The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 11, 1924 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1924
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11. 1924 THE MUTCH IN SON NEWS. PAGE ELEVEN. Bmr§mms inn UHSSCSDH EnDsft™!M®!ffiSs Mmj • Mm F©wm$ Una OassSffinaDftSoua . WORD AND LINE SCALE , 5 Words or leBS i i*lri* • to It Word a Lino 19 to 17 Word 8 Uiien U to S2 Words 4 Uncs SI to 28 Wolds 5 Uno ,29 to S3 Wonls 6 iMes H to 39 Word* 7» 4(1 to 46 Words 8 I .lllfH 4» to tiO Words 9 Line* CO to 6» Wolds 10 Lltlfn For more thnn 10 lines flguru 3 lltn'f to ouch Ml words or trm'ttun Hl''i>'"l HATES ON OLASKIFIED ADS ITor consccutlvD insL'rtions same copy nnroe day. Minimum charKe I 1 Day —I J or lino 3 D.iys— Per Hue 3 Days—I'er lino , 4 l>uya— fer line « Days—Per line 7 H R5»— l'er lino •• 5 Days—Per line 10 Days—per lino 3 Weclia—Per lino I Month—Per lino ..— ••• Special IralKu rate, per line for frnth papers CONFECTION OF CLASSIFIES AD ERRORS The Newn and The Herald will not ue remionsllile (m more than one in correct Insertion or any adveiaiaeipt-ni orderd for more than one time. I'-rrors not the fault of the adverllsors whieti clearly lessen the leul value pt th< advertisement will be rectified only by publication without citia charge within 1'IVK days alter Insertion. Nr reliubll.allon will lie made when th< error does not materially nrfect in- sen*"' or purpose of the a'U 'ertl3 ' l ;nenl HOC f . LODGE NOTICES Annual InsiieeUoii. Cuminutiilcry No. i'i l\, Tiie*. 7:30 p.m. All Wr linlclits uised lu he present. (.'. 1:1. I.yman, K. C, li. I.. Uatcnilin, Ui-oinihr. 3-10-2de liall. "tiKNICKJ'i' cliiliou lit \eoinnll liuGVi N. Main, tonight. 2 --r»»M_ ',;nxn Cuiiiow will have fii7f><-etion Novemher 13. All CliovrnUls are ro- ,.u<\»t"l to be present. Come in lull irifs. Don't rail. Cnl'l. li. K. N'-Wtem. / 1! -1 1 -"Jitm XTlK W. C. A! will meet "f lienday nftcruoon with 11. P. Hullierford at S. Main. 2-11-1 m-. 3 SPECIAL NCTICES 3 JiTpCKEJ ^Ihm ^r at 1. O. O. V... hull. Tliursilay. Nov. IS, from 11:15 to 1-30 p.m., .s''ivi-d by rtebekah ladies. li-ln-l'din i "H APTb'll I"). X*. !•:->.». Will have a pimnlHKi! siile, Sat. 15. Ill S. .Mala. :i-lll-4ilni .AiMMAUK pale Saturday, Nov. 15 at old Y. W. t.\ A. Iildir, W. Kherman. 3-11- Mill MAtJA/.l-VK suWrlptloiM at reiluoeo prices. Mrs. W. II. J '°Y'j', J-'J"] 1 - " PAUTV wishes to aecom'piuiy lady i;o. Inc In car t" Lawrence tills week- ,.nd. Will pay fare. M-ll, care News- Utrald. 3-10 -l .le PON'T miss this wemletTUI laBt op< portunlty. special n-ailinEs »1 up to Nov. 20, onlv. The marvelous astroto- Kist gives absolute correct novice in si 11 Important affairs or lire. 533 Kaal Sherman. Plume l!G'J3W. Hours 'J a.m. . t., a p.m. :i-b-:.-i.u "lail.l, jTosplial. Call xn*. 3-10-'J'idin TlAKCiil-LlNG, day or evening. MM. Lenvilt. s::U Kast 4th. Phone 3nni). ll -l-L '.'.i '.m , T A TJ CI^ TX N TT "iuiTK. - 17fhT"pii. I 4>.'.i • 3-ls-ii:i'nim .iXKEECXlNO. 723 E. lst._Ph. JWIW. "\IARCELI,1N0. 5UC. Phone 8CI1J. 3 -IM >-3yflrr. VlAKCKI-.l.IN<.i and round curl MS East Ullh. Phono C77W. H-U-Wlm . A ltcl-l-l-1 NO. day or eveninR. S3tt Ka*l Pimrih. " ' Call -^5(lm — AUY ALMA tllFT AND APUON K1IOP •aneywork exchange. 527 East otn. 3-i-'Jfiiim fttCKLI.lNO. Mrs. J. B. Katlwry, .lione II.'.SW, 331 North UoK.\n St. j-s -'_'NOin , AKCI01.LING—Day or evening. Mrs. Taluott, S13 E. 4th. Pnone IUIKJ. :i-b-::;iui'; 5,1-XUJIEl.Wl HEAllTy siiui-i-J-; Paper curl a specialty. 43K l:.:ist I'lrst. Phone 3;«l). 3-3-'.Tidm I'KACTICAL. nurses relflsterlnK. 3308. 3-l-3",drn INSURANCE; 7A AKTNA -1ZB accordlni? lo your nee<ia. Ask us about your automobile Insur. unco. Brehrn Kealty Co. 7A-Vo1 -:som PROFESSIONAL SERVICES " CrysSsll Sfiissin lEaftllas For alt aches and pains. Special '(Kllea* treatment. Prices reasonable. Call 4J7. 110 West Sherman. 8-23-35DM (•HAS. I. WILSON, chiropractor, ll>4 North Main, phono 2735, 8-ll-2Min DR. O. B. MOUOAS VETERINARIAN flpeclallslne In doss and cats. £ast Fifteenth. Phono 734. OPTOMETRISTS: Darlandu' Main 24 1-32-2IIM UTS specialize in fittinp Klasses. Shipman Bros.. Masonic Bids., Room 7. S-7-2f «l!U CARPENTERING BUILDING dono by hour or contract. Just completed fine home at i'O-t West B, Reliable and honest eoiuract- inff. It will pay you to phono 31*04.1. Ij. V>. Parmley. u -IO -ltfin C Alt PKN TIC IUN I 1: furniture repair" ins. Phone 103S.I. S-S-Smim DRESSMAKING- MILLINERY IV ALTERATIONS, suits and dressmaking. Remodeling, pleating, furrier. Mrs. Richards, phone 2263J. 10-13-2r,dro WANTED—Dressmaking-. Satistaetiou guaranteed, airs. Hays, 514 N. Main. 10-8-ijom PAINTING PAPER HANGING J AS. WHITE wall paper store, lytti S. Main, phono 230. Residence 4ye"o. 12 -5 -25illn WANTED—'Paper hanging and painting. Wall paper furnished. Phone 3017W. C. W. Haecrman. 12-24-25dm. 14 REPAIRING, ALL KINDS 14 CLEANING, varnishing and waxInK floors. Phone 3950. 14-4-ludm C. F. PRICE—Upholstering. Ph. 924. 14-16-25DM ELECTRIC motor, arinnture reivlnd- Inu, repalrhiB. We buy, sell, rent used motors. HUTCHINSON ARMATURR WORKS I'hone 202. 7 Soulh Walnut. 14-1-2bdm BICYCLE AND SUNDRIES. tiEMJH- AL REPAIR SHOP 131 E. Sherman Phone 2470 14-II-5DI! 1S LAUNORV WORK ClIltTAlNS launaerea. Pnone PJW8J. 1.)-IK 230111 WASHING and Irurilni; called for and delivered. Phone 3543W. 15-ll-3li|-: WANTED—Washing and Ironing. 1015 North Poplar. lii-lu-lzin WANTED—Washing and Ironlnn. We wash In soft water. Call at 301 Weat lib. Skpc* mm, Ur««-1M*» LAUNDRY WORK (Cont.) WASHINGS wanleil. Pllon- 39i:,.l. l.'all.d for anil delivered. la-ti-KltK SERVICES OFFEftED PRACTICAL nmsliiu ivmueil. Phone .in.'.n. , lr,.!i-ir,p. TRASH hauling, all kinds. I'n. Hi-: RADIO EQUIPMENT CRAFI'ORD 3-lulie radio net for sale ' .cheap, illll East 7th. 17-Hi-2din •aries. IKadln® JfJeircaOiPs P'ropisplly MsniDte. <S >SWI!QF(! I1 Kaia© lLalb®rai5®u'i';<ea (BOS W, Ms&m Whom® THItr -jE -tube rndio, batteries IIIIM' H and loud speaker, $00, Phone 1N22U. 17 -11 --dm 19 MALE HELP WANTED l» MEN—Learn barber trade. Our training makes you a, master leirbir in short coorse. Ulg pay. Write. Jloler llniber College, 511 Main, Kansas City, Mo. l!i-s-lrin. WANT.1S1 .1- A man lo lake over Kansas City Star agency in Hutchinson. See Mr. Burnett at Slir, West lllh between 7 and S o'clock this evening. ln-lO -PJin \\ AX'J'llD—.Man to cut down tree Inline wood. Pnone 45fi.I before S a.m. or after li p.m. ],ie. 20 FEMALE HELP WANTED £U WANTI1D—A woman ambitious for position beyond ofrleeVork or clerking, tine who Is refined, of earnest purpose and expi-cts to work for the opportunity offered. Apply box K-ll, care News-Herald. 20-lli-i;(lin WANTKD—Lady between 50 and i,n years of age lo keep house for olft man on ranch. Inquire at 226 Fourth west, Monday und Tuesday. 2O-9-10E WANTED— While girl to assist with housework and care of children. Phone 31.31. 20-in-idm 25 SITUATION WANTED, FEMALE HOURwork, 30c Mrs. Klsinger, 2'iSOM. 23-S -lil i.H Hul.'il work, airs, ilollaiuj. Phono 3I0IU. r i'j-a-lljlj STEXoGK'APHEIt wishes peslTiTTnT '• L -11, care News-Herald. 3.1 -.10 -4dm WUUK by Hour. Pnone 2001. ~ 25-23 -2tiOlr 26 MISCELLANEOUS FOR ' SALE 20 BE A -MILLIONAIRE, 100 Million mat lis $1.00. Big hunch genuine bank issues totaling 300 Million J2.0U. Dot Vernon. 1836 ,No. lSlh St., Phila., Pa- 2i;-25-2f,dm 1'UK SALE—Absoluuly new Underwood, typewriter, also used Koyiu. Tou ran save $40 If you act quick. Itandles-Allen Advertising Co., 3 W. Sherman. Telephone 070. 2li-b-7 Pull SALE, cheap—Second-hand bath tub. hot water tank anil h"airr. 10 East Second. 20-11.3dm I-'tlR .SALE—Base-burner in good con- dliion. Phone 654,1. 2t>-lo-2dm FOR SALE—Apple wood. Phone 3IF31. 1 2li : S -_Dec_4e PGR SAL1-:—7',c real eslaTe iirsl mortgages, —ask McNaglitenl pnone li'S- 2l!-S-25dm PUlt SALE, cheap—Several hundred feet of radiation. Phone 072 or 3003. 2f,-7-6dm IN PINE condition,Lady's heavy coal, fur trimmed; alBo drees, size 28. Reasonably priced. —lloi's overcoat, age 8. 101 East "th. 20-11-15M FOR SALE—Large shipment "Apex" Electric washing machines at one- half retail price. Come see them at Hutch!n?on Bended WarehmiH.-, 701 East Second street. 2I1-H-4DE FOR SALE—Manure for lawns. Call 3816.1. 2fl-3ll-2Ddm FOR HALE—Charter membership in Orandvlew golf club, cheap, Jill. Haas, Midland Theatre, Phone me. • 26-4-T1>bf GUINEA pigs, 50c each. "405 East 2nd after 0 p.m. 2C-10-4din MAGAZINE subscriptions. Mrs. lna Klb-s, 31 1 East Fuurih. 2ii-8-2:>dm FOR SALE—Real estate S% contract at discount, —ask McNagluen! 26-8-25dm 27 MISCELLANEOUS SALC OF 27 TRADE FIVE-Jiassengor nutomohlle, good condition. Want cheap lots. Ph. 243o. 27-11-12H1 PAIR weanling mules for two-bottom tractor plow, lt -10, care News. 27-25-16 dm. 28 MISCELLANEOUS 28 WANTED Have contracted several car ioadB. Ue also buy all kinds of junk. HUTCHINSON IRON & METAL CO, 010 S. Main. c. Max Bogaslowsky. ' 11-25dm CASH PAID FOR HOLD AND SILVER. J. M. BISHOP. 11 WEST 2ND. ig-:.1-e.o.d-Thll-Sn:-Tue-23DR WANTED-Couplo to rent well furnished house anil beard one person for same. See 01.1 A East. 28-ll-3din WANT to buy complete eahuust heater for Essex four ear. Must he cheap for cash. Phone 3978. S8-10-12I11 WANTED—Excavating and hauling: all kinds of team work. Phone 4N11 28-15-ll:13m 29 WEARING APPAREL 2a Mrs. Ilia Kiles, phono 2728. 317 East Fourth. 29-7-25dm IN fine condition: lady's luavy coat fur trimmed; nlso dress size 38: reasonably priced: boy's overcoat, age 8. 101 Hast Seventh. 20-11-lftm 30 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 30 W. M. BALL Piano Tuner. Phone 4100J 30 -I1-21E CHEAP, base-burner stove, good con dltion. Call at 8 South Main. :il-s-i;im PIANOS—PHONOGRAPHS Whitney piano. $100; Starr, J225; Klm- bal, $123; Vlctrola, $35; Brunswick JUS; Columbia, (0,1; Vlclrola. $30; Violins, Drums, Band Instruments. Easy terms. ROI1ABAUGII-WILEY MUSIC DEPT 30-B-3DE One P.Hmrn wal Ono Camp & Co ...«• Onu Behnlng ebony Olio Bradley oak One Schumann wall • One Clough and Warren wal. ... One Ilobart M. Cable oak One Jessie French -• Ouo Lorain Player One Cable Nelson, new. New Fnrramls, ,V(W Hush Lanes Baby Grand*. II. G. PHILLIPS 103 N. Walnut. 135 125 140 loo 2011 Hi:, 133 540. ana WE put In phonograph springs. H. O. lfUU#«. phon* m> .3 -19- - - 31 KDUSEHOLD GOODS 31 J POULT HY & SUPPLIES (Com.; CASH if ©a V;N?(?trI<.' wiifliiiir,' tn;n;!itni a nt uin-- li:tlf rot (til inlci?. t'omo nee them H? Hut--hhisiin l.'ondoti Waj'climi^". T'H Kust. Ht 'L 'und Hircitt. <J1-11 -4I)H UHKl .t furniture, utihirlsitM -utK ami r>'- pnlrlnp-. rurnluiri' nnd BIMVCS . MHd- yard Finn. Co., ltui Iiast 7th. Ph. lt»». M :ii-t-pi.iri-i'iiiim FOK SALE New and UBOII furniture, ptna raiiRci, lu'.'itlnp stoves. Ono -t-purL-u tnanocmi> fin it i', nonriy new, $125. uno roil top (ICBU , good >is ttow. HAY wonicarAN 502^4 N. Mnple I'honn 3S4i • :i t - ,1 (i -:: r. n -n W ANTi;ij —Ktiniltiirc, rues, HIOVCH, lilich «Hi prices. .lolinaun • (•"urnltun Co., I'liuhf -tfM. in-n-LTiiJK 32 TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES itt HP ^.lAU^SKSrAL *7tATKS To HHulonts, $3.00 per month or a monUiA for $7.f.O. Kxuiiisive SBtmla for Koyal and Corona. All makes of tdiKtilly used und ndaiilt machines. Repair work reason- aide und ffiinninti'rii, UICNO TV [••iSWUITKU 'KXCl 1 A NO l-J i0I> N. Main. i'hone iUVM, a .TU-T>-^-".(1 rn 34 FUEL & FEED 34 FOH SALE—Sudan grass straw. Phone W. 3. Morgan. 3l-li-6dm 35 GOOD THINGS To EAT 35 a Itlght on the job. Otrice close lo tie Luxe. '35-S-4dm OliY your Thanlisgivlng turkeys fruiif tho farm. Call aoi Darlow. • S-BDl CALL for pears, apples, honey and pumpkins, _ 25-211-11:2.1. CI11L10, Hot females, HnmO '' 'j'he best In Hutchinson. Try them. C. and 13. Lunch, 20-A Kast 1st. Phone .112. nr ,-ll-2.",dm POIl SALE—Turnips fl u hu. delivered. Phone 1099, 712 W-est 1st, A. r. Cram. 33 -11 -4'lm GOOD homo haking. Ph. 114 I.I. 3ii-.i-2i ) iim PKAItS, windfall 75e. hand picked 51.2a. A, M. I.lavls, phone liTl't. 3.1-11-ttilm TTAIK : E. KOTECE Etreail made from Hern's flour took first prize at State Pair. Why not built for less money than other flour? 3,'i-4-]l>dm 1HIS is the season for mush and eoni bread. We have meal made from new corn. Call 12611. Hern's M"ls. 35 -4-ltldm •:oiu. earn i^ui. nern s .M"is. 35 -4-10din WINK.SAP apjih-s; 1'^ miles east on Medoru pavement, one mile north. Colem.-in Hiotliers. 35-7-17m 36 MACHINERY OR TRACTORS KIGHT-inrh second-hand Interna- tionnl feed mill for sale very reasonable. Kansas Implement Co. 38 -11-2dm 37 SHRUBBERY, SEEDS 37 FAllMLNGTON "Nurseries aro now making deliveries. Have large stork of shade, fruit, shruKs, vims and ornamentals that will give results in tliis part of Kansas to choose from at PAltaiIXGTON NIJ FtSEWKS Phone HKti . 37-8-3QB Tr®<tjs« Har^anm Sate WKliNKSPAY, NOV. 12 Shade trees, cherry trees, plum trees, peach trees, yrape and In-rry plains, shrubs, roses, peonies. W. IS. Walts, 107 North Walnut. 37-11-lSm HOSl.'S A large stock of two year old varieties such as may bo seen in the parka and state fair grounds. Gall or phone before stock Is exhaused. FAHMINGToN NURKEllleJS I'hone 11K0 37-S-;lJ.;n 38 LIVE STOCK, SUPPLIES 33 lOU SALK—Blir type Poland China boars. Some extra (,'ood boars sueo by Premier by Promoter by Criterion. Dam Is Jade by Nortside Kit by Pickem* Orphan. These boars are outstanding breeding prospects all have been vaccinated and are priced rlKht. Korfrther Information, address Solh Jones, Boi 51, Hutchinson, Kansas. . 3S-3-25iim FOK SALE—Sow and Pigs. Ph. 2VI1I. 3s -x-4um PGH SALH—Choice fiuroo males Phono JUKI:, C. W. Uanforil, 3S-1I). (iilm FOU HALM ill) Duroo pics, $4 each. Wm. Hirst, n. F. D. No. 6, cny. ai'-s-llm 40 PET STOCK 1'Oii SALE—All white Bull pup. u mo. old, $r ,0. Would consider automatic shotb'Un. Call at 20u A, east. 40-S-3I.1K FOR KALB—Two. female Toy Kiix Terrier puppies. Box 173, Sterling, Kansas. l(l-I0-4dm TltAlNKU pedigreed setter, J5I), fine looker. Wire C. C. Jones, 2T,S Lewis St., Memphis, Tonu. 40-P)-21m 41 POULTRY & SUPPLIES 41 AP.CllErt'S standavd bred Huff Grp. •Ington cockerels. 2C29 North Adams. Ph. 2763.1. 41-ll-(idm TWO extra flno White Wvandotti cocks cheap. Phono 4251J or 220" 41-10-2dm FAlt.Mlous-Wlll ™il for your poul- •„ liy. pay liighest cash prices. J. a. ""ll'y. Ph. 4291W. " 4l-3-10dm FOH SALM—Barred Kock cockerels standard mating from heavy laving strain. W. II. Ward, Nlckerson. Knif! 41-17-25dm Nll'K lair..' room*, turnnee heal, with or without Imuid. Ph. 11711, 32; Kast Sherman. ;,l-lll-;;dm Si;\'P.llAl, White Wyandotte cocker rls for sab:. Phone 3,39.1. 41-7-l'elni 42 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Foil SALE or trade—Ioiulty In 4- room hoiiM' 1 . Wight consider vacant lots. I'hone 3G27W. 42-7-Cdm G'">1> Arizona land lo trade lor Hutchinson property. Call 207 North Main i.i_i.niir.> 42-7-OUR LWKNTMclNT—Offer flll.llDI) 7% preferred stock in aniouiils of il.UOtl or more. I>lvidends payable semi-annually. Kstablished concern. For further Information, address J-ll, <'are Newe- Ilerald. 42-inths-ll).25din 46 "MONEY TO LOAN 45 Plenty of ready money lo huv, build, repair, or pay off present loan; will loan up lo i.0% of value, you pav back principal and Interest at $13.33 per month for each ¥1,000 borrowed: we want to talk with you about It. Coe- Thoinson Improvement Co., Masonic Hldar.. phone 7fi2. 45-30-2fn1m GMT 7 f ,p on first mortgage real cslale security. — ask Mc.NaglHen! 1st Nat'l rtldir.. 45-S-2Bdm MONEY to loan, small amounts. Welfare Loan Co.. lQVi North Mam. 4ri-21-2:>dtn Wo represeiil loan CfUipanb -s with millions available to pi. ire on good Central Kaiuus farms, f,% with moderate commission, i',»*,» with small commission, or li'/o with no commission. Annual interest. Consult us now. THE COE,THOMSON IMPP.OVEJIENT CO. Loans and Insuranc •!.',-4-2.,rltrT l'A\ off the loan on your home on easy monthly payments. — nsk Mc- Naghlen! First Natl. 131dg. 4r )-K-2.1dni l-'AHAt loans. Anderson Invest mem Co., Phono 53S. 27y- S. Mam. " 4a-ti-2.'ilii SLOUO.000 to loan on furnis. Newlin- MnnniriK I^onn Co. 45-2n-2f»dm MONEY 'I'O LOAN Improved city property or farms. —ask MeNaglUenl 4f >-*-2 :>rtm 46 AUTOS AND TRUCKS 4« 1SI6 Ford Touriuff Utlfi Four cyl. Kuidftl>aker - J!>18 Itmck Touring IU19 KUuiotmUnr Uii; 6 Touring r»;i Cadillac Touring. J y J.i> Mnrmim Tonrlns , 191S Uulck 6 Touring 1919 Willys 6 Touring , • l »2a Ktudebukor UgUt « Sedan CHmrlk M®^ €© 110-112 W. Hacond LUTtClC roadstt-T, very elite modtii" flno condition, two new tirf?s, ?S00. Wond-H* vef'.rd ^Iitoi- f.'n. ifi .n --lflm HJSEI© CAE HALOES 1923 liuick Ci>u]io |7iill ' Hudson Roadster 350 Ueo Touring 2;>0 l'ortl Touring 100 Oakland Touring, your price. 107.111 W. Second Thona 125 4II-1I-1DB New four-door Ford sedan, regolar. New four-door Ford sedan, 5 balloon tires, lot of extras. 1921 Essex touring, California top and extras. 1920 Bulck six touring. TERMS—CASH—TBAnrc EMtE !Mi ]as <!r[i Matoir Car Co. Open Sunday and Evenings. Phono 271. 104, 100, 10S 2nd West. 4ti -s -'3dm 1922 Ford Coupe for sale, one of tho best buys In the city. 'Third Ave. Garage. 11 East Third. 40-11-4DE NEW Ford sedan, Pnone 771, 4C-27-2.iD.M THAILEIl Tor sale, Third Ave. -Mo- Mr Co.. 14 E. Third. 26-10 -4OE one Ford Touring lt>24 Olds Sedan Chandler Sport Touring. One^oUlsinobile TourlnE 1920 Hup Roadster. MAXWELL touring car, new pahil, a good light car. Wood-Hereford Motor Co. 4<S-U-4din PltlCES on the " following cars have been cut from 10 to 25 per cent. Every car listed below' Is priced far below Its market value: liuick Touring, 1917 ? IS Buicli P.oadster, 191S ' H»J Cevrolet Touring, 1920 3b 1921 Oldsmobile Touring (new paint) 250 1920 Bulck, Touring, excellent s,ino 2DU 1921 Ccvrolet Coupo (balloon tires) 600 PANN1NG-1SEHN rhono No. 20 Cash—Terms that are Easy—Trade «-1t-ll>15 10S1E®. CA1K* 1P21 Chassis, ryal good, 19^J Kord coupo llil'Ii Ford Itoudstor. starter 191:1 Vovd Sedan, plum good Dodpti Touring, A-l la^ifcliulek Touring, new paint W20 ClHATOlot F.H. Roudstor ISi^l F(»rd Touring l'JIS Maxwell Touring .Model oil Cadllluo Touring, cheap l.ots of otlior low priced cara. Let ua know your nueda. » M®8®s- lEsclinsnE£e Tho Used Car Market L. J. Sllfer. Opp Convention Hall 40-9-3DE NASH touring car, good condition, good tires, ?42S. Wood-Hereford Motor Co. ; 4i;-ll-PUu WILLYS-KNIGHT touring car, line runnict oriler, late mouel, to exchange for building situ on west IStn or 19lh. Phono 359 or after o p.m.. 2130. 46 -5-ODE AUTOS AND TRUCKS tCont.i Wm^Xni : :'-Tii J 'e ~r ~i^f G"s. r " raiWsP tors aiel us'<l p.,rts; also Ford l.-o:- ing and l.'oftge louring. 123 F Eapt. _ ' _ _15.-J i ' ,; "5 NovT'i-V. ckl'iiK K-i:." liiiir'k; .17 i'»\m~ nio'ill"; i-'ord.^ and others. A. K. Johnson, 10 Soutli Wasbiugion. _ in -in -s .-Him SQlri&MOR BARGAIHS •.Mi*' Moon rhtimmv roadsti'r, i rjicviifiPt M »d;ni, 4 good tirr. i «, Xi <.-.• ii'ord rou|"\ FtrerinK ! >tU. Vttnl louring. \\*-w top, new it.-iUi'ry, ww radiator, $l5l>. r.uick touring. l'.'L'J Muifk rnftilstcr. IMS 1 IOIILTH toiirliijr. I 'lin l -:sstx piiliin, looks itko n?\v l'orii roadster, l:>zI l'ord touring. Mvrrlnnd touriiifr. ,l '.i"V. t'liovroli-l tourliiK. r.'2'J Ci rvrohi touring. I'honr. :;,',sj. 106-1U8-11U \v.«t lyr. . I'".-: 1-ldm ^7 MOTOR SUfPLlEb 6 L REPAIRS Al.lo ri'i.jii-liu,-, corner of f. and Howani, All work contracti-d and ffimranl»>c-il. Ph. fiUFU. Kd. Haniuui. 4T-lI-ldm sale, inquire 213 Seventh, went. iL'-ii-:;iU': BAIUtAIN— Zltxii tin-, JO.l'J; ;iu .\^i Dnvittl Tiro Co., 11^ K. Kin-rmai]. 47-s-i;r,ii.-\i LAST Momm we v.-recned 24 cars. Windshield glass fitted. Tins and batteries. 22, 24, 26, 2S West Sherman. 47-24-2>'aim SO ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD (>() MODEltx sleeping rooms. 21l> Ensi t-,iermnn. f,0-s-2r«lin MOUKUN sleepiliB rooms. 31s H. Phone 216. fiil-s-llluin MOIJi^RN rooroaj! Phone 244;i. .ej-s-tiom .MODERN sleeping rooms. 204 W. 5. M-S-'.'Sdm MODEUN sleeping rooms. Ph. 2211J r.0-t6-2r.ilir. UNE modern^ sleepniK i-ooni; price reasonable. 327 East First. iO-ll-tklm SLEEPING rooms. 227 East Sheiman. 50-10:2r,-U:2fi SLEEPING rooms. 213 West Filth f>0-H-2jdm WAIt.M sueping rooms, per ueel:. 313 iaist 1.1. 60-S-2.idm 51 ROOMS WITH BOARD 51 I'Olt Hh'.N't'—Two furnislied rooms, garage; also washing machine for sale. Inquire 715 East F. fil-ltl-3l>.U BOAKD and room; furnace heat. 12G East Sherman. f ,1.2h-2iidm COMFl.'UTAP.LE rooms, steam heat, meals served. 500 N. Main. el -4 -12dm MODL'UN furnished 2-room suite close In. Board if desired. 24 East 6tli^ Phono 37. ril-;)0-25dm MOlJEUN rooms. Board. 300 w. i)l-L7-2. : alir. BOOM, Board, J4 week, 027 East 51-H-Klm 52 ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING FURNISHED cottage, (15, 300 W. 2nd. >2-:ilJ-2;alm HUL'SKKEEI'ING or sleeping roooin. lei i:ast 7th. r,2-ll-l.',M Full It EN T—2 unfurni-shed or partly turnlshed rooms. Bent reasonaule. Inquire 32S West 2nd or phono .T-ilsw after li p.m. 52-M-lain FUR BENT—Two furnished rooms, garnpe: also washing machine for sale. Inquire 715 Enst F. ;.2-10-:tdm KUIINISHED hous-keeplng rooms and garage, 122 Carpenter St. - r.2-9-2i)|.; HOUSEKEEPING rooms. 300 W. 2nd •• fi2-22-2f;dir, LIGHT Housekeeping rooms, 20s E. B. r,2-9-6DE HOUSEKEEPING rooms, loo Ivcsi Bigger. Mo objections to children. fi2-li-lel )!•; HOUSEKEEPING rooms. 211 W. till!. 52-2S-2. r ,dm LIGHT housekeeping rooms. 213 10. B 52-2(l-2f>dm MODERN furnished light houselieep" lug rooms. 504 ICast C. 39. r i2J. SUITE of two downstairs front rooms nicely furnished; price reasonabl.'. 202 H West. r,2-ll-2diS TWO or three well furnished Icni^..- lieeplng rooms, bath. 221 West 1st. 62-U-lSm TWO nicely furnish,tl modern light housekeeping room3. 220 West 1st. r >2 -ll-l«-lm 3 GltOUND floor housekeeping rooms modern except furnace. 200 West yth r,2-9-B»m 54 APARTMENTS UNFURNISHED APARTMENT— Close In, rurnishe.l or unfurnished. Call 2060W or 14S1. l-4-lul)|.; MODERN apts. and rooms. i,10 l'.."lsi. 54-2S-2.elm STRICTLY modern private apt. 2ril'oW r ,4-lS-2.idm 55 APARTMENTS FURNISHED 56 APARTMENT, private bath, 313 First lo East. Phono 14. r,r,-7-12m Aventio FURNISHED apariment, moilern ' 3 rooms, hot water heal. Phone 309. FURNISHED apartments. I'hone 3;ius. 5G-25-2r,n.M FOlt RENT—New modern duplex, furnished or unfurnished. Phone I029J. fin-tt-4dm FURNISHED 3 rooms; prlvute batii. entrance, 14 East 6th. Phone 1122. 55 -ni -lOdin FURNISHED heated apts. Phone"22's7 " in-;odin MODERN apts. and rooms. r ,lo""E. Tat. eri -30-ll :2 .-,dm MOD10RN apariment and sleeping rooms. 100 East Fourth. 55.27-2odm APARTMENTS FURNISHED (Cont.) .\1IM 'ERN furnisii-:*! .apariment. i>;:9 , Ml'L'ERN apaiinunl^ "Stlf W«'St ~2iMJ.' ' »r,.B.r,(Hh .sn.VI-.THi.Mi new- In n" 3-rooin" iur" 1 nu-heil apartni. in. 211 Easl Fhsl. j TUii nice ai »aiim,.|U ro.uos ~inr ruoi i cheap. Call at 207 Norlh Mam. I .-..-.-7- t..|f, . 'i'W u-iooui nnliislii-o a, arini, ol C-. i\ goo .1 and rensonnble, running wilet In ,ach ro'.m. The Wcodard. 101^ t: 1 . ."i .">-2U- li-.iu. 3 III >' i.M a, artmelli, el- II furll.u.. (.'ail ::77,-,\V llloO.'i'O. ;,:>-«• t PE E6 HOUSES UNFURNISHED 5b I'l.'Il P.EN'r—loa 7lll, east, « loom, modern e.vceia beat, newly painted, ?-2 month. Inquire 100 Seventh, nyi:. SO-ll-liM FUR RENT—li'ive-room io.nsA ;md oni' I.UK -1; of garden ground. E. II. Pajne. 021) Wc.'U 7th, phono i:i:;7W. .111-11-4.1111 FOU RK.NT—room collage niod.-ro ••X""«'l" funiace, garni;,., hilee chicken house ,sUt lots. C. L. S. K»nt. liej N._Msm. „]• p), ! ;\'f>. .'.0-11-3PE I't'lt i;r;.\T— i-'ive-reaini " biiTiealow" modern oxoipt furnace wltii c.irace rail 1KiJ. s« £l '^d m J-'lVE-room boose in CarevviTle; fine place for chickens. References. Jn- mij£i'_2jWest Fift_h. 5ii-|n-3.|m FOR RI'INT—r,-rooin new,^ modern bungaiow to adults. Phone 22)',. . r i0-27-2. r ,dir. -room FOR KENT—Good "model cottage, Karage, close In fill-ll-Biliil Foil Rl ;.N'i' — S re.Van "b'otTserr't bieicks Irom Slienuan and Main. Can be divided into 2 npurtmrnts. Modern except furnace, p,. r mo . Phone 2 »ln.l. r,6-9.;illE low lih.M'-i room co'. • i go * a ud 1 acre of ground In Carcyville. Pnone " Ss R- rifl-9-11)|.; l 'OR RENT— Six-room fuiiiislu d collage, In exchange for boarding widower. Inquire .116 West Slxlll. [,0 -11 -Hrn New Fa9E and Winter Dresses SEE OUR NEW SILK DRESSES and WOOL DRESSES that we are selling for $3.7S, $6.75, $10.7S PART PAYMENT DOWN, BALANCE WEEKLY 17-19 NORTH WALNUT STREET HOU6ES FOR SALE tCont./ 1-'()K imuiiK '--A IH-W nn'ilvt u i< lomn. t'.lin .ni, t'.lk [l<ru>, Itnl .t jilt'. ITKC —ask— &4clflSiB £y <Es >3 I'h'tl!.- b,-.,. li l -.s ,.tl)ll 1 IS it H'.U i.„> I .'I' • oUli'iHIU Wliltll.i^ 111 LllUl tlliMl i \ '.iL l/i'tvli mi bfu i^iisl. l^iit ljulit. I.) i»!i (, >, ti run in tnuxr thiit is ti\.il»U: t>v inn lu- iimoiiviini tu suit IH'W imtifil. .10 liucii 11 <kni linn !• oiUn-l at uiiiy 4i,v;»U. \'iiy small i>a>nii'nt un '.vji iiiiu etu-y ninnuity p.i;. in.n^i'. P-n L I-.-J. lliiy Hfi away. V»"c <-uii 1 i-it-inni'Mm it. ti itjuin, tdiidiy mtjUtiii, mi A liiijtt, UIH: lik-fk 1 iti<> sciiuol. on rar ILIH-. l'lii.v i-l.-iji.*. I'IUL i,;i«h, I'M ins mi K*^ ,,f -' at b .r- I,AiMl.;011.\-iIA VKIKI.D C«.».. lUaitul* l \.i>n« J l.v,iuiii-..s JI'J4J 64-ll-Ulm I FA.-'MS FOR SALE (Cont.) i.'oini *fl.;iri« fiirin il <i .s*> In, uiiimpr(<vfil farm. 10-,-uio triu-t, pt^ccd worth th« tiiurn-y, S'ltnt* K '»'*fl buys In rity propprly. t .ot .Ml i-rouin house furnuiLn-d r'.>r l*'l!t. Ph.>np CO; 1 . .South M.-iln St, KUll lll ':NT--rivt i -n >oin tnodnt'n anil .*7-10-4(lm KA.VL' fiidS 1' 7-rocin iiifij, ."»t> iisi.ij I'Uiit, iiuttli part, 1 ••!!tm I huiiit' wiln l.i; K« iiv my iotitu mill plans Bi'.'i.iitnf, I 'uii.n. J:,"* 1 '.' i .iihli, I.Mlantir i;;i..;y 'i'Uv , IJiL'tiin KL -.xKy Cu., phuiu- J ii 1- l''^''»n I l- UK ' .SALT-:,'" Vl i iLa|)— e .ijuit "4 -u. ( iiu im- 1 houst! with jiauiti-, cl .*.iu*i, tiTiiiN. Call i ,iso .l. vl-in-iiuni ltiu -At .'Kr; itiii-t iivt-ti farm for sale; J intlis smith of Address Airs. Jacuii \\ it-ni*. Inmiin, ICin.. nr J. J. Wju.s. ll -irkT, Kan. 67 TRACTS FOH SAL 6/ OtJDD Arir.Kim kin<1 to tratlfl for lluti:hinsun nroi.eiiy. L'ull at ;»7 N. List your prupe 1 ly *\ uli CARKY FiKAi. KSTATK A i.W, CU. f»0J .N. Main. rhtniH :IVJ. ' «: H-:.-nira '!7-in.(irtm TUAOKAlil-: (.m [tuck If^rnd, J ^'.M'. (ion.l liuiMint; H\t,\ K. tilth, S 1,0.10. Ui-Mvcn llros., Kt-altors, JoH N. Main. ti7-l U4dm FOK HKN C —4-rtjijni hou.^e. Vh. ::627V7 r<G-10-R(lm TIKNTALS 1 So. Cliomfral. ^ ronms J S.OD 3 So. Clioirrn-al. \ romns ftUl Wisi \ njom.i ......... i-.«JJ K.1S K *Ht, S rooms in:.« Kant «th. » rooms ]•>-'' fina v:;vst "t -V 1 rvicnis. 15.M V22 N. Chemical. « rooms 512 Kast Campbell. < rooms l.j.mi 524 4th, fi rooniH R17 W*>»t 7th, 5 rtiom.1 fnrn. .... 3- j.0 7-4 Ka.-'t. Sherman. S-rooms mod. 40.00 2fi4 Ka»t "A." G rooms mod 14 W*nt 4th. Siorerftom 4H.nn 512 North aialn. 1 hushif^s room ou.UU atetun hputcil nUU-n rooms. Realtors. v . Phone G5r.. l«t Nat'l L«ug. Call iSSriJ evening. 56-S-6r!in 5-I1UOM huusf*, mod urn except tur- naco. rhniiu riit-7 -Giitn 5-KOuM eoLtagu and Karah'"- -1& West IliKhth. Mi-U-iitttn 57 HOUSES FURNISHED Kl. ! l'.NISHi:i> IIOUMO for ront; ni*''' North Main location, ti room*, hot air furna'-e. R.-nt to adult.s without hl'.drcii. I'll, a".".'!, 57_-10-4d n 1 l''OIt Kll.NT—t r iirnislittil or u 111Tirtiiyh" pd, n.iw apartnumt. Call l .i ;tort: or after school. PJiorit' 'W>,L , r >7-11 -;uim FOR Kl'INT—Moiiern furnLshPU bunga low in Ktvcrsido Court. Mrs. iv. c. Berk. fV/.S-tKtm b'Dli ltI-ji\T—Six-room -«:otWiBt; nn/t-iy fuiniwhi'd. call li.vtuj. :i7-n-;tdm Ki .iltMSHKD I'ivii-room coti.i ^L'. ^-i Wost First. 57-S-tiiim b'V K.N I .Si IKI>, modern, 5-room liouso. :JIl W 'uHi sth. r»7-s-i;. : .diii U.N N tliroc-rooin (>irntanua modern cottar. "'M JCast Socnnd. 57 -ii -Hlrtm I , 'l\'i :-ri;.i .'in furnislK'd liuiiso, inoflt-rn except furnacu, i'hono or 10^. r.7-H'-t,de •H')n,M furiiishi-d liouae on car lint-. Phone -tujii .i. 57-l«-:Jdm 63 BUSINESS PROPERTY ti3 Nt-w huddinK. HI yt-ar secured iraae, prh :B *10,ui)D, J-'J.SUO t-ash down paya over on I 'quiiy. —IIJSU McNughten! First Xat'I Hh\K. li:i-«-,Mm HOOM for rent, 25*125 feet, 41'J Houth Main. Inquire at 117 South Main. ti:i-ln-ln,Jjn UOOMING hous^ proi)o»itior. 1(10 K. 4 6S-li)-2:Wlm 18-KOU.M rooming house for Halt: cheap. Call at lt'l^i South Main. Ga-S-Rdm H HpUSEt- rUR SALE i*» COM Vl.K T1^ I.V MonUN Wfl have a iii'w 5-ronm tmi^aiow, complettdy modern, wrjl located, rot- only $3,H00 which i -iin 1»6 bouRht on faiay payments. If you have tiuen looic- liiB for such a homo you know this price Is very roa.sonnblu. When you si'Q the bungalow you will want tt. —a.«k MuNiiKhten! Phone 05&. Itit Natl. UMg. <i4.*-;i(im Our list Includes st»me exceptional vaUirs. 1—Strictly modern Crescent Park homo now and snappy. ^— Urnml now W (.-Ht 17 th Included every known convenience; easy Wring. - 3—Closti in fi room Htrietly modern. Thia is an ah.solut** harit:-iln. -1—2 horncrtiU-s at knockdown iiricen. CAKF.Y RKAT, 1--.STATM * tNV. CO. iii&uror—Lloyd I'.iown— Ki-altor. Hale.srncn: Saml .T, Srlionriover Huchaiimi. 503 North Main. i'hone 97-. ern , furnace, tniaU payment down will liillldle. (,.')H! Uat'l on 4l!l .Stifvi road, five room modem tiou,<{«- and otto 1 buitdiu^.i. ntuiui payment u<jwn \ SIII a\w> ii.uaJle I Ins pi'o])niiii CUoU-e hiiildiii^ situ on i„a>l H1LI1; .small drKtr .stock and fixtures, do:n>>I a gcMid otiainesit, to v.vcliaii^.j lor ilnti hiiiHi -n property. KealloiM. i'huiic 4uu, iji-ll-Hlm liKlCK IMJSINKSK CUHNlUt Income about 10 r ,c Krosa on jfarly hasis. Cwner nun-resident. Lilieval terniN. Kieinn Hcahy Co.. phon-> 4^. Hi-Hi -jdm O UD I J^ SI TOED Owner of tc, o-al-iry, U-rooni. ti..nv, ;i h--drnoni«, Jli 'qiitrfM l\ J U ca^h. 1 •iiluiu-t? J^U per nioiuli. New!v papered, 75xi'tO ft, Ki'mtiid. A KOOI) buy. Trade equity and tmiiu ca-ii foi mod"rat..- firlewl \ or 5-room cottaj,'''• Till'] COK-THOMMLN IMl'Uf )VKMKNT CO. Realtors—-Home LJuiiders. Ci-U-Mm NEW, attrnctive 5-rooui cottaj ;i\ W ~st Ulh street, oak flnora, calihmt'work, furnace, Karate; prlcu f;;.:;i)0, eativ .''•'I'i^J. ^""• , 'il-U-L'diii Fl V i-:-rooin cottage, nud' 10 ^xccliT ftirnai'f, VUHM in I .n ;s :i;.n, rented prloe }2,0u (i, t" '0 cj-sh. Koc Keaity Co., ]»lioint_77(». (il-ll-'Jdm LOW rat'.- loans "n MIH-II '"*.* pi uiicrLy.' Mc.S'aKliCeii! 1st Nat'l I '.IJl,'. ti4-x-*j;,fim VVt'J want rc ^td ^ncts IOJIIIW , stiViijtn or monthly payniunu^. auk .M<>Nach!<m! iil-S-^fidni lo.Vear city ioana. —MeNnuntenf . . UI-S-r>f!m *5.*jr.u New ftrietly rnodc-n full has«*nn*nl solid oak flours, hmalrfa =t nook, front drive Karate, norllu am. p.iri, $l ,uui) cash, hahince easy t.r;rm». No. 0 V,:ixX Shvrman. Urehm Realty Co. iM-lti-iJm SMAI J L houae, tfaraKO, U lots, fur .iTTe cheap. I'hone G 1 -10 - Id tn LOTS FOR SALE ay DP: PARK CORNIER A HEAL HAKOAIN Prom owner. Addrcaa Box 320. Hutch- inaon. R."»- IS -2 ;>dir. FOK SALt^-Vacant lota tn luiwrnv,:. disti •, Ilavllantl, Kan. I'hone SKiW Dr. W, V. Schoor, 1 1 utctilnnrM.1. Kan - - -MM LOTH for Male—In c.rnelerv, reasonahle for caah. 1'iiono 02Si»J, or call at S10 N. Washlnston. 66 FARMS FOR SALE Ob FARM liAKOAIN D1RKCT FitOM tiWMIIt 320 a. Haskell Co., Kan., 2V4 mill's county aeat; nil level and best ut ami; extra good state of rultlvatlon; 1C0 now In wheat; fine condition; 120 a. ready for spring crop; Hi ti. gra.-<s; terms en half. Address llox Hutchinson. CU.lK.25dm J ACiilC trail, elos« in, 2 acres in .'alia. i*> room house, lights anci gas, Inrirc barn. C.m ho boiiKht llk» payinpr leni. r.j 1 s. i'ium. 87-6-i'&fim 68 REAL eSTATc EXCHANGES 68 A SQL"AUK SKCTIOM 7 nd. north 1 mi. went of Kendall, •isa ii Ruud Mun land, 100 in TO * has .1 ,iw. i'r!e« ?:>.7 :.n, mtt,'»v ?4 .:>nrt yra. Will trad.; for Hutchinson prop- city. t?ONNKit-DYC K 1NV, CO. Realtor*, ;;0i Jst National. Dinne «7«. FOR : TT"\u~3 J »<• r•• s~~i?ji mi 1 en sou tin. cut t.( Hiitfinnsmi, for ainfi uithln ZO miles of lititchiiisnn. Art- dress 1-11. care News-1 Icraid. r.s-p-fiOR ONLV lioTKL IN Ti»WN Town of 2.11110, li'l ml. of Hutchln«o». Co. id hton« hu i IdiriK, hot wo t*-r heaL VS'itl rent for $75 per month. l-*rle* 3'i.'")0; It'a « Icar. Want tract close to .•some town. CONNKR-r>YCIC TNV. CO., )u-altors. .";0l 1st National. Pltnnp 2278, t:.S-lO-2< I m Tf» _ 'I'RA I'l'—f-'n y proprr ty In Ktn- poria f'n- pla>c in Hutchinson with Hid lunixe and ',3 acr« or more ot ^,-Kund, Want (;oud place for hatch* • -.v. U. K. Hammer. 511 Kim sr., Km- pTirin. _ICw. *i»-^-Hdm TT® Enccliisfiiffiti© Four No. 1—Nifty conveniently arranged, HiihHt .'inthilly ft >ns trite led five room l.ungaluw, t hor-iuj :hly modern. Oa k floniH throughout, oak Klandard wr-i. Laif;n living 1 m "\l.etidii>jf arr"-;* entire front. I'lreplaee, buiit-lu enliven U nc '-H, l;irt;c ha semen t, ovt -t -t\ hot air heatii>]Lr system, double JV-UUJ:', 1 OI»?P lot. bb al'.y hn 'Bted WUIK 011 Ka-i ltth Avenue. Tu e^rlianfjc for chcii-er piop.ity which ' HU 1 w ivnitd. No. 1!—- Five **rn. 0:1 k t'ioort enumeierl w.inil piacc, built-in d .Hk. ImlU-ln clllna f'lo«e|;<, hri a);fast set., kii.-lnii. J'rie. sale. Will Ink. part of first, p KING 11UO Phorip ft." 307 First room, thoroughly in ttvory lonm. lvnty wiiil; tht oil!luuf; fli•<• - bnnk c;il.:;. wnMr.t? dresaltiK table anti A'so lireakfaflt rootn, bu It -in f-mur.-s in the d at t\,si<n for riuirk i i;ood buUdlnp sito «.» a v nient, THKRS. REALTORS . uvenlnps RI27W. NiLL'l Hank IV.di?. GS-10-2dm TRADK l-'OIl TOPKKA ruOPT^TPTi? The Neeley home at Sir* Kast Sherman; n good modern liom'*, all <m K mil nd floor; slaiipinff porch, enrnpf, otc. J 'osst .'fisloii at once. U' L > v\ill hrt Klad to show you. eONNKU-nvOK INV. CO. Realtors. 301 1st National. Phono C278. tn TO TliADK—Afodern up-to-date reai- denco property in Hutchinson. Kan., for western bind. Nate Nfial, Real Kslaie. plioiio 171 ii. tiS-6-Gdm 69 REAL ESTATE FOR RENT t>J FOR RK.NT—Desk room In uLcam heat.-d nffh:e. l^BU N. Main St. Phrmo Jo7fi or H. J. W. Uarrison. '»-10.Cdm KOR it ION T—A boatdinK hous«. zuu —ii^lJCiTJlL— lio-x-Cdm WANT to buy comideto exhaust h«at- er for l ->se X ( uU \- <>ar. .Must b* ctnap for ca.-^lt. I'hoio. 3H7«. 70-10-12m 70 WANTED TO BU> WANTKD- Used baby bupjjy. >Vhon« 4L " nj - 70-W.ldm FOH SALK—A 4-rooin hou^e with seven lots, good ^arnije, eemont cave, all kinds of chicken liouaes; mice $3.00O. terms. Nate N>al, Real Kstate, phone 1713. (Ji-S-Cdm If vou want to pell your property, llflt It with 11s, the wide awaka Realtor. We liuve never lifted a property that we did not advertise, and try to (five out cusUm-cr the service he should have. We havo Just listed the best corner on South Main Rtroet, south of th« Court House. Let us show you ihls eonier and enow you the advantasc'g R has over other corners in that part of the city. It U a Koud JuvestmenL FOR JIKNT—Furnished modern huuisti. aod Insurer. U ISast Sberman Street Over 60 jears in HuicDionoa. FRANK FILE. Mgr. Real Estatfc, Phone 3103—After 8 p. m. Dlione 123 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—Inside Static. By Blosser

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