The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 7, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1948
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7. 1018 'Knows His Music' , , .WASHINGTON; Jan. ?.-- Tbe nation's best known amateur pianist got a pat on the back today from a concert virtuoso,' Jose Iturbi. ' "President Truman certainly '.knows his music," said Iturbi: "He's · terrific." ' Before a concert at Consti- ',tution hall last night, Mr. Truman asked Iturbi to play Cho- 'pin's .Waltz in A-flat. The pianist appeared confused until the President hummed a few bart. Then his face · brightened. , , "I haven't 'played that one tfor a long time," he said. ("But I'll try." , After the performance, Mr. Truman smiled broadly from 'the presidential box and nod- f ded his approval. r« ·» r/«wj B S " U. I. Laboratory To Test Mine Air, Analyze Coal DusS CHAMPAIGN. 111., Jan. 7--(CJ) f --A laboratory for testing mine jair and analyzing coal dust will be opened at the University of Illinois next Tuesday, it was announced today. . The laboratory- will have a staff of 13 under the direction of Roll W. Roley, formerly associate mining engineer for the State Geological Survey. The analytical laboratory was. j set up under legislation passed by j the last general assembly following the Centralia mine disaster. I t ' xvill test mine air to determine if j i t is "gassy" or non-gaseous, i Prof. Harold L. Walker, head of ! the University Department of Minting and Metallurgical Engineer- ,ing and recently director of the : State Department of Mines and (Minerals, said mines where air _ . ,,.... . , ... · . a , samples test more than one per reE historian and soldier, wrote j cent methane will not be permit- a description oi a good horse, ex- | ted to operate. The state mining plaining how'one might be least de-, code also provides that coal mine ceived in buying a horse. In 1535, dust must have a non-combustible King Henry VTII of England had laws passed for selection and mating to improve horses and to eliminate scrubs. Beware Ccmglis from common colds That Hang On ' Creonmlsion relleves'promptlr because it goes right to the seas of the trouble to help loosen and, expel germ laden phlegm, and. aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, in*i flamed bronchial mucous mexn- .Jaranes. Tell your druggist to sell you , ft bottle of Creomulsion -with, the tto- . derstanding you must like the way it *juickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION content of 65 per cent water vapor, carbon dioxide and ash. Legion to Urge Congress Outlaw Of Communist Party 2 Stale Demos Say Wallace will Not Affect Race SPRINGFIELD. 111.. Jan. 7-- U.£ RED RYDER FOOS t£5£KT K.5PERACOE5 Cl5CCV'£R THM ROBlf^6 A 15SlAL\s!Al5EASr." Cool By Fred Harmon THOUGHT WERE MEN, HOLLYWOOD. Jan. 7.--T.P.-- The American Legion will urge I an model. Photo by Rene Henry, \ the present session of congress; XEA staff photographer. to outlaw the Communist party, j National Commander James F. O'Neil disclosed the Legion's plan last night before 1.500 legionnaires and their guests at a me ing for the presentation of citations to members of the movie | have no decisive effect on tbc Illinois election next November. ' Adlai Stevenson, endorsed * b_ the party leadership for gcnvr j nor, and Paul Douglas, endorsed' loi United States senato.. told! a press conference preceding a meeting of the party's state central committee today that Wallace I might "siphon olf the radical fiinge" from the Democrs'iic vote. "But that will relievo the Demo- tiats of the false accusation that they are sjmpathetic to Commun- i-ts.' Stevenson said. 1 Douglas said he believed Wal- j lace was a man of "high ideals'" j but had been "hypnotized" by tne Communists. He said he believed , the third party was inspired part- j ly by Communists in an eiiort ' lo insure election of a "reaction- ;,ry Republican" v.ho would oppose aid to Europe. 1 To Fight Inflation ' Douglas said his campaign piat- VIVE LA FRANCE! Whozit? j for '? "°. uit | Delude a program It's Miss France of 1943. otherwise * "#* TM l * llol \- a n f Yvonne Viseux, 20A ear old Parisi-i t h e -'^rshall plan for OPA Poini Coypons 5 20 Favored if Hea! industrj- for "distinguishing them-j selves" in the fight against Cora-i "WASHINGTON, Jan. 7--OO_ New Enjoys Walking to Work For First Time in 3 Years W. T.WiHaker, 4£oulh Drive, The Elms, Decafur Feels Like a New Man After Taking Rentox mumsm. O'Neil said a statute outlawing l i t_ - ~t *-iJJij3VaiH. .Tl.^1 A \ , l * . l k U . l t, t^l.t.1. t * V « i l ^ODVIOUS so- charles F Brannan said .today tha't pro Diem. a g r j cu i(_ ure experts have about de- ~ . "I tave tried other products but noth- ,. ing is as wonderful as Rentox" writes u Mr. Whitaker. "For 30 years I have worked for the railroad, my job requires that I be .". alert and attentive. For the past three years I have been feeling weak.* run down and lacking in energy and pep. I was so tired that I could hardly get out of bed in the morning. Since taking -. » Rentox I now get up in the morning feeling rested and strong. I now enjoy walking to work and am more alert on ! my job. My .appetite has returned '-- and I can now enjoy my food without i-..- being bothered by gall bladder attacks or constipation. I was happy to see Rentox advertised as it has been years since anyone has been able to buy such-a product. The herbs in Rentoi '·'"' make it a fine tonic and body builder." - - Rentox will be found to be a real builder upper and may be just the medicine vou need to bring you better health. This splendid medicine contains 26 ingredients and goes to work quickly to cleanse your sstem of waste "matter that may hive been causing days, weeks and months of r^ You will note how much better, how much more alive and peppier you feel. This excellent medicine will be fourd helpful for stomach, gas, bloat, indigestion, poor appetite. Helps kidneys, bladder, getting up nights. It relieves constipation in a few hours and helos to tone your bowels into a more rhythmic actica. Helps to build nrh red, blood. If you are sick, rua down, nervous, no pep, why not start taking Rentox today. Go to your druggist acd get a j bottle and perhaps you too can start on the road to health- C4^W* t\, W A k - U A v \ » » V f *·-* WJ 4 . 1 U * \ * l ^ * « ' V U v V t V v t ·, , . .. , . j - . !C ided that the old OPA "coupon-1 crudest, old-fashioned s p o i l s i point" svstem is the best wav to Alines m the state adrnimstra- ration meat " !Uon cannot ^e veiled by virtuous _ " .. ,, . , , ; pronouncements forevei." ! Brannan said the experts found l Douglas and Stevenson headed. · serious drawoacks to the use of lh hst of candidates who me t 1 the British price-rationing system, Wlth lhe cornrfl ittee here today' i and the "pound of meat per . IaR camDa -, gn strategy. stamp system. He was assigned '. .. .. by Secretary Clinton P. Anderson ' ; to work oui a standby rationing · | [plan in case Congress asks for one. ; ! j Meanwhile, there was a growing , feeling among some Republican senators that meat rationing may , l be necessan by spring. Sen.! j Ralph E. Flanders. R.. Vt.. has aslf-' ed Chairman Charles V.". Tobey. j R.. N. H.. of the Senate Banking '· CHICAGO. Jan. 8.--'I i committee for early hearings on rjry ot Commerce VL Averell Har- rationing bills he intends to nman says that despite Russian i introduce next week. opposition, ''real progress" lias | Flanders' plan calls for Con- been made in rebuilding Europe. 1 sress to pass a bill authorizing the Harriman, addressing the i\a' Agriculture Department to set up ticnal Council or Farmer Coopem-; 1 the machinery for meat rationing. »v«.-s last night, said that intSus- ' i Rationing wo'uld not begin, how- trial production in most ci the'-' lever, until Congress approved a i-uropean nations "has been lifted I second bill specifically putting it'\:rtually to pre-war levels." 'into effect ' "£Sut the olizzards of last win" Erannan explained thai under , r and flh « lpra g? I the point svstem consumers re- lhl5 past 1 ar nave Ke meats, said the British I would be too difficult to police 'and involves price controls which . Cna0b ard hunger, their aggres- !Congress has indicated it will not . jVe pro g ra m for taking o-,er the! of approve. ALLEY OOP = \ 3UTTING A GUY jSv/£CAT?^ TVATSTlS A Hideout Visitor OKAY-' 6RA SHOVELS/ WE'LL BURY PARIMER SHIPPIKT COLD OUT OF RllAROCK' AS LOttS AS YOu'Rf !N THE £Sf. WHY NOT __-^-i AR£AL / 6ET YOUR MOSSES ' ' E ' R E TRAlSJ COHl. I9*J IY NlAUHVICt INC.T J*. MG.'W 5 fAT Oil, Trouble Ahead aiding L,urope. He said he would oppose cut-' I ting the federal income tax now, j ] because it would be "impossible") f to cut the -tax, aid Europe and · i retire the federal debt. He said ; the latter step was necessary to' stop inflation. i Stevenson, who served the last j two years as alternate delegate j to the United Nations assemoly. i 5sid he would have to "educate' himself on state issues before tak- Agriculture Secretary ' g a csiuoa on specific problems ° - , .. , , ... However he adoed that 'the NDIAS CArtP-Uft LONG FROf\ KOSAK55." ^\AY5£ S f!AY-!i\ \ in a Manner oi Speaking By V. T. Hamlin iarriman Reports tea! Progress in Europe sed a cognize that inasmuch as their system j opportunity for seizing power o.ily exists there 43 economic Will They Reform? governments of Europe will Dc | Presidsn'f s L-ockea by recovery." I'D,.^--«-«- I'-r,-^ f*- z j Harnman iaia mat "ever.- cf-; r?OpOS6a J OX L.*5 i Crime Docs Xot Pay Federal statistics shew that in 86 fori" must Le made to increase! j out of ICO cases there are arrests production and light inflation m i ; that clear up the crimes committed, the United States. Half of them result in punishment and two suit in the death penalty be:n posed. (Continued fror. 1 pa-Co o:.e; ideals of a peaceful world, we · lion to admit European displaced; months beginning April 1. To must maintain strong armed fore- persons to United States shelter {Wallace and the left wingers who es - .. . and citizenship. Mr. Truman said accuse him of war policies. Mr. The President reviewed his for- thev wdld add «;trpn«th ami on ,, . ,, , . . . , . oi-n policy, pledging full suoDortSS-JJ the nation cn 'i Truman challenged that his to the United Nations and express- ~ £,," ,,,',_£",', ,,,,,, ,, ,, policies lead to peace--not war. confidence in its ultimate sue-1 For the .U ar ^H P'an ;ru-| ^i" . , ;',''·,,*·'· ·*,/·* jZ~- ·j x .;'#teZ".'," "Good-bye, Mr. Gotrock?. I'm leasing. I just got my Jtrst eertificcle for the Family Sweepstakes in Pepsi's 'Treasure Top' Contests. 1 " 9 Look for hidden design under the cork in every Pepsi-Cola bottle (op. · EaterPepsrsgrc8tS203,725"TrcasureTop" Sweepstakes and Contests. · Every entry gets a Treasure Certificate for ^ Jhe big Family Sweepstakes Prize of $25,000.00 Cash. · Collect and swap Pepsi "Treasure Tops"... GET ENTRY BLANKS t iCsim ' AT YOUR STORE Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Island City, X. Y. Franchised Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Marion _ -- _ . ^ IJiCeiiiJ \Jl i U b A V F l . . l » o . .4*1- A. · _ · J » « - - * « V I Ke warned that "the present tie- told congress. "V.'c must dcs! cf- 1 Dr Geo A Green · pendence of tne wond upon Amer- j fcctivclv and al once v^I.h the h i S h ' * wcu * * · ' ;can weather and tne American cost of n vili . wheat crop is dangerous ana un- -"·' , Veteran j sound. i country _ . D, es ^.standards of millions of families. her* is a s»rarIe method 'h.T ^-_i_ your trholo oottoo'-c on Kfo. W hr rot t- and rcini.n tl» pTc.'.si.r'^ of Iivi-q; yoj once "tijoycd? Why b» di'courzcvd--vrny aoi r'- th« verve nr^J z- cr man? Many r-.c- r.r» obtr as results with IV-:roi tjb.cU. Just a-«k your drus^ist for E-r:rt~.. (Each t-.'Jct stal'd to r" h ;-. ix- icrcy.) Wcraes *co firtl B-5-*.rtn h-I:'. ^i. Afiorney General Geo. F. BarreSt To Seek Re-Election XASIH-'ILLE. 111.. Jan. 7-- T.D , -- Dr. George A. Green. Washing-ton county coroner and veteran. aereeraeat ira «'rfe oef«cea .'-- ^ashville physician died late y« s -, bo nncl .aajtaie^enl l c d a - v **en he suffered a stroke of Ji. inflation '-.oids -Worst of Ji. the threat of ar.cihcr -»CDress:on " Green" ms old. had practiced STIMULATING TABLETS SPRINGFIELD. Jan. T._«U.P'-' annual rate o i l 0 per ccr Attorney General George F. Bar-; Mr. Trumaas propose Buy a better pen for better writing! "Your hand deserves it' 7 Choose the pen that takes to you, whatever make it is. Which Do You Like ... PARKER '5V OR DEM! SIZE '51? SHEAFFER? THE NEW WATERMAN? EVERSHARP? Choose from them all at WINKLEMANS' Name's cngn\ed in gold -- free. ition against rr.cronoly. The DESIGNING -- MANUFACTURING -- REPAIRING NEW -- USED REPAIRING -- REBUILDING FOR HOMES --STORES -- FACTORIES Phone 7188 Eighlh and Oak Streets Evansville, lad. ct;. c\ccpl state treasurer. In hi.- anr.ounccmcnU Bar-c" ,.d that the stale's Icszal K. · LJ* has become increasingly ir.. Social Security He tol r 5 Ccncrc-s CJ cunJv;;ci: re ws- c-. ished The irc^.vrc ';c \\as "deeply jrrat Ixen entrusted with its s-tiction. He promised to wage a s* admta: ** 1 TM' o!(! vivor _ accompanied. "c n:n-.i-; tion: State TreaMjrer Kichanl Howe, running lor lieutenant crnor, and Consressmart-a \Viilinm G. Stratton. lor s. oi *.t.V.e. ancc sv.stcn. to motccl .'.11 our TOO-, 'pic eaually aw.ns.t ir,«tc::n1v ; r.d '. - 1 , ill-health" " Facinj: the East Thrcycho-jt the ages it has betn I.\sJts Vni\er«al the cys'.om of many races to b-,:ry ] He r.»Vc3 C : Ihcir ccsd facing O^c East. The s-". .actnicnt c.f worshipers folJowcd the practice as department cf ·· t r ;,ti"i,r:N- jjer the exoanucd K-.-jlth. ,'liK.ili-;j and f-oc«n«v or trainmc. avoided u,-c pio?no word pi,]ii.c.-!!\ n" in ^nr it was jhc direction from their deity returned each morning. ; For the ancient Greeks it was the , v.ay to Elysam or To' the Cnrjsti?ns it is the dircctrj which Christ wil! corr.c on ; Day- ] mains serious exposition cv to the for the largest vote ever cost for a ccndidcre for Judge of the City Court of Harris burg. - f;

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