The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 30, 1948 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
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Wednesday, June 30, 1948
Page 12
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\ Tto X«w«. Fnferfek, IM- W« Jrae It, mi Yugoslavia In Angry Defi Of Cominform Jun* «D*rr defiance, Yugo- Communist Paitj accused the Human-led Cominform to- nifht *f lie* and slander. It de- dared firmly it* relations with Rusxia "must be based oa confidence aad cot on spvinr-" This m general *"*s its 10.000- word answer to the -ominfonn's condemnation of Premier-Marshal Tito's regime and its call upon "loyal" Yugoslav Communists to overthrow the country's leaders unless they mend their "nationalistic ways." With language unprecedentedly harsh for exchanges between Communist comrade countries, the Yugoslav Party denounced as absurd a long list of Cominform charges, ranging from hostility Emmitaburg Girl Hurt In Accident Sixteen-year old Pat Tressler. CmmiUburf remained a patient at tbe Hanover General hospital Tuevday fer treatment of injuries suffered in a collision between two 29 j automobiles at the intersection of 'Fair avenue and John street Peon Township. Pa. at 10-30 o'clock Sunday night. Condition of the injured girl, who received a possible fractured skull, was listed as fair. According to State Policeman Ray L. Reck, of the York detail. Miss/Tressler was riding ia an automobile driven by Earl F. Herring. 16. Fairfield R. D. 2. Other passengers in the Herring car were Robert Harner. 16. Fairfield R. D. 2. and Ruth Lingg. Emrruts- burg R. D. 3. The Herring car. Trooper Reck reported, was traveling on Fair avenue and an aiicmobiie operated by Robert A. Wisaer, 35. Hanover, approached the intersection on John street. Folio · ing the Route Is Berlin's Only Link To West toward Russia to attempts to curry , collision the Herring car is report- to have run off the street and ' crashed into a brick pillar supporting a porch roof at the home of Ferdmaad Day. The investigating officer said Wisner will be charged wjth failing to yield the nshl of way. Livestock SllOW Huge Quantity Of Heroin favor with Western nations. Ckarres Prefabricated "Among the most serious slanders against Yugoslavia" the statement said, was a charge of dealings with powers outside of the Soviet bloc. "Assertions that Y u g o s l a v leaders are preparing to make concessions to imperialists--and T O RnO'st i' now bargain with them on the in- i»uu,. i i dependence of Yugoslavia -- are ( ^ completely fabricated." it said. ; The sharply-worded Yugoslav* Baltimore. June 29 4--Spon- f c Fr»nnrl Altiiosl answer was tempered only by a sons of the Eastern National Live- roiimi rt.noara declaration that "direct contact" i stock Show advised breeders from between the Bolshevik Party of five neighboring States today that Russia and Yugoslav Party organ- . they ization is necessary to iron differences. * "Only in such a way will there, The Eastern National v. as or- be a solution." the statement said, j ganized for the first time last year ""The Central Comini'-tce of the at Timonium Fair Grounds north Communist Party of Yugoslavia of Baltimore, succeeding the Bal- needs the help of Russia.." it add- ' timore Fat Livestock Show. «*- _ ' The 1948 event - ill be at City the heroin was worth ap- But this apparent willingness to. Timonium from November 13 to' proximately $1.000 an ounce or conciliate the differences was ad- j 20 between 5160.000 and $192.000. vanced without a sign of knuck- Agriculture extension leaders Williams iaid one of his agents ling iinder to Russian pressure. · and members of animal husbandry was called in by Lockheed Aircraft One by one, the statement, departments from Pennsylvania.! Corp.. after a mechanic had denied the Cominform s accuea- I New Jersey. Delaware. Virginia. '· ported the find tinn* t?i»fr ViTflTrt«tav*i» 1t*# *fi~av-a»^ . !ir.»4- ^r:_..:~.;_ i «i» * · . May Lift Land Blockade Soon Berlin, June 29 £)--Soviet Marshal Vassily D. Sokolovsky held ; out hope tonight that the Soviet J land blockade of Berlin may be lifted before the city's food runs out. , The Russian commander, replying to a British demand that he i lift the blockade or take the blame i for starving the German residents i i of the American, British and 'French sectors of Berlin, said h« i learned the city had food on hand · to last for "several weeks." ' "I hope that in this tune v,e can ' tave the trains running as usual." j he said in a letter to the British i commander. Gen. Sir Brian Rob, ertson. The letter u as made public 5 by the Soviet licensed news agency ADN. IVatehin; K',»- Viol ^r Sokolovsky intimated at the same time, however, that the Rus] sians are sharply on the lookout j for any violations of the air cor- j ridors in the great British-Amer- I ican effort to feed the city with | sky-borne supplies. · He also served notice that the i highway to Berlin from the west '. would remain closed indefinitely ·to stop the illegal importation of currency from the Western zones to Berlin." The Russian commander expressed regret at Berlin's situation. ADN said, but argued that the Soviet clamp on comrLucieatiocs -was imposed to protect ihe Russian zone's economy in the wake of currency reform In the Western zones of Germany. Sokolovsky said he "fully appreciated the energetic measures taken by the British an^ Americans to keep up the connection w itn the Western zones by air." "At the same time, I hope the flying regulations iviii be faithfully followed," he added. Apceal To V. X. The letter was made public only a few hours after the Berlin City Council appealed to the United Nations 10 uitarvere In :he city's crisis to forestall "urgent danger to world peace." t With 2.000,000 Germans facing an eventual starvation threat if the blockade of the three Western sectors continues, the Soviet-sponsored Socialist Unity minority in the council opposed the resolution in the debate, arguing it would be "useless and without result*." i At Lake Success, spokesmen for the United States and France indicated they favored further efforts directly between the big powers to settle the Berlin crisis before turning to the U. N, 'la Washington, the State Department cautiously suggested thr^ the time for U. X. action had n4P( yet arrived. In Copenhagen, Foreign Minister Gustav Rasmussen said the Danish government was still considering an informal request of Berlin municipal officials to present their appeal to the U. N. U. S. Air Force planes landed at Berlin's American airfield at eight minute intervals, in sun and rain, in an effort to stretch out present available food supplies iv the Western sectors until late Ju!;P or early August. The British Royal Air Force joined the air shuttle on an increasing scale. The British coal industry was nationalized Jan. 1." 1947. I". S. Air Force transport planes are unloaded at Templehof Airdrome IB Berlin after flying in food cargoes at the rate of one plane every three minutes to break Use Soviet land blockade aimed at the western sectors of the city. These C-47's were bringing in a ton of supplies every minute, as the I". S. planned to supply 2,500.800 Germans in the U. S., French and British sectors as well as American nereonnel. green metal container and when ; i it was found to contain narcotics. 1 the Federal narcotics officials were ' notified. i Brookhaven. N Y . June 29 W-- | Air France officers in New York ( will boost premiums S10000 A m *i , £ * contalnin / TM *° 12 I City iaid they knew nothing about ) out ' and make the show a So event P° U " ds ° f »»«o,n "as found today , the incjdcnt . 'next fall · * " . « · = cm m the extreme tail of an Air France ( plane v.-hich arrived yesterday ' from France. Garland H Williams, district supervisor of the Federal Bureau PAINTER HOUSE BL'RLAR Baltimore, Jure 29 '/--A 29- ] _- year-old house painter today v.-as j of Narcotics, said in New York charged with a series of burglaries ; that netted at least $50.000 worth of loot. tions that Yugoslavia has strayed · West Virginia and Man-land met, Thl , ,,," *·,'* from the party of Marxism and ! with show officials here todav to The P lane - a Loc from close cooneration with the · r.r»x-:».,.. ,,!,,,. /,,- ,,,,,,. »_,!·_ _L_... ' tl ° n - VVRS «own to preview plans for next fall's show. "It will be bigger and better this year." declared Richard C. be silent when facts "Gonna Buy A Stove" SPECIAL OFFER Detroit Jewell Stoves, Completely Installed Including 2 100£ tank of gas ONLY s 137.50 FREDEHIf 'K WELDIXG CO. PATRICK AT BENTZ ST. Open Sat. Till 10:00 P. M. from close cooperation with the - Communist countries into the errors of nationalism. It claimed, moreover, that those accusations were laid down with-i the executive committee, out Yugoslav Communists having ' "It's a real pleasure to find that been given a chance to defend . the Kansas City and Omaha shows I themselves. 'have been planned for dates to' Disagrees With Politburo j fit in with our show. ' "A historic injustice has been ' "Breeders will then have a week '. done." the Yugoslav reply said. to get from Baltimore to the In-' "and this will be taken advantage ' ternational Livestock Show in ' of by imperialistic enemies for. Chicago and we hope to offer the' propaganda and slander." | same special train facilities made ] The reply even took issue with . a\ ailable last year." j the all-powerful Russian Politburo, moulder of Soviet strategy. "The Bolshevik Politburo did not wish to discuss the subject and does not try to put away the lies about" the governing Central Committee of Yugoslavia's Communists, the reply said. It complained that nejther the magazine published in Belgrade by the Communist International Information Bureau (Cominformi nor the Soviet press ever print facts about "the enormous successes of Yugoslavia in its -work an reconstruction and socialization and the five-year plan. They should no: prove it." While rejecting the charges, the jommittee called upon partv -rsembers to close their ranks even jghter and to exert more effort o continue building up socialism n the country- Belgrade Is Calm Belgrade was calm. There was lot the slightest outward manifes- :ation of the angry political atmosphere, 'Reports from the Greek side yf the border said machmegun and mortar fire was heard in Yugoslavia Monday night. Greek informants received unconfirmed reports of a battle between Yugoslav units. 'Other unconfirmed reports printed in Rome said So%'iet troops crossed the D a n u b e into Yugoslavia a fe\v .niles from Belgrade, and other Soviet troops moved toward Belgrade through Serbia.* The first charges against the Yugoslav Party, the reply said. were made by the Central Com- ' miUee of the Ail-Union sBolshe- vik Communist Party i n a letter dated March 20. This letter notified Yugoslavia that the other members of the Coniinfomi had been told of the charges -without notifving Yugoslavia's Centra! Communist Partv about them re- Constella- j MacArthur Field ; for a thorough checkup after its arrival. 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