers elected were John Lock- wood, kingfish; Ben Sisk. vice kin«fish: Gladys Smith, secretary: and Vcrner E. Joyncr. treasurer. The club presented the retiring kingfish. Cecil Mitchell, with a placque for his services. Thc club changed its rules last There wss tnc wi-.uc "-^" i "="-, n isht to close its year on Dcc. oi thc screen for a moment oaz- - nslcad of : _ * ~nrl 1 fl(^TI I · \\*l^i . . _ » _ Thursday, Friday, Saturday -- 6 p. m. 14c and 40c News of the Day March of Time - "The Presidential Year' . ARTU3C de COI0VA · PATRICK LffiSS ARMST8JSS - W033Y HERK«i it 1 sat j L « t i r u i 4 1 l i l ^ V M I l 4^.14*. »-r*-.'». « ^,'.-« -«- -- - j ^p QrC»V I l l f c , " ! * - I'"* ^ to 29; Clinton tumbled Champaign. ; ...^ six mon ths ot 1347 141 to 38; Kankakccs strong north-; ' ,, 5S . V car-old full a. ,n I I . 3 . , OilIvCIS. «uiu «"--' -v»-.-"- o 42:i«;.,^ .-.rit- rtf lieutenant command- ---- ~-,----. . «--- - - - , . BioominRtoiVbc'nt F^t Pconn. 39',^ %£ °fli S P ay during the Dame, over Michigan as the best -- - - - · · · "' ·-- ir 1 '. ". .-. ini-7 team in thc land. Regardless of polls by sports writers, a representative cross- section of thc Trojan team chose thc Irish as tops in their book. Thc United Press polled 22 players, ranging from first team rcgu- thc bcal- icrn outfit dumped Streator, ol ip .'33; Ecardstown routed Bushncll. 61 to 33; Pinckncjvillc beat Mur- · . phy.sboro. 33 to 30: Du Quoin over- i ' v ' l · l L SEE John £ Owen, J. P. I'hone 655W Drivers" License '"^^««^ came Chester, 40 to 32. nnd Hcrrin | llursi, 47 lo .16. Q 5S . vcaM ]d full admiral was v , } .{ Hc got ar . average l oavm ' cnl O f S366.67 per ' Tnc ^mc average bonus · ^ o:] . cr rcar ' and vice to ! Flisht nay ,v gees to any officer'}^ High School Basketball Scores v i i v */«.* t*"*" 1 - - - ,, _ ?lvs four hours or more per and not less ^an 100 hours in a year. It amounts to oO per I cfnt of base thc ings in practice. · I Seventeen of them picked Notre Dame, despite the fact that Southern California was beaten 38 ·m 01 uaM.- I-".-- to 7 by the Irish Dcc. 6 and 49 to John Nicholas Brown, assistant Q by Michigan in the Rose Bowl * ..... ff*.v *ii1* Crttli 1^ ^« frrt ^ J _ -- _ iK/ITl 1 · «»adio Electric Service 174R1 P.y United Pinckr.c.-vi'.lo 30, SO. Du Quoin 40. Chcstci ^2. JlcnJn 47, Hurst 3f. Flora -IS. M'.. Cirrr-el SO. Paris 100. Marshall 40. Decatur 4. Urhana 42 (donfcs? overtime). Lockport 33, Jolicl 32. Clinton 41, Champaign 38. with law. v \ « « v«*-···*··*' · » · » · · ! \urc not namcH. CnOJa L I V « " » ««--··-·"· i y ov ^HLIliydJ of navy for air, scnt.] asl Thursday. * to congress in ac- t7i- --The officers Urown also supplied Marine corps * show inn thai 216 Marines s. rbovc the rank of flight pay during tne cf thc vcar. drcw last half Tlic TXiily Register, 20c s week, by carrier boy. Parson Stretches Troth HURON. S. O. CD--Thc R« v Charles Bullock, a Sioux Falls Methodist minister, won a liars contest because he had experienced several drouths. Hc said that during OPX- of them,'there was such a scarcity of water he had to put a well through a wringer lo get drinking water. o v in the foreground. AVIS Art raftered their panic and and Avis through u her hvstcrical denial. Strange how Sch more real :t *TM**te* seen on thc screen than it Jad thai in" when they acted it before SwL The door behind then, opened and Madge ^TMcy «mc into the room. She paused just 53dc the door and stood loofcig =t thc body of the man on the floor and then she lilted accusing eyes ·Tufinkthit me ^almost as soon as it did Jeff, and I wwn ,. sur- pris«J when 1 felt jiini lean for- in his seal asid stare at the n M if he couldn't believe nis Jycl I could hardly believe mine cither. .... Thc last foot of thc film flickered from thc screen and the house lights came on. Jeff turnco lo Morgan incredulously. "Did you see that?" he demanded. insursu «x on 31ay 15 as has been the case in thc past. Thc new officers take over this month. Grand prizes were awarded members for thc largest fish caught during 1948. Ben SISKS four pound. 10 ounce bass was good for first prize for both December and for the year and his prize money totaled S10. P. J- Hcrron and Mark Burnham. with crappic catches weighing one pound. 14 ounces each, tied for first place in thc crappic division, and each was awarded a prize of S15 Vcracr Joyncr won thc Slo blucgill prize with a catch weighing 15 ounces. Brosc Phillips showed a 2o- minutc color film showing fishing in the northern states. Next meeting of thc club, which has 141 paid-up members, will be held thc-first Tuesday in February. Tonfte 6 p. m. Double Feature -- I2c and 35c Thursday 2 p. m. -- 12c and 35c Return Showinjr Are Funny" First Championship Michael Phelan and John Sccrcit- er played the first national championship biilard match in Detroit in 1859. Phelan won the title and a $15,000 stake. Starring Jack Haley -- Helen Walker PLUS: Leon Erro! Comedy, Unusual Occupations. JEWS PA PER I JEWS PA PER I

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