The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 22, 1986 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 22, 1986
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

6-A THE BAYTOWN SUN Tuesday, April 22. 1916 Bridge Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 1 Taro paste 4 Dorsal bones 8 Tennis playar Nastasa 1 2 Vetch 13 Trigonometric function 14 Charged panicles 15 Wilier 17 Writing fluids IS Philosopher Marx 19 Cooker 21 Lcok at 22 Landed 25 Hockey league (abbr.) 27 Zone 30 Firm 33 Kentucky blue grass 34 Ethereal 36 Skinny fish 37 Preposition 39 Zola heroine 41 Billowy expanse 42 Disease carrying fly 44 Gifted speaker 46 Spawn 47 Normandy invasion day (comp. wd.) 48 Battlefield captive (abbr.) 50 Negative answar 52 Adjective suffix 56 Construction beam (2 wds.) 58 Ugliest 61 Pan ol speech 62 Othello villain 63 Japanese plant 64 Layer of tissue 65 Ere long 66 Aviation agency (abbr.) DOWN 8 3, Roman 9 Most secluded 10 Dark 11 Existence 16 Smooth 20 Powerful explosive (abbr.) 23 Hawaiian volcano Mauna 24 Actress Dunne 26 Charlemagne's domain (abbr.) 27 Roasting stick 28 Long times 29 Howl 30 Church council 31 Nile queen, for short 32 Despot 35 Egyptian sun deity 38 Ear (comb, form) 40 Football coach Parseghian 43 Monetary unit of Japan 45 Hebrew letter Answer to Previous Puzzle WEST * K Q 10 8 5 Vj 1084 2 • AJ 46 NORTH *J4 *AQS • K7 * A J 8 7 5 8 EAST • 732 * 1096532 + 1042 SOUTH »A96 *9 7 6 5 • Q84 *KQ9 Vulnerable: Neither Dealer: West West North East South I * 2 + Pass 2 NT Pass 3 NT Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: 4 K ...X DONTT KNOW WHY. MJT X HAVE TH 1 FEELING soMrrHiw AM/FUL IS GCHMfl ON WITH HIM/ CAPTAIN EASY 'by Crook* A Caul* A FEW ry IN THE NAME OF A MINUTE* { LASTING PARTNERSHIP- LATER.,. I V.___ OOf i IHEARBV CHRI&TEN VOU- 47 Singer Bob 48 Two cups 49 Wind instrument 5 1 Capital of Western Samoa 53 Egg (Fr.| 54 Perm agency (abbr.) 55 Portico 57 Genetic material 59 In the past 60 Apollo's son 1 Volume measure 2 Odd (Scot.) 3 River in Bavaria 4 Noun suffix 5 52. Roman 6 Clumsy 7 Air (comb, form) 48 56 61 64 49 • 1 57 I 3180 (c)1986 bv NEA Inc Making use of a long suit By James Jacoby Here's another interesting lesson from the new book by Reese and Hoffman, "Play it Again, Sam" (Devyn Press). Against three no-trump, West leads the king and queen of spades, which you duck, but you have to win the third round of the suit. Of course you place West with the diamond ace for his opening bid, so you know not to play a diamond right away. But you have only eight top tricks, so where do you look for that ninth trick? Seems reasonable, doesn't it, to also give the opening bidder the heart king? OK, so you play a heart to the queen. What a disappointment! East wins the king and leads a diamond to his partner's ace. That sets you two tricks. Don't jump out of your chair now, but this is a contract that you really should make. What is required is just a little bit of looking ahead. Upon winning the third spade, you discarded a heart from dummy. Now picture what cards everyone will be left holding if you now run your six club tricks. Dummy will have the A-Q of hearts and the K-7 of diamonds. You will have four red cards, including the diamond queen. But what about opener West? If he ever lets a spade go, you can set up a diamond trick by forcing his ace, since he cannot then have two spades to set you. And so perforce West will throw the diamond jack and four small hearts as you run the club suit. It becomes easy after that to play the heart ace. dropping East's king and making the contract. M986 NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. SNAKE TALES'" by Sols f ENAMEL- OR LL SET THE A SOMEONE THROWN BUCKET BUGS BUNNY • by Warner Bros. t HOPE r3D6S SETTLES HIS Lr\00RPISftJTE SOON. THIS JUST isNr EEK & MEEK ®by Howie Schneider HOW THEKJ, MR. SECRETARY, CAfO WX ACHIEVE AtO ARMS' REDUOOJ PLAM IF we roooou AM A£MS PRODUCTS POLICY? WJ6U, ARMS REDUtTOJ MEAfJS UXJ AGREE TO DtSGOrUTifUUE C£f?TAll WEAFOrURV... RIGHT? SO, HOvU O\fJ SOU DISGOUT1MJE OUHfiT DOrJ'T HAVE ? Astrograph ARLQ AND JANiS '* by Jimmy Johnson Bernice Bede Osol (Birthday April 23, 1986 A project in which you have invested considerable time and effort will start bearing fruit in the year ahead. Something you didn't count on will open the floodgate. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Your in- etincts and perceptions regarding the Vvay a tricky situation should be handled today are'accurate. Follow your hunches. Know where to look for romance jand you'll find it. The Astro-Graph Watchmaker set instantly reveals which signs are romantically perfect for you. K'ail S2 to Matchmaker, c/o this newspaper. Box 1846, Cincinnati. OH 45201. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) The final word regarding a decision that affects others as well as yourself will be left up to you today. Do what's best for all concerned. CANCER (June 21-July 22) A difficult objective can be accomplished today if you set your mind to it. You'll be quite ingenious in overcoming obstacles. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) A serious matter can be resolved in a convivial atmosphere today. If you want to work out a problem with a pal, do it over lunch or dinner. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Do not become discouraged today if things don't go.your way initially. By the time the clock has run its course, you'll come out just fine. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Someone may bring you an interesting proposal today. Analyze it carefully, because it could contain advantages for you that it doesn't for your cohorts, SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Two possibilities for personal gain will present themselves today. One will be through a normal channel; the other could come from left field. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Companions will find you delightful to be around today. Whether it's a young group or an elder one, you'll know how to raise everyone's spirits. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. IS) Your progress will be tallied in small measures today, but don't let that disturb you. A big victory can result from moving ahead a step at a time. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Today you may have an occasion to put a suggestion offered by a pal to practical application. It should work out quite well. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Your possibilities for adding to your material holdings are better than usual today. Be alert for opportunities that will seem to develop from out of the blue. ARIES (March 21-April 19) If you honor your commitments to the letter today, you'll gain even greater respect from those you're involved with. Be a hero. IT'S TH' WE COULD WILD ANOTHER ONUFYOUWAMTTO.' FRANK AND ERNEST @by Bob Thave» NEtf ACCOUNTS WANT A L <- MY P/^INTEP WITH " Po NOT CTA^H UNTIL N&XT AAOfsiPAY" ON THEM. © IBM. NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN MR. MEN'- AND LITTLE MISS™ by Hargreaves & Sellers ~7 "^ /"^—^ / UO<?K,MR .SILLY/ ) / THEY RE THERE GO -THE ' ' >m=^i-r-i^-^i \ rw KIT -N' CARLYLE "by Larry Wright fHE BORN LOSER • by Art Sansom I IN EVERY WAY I W PIP LITTLE f-^Tf\ Jy Do YOU THINK THEY WHICH THEY BABYMAN' by Don Addis Lo\/e Tg BlTT HA\£ A 6AAAU. Av>A6T,AY\Te/J YOU'LL Atff 1HI5 CELEBRITY CIPHER Cctobrlty Cipher cryptogram* arc created from quotations by famous people, past and present. Each letter In the cipher atand* for another. ToUty't clut: I equals U. by CONNIE WIENER "M YVPB IKTY DN AVDASV'L TPSSMFX DKC CD AKFMLY CYV XKMSCH, RKC EVBH NVJ PBV TDFTVBFVO CD T8VPB CYV MFFDTVFC." — OPFMV3 OVNDV. PREVIOUS SOLUTION: "I fear my Inner guru may be senile. He otters contradictory advice." — Sam Keen. <B 1M« by NEA, Inc. 180 WINTHROP ®by Ok* Cav.lll THE PAPERS SAY THERE'S BEEN A SHARP RrSE IN THE NUMBCROF TEACHERST?U<IN<5 EARLY RETIREMENT. I THINK I CAN MODESTLY SAY A THAT I'M RESf=ONSIBLE ROR J AT LEAST HALF OF THEM. J

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