The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 11, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 11, 1924
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 11. 1924 THE MARKETS NO GRAIN MARKETS I ON ARMISTICE DAY. ; (.'liicnfta, NDV. 11.—All dntuvKlIc Brain oxrhnnpi's nru CIOHWI for ArnilMW-n fay; livestock markets i\ere. open. WALL STREET LIVESTOCK MARKET Now Turk, Nov. 11.— Another burst of bullish UK I nam In to- IIII.V'H stock market sent more than I Till ?lnt.i;s to new high prluus for tile yn;ir mill carried tin; Kcnoral In- (lustriiil avnrapo to the lev- • I Hlnce 1H2H. Completion of urK''nt , , . , , liniflt luliiiiB In the rnll.i wuA fob Kansas City Livestock. , , 1)wnil tly ivlmthnr 1)rlsli Bl | van ,. 0 m Knn .«.iH City. Nov. 11.—( AI 1 l.f. HIIII.KIIIIIII.1IM1 by Sonlhreii I'no.lfit;. —Reeelpls !!II,<IIW: enlvea u.OO": chief *pt'riilutlve Interest, however, lietter Kratli-s yeai'llpps iiml liamly- ,-, n(.-r.-tl in the IniliiMlrlalii wjlli w.'lKtit fi'il BIours steady to ntroiiK: Ainerli'tin Can fioarlni; more than others nlow; wnlRlity kinds <lull:! s j X nolnis ta th« ItlKluiRt price in tup yeiirlhiKS $; handy weights | |K history, and I!. S. Steel common $11.M; best heavies lljuin; few I (tuifliirm unrulier new peak at 1M Sale.-- .-ippioxlniattsl a.finiUino shares. Forctrjn Exchange. Now York, Nov. II.—KoreiKit ex.- ehaiiKOS IrroRnlaix quotations In cents: Ureal, lirilain iloiuaiid 4.01 7-10; eablos 4.61 11-lii. France demand 5.till; rubles u.Sli's. Italy ilemunil -l-SS'-i; oubles early sales Rvassi-vs $r>.utV7i fi.eti; she stool; slow, w.-ak to I ."it; lower: lintelior rows and lieirer.s; canners and cutters Jil.ali <^3.25; bulls sleady; calves steady •with Monday's average, 'JaJi arte, lower; cine; prnetieal top veals Jti.flti; stocker and loeder steers slow; most bids l.V't-.'ie lower; bulk $S .'!.">'.r ri .(n); stoid; ealves lower; hulk S.'i.nmi T.dfl. IIOCS- Kecclpts Ki.OOfl: opened . i.nat,. sieady tci Hie lower; olosr-d urilve.j lleltiium demand 1.81' (-ioady to strons; packer lop f'.Ul' 1 ; . !.sr,. top hulk of sales |S.Sf.«;'!».5"); (.vrmntiy il« maud 2 .1.*. lmlU lies liable. ISO to :pui pound I averages $<irll.riu: pai-kini; sow-s J $S,4ii'i; S.tai; stock piR3 toady, mostly $ti So'/ 7. Oil. I Sll'KKI'—Itecelpls 5.000; lalimsl 1")'i7 -ae lower; top natives SIH.I'O; better grades natives nnd fed lots mostly J 1.1.4»'' M:I."I".; clippers Ml. 7a; odd lots sheep mostly steady. en hies Holland demand 311.SS. Switzerland demand Ifl.M. (Jreoee doniand l.Tl) 1 ^. Poland uemand 10fi. t'zeibo-Slovakla demand 1 GRAIN SORGHUM MARKET GROWS Hutchinson Ranks at Top Now, According to State Grain Inspector. Hutchinson has the distinction of Ileitis; tin; Krentest. grain por- Klium market In the Fulled Slates, nncordltiK to 0. A. Wollord. Inspector In charge of the Kansas State firnln Inspection anil Weighing Laboratory bore. That honor was Klvoii this city by the United Stales department of agrlcul'tiro after a survey of the various sections of llin iniiinry that lira raisins Kratn sovphnms. Mr. Woollard sates that more- uralit sorghums are grown in southwest, Kansas than any other region in the eounlry, in fact the ' • 1 world. This various sorghum crops -ot.iliig onto the nia.ia'l at the pre: :nt time and tl.o uuullly of the praln Is better than It was ;; year aKo because of t' e dry we— . - .s fall w'.'.ie.. naa been ft .'itl'Ie to the proper ma- turiiii; of the cop. The inolstur' < atent of the sorghum crops this y:t; ii sis a« low nt J\ per cent. .US. Chicago Livestock. l -filcarto, Nov. H.—HOGS—He- reipls IS.UOU; moderately active; unevenly 1i)'i72dc lower; under- iveifrlit lairlUc. oft; plentiful supply In J'A.Rll; bulk cood nnd choice Ileal lo ll'ai pound bulrhors J^J ^fi/ !'.70; bulk packing sows SS.WfX '.i.Oo; stroni; weipbt slaiiKhter pips jnostly 57,7.10/ 8.00; heavyweight IIOKS a.8«: inedinni ?'.l .'i0 'f !i."5; Unlit $*. lulu H.iiO. CATTI.K—Receipts 12,000; It 111- Ipg quality Kenorally plain; medium Rrade steers predominating: weighty kind of quality anil condition to sell at Jl'.liO and below; .venrllnt-'B moderately active, firm; Hpots hiRher; strictly choice kind bid $13.00; Blockers nnd feeders weak nl recent decline: country de- jntinil narrow; supiily fairly liberal; she stock fully steady; hulls scarce, ftronK". vealern slronp to Uiic hiph- rr; outsiders fairly active at ?!t.f>0 and above; packers buying largely at $9.00. SHBEP—llecelpts 1,1.000; fat lambs steady to strong: early bulk natives and comeback $n.50fl-13.TS fat shcop and feeding lambs unchanged; fat ewes mostly $0,000 Wichita Livestock. Wichita, Kan.. Nov. 11.—HOGS IWeipls 1,00ft; looks Fteaily; prospective top f'; bulk $11.^0^9.43. CATTLE—Receipts 3,600, Inelud iiii; 800 calves; butcher cattle steady to strong: stockers slow with plain variety weak 2iic lower; beef steers JO.onffis.'-la; beef cows and heifers $3.25iff6.75; bulls $2.r,0 wl'..7r,; veal calves $:',..",0sts.r,0; tstockers and feeders $11.00 r n 0.2a. Call Money. New York. Nov. 11.—Call money easier; high 2'i; low 2; ruling rale 2'/i; claslng bid 2; offered at 2',i; last loan 2; call loans against acceptances 2. Time lonns firmer: mixed collateral flO-80 days SVl (i ;:iVi: four-six months 3?i; prime oomiutM 'ciai paper .IVi. NEW YORK STOCKS. Rrpnrted by James K. Hennott & Co., S06 l'Uirnbaugh-Wlley building, by wire from New York. ClOSQ 4?. .... i::* 1 * .... W. ....120% .... 4«»i .... 33 -"i ....H :T-. .,..m*» STKKt.S: n.'llllohrlll Stn-1 Ci .rp .. l'„U> l'ucl .V Irun Co ... I 'ruolble Stet't V'e I'ast Iron Pipe t'o liuir Suites Stfil Cruat Norlliern Ore .... Hi pill,tic Iron .*c Hteol Siip'-rior .Steel Co T* S Sli;cl Corp Cimmon U S »>! v'orp t'refen-i'd i;.)i 'rt:us: Amn Sinoltlnn & Itetinlnif fits ,\>iaconila Copp-r Co Callahan Zinc & Lead •«*» Chlno Copii, r Co ^ •* Chile Coppi-r Co •";-.« Slullo. Saperlnr l^''» lnpphalloa i.'DPi-er Konniwott Copper 4.'"i Hay Cons \f/t Utah Copper Co OILS: „,,. Sinclair Consolidated Jlarlnml Oil Co a9>.» I'aclfic OH Co t 'L'r? r.'in-Anm Tet & Trans 'A' .... I'an -Amn Vvl & Ttaiw "11" .... ji Ihiro Oil Co I'hllltps IV-troleum ah( 8 CosiU-n .V Co --^7* Uova.1 Pulch Jj 'i Skellv Ofl S'tanilanl Oil of S J ;»"» Slantlanl Oil ot Call! I'- 1 The Hutchinson Board of Trade was closed today because of Armistice Day. All of the other United States grain markets were closed. Wire reports of the Winnipeg market were received this morning by the Jns. E. Bannett & Co. office. Whont went up three cents on that market this morning. G. K. Holden, manager ot the local office of Jas. E. Bennett & Co. was called to Shenandoah, la, yesterday because of the death of his father. MRS. FARRIS IS NOT IN PRATT AS TRIAL OPENS Star Witness in Manslaughter Case Against Banker Said to be Missing. Pratt, Knn., Nov. 11.—Taking ot testimony began this afternoon lu the trial of Kdwln F. Toltnan, prominent Pratt Panltor charged with second degree manslaughter In connection with the shooting, May 17 last ot Qoorgn Farrls, a. Rock Island conductor. The entire forenoon nnd the fore part of the afternoon were spent In securing a Jury. Not aa mu6h trouble as had been anticipated was experienced on this score. The court room has packed to capacity since early morning. Examination ot Jurors went forwnrd with little delay and only ten were excused. Speculation Is rife as to whether Mrs. t'arrls will return for the trial. She was subpoonod by the defense but so far as is known has not put In her Appearance. She Is suppposod to have been tu Denver. Mrs. Farrls was getting out ot Tolman's car on the night ot May 17 when her husband who had returned home nnexectedly early and who had been Waiting for her stepped up aud, according to Tolman's story opened fire on him. He returned the fire and Mr. Farris fell mortally wounded. Tolmnn claims he had picked Mrs. Farrls up some distance from her home and «'u merely giving hsr a lift boms. FRESH OUTBREAK AT AUCTION SALE Encounter Looked Possible For Time When Auctioneer Was Again Questioned. Another chapter In the feud between the Jewolors ot Hutchinson nnd the Kansas City auctioneer, who Is putting on an auction sale on Main street occurred Inst night when local Jewelers once more visited the sale, and called attention ot the crowd to alleged misrepresentations being made by the auctioneer. "Wo do not Intend lo stand Idly by and see our people misled," declared Frank K. Fearl, one of the local Jewelers' committee. There was some near rough stuff during the session for the auctioneer, M. Stlffelmnii, paid his compliments to his disturbers In no uncertain tones and in language that all could understand. "1 I should go into Mr. Foarl's store and abuse him this way he'd throw mo Into tho street, and he would he Justified In it," declared Stlffelman. "It's an outrage," declared Stlf­ felman, afterwards. "1 have come here from Kansas City to put on this auction saie. My home is lu St. Louis but my office Is In Kansas City. I can give the best of reference!!. 1 have a license to do business here." Air. Stlffelman hotly denied the assertion that he was making use of a licenso issued last February for one year for another auction by the Diamond Jewelry Co. "This license was issued last February, but it was made out to me and In my name," be declared. "It is good for one year. I have been engaged to put on this sale to close out the balance of the Diamond Jewelry Co. stock and .1. T. Brown's former stock and some that was brought in for tho holidays." Hob Brown, ot the Brown Jewelry Co. for whom tho snlo Is being put on snld he would vouch for Stlf­ felman, nnd that the sale they were putting on was absolutely on tho squnre. Grant Family Wish - For Simplicity At SCHOOLS HEED ARMISTICE DAY Special Exercisea Today Are Addressed by Members of Legion Pott. The significant of Armistice _ _ . Dny was brought before tho stu- Last Lodge Kites dents of the Hutchinson schools this morning by speakers from the Iloslon, Nov. 11.—Simplicity will be observed at tho funeral tomorrow of Senator Henry Cabot Lodge In accordance with tho family's wishes. President Coolldge directed that the officers In command nt military units hero do all In their power to carry out the wishes of Senator 1/odgo's relatives. It was said to bu Improbable that military escort would be accepted. As representatives ot tho president, Secretary ot Slate Hughes, Secretary ot War Weeks, nnd Captain Adolphus Andrews, naval aide to the president will attend. There will be delegations from the senate and tho house. Gov. Cox and a delegation ot the legislature will represent the stale. A suggestion by tho governor that the body be pieced In tho Hall of Flags in tho statohouse to He in state until the hour of the funeral services was not acted on by the family. Today friends who wished to pay their last tribute went to tho homo of Dr. Wru. Sturgis Blgolow, a lite long friend ot Senator Lodge to which the body was taken from the hospital where the senator died. Read the Classified Advertta" ments In the News-Herald. Lyslo Klshel Post of tho American Legion, who had tho principal part in the special exercises which wore held. Special music and other patriotic exercises were on the program ut the different schools, Dr. B. U Greover, past commander ot the local Legion post, nil- dressed the students of tho Senior high school. Don Shatter was the speaker at the Sherman Junior high. Fratiklln Hettinger spoke at Liberty Junior high, and Dick Hall at the Lincoln school. The speeches were very Interesting and' Were greatly enjoyed by the pupils, according to J. W. Gowans, superintendent of schools. BIG CANADIAN GASSER 18 AFIRE Calgary, Alia., Nov. 11.—Tho Im. portal'oil Company's Royallte No. I gna well at Hlnck Diamond was still on fire today. Tho well which has been yielding 20,000,000 cubic, feet of wot gas a day since October 14, burst Into flames Sunday noon. A steam plant and hose with which to fight the tiro are being rigged. The roar ot the burning ol! geyser can bo heard for miles. TCC LATG TO "lTVifttes • IHsmr ^aniD gale .. W'KllNKSUAV. NOV. 12 Slindo trees, cherry trees, plum tn;(is, peach trees, grape ami berry plants, slirslis, rosea, peonies. \V. B. WniU. 107 North Walnut. Tl-U-Uiu COSYJ modern, ground apartment; flreplnco tor winter. 234 E. Sherman 53-ll-ailm HAItHEIl Hock cockerels, $1.20 to 13. Mrs. Will Love, Partridge. 4t -mus'-!Wm l-'Olt KAI ,10— TopHy stove; also heater. Phone '.'9.17J. us-ii-anni Adopt New Slde-Step. Paris.—A now side-step, In which the dancer and his partnor lean backward as far afi possible without losing their balance, was voted the best dance of the senson nt the International dancing congross hero. Tho shimmy was excommunicated as being an outrage on classic dancing. Werner Bauer, a Bohemian farmer, enjoyed smoking so much that In his will he requested thnt his pipe and tobacco pouch bo burled with him. Read the Classified Advertisements In tho News-Herald. PRODUCE MARKETS Kansas City Produce. Kansas City. Nov. 11.—lied Uivor potatoes l«c. higher, ^I.lOffpl.^i. Other produce unchanged. KGGS—First -Hie; selected 33c. BUTTER — Creamery -lOfM^'c; packing 21c. JIUTTKKFA7—32c. POULTRY—Hens ISc; roosters 12c; springs 19c; broilers 2:ic. Chicago Potato Market. Chicago, Nov. 11.— POTATOES — Pirm; .Minnesota and North Dakota fincked red river Ohio.s Sl.0U5il.10. Chicago Produce. Chicago, Nov. 11.—UL-TTKll— Higher; creamery extras :tS '-ic; standards 37c; extra firts 34'i.g 36c. KGGS—rnehanged, firsts 425T-19c ordinary firsts 37'rH0c. in-]] Union Oil Ti 'xas Co Wliltn KllKle O & H RAILROADS". A T ft S P J'-aHlniore Ji: Ohio ... CMiKuian I'aeUic P.rle Ily Cr>-nt Northern Ily .. Illinois ivntral K <' Somh'-rn 1,'oiWvtlh' Nashvm, .Mo I'.-iclric Common Mo pacific Vreferreu N Y t '-'nlral Northern lv.clfk; .... I'l-imfvivauia Hy .... K-inline 1!>' liock Island P .y Honlhrrn l:v ;H 1, &. S 1-' ny ^.-.ullii-rn Pacifio P.y I'nion l'lnifie Uy Microns-. Motors siudcliakcr Motors .. Hup Motors l'i, ive Arrow rt -_ Jf Huil.nn Motors * otiaiidlrr Motors -* ivcrkind Motors The bulk of the export sales yesterday were about 1,750.000 bushels and the greater portion of tho grain was spring wheat, although some hard wlntor wheat was sold tor export by way of tho gulf ports. Great Britain, Scandinavia, and Italy wero the larger buyers. Wire reports show that the wheat trade is beginning to realize the underlying conditions which have existed for several months and which hnve been strengthened by the reduced Argentine prospects. The total available supplies ot corn Including the carry over, are reported ns being-the smallest In over 10 years. Tho husking returns In the cornbelt have been very discouraging and there are many predictions »of a corn shortage. ui»; G!) i»4 3lit 6fi% | ll.V-i .'.'.".'.".'ljJMj S .T 1 -! , . . fi3\ ..TS.iin 07 ',i 47 J* 41'' 4c>^ in:::, 1!7'., Pittsburg Teachers Dedicate Stadium mi LOCAL MARKETS Swift & Co. BUTTElt FAT—No 1, 32c; No. 2 i'llc. HliTTKK—Creamery 38(537c. BflGS—Fresh, 30'. Suptlower Produce. Heavy hens, 17c; light bens, 14c; springs 10c; Leghorus and blacks, all weights 14c; old roosters 7c; turkeys, S'o. 1 18c No. 2 Sc; old toms 13c; ducks 10c; geese Sc. EGGS—Fresh, per do/.. 30c. Local Grain. WHEAT— (ynoted by Wm. Kelt) Willi wheat fl.32. SHOUTS—$1.00. SUAN—-tl.23. Miot; Inc- Ki-llv Sprlncfielrt Tin- Co ., 1- s" P.iilibcr Co i;o.,.!jl<-h l:uM>'-r Co r, Kw.r V ft V. Al:iv Huhb'-r Aimi-ltos.-U Mtutaeto CO .. Aids Chalmers Mfg Co Maxwell .Motors "A" Ma-Wll Motors "H" Nash Motors Monn Motors Nt.'uart Warner MfK Co .. SVTomU'ig Carh Co Timk.ti Holler IVurlnj; ... lNtH .'STItrALS: Ao.n la-.-t Siicar lii'lu..trial Atiohol Amu Can Co A nut Car » Foundry A»on l.ocoinnllvo Wabash "A" Una Stenl roundrlfS Amn Tel * Tel Amu -o A lull WooK-n Associated Or.- tioods .... Momr-ornery Ward I::tl.t -.i -hi l.o.oir.oltv^ r'oniiiifMitn I c ;t M Co i:<1 :i OoU < \\ I'avidson Chinili'al Co ... Corn J'lodtiots lul'lning ... Kamons Players l.asky ... I 'onto!,"on Co i 'ol-.i:t Amu Sni;ar Amn Ayr! Oh'-m r 'uponv In- Xrm Amn Asphalt Co Co-tH-ral I'.! ctric Intl Harvester Co lutl 1'nper Co 1'res.iCd Steel Oar Cullman Co Sears I'.o.-lnjrk We-rin|.-''o!i.-oi Klec &. Mfg !'ttils' Co Woohvorlli Kav.sor (Ji:l!ll») .Slllt Co .. ... Pl'li ... IS'' ... 9S «i .. . SI . .. G'e-i ... 3 ... B9 'i ... ...l'lti-li ... :i ... ran; ... 5<i>i ... 3;' 2 ...55 ... sis ...US ...l«7 'i ... ... n-^. ... 40',» ...l!' 1 ! ...IW; ... rr,% ...i2T=; ... 41»', ...124 ... r,s'-i ... ... 43'i ... 33 '4 ... ... 4211 u\ ...VJ«% .. »7-->l .. 4liH .. 4i ..133 . .1:4 »i .. i:r> 1 i ..H'7'i .. :i»i Pittsburg, Kan., Nov. 11.—The new stadium erected at the Kansas State Teachers' college of Pittsburg was formally turned over to the state today in ceremonies preceding the annual football clash between the Manuals and Friends' University ot Wichita. The stadium, seating 5,000 persons, was built from a fund of ?S0.000 subscribed by alumni,' former students, present students, faculty members and citizens of Pittsburg. It is 300 feet long with a width ot 00 teet. Its height Is 4S feet. It runs alongside the wide boulevard which bounds the east side of the campus proper; and is only a few steps from Carney Hall, the science building and auditorium. The athletic field Is Just across the boulevard from the campus. D. W. Morehouse, president of Drake University, Des Moines, la., delivered the dedicatory address. The address of presentation to the state was made by President W. A. Urandenbu*g, in whose honor the athletic field has been named. W. P. Lambertson, of the state board of administration, accepted in bt'Tialf ot the state. Corn Huskers Are Needed at Atwood Word was received this morning at tho Kansas Fret; F.imiloyuK -nt bureau front Carl CarUoii, county farm ngenl of Atwood, slating that corn buskers were iu great, demand lu that section. Furmers will pay from six tu seven cents n bttsbcl ami there will he plenty of work for the men for tho next, eight to twelve weeks. Corn is going from 24 ID 75 bushels an aero and per- imps higher, Ii Is estimated. The local supply for corn busk­ ers has been able lo uieel the de- LIBERTY BONDS. Pinal prices quoted by tho Me- Naghten Loan company today wore: i'-r ,v : ; 'Jllil 4V.i :inl .111 ,11. . ll«. 3-32 . )iii.i::-r,« . ldi.tT.-as . 1(12 .11 -32 . 10i.a1.32 Cotton Market. New York, Nov. 11.—Cotton spoil steady; middling 2l .a .",c. ' Futures .closed steady; December 21.2S4i24.3lc: January 24.50*1 24.53c March 24.701J24.77t'. Haven Co-Op Grain Elevator is Able To Declare a Dividend The Farmers Co-Operative Graiu Co. at Haven has completed a very successful year. The annual stockholders meeting was held there yesterday and conditions ot the company were in such good ehape that it was possible for the stockholders to vote a pro rate of four cents a bushel on the ouarter of u million bushels of wheat which had been handled aud two ceuts on corn and on other grains for a smaller amount. Ira M. Tuggle, who has been manager of tho firm since last May, was formerly manager of the elevator at Ilalstead. Ho reporis thnt ulter the bonus which is given the wheat raisers, tho company will still have a splendid working balance of capital tor doing business next. year. The officers otthe company are C. Steelier, president; Henry Krunz, vice-presldeut; William Schoepf, secretary and B. U. Raymond, treasurer. REPUBLICAN LEADS IN ALASKA'S VOTE .llllle Tile Associated i 't.i.) 11, Alaska, Nov. II.— Willi mailt!, according to II, W. Chabin. | ,.;.,i,t piocincu and less than 200 Ktiliorlntendciit of the bureau. In oilier Hues of work 11 slight decrease, in demand for out side Jobs has been noticed in tho last few day. Winnipeg Wheat. Closing prices In the Wiiiuipey. wheat market were as follows: Novoniber, $1.02%. December, S1.5S. Ma;-, $1.61 Vi, vines unreported In the. recent election, lkdegale Dan Sutherland, )!• publican of the first division was leading Boyle, Democrat, by 2,302 votes lu 2. DDI. Approximately le-0 Indians solid- J ly voted the Republican ticket. A lull'- pudding or 111 tartl will 1101 boil over if a snutl! bowl of water Is left standing in the bottom of t'.'t ovc NORTH TOPEKA WOMAN BLIND SCHOOL HEAD Topeka, Kan., Nov. 11.—Mrs. Eleanor A. Wilson of North Topeka has accepted the appointment of superintendent ot tho State school for (ho blind, at Kansas City. Kan., It was announced today by A. 11. Carney, chairman ot the state hoard of administration. She succeeds Thomas . 10. Chandler, I who resigned 11 month ueo because of poor health. Mrs. Wilson's husband, the Uev. A. 1. Wilson, who Is blind, is pastor of n North Topeka Church and Is president of Hie Slate Association for th Blind. Icicles tine (u a few days—let's clean your winter clothes. LewiB Cleaners. 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RI-l t-2."iilc KXl'KKT pinna ttmlnic and repairing. KornbRUKh-Wiley Music Dept. 3H-ll-(tdni WANTED to buy- body. Phone 10IS. -Ford run lister 70-11-Mm KOU ItlCNT—Moitern C-room furnished bouse with saraKe. I'bono MOO. r,7 -il -3tim WANTKP—Position as housekeeper. Call 414 Rast 7th St. 25-ll-:lrtm lllOllEST cash prices paid for all kinds of used furniture. Nothing too irooil; nothing to poor. Crook Furniture Exolvango Co., phono 38. 31-ll-28dm WANTED—All kinds of used lurni- ture; ona pleco or an entlro houseful. Crook. Furnlluro Exchange Co., phone »«. M-ll-HStlnt —A'db— PHONG 44B0 ANu CAUl- PXJK CLAMS- IFIF.D AD DEPT. A-10—1 C-7—2 C-11—1 E-7—2 K-ll—I l-lt—1 .!-!>—1 BIJIND AD KEPJJES J.JO—3 M-9—3 t3-i»—1 urri*TH to change or d)«eonttnue oilvRrtlscfticntH for the current day « IHSVQ cannot be acccpteJ later than 12 a.m. for The News nnd 6 p.m. for Tho Herald. All changes and kills reeved after thoso hour» will Utke Tfi'Ct th folflrtwlne day. Th Hutchinson Newa-flerald 1 B a mcmhtr Tho Association of News- li.iptr CIns3ifi ''-l AdvfilTviMt Mnnogr* which Includes reading now'ipso^ri MiouRhoiit tin- country, and has for ;in aim tho oilinifiait-m ot fraudulent nid /nlslnding clns»!fl<?d advert!ilna*. rti# Hutchinson NcWB-Hcrald aa wel. i* *. : v«ry other in timber of th« a««ocla- fn>n. endeavors to print only truthful Want Ada and will npiir»«*iatp having U attention callfil to any adv^rllae- tu-?nt not conforming to tha highest ninlarda cf hon^bty. .Ml clufistrfi'd ad» will be tnsa-tcd iifith nioniliiR an.l evening tsau^a of iho paper. An ad which Is accepted t..r u single insfrtlun will appear In ''^th The- N'ewa and The Herald, ("i^ssifipil advertising terma are .(jtli. Phone i.Tflers are accepted tot Muvotilcnrr, but with the understand- re that bills will be paid on uresen* TELEHfiONE ADS Tho News and 'Die Herald will gtv* -ireful attontlon to all nda recefvtrt] the tckiphone, but cannot guar- 'iti-e accuracy. LEOAU NOTICE Introduced ami voad Oi-t. Hist, Ordinance No. 1,714. fc An Ordliiiincf »j]i"i.inK nnd l^tendtnP K;i5tt >v Str«?."t fnmi tht? North bijK- nt Avtmuu A to tin* South Line <>I tho Ulslit -nr-Wnv i .f the Atchison, Topi'Wu ti; Saut-.x* Ft' VtJtitway Company, t'ondemning the Land Neces- siiry Thcr**fore amt provIdinK fur tho Aptnrimiittnt nt Appi-alsors nnd tno Ov'tt nnd Expcnso of Such Con- tl ciini;ition. Ih: It ordained by tho Hoard of Com- m^sfoiit Trf of the City of Hutchlu- s -i.n. KanRuw. Sod ion 1. That Kanh-v Stroot from tin* North liny ut ,\vt*uiw* A, north tn vho bimth Utiw of tli.! Itipht-ot-wuy of thi» Atchison. Tnjit?Ita \- Santa Fo 1 tail way Cmnpn n y, bf nnd the wain*.- n t;p.rv\ty orib'ii'd cpvtini, widened and vxlt:ndpd with u width of fit. f.-ot. Section 2. For tin* pnrpo.s« of open- in),-. witl^iilnn Hnd c\t. ndliij; Kasl*-y Street an providt-d \n Svril 'in \ of \.h\* Ordinance, It ].•* neci^sary and hcrrby fiid'-rt-d that tho fcMnwlim dc^frlbcd ti;ict at hind 1M ;ind llic Hanm I« lK'ifby < r.ndimned, to-wit; Conintcnf- inK at a point on the couth ]Um of th,- H:i;til-of-wuy of tlift Atchison, 'TtifM -kii ,«i S;inta I«',> Itallw'Ay Coirtv^ny wln:ro tho w*;st Hip; of Kitsley Streftt *-x tended Intersect a the south lino of i*aid ritrht-or-way; thericn south nloritf thu of Ka«h'y Street extended to the in>ith line of Avenue A; thenee eant alone; the north lino of Avenue A r,f, (o.-t to a. \\o\u\, \vher« the east linii of KiiHley SU'eet exiend* I 'd Int.ei'sectrt tho north lino of Avenue A: th.-iK'.' north along the vast Hue of Kawlty Street evft'iidod to tho smith line nf the rl.t?ht-of-way of thft AlehJMon. Tojieka A; Santa Fo Hallway Company; thent*.? wvriterly along Ir-nid noulh line of said rluht-of-way i ;i; ftM -t moru ur less to plaeo of he- jjinninir. Section ?>. \ "von tho taking rfleet of this rirdinunco iht; Arayor and Coni- inliH ^loncr.-t Khali appoint three dls- httorertU'd li 'iu j elioldeiH as appraisers to ii.^ess*tin' dainaneH caused by tho opening, widening and extending of Kanlcv Street it a iir<uvldcd tu Section 1 nr this onllnanet-, together with iha actual value of the land proposed to he takf-n without r>'tf«rd to Jjroposed Improvotnenl and tho uetua! damugu done to all other properly thereby. Section I. For Ihu payment of stlrh value and damage the. apprulserii shall BWt >ss umiltist Hit; <.'lty of HUtoh- liifou the a mount of benefit A the public gencntily. nnd tho renuiirWor of ^peh value ami ilainages against the property within the benefit distrlnt which shall. In the opinion of the appraisers, ho vKpevinliy benefitted by the proposed Improvement shtill be de-slRiiai'-d as the benefit dintrlet which f*hall he fixed by ordinance, Tho cost of Mieh condeninatInn Khnll be assessed aKuln#t the speelfle property embraced in said benefit district, lu addUhm to other IIVXKS and JISSIVH- tneuts and ?hul\ bo eertllled bv the City C]erl{ to the Counlv Clerk 'to bo placed on tht* lax roils for collection in like manner nn other city taxes nnd subjeet lo the smile penalties as other taxes. Section 5. This ordinance shall take effect and b^ in force from and after its publication once In The Hutchinson News. Approved Nov, 7(li. llit'-t. WALTF.U F. .TONKS, ! Mayor. C. I". LYMAN. \v\ L. HKOWN. II. ,1. 11ASKAKl>. i J^OKKN I). |.'F.ltOUSO.S. I CoinniiBBionoiH, i Attest: 1ID JIKTX, City Clerk. 1 (SISAL) U-U

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