Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 8, 1961 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1961
Page 9
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T"Mfil«ir, June HO it A K , M OH, A i K A N t A I A Short Short Story MEMO TO A MAESfRO By LESTER ARNO Maestro: You asked me to find him and i write to you. .., I am with him now. v Before I bring you up to date, I'm going to wool-gather. After ill, I was partly responsible. V< Remember when we first heard him? He was five years old and 111 eyes and fingers. Eyes that " rnecl and fingers that tapered, [member the anxiety his moth- had as he sat down at the mo in your studio? You sent T out of the room and put a tlephone book under him. And then he played. How he flayed. Not the usual beginner's reper- 'toirc. Not kid stuff. He played advanced material and he played it well. Both of us were amazed. We didn't believe it possible for Jtp so small. Neither of us said a word. We just let him play. > 1*61 » r MA, And then it began-, the long hours of rehearsal, the special diet, the exercises and the beginning of the repertoire. It was at the end of the first year that he came to live with you. His mother came to visit ev- ! Saturday. The rest of the k it was exercise and exercise and exercise. He grew taller and his tcch- .nique grcsv stronger. You were merciless as you should have been. You drilled him and hounded him and got him ready for his first recital. He was 12. The critics were cautious as they should have been. He was only a boy. But tiff? skirted their caution and said that perhaps this one held the promise of a genius. And then you returned him to his studies. Twelve, 13, 14, 15 years old. That was when we took him to Europe. I went over in advance and you joined me in London. We had a fair success there, but Paris was a triumph. Do you remember the notices? Even from M e critics we didn't pay in acl- ;c? The rest of the continent was a continuing series of successes. Even the four concerts in East Germany. Critics were unanimous about him. No one belittled his genius. Everyone acclaimed it. They pulled out all the stops. Sixteen years old, 17, 18, and 19. Then he was twenty. On top of the world before he could vote. * d there wasn't a doubt that was still traveling upward. Then something happened. When did it happen? Upon our return to New York when Margaret came to his dressing room : «it CarnegicSHall? No, it really .^started the /light before the con- He sits at the piano and looks across the room at her. cert. He and Margaret had gone dancing. They had returned at one o'clock in the morning. You were furious. Rightfully so. You said some hitter things, but you were right. His career came first. He was one of the few. God had smiled upon his hands. His was a trust. A dedication. I He didn't say anything in reply. j He listened quietly and thoughtfully. Come to think of it, there was only one thing he could have said, and he kept it to himself. He was in love with Margaret, of course. And Margaret was in love with him. That's the only answer he could have given you. Then he went away. You asked me to find him and to write to you. As I'm doing now. I've found him. Not where you'd expect him to be. He's here. Margaret's with him. I don't think I'll talk to him. It will do no good. I'm afraid. They arc too happy. I can sec it as he sits at the piano and looks across, the room at her. Hails Ruling on Omnibus Bill LITTLE ROCK (AP)-The editor of the Arkansas Baptist magazine today hailed invalidation of Ihe 14.S million omnibus law and called for a stepped-up campaign against a companion $60 million bond issue. Dr. Erwin L. McDonald in an- editorial for the magazine's June 8 edition, said it is doubly important now to have a campaign "to inform the public of the penalties that would assuredly accure if the politicians and their greedy allies should be allowed to commit this and future generations of Arkanrans to payment of $90 million principal, interest and fees." Foes have charged that the total cost of the $60 million bond issue advocated by Faubus actually would be ?90 million, McDonald also called upon legislators in an expected summer special session "to use the surplus revenues first for the benefit of th* State Hospital and institutions of higher learnings." The name of this place is "The Impasse." It's on Rush Street and it draws a superior audience. The liquor is very good and be plays excellent boogie-woogie. THE END Copyright 1961 by N e w s paper Enterprise Assn. Baltimore Church Damaqc.d by Fire BALTIMORE, Mel. (AP>—Michael and All Angels Episcopal church was damaged extensively by fire Monday night. The massive gray stone structure was started in 1877 and the first service held there thrco years later. More than 200 firemen battled several hours before putting out the flames. TEEN TREATS After Exams: Exult! Celebrating the olid of exams is a time-honored student tradi- ..' tion ami Helh Hunt of Pillsbury's Junior Homo Service Center | knows just the way to do it—with a hearty Italian-style menu, ";,. served infornsally as guests cheek textbooks and try to figure what J their grade-points will be. Even if it's been a grueling week, you'll ; find these recipes easy to handle: Italian Compari Sandwiches I fol' v the hearty "poor boy' 1 [trauinon, just ri;dit for (ho j'Btar'.Vii foe!ing that comes with the knowledge that exams are | realty over. The individual i loaves of Italian broad come out of i'illsbury refrigcrati-d biscuit ' packages, like so: Place 2 cans ! refrigerated biscuits on edge on ungreased cookie ulu'et; press lightly together. Shape ends for long loaf. Brush with slightly , beaten egg white. Sprinkle with .; sesame seeds. Bake ut 350' for I" 30 to 40 minutes, until deep ' golden brown. Imnv.'iliately slice f loaf in liatf Ic'n.^diwiso and ! spread with butter. Fill with I layers of rhw.sf. salami and Ijtoiwlo slices, onion and green Jj'jpepper rings. Tup with barbe- |j(cue sauce. To serve, cut in G to *|P sections. Antiptmla Sulad is l!::1ian- Ijltyle potato salad. Combine Va -package 1'illsbury Hash Brown Potniixvi, '?. I.. ;.;s|)n;jll> salt, and cups water, bring to a boil. Simmer 15 minutes until tender. Drain and cool. Combine cooked potatoes with 3 tablespoons chopped green pepper, ] /i cup chopped onion, 1 cup chopped, stuffed olives, 1 teaspoon olive juice, Vi teasp9on salt, 1 cup mayonnaise aiid 2 chopped, hard-cooked eggs. Chill. Serves 4. Brownie Ice Cream Pie begins with r. third Pillsbury package: Following label directions, bake 1 package Pillsbury Brownie Mix in 8-inch picpan. Cool. Just before serving, top with vanilla ice cream. Cut into wedges and serve. For Grape-Gingerale mix 1 large bottle each of grape juice and yingerale. Chill and serve over ice cubes. All four will score high with the crowd, and what's more, these quickie recipes can do double duly later when you're inspired U> an Italian-style picnic. Pltods Innocent to Cht ek Charge LITTLE ROCK (AP) - M. W. Nunn, 50, pleaded innocent in Pu)- aski Circuit Court Monday to a $2,000 bad check charge. -Nunn. already serving two six- year prison sentences for fraudulent stock promotions, waived a jjury trial and Judge William J. 'Kirby set trial for Sept. 14. Nunn was sentenced to one six- year term at Sheridan in May and another at Harrison in April, both times on guilty pleas. Ho faces charges in several other Arkansas cities in connection with stock deals Sees Another First for Reds WASHINGTON (AP)-Stuart G. Tipton, president of tlic Air Transport Association, said today there is a likelihood that the Soviet Union may become the first country to produce a supersonic transport. Tipton. writing in the General Electric "Defense Quarterly," a publication of General Electric, Schenectady, N.Y., estimated the cost of developing and manufacturing passenger planes capable of flying three times the speed of sound at from $12 million to $25 million each, or two to five tines as much as today's biggest jets. Bradley Tomatoes Ready to Ship WARREN, Ark. (AP) ~ The manager of the Warren Chanbcr of Commerce says that first shipments of Bradley County's important pink tomato crop apparently will be moving by this weckcnl. That would coincide approximately with the 5th annual Pink Tomato Festival svhich starts here Thursday for Jhrcc days. Loran Johnson, the Chamber of Commerce official, said that about 1,500 acres—an Increase of approximately to per cent over last year —were planted to the tomatoes this year. Last year's crop was valued at about $1.25 million, and Jo.mson hoped that this-year's might reach $2 million. Army Officer Loses His Job CtUDAD TRUJtLO, Dominican Republic (API-President Joaquin Balnguer today issued a decree canceling the appointment of John W. Abbes Garcia as a lieutenant colonel in the army. Abbes, svhose brother lives in Albany, N.Y., has been head of security police in the Dominican Republic. There was no explanation of (ho move, which came a week after Generalissimo Rafael L. Trujilio was assassinated. Homes, Plants Gutted by Fire AVER, Mass. (API—Troops today palrolcd a blackened quarter- mile area to prevent looting and disperse the curious In the waki 1 of a devastating fire which Monday night ruined six homes ami two industrial plants, including the towns major industry. More than 400 persons were thrown out of work with the loss of Ihe Utirtnclt Tanning Co. and the International Purchasing Co., a rope-making firm. Some 40 persons in 15 families were given temporary quarters at Ft. Devens, a big Army installation, when six mtiltifamily homes were leveled. Officials of Ihe two Industries and town Authorities said after n rcchcck today fire loss would total about $4 million. Heavy, acrid smoke felled 25 persons. Another 10 persons suffered minor injuries. Morried Students Con Go to School LITTLE ROCK (API-Married students cannot be denied the right to attend public schools, Asst. Ally. Gen. Sam It. Boyco said in an opinion to Hickory Ridge School Superintendent Kenneth E. Scoggins Tuesday, Su>fi- giiiK had asked if school boards could prohibit Ihe attendance of .students who are married. Boycc said all pel-sons (i lo 21 years of 'age arc guaranteed a free public school education by the state constitution. Popcrt of Redi in Syria Soiled DAMASCUS, Syria rity police have seized ail th* written records of the Syrian Communisl party's Central Cort* mittce meetings and activities, newspaper AUvahala reported io* day. The papers of the Syrian Corrt- munists arc "(he biggest Communist scandal since Lenin founded the Soviet Communist stole in 1!H7," the newspaper said. Police raided a home in a Damascus back street and found a printing machine and leaflets, besides the Central Committee's records, the newspaper said. No arrests were mentioned. In Cairo, the government-controlled press showed increasing signs the United Arab Republic 1 9 concerned about Communisl infiltration in the Middle East. All Cairo papers denounced recent propaganda attacks on President Guniul Abdel Nasser's regime and most carried withering editorial blasts ngainst Moscow. TAKE A*P * POPULAR VAIUC COURSE! YOU'LL ENJOY GOOD FOODS AND raduate towar NATIONAL DAIRY MONTH SHORTENING 45' SUNNYFIELD SALTED or UNSALTED Whipped Butter CRESTMONT ASST. FLAVORS Ice Cream SILVERBROOK 90 SCORE Fresh Butter WISCONSIN MAMMOTH Cheddar Cheese < b 59< WHITE HOUSF Instant Milk INSTANT MILK Mb: ..On. .On. Bor den's Starlac . 12 c?: 89* ANN PAGE PORK AND BEANS 4 HAFNIA LUNCHEON MEAT £ru 3 LIGHT CRUST ENRICHED FLOUR 45< GEiHARDT HOT DOG CHILI SAUCE 2 35< PILLSBURY DINNER ROLLS £sr 2 s PILLSBURY CINNAMON ROLLS ^,,2'^ 49< SCOTT PAPER NAPKINS K....' .3^-25* SUNSHINE VANILLA WAFERS :.£ 29* ANN PAGE MAYONNAISE £ 49* ANN PAGE SYRUP sst - ^ 35* 10'/j-or. Cans ylQ^ (fane f-^arltfr tteabiy • 3 JANE PARKER Cherry Pie « 43c JANE PARKER JANE- PARKER CINNAMON Breakfast Rolls JANE PARKER GLAZED Donuts oft JANE PARKER SANDWICH Creme Cookies "SUPER-RIGHT" SMOKED HAM 5* «•!,„„ : z BMU| » Plums WHOLE or SHANK HALF HAM CENTER SLICES FDFtll rKwn ss± b CALIFORNIA Lb. CALIFORNIA Lb. ssa? A ,„ Lb BANQUET Atl VARIETIES FROZEN BANQUET AU VARIETIES FROZEN CALIFORNIA 43* Seedless Grapes 69* \aSm nr LUUIJiaiw 25c Lemons Meat Dinners «.J9« Meat Pies 2 ,„, 39* Fresh Corn-™- 6 20-30 Oi. AVG. ... ' SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY BEEF BIADE CUT CALIFORNIA Cornish Hens J9* Chuck Pot Roast ,J9* Red Sweet Onions 2 "SUPER-RIGHT" 4th. 5.h & 6.h RIBS "SUPER-RIGHT" FRESHLY GROUND Rib Roast J5* Ground Beef ,J9* Watermelons "SUPER-RIGHT" THICK "SUPER-RIGHT" SLICED Sliced Bacon 95< Cooked Ham % 79* Cantaloupes CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN BREADED CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN OCEAN Fish Portions ^29* Perch Fillets ,35* Lb. Dozen Ears Lbs. ICE COLD Each Large Size CALIFORNIA Each 19c 29c 19c 39c 39c 17c 99c 29c new! 11 SM+t+tt ftfcto Mirfiib MADE FROM M% COM (Nl MONEY BUCK! Mb. 33' Borden's Imt. Dutch Choc. Drink Mix "s;41c P&G WHITE CLEANSER CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN Naphtha Soap 3 £, 29< Spic & Span 'X 29< CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN LAP N JOHN'S FROZEN "*"* WITH PREMIUM Fried Scallops ',° 9 -35* Deviled Crabs <«35* ~'-™- »^ ?1< zasr* • ptg. «*v Cascade c" 43< Ivory Flakes CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN ~' Quecin uoon nnj si/o 99 C HOUSE FriBo Shrimp ^59* ScsScsllops '^59 4 COMET LONG GRAIN Instant Coffee '.:£; 95 1 Rite 2 VJ.V: 35 < s?«33< ?-lb. Cake Mixes «,. 39< Cheez-lts Pkg. SHORTENING CRISCO 91c TOILET SOAP IVORY 25c SHORTENING FLUFFO 3 -Ib. Tin. 85c TOILET SOAP IVORY 3 Med. Bars ... 29c WHOLE GREEN BEANS STOKLEY 29c 16-or. Can.... TOILET SOAP IVORY Lge. Siza... 31c 24-oz. Btl RED LABEL SYRUP KARO 25c GRANULATED SOAP IVORY SNOW 33c Lqe. Size.... STARCH NIAGARA 24-oz. Size 39c TOILET SOAP CAMAY 2 Reg. Bars.. 21c WHIPPED POTATOES BORDEN'S "5* off' Label 8 Padcage DETERGENT CHEER Gt. Siza 75c DEODORANT SOAP ZEST 2 K 39c DEODORANT SOAP ZEST 29c 24-oz. Jar CHOCOtATE SYRUP BOSCO 59c TOILET SOAP CAMAY 2 Bath Bars .. 29c

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