The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 14, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, May 14, 1932
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Last Edition WHETHER FORECAST FOR MARYLAND: Generally fair and somevhat warmer tonight and Sunday VOL. LV.--NO. 180. (AF) Means AsaacHttd Foil SEA Service FREDERICK, BID, SATURDAY. MAY 14. 1932. * if TEN PAGES PRICE--TWO CENTS NEW SALARY SCALE FORC!TYISSETBY NowAWriter Reductions in Pay Of Employes i To Become Effective On ! June 15. PAYROLL COT AMODNTS TO $7,518 YEARLY, ANNOUNCED Final Decision Reached At: Meeting Lasting Until Midnight. RECEDE AFTER HIGH HER :FM WEEK'S RAMS U. S. Girl Braves Death In Revolt j Monocacy's Drop Rapid And Is Back in Bank In Some Localities. 1 POTOMAC'S DECLINE SLOWER :BUT IS YERY PRONOUNCED \ Little Damage Done To Crops' By Precipitation Lasting Four Days. i IS Lindberghs May Sail For Europe June 4; Shovel Is Found Near Scene In Woods Frederick Man Selected By Ala- bania U. D. C. For SI2.000 Cf f [{ Battlefield Project. OLLIX MODEL SELECTED WAS IN COMPETITION WITH MANY Police Believe Dirt Shows It To Have Been Recently Used. SECRET SERVICE STARTS ON C ASE Brunswick Resident Went Fish- Will Mark Third Memorial j ng when Potomac Was High. Erected By South On Famous Battle Site. FRIENDS CONDUCT SEARCH Letters have beea mailed by Mayor jCmer F. M'-inshorer to salaried e*=- ployes of the city aino-.-acicg a near and Sourer schedule of salaries. The reductions are effective with tie be- giaisg of the aew auaiclpal year on June 15. The ne*-r schedule Teas arrived at after long consideration by the Mayor and Baard of AMermes through the (-"·inter and spring, culminating in a meeting- that; 3asted .our hoars Wednesday night, beginning at eight o'cl-ock end ending as midnight. This meeting las attended only by the Mayor and znembers of the Board of Aldermen. No announcement of the salary of the city forester and superiarendeni of parks is contained in the new schedule. ' In explanation of this, it -KSS stated that the Mayor and Aldermen are considering eliminating this office. The new schedule of salaries effects * reduction of $7,518 annually, it ·Bras announced. This is equivalent to about five cents on the tax race. The only salaries unchanged are those of Janitor and Markeimaswr, operator of tae iLtoganore filtration plant and engineer at the light plant. __ The old and ne-ar salary schedule 'olio-its:: « Old City Engineer. $4,000 lAssistant City Engineer..- 2.200 Ciiy Attorney. 1,200 Cleiit to BoaitJ 240 Secretary to Mayor and Engineer. 1,300 Janitor and JMarfeetmas- ter 8-iO Chief of Police. 1.400 Police -- 1,300 .Water Rent Collector. 1.800 Water Superintendent 1,800 Asst. Wat-ei- Superin:end- ent 1.400 Fishing Creeic Caretaker.... 780 Tuscarora receiver caretaker...... __ 430 Kltration plant operator. 1,560 ·Health Officer. 500 Bacteriologist 600 J3airy Inspector 600 Bcgiaeer Light plant 1.440 City Lineman 1,200 Street Superintendent. 1.560 Assistant street sup; 1,248 Street Sleeper. 1.300 Dog catcher (per cog).-- 2 Once millionaire magnate of the Pittsburgh Piste Glass Works, Robert | Draining a-ray from scores of sirs!". Clairmoru, seen above, is in Los Ange- j tnoatartes and streams. Frederick cot-riles strivitsg to carve a career for him- ; :v goo,- Caters irere -sell on -heir w self as a writer. Orphaned at, 14. J ., v .^ .^ o^sa-v-ake Bav - -^av a"*'- VOUOT Clairmnnr la-pr bora-no o ife '° ^ .» C_«ap.a« S3} .3x.aya..e. tide sec in during the young Clairmoai later became a life guard and saved Sellers McKee Chand- :fc * -«*isas ler, millionaire, from drotming. When j night. Chandler died he left Claim-cm S300,- j The Potomac river. after raising a Bravely s::cking to her post in ihtr American legation at San Salvador while bullets ·v-uzzcd around her in the recent unsuccessful Communist revolt. Rath Kirker, the leea:xr.'s chief clerk, ·rag accorded the plaudits of a heroine as she returned to the Univd States for a vacation. The modest heroine is seen here as she arr.ved in Los Angeles on the hner Santa Elisa. nice. -But the morning after the market crash," said Glair-no-it. but S700 and of course now." "I had. White, tender of the bridge reported.' PREFERRED GUI New $3.250 2,000 1,000 200 ^-;. * """; The early fall was very gradual, as the ·"·*· s SOEe | Monocacy's burden further down helped j j to keep the -rater up. and the drop i j had been only one foot at 9 o'clock i this morning;. This afternoon it was j expected to begin t-o crop rapidly. j Tbe Monocacy went a little faster t I about its job of reducing and was bark ' i in its banks a: Oeresville today after, ! spreading out all over pastures and ' i lowlands Friday. The river was still high, however, and at. Michaels Mill, i east of Buckeystown. where the banks ' are lower, the wa'.sr was stili overftow- j ing- and had barely bejun to edge away Some of the low-lying wbeaiSelds ' near the river had _beea flooded and , _ wheat looked to be r.early Sat. bat i the fa;t of its bei-j; young was likely ! ; to cause it to straighten up again with- ' j out; difficulty. The Three Springs Ssh- i ponds, near the river, which were in; i undated Friday, were free from good ~ · v. ater todav, but the owners stated · Whether or not deposits made in the ·' they would have 10 clean them thor- ' closed Central Trust Cotnpaay on the! oughly to rid them of river Ssh. ! of months. Intimated that ! he would take advantage of the high. Crowd Stops To Watch Officers And Drunks Roll In Mud. Argue Orphans Court Petition Before Judges. LATTER ARE FINED $25 EACH ABOUT $40,000 1,100 840 -1.300 1.200 1.350 1300 .1.250 650 440 1,560 , 400 450 450 1,440 1.100 1.400 1.100 1.000 1.50 order of the Orphans Court of Frederick county and in the names of individual Garden Damage Not Heavy. Garden damage -was not beieve-3 noticeable, in most cases as would be ] beneficiaries have a right to be given a caused 35 a ru:e OT a sl preferred clam, on the bank's assess j Except for Sunday night's thunder- j -as argued before Juages Um~r and shower, the four-day rain was com- [ Wffiard in Circuit Court this mom- ! ?**-TM'? *-*-*· *TM fetation was not ; ; oeaten aown. : ing. anc the matter was taken under ^^ generally was thought to have i consideration by the court. j escaped harm as the soggy ground be- ! The case involves a cumber of in- ! 5 s11 io d: T quickly. In some sections. I dividual for whom funds have been i ^7, the sy ~ -* of a heav:er ty?e - ' deoositsd. estimated to total, with in- | e= '* K: 1 ' suit o: ROC£ * STATE POLICE CHANGES terest, more than 549,000. :he Judges of Orphans Court was filed 'TM i in December, t-ro otonths after the bank closed, through D. Princeton BucSey, and ans-ver -sras made this -reek on behalf of George W. Page. receiver, through John S. Newman, counsel. In the argument today Mr. Newman stated that, in the list submitted as an exhibit, the accounts are correct in oiiiy a fe^ instances and certain other accounts are even non-existent. the Creagersto^n and · sections, some replanting! might have to be done, however, Coun- ; ty Agent Henrv H. shoemaker said to- i day. 1 (CONTINUED ON PAGE 5) i WALKER LEADS BEER j PARADE !N NEW YORK i Assignments Affecting; Local Sob- Station Announced. Several changes have been made effective this week at the Frederics State police sub-station. Corporal E. D. Dryden has been transferred to Eas;on. to take charge of Sub-station I. near ihat place. Officers A. F. Anderson and J. R. Buckworth have been transferred. respectively, to Laurel and Conowingo- New members of the local force are Corporal J. T. Knight, who comes from Laurel. OfScers T. A- Moore from Conowingo and R. L. Hunt, who was injured in an accicen; K-iday morning. Reports received today from Officer Hunt place his condition as unchanged. Sergt. D. R. Peterson remains in command of the local sub-station. Ne-s- TOTE. May 14 (AP).--To the; The i accompaniment of shouts of "atta boy i funds have been deposited from tide to j Jimmie. atta boy." Mayor James J. | time, according to the petition, by the · Walker today gave a signal that start- j present judges and their predecessors, ed his "beer fcr f .TTl-oa" ITS fie doTm : Aaswc-rins this argument. Mr. Buckey j Fifth avenue. . i contended that the deposits -irere held \ A bright, sun shone down on the ; by the Central Trust Company in trust, j marchers as the parade, expected to i that it Tras proper for the Orphans Court ' continue ail day and -reli into the I Judges tD bring the claim, and that if [ night, got under way at 11.20 a. m., i this right were disallowed, a great num- j ai Fifth avenue and 79th street. The · ber of persons -srould have to petition {Mayor, dressed in formal morning at- ' the court individually as "best friends"' · lire, marched at the head of the pro- ' a-ies. in the cases of minors. | cession. ! A specific case was presented as that i Heading a contingent of leaders in' of Jesse T. Hine, now of Baltimore. : industry who rode m hansom cabs iegatse Bnd distributee under the will were three wearuig straw hats of his grandfather. William DeGzange. · and marching abreast. They iere of this county. Hine has attained his ; Walter Chrysler, E. S. Button and i A midnight battl'* in which t^'O deputy sheriffs and two Mt. Airy drunks Trrexled in the mud while a hundred or more dancers stopped to look on ended in fines and suspended House of Correction sentences this morning for Garrison Non-rood and Anthony Kimmel, the row-makers. ""* Norwood and Kimmel a'ere handcuffed and brought to jail by Deputies W. C Smith of Bronsvrick and Ormon Harris of Frederick. The tussle was staged in front of Fisher's dance hall on the Gashouse Pike, northeast of this city. The officers testified before Justice Bowers in Peoples Court this morning that they warned Norwood and Kimmel to qu:£-t do'.vn two previous times the same e\ening. When the officers went to the place the third time, the two lit. Arians were prepared to do battle and nc-t only became louder but resisted arrest. In the scuffle which followed each officer was forced to grab his adversary br the neck, as all four rolled in the muddy road. Several times, the oflicers said, they appeared to have their men. but aided by the mud. arms would slip out from their grasp. Justice Bowers found both defendants guilty of drunkenness and disorderly conduct and fined each $25. On the charge of resisting arrest he scored the two men for their tactics and placed each under a suspended sentence of six monihs a the House of Correction, cond.tioned on future good conduct. Norwood and Kimmel both went back to jail for lack of money to pay their Joseph Um?r. :h.s city, has been The failur-- ·''a :hp part of .vsrch- chcaen as srjlpior of :he Confederate ir.? par.y.t t.» IvV-jv W H. Lars-iswr memorial :o be placed en th* Ge::\s- 38. of Briiiisaioit. brakeaian for the , turg Bat-.lot'.fld ir. May. 1933. by the Baltimore u:-.d Ohi^ ItAilroad -xh.- Irf-. Alabama D.-. ir-.on. United Daughters alor.e in i smi:! boat late Fridav . of the ConfeJ-racy. it woa announced i.oon on a fVshln? trip :o c-\cr th" P; today. Mr Un-..»r refinwd Friday r.ight - .^3,^. --. v?r bet»tw:i \\Vv.-r-or. ar.d Irom Mobile, a-nere announ;e:ce-st '.va? " " . ... made of his election as srulptor. fol- ' «aw« ^~~- W \.. feas c.v^d h-SK loa-n^ the ai-.nua.: of the for his rocjiery ali-.e to daindV Alabama Dlvslon. C. D. C.. it Blrm- Lanca-rter. -iho is :!u- father of ^Ix ir.;hirn. earlier in May. The model for j ch , :j , e .j ar . d hxs been furlou?h«?d for th« mso-orLi: is an uiipiniig i-roup of , heroic size. The completed work ·*·!'. a numjer cost approximitely $! 2.000 The monument, to be scuiptored from the model muddy water of the river and secur* ro-.v in this city, will be over sewn feet ' ^ maK" !"^-'» as pos5ibl? for th? Satin height,'.h a background or die of . urday raarkr: Le-avtn? the moorir.-.-s v. granite ar.d a base of gran- ; Weverton about 3 p m . he apparently it* coKsSsliag of three ledges about ! started up the ed(-e of the ruer 10- which a fl.igstor.-? and granite walk will j »ard Harpers Ferry and ASA not wen be placed. acclL-.g six uichts or more to afterward. the total he.ght -vhich -Aill be I " 1 - ] alarmed when he did not feet. The memorial tu!l ha-.e a spread return a-, nine o'clock sn the cvo-iir.?. of 2-1 feet, four inches, and a depth of friends instituted a search ·-.hich has 10'- · feet. ! proved fruitless The bronze group is composed of a | The PXoma- has reached a hi;h n.-.cly propjrtioned figure of a w-oman i water poir.t not exceiVd since th« Hood symbolical of the Confederacy, and on of 1929. one sici the ineelirig fi-*ure of a dying j · young soldier passing to the figure on the ' c":~r side his cartridge belt, with a gesture signifying that the other, an j olci man. shall carry on the fight. The . central figure's hand is flung wide in ! the direction of Devil's Don and Big '· Rouni Top. the objective of the Ala: oama soldiers in the battle In 1863. l i The monument will be erected near iUesil's -Jtea_iBi. the southern part of ' | confederate Avenue and will be-+! the third to be erected by the South, i _. JThe first was the famous monument , Many CatnOIIGS Expected 10 i to General Lee erected by the State ' | of Virginia, and the second that for Gather At ! which Gutz-on Barglum -tas the sculp- j ] tor, and which was erected about a ; N\-\v York. May 14 (AP).--The New York World-Tele- jrram today .-tales that there is a report current that Colonel and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh will sail for Europe on the He do France June -I. there to n-main in the chateau of a friend until tht-ir second baby is born. There is a possibility, too. it is said, that they may go to the Morrow summer home in Maine for the rest and seclusion they desire. It is generally believed they will never return lo live in the house on Sourland mountain which has just been finished and was not yet completely furnished when their baby was kidnapped. Hopowoll. N. J., May 1-1 (AP).--The mets.1 scoop of a broken shovel was found in the undergrowth today close to the spot where tlu- body of the Lindberph baby was discovered Thursday. Police said there were indications it had been recently used. The prosecutors of Hunterdon and Mercer counties visited the place where the body was found with various police officials and while they were there Robert Coar, Jr., a Jersey City detective who was a member of the party, hunted around in the tangled bushes adjacent to the spot where the bod\' lay. ---- ---- -- i Suddenly he stopped, thrust his arm j into the dense undergrowih and brought : out the shovel scoop. Hasty examlna- , tion showed dirt clinging to the metal i which led police to believe recent use ' had been made of the instrument. ; The prosecutor and police officials , were plainly impressed but would not ! make any statement at the time as to | Many Register i | Here For Annual i | Hood May Fete GARNER SAYS STATEMENTS BY HOOVER ALARM PEOPLE Police Court Cases. Collateral of S2 has been forfeited by Jrving Weil of this city for failing to pop at a city stop sign. He was arrested by Officer Lester Hoffman. Richard S- Jamison pos-ted S6 collateral on a charge of reckless driving. William Johnson, colored, was placed under S25 collateral on charges of drunkenness on the street, disorderly conduct and swearing. He was arrested by Officer Arthur HoSman at 10.45 Friday night. majority since tne Dank closed. He was j James MoSar-. On the arm of e^c.i represented by Charles H. Bryant- and i was a cloth wtrii the word "repeal." B. M. Arnold, both of Baltimore, and · -. . » Jacob RohrnacS:. this city. FOUR ARMED MEN HOLD UP GETS COLUMBIA HONOR ! AND TERRORIZE VILLAGE House Speaker Administers Stinging Rebuke To Resident. Weather Oontlook Cominir Week. 'Weather outlook for tbe weei bogin- ning Monday in North and jndcle Atlantic states: A period of showers bc- gmnirsg Mccidav or Tuesday and ending "Wednesday followed by generally fair until about Ss^urday. when sliow- ers are probable. Warmer Monday and Tuesday: cooler Wednesday and Thursday, and -wanner Friday and Saturday. THE WEATHER TODAY Precipitation for 24 h^urs cnc.r,g at 7 a. m . today--none. prectp' May to date--Si: Incites. Normal May prec.pit-at-on--3 80 inches: actual May. 1931--3.52 inches. Excess in 1932 precipitation to May 1--2.46 uich*s. High temperature yesterday--74. High temperature a year ago--67. i Ixw temperature st night--56. ! Low temperarure a year ago--49. j Sun s*ta today--7 16 p. aj. i Sun r;-;-= t --morrow--5 57 a m. ! Moon r..-e.~ tontjrraw--:.*£ p. m. , Moon sets tomorrow!--2.04 a. aa. | ! Harry M. Gross Jr. Elected Chairman j Of Student Board. j Harry M. Gross. Jr.. son of Mr. and j Mrs. Harry M. Gross. Micdletown. who j three years ago was awarded a schol- ] arship to Columbia University. New- York, by the Columbia. University Club , of Maryland, --as honored Friday by the student body, which el'Si-ced him ; chairman of the student boari for ne-it jyaar. i ise bjeri: is composed .--f s-evtn inem: be^ and regiilatss all olleje act.vitt« and represents the smci-'r-ts in all mat- ! Gross has also besr. e5-;ctci mar.arer j of the vars.~ fotiall tearr. for next j year, ar.d manager of the Glee Club. : i : ~ :;c ''- ias planned a t-p to Cuba. «e is also a member of the Society of Xacotns. 2- h-s-orarr fraterr.ity 5ni- ! posac of ftftee- seniors: a-member of ' --he Ju-ior Blue Key Society, another hsr-Dra-- fraternity. cD-np-y-ed of srs" Club. Young Gro.TS has also been a rr.s~.ber sf the Ta7?l;y sI-.-.w cast f^r the p?-st j Kenosha. Wis_ May 14 CAP) --Four ':; ! men armed -srith sub- machine gass t ; rorized the village of Trevor. i-«so ; Kenos^. after cutting comm'jr.icac at 2 a. m. today. They held up Zair^lys hotel, herded guests into j lobby and tossed tear gas bombs i the rooms before escaping -x'Xh S i The rcooers mace an as^a-iilt. alrr. mn.i.a~^ in -^ ms^enver. on t«^ p · of trse Western Liversto-ck Co . tl · laic; siege to the hotel ^rhere they · talr.ed tile lost. i In the office of the iivestr!-r c pany they shot at and then slurfc rr.T tenns. Speaker Garr^-r in his press c-or.ference today assailed President. Ho_-ver for "issuirig ; tr.any statements o i-ee? the people uncertain about the ar.y shc-~ of ha=r. ·safes. Titr.xsi. ~r.yz*Tir.; any ihe Speaker said: ' The President's statements have done more in _th-e last s-\ months to freeze the corifider.ce of the A2ier:can people than ail o'h^r th^ij^ put together. Aoout the timp they ze: c.~- csuragea he issues another douo- barrelled stat-emer.t, and gets them ur,- *ettl5c again. ·If hs xou;c ref-^w to -ssue a s:at-?- :ner.: for thirty days i 5-rjJic euarantoe t.iat th_ns3 """oulcl tha^ c-i.' T".'^ ?rEslc;r.t"s siat'-nient Gam-r ! project, work on which will have to , be done out-of-doors, due to the great ' size of the monument It will be mod- ; eled first in clay, then cast into plaster ! and finally into bronze. The monu- ; emnt will nave a background of trocs i -.vhen erected, and over the bronze | group, on the die. will be the word. "Ala, bar-nans!" and at the base, the inscription. "Your Names Are Inscribed On i Fame's Trn-r.orta: Scroll by Alabama Di- 1 vision. U. D. C." Plans far the dedication of the me! rnorial have not been formulated, but there is a probability that it ·iill o;:ur at the annual meet- i ing o! the National Society. U. ! D. C.. to be hell in Baltimore in 1933. i The latter event will be held in Ma.ry- i land for the first time in 30 years. ! T-so models for the memorial were 1 submitted to the Alabama Division. Daughters of the Confederacy, by Mr in the contest in which there j v.'ere models by sculptors from several ! states. At thj state convention in Birmingham May 2 to S. each sculptor appeared before the convention at different one not. knowing the identity of the other. The matter then was referred t-o the mem-jrial cammit- [ tee which later met in Mobile, and i before Thich Mr. Umer also appeared ! The la'.ier group definiioly selected one of ha two madels for the monument. Granite and bronze Tor the memr- : ial will be furnished by Harnmaker Brothers. Gcttysburz. to wh^m the contract was awardec Err.*~t: P. H2tr- maker. Thurciar.t. a rr.emoer of the tirrn. which extended over a ten csy period. 1 Tx sculptor, ^ho is the son of Chief J-jd;e Hammond ani Mrs Umc-r. ' .; we.l-rinown htre a^nd was the s:'ii!3:or of "-he bronze bust5 of Th?.rji;s Johnson. Srst Governor of Marylar.c. ir.i i-'. Chi'-f Justice Rozer 3r-GSo Tanoy. one of the rr.c." ::._Ls:r;ou"i of rr^-:-r-.: cc-'-.nty's forrr.T citizens. H* als. has created lir;e njr-.ber of jrr.a'.ler p;oces and r.^-w is engaged in r''.^tir.g a pro;e:t f-v tho Frcderirrk Ch'pf--, Dajzht«rr of t.-.e Anten-an WILL PRESIDE i The 75th anniversary of Oi;r 7-ady , of Mt. Carme! Catholic church at ! Thurmcnt will bo observed i mornir.g by a large open air service to ] be held on the lawn of the church at ,11 o'clock and to be attended by b-;- j tween 4.000 find 5.000 members of the i Cathcl.c churches of Frederick county. i Baltimore and Washington. Thi- Hoiy ! Xame Scciety in this county. Baltimore [ a n d V/aohmcton. and representatives : of every Catholic church in the two . cities a-; expected to attend. I The service will be presided over by , Bishop John M. McNamara. of Washington. Monsignor Bernard J. Braa| ley. of Mt. St. Mar],-'s Coll^sre. f-ill celebrate ihe ma--s: Rev. Fr. Philip Gergen. of Blue Riclge Summit, will act as dea- Cjti. and Rev. P~. T SScrzynski as subs deacon. Very Rev P. GaUigher. president of Mt. St. Mary's Seminary, and 1 Very Rev J. P. Conroy. paster of 5t. ' Joseph's f hurrh. Eir-mitsburg. vnll act. as deacons of honor. ?.Ionsj;rior P Ticrnrj'. f-f Mt. St. Mary's Scrr.,r.arv. ·s.:l preirh the sermon. Fifty scm.nariar-s from Mt St. Mary's Seminary under tl-if direction o? Rev. J. Leo Barley. Emmitsburz. · 2i-ch-di3ce--ars d.rector of music wi!l sine the ma^s About "0 nurses, srad- · aatcs of the Cathol.c hospitals of Ba'- tin~.orf. v,ill tond in a body. A large cmorzoncy 'ent will be erected tt- care for any Jlnpis or accident cast-.-, -xirh trained n-ir-;M .- a-t/-nd- rnre Fc'"o--irg: the n-.i^s a bufT^t Traffic «ill be directed by state p'sic'*- rr.en under the super*, is.on of Cnpt. Johnson, of Baltimore. The Our Lady ch'irch was b;:Jt bv Rev. Fr John McClo-.kiy and t!.' priests of Mt S' Mary'.- Co,:'-';" la x*tr"i n g j snd 'he entir" infTiC.r re- cer.ty h^s br;r. rTi-'va-j--! and e-c-xn^-3 rr.rt by prie5-s o." M-. S: MATI-'S C--1- 1-cse. Ko--. Joseph L. Curmn ts t.V t;as or of the rhiirrh. The rowing were Francis SooU ! whas thc ' t---*-TM- f»m -*·« discovery_ . i The scocp was carefully wrapped in. Key hotel reservations for the Hood , pipc , ^ prevent erasure o f possible College May Fete this morning: ; flnger prices or other valuable cless Miss Kalhrj-n Scnnton. Pa.: . and taker, to the police station in the Helen P. C-son. Scranton.. Pa.; Mrs. A j Lindbergh garage. a ,j ^~ The prosecutors both said there had r "FVi! \f*^ H K Mansfield German- . . . . . . u. rcii. .M.5. n. -v. .utuuuiu, v*-^""-" i been no other--developments of import- town. Pa.: Mrs. J. F. Henry, Jamaica,! anoe in ttie case since yesterday. N. Y j H. W. Srot.1. Jr. Phtladclpnia.! QueKianing of Dr. John F. Condon Pi.; Mr. and Mrs J. H. Oliver. William i CJafsiei. the Bronx negotiator, and of Joseph Oliver. Scraiiton, Pa.: Mr. and ! John Hughes Curtis, the Norfolk. Va., Mrs. Jacob L. Lanpany, Philadelphia: : intermediary, satisfied state police that F. C. Williams and Samuel Hawkes « the negotiations of both men in an ef- Cornmg. N. Y.: Mrs. John Graham, i fort to effect the baby's return, were Elizabeth. X. J : L. C. FowSer. Laurel.. undertaken in good faith. De! : H. G. Ellis. Laurel. De!.: D H. i S50.000 Check Was Ready. Englchart, J. Burton Jones. Pittsburgh. · For the first time the circumsiances Pa.: Florence E. Birch. Mrs. A. E. J under which their separate negotiations Barbie. Jersey City. N. J.: Mrs. E. C \ '* - ere conducted were made known. Each. Cerf.;. N Y.: Mr. and Mrs.! felt that he actually had established James G. Davies. Ridgewood. X. J.. ; contact with the kidnappers or their Mr. and Mrs. Danis'i B. Sullivan. New · *xBa ndc representatives. Col. Lind- Kcnsint-ton. Pa ; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph j bergh himself was com meed, for he A Daley. Chicago. Ill : Mrs. Ellen M. ! "^ given Dr. Condon $50,000. which, Emssorth. Pa.; Mr. and Mrs | wa ^ paid to the kidnappers, and he J. H. Hobs^.n and daughter. Plula- j h -d made out a check for a similar tielphia: Mrs. and Mrs. J. Daer. and ! sum to Curtis to be paid if the baby George W. E-*ald. Maplewood. N. J : ··"·"« returned. Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Magee. Mr. ' Curtis, accompanied by two detectives, and Mrs. I. H. Biunell. New York city: Tas off today oa another mysterious O. O. Hanoi** K. K. Hanioa. C. D. j Joamer. this time in quest of the men McClelland. Bamcsville. O : A. Mune w -- h *--:«n he had been cegotiatin-r. Raa-yav. E-.anston. 111.. Mr. and Mrs. Where they went was not revealed. Fred W. Hocks. Shcnandoah. Pa.; Mr. j Federal agents were lending their 2nd Mrs. Wm. T. Wood. St. Peters- ! support to the hunt for the murderer burg. Fla.. Mr. and Mrs W. H. Gorh- i "' v - rl ? quick evidence of president Hoov- rme. Pitt-iburgh. Pi : Hugh McKay.' er5 earnestness trhen he announced yes- Phiiadelphia. Pa : Dr. ana Mrs. C E. | tertja 7 the go*-emment -ivould assist in Berlc. Fcr-l?nd. Pa.:'Mr. and Mrs. C. i tne h ' J 3t "until these criminals are T. Tyree. AHavista. Va.; Mr. and Mrs ' ^placably brought to justice." E. J. Ay-r. Ei.ztbeih. N. J.: Mr. and i Coast guard craft joined today in the Mrs. J. P. Harlev. Williamsport. Pa.: ' «a"h for the group of men -nth whom J. J. Faulfcrod. 3rd. Mervin. Pa : Dr. C'- 1 ^'" conducted ransom negotiations, and Mrs Cc.rrin?ton. Jane Carrinston,' Dlscoverr Spot Guarded. Atlantic City. N. J : Mr and Mrs. L. · As :ne I: ::e O3d y ^^s being cremated Amo?. Sj-racusc. N". Y : Mr. and Mrs. i T^tcrday st-ate police built a t-fo-foot H. Kuhns. V?.ndcrgr:ft. Pa : Mr. and! h '-=' n 7ia " of concrete blocks around Mrs. J. 3. Herbert. Tern Henderson.! - hs *- There '.he Ion? hunt for tie Grwnsb-jre. Pa ·. .fr. and Mrs. Georg-' sidr.appod tabr ended Thursday after- L. H«-nn L r Mr? V,' D. Beers. Wi_kcs-' n:xn - Previously the police haJ mys- Barrc'. Pa : M Catherine Miilsr. New'. ''-"zus'-j stood grari over tbe place Bnchton. Pa bu - the ~** 1 ' T « raaed to maie sure that no bur.;lirig step might destroy possible valuable clues. The called ho-lo-c thai contained the biby Tas scraped clear today and th« i ; -ra-; _:--tt to c::?-rts :r analysis ia ;.ie hope that science might shoir £h« way t j arrest of the kidnappers. Juit n-ha.t it -»as the police hoped to GRAND JURY ENDS WORK Former Bank Cashier Indicted In Carroll Conntr. ! X?",:n VT. Cro-jL-.e -sa= ir.c!.:ted bv the ,-- .- _ .,_._. _^^_ . ... ~.,j ,, *,,,, -~-* Snd from the KlintiSc analysis -sas E^r.; Molher-And-Dautbter Banquet- Deaths Far Exceed Births In Carroll Co. During the of April, the physicians reported 43 births and 84 deaths occurnr.; :n Carroll county. Physicians also reported 203 communicable diseases occurring ;S the coun'y: r.anie!y. scarlet fever. 14; influenza. 96: pneumonia. 22: mumps 19; whooping cough. 26 c -.-:· -pD-. 8: ere--ct l.-.j. 5: tu- bcioi !-·_· 3. Gtrv^r. w i.-le*. 3; im, 2; and pini eye, *. A. A. U. W. Dinner : The Frec'encrt Lranch. Amer.can Assoc^tic-n o; University Wo^i^r ~-ill h3ld a c-r.nsr Thurscia? z: 6 o'clock a: the Barbara Fritcr.e T^a R^:m El-jctior. of officers --;'.'. :j.- turc the c^ The prc^r-t C'ff.c-^r? ?rc Dr. Esther Z. Shaif. prw.;«r.t. Mis? X*H.-:- Blcchcr. -.ic^-preslclsr.t. M.;^ Grace 3ro~.. secretary: M^s Virg^iji N. Cl.r.e. treasurer. The is oe- ir.s planned under :h-e ausp:-c»:. of -..-.e :sllo~ship con-.nri;:«e. cf Dr. Mabel Bishop js cr^ M^s Wec- V-r, of th; faculty of the col".-:;?, is of the;';t in charge of arrar.r-~-mer.ts. ;ud;rr,£r.t but ir. hu patriotism, from a .^elfish vie-s-po^-.t - SHOW CONTRAST WitH MORSE'S TELEGRAPH quc-t of Cr.n?t Reforrr.ed church. Mi!d",-'-town. Rev. John S Adam, pastor, was DELEGATION ORDERED TO LEAVE KENTUCKY ; Finds Rr.ii Mushrooms. Whil-e on a mushroom hur.t t h j ~-x» [near Myersvilie, Wilbur Harisock found 1 7fi T.ushrxstns. all arour.d /r;e stamp. T'.-.e largest one ir.c-a-iirt.--d 5 .r.;ht-s r.-ih and 6 uich^; arour.d the head. j Tie rauf^Tuv^cs n^Oc * large bo7.1fui. fil L--i:-r. Ky ^uy 14 'A?« -- Warr.- ^fore d f -t)a7".ure of a r.'^Tthb'-ur.d triir. -ar. C.vil Liorrties Cr.:3n ce.e^a'or. r. its return here today froir. ar. jr.- j--"s?f-il a':e~pt *- vis-.- ·;-.« Bell cy.r.- y coal fields. A cro^ci gat'rrered or. the s'reeis here ^ the deleeainr. drove .r. after be- nc; halted at "he 3^-11 cour.ty lir.e and r.crlff W H 5:ee:e. .if Laurel c:--;r.ty. r.r.ouriced tr-a' the '.is^sra rr.ti.-t leave Grover 32*5, Louis; ille at:orr.c-v -xho led the petition ix injunction to pro- b.t interference -slth the trip to Ball »v,.'h F^d ra! ra'-.^ cen..d. ar.- al woula oe taten. : :-' Carroll rour.ty Mr Cr;-u_* at ·^n? was ca-.-1-cr of tne bank. irjjrct Grser.-s ovi. ;s *ho lived -fr :a:r-;r. 3:-rr"..ii» Gr-;enw:.3j. at A'e, was inc.-t^d on a rharje sf T.--: jra.-.d ;-j-y -«is ad;; a:'-er -·-r. m s*"^c.3n five ^375. Tne ju*~v a.-i.nx! 157 ·aitn'GS'is and returned ty-sc". en pr'^-;rr..rrxi:-- and trje bills --oil c-'jrry n;-mc an-i the O-inty ! an,'; f - u n d *·:c--"; in csod ~3~.T. G-^rr? A Arcsli. Tsneyt,i-;~n, Secret Service Aid Ordered. _ Wsshia!rtDr.. May 14 AP.--The Tr^as-^-y Depart.T.snt today directed ·he Un.ted States Secret Servloe and tft-- ir.t-s-:::gcr.--e Ba:i, of tie Internal R-;-.T.^--- Eur-3-i :o do what they couid -~ ~"= -^a-ch for the feiir-appers and "la.rrs of Charles Au-cust-is Lln-Jber--"- Jr " *"" Trafk And Fit-Id Meet Postponed. f ^_ -~-,.-e^ - -^ ,- --- -.-- ·/, TM -.--.n-al trac* and frld -r.-»: -f ^'. "^;^-.^r:^.:\-^. ! . ^ :r.c pub.ic sr.-.?^^ of Csrr... rour. :- ^-^.^ \i^-- f . ·,, r .--*-~ - ".-r*-. c - ·-,* that vox -o ha-.,*xer. h-:ld .r. Tar-;.- 1"'." ;*..''"" J"',,";""' ··--"'" ' v . . . . , ....- ' *iii^ tJ . . J . . C II. ^ A -- . * ^wn *(?cav. ras Tycn p^s^' -- *"- 1844 -- 'Th?.: N'o Arrcsis Xear. Tr.-n'cr.. N. J.. Ma;.- J4 (A?).--D's- tr.-t Attimey Er-s-.ii Marsiall. prosecutor of Iferoer coani-. ia Thich ths bocv .^f the L:r.obergh babv tras found. said sf er a. visit- to the scirsc today ao i--mediate arrests Tere in sSshT He w.a h ? -r= s fcapefal the kkaapo- -r-rr.-irc-:rer --ould be found fcBi made it pialr. this *··« entirely a hope. Saturday May 28 vr«at.i~r rcndit or^ are respons.'ole 'or 'h* 1 c.iar.ce Th" rne?: i^ 5:'.d ·ir.dcr the c_r-c':rn of the Publ. 1 ; Athletic I^ag':-. ha.h Gt-f* *?*r;"2ht." cl?_-r.?^ -ssr' p:cl-:ed up arc ,,...,'I!-1".. Branswirk Hoase 5^ Th» K C H.niins ·» eather-boardecl rhe^r.-.a'.tni .1 'c.^ h-vj-e or. Njrth Potomac avenue. Brur.s- } a.=;"ed the oa'i-crt. :-- Sx--:ty : the Pras,= hrld Thursday a f t It was a cur- i:de Inn De..n Mr.! uick. purchased at a sheriff's sal-- t.ia.: I should avy.c dampness?' a: the cojrt house this* morning by H. . K cff-r D-Iju'f-r for the Pr-oplfs NJ- Ba.iii of Brun^v .:k. for $500 J Joha L. Dutrov was auctioneer. · Yes. that? " r^plif ·-- ac.-.r .v.r,5l V. ol'. 1.* 'onv t a.-/c ;-c take a oath." -- Tit-Btis. r.- E M:; ir.mvrn 13D-1. AT:-- A _····. -;ji ( a deLga;i.u soc :r- r^ac bv Mrs George E Diror.. M^; Daisv D. G. Everhait. Mus ar.. Mrs H'lih Dear. .-.nd Mr= Jx-.:: Er.^ c.--- i :on or ·:-.» aork. «.; iioor roUosei e Somewhat Retarded. Xev. yirk. May !4 A?-.--TJiere -4 as some retarding of the decline of the past two sessions in today's stock mar- fcc- but ne: losses of fractions to 2 pc-n: or rr.orr embraced most of the !«· After shoving rather prorvo-mcsd heavir.^s in the first hoar tbe list recovered a little in the late dealir^s, some issues rallying as much as a point but a heavy undcrtonp prevailed a: the close The turnover for the two-hour sess.oa vas only about 2,000,809 stages.

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