The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 17, 1931 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Page 11
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THE DAILY HEWS, FX 10K, MD.. THUMDAY, DECEMBER IT, 193L ELEVEN KAY CLEAVER i STRAHAN ui^iA utitt: TOUAX A\M:. IEIIL* and FRAM.1.S tilXV.ICh. li xrir sraatfparaiu. omer BQW *o icnpotcriKfeed that 4n« wit* aierr cLttrrm hare rfcildhood. Jinovro The m and c fcrr to od i!«r.y ltul«t on Krrp- U»K up prtrfrur* of tkrir fonvrr wrr=llb. 4.EBI-. rs. u4 CceUy. St do »errr:ari-l trurfc and Mary* r-i-rcjL. is. 'i · t i l l in MTfcooI. All the K i r l i sr«- a itrartlrr. U bra far »ur. oprnr. \nar aa« beea *B- car«-l 10 H11II I! KCUOYD. jnaajc la«r«r. for «-ljsh c-asx ot nsarry lciow» fcrr "sa*1crm en:* rirpend xacir boner C«!y Ijrin-. B t l t H * McJKEEL hccir to diaorr x«ithoDt telepho»- !«*- Aane prr^arr* · 4e!iri«tta «U3l It 1. r!iral Ibat Crci^ fa f2l!ac£ la !ore with Darry. 9tar7~ Kraarr» It-.* a Irlrpkoor rail from nr- -«-hoo! frlnd. KISM1.NTBUDIC in: i.. AOVV CO O\ \\ ITH THE STOBT CHAPTER. V "·yjARl rrtAXCES-- Ensli-truCe ~ sa'd brents*!? over the telephone. Tve made the most isanelo::* tcr ! :cs discovery thai you co_'d eier r\jss'h!y imagine' Mo'h-r ar i O^!*y have gone for a ride, bst 1 sa'd 1 Sad to study and rus-e^ r.ght ia to phone to yon. I'D «·· esc:ted 1 can hardly ta!k. I'm just rfc lately shading all ov:r I'm f. "! of pale and irein- bl'nj L'iC^s I re found out who a (X-ui'a Somebody Is. Yes. bonest- !y Ercr;.tL;ES nbout him. And it Is ;_s: too perfectly. marvelous'.y vcE'-I^rfaL It 's resllv. '"eticr's c esa.=s Trcman didn't cor: e tcc?.~. so Motser vreat ahead and a red tbe mattresses and did every £.:!v thing like that and It prettv n^nr brought on a nervous hesdache. So when Daddy came home and she was potiadisg the stesk ae said. 'Xo core ol this. We'll jump ia the car and go over town for cicner.' And he took the plate r'S-t a*-ay froa her, be said the steak vrould keep and -- I am hurryiag. bat you know how I an. I hare to te!l things in my Own ^ay -- and Mother said she wouldn't dress and put on a corset for any dinner on earth, and Daddy said. 'Jnst put on your coat over your hocse dress, you're as sweet as a daisy and neat as a pin, and we'll go r.ght up here to this neighborhood place, we can get something.' So we did. And we hadn't muca more tnar taken our seats at the tabls In there ttaa who should come walk as ia but Him! "I t^ocrht I'd die! Hoaest, darling. I t jousat I'd just pass out. He had h s hat a littla one-sided, and he :_-J h s cane and everything, and L never se'w him look more handscme. He gave me one of those cool, penetrating glances of his. £:u 1 conld see he recognized me r =4t o2 -- but, of course, he did- t let on or anything. He just pulled out his chair and sat down fac ng rce. Facing me! Feature that. Mary-Frances -- facing me. He loo"-.c cren more handsome sitting than ce does standing. Tnere sec-nc . to be worlds of unspoken j-j^ t c-s in his eyes, too. Til bet t -- ^nd collars that he thought, se^ z us together every afternoon. th:: - e were sisters, acd he was ·wort, .as and kind of mutely asking r · you -were. He loves yoL "a -y Frances. Tne more I loo. ;j at him the more I was certain of his unspoken love for you. One o; my strong psychic hunches "Dare!" sold Mary-trances, at this critical time--" came to me. You know how I get Tb- them--I am *"// JOB think Fd back down now a A XD thea when I was just posl- ·"· lively dying anyway with excitement and everything, you know. Daddy lool'ed up and saw Mm. and he said to Mother. Trudie, there's that young fellow -who took the part of the brother in the show iast night.' "I thought I'd die, I Just about passed oat. It was too perfectly thrilling. 'Xactor end everything. But I never let on. I jnst opened my eyes in what yon. call my big- eyed. Innocent ·way, you know, and I said, 'Do you know him. Daddy?" "Well, of course. Daddy didn't know Mm, bnt I kept on looking Innocent, anff^: began to purnp, and' I pumped and pmnped, and I found oat everything, and Daddy and Mother never dreamed that I was interested or anvthing--I am hurrying. "He's a member of the Stephen G. Sperry Players. You know, they are putting oa a one-act play two times every night right over here at the Hong Kong. They just started this -week, so that's what he's been doing around this neighborhood and why we've never seen him before. He's not the leading man. or he wasn't in. the show the folks, saw (that's where they went when they sneaked off last night while I was at your house), and the folks didn't like- his acting so awfully much--but you know they Just absolutely aren't judges of things like that at alL "Member, they didn't even like Chester Fairfield la the New Western Stock Company last winter, nor anything. They don't care much for Ronald Colman, even. ev"re awfully crazy that way--I am hurrying. , "I tried to see what he ordered, but I couldn't tell, but it looked like a steak, because he had such a hard time cutting It. He Just went on eating, in a perfectly cool kind of masterful, dignified way, but ever" once in a while he'd lift those wonderful brown eyes of his in a kind of mute appeal like asking ·where was my beautiful sister. " Tfafter while Daddy said for me to stop staring at that fellow, that I was attracting his attention, but Mother said nonsense X was only a little girL So then I said, with another of my big-eyed innocent looks, as yon say, that I wondered what nis name was. Mother felt in her coat pocket on the back of tbe chair, and there was the program from last night; she'd saved it for the 'Coming Attractions/ you know. She put it in the menu, so he wouldn't see we were talking about him; and now listen, darling. You'll hardly believe it. His first name is EarL One of your farorite names for men. And now listen. His last name is DeArmount. Capital D. e. Capital A, r, m, o. u, n, t. Karl DeArmount! Isn't that the most marvelous thrilling name? A Me' and everything! I nearly died when I read it right there on the program. And Earl always being your favorite name, next to Christopher and Anthony and Hilary, lor men. It's just simply more than coincidence. It's just like you'd known from childhood days that you were going to meet a man named Earl, and souls reaching out to souls and thought telepathy and everything. I guess that 3nst about i proves it more Chan anrtblc could. They just bad pie for dessert, and I saw him shake bis ceaxt klal of bored and superior, that b« didn't want any. But he ate awfully slowly, acd be hadn't finished when we left, acd I bad to walk right past him. I could of almost touched him. My heart was beating so fast it pretty nearly etiSed ma. and my knees snook and everything. Hot erea for your aaie. darling, I d'.dnt dare glance at bid as we passed. I'd of died. I know I would, and Mother was right behind me and every thing. "But when Daddy was paying tbe check, up in front. I did klad of glance toward him. Mary-France*, be'd kind of turned around in bis chair, and be warn looking right at me! I nearly passed out. And 1 cant explain it, bnt right then another one of my psychic hnnche* ,-ame to me--yon know bow they do -and U was Just as if be'd said, la M many words to me. 'It you girl* are downtown tomorrow after school I am going to come up and speak to you.' "Hell do It, Mary-Prances, i · know U with all my Innermost be- I ing. It makes me just kind o! tremble all over. Do you suppose \ we'll dare? The more I tbink about it. honest, tbe more I think we jnst I absolutely won't dare. I was thinking, like Danty and Beatrice, U . might !ust come to be one of those . beautiful, passing dreams--" j "Dare! Well, Ermlntrude Hill, j if you think I'd back down now, at i this crucial time, after--" Mary- I Frances stopped, caught ber breath j sharply. Deep annoyance, coupling I so suddenly with her intense ex; citement, had all but betrayed ber-- "after we've promised Miss Byerly that we'd take part and everything--" Mis* Byerly was their Sunday- school teacher. « · V A XN hung up the dishpan. and *·*· turned on the faucet above tbe sink, and swished tbe water about with a brush, and decided to let that do for this evening. Phil, sorely. would be here now before long. Phil was late again. She did not mind, because she bad heard or read that tbe secret of successful love lay not In Ignoring faults but in recognizing them and not minding them. Years ago, when Phil had alway* been early, she bad not minded that, and so, sensibly, there was no reason for minding now because be was always late. Probably It was merely a habit and not a fault at all; or were habits* and faults tbe same? She took two damp tea towels from the seat of a chair and went to hang them on tbe rack above tbe store. It was mean of Mary-Frances to skip off, as she bad. before the tinware was washed. It bad been sweet of Cecily to offer to help, though she should have known Ann would not allow it when shs had company. Cecily was in love. For nearly 10 minutes Ann had forgotten it. Poor Cissy--* Ann caught it back and tried to correct It. She likes it, of course. I am In love, and I like It. Of course I like it I must IiKe being in love with Phil --who Is always lat*. She turned out the kitchen light and went through tbe big dining room into the front halL Mary- Frances was coming quietly down the stairs, and she tipped ber chin to sanciness as she answered Ann'* question. (To Be Continued) _ U. S. PEACE-MINDED SAYS CAPT. Nation Has Been Unprepared For Every War It Has Fought. SPEAKS TO ROTARY CLUB When Rebel Guns Doomed Salvador Regime ttles forth tha: lTr..Vfd S'.a:fs had unprrpartd !cr r^ery war :; had foufht, and that this ia no: a war- minded aatioa, C»pt. Johs HL Cn C S Army Instructor o! :he Mir National Ouard. ol Freiericc and iror.d war vearan. gave an irAnnat.te address os "DisarauiEtt" a: :he re«- ni»r axetice or the Fr«ii«r:ck Rotary club b*ld Weda«st£i? a: EOO= »: the Francis Scott Key lsot«L Cap: CJwrch Is holder ol the D-stingu-s^e- Serrlje- SMTdaL He was Iwice wo-irvled Capt. Church prefaced h:s address «~th a discussion o! th sested by cit!ner». groups and *a:!ons before the War Fancies Commission during 19SO. S^gestions presented before this coaisiajlon rasged from complete disarmament vo re- Eioval ol the so-ca!d pronis r-om war The commission found, he said, frosi rhe mm» o! the testinjony th« general agreement irms that America *TLS -ot war-minded. TS» speaker set forth that !i.e American standing anny numbers : 18.000 n:en. with I80.00O in Ihe National Guard service This Is in add:.ion to Cie naval force. »hich because o' the extensive coast lines to be pro:ec:«d. !s somewhat more formidable and slishtSy larger. National defense. Cap:. Church sala, costs the United Sta'es S640.00C.- 000. which Is aooul $35.000000 Jess than it was a year ago due to reduc- :ios of eQuipmen: and rna-rteuuice costs. He said this force could r:ot be considered large when it »-as understood that Europe was with armed men. declaring that actual fighting- forces, ready for aciios. numbered into the millions. It was set forth there could never be hope of long peace until there was general *trid-wide disarmament. It was set forth that America's armed force was capable o! expansion to 4.000.000 men witbui a reasonable period. Capt Church explained it required at least six months to "make a so'.dier." He said hurried training of men during the ·srorkl war had resulted in heavy casualties in some units The speaker said that America was much more generous to Its veterans in " cadsi ;._r_st * ci^r.:., ol the rci . isteers . · '^~ v.! K'. S,i.,\ r. TC ba =^,r _-.J :.-.» 18-h -r it.-..: .ctu-ed sbc\e A....C :o vne old g?\e:. a. JUT r- \-»-- ,ca:i re j .*.ii *y --··_! iere a-xt · - » -.V .' ^a-« · ·-·* t-j.- I · · !· ". o: :.-^ rer .'j_sO e ^,:. n p.otj-^. T.*: fc^Xfr P-ea . ·· A* - ...:.r.: a c^iipl^hed :-e «,%crt..rj» ol lu zvz^r.e r»~.- " .e ~. .-i.e fig.-- was In progress in Si:-. Sa..tdor On \ ji s,. - troops -- · "' -'-e ' \~- . 3 !· r:: «.--j-- .". -' t ".e - 1 peMs.^r.-; rcJ^f thas sther ccan- Ca;* C. -rv . TIJLS .::-roi.:-oc I ( Janies H Ga-t-r-.. 3- m :.i It An,u ' H«sJr.otoon ;,r«s!i.:.£ B r.bda\ ^rec - t ·· r-e «x:t: _·- to George N Pa 1 ere Jr *:» B,~e a: -1 Gre room -Aht-e :5-t r.i"s *cl -- :;ccr tl.c ^.*^or\^ion oi Jci 'i A Sn.r^5. aitL^tni*. manager of tne 110| '-·- ' C F G3Ou" . a::t; Ire Moron, th-a ; c.t\ RODNEY DUTCHER'S -: iM Ul IvJl jA Regular Fczturo USE VICK PLAN for BETTER^CONTROL OF COLDS' - i TIVOLI JAMES DUNN ; Boyuh, Bty - Hearted 5fjr of "Bad del ' ard · Oi\i she Tilt f O X OMEDl-- D R \ 5 I \ "SOB fm.*S SISTER" C A N T O R "PALMY DATS" \\ Ith--CIIAKLOTTE GBEEX1VOOD il The Wise Christmas Shopper Will Select HA5.COCMRAN PICTURES ^ Kl Taneytown Taaeyto«n, TJec. 16.--The exercises to "oe fceid beneath the Conrtmnuty C-irist-oas tree in TaneytOTrn on De- csmber 24 at 1 o'cioci, Trere outlined t-wJay bj the ooaimittee In charge of the event. The community tree is sponsored by tbe Taneytoro Chamber of Commerce, of Trtiich Merwyn O. Puss is president The program Trffl be opened -Bith sefecttoiis oy the Taneyto"«rn I. O. O. P. band. The Tarseytown High school glee club, under tie direction of iLss Stella Bssig, TriS. s^ng caro"^ The principal address of the afternoon ·*£! be mads tiy Bev. T. T. 3roA.ii, pastor of th« j TaneytOTcn Presbytei^an cnurch. j Gifis -SO. be distrib-jted toy Santa Clans to aH ca^dren under high school ' age Three tsrieys, oSered tjy the mer- | chants of TaneytoTrn, ^rii: also be gtren lout The tree Trill be placed between the GIFTS Central hotel bunding and the Edward i Burke baiiex shop, near the square The committee in charge of the plan for the celebration is composed of Re- A T. Sutcliffe, chairman. Charles I Arnold and. Mayor M C Duttera. A Great Duly Feature ' *-SlDE GLANCES By GEORGE CLARK READ THE STOET. THEN COIXB THE PICTCEE The aireaa'a TSS a master true. Ee "Ther are cont_ng dorra tiiis ^ay Asd. , nace tie ^;.~ Oi». ;is c- a lot of clever ~oo£' They're o2 on ru-te a ^iri. a-a ,t o~ t t = cr_c~z of a Trnrs -^at's ~aa; mases ice dogs a., nark ^S^-:^?^^^ T^^e^fS^S" 6 " | Good Evening « T^.es ;^ -? --.s rc?5 ar.i tl-»n j^st A a.nce cat storf on one cog's head. B . , , ,, Tatci r..~n e-w p " He "oas l_e C!omy," Carty *a.c 2 *-*^" me fti i o. TTTO T ^-Cj. o:r;-'5 -r-cn trrs s^a-i T^sn C'y~-y snyyered. 'Is that so? - "*· »-^--^^ TIA r-/ "er ~-*V;r^ l^te TOU " "Wee SCOUIV ' ; re ; " - ~zc ~c i ae .:: i~Ir rarci5 ine c-tr;er . iad t ti i ~T ^r^c ^~vng.r£ it 5;ea at tn^tn ar.a s.g'ec 'Be 5Vuet i aallacs .-~~- - -2 c.r'crt .':rtr. out ~x:r eyss on :xth tnose clo"»7xs as- shortly £- I ~. ;,, r.- -- zrzr Ire ~ee ·y-^t t.-^y ~" co ' tad e r - _ r o _-rr::.r.:; ' ~ ar: he Ore c'^-rr. d^g than perfomted a bop^c~ on " '"*· r-^^sc trest He "rir'ed a ball on lu htnc , Tne 2.-:' ' "~a- ··" ·" = G-t, nac-c '«et Tr.ats c er^r * sho'-ited SCO-IT ;3on f t ^ "- 'i-- - £"* a -r-ac I*"s aD_t the nest t-.cs yet ' Trsn. if yo« u re ^-^ ~ T r~~ H.*r" j~, s^c:-^rily, tie ot^rr cojna p.c^ec up , co~ R.r-i 3- c "' ?D,- o_ icg' a ~s.I ana ~s.rlec! .t raand Ssn:e , rhojgh ne lo^^cc r^j.1 lo"a l~e c.d j-st -yater ip'_aii"ed the 5rst dog u-t^ ce w-as as he lad o-er. t- a tracer ma-e ( soaiig ·K'et , h^n s~o a c tren s^ d, 'Tret's '.'. iTo be lo-turocd) issav ' Co^T.jht, 1331, XEA Service I r e ) t ibr.d S;^^ 3-3- rro-'-Kys co a trapeze act Say . . . Don't Forget To Order BISER'S CLEAN COAL PHONE 267 TO-DAT TO-NIGHT MARYLAND High-Class Fhotoplajl 1--Lawrence Tibbett and Grace Moore in "New Moon" 4 With Adolpbc Mcrjjoo and J Roland Toon; s -- w _ 4 The trro most magnificent voices of J the screen a a picture fall of drama i raasie and romance. I 2-- 'Air Fight M An all-talking Boy Friend comedy J ·«ith plenty of action and laughs * from start to flnah. * Matinee 2.15. Evenin; 7.15 and 9.09. ! Admission: ; Children Cnder 12 Tears--lOc ; Adults--15c i SATTRD \Y-BCCK JONES in "BRAXDED" What more useful gift could you 2nd than something electrical? Wise shoppers are selecting gifts thw year that serve a useful purpose Then. too. the gift question !*. easily answered wnen you dec.tle on something electrical. E-.ery home cars use or;e or more pieces of electrical equipment We can not begin to list all of these appliances here but come ia and see for yourself n'jmerous glf- suggestions in our store Make Some One Happy On Christmas With One of These Gifts TOASTERS PERCOLATOR^ WAFFLE IRONS TABLE SRILLS ELECTRIC CLOCKS ELECTRIC IRONS ELECTRIC SWEEPERS ELECTRIC WASHERS ELECTRIC RAKGES FRIGID AIRE All Priced Lew For Christmas THE POTOMAC EDISON COMPANY Give Electrical Xmas Gifts They Are Most Useful |# Our Store Will Be Open Every Evening Until Christmas | |jf SHOWING A COMPLETE LINE OF ,|| TOASTERS t| PERCOLATORS i j| WAFFLE IRONS |£ ELECTRIC CLOCKS § EASY WASHERS S UNIVERSAL AND HOTPOINT |f ELECTRIC RANGES § GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS «sj, n I The MODERN LIGHTING CO. W 216 North Market Street i-.# Frederick, Md. 26 W. Patrick St.. Frederick, Md. IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD TN'DEED i: looks that from t"e inside of The · _TS ~r tteu from tae --r-.n s f e a t u r e s s -r ;*"j :3m : n'iie, fiction a- -.r-i -3 :n Hart appeal ad% ^r' ~.3g addressed to ^liss '] D b /ante and 3Irs H^use ^" *T* ^- -* 1 " . ^ V T p-'-. vamen read T h j News ."I T ,e PKt re£ra.r'.y. The News and The Post

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