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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Thursday, July 1, 1948
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Today's News Today JffEA FEATURE SERVICE A. P. LEASED WIRE AND FEATURES Weather Forecast Clearing and cooler tonight Friday fair and less humid with moderate temperature. I VOL. LXV.--NO. 219. Press Run Today ' Xe^s--~ 150 * Po»: --8.623 I Total-- 15,773 FREDERICK, MD., THURSDAY, JULY 1. 1948. EIGHTEEN PAGES PRICE--THREE CENTS Long-Range Bodies Of School Plan j 2 Soldiers Up July 19 En Route The Nation Today By JAMES MAKLOW Washington. Julv 1 Public Meeting To Be Held In High School Auditorium To Discuss Program A public meeting w. ill be held In " of Education when the long-' aboard the Army transport Law- school construction proTasn ' rence Victory, the Department of Remains of two Frederick city the Frederick High School auditor-, io!dier * wh » lost their lives -n ium on Monday, July 19. at 815' World War 11 are being returned .o'clock fay the Frederick Countv : t o the United States from Europe PBoard range scnooi construction pro; proposed in a recent repot* to the · t h e A^y announced today board will be explained and dis- ' reiaailj s of 5.374 Americans ar cussed. .turning on this vessel. The program has not been adopt- ', The Frederick me « ar * p *- Paul ed by the board and meetings wi envisions several entirely vesit:o*is. It wou!d be a lot easier 0:1 the human beings v. ho go to them :f Expected TO Dock Soon :he speeches \vere fewer and shorter. The present method, repeated every four years, is o!d-£ash:oned and tiresome: long speeches- and wild demonstrations that don't mean much Truman Sees Tito Chosen Soviets Kill 4-Power Berlin First Ballot ! Delegate To ^ , *«· ^ e, ^ T Nomination Red Congress Government; Allies Draft Note Transport With 5,374 At New York; To Notify Next Of Kin Predicts November Victory; Willing: To Have Mrs. Roosevelt As Vice-President Washington, July 1 V 4».--Presi- Political Future Of Yugoslavia May Well Be Decided There Joint Plan To Combat Blockade Developed By West Belgrade. Yugoslavia. July 1 · ·?.- ariau division of the Blockade's End Uncertain Fate For Demanded Bv Mied Civilians And OfAlties Soldiersln Capital London, Jui\ ! J'--Informed Berlin. July 1 f--The Russians qust the Berlin city government Washington. July 1 ..}--Evidence mounted today that the weMern . elected Premier Powers have developed a joint plan j Whitehall' sources said todav the "»day and thus killed the last func- a delegate today to |f combat the Russian blockade of fsused States. Britain and France tlon - a g four-power governing body foretold, too. victory in November the fifth Communist party congress. Ber ""- have drafted a joint note to Russia in Germany. Yugoslavia's political future Statements from both Secretary demanding an end to her blockad'e A Bntis!l spokesman reported well be decided. of Mate Manual! and Britbh,For-, O f Berlin and the restoration of th:s latest development in the Ber- Yugoslav party congress is eigu Secretary Bevia pointed up i four-power rule over the c»:v h " cris ' s He ** ld 5he tlle convent J° n to P ic k What happened then may ha^ not bppr. arSnnt c icut-iM-n. iji-ru are -TIL-. ±-aui -___... ^ , · · , . , . . - i presidential running mate. He was s gram tor the event rt^KaSrrt^ V -^' ot0 *'' so * aiKts - Elsi * Es - r ^ r ? a - f H 0 ~ ' S t e i S i n S O V e r ' * · * « » specificiallv whether Mrs. Uerdav in the pa rftii fhe public It JS'^V 16 ?**· Somh street - a " d *o-fnvone an " ^' Franklin D RooWelt and Gen. Borba. the Yugosl: I- TM » tJ»*» W »*V»"»»-V1 I bMmm · n r * T-- ,.«._· ""·*» f c * * * ^ v».i_, _. ... , __ _,_ _ . _ . . _ « » · _ _ · . , ^ ev , i Pfc. Richard L. Fleming. Jr., son -»«,, «.*vu^ ^*. * ^..i**. - w i S V A i C f i h iZCV. J f T T i c * - l 0 * - « i ^. iJc-fX-i. schools and additions to a number \ ° f "". Aaele S. Croihers. 200 around ^o-n-ng , of other schools over a lengthy pe- ^^" eMB . ou!evard ' the announce- Jhe names of lhe wou , d . be MnJ f: ; Starting at vice ' to be held here July 21. In a pro- the westcr " Rovernment's firm de* " "publislied ves- term! "?at'O"» to stay in the German rty newspaper c ^P' ta l despite the Soviet starva- Yugoslav Communist tion tactics ment said. riod o£ time. I Superintendent of Schools Eu- \ T* "' ,*"^" ·" J " "" " c ail ~ nomination. gene W. Pruitt, announcing the £°unced by the Aew York Port of · That mean meeting today, said invitations ! Embarkation and ceremonies will . speech-mak would be extended to the County ! be held there at n a - m - on the da - v far beyond . Commissioners, officials of cities: . ^f r : !t WE f itated - Seventy- one wi and towns, the Frederick county ! f*?} of Ihe deaQ are fronl Mary- Each person who got up in the ' Truman replied with the suggestion } t D. Eisenhower would be central committee upheld Yugoslav In addit ««n- Marshall said in his , independence and called for a Bal- ' P" blic declaration yesterday that Mrs. Roosevelt question, kan block of Yugoslavia Bulgaria the b!ocka de "raises basic questions of serious import with which cii t =am. da:e=r fo- Tre! : dent were o'aced in :he President smiled and replied: , and Albania. Arrival of the vessel wil be an- no -nina;:on " " Of course, of course. What would In a telegram today to the same , w * ^. x P ect «° deal promptly." ^even honr-; of you ex P Kt "e to say to that? ; committee. Slovenia's" central com- ' ofl ? cla 's here placed much em- king and demonstrating.! As for Eisenhower, whom some | mittee rejected charges against Tito i p . asls °" lhe word!! " deal prompt_ » . « _ _ , - . * k-/\t *»V-i £*··»·» T*%j-*^»i j^»*-'v»o f-t^+ ·*+.**. fi~. n ** :_«^* * ».v.^} y,:.. --tu ;_«· i r . . * » · » . IV. JL IlOV 111(11 PA t**H t fin t m*» »i*»vi the time when every- · southern Democrats favor drafting and his chief lieutenants published ' · ivished he \\ ere ir bed. i for lhe presidential nomination. Mr. j Monday by the Cominform. ' "' After forma! approval has been ?J*^ t TM^**TM a "*** r *.*.**-.-. A V » *!-«»* «ijj|ji*j% di iiaa UCTTII . I , * . * ! . * . . . . , « . given to the draft by Secretarv of hne ^"l! d ,^ dy . s 1 t u p to ^ Ber " State Marshall. Foreign Secretary ' m ' W l t h lhe statem ^nt that "the Ernest Bevin and Foreign Minister Georges Bidault the note will be the the by longer exists." spokesman quoted Col. said. of Col . Frank H owley. American TL- T C- 1 T^ i_ »_ -w». 4. l u t m i i v v i n r ^ . .C'VIUCrSt.a.l The L. S. and French ambassa- commander for Berlin, and intro- dors. Lewis Doug as and Rene Mas- ductioa of thc western currencv MKli and Sir VI »Hiam Strang. Brit- , j nu , the city, for the death of the ij.h FOICIKU Oflicc expert on Gcr-. Kominandatura. representatives in the General As- . land. aembly and members of organiza-; · jammed convention hall was al- forces dead originally in- lowed 15 minutes to make the' general. lv." Thov indicated that th«» novf . . J..K.V liiiiiLuicu uiai me next 1IliU iv. pm u t c nmsnuiR loucnes to In Frankfurt the noMir-al ro.r, r ^ moves ,n the American-British-] the western powers' demand m a . eaZti^ffsWW GASPS' It is clear, the Slovenian com-TTM" e l!-- C ?T. l 5 r ...?: inip . ai « 1 . 1 . a!ready two-hour talk today. ceivcd the proposals of the Amerl A Foreign Office spokesman re- cans. French and British for set- question be put to the mittee said.'that "we cannot be i h a v e bcca carcfull . v charted. . shaken for a moment in our con- !. A furthe . r opportunity for top ! level Americas! reaction to the Ber- ituation was open today with President Truman scheduled to his first news conference in presiden- j nation of his policies bv the Comin- first ballotj form ·Communist Inte'rnational In- ! several wcoks. i Consider Direct Bevin in his to Corn- siver anv auestions orooounded. ! George C. Rhoder'ick." of Middle- convention meet- j formation Bureau) . mons yesterday officially disclosed y 12. - Borba reported that messages j t h a t the westcrn P° wers arc con- rapid-fire from the army and the party are j he was not manifesting unity and ''unlimited · . ... England °« e wiio were go:ns to vote . worried by talk of a southern re- ' confidence" in the present Yueo-i [y 25. 1944, of wounds sustained . TM_** candwaies. aidn't already ; volt against him i ^ v i^dership. * a direct demand on thc Kremlin to end the Berlin crisis. Other British informants reported that London. Washington and Paris already have begun talks on the wording of the note to Moscow. the appeal to the Kremlin is unsuccessful there is some specula,the recent survey from which Devolved the report submitted recently to the school board. It is the hope of the board, it is , understood, that persons attending j «** Pfc. Esworthy was 19 when his ^ ° f Amerfca death occurred, having enlisted when he was 18. He was a Fred- i t ***^ -.tciuiu, l_t;ii Li dl. tUHlllllLlCC J ** -i_ *i_ i AI_ i man. had asserted Mr. Truman ! w hich it pictured as strengthening °" h fJ" e th ? 1 . thc w / estern natlo » s would be nominated on the first | socialism and the counS m " v th "" *""" " h * rt "~ ""'""* I would have and _ ' enough if that was all School graduate, took happened. j the meeting will carry back to their ' ni f basic Draining ^at Camp Shelby. ' But there were the detnonstra- j communities pertinent information J Miss, and arrived in England in tioas In between. Thev lasted anv- i candidate, he said so that the public can become well j April of 1944. He moved into I where from four or five minutes | tional convention. ! er _ jt stayed with acquainted with the problems. France June 10 to participate in : to more than a half-hour of \ Tbis reporter observed that for- ; tne war. f s econ- may then bring charges against ballot. I orny . The President said McGrath was I The division that chose Tito to correct - i represent it at the party congress }£" Russia in the United Nations Security Council. Selection of a Earlier this week a proposal by sneral Trygvc 1941. when he was a guerrilla lead- j Three^Vwer "plan "firsl^ ^ ^ ** throughout} -Meanwhile, the United States a e p a r v congress I T T a vice presidential . was the first unit he formed in \r ;',, ^vi id, is up to the na- 194 i. when he was a ue rrill - ! moved to bolster its small militar prisoner of the Germans. He was : thought each parade after a nom- Vfould Mrs. Roosevelt be accept- , all next week in Cleveland. He is the Maryland Jirector of the association. Harry Frushour. in a German hospital at the time'- ination was-~a spontaneous- out- of his liberation April 17. For a j burst of ioy. all very sudden, for principal of Liberty school, who is the president of the County Teach- . . _ . _ . _ _ ,, . . ers Association, will also attend the |'hat he had been evacuated by J For example: A swarm of peo- meeting as a delegate, with other i hospital snip to this country. He ^e waited for hours in the base- persons from this county. ! evidently was taken ill "from ' rnent so they coulj S° upstairs at The next monthly meeting of the ! long hours of work with insufficient be ri ° b£ tlme and put on - or ioin school board will probably be held i nourishment while a prisoner, hav- , ;"· tne aemonstration for Harold on July 14. it was stated. time, it seemed that he might re- ' ttie candidate just placed in aom- cover and it was even reoorted '· ^nation. It wasn't. · j ing been captured December 16. E ' Stsssen his when ms name was t *Free Movies For Kiddies On July 5 . v,;his Enlisting in the ASTP prior to They carried huge Stassen banners and thousands of balloons to , -u -_*- - _ , . _ , - . . birtnoay. Pic. Fleming took i °. faen =,. give color to their performance ° . . . e n . ^ his basic training at Fort Benning. i ^ { V at hanaened on Wednes| -a_ and later was stationed at Fort dav n = ght and earlv Thursday ! Jackson._ S. C He went overseas i morning. But nobody at that time . in OcLOcer 194, and apparently cou ] d fae s-.vept up in emotion to · arrived in France the latter part ; cas t a single ballot for anyone. The of November. .reason: whose, The voting itself did not. and July weekend will be would not. able to the President as vice ideritial candidate? ! Mr. Truman replied: Of course, j Tony, of Course.'* j Then Mr. Truman asked what the · reporter would expect him (the I President) to say to that. ! ConfeFDn Jail Changes j there today. This is three times the ' number of Superfortresses which , ordinarily have been · visiting in · Europe on training flights at any one time, except for one trip by a i 30-plane group last spring. Until thc Strategic Air Command rota Uonal thfSfnt? jan X be n an"1o lake^sha * · Start6d ^ s °- called the Associat- j today as the County Commission- i JS ^.JLo/"^"^^ no Amcr . pd Prp:c ! -- -- ~«"««A.»JII«I-i las t summer tnere were no Amer- As to whether he would weZcome \ «ve 'of a^Seveland" con^^n" I i C a n b ° mberS ° f a ° y type J " Eur ° PC ' -- -- . . . _ -- . irve or a de\eiana construction T-KH lo^t nf tham t^ft in u« .^,««n,^ Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower running ma gested that Eisenhower. construction ; The ] ast o f them left "in the months and said afterward that new j immediately following victory in ,te. the President fg -| specifications wm be submiVted ! ^ope tne question be put to ,,,»-,;,, *,,-,, ,,_ +u^ Dn ,,.,,,,-,, : _ ur °Pf- The annual free showin^ of Others from this area _ . movies for children for the 4th of i b ° di ^s are being returned are First j everyone there knew ie conducted on i J^ ieut - John R. Arrington. Jr. Air ' start until Thursday afternoon. But j of Marriot'^vill^. Route 3. ' it's been customary for years to Stimax, of put on demonstrations like that, so they were put on. All this irsiist have been a bit Mr. Truman made it plair? that he would make the record 1 of the Republican-dominated 80th Congress an issue in the campaign. ! c j" " "' the Republicans left many ' ~ within two or three weeks. j Doubling Fijchtcr Force Contemplated, it is ur.dersto-od. | Also, for more than a year thc , is the remodeling--practically the j United States fighter plane force in the jail and the institution of a new group of 75 World War II type air- eel cage block system. with craft. This force, however, is be- Legion, and the Tivoli theater, i t , 20 for their Republican National | convention. "WiU you call a special session?" a newsman asked. -air? 5 -h7v ouit June' 51360131 quarters for Juveniles and i ing doubled in numbers and more :,-!l_ Q "lL=._ , i a 'bull pen" to cool off drunks. than doubled in. effeetiveness. By The commissioners said that un- , September there will be a 75-planc ! der these plans, there would be i group of F-80 jet fighters on the more room for prisoners on two scene, transferred there from the ! jail floors than there are on three j Panama Canal zone. j floors at present. The 18-inch wall 1 ; i The present strength of the Army ! which separate each cell now : j n Europe the bulk in Germany. fused to discuss its contents. j ting up a separate state in the west- once. But the Whitehall sources s-aid ! ern occupation zones. Thev asked the note will emphasize that the j for time to discuss it. but'accept- three western powers will place all | ance was a foregone conclusion. the responsibility on Russia for | The fate of the western Allies in what happens to West Berlin's peo- Berlin, deep inside the Soviet zone pie if the blockade is not lifted at and under Russian food blockade. i remained a question. The United i States and Britain, publiclv com- · milled lo withstand all efforts of [ the Russians to squeeze them from , the city, stepped up their flow of transport planes in an effort to break the blockade. At the climax to his anriounce- . . . . . . , . . ,_ _. ! rnent of the break-up of the Kom- Uashmglon July 1 f;P.-- It was : mandatura Kalinin invited the Brit- Moscow's move today on the check- ' ish. American and French staffs to er-board of Balkan politics, where . have lunch with him an erstwhile pawn has suddenly · "But i n the future we will not turned into a defiant and danger- j provide any meals." he added Tito's Stand Amazes World ,, II is thc custom for the power . Washington observers expect ac v having the chair to provide food tion by thc Russians. , for Kommandatura personnel The The Soviets are confronted with Russians look the chair beginning not one. but two. gestures of defi- , today for the month of Julv ancc from Yugoslavia's burly little j On the diplomatic front the dictator. Marshal Tito. He has j U. S.. Britain and France consider- dechncd to accept the censure of | ed joining forces in a new effort the Communist Information Bu- , to open up the %vestern sectors of reau. And. in a fiery reply, his j the city, where some r.000,000 Bcr- government revived the proposal liners face slow starvation for a Balkan federation, which the Britain and the U. S. funnelled Russians had previously slapped in more than 200 planes yesterday down in unmistakable terms. It is the first known instance where a satellite of the Soviets has stood on his feet and talked back. i in the greatest air ferrying operation in peacetime history. The Americans had sent 125 transports to the city by late afternoon and The unique situation -- which | more were en route. The British frankly baffles diplomatic experts flew in 100 cargo craft and promis- here--arose when the Cominform . ed to double the number by thc issued a communique criticizing ' end of the week »-p . I * Tito. Usually when a Communist is,' spanked in public, he hastens to ' recant in public. Others, such as the three Soviet ' composers, and the Bulgarian ( Georgi Dmitrov. were so treated.! The musicians thanked their cri- \ tics, and promised to try to do j "Washington. July 1 (jPj--Gov- better. Dmitrov apologized f o r ' ernment radio monitors renorted suggesting a Balkan federation. All today that a broadcast from* Corn- Albania To Stand By Russ were forgiven. munist headquarters in Albania - ,, ..-,,, ,, - . - Republi ieggs' are added to complete the needs. 1 The long speeches, nominatins , vice presidential candidate. , morning show. A. 1. Ellin, of the i The President told a news con- and seconding, could be imoroved j American Legion, said that choco- ' ference the legislation is · practical- ov late bars will fae distributed ;o the ly nothing"' at all as a housm-*- bill in2 v cutting them down. v.-h:le sav- i n ; ans tj, at Warren really was a - . - - » . j - _ i -^ of his position, otherwise he never j of the broadcast is being distribut- would have dared take such a step., ed among top officials of the State 2. His strength probably derives j Department and elsewhere. from approval of the majority of It said the Cominform resolutions his people--which means that, n o t ; blasting Tilarshal Tito of Yugosla- just one man. but perhaps a whole; via had been studied at a special nation of Communists has dared meeting by the "plenum of the cen- to break from the orthodox Com- tral committee of the Albania Communist line. munist party" and that the central 3. Premier Stalin, for the first, committee is "in full and unanim- -- 41.- j .n y i t i r n e ' has miscalculated. He per- , ous solidarity" with the Cominform . em on ine third floor but to con- , or service, have had combat train- j mitted a move, the attack on Tito, resolution. ; centrate. if the work is done, on ! ing and could be so used in an ! without beine certain :'n advance i i Plenum means a plenarv ses- But Tito, to the surprise of the , said that country stands with Rus- world. refused to follow that course, sia in the Communist crisis over In the opinion of observers fol- . Yugoslavia, loxving the situation here, three ! The broadcast accused Yugoslav salient facts have emerged: i leaders of "open treason." 1. Tito must be completely sure | The monitoring service's record Truman told the Calif or-· "'"i"" 1 " "a "'^ xvuln * Ji uul!tr - "» ' ing and could be so used in an j without being certain in advance) children as a part of the celebra- He called it a "batch of political faon - , patchwork." Rev. W. Menol Weaver Named Cliairman Of Welfare Board 2 The big demonstrations on .^ a matter of fact, the Chief nominating n:ght are noise, out not \ Executive said, he didn't have any- much more. iney're a hangover thing against Gov. Dewey. except from times aast I t h a t he sai(J ^ e ^ g oing to beat them both in the coming campaign- he Re- , the first and second floors. In view j emergency, of that fact, new plans will be sub- j '--, mi " ed for , the fir f t two floors - ' Found Not Guiltv Of I These plans, it _ was explained. ' j that it wculd be a successful move, j sion of an executive body.) C ° me t " t h n k of 5t - C 0 r ' v n " s on the other conventions days were shorter and fewer. , d. ' - \~\jf /~^ 7 J~\ f TH 1 /r ^ ^ jMci/iy Latches Of Bass Made- T \By Juveniles In Culler Lake available for the work and probab- Henry P. Turner. RFD. Frcdcr- H " " vin al5 ° be -^ubniitted to the J " ck - w 'as found not guilty of oper Federal Bureau of Prisons. In ad- atin S a motor vehicle while u n d e r ; f for reappointment to the board fol lowing the expiration of his term this spring. The board elected Mrs. Richard Kallin. near this city, as vice-chairman and Dr. B. O. Thomas, Jr., . Ready To Take No. 2 Position definitely won't retire from the campaign?" another reporter said. I r»Ir. Truman said certainly not. ! He termed the query foolish ques- · tion number one. ins -worse ana other Items. Architect Charles F. Bowers. '· who attended the conference, plan| ned to make a further inspection in a war rrant sworn out by Officer ' ed and complained about muddy ' . ' Shook, of the c.ty police. s "ea*r,s, boy anglers from all sec- nCtC 22 * · i! °ns of the city hauled mouth- two Denver on June Jacob Castle. West Patrick street. Washington. July 1 ?--± -.* *i.« · -? -AI. «t. - . «i«tt_u^ i^rf^tie. » c ^ t r^«i*.ricK. s;ret:i. r York Subwav Fare- - '5 3 ,t, t ?**' P et" -2 a ««"« of Turners, and Sheriff r A VfA xv f c j u * ^ TT a.» Jl 0.1. t.3 rnind in frsi* TIMT- -?iifnT-r» QVtrtT^fT _ . . . . . _ _ _ in the near future. Sheriff *" *"*i«* JLJ i.. j_*_ -v^. JL i lViJISc^. *f i., r~ , » - · - - » - - T "- ! Frederick, was renamed secretary. Senators wno r.eiped^rfar^; irurnan , the board are Calvin S. Lohr. Tr.urrr.ont. and L. H. Criekenberger. near New Marker. They succeeded IMr. Lane and Ernest H. Shriver, of E7Ti!Tnt5burg. whose term also expired. Other ;rs are Rev. Ralph Miller, of County Commis- Frederick. Principal topic of discussion at for the Xo. 2 spot on the ticket, j tat!Cm - at 212 Rockwell Terrace, has been T , . 4 , . . . the meeting v.-as the lack of State Thev s-^ ;n o-d-- of seniority ' Prospects of a S52.000.000 deficit so ld to Dr. Bvron D While of In doln£ so ne s - rucs: a ?oie - ll funds v/hich will affect the v.-el- i. Xlben \V. Barklev of Kentuckv ! {hls " ear in the operation of the PooIesvSIle and this citv. it \ V as tare money available for aid to dev .ho will keynote the convention j 239 ' 7 " 116 system of underground learned today. D*r. and Mrs. White pendent children. ' as he did , n ". 1.033 and 1936. He'? n d elevated lines prompted the r.lan to make it thrir home around as a vice presiden- i fare r ' se - the first of October. The considera- possjbihty ;o many times t h a t . Suoway riders greeted the new tion was not disclosed Dr White. y from both State he tells jokes about it." j f a r e vnth m ' :x ed grumbling, ap- who has offices on East Church and Federal sources The Federal- 2 Joseph C O'Mahoney of Wy- i P rovai and ^difference. street, has been residing at Pooles- of Yi' ia " m i" Fla'%cored a "r^ajo- Yen- I a - m money is available but must be omtng %vho claims v.ide support · , r A R K F T T OWVT? ville - nis unset todav bv "eli-iinatins AIr: ' excess msf^nori »" cr'fi-.c* -f^«^- TVv rt ^A ^ . 1 r - -l,-iiKlVfc.t JL.fjT3bK lii; upbt.L iocrfv u\ eii.iiinciiin^ .vir^ mitcnea o.v b t a t e mncs. Tr.erc among westerners, orgartired labor, oday--at; this morning, in addition to that of Schultz: elders chaf- Robert Burchett, 13, 45 East Pats street. 15-inch, 12-inch and. o 10-inchers: Russell Tyervar. catering "big ones" from the lake 20, 11 West South street l"6-inch; from 7 a. m. on. Gary Staley. 11. 102 East Eighth Officer Harry Quinn. detailed a t , street, 19-inch: Richard Branden- 23 burg, 12. 12 East 9th street. 13- r. Up inch: Mike Moudry. 13. 2IS West when South street. 14-inch: Charles ions Hahr.. II. 305 Fleming avenue. 34- bass inch: Howard Fink. 14. 5 Rosemont. New York. July 1 ^ the T'ck suoway o" Disapj)o;nted adults turned up at inch, two 11-inchers: Butch Tracey. j ..-._.,_ ^,i,,i..^it. gg n g Q,,^ j,, j j j About S400 a month less will be has been listed s available in the aid to dependent ' tial possibihtv ;c early on this first day of Culler morid. 11. 218 South Market street. MAJOR TPSET IX TENNIS Lake fishing this summer but some 18-inch. 17-inch, two 14-inchers: London Julv 1 '^--Doris Hart were s ' i!1 being reported at 11 Gene Brashears. 12. 321 Xorih Mar- ~ and a throng of anglers in ket street 11-inch: LeRoy Straws- upset today by eliminating Mrs ' c * cess of this . ^ormns's line-up burg. 14. 216 South Market street. Kcv. Rev. W. Mcrvjl Weaver, of thp Frederick Prc c bytcnan tax rate each yea- church, was elected chairman oi pendent children. the Frederick County Welfare f It has not been determined how gation. The Marvland slogan is 'T Board at the annual reorganize- . many families will be affected by j "n" T--That's dynamite." tional meeting held on Wednesday the reduction in funds. It was es- j 4. Scott W. Lucas of Illinois who in the Winchester Hall office. timated that about 10 families per r represent*: one of the manv bi? in^ Rev IVIr \Veav ·! - i . c o e d - cnuntv would bo rut from the i r I- ' dn-.;n il ce'^ior^ Ch.iiKs S III F. i . i c - . bu-.- b ' ; l denendb ou the amount ice. They i first of t w o ail-American i opening but later tended lo rccov- were- Vernon Roderick. Frederick, finals in the women singles Margaret O=borne Dooont of W i l - j * A * expected la-cr today. More lo-incn. 10-inch plus two sunfish: jmington. Del. defending Wimble- thm -°° boys 1 ' nea tne shores th:s S , , ^ p6 ^ , ' * redcn *docketed l don champion, 6-4 2-6. 6-3 in thc ' TM°TM»S- «»*« I- ^TM* P'« «ne crappie: "' Bosses generally v ere less than Barged -th intoxication held a P ° int ' STEELMAX DECLINES and costs: John H. Pen- ; riGHT ABOVE PLANE i deltcn. colored. South Bentz street, i Istanbul, Turkey. July 1 i/Pj-charged with loitering, held undor i Bulgarian anti-Communist whip- \Vnshington. July 1 i^--Presi- S3 and Boosts: J. R. Allen. Blair j pe( j communists in a bloody fight C ° U " ^ * A few youths w h o had caught Philip Kranlz, 12. 110 East Seventh four bass by I I a. m.. just one street, 14-inch: Harold Kline, 33. away from the daily creel limit, ' 239 East Sixth street, 10-inch: An- were coming back later to try to ( drew Kritsings. 11, 242 North Mar- rnake it five. It appeared that ket street. 12-inch plus two sun- more bass were being hooked than t fish: Donald Kline. 12. Water street, sunfish and crappie. with which | 13-inch, 12-inch, five sunfish. the lake was Blocked. Plugs and ! Fishing is permitted at the lake incss man, \\iio ',vas not eligible' per grant. li£ they are to v,in. w i t h exceed-' aboard a p l a n e in f l i g h t over B u i - j night c r a w l e r s a t t i a c t e d mot of i on Mondays. Wednesdays, Fridayt - assistant. ha« de- ins ^0. R«K Swoml--\ and Phebus. garia ye-steiday. I s t a n b u l airport i ;hp br.^ and Saturdays Since toda%- \va? n-.u-i r-old or iccaptureic'.ined an oHer of appointment as ; Ofhcei« Stup an^ Rentzell made , Attendants rpp'oi trd Thc blood-j RrcouU kept bv Officer Quinn , July 1 oppn'-ng of the season v an jj SecreUry oi Labor. j the arrests. ship landed here last night. 1 the baas Was made. _

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