The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 11, 1924 · Page 9
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 9

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Tuesday, November 11, 1924
Page 9
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TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 11. 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS °AGE NTNK, EDUCATIONAL WEEK IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS Next Week to be Observed in the Schools with Programs. Leads Suffragists AND BY THE PUBLIC Formal Opening to Public, of New Lincoln School WUI Be Feature. Educational wook, next week, will bo appropriately observed throughout I ho schools of Hutchinson, and Reno county. Superintendent J. Vf". Cowans luw arranged for the - Incorporation of i ho observance of the various days into the regular class work unci recitation periods ot nil tlie grades, anil there also will bo special programs'. Parents of the pupils will be especially Invited to visit the schools during the week and see what Is going on, and share with the pupils the Inspiration of the week's program. Probably the outstanding event of the week's observance so far as the genera' public Is concerned will he on Wednesday when the forma' dedication of the new grade school building, Lincoln school, will be held. Luncheon at School. The Chamber of Commerce luooheon Wednesday noon will be at the school building, served cafeteria style (u tho large assembly hall. A brief program will include a talk by Dr. Raymond s*chw»gler, of the I'nlverslty ot Kansas. Following tho luncheon the business men will have an opportunity to see the school children at work In their classes, and to inspect the flue new school building. Wednesday night a public reception will he held in the new school tor the fathers and mothers of tho pupils and tho publl' generally. The program will be an entertainment put on by the children ot the school. On Tuesday night, in conneotiou with the Educational week program tho' Teachers' clnb will have a meeting, which will bo addressed by Dr. Schwegler, ot the state university." In County Schools. There -will 'uu an observance of , Kducnllonnl week throughout the county In the rural schools, also. S. P. Rowland, county superintendent, has Issued the following to till the teachers of the county schools: To Reno County Teachers: Education Week Is sponsored by the United States Bureau of Education, the American Legion, and llm National Educational Education. Perhaps no school and community can use all the subjects of the program, but every one will find feature* of very great interest. Kvery school should make as much use of this program as possible. The social and patriotic spirit awakened from a genoral observance of the program will he wholesome, and tho observance of the program will also Impart Instruction ot real Importance to the Individual, the school and the state. S. I*. ROWLAND. County Supu of Schools. The program for Educational Week, as recommended to the schools, la as follows: CONSTITUTION DAY g, Monday. November 17 Tile Constitution In the. bulwark o( democracy and onr.ortunlly. 1. Life, liberty, Justice, security and happlne-N. How our Constitution guarantee* these rights. 3. Revolutionists, communists and extreme pacifists are a menace to t!i**ee guarantee-*. 4. One t.'onntllutlon, one Union, one Vlar, one History. Slosans— Ballots, not bullets: Master ihe English language: Visit tho Schools today. PATRIOTISM PAT Tuesday. November 18 The Untied Mtan-s Flan I* the IlvlllR symbol of tin- ideals mid Institutions' of our Bepublic. 1. The red flag rnesns aVath. de- strtiotton, poverty, eurvacion, disease, uuurchy and vll.-.tiitorslilp. 2. Help tile Immigrants and aliens to henointf American citizens. 3. Take an active- Interest In gov- » eruuiont affairs. •!. Stamp out revolutionary radicalism. .i. To vote Is the primary duty ot the patriot. , Slogans—America First; The red flag means danger; Visit tha schools today. SCUOOL, AND TISACHER DAT Wednesday, November 19 Tho teacher Is tho guiding Influence of future America. I. The. necessity of si -hools. it. Tho teacher u.s a Nation builder. ,1. The. school Influenco on the coming generation. I. Tho school as a productive institution. r.. School needs In the community. fl. Music Influi-nr.o uppn the Nation. Slogans—Better-trained and better- p:ifd teachem; moro udcqtiute buildings: Schools arn the Nation's greatest asset; Visit the Schools today. ILLITERACY DAY Thursday, November 20 Informed intelligence is the foundation of representative government. 1. Illiteracy is a menace to our Nation. 3. An American's duty toward the uneducated. 3. Provide school opportunity for every Uftiterate. «. lHeracy creates misunderstanding. 5. An Illiterate who obtains onlv second-hand Information Is a tool of the radical. Slogans—No illiteracy by 1030; Education Is a Godly nation's greatest need: Tfco dictionary Is the beacon MKhtj to understanding; Visit the Schools today. P1IVSICAL EDUCATION DAY Frldfcy, November 21 Playgrounds und alhlello fields moan a strong, healthy nation. 1. A playxrouud for every child. 2. Physical education and health lublts for all. 3. Adequate parka for City, State ind Nation. • 4. Safety education saves life. 5. ISncourngo *ane athletics Lor all. fl. Physical education Is a flfiaruc- ! ier builder. Slogans—A sick body makes a slelt Bind; Athletes all; Visit tha Schools loday. , COMMUNITY DAY Saturday, November 22 Sorvlcn to Community, Stale nrrd k'ation Is Ihe duty of every citizen. Eauallty of opportunity In edu- LIONS ENTERTAIN SONS AT DINNER Annual Father and Son Meeting it Held—Boys Talked and Performed. I returns until u lute hOirmid treat- j I oil tho crowd to apples. I j Dave .Woodward, of Lawrence, is spending a few days with relatives and friends In this city. On Tuesday erot.lng. the fourth. Lawrence Raker had a • omplelc \ surprise by Class No. -1 of Pleasant llrove church, A very pleasant i evening was spent In lite wny nf: games. Refreshments was served ! nl n late hour. 111? fnlher, Alfred j Maker, was unable to attend as tief was serving on the election hoard | at Valley. I Judge's Widow a Typist This is a new picture of Mrs. Corbett Ashby, English suffragist, who has been elected president of the International Suffrage Alliance In Rcyie, Italy. cation for every American bov and Blrl. 2. Hotter rural sehoois. 3. AdoMiintt? pilbili: library service tor every community. . A community's concern for education measures Its in Its own fa tare. ti. flood rends build a community. Slogans—Get acquainted with your neighbor: A square deal fortho country boy and Blrl; Children today. Citizens tomorrow. VOH OOP AND COUNTRY DAT Sunday, November 23 nellglon, morality and education are necessary for good government. 1. education In the home. 2. Education In the school. 3. Education in the church. Slogan—A Godly nation cannot fall. Ministers of alt denominations are urged to preach a sermon on education, either morning or evening. All communities are urged to hold mnss meetings. Requests fur speakers for meetings during this week should be made to the American Legion Posts throughout the country. Such members ot the Lions eluti as are fortunate, enough to have sons were In good company In Rt night, playing host In Ihe annual father-son dinner of the club at the Hotol Stnmey. A few ot tho cubs who had no sons turned out with some other man's son and It was a . , toss up as to which tided In inoro!^ Eggleston, wealthy widow, will ; Eggleston Trial Opens at Lamed Lamed, Kan. Nov. 11—-Mrs. Mary kidtllsli fashion, fathers or sons. Various noise mnkitiB devices were on Ihe two long tables and tho dads blew their horns and whistles just as lustily as did tho boys. It was strictly a boys' program which followed tho feed. Two Hutchinson Boy Scouts, Llntlsey Search nnd Byron Ellsworth wore the principal speakers, being introduced by the Rev. A. .1. Bell, who presided as toast master. It was not strictly a ninctillno mooting, for two girls played in the orchestra led by Joe Bailey Jr., which played before and during the dinner. They were the .Misses Mildred .lacltsmi and .Mildred Bailey. Other members of the orchestra were Ralph Brook, Bue| Collins and Phillip Jackson. Other musical numbers on the program Included a saxophone solo by Phillip .Liekoit, accompanied by Prof. C. At. Fahustock and a comet solo by Warren Murrah, go to trial tomorrow In the Pawnee county district court. She Is charged with attempting to lake tho life ot D. A. Ely, of this city, by ndmini- sterlng poisoned wine lust April. Efforts were made by Ihe defense to have the trial continued, but .Tudgo Roscoe Wilson refused. Attorneys for the defense asked that the indictment bo quashed he- cause no method ot administering the poisoned drink Is alleged in the complaint. This motion was denied by Judge Wllsun. FATHER-SON FEEDS GENERAL THIS WEEK MCPHERSON MAN IS RUN DOWN BV A CAR. McPhorson. Nov. 11.—His attention centered on a car approaching from tho opposite direction A. J. Buckman failed to see a machine driven by Carl Daschner anil was struck as he crossed the street here Sunday evening. The pedestrian was severely bruised and received several deep cuts but no serious consequences are expected. YOUTH WANTED TO KILL BRAKEMAN Mrs. R. M. Wanamaker, widow of the late supreme court Justice of Ohio, surprised her friends recently by enrolling as a student In stenography. INVITATION TOURNAMENT FOR WOMEN GOLFERS. Junction City, Kun.. Nov. 11.— Ninety women from Ellsworth, Sallna, llerlngton. Abilene, Chapman nnd other central Kansas towns are Attending; an invitation golf tournament at the Junction City Country club today. Fifty more are expected to arrivo by early afternoon. Itinerant Explains Shooting nt Trainman After He Had \ Been Put Off. : After risking shells and machine i gun bullets In the A. M. F. as a sergeant through llm thickest of the fighting, and escaping without ii scratch, II. 1.1. Dart, now a Santa Ke hrakeman, came near being killed by a bullet fired by a "bum" Monday afternoon. The youth who fired the shot nt. Brnkeman Dart. Ed Johnson, giving "nowhere" as his home, and "no business" as occupation, was arraigned before* Justice T. F i Cox this morning on a charge of assault with Intent to kill, and was hound over to district court in ?.V 000 bond. Johnson, who is a youth of only about 17. sulci he had come from (Irani! Rapids, Mich. Ho was beating his way on tho train -when Hrakeman Dart put him off, nt. Sylvia. The youth thou shot at the hntkeman as the. way-car came by. The bullet barely mised Dart. "Why did you shoot at him?" Judge Cox Inquired. "Because I wanle'd to kill him." brazenly replied the youth. "He had put me oft tho train." Johnson had stolen the gun from a house ilt Spearvllle, where he had been given something to eat the day before. Before he took the shot at Brakeman Dart he had threatened to kill the conductor of the train, holding him off at the point of the sun. "f believe he is an e-oape from ;soine penal Institution." said Mr. \ Dart. "lie had on ?ome cluthin*: (that looked lllse It might belong to in reformatory. He was heating ills > ! way CUM I't'otn Colorado." j Boys Out on Bail. Three Mennonitc hoys, arrested' on complaint of a Buhler girl, who I charged them with abusing her on the street, were released on $.1 I 10I ball each, for nppearanre In Justice! R. i\ B. Wilson's court Saturday. | Father and Son Banquet. Tho f'irt nva. Baptist chur- will hold a Father and Son cpicf. Friday evening for all father and sons In the congregation, In church dining room ni <!:"') oYl,,. We clean Jlnnu guwn.» ;>u:. v. are just as careful with 5.' di'es-cj. [."wis Cleaner.- 1 . I'h-c,' i:'.:.i... . ti-l" For better eervloi car call ;>0, any Kingsley Motor Co. on tinu California We are making up a carload of household goods for Los Angeles to be shipped this month. Phone 9 AND THE CITY TRANSFER STORAGE CO. 19 WEST FIRST L. D. Ferguson W. C. Shaw John Schwinn Likes Work In Milwaukee John Schwinn. former Hutchinson newspaper man, nnd ox-lleu- tenant In the A. B. K. doesn't. lime much In common with Victor Merger or even Boli La Kolletle. But John likes Milwaukee, lie is on the editorial staff of the Milwaukee Journal now. Ho was hero for a few hours yesterday visiting friends. "They're strong for Boh I* Follette, and tor Victor llcrgwr," he remarked. "Also they like their beer." In other words, Bob, Borgnr nnd Beer all run pretty well In Milwaukee. "Hut It's a good place to live, although the cost ot living Is out of sight." he added. Mr. and Mrs. Schwinn wero visiting here last evening for a few hours on their way homo from Wellington, Kan., where they hod been called by the death and funeral ot the former's father, W. W. Schwinn, one of Wellington's prominent citizens, a leading attorney, who died last Monday. Mrs. Sam Mountain Painfully Cut When Car Goes Into Ditch District Y. M. C. A. Secretary Billed for Several Talks; To Nickerson Tonight. The Father and Son banquets to be held at various places over the district during the week in observance of National Father and Son week number about 20. according to Floyd. Hawkins, state district Y. M. C. A. secretary, who Is pro motlng tho movement In Mile din trlcU Mr. Hawkins will go to Nickerson this evening to give an address In tho city hall beforo a Joint Salem Community-Nlekerson ban- ilttet for fathers and sons. Other places where he will give addresses durlug the week are, Partridge, Garden City and St. John. Mrs. R. B. JlcCnrroll will go to Turon aR a special speaker tor tho Father and Son banquet, Nov. 25. Rev. A. J. Jervis. pastor ot the Congregational church ot Great Bend will speak Thursday evening at lloisiiigton; Frank H. West, general state secretary of the Y. M. C. A., will appear on the program at Great Bend. Friday night; Rev. J. P. White, of the Methodist church at Nickerson, at Zenith, Nov. 14; Rev. J. T. Wheeler of the Cln-Istl* church of Stafford, at Kinsley, Nov. H and R. E. Mohler, ot the MrPhersou College nt Buhler, Nov. 21. A number of other towns' have designated that program would be given but have not decided upon the date ot the programs. Mrs. Samuel Mountain, 9 Wesl 19th street is in a hospital at Emporia suffering from painful though not serious injuries received Sunday when a motor oar driven by Mr. Mountain, manager for the Kaunas (ias & Electric Co., here went into tho ditch on the Now Santa Fe trail near Saffordville. Mrs. Mountain was tlirown from tho car, and Into a barbed wire fence, which cut deep gashes in her right, cheek, tore one her ears and cut hor neck. Sba was taken to Saffordville and a doctor took her to Emporia. .Mrs. Mountain's physician said today her condition was not serlons. 'Mr. and Mrs. Mountain were on their way to Lawrence to visit their sou, Flske, a student ot tho University. Mr. Mountain said the accident happened so quickly ho was unable to explain It. The steering gear apparently broke, he said, and the car lurobed toward the ditch, throwing Mrs. Mountatu out. Mr. Mountain was uninjured. One of the wheels on the auto was broken. ' i BOOKLESS HEADS SALT CREEK FARM BUREAU, F.d. Bookless, a prominent F-sdt Crock township farmer was selected Farm Bureau vice-president for that township at Ihe annual meeting which was held last night at the Salem Community church. E. \V. McCall, county agent, and Miss Edith Holtnberg, home demonstration agent, discussed tho plans for Farm Bureau work in thnt i township durlug tho coming year. BURRTON The world's longest tunnel—a bore IS miles long through the rock ot the Calsklll Mountains In New York state—was made entirely by electric powor. The sale of Chaa. Howell, held 1 last Thursday, was largely attended, fully three hundred people were prosent. Everything sold high. Tho Methodist ladles cleared soventy dollars at their lunch. t'hns. Howell and famliy left fur their home in Hutchinson, on Friday. They are living on Fifth Ave. east. They Intend returning to their farm next Juno in time for harvest. Iflrani Baughman received a stroke early Thursday morning which paralyzed his, right side. He is confined to his bed and Is Improving slightly. Ed Barrows, the new representative who succeeds Harry Harris, was seen on Ihe streets of Burrton Saturday, receiving the congratulation ot friends. Mis. C. "W. Slroh while in Hutchinson, Friday, had her right foot operated on by Irl Hempslld. She is at Present at the home of Dr. J. W. Hompstid. Mrs. August llurty, of Rou'e 4. visited wlt|i relatives and friends in Hutchinson during the week end. 10. J. Haller and daughter, Lucille, returned from near Kirksville, Mo., Wednesday evening, where they spent three weeks visiting relatives and friends. Their trip was made by auto. Mrs. Orvillo Williams, mother ol Mrs. J. W. Berry, of Belleville. Kuns., has arrived lo mnko an extended visit Willi Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Berry of this city. Election passed off very quietly. The voters cast their ballots and returned home to await the re turns. 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B UT a fraction of their real worth are these exquisite Frocks offering for the first time tomorrow. A temptation irresistible, even to those who have already purchased for the original wholesale in many cases, equals and exceeds the sale price. Each Frock cleverly recognizes French details. Some exquisitite- ly simple, and some rather lavishly trimmed. Each Frock carefully tailored, cleverly designed, smartl ytrimmed, and they will no doubt find ready purchasers among women who are always distinctively dressers in Fashion's latest dictates. Wednesday and Thursday only. Our Entire Window- Space Given Over To This Display LOWER PRICES 112 NORTH MAIN

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