The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 30, 1948 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 30, 1948
Page 11
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f\\ 1 · I If] ^-^ ··*··· TW\ T§ "D J lo Be Kenewed teams. However, the rivalry be- twee* these two towns remained M intense mx ever. !a 1*21, the records of tlie in hi* 1 " 1 * with an average of .478 2- these two contenders for - a 38-year-old rivalry, according to Baltimore business i sure." states Judge Moylan. "that * J»-ye«r-oia n»»i*y, »twiuiii» w , m vouager ir'eud would have Charles E. Moylan. who was a · v .- " la attn Bass Season Opens July 1 The open season for black bass In Western" Maryland will open altered before Thurscay. the season opens 1 verted to use of artificial lures, i while others are seining b»it as | A number of side streams offer they go along, good base fishing and some anglers may find them clear enough tomorrow in event the rivers are unfit Limitation On Thursday morning, with condition j x ne same regulations governing j of streams uncertain. ' if ve j, a jt will be in effect this sea- The Monocacy river. \s hich is , son. Regional Game Warden Benfor Frederick anglers, was [ jamin F. Phebus has announced Angler* using shrimp, liver, chicken entrails and other j.uch \ bait for catfish, and those provid- j ing dough-bait for carp are not too much concerned about regula- | tions affecting the bass devotee , Daily creel limit on black bass' is 10 fish, not less than 10 inches in length. , . cloudy Tuesday and will more :han j Anglers are permitted a toial of 35 j ~ · · p n t«MEt ft v likely live up to its reputation of ] live baits in their possession J Soviet f rOieSl M' ver - -x- , ,«,,, a emerged with league batting being unfit for bass opening day.! This includes minnows, helgra- ArtJrl«» I«S spectator to the initial 1»10 game. | hono £. but for a piece of - sneer ciemr water ^ ae eded to lure the jaites. crawfish Toads and worms | ~^ 1 " clcr are excepted. The regulation was.! Washington, pitcher that; Reoorts from Harpers Jerry. W adopted last ear to prevent the United State; specter ui UK *^~ «^«-,Ta~f honors but for a piece of sheer Ciear water is needed and a participant »s captam and j luck ^ rt c , de Hauver ! scrappy bronze-backs. . second baseman of _ the I)axns\ille; «.,..,-·« ^tar mteher that' ^- ... t w,..~~ be- ' was ihe Ie2 « ue " s ' year - Beiag a tealftmate ° f mi°«.! . . !Va. last night were to the effect , denud-ng of small streams of for- Soviet protect against I never had to bat against him. ] AM the Shenandoah river was age fish. cow called a "warmon June 29 ^i--The today rejected a what Mo;.- ·4 *·*- j._ j. +xir/- A!/I *»i (."-ale ff\f f ?i** ·" ~~~-- --~" ** -- -- " « * *. i«ii*i uijtfcit. *» v* t iv h*s^r t*i^-^- % , - - - - · · * - - -- " · tween these two old rivals lor tne j nevej . had , o foal a g ainst biag ^ , ^^ Af shenandoah river was ag« '^ h - cow called a "«armougering art- next i- jears. Bob Hopkins f ace d him in two j clear and * Potomac clearing Since a vast majority of fisher- tele m an American magazine. A banner turnout pi partisan games . and nearly won anyway." frbai was before a hard thunder-. men use hve bait, the law has had, In a note to ihe Soviet Embassy fans of both communit'es is ex-, Xow ijamsvuie is at long last I storm pj..,^ over this section ' a tendency to curtail their pisca- here. Secretary of State Marshall n the defensive and is trailing ! however and conditions mav be t--:-t i,ctivitie= Soir.e have re- aUo gave The Russians a pointed Market in the league stand- a victory on July 4ih ' Market for third place ·h? Marvland S-.ale I K t r * h will be a feature ci the annual homecoming. Another irg j-.e feature of the game w. ill be the to tje ^dedication of Ijsmsviile's new honors grandstand. League. ··The first game between these "The Kew Market ieani of this · old rivals." .declared Judge Moy- year." declared Judge Moylan. '. Ian. "was a humdinger in every , "is one cf the best teams in that | respect. Ijamsville's first baseball | town's history and is smartly I team, on which the stars were the managed aid coached by Charles '. late Wilnier Swomley. Harvey | Wood and Paul Zimmerman, i Peters. Ed Tobery and Will Dor- and fur is sure to fly on next Sun- } sey. had imported a pitcher from day "' ' Mversville. one Paul Wachtel. who · Many oldtimers. \i ho have play- F later was a winning pitcher in the ; ed in games for these teams dur- ' Texas League, and was sold for j ing the past 38 years, are expected : S13.000 to the Cincinnati Nationals. ! to be en hand to root for their | "Wachtel proved practically un- favorites. hittable. New Market, however. had a crack batterj" in Bill Willis. who still lives at New Market, i and his brother Hampton Willis lecture on freedom of the press m the United States But he greeted with pleasure a Russian statement, contained In the original protes.. which denounced as a "libelous invention" any chsrge that Russia is preparing to attack thvs country. The Soviet complained to the State Department on June 9 that an article in the May 17 issue of Newsweek magazine violated a United N a t i o n s resolution condemning "warmongering " The article discussed possible American aerial defenses against an attack by Russia ·* Marshall's note of rejection said the United States Government has no j csponMbihty for what is published in the American press because the American Constitution , guarantee*, press freedom Marshall told Soviet Ambaw^ador The New*. Frederick. Md.. Wednesday, June 3t, 194* Alexander S. Panyushkin that: 'The Government of the United ' States is happy to observe the state- ' ment in the embassy's note characterizing the charge that the j Soviet Union is preparing an at-' tack upon the United States as a libelous invention " Say you saw It in The News. FENCE OX FUME A fire which buined several boards of a wood fence in the rear of a residence in the 600 block Park place, about 5:40 p. m. Tuesday called out the Junior pumper arid United rescue truck. Firemen ^aid the Mnall blaze originated fioni busnmg trash in a metal container. Rummer is more Delightful of Sea-Coo/ Cotton Manor,. Famous "Ship'* Son-Deck," tea-water bc'hi, bathing direct fro.-ri hotel. Finest food. 250 reii- ful rooms. American ond European Plans. Booklet. PJLAXXIXG SOCIAL. EVENTS The Youth Fellowship of Cals r ^ Methodist church is planning ' now a resident of Pittsburgh. The - - events for the r pitchers battle was won by New mer Thev iaclude a icnic f Market's very fine «»uthpaw I ^ tf ^ P?^ 00 ^ Vl - "n- *°- ^t Great Falls. This is the Wesiern I to 2. in 10 .nniDgs , Washington Distric£ picnjc . A nay j Judge Moylan was at the time j ridc to Gle!1 Ecno will be he i d j ·he captain and second baseman ; Ju j v 10 i eav i n g r^e church at two : )f the IjamsvUle Juniors, which j Q^i^k that afternoon. Members j went through that season unde- 1 must have permit ;lips t o go o n - feated. The following spring, at ! the trip O n' July 24 from two un- ; Reich's Ford, the Ijamsville Jun- i m eight o - c!ock the Frederick sub- ', iors. defeated the Senior team j district picn ; c will be held at the . 14 to 6. and from that day on be- ; Wa i kersvil ie Methodist church, j came the village's representative The church wiu try to provide · nine. The older team disbanded, j transportation to WalkersviHe. For 12 years. Judge Moylan ex- : plains, Ijamsville won annually . from New- Market, except for onej"' b - c ' *· i:s - fc " five-inning game in 1913. when a j star twirler for New the name of Kennard proved _ t _ ,,.,, . , much for the Ijamsville hitters. , Thursday. June 1,. Gifts and In 1921, when both towns were I money v.-ere received from mem- , The W S C. S. of the Methodist j no. \vntrn a j _ , , , .. iL , i Market bv ! church. Purdum. neld its monthly j nr -TM-~A fnn · meeting in the new church hall on ] ATLANTIC CITT fawnylvwii* Av*ui« Gv*rl»«fciag toctdwcttt OX ROAST AND CARNIVAL Sponsored b\ Blur K!d;e M'oM^nirn's Association JULY 1ST, 2MX 3RD C VMI' K I T C I I I F K F s l i:\ VTIO.V July lt--Quint} Orphanage Band July 2nd--Dance Muiic Jcl 3rd--Hotly Bowers' Orche^ra. Bis Street Dance ALL. KINDS; OK AMI SI..MI:XTS Ball Ciamr. S»lm;ir.n- Katrs a;id D l . l n j ConlrsU E A T S ir Kaffir -- Fun for All -- t'irr Aiinil iioii -- I'ublu- (""rtJiill\ ln\i(cd Hour*. TliurMlav and 1 rliij\ -- i, i.» ; · I'. M. Naiurtiay -- i » N»»II (· MHliilcti; For Brut-lit of Pij ground and Ball Park Fund COMK OXK -- O O M K Al.l. -- I:\1S Oil M I I N K members of the Frederick County League, in the first year of that bers and friends in the community. | Plans were also made for the an- League's existence. IjamsvUle i nual picnic and supper to be held was a pennant contender through ' in the church hall July 10. Demost of the season, \vhile New ; licious refreshments v.-ere served Market had one of its weaker i by the W. S C. S. CONTENTMENT If you know how to spend less than you earn, you have one of the secrets of contentment. The next step is to put the difference hi a savings account.with this Institution. THE FREDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION BANKERS FOE OVER 100 YEARS 1828 1948 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HOLD ALL YOUR C. S. SAVINGS BONDS AND PROTECT YOUR FTTTURE Union Bridge LIONS FAIR Amateur Contest \ August 9 to August 14 11 'HiTK MMMKiH t TKI. 1* TO BYRON E. HARTZLER New Windsor, Md A hone/ for saving money! Vfant a "date" that'll save you money? Then "make a date to On.-Pr_A.TE" with Conoco N Motor Oil, today! Because N'A Oil (Patented) saves three big ways: (l) N'« protects agamst -wear... with an added ingredient that fastens extra, lubricant so closely to metal that cylinder walls are actually On.-PLATED. This extra. OIL-PLATING stavs up . . . won't all drain down into the crankcase, even overnight! ISIS. ConUsenui OC Company (2) N'« projects against Combustion acids . . . a second added ingredient in N/« Oil checks metal-eating engine acids . . . stalls formation of power-choking sludge and carbon . . . helps keep engines clean. (3) N'A protects against waste. Refined from finest paraffin-base crude oils, N'A has the "body" to stand punishing heat, gi^e Jail-time, protection, more miles per quart! Save your car, save your money ... 0/L-PUTE m .-3Sr«*" r . i « i t ' · is:a.stitch in STOFFER INSURANCE AGENCY FREDERICK,MD. cAsnii Phone:l292 The /allotting dealers .tell CONOCO Gasoline anil Oil: BALL'S SERVICE STATION. Jefferson St.. ext., U. S. Route 340. BIERLEY'S AUTO SERVICE. 575 East Street, Frederick, Md. COATES SERVICE STATION. Petersville. Md., U. S. Route 340. HEFFXER'S SERVICE STATION. Lewistown, Md., U- S. Route 15. LITTEN'S CHEVROLET SALES, 600 W. Potomac St., Brunswick, Md. LEROY MASSER'S STORE. Rocky Springs, Md. MAY'S SERVICE STATION, 1 mile south of Frederick, U. S. Route 240. WATKINS* GARAGE, Mount Airy, Maryland. ARROW OIL CO., S. Wisner St.. Frederick. Md. n'you select F O R R E A L T H R I L L S ! IG CAR A FIELD OF OUTSTANDING DRIVERS FREDERICK FRIRGROUflDS MONDAY JULY 5 2:45 P. GENERAL ADM $1.00 Let us, through our Monument Service, bring you the help of Barrc Craftsmen, designers 01 Sin- cst monuments. The listing beauty jjf Barre Monuments make them a suitable choice for thb most important tribute to those who have passed on--or to events to be marked through the ai;es. Let us help you in making this most important selection an enduring monument of appropriate dcugn mid suirobicVosc. HAMMAKER BROTHERS FREDERICK, MD. HAGERSTOWN. MD. VfA^IHVGTCV D. C. T'u*50 r *C v 5 £ t; -- HA » 'E * Of BEEX A T WOQDSBORO COMMUNITY CARNiVAL June 28 thru July 3 Free M*arl*iiti/ On BUG PROOF LIGHTING FREE EHTERTAIN1ENT TQNITE THE FAMOUS WM. F. MYERS BAND, INC., OF WESTMINSTER .1 Treat f«tr Lwerx of Hand Music BINGO FERRIS WHEEL KIDDIE RIDES Games of all kinds plus plenty of that good country food and refreshments. COME BRING YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR AN EVENING OF FUN \ BENEFIT COMMUNITY BETTERMENT FUND I

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