Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on March 3, 1977 · Page 44
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 44

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 3, 1977
Page 44
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Page 44 article text (OCR)

PAGE A WtONtDAY, MAKH J, 1977 ECONOMIST NlWIfMtK, PUCf WANT AM UNTH. S.-00 P.M. HOMY K* MNOAY AMD 5*0 M*. TUMMY K* MIOWKK. Uners to DEBORAH WHITE The Bishop has handed down the decree that all the congregations must practice goal setting. Now I and my little flock must sit down and set up some goals for the next 12 months, then proceed to perform 'em with a passion. Then we must set up goals .for the next five , years. "You don't just do things by the seat of your britches," said the letter. "You have to plan exactly where you're going." After, our first planning session, I dreamed Jesus got into this goal setting · business, and each morning he looked over the goals before hitting the road. ''Ah, today's the day I'm supposed to walk · on the water," said he. On his way to the lake he met a blind man who cried out, "Master, heal my sight." The Lord said, "I'm on my way to walk on the water. See me in two - weeks. That's my healing day!"In my dream, Thursday » , was his "hold the children ' - on your lap day," and Sunday was "preaching ' " da'yt",He was supposed to feed, the 5,000 in Novem- · "" berrand calm the troubled seas'inrjanuary- "Let 'em try to stone me to death" was hi March. In my dream, he always earned these goals around with him, and every time he completed one he sat . dawn and checked it off. When I woke up, I started, reading the Bible and-found that what I dreamed was only a night \ tnaite"--'the truth was thai ''. Jesus dealt with humai · need as it came his way. ((c) 1977, McNaught) DEAR DEBBIE We've been married five years and have a beautiful 2-year-old girl. 1 don't mind my husband constantly picking on me, but now he's starting to badger our child. She starts crying as soon as he enters the room because he yells and throws things around. When I ask what's wrong he says "Nothing," but then he enumerates a list of all my personality flaws, both real and imagined. He is also becoming very tight with money even though he makes a good living. He says he doesn't want a divorce, but he doesn't seem to want to live with me either. My parents want me to move back home with my child. Is breaking up my marriage the only answer? DESPERATE DEAR DESPERATE: It doesn't sound like much of a marriage. I would insist that your husband see a marriage counselor with you. Meanwhile, moving back home for a while would give both of you a chance to reevaluate your relationship. * * * DEAR DEBBIE: My older brother is 18. Recently he started going with this girl who is absolutely horrible looking. I have tried to give her hints about her appearance but she still looks like she dresses out of a rag bin. She is very stuck-up and has no friends at school. Please don't tell me to simply ignore her. I can't, be- cause they're constantly together. My brother is a really handsome dude and can do a lot better than this creep. How can I make him come to his senses? KID BROTHER DEAR KID: As long as she's your brother's girlfriend and not yours, you have no right to harp on her appearance. Evidently your brother likes the way she looks, and that's all that matters. * » » DEAR DEBBIE: I cannot get girls to like me. I'm very shy, and not good-looking. Since I have no social life, I find myself spending all my spare time talking on my CB radio. Last week my friend fixed me up with a blind date. When she saw me she looked disappointed. .She was really pretty. I took her to a movie. She became annoyed because I couldn't stop staring at her. I tried to kiss her. She told me if I didn't stop she would leave. I didn't so she left. I'm 18, and that's been my only date. While I was kissing her I felt I couldn't xcontrol myself. I wouldn't like this to happen again. Do you think I'm sick? WORRIED DEARWORRD3D: You could simply be young and inexperienced but if it happens again call your county mental health association and tell them you need help. If you are truly unable to control your behavior you have a serious problem. (©1977 McNaught Synd.) TV REPORT - TV heroes don't only battle their onstage 'enemies. They also have to fight tooth and nail with the network brass who keep trying to water down their shows. According to the stars, if the upper echelon had its way, the shows would flop. So the stars keep on fighting to keep TV shows realistic. Actors like Robert 1 Blake of "Baretta," Telly Savalas ofJ'Kojak," Jack Lord of "Hawaii Five-O." all said they have had to C SPORTS-, fromtte I fiWMbAX I By RED LAKELAND J HOTLINE ON SPORTS John McCarthy, hockey coach, spends time every day teaching his Fairfield University players to body check. And psychology professor John F. McCarthy spends his time studying why violence is so prevalent in hockey. McCarthy, the Fairfield coach for nine years, is .compiling a broad study oh "aggressiveness and how it relates to violence in sports. From his perch on -the bench he has a front row seat. He agrees ' that aggression in hockey, 'as in most social encounters, is directly related to success. "The more physically aggressive player shoots more, scores more, and has more assists," he said. "But I also think a number of people make up for a lack of skill with violence." VIEWS ON SPORTS Patricia A. "Patty" Cox has been named general manager of the Oklahoma City 89ers. the Phillies' "Class AAA minor league -afifliatejrler appointment by owner Harry S. Valentine makes her the highest ranking woman administrator in baseball. There are three Class A genera! managers, bat Cox is the first on the AAA level, and there are. of course, no major league women gtiiJtilAl ^ TTlnTlflgBJS. But before * feminists take offense, remember that while Ibere are no women general managers, there is a woman owner, Loriada de Ronlet of tie New York Mets. And ss an owner, she could fire Mets GM Joe McDonald. (©1977 McNaaghtSynd.1 tangle with those who would water dowa their shows. Says Telly Savalas: "Sure, these network people try to chop out some of the more realistic scenes they think are too violent. But that's the world Kojak mixes in. I draw the line at too much blood and gore, but I insist that they don't make Kojak a milk and water character. He's a tough man in a violent . world and I want the viewing public to be able to see him that way." ... The actress playing the sympathetic "poor but kindly" mother in the daytime soap, "Lovers and Friends," is Pat (for Patricia) England, whose mother is the celebrated stage-film character actress Mabel Albertson, and whose uncle is Jack Albertson of "Chico And The Man." TV TICKER -- Julie Seminars has finally come home -- to television's "McMillan" show, starring Rock Hudson. Originally, Julie was to have been the wife in "McMillan And Wife," but she turned it down, Susan St. James, for whom Hudson developed bitter dislike. Hence, this season McMillan is single and Julie is his TV girlfriend. "I turned the part down originally because I wanted to devote more time to my marriage and my family, and I just decided I'd force myself to retire from show business 'for a while," Julie told me. "But it's nice to be back. Even though my home life has always come first, my daughter Jacey is in kindergarten now, and the urge to act was just too overwhelming forme." J WIT CHAMBERLAIN "HIT FOR 100POINTS 4 IN ONE SAME W61. 3 THE AU-TIME MARK WH01STHEONW OTHER NBA STAR TO IN ONE GAME? A. RlC* FAUIfV B. EL6INPAVWR C. JOE FULKS and the part went to * CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1. Goddess of discord 5. Deprived of sensation 9. Wing (Anat.) 12. Bowling alley 13. Persian poet 14. Charged atom 15. Wild cat 16. Food Ssh 17. Period 18. Mate lace 20. Fragments 22. Very wealthy king 26. Gold symbol 27. Red deer 28. Sports car 33. Yellow bugle 34. Accustom 35. Macaw 36. Contrite 38. Journey 33. Egyptian sun-QDd 40. Enlarges 42. Element 46. Distress signal (Abbr.) 47. Palm leaf (Var.) 48. Particle 50. Hindu garment 54. Steal from 55. Soon 55. Black 57. Arid 58. Tidings 59. Deficiency DOWN 1. Building wing 2. Beam 3. Hotel 4. Group of six 5. Pano composition 8. Japanese apncol 7. Ranet 8. Ricti fabric 9. Venfli opera 10. Crochet stitch 11. Insects 19. While 21. Country (Lai) 22. Fragment 23. Rant 24. Algerian seaport 25. Freefromdefect 29. Craftsmen 30. Small pie 31. Great Lake 32. Knocks 34. Native of . Bologna 37. Man's name 38. Fringed pendant 41. Behold! 42. Thin rope ·43. Genus of swans ·44. Infant 45. Musical sound 49. PuH along 51. Arabian 52. Myftte bin! 53. Pen fluid rana osun sa mr-J3 0030 33 ana nans rjn fST-APER ANNOUNCEMENTS UplN«McH NOTICE Is hereby given, pursuant to "An Act In relation to the use of an assumed name In ihe conduct or transaction at business In IMS Stale," o omenoXl, tint a certificate was filed by the unSeriljnefl wltn the County Clerk of Cook County, file No. K.-S270S on the 25th day of February 1*77 under the assumed name of Metro Maintenance with place of business located at 5713 W. Grange, oak Forest, III. 40452. The true name(s) anaaoaress(es) of owner(s) Is Ronald Klngsbury, $713 W. Grange, Oak Forest, III. 60453; and Ronald Castongue, 2226 Windsor Lane, Country Club Hills, Illinois. 60477 DtsdairnwofDcbft RESPONSIBLE for mv debts only as of March 1, 1*77. Tim Knightly C«flitit«it»4oi» IN Fairmont Hills 2 spaces section 15 WILL SACRIFICE! CALL COLLECT - I13-3M4MO 4 GRAVE cemetery lot. Chappel Hill Garden. South, very reasonable. 1410117 BEVERLY CEMETERY, 4 lots, must sacrifice best offer, Mr. Kamlnskl. 37*4300 or 7M-5396 MT. HOPE Cem 2 lots $400 or oner. No E. ouar. 636-4998 aft. 4. CEDAR Prk. Cem. 2 graves. Excell. tot Mr. vargo 446-9721 anytime. 2 GRAVES. St. Mary's cemetery. All lawn. Sect. K. B2-OT77 , Lost* Found Ads under Lost Found Are Charged At Only $1.00 Per Line Per Issue PttslMt and Found Ads under Pets lost Found Are Run Free of Charge For One Issue LOST small Brownish M. dog, pt. poodle, looks like .vagabond ons to Moraecai or mart. Vic. 53rd Wood, last seen 2-21-77 approx. 9 p.m. Call 476-1963 FOUND: Fern Germ. Shepherd, mostly all black w/tan legs, 2/27, Vic 63/Ook Pk. Well behaved. 5868190 LOST-Small brn wht shaggy dog. Vic. 101st. Talmon-Mondav about 4 p.m. Reward-days call 239-7513 evenings 424-9244 LOST Male miniature Schnauzer silver, uncropped ears. Vic. 15th Cicero. 2 Boys heartbroken. Reward. 6364749 LOST MALE brownish grey Lhasa Apso, vie. 100th Talman. 2-26-77. Rew 532-1907 otter 6:30 o.m. FOUND Fern. Predominate collie med sz approx 1 yrs. old sable LOST block white htnkey, male, Vic. 103rd Kedzle, reward! Needs LOST Brittany Spaniel. Brown/white M. tog. «1-413563 Vic, 103rd Central Pk. 2-24-77 Reword. 422-3515 FOUND. Male tan white short hair dog. VFc. Archer Nashville. 2-2t77. Call 515-1952 FOUND St. Bernard Dog. female. 2/26. 5(5-2776 FOUND Feb 26/Vic. 63/Auslin. Blk tan mate 1 yr. 516-4039 FOUND Blk dog female w/charm leash. Vic. 104th Crawford. 233-2123 FOUND. Sheep Dog. S.W. side. Feb. 26th. 925-4742 Pij""uJi SURPRISE A LOVED ONE wlTH AN ORIGINAL, PERSONALIZED POEM-ANY OCCASION OR JUST TO EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS636- 3750 BUSINESS SERVICES BatMMftt Wefiwpraofina. SURE SEAL Waterproofing guaranteed to stop any leaks. 430-2522 CanjMfttry, Contrachng JS CARPENTRY-1213B S. ThTOOp, Chgo. Carpenter work of all type. Kit., rec. rm., bsmt. fin., fire iabs. Spec on porches roofs. No lob too sm. or Irg. Free est. Fin. avail, w/gd. credit. My price cant be beat w/vour being satisfied! EDDIE JONES 9954787 J*S CARPENTRY-12138 S. Throop. Chgo. Carpenter work of all types. Kit. rec. rm., bsmt., fin., fire iabs. Spec, on porches roofs. No iob too sm. or Irg, Free est. Fin, avail, w/gd. credit. My price cant be beat w/vour being satisfied! EDDIE JONES 9*6717 CARPENTER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE CAN DO EVERYTHING MYSELF LARGE OR SMALL JOBS CHARLES HOVEY GENERAL CARPENTRY SAGGING FLOORS, BEAMS-POST, STEEL OR WOOD STAIRS, ARCHES, S Q U E A K Y FLOORS FIXED. CALL776-123» GENERAL CARPENTRY t^oi^Hffiters CH|S. S^AKY^FLOOiy SAVE-SAVE-SAVE Over 3D years experience all type mpeiiliv repair. Dent wreck it. Repair it! Call George 434-2999. QUALITY WORKMANSHIP Reasonable Prices 23W210 CARPENTER does own work. vRY REASONABLE 95-7629 29 YRS. rm. Remodeling, finish bs- mts., oaneilrai ft repairs. 349-1624 carpenter work. 44M7I7. Free est. GENERAL carpentry work rec. rm. CARPENTER does own work. Reas. No iob too small. Cot) HI 5-5143 GOOD CARPENTRY-GoaJ Prices 4724973 or 231-1491 C«|iili,»iuqiauii| ELWOOD CARPET CARE SHAMPOO AND STEAM ASK ABOUT WINTER SPECIAL 636-4551 STEAM t SHAMPOO Discount Price 54945*) ARTS CARPET SERVICE NICE WORK-- MICE RATES FREE EST. CALL3W-W93 CatdiiMm,StOTn DOMMCWSKI HOMES PLUMBING SEWAGE Electric RoaSfttol Attunes CATCH BASIN CLEANED S4JD (11157) Free Estimates 34 hr. service PR 8-1400 PO 7-2320 SRSEWEKFUMttlNGj Electric rooamg - Jr«e eflJmeMs ALL WORK GUARANTEED M3-54H ALL TYPES SEWERAGE JOSS C8tch9astas.efcg.FJwesi.nniw Gail 586-8800 to place your ad in the Economist Newspapers Daily 9 to 5 BUSINESS SERVICES C§fMfit Wool CROWN CEMENT ALL TYPES Ofl Cenliuf* bfltK cMltt* nvy work* pofchlnor plo$tenn9 · tuckoolntlng. Coll 5«-7t» ORDER nowl Special SW. We repair sidewalks, porches, chimneys, outside foundations, etc. 7M-KM6 CREST CEMENT NO JOB TO SMALL 4254592 JBCONSTRUCTION ChinrnyftMaMMyWork CHIMNEY repair, flrepls., gjossblk. CHIMNEY repair, flrepls., glass blk. *brtc. work, tuckoolntlng 3544094 DrapcriM, Slip Covers 2 Free Dec. Pillows Ea. Order Draperies $6 a panel. Slipcover chair J 3 4 . 9 5 . C l o t h or p l a s t i c reuphalslering, carpeting, bee- spreads, woven woods. Free home estimate or bring your window sizes to our showroom. Credit terms. Prices plus fabric. Since 1945. HOLLYWOOD MAYER INTERIORS 10034 S. WESTERN 231-7575 DnumaUng DRESSMAKING, Hems i, alterations Tinley Pk. Exper. Reasn. 5324M7 DrydMMfi DRYWALL hanging,' taping, texturing vinyl paper hanging. Free ESt. Call Tom 687-6846 f^ -M 1 liiBnllnn TAPING-- HANGING-^STUCCO REMODELING OR NEW WORK FREE ESTIMATES 349-3751 S S ELECTRIC WIRING FOR HOME BUSINESS 233-7075 Btttrkal Strvk* AIRPORT ELECTRIC CO. 6342 S. CENTRAL AVE. Since 1946 Wiring for light power, violations corrected. Unkm-llcensed Bonded. RE 5-5757 or PO 7-3248 COMPLETE ELECTRICAL work Free est. Low prices! Compare...then call John. 139-1033 or 423-9282. OWN WORK. REASONABLE.445- 5357 ELECTRICAL work done Reasonable 617-1001 after 6pm. ELECTRICIAN-- Any type of work licensed-Bonded-Insured. 597-9311 Ejiltnninuliny, Pttt Control SURE EXTERMINATOR Guaranteed Pest Control 3494073 ROOT Rtfinishing, Waxing OAK FLOORS SANDED REFIN. ALSO PAINTING DECORATING For Lowest Rates Call 776-2118 Rmifura Rtfiniih, tupCM FLASH FURNITURE STRIPPERS Professional hand and tank stripping. Reas rates. Fast service. 53M032 Open7dOYS 1106 W. 51 St. FURNITURE repair refinishing, all work guaranteed, call 5W-6604 CLEANED TARRED REPAIRED i REPLACED GoJv. Alum. Copper Fully Ins. SOUTHWEST GUTTER SERVICE J.J.BARRETT HE4-06SS GUTTERS CLEANED, TARRED, REPAIRED REPLACED. JOHN A. RUSNAK 425-7323 H 1 mum PAINTING, plumbing. All types odd lobs. Install washers dryers, dishwasher repairs. Free est. 371- S919 CARPENTER-palnt-panel-tile-diim. repair, roof, flower, box, tuckpt. "Tony" 617-6768 aft. 3 FATHER » Sons. No iob too small or large. Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, remodeling. Fee est. 599-1285 HOUSEHOLD Labor Inside out. Will do any lab cheap! 5W-S250/51. MR. FIX IT Genl. household repair 581-1749 PAINTING HOME REPAIR BOB 233-7020 JIM 4254440 Having APPLCS. .ft turn, moved. Attics temts. cleaned. Call PAT 582-2725 ' Heating Furnaces «, boilers, cleaned t, repaired. All mokes. Most parts In stock. All work guaranteed 1 vr. WM- HALLWAY HTG/COOLING «1M So. KedZle 476-1685 - btome Tax Service M-B INC TAX SERVICE By appt for your convenience S.W. SUBURBS 5324139 TAX returns prepared In your home by exp'd account 10 yrs. S.W. area. Tom Madden Tax Serv. 6(7-1526 TAX SERVICE FROM $4 CALL ttl-1234 JanrtoridSorvic* WANTED: J-J4-5-6 unit opts, to clean by the week or month. Husband wife team. Both exp'd. 42543S7 ' MWIMO, 4VExprasMig TRANS USA VAN USES Offers spidal rate for tight long Aslant moving. Ins. t licensed. We oner 40% off on all packing Local ft long dbtonce. Call us ft check an our prices! 1CC2K13MX- Open 24 hrs. FELTCH MOVCT-IIL CC4575 MCC. Let us do vow work. Insured. Free Est. 2H4V7/421-SUO From atylo Suburbs «r Suburbs to aty LD-B. MOVERS (ICO9772S1 (MC) FREE ESTIMATES INSURED WEEKEND MOVING AVAILABLE OX S. SACRAMENTO 776-7627 NEED WORK MOVING-- MUST REAS. RATES TR4J9WOR 4134036 (111. CO97V3MO rate. ICC 1M1 MCC T2M063 MwkbMnidMn PIAMO LESSONS. Welcome beginners, love chnoren, » JB K hr, can 4*75M IN voor tame. Piano. Collar, organ, Atcortsan. Drams 5M-3SM OrdMdm "S'SSST MttttDmrrf* FATHKSON We wwfl iwrti now. Ptfirft, convosiu ·KlVh 9* 9CDBT. NCCn 1 OBUIL FtAlV iniwrt. ^Wtl 0todhr tfve free csAIni. 687-6636 mU)fffln0 t Oc£- Wjflw ofl. HDCT Mntfftw. moron. groshto, cm «k. far. Frae EH. Idas, Pnces. «2- fTOFjESSIONAL PAINTING, «wr IwiitfliiV, wdfl wasti, UUutai, Neol, 9ean work. Free est tra. 7JMTO- WUWTJWG icholae Of otstm. vail ·ashirs, small npolrs. StS^gn SOB » SONS PAINnNG £ DECO. IntBrHar^Aflrlor Quolttv Work KewmdMepnas TO4I37 INTEIt * CtMr Cdlrfflno. 3 rm or ·wlxflelwue. ««s Imtfllm. SI54JH1 YOUNG extra, oolnter. »mt^ertr. Odd DOPBT iKJUUIlHI. N0dt, CflKffl. verw raos. free «*l. JPdhn Z5-7TO REUA8LE nolrttlne, Oecor. » wall «Kiilnti CdH42HM?5 PMJTT evenytaitHne tin tflui HUT. A EXT. PMWTJWG. Free «SL M«owintMc.DcHe«rMb «3-3637 PITUTIHG IrtHsrW/MWUir, Wdt! wtB»itno,«^,FrerEl1.«MB7B PATMTtNG: Averave m. t3(. M P Al M 4 f WG , 1 tHCfl1/()V)n00W WDB!tftfl9 A-1PAWTTNG E«L WDTK Kns. OMK54 SALE1 Exoert twtl watfftng i caltv nine. «W teal any mnt*. JW-tW PAnmNG 3n * «n, won Mowing, «tl work «uor. U vrs. 00. 4S-W9 BUSINESS SERVICES raving, ·ocmppng TOM SCHOLL BLACK TOPPING DRIVEWAY-PARKING LOTS-ETC. TENNIS COURTS - SEALCOATING TOP QUALITY-DEPENDABLE * SPECIFIC BLACK TOP Cotnml, or resld. resurface over stone, asphalt or concrete seal coating ft patch work. Reas. Free est. Day or nltes. 599-5933 BLACK HAWK PAVING INC. Free est. on driveways - parking tots, seal coating ft striping. 7 on. wk. 3(9-6622 or 7764312 P0t GfOOfMIQ, GROOMING. All Breeds. Reas. No Trangs.used. · v. 430-2316 none Tuning, Rtpoiring ' PIANO TUNING «20. Player Pianos Repaired. F. Stan Ignell 636-R12 SMALL ft LARGE PLASTERING Jobs expertly done-1 day service Fully insured Irish Plasterer PLASTER fc dry wall repair. Clean, durable work. Textures also. 7784321. ' ALL KINDS OF PLASTERING AND PATCHING-LOW RATES. FREE ESTIMATES 445-53W PLASTERING, patching, dry wall aping. Neat wk. Free est. 425-2390 or 425-2425 . PLASTERING, patching, dry wall aping. Free estimates! 436-2370 PwsfK Covon PLASTIC COVERS- Factory to you. 10 yr. guar. Sofa 116.50, chr. MJO, reupholstering. Call Mrs. Pulick 77M066 , IH.lmllmn rHnMMfMJ AftD PLUMBING Drains rodded repaired, toilets faucets, repaired ft renewed. Water heaters. Power sewer rodding. Special rate to Senior Citizens *M129 Midlothian Location. 5974055 KODAK PLUMBING (Lie. 12999 "We do all plumbing needs" Overhead sewers. New work and old :ALL TODAY 349-1516 EMERGENCY SERVICE NO JOB TOO SMALL LIC » 19199 INSURED QUALITY PLUMBING 423-3674 PLUMBING ft sewer work. Trenching ft exc. Bonded ft Ins. Lie. ·92137. Free est. Oak down 599-1771 DOMBROWSKI ft HOLMES 24 HOURS SERVICE (1157) PR 8-1400 P0 1-2320 PLUMBING-AII types-do work myself. Free est Lie: *1432. 238-4528 PLUMBING-AII types-do work myself. Free est. Uc. *1432. 238-4528 Roifiyoiulion EXPERT REFRIGERATION REPAIR 24 HR. FAST DEPENDABLE SERVICE 863-8100 RefnOOrano, SAVE MONEY! Fireplace Installers need work! COMPARE SAVE ·FREE ESTIMATES ·FAST SERVICE ·FULLY INSURED PRECISION Remodeling ft Designing specialize in kite's, bathrooms, ret rms. add. For people who want new ft different deas. Coll 5W-0976 KITCHEN REMODELING PRE SEASON SAVINGS FREE ESTIMATES Ricf^w i i IMP.PP rn 47JJWY1 CUSTOM DESIGN Basement ft family rm complete linishing or rough work only. Option bar ind. Low winter rate. 5994473 KIT ft BATH-REC RM Rm. Additions-Complete or Partial SENSIBLE PRICES 598-1075 AFT. 5 - -Roofing MACK ROQF1NG CO. NO SALESMAN COMM. LICENSED BONDED ft INSURED 487-om - J425-5069 IF NO ANSWER CALL 6874606 MACKROOHNGCO. NO SALESMAN COMM. LICENSED BONDED ft INSURED IF NO ANSWER CALL 687-06M LOWEST PRICE AROUND Shingles installed $30 per 100 so. It. Gutters repaired ft replaced. Call MR. (D.) 349-1971 DUGGANBROS.ROORNG LIC ft INS. FREE EST. EVERGREEN PIC. ILL. 422-1432 Roofing-- Siding-Alum. Gutters Free Est. lnsured59!4B3 ALL TYPES of roofing. By Paul Reas. guaranteed work 722-1600 HERATY BROS. ROOFING RE AS. REPAI RS PR 6-4665 GREEN EVRARD RROFING Free Est. , Guar. Work 233-2197 Rubbish Removal SPRING CLEANING! Basements, garages or attics cleaned out. Call Jack 776-5977 HAULING, cleaning ft wrecking Reasonable FreeEst. 339-1430 WILL HAUL Junk Reasonable REPAIR any moke in your home S3 or no charge 233-3213 5ibjino/ l *tavl0hon FREE-AHlc insulation with home aluminum siding lab. Free Est. MARK V CONSTRUCTION 4364969 TV, lodki/ StanM) Rtooin JACK'S COL. TV SERV. USED SETS AVAIL. 315-3354 Una · BATHROOM SPECIALISTS BY FATHER ft SONS. WE DO THE WHOLE JOB, TILING, GLASS BLOCK. PLUMBING, ELECTRICAL, CARPENTRY. 37 YRS. BEAUTIFUL QUALITY WORKMANSHIP. MR. OTTO 233-3924 COMPLETE ft PARTIAL Remodeling lor KH. ft tain, cer. tile. piunCjitnu* vofr Cornpirtc tine AT- - msirong conpolmm A no-wax flooring. SI649A TILE AKO WORE! KiDCl 10 UM Iwfflr JO*t tnOHt'f *JIL»I(«] service. fn*etimcrt«. COMPLETE or cortk rgnodritog 4 filing. Also wotl covering Ron 39B- TnoSorvins ·nUVWUNG ft TOPPING No Mb $00 Wg or too SRKUI Sitrs mrscrr ft landscaping PKMI774 H1S4IK 1 JM TREE ft STUMP SERVICE rKSUFEO FREE EST. O4^1S7 7«4oring r^,^^ 1 -TM-"^ Mi ili^pp^ Kii jujBL K2IS. ASHLAND FTCEEST. _ . . _ PHCMEZJMl^ HANtCSUWOLSTEW W7JS.ASHLANO HO WbTOO WflW tBOSfTtill FRte EST. PHONE Z39-31W VACWUW CLEAWE* «EPM«ED FSES £ST. MCtSWP » OEUVEW Tst-Mna «4 w. 79th ST. W«h«,Dr*or*Fa]n SUV SERVICE, WoShW, 3rvea, ditfiwuillwiv f-odorv 9rolnv0, Ser- vlcmwn. 43400 WfWm WE10DKG W01TK WANTED A«C, GAS » 8R A24NG. FAST SERVICE. EMPLOYMENT ' Hd|»Wont«tVfiiM*t RN'S-^PN'S . P.M. NITE SHIFTS ACTIVITY WORKER PART TIME APPLY IN PERSON BRIDGEVIEW CONVALESCENT CENTER 1100 S. HARLEM 585-5245 594-5440 i n LV t l t M L.P.N. S 1 3to11llto7$HIFT FULL OR PART TIME Contact MRS. SABATINI PARKSIDE GARDENS' NURSING HOME 5701 W. 79 ST. 757-03o3 RECEPTIONIST AND/OR DR'S ASSISTANT For a 3 Doctors office. Southern suburbs. Modem preventive, orien- ed Dental office. Experience referred. -WRITE BOX W43 CHICAGO, IL6063 SALESGIRL Need salesgirl w/photogrophlc Invests. WMTtrain to sell. 5 day work Paid Vacations t, Holidays Other company benefits Salary plus commission Apply in person only See Terry Watland. WATLAND'S CAMERA SHOP 13039 S. WESTERN BLUE IS. BEAUTICIAN- WIG STYLIST- WIGS DE PARIS In FORD CITY has openings for full time Wig stylists with sales ability. Far further information and appointment call: WJGSDE PARIS MRS.BLANKENSHIP 284-9026 . GENERAL OFFICE ypmg,. filing. Pleasant working onditions. Hospitalization acotion paid. APPLY IN PERSON CONTINENTAL ENVELOPE 1301 W. 35th St. 3rd FLOOR CHICAGO, ILL. 60607 EXPERIENCED ' WAITRESSES For Lunch, Dinner Banquet APPLY IN PERSON AFTER 2 P.M. NIKOS Restaurant 600 S. HARLEM 4960300 LEGAL SECRETARY. usy law firm has immediate Berang for Secretary with typing secretarial skills. Legal experience not necessary - will train. Salary spen. Benefits CALLMR.WEILER 236-2977 Switchboard-Reception. southside office needs Switchboard Operator-- Receptionist with pleasant ersonalitv. No experience lecessary. Must have own tronspor- atkxi. An Eaual Opportunity Employer EXP'D WAITRESSES DAYS S. NITES GOOD TIPS A SALARY FULL PART TIME APPLY IN PERSON PENNY'S RESTAURANT BANQUETWAITRESSES PART TIME-WILL TRAIN APPLY IN PERSON MARTINIQUE RESTAURANT 2500 W. 94th ST. An Equal Opportunity Employer CLAIM CLERK With light typing knowledge of igures. Won. thru. Friday, 5 day ·eek. I a.m. to 4 p.m. Appty in Person 1432 W 87th St. KEYPUNCH OPERATORS Full and part time 2nd shin experienced on I.B.M. 129. Minimum 0,000 strokes per hour. 499-1800 ASSISTANT COOK For Retirement Home APPLY 2340 W. 113th PLACE BARTENDER Must be neat attractive. Call aft. 10 AM. LEANING POST LOUNGE 4739 S. CENTRAL S94-2722 BARTENDER Must be neat attractive Call aft. 10AM- · LEANING POST LOUNGE 4739 S. CENTRAL 594-2722 125 flO S75 PER EVENING. Self Jaae, Coral. Turquoise t Liquid Silver Jewelry. By party plan. No nvestments. no delivery. CALL DORIS 5K-12I7 SECRETARY Genl. office. Typing shMlhuiid. Mversffied duties. Vic. 63/Hortem. 5*6-3610. #129 r!JTU^ICH/$OUTHWEST --6 mo's enter, sun.-- 1140. 5945 S. Putaski. 511-1774. Chicago PB sonnet. Fee Paid. Pvt. EmpL Agency HAIRSTYLIST Must be experienced tn blow waving. Some following preferred, vie. 55»h t Kcdrie 476-2145 BARMAID-- Attractive young lady let. JS 3S. single w/no resaon- SPOTINN J432W.ORD PAKt 1 IME GtH. NEEDED Must be aMe 1o type WAITRESS Experienced. EveninBS ft weekends- -Jane-422-54c2 WAITRESS Experienced lunch 11-2:30 Tues. Jtru FriUZ2.54B2-ConoV- BARMA1D- RELIABLE Excellence not nee. Will train. Oaxtf Sunday. COR «47«S1 WAITRESSES EXPERIENCED FIFTH WHEEL RESTAURANT 114B1S. WESTERN J3M323 NIGHT Malai-ADpty: J-C, Polos 8EAUT1C1 AM - OMne Hair FaMans, «o w. «sth SJ^ at Hoyne PR MM WAITSESS warfW. Ptera Pub Con aneriOA^M. yf^Mt A RIDE bom Ford Oty so oak Lown.3»*gHs. 7t7.SiO VEAunciAM «amWL Port not. EjyritolLtJ HAIR STYLIST for OFFICE wrk · Mtalure Mwau voofl ·rithflwres 4ZJ-S«H *n Parker PAKTRVWDMEM ^·DW.959lhST. IfUKIt WAJT*£SS W^tgjrt MBit HOSTESS Mma _Jbt txaerteneea vvBiiliHi ^ weekends 432-9402 31. OnrfM *M** * · OWy TW Wife QMVHHHB OT MM* EMPIOYMMT mpWuiUdfimuh CREDIT COLLECTION CLERK FULLTIME Some experience helpful. Must be able to type and have pleasant ahone personality. $2.75 to start. Call 586-8800 Ext. 383 Economist Newspapers 5959 S. Harlem Aye. Chicago, III. 60638 An Equal opportunity Employer PRODUCTION CONTROL Immediate opening for sharp gal to assit in production control as well as general office duties. Typing required. Excellent company - · Kiwfits. Salary commensurate with experience. DOUGLAS FURNITURE CORP «17S. CENTRAL 4SM505 TOP PAY FOR Temporary Office Help .ocal company urgently needs TYPISTS, CLERKS and KEYPUNCH OPERATORS who are available for 2 o 5 days a week for several months. EXCELLENT HOURLY PAY CALL MARGE BE 8-6562 SECRETARY Must be able to take shorthand. Prefer some bank experience. Should have own transportation. Apply In Person CONTACT: MR. DYKSTRA FIRST STATE BANK OFALSIP 1 1346 S. CICERO LEGAL SECRETARY or head of trial department in Loop law office. ; - Legal experience preferred. z~ Excellent typing skills required HIGHEST SALARY Call 263-4040 BEGINNERS 40ish typing qualifies you for this excellent training program. Earn office routine. Excellent promotion potential -- benefit package. EMPLOYER PAYS FEE BELL PERSONNEL 3155 W. 95th ST. 636-3151 ~ PART TIME CLERICAL WORK To assist bookkeeper afternoons · JOHNJACOBSENCO. 3760 W. 38 ST. 247-4121 An Eaual Opportunity Employer CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE ORDER TAKER LIGHT TYPING NECESSARY 4501 W. 42 PLACE- 927-7100 An Eaual Opportunity Employer PERSONNEL Temporary Girl, a temporary office service CQ-, is looking for 2 sharp, aggressive women la contact our _ , customers as well os interview assign our applicants. A good memory the ability to get along well with people qualifies. Salary plus benefits, loll Charlotte Ross 372-3316. ' RECEPTIONIST/ SWITCHBOARD : Must type 50 WPM possess math, aptitude. Goad salary free lunch, .scaled near illth t, calumet Expressway. MR.SMUTNY 568-6500 RN or LPN BY EDUCATION FULL OR PART TIME. 7 AM-3:30 PM 2:45 to 11:15 PM. Also LPN-11 1o 7 pm. Fringe benefits. -- OAKLAVW CONVALESCENT HOME 9525S.Moyfidd ' OakLown -=' Full time Accounting Clerk MOM. THRU FRI., 9:30-5:30 BOOKKEEPING EXPERIENCE NOT NECESSARY BUT HELPFUL APPLY IN PERSON PLAYBACK 7*»1 S. CICERO FORD CITY YOUNG LADY to work eneiiliigs S PJTL to 9 D-m. Sat. V to 5 as Cashier (. Telephone aper. Must be able to type and hove knowledge of filing. Apply In person " STEELE-HOPF OLDS. 1M37 S WESTERN, BL. 1SL. AUTO DEALER Needs qucflfled woman lor Service Dipt. InvW- y control t various Call Joyce at HE 6-3200 for appointment. AMBITIOUS? dear w those bills now. Ambitious person full or pi. lime can earn regular check. Flexible hrs. No experience necessary. For appt. call 34t-752 bet. 1 am. t, 10 am. ft t pm t DJTL PARTT1ME for DHvv-ln Resrourant 11:30.3:30 weekdays* no experience UKCUory Aptfy in person EXPERIENCED WAITRESSES Apply In Person DANtEO RESTAURANT 8930S.HAKLEM EXP. KEYPUNCH OPERATORS 1st ft 2nd sWts In our office VICTOR TEMPORARIES ZB4W.VSTHST. 2J9.S4H 24 HR. Office Jab Hot Une 3414(01) UlcDlo P»l_ EffiplVml. Agv. 19 £. Adonis MANICURISTS Mooti) Greenwood soioti. Good tiMWft OR »EMMti TEMPORARY OFFICE WORK TWMKEKMMI TEMPORARIES 2M»W.«3n9ST. TO0131 CLt»tK-tiiuplffiitea an clerical work, 9j6cord ctQitomer Mrvlce Tecord, tTflCrt 4^ OV01t), 379459B ^t/DLj ihne Mcolcol ^QUBUtlotAft. ETOttienc* Jitlpttj] Jiul »ol w^roory. Most type, toe J» ^ssnsm^^^^mam mOTHEm at 11011 neva tnonn wt WANTElMJoovSlfter lor 7 mo, *»«. % «on o trk. Slortlng morOi Tt. EXPEKtEWCEOWAITRESS MOWESTEAO RESTAURAIIT 3|$-ZS7t . EXP1D WAITRESS LOREDEIWESTAURAWr 1 DAY o week toemtatontr Vic, *9!h KcatlnB. 7fl-7B*i Mf. 5 PM.

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