The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on August 31, 1918 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 31, 1918
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

i i i J' At IK TWKKVK. TIIE HUTCHINSON NEWS. 1 SATURDAY, AUGUST 1 31, 1918. o /go dl Ai CLAKSIFIKD AUVKUTISIJjq; nATK ONK CUNT A WUUI) BACH 1NSJ.U- ' TluN. Abbrevl.ittunii and iorlcs of In 1 ltliils or nurn(Miil» ruunt na one word, llndrr thin plan classing ll.lVOrlJHMS 1 can li'll In luivnnco the t'xnvX cust ot ' tlnlr ml, News .lasslln-i nils are 1 tukcn bv phono (or your n<"COmm'«li>- Imi, nnil all bills wo due and payable. ' tlic clay fullowlliK IHo d;ito of iJHt- ' lion. You can assist lis material.y ir ' you pay tho collator promptly oa pre• rt ntatiun of ftlal i-mcnt. FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS. Fnffl[ffl®s ai<t a Bargains stplnway & Son upright plana at n wu-rlflce. JHfiO Cablo ft Nelson Plan 0 at a bargain K'Hu . fcyburn piano If sold nt on.:e at a Imrfraln. See or call orvllln I-:. Hunt, pl-mo tuner and salesman, 40* Sherman west. I'hono 735. iy-tt lll/I'l-ll. for sale, cotml.ttlns of 35 fur- nlalu'd roomM; jr.idern, larifo" dlhlhK nmtn. handy kitchen and laige offlco. Known an NfW t.urkin Hotel, lot 2nd • l wpKt, Hutchinson, Kans. Uea.^on for Im• 'mediate aide, sickness. 11. II, Ijurktn, Prop. I'll-ll I'll It SAW'r-Ono ltart-1'arr UUIo Devil toi with a three bottom IjaCross plnuH, nil In good ah.'lpo l'rtee JG'IU.O'J. 'Vould K !V O time on part. Wrlto A. C •Sevi-r. Fort Dodge, Kant. KO-iit KOlt SAI.F,—Wide lire, low wheel wagon; wou'd eonyMer trade un an old wagon; also want to buy god largo size heating Move. South Hutchinson liiaeksmlth Simp. He.H. I'hono HS1-J. 30-31 WANTfcD—MALE HELP. WANTUI) -Three 01 niiieh.nrry helpers (ipenitlne drill press Apply UICK Uox tia, H four f.rRl -clas." ban-iy men i*> on erectng tloor. ileri >, Kall*a». lZ-IMt. , Will SAI.U-30 II. I', enirtne; •pcoil .-ne~ l ter, niagneto, radiator. pump, w.ud i hlold. coll bov, steering gear, and .,the:' g^>. d parts for Mudebliker. Call j:> 1' Kimt. ll it i —— . WANTKU -tJiberers. Morion Snll U'. 10c an nuu,- 1 is Jot., Hus to and (ruin woik. W Ittu rspouli, Lngltr «>"• UAHltlTS— nabblU. Raise rabbits nnil eonserve meats. No finer meat o earth than Itues. r»rt head breeding sunk for sale , All knlds. 111! Ku«t A. Phone l'S»§. cotjitl-lit WANT Kli—llid list! till IUU lllnsoll. Write lleallli A Accident li Hint IIUIB.. Wichita. Insurance man „r call the Hence surance Co., 410- SECONDHAND '.Ires and tutoea, all alxea. fori pu >' olu " caalnss. For guaranteed - ' repair work Bee us. Mld-Stato Motor Tlie Co,, opwnlte Mlsourl Pacltlt: dcepot. »-lf WANTKH-I'II gle. C. H. U. F. No Hand, married or sin- on, Hutchinson, Ivans., l-hono P.i-K-2. 20-1 W WTKIt- Young man for work In ster- ,.. Vviiiiig deimrtnient; steiwly place, gocsl tra,:.'. App .y at News. _f»^ WANTI'ILi—Sti-nuBi'i'I'ln r rc.i.l or flour m'U e.xpc WANT HI." •-'!• boys Koiug to ncliocl. sun Hic-.ul Co. with rall- preferred. 2S-II over 10 yra. old; not Ao->iy at once llsn- " 10-tt 5M."I;MMI;N S oppoitonlly; work up; ^ cjinpc;tltive; local field. fcijl. WAN : Local cibsl.iutial, non- KIi—Hell I and ro-Ji iiier. and bus boys; good pay i . -Vl'P'y Harvey Hou»>o. \\ ANTKH gmng to n New.- ocfioe. WANTl:l'-U"y ben In person. Model IJnind boy; one wlio is not school thin winter. Foreni ,een 10 and IS; apply ^teaui laundry. WANTKU— Mlcrrled man farm. Ooo. M Newllu, to work phone 311-F 13-11 'KSMITII- e. F. Wt: IIHI all nr i^lllnwoo. iun<l man at I, Kanw. ^l-tf WANTIOD-Man and I 1 mile. Olitl t» ^V. M\VA NT WD—Colored cw Mam. n to haul ma Harrett. Hutchinson Typewriter Co. ItOYAL, TYI'KWItlTKUH Bargains In Itebultt Machines. llorabaugb-\Mley Uldg. Phone 1080. 23-tt SECOND-HAND liutcnioson is tho log leal malkat ' or »eeond-b«nd autotnobllal. l'ro«p«Uv« buyurs should watch thla column for complete list of bargains. IIAOIATCMS Prompt services on repair work. O. K. Auto Itadlator Co, 15 South Washington, Phone nay. no-tit FOIt SA1.I0—<Jrant roadster , electrle, lights, starter, wire wheels, good urea. Cn*ll or bonds . l'hone 829UW. 26-tt 191U looks i»-3e FOIt HA.l,K—6 cyllrulcr OnklUnd mo.]el; has been run 7300 ml.; like new. Muwery Uealty Co. FOU SAI.K—New Auto Tire lubes, SO per cent off. Alaylleld Itadlator Shop, ill Moulh Walnut. au-lt Fi.ilt tili^ west. SAJ.i'V—1917 Ford rnsdster. I'hono or sec Fred l^entx, Ooi FOK SAL.K- 1-oundry ctt •1917 l'unl truck. Uu'.--ntnson Muebilie Works. l 'J -ll Chat .'j- at h'OH HALFr-G cylinder 7 passonge iners. I'honir OiO or ^0t>2. iltli Touring car rioiith Walnut. good as now. No. 5, Foil WALK- S520 . •Fold louring ear. l'lior.e ll-3t WANTKU— Ford chassis. I'hohc 1116-W. 50-4 Save Money on Farm Loans _ W* .ire rnaklnft Farm Loans »n 50 year Amortlied or htiral Creillt Plait. Oh this plan tho borrower ts refltiirtxl to pny his debt a UttlR at a time, vl«: J87.1S per each 11.000 bontiwcd, annually for 20 years, which pays the entire debt, interest and principal. Privilege or paying as much sdoncr than HO years i>« you like. Average Interest figures about 4 per cent. No commission, charged. Loans on Straight 5 Year Plan 5% % Just now we have some eautern money to loan on Rood cehtml Kftfvsrus farnift at the very low rate of 6% per cent with a reasonable cotrwrrfaelon charge, Thl« tow rate may he recalled soon, ao if ymi will heed money In the near future, we advise you to make application at once*. Call at our offM over Commercial National Mank. We Writel Insurance ONF, Saxon six, nearly new. 32UW 13th. I ai-tl I FOK SALE—Fords. McVey Livery. 8 t» MOTORCYCLES AND BICYCLES. FOIl SALE or Hade—Twin Indian, gtod condition. Call at 116 Campbell Fast. ;ij-31 FOB RENT—FURNISHED ROOM*. WA NTK1 1 —Lady roomer for a nicely furnished n>oni In modern home close to ear line. Phone Jfi76. oO lit FOU RFjNT-—Furnished room with pn- luto family near hitfh school.. I'iiont 5f,0-J. 30-31 STEAM UOILKH. We have a low pressure boiler for steam healhiK plant, will be told at a very low figure. See It at News Uftlce. Full SALE—Uelincpilshmcnt 12 ml. from La Junta. Colorado. A dandy .also huckster wapon and harness. Inciulrc 5tlti W. Klierniitn. 21 FOH KENT—Larue front room, bath in connection. 10'j 1st Eust. l'hone 150GJ. 19-tI FOH SALK—Twelve horse steam entrlne one lb inch Knsliage cutter. Inquire, .1. it. Holders, Inuiun, K&nsas. Aut; 14- Sepl6. FOU .SALI-'.—Some Rood spring; plffs; also some sows that will sell soon and some food fresh milk cuws; one young coif. F. H. Lehr, l'hone &37-.I. '.'4-tl FOH SAl-F—One Singer sewing machine. gotxl as new; also Round Oak base burner, cheap If taken at once. lets. US-It KKF.D IIVB. Hr-eleaned seed o'o for sale at the Kansas tlraJn Co. $3 ,uy per bushel bulk. 27-iat FOP. SALE—llrnod sow with C two months old pigs. Four nli.nts west \\'ei!s Llrocery, South Hutchinson. il-L't 123K No. SU -lt WANTED-FEMALE HELP. WANTI--.D—urlelit • trnIs between 16 awl 21 who can furiiinli releieiice. Permanent work, gund wage, Klwrt while l.aimng and &P'i n.!l,l for advancement, for cai>a ply in person at Telephon. ONE lO-l'D II. P. Tltnn never liinwcHi an acre. $2110.*. 3iv W. 13th. tractor. New, Can save you 27-tf lioui-s, pay oporlutdiy l girls. Ap-j Uuilding. I 30-61 FOK SALI'>-t1ne No. 1(1 Smallcy cutter, pipe and distributor. C. E. Ourand Plantntion. 22-eod-tl Foil SALE—Tip Top Ilread route .two liorses and wagon. Call 1UI 7th west 31-tf WANTEH—Two ulning room fills and kitchen girl at The Horabaugh- Tca hci"m. Apply in. person nc- Wilcy Iwi the hours of li and J la- in. 2n -tt M \lT *^\\'o \ll ''N y'Jilr chance is open; w.'u'li up; sul-slautial. non-eompetltlve; lilBh'est grade, line In e<j3 U-W UalB. L"J -3t -vv'-\NTi:l')—-Conipelent. accurate stenog- i'ii|.her .luring afternoons. Address, giv- lnii lei. phone Number. Address K-M, care News. FOIt SALE—One Sllmpsou 30 lb. grocers scale. Good condition. Address 706 7th East. - „'6-3l Frill SALE—36 Inch roll top desk; oak. cheap. 106 North Main. W. 1:1. Bramble. 30-2t FLORAL Uug— ajtia. for sale cheap. 10: Sherman e;u;t. Call after fi p. m. room 31-lt W ANTED—Voung lady in advertising department. Call mornings between 10 and 11 at Salt City Business College WINTEli—An experienced millinery •'al.-slady. Address with full imrtlru- lais. M-o-N, care News. 30 -Ll WANTED—Wallres.-c-s, ita.-v.-y system, good )iay, board and ro'im. Apply local rnnnager 3.. -II. FOU SALK—Gooil .young 1400 lb. hprse. Chtu'lta Melilurray. Phone 10*3 Darlow. 30-31 stove, chenp; 315 6lh East. 30-3t FOIl SALE—Coal cook davenport, almost new. FOH SALE—Violin and electric machine good machine. Phone 3013. 30-U FOIt HALE-i-Canary singers and pairs. No. a 7th Ii^wt, mated 25-31 FOH SALE—New Zealand 128 1st east. red rabbits. 14-tf. FOH SALI3—Nice 100'J Darluw. young cjilf. Phone 23-3t WANTMD—Three young Itllclien work at V. 11. C peiMin. women for A. Apply in 211-31 WANTED lu work. to eotno to oilman, 303 FOH SALE—Largo hunch chickens. 81C 3nd ICast. young 3l-3t Moll SALE—Dining table and sldo board. Phono 188S. 30-31 FOIt SALE—SIS nr.-n. eg-g Incubator. Fhone 2S-U WAN'TDD-OlllK over HI. Apply in Uiuntlry. WAN'li'.lJ -While hecutcwork. Pie girl 111 pel*- SS-tl With 30-2t WANTEI i-l'ooli odlst Hospital. uicl »wo nuiids ut Me.ii- Scpl. 1st .'•.'•If WANTED pi-; glli- API Muglc Laundry PISIlWASHEIt \v ;inl("l. 110 A easl. WAN'TKl i-Ullis Jit Cadnyhaid. ;v in '26-61 30-21 26-lt WANTED for westi prop.-ity ol up 1" 11."e.i 1 O TRADE. To Irndo farm close 10 rlly in wheal hind or modern city iriM mortgage on real estate I, bal. cash . Address Trader, FOIl SALE—Stone silo, dull 1U-N-12. FOU SALE—Furniture. 411 IJ West. FOIt HALE-Solid oak buffet. Pho iiel.^36 30-tf WANTED—MI6CILLAN«QU1. WANTEI^—Kvery body to know tfiat the lilacs lo buy work shots is at tho Hock Island Shot Shop 317 H. Main Si. the fight and work sh"o best in lown, And buy ScoU_l shoes 317 S. Main St. 30-U. PAI'HIt hanging. lie.Morrll. Phono 1171-W. II. 13. 28-11V-31 car. , >\v.- TO t'lldc I'lV room house stun laud fi In PaitmUe r llutchioson McXaghtcn. li Fine Foil TIIADI:- im.l some ei side 1. .M. -M new Kimball piano ,h for 2 good lols norm vfleltt. M-W-Sa-:o-3t To ' fl Ph ii FI HI li;A I HO I'loully lot. on West 7lii iii.M'i: i I I ils north •I roin house, &u vacant property. 8-30-18tr I- Kimball iilano Mayflelcl. M- W-Sa WANi'ED- 'i'hree or four furnished rooms for iiylit housekeeping, or fur- nUjhed house. Address JI-S4, care News. 2»-3: WANTED TO KENT—I or 5 room strictly modern houso as soon as possible. Hefomnces given. Phono 2302-J. 30 -ti WANTED—To figure your plastering and Iiatchwork. Stucco work u spocmltly. Phone J. L- Ureen, 3d63. 30-61 phone Under notify SALESMEN WANTED, BAI .WS.MEN I- l.-.ih. house scllini Iciple line lilgh {•omissions, fl Seles Managcr vard. Detroit. LOST. vacancy Sept position; old en o.Nceplnlnal fj.OU weekly u<l- Stlllq 21. 8J0 81— LOST- - pitnti and and Kteiilug 303 - W. Floyd ige ' contalnlnis boy's )ong shirt between Uutciilrisoii Leave in News or eaii Vosberg. ai-Ut Li'ST -tin cih cast or on Modora road, ladle* black and white check coat, jfri'en littluu- Fltuler plfaxo phono X546-J S0"3t Lt'iST.-Sjihu iiiTibi'i' tiro ^if auto triileir on Plum or Noiih Main. Cttll 111 t nasi nr. iilione 20T0-W, W-W -Brlhdlo French bull dog; split our. I'buiie li. I'- McVay. 8o6»"or MoV*y l,i v.ry. *8rH UOtil^TlllfO 119 bM, t*avo Kviivs o«7pZ WANTED-Clean, blight straw;-will pay (l .uo ;ier ton delivered lo the Hutchinson Uox lioard and Paper Co. ig-tf WANTED—To boy thoroughbred for terrier puppy for a pel. Address F-S4. care News. 20-3t WANTED -3 unfurnished modern wllh private cUtriuico, close in. 1680-W. / roouvi . Call 30-31 W A NT El'V-To contract your cement wurU, sidewalks a specially. Call s-77. 7-11. WANTED-Sewing or nursing t 0 do 'In private homos. Phone 33U4. 30 -31 WANTED—Second liaol furniture. Furniture Co. WANTMD- W'aahliuj. 814 Gilt East. #10 Haul) icn-w. 2D-31 WANTTuD—Small OOJ-K-'ll. baru to move, liiotie 2J-61 WANTED—Family wauhing. m M. srd. 30 -61 WlAJJTW -lMoa Phono 1013. luiixl coal baseburnor. suit WANTBD—TO RPr4T. \iVkNTMP—To ranti FurniahBd house or buugulovv. Moocrji. Call M6. ao-at M99U ANR «O *B0. 2 Ht.iOMS In first class modern house, l>jard next door, l'hone 207. 31-6t NICE Clean modern sleeping rooms, lluaaoimblo . l'hone 1257-11. 31-tf FURNISHED front room, down modern. 101 8th West. Uaira i»-3t MODERN Rooms. 217 E. Sherman. 33-31 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS. FOR RENT—2 light housekeeping rooms unfurnished; one sleeping room furnished; furnace heat. l'hone 3267-W • 23-4 FOR RENT—Suite ot light housekeeping roouis, and one sleeping room, 201 west. Phone 2072. 1.4- FOR RENT—Modern housekeeping rooms 3'JC 2nd west. 17-U. ONE or two light housekeeping rooms, l'hone 73S. 27-lt FOR RENT—Housekeeping rooms, 104 west 4th. , -0 II Twi First rooms nicely furnished. 221 West 31-tf LA HOE ground floor room 127 W. 2nd ,23-tr FOR RENT—RESIDKNCES- FOR RENT--7 room modern except furnace close in. 12 East 6. Phone 1660-J 30-31 FOR KENT—Good 4 room house J9.00 month. Call at 1526 N .Wash. 37-31 FOR RENT—tUtHiem seven room house, i'hone 145 or 1902. 29-3 MODERN House Phone 112b-J. north part of city. 24 -U NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS. MT. WASHINGTON Maternity Home for confinement, avoids publicity; thar&efl and terms to suit; exvert medical tale, nursing; homelike; babiea ndooied. Wrtie Mrs. Juries, strictly confidential. 1S28 Main, Kansiis City, Mo; Sa'.-24-tf Phone 571-W. li. G. DoMurrttt. C. II. JAMKS, contractor and builder, Pluna and specification furnished. I'hono 33-F6. 9-tf. J^IOT MK do your repair work on bulld- nies, vntntirii;. J'hono 23-15. ' ^1-4 CASH PAID Tor old gold and stiver. G Central StatQ Bank Bldg. Hoom FOR SALE OR TRADE. KAN"SA.S CITY, MO., PUOPKHTY for hii\:: or vxvhiuxgv. Sis rouiiia Queen Annu rf-.sldi-.ncM and vacjint corner lo-t All linprovunuiiU* 'n. Price J(i,ffO0, Sub- j»:ct to f",b00. incumbrance ,but can de- ilver iiroperiy clear, riix blocks north t>f Klu'tric Park, 2 block. 1 * eaat of Troosi line. Will sell on easy payments or tradi' for clear farm, S. W. Jvansas IJUHJ bumU-i or bankable papera . JjUdwiy Abt, Helmet Bldtf., Aloberly, Jlo, WaJl-H t*OK SAL,fc; OH TU/VDE. LAND 1JAHGA1N. 331 neres gotxl wheat land of sale at <10 ]icr aero uudor tho market or would trade and tuko In Htoclt of merchandise in got id location, located 3 mica north and I niilo west ot SptjarvUlu, Kord Co., Kans. Cail or wrle owner Q. li* Jotmson ripearvllle ,Kan«ua. 1-U, KOU SAX.E, ItlCNT or Trado—7-rooni house. No. 15 Twelfth west; newly painted, papered and revarnlshcd; mod•un uxcept furnace. Bee or phone Cart Ne-lsuu, 027 South Main. " ** 9-« FOH ii Aha OH TltA.UK—S-room aeml- iiKxkrn cottage, dowblo earugo olue (fina.s lawn, ire a 60 ft- front, wlU conalder mnaUcr yroperty and difference. 1012. KQIUTY 5 aero orchard. Somo lmiirove- jncniti, g'H)d location . Trado for team, UOWM, heifer-.. Ualajtcu terms , Addrestf L,'X*. caro News. FOR SALE—REAU ESTATE. COlX>llA l?G 0ATTJ.8 11ANCHES Fur yaie, Colorado Cattle itanchea rung- litfr from 160 to iiO.CKK) acres. Bevi^rai uarning from small aorcaffo cultivated interest- on IriveulantifU . Keforenca any Colorado Springw Hank . D. V, Dujialdun, 10 & 11 Oazetto Uldff, Colorado, -18 -7t FOH SAIvE— Via have bulldintt looatlon* at all prices. We build homoa according; to your own plana and sell them to you 00 payments like rent. The Klnkol Agency. I'hono 3uto XCxchunve Bunk i!ldg. FOH SAIJE— 160 acroa near AbbyvUla, NONIO UfcrrriaH, tai in cuiuvutioii, runu'ly i-uuly for ucudtnsr, 1-3 delivered, made t\> per cunt Oil* year, i^ctcjc Hox 20, Arlaitftun, Kaw*. ou city liomea. Ijong ternui ou monthly p»jr moot plan. Karm loans, TUB K1NK1..B AOKNCV. l'hone mi. Sinic JSnolmnge. llltij. 130 VOU NI8F.0 »«? private loans on • furnttuxe. plana, Kwy payments. J fHivrniau \ve»t. BtC i-tt TO lvOAN— I'rivftlo ropnei' in sum* o« tZOlTlW ond tiUO. - L«we«l rme «.,w. A P.OOMT 2 STORY modern home ot C rooms, full basement—on. West lltii at J310O. $S00 cash, balance payments. A HItANI> NftW B room bunwnlu.v with oak floors In whole house, French liopra dining iwira tn living room, built In conveniences, brlok frarajie, *5 feet front oil Bast I311i. Live where paving Is. Tries $4500,00. f2)00. cash will handle. A NICR 6 IlOOM strictly modern house on East Uth. close (o Main. New fur- nacc, and house Is In fine shape. 4 rooms down, 2 roam* and bath upstalra. J350UO0. Carry part. A GOOD 6 ROOM 1 story bungalow on West IDth; modern except furnace. Norm front; 62 front feet. $)>0V.00. A GOOD pnol 'KUTY for little money on East Srd. S rooms, modern except furnace. 50 ft ground. <oulh front $33tlo.oo. $500 cash.and balance payments. FOR SALE—CITY *ROPKRTY. For homed on pnynients see. 6-roomn on 10th J2600. 5-rooms on 15th UCOO. 7-roonw on 4th f^SOO. &- rooinB on C. east $1000. 7-rooms on 8th J2S00. Shlney Healty Co. 127& N. Malu Phono 13S. FOH SALiK—Six ronis, two story, wator liKhla and U'^s- -'0*> block 4th east; barn, shade, cement walks te-mta to suit, u pur cent interest. Must be sold nnd can be bouffht m a bargain. Would consider lots aa first payment, Heni-y C. Wella. Phone 3103. /3-3t FOR SALK—Modern cottage, furnace heat, large rooms, well built, gtiraffO, 61i feet front, sh»de and lawn; this property can bo bought for leas than the can bo builL See me at once. Henry C. Wells,- Phouo 3103. :3-jt FOIt SALE—5 room houflo and steeping 1 porch in northeast part; would cuns'der good car aa part payment. I'hono dlO or 2W1. • 29 318 west 14th. St. new five room house, $300 cash, balance monthly. —Ask McNaehton. Phono 15. 26-U. FOH SALE by owner—7 room houae and, garage; modern except furnace; nicely located. Phone 1666-J. M-4t FOH SAX*E—Two »tor>' donee. 208 13th \VesU phono 840. room real- T. Foote. 2S-tf FOH SAL.E—A larso new buneTi">w, cement basement, close In. Phone 130C. s-30-istr FOR SALE—6 room house; North Madleon. 1017 !!9-7 FOR SALE—2 lots and 4 room house, 300 F west. Z4-15t FOR RENT—MISCELLANEOUS, TKO STORE ROOMS FOR RENT No. » and J. 1 east Sherman for rent, can combine 2-rootns. Coe Thompson Imp. Co. • uy., ... lfi-tf. FOR RENT—"Bulldlns suitable for suburban grocery. £.03 East II. ll-tf POULTRY. SPRING CHICKENS—-Two pound fr'ea for salo, Phone 1437-W. afternoons. 7-lL $3750 Buys 6 room bungalow, l^ blocks of Main St, north part. Oak floors In 3-rooms, kitchen white enamel with buUt in cabinets. Sleeping poroh and good basement with furnace room, laundry room and fruit room. $3200 Buys 6 room bungalow and sleeping porch on East 12th. Large basement under entire house with furnace. Fine Bungalow. East 13th finished" in oak throughout. Built In cabinets .fine den and breakfast room; fro place; all large rooms wttn the best of paper and light fixtures. Good garage with gus connection ana floor drain for washing car. Fine 2 Story Home 13th Ea«t. nil finished in oak. Nice large rooms; stone fireplace, oak floors downstairs, mnple floors upstairs. Located In one of Ow beet blocks In the city, with fine homes on aH sides. Owner lea,vin« city hna 10 ton coal in basement which goes with place. Mc3^®£lla!teiB How. €@* W©F Sail© $alng unable to look after my buainoep on account of poor health, I will sell to BOtue one who can. Call and see me at 4CHJ west Uth St and. I wll show you a rood ohunoo to Jump Into a nice tUUe earth bualnoaj; JIJ00 vin get It, mm The verr dwlrable, buatneas room nt flo, t K, Main for lewe. Inquire of BMprtvewwit Ce. MlMQnio Temple, spjl, pot{b part (}( pity, "oaf block fr«» Adwpti git., Paving.\#8|9 w«. Swewpfr» MS W; «j> I @tl ®ir. c Oldsmobile Eight, Model 45. New Jones Six, Chummy Roadster. Westcolt 5-passenger Touring Car. Cadillac 3 cyl., Model 53. Hudson Touring Car, Model 27. ©IF Suitable for heatiug plant for store or shop. Will be sold very reasonable" Inquire at News office. MOMENT • HOMES . 7 rooms, Hleopnig porch, 2 baths, built !n cupboards, etc. Full basement w»tn laundry fixtures; oak floors, tiro place. Houso Is almost new and w'hU buJK. $56a0. Pino modern home on East Bhenn*n, nothing lacking. Must bo sold at onoe. Worth $12,000; can be bought for $y.0W cash, 1 can get a loan of $4590, E> years at 7 per cent. FOR SALE Best located cigar stand In city* Good reasons for selling at once, Rorabaugh - Wiley Cigar Stand. fsmk IPiroip©!] 0 !!^ DIE I havo a level 160 acre farm northwest of Tribune, Greeley Co,, Ks. In well settled neighborhood. Price $2000; only JU.&v per acre. Will 1 trade for Hutchlnsoa property,/ First National Bank Building, on Hutchinson reeldenoo property, IjOnff time, T per cent. 1700.00 local money; 11700.00 local mono/. I PeLuxe Theatre, Tbe PeLuxe Theatre will enow on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, Thoda Bara aa Cleopatra In the most scrumptoua and" siieotaou- lar film drama ever produced.' TWa picture has been shown over the country at 12,00 prices but Mr, Pavago ha» booked it ant) will sh«w it at popular UeLuxu prices. Seeing .Cleopatra is like a personally condijcted trip to ancient Egypt, yon BOO the Egyptians, Roman soldiers. Slaves, dancing girls, Greeks, the Assyrians/ Nuwldlaas and rarathians' as' they lived before the beginning of tbe qhrlstian era, .Ancient Rome with its forum at tbe time ot Caesar, Julius, Octavius and Mark Anthony Is produced to tbe most minute detail with historical accuracy. There is set before your eyes more ancient history than is taught in schools. You do not have to read it, you visualize Jt. Pon't fail to sea Theda Bara in this wonderful production at the Deluxe on this coming Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday. , Plain French sated 4 r S» B| AS ^ ty**t •witii,«h«i9se salads, » v; m-it mm temmW, LADIES' SHOES 50c a Week Clothing'for Men And Women ON CREDIT A small payment down* balance CJJtS* A fl a Week MEN'S SHOES SOc a Week COMER COMMERCE CO,. .17-19 N. Walnut 49 MEN iS FORMOSA'S NEW GOVERNOR GENERA!^ ENTRAINED Last Evening and Were Sent to , Fort Riley tor Training. MANY BADE THEM FAREWELL They Were the First to be Sent from Reno County of 1918 Registration. His mother, dad, sister and brother and yes his sweetheart were all there at the train last evening to bid farewell and a sate return, to tho 49 draftees which lott for Fort Itlley. This was Itcno county'u first quota of the 1918 registration and a spe' clal train was made up of recruits from Dodge City, Kinsley and many who had come up from towns along the Hutchinson Southern. Twenty- seven, men from Stafford had previously arrived and they also on- trained with tho Hutchinson bunch. Candy and cigarettes were passed out by tho committee representing the llotary Club. There was,plenty to go around and some to divide up with the Stafford men. Bert S. Berry, apenklng concerning the men leaving without the usual demonstration said, "1 regretted it terribly when I found out that nothing had been, planned, for I was really to blame but somehow I over looked the fact that the boys were leaving until I saw one young fellow on the street with his draft tag. It was too late then for us to ,do anything else but gather some smokes and candy." An Over Sight. Tbe draft board usually notifies tito commltteo and then torch light processions and parades can then be arranged, but in the excitement It was overlooked. However they took with them the same amount of good wishes the citizens have given any who havo left before to enter the greatest service which any one can enter— -that of the government The men reported lo Sheriff Scott Sprout and were cheeked off by Mrs. Kate Carter as they entered the train. Captain Ray Angus was in chargo of the Hutchinson delegation with Corporals Lawson May, Paul Klrkpatrick, Charles Bogart, William Eaaley,-Ben­ jamin Haraha and Bea Parker commissioned to enforce all military IBWB regarding raw recruits. There were forty-nine men in tho lot, forty-two were from Hutchinson and seven were transferred men. A more enthusiastic bunch has never left here than those were last night. With it all there was an undefined bit of seriousness in the air when the train finally pulled out and as far as could be seen in the darkness heads and arms were stuck out of the win- down waving farewell to those left behind to keep the fires burning until they return. Lieut. Gen. Akashi. . , Lieutenant General Motojlro" Akashi, commander of tho Sixth Japanese Division, is the newly appointed governor general of tho Isl< land of Formosa. Ha is on his way. to take rharce. — - J POULTRY SHOW WILL BE LARGER THAN EVER BEFORE Many Leading Poultry Kaisers in State to be Here—Entries Already Made. ESTHONIANS SORE. Over Way They Have Been Treated By Their German "Liberators." Stockholm, Aug.. 31.—An official Esthonian courier, bound for Franco has arrived here. He states that the Germane are suppressing the Ksthon- ian national life and culture in every way. Newspapers are censored, he said, and schools are closed or being Germanized, while Esthonian. music is forbidden. Food requisitioning has boon instituted and the bread ration has been fixed at a quarter of a kilogram dally and tbe meat ration at a quarter of a kilogram weekly, Tho courier stated that German oppression was strengthening the national spirit and increasing the passive resistance. Frank S. Handle, superintendent ot the poultry department of the Fair,, says that the poultry exhibits this year will be bigger and better than ever before. There have been many entries made already and a largo number of tbe largest poultry raisers of the stale have not been heard from. Mr. Palmer, of Florence, will exhibit white and black Langshans; Charles dl. Swann, of Lansing, will display different varieties of poultry from Leavenworth county, including a car of high grade poultry ' from over I^eavenworth county. W. H. Ward, ' of Nlekerson, will exhibit barred Plymouth Rocks and Light Brahnias. Mr. Ward will also superintend the exhibits from the Boys' and Girls' Clubs. Boy MoDonald, of Dalhnrt, Texas, willvgxhlbit Barred Rocks, A. T. Modlin, of Topeka, who has always shown at least two or three car loads of poultry, has sold almost his entire stock, but he will make a small showing. Judge E. fi. Branch, of.Loe 'B Summit, Mo„ and Judge Frank E. Buck, of Oklahoma City, will Judge the exhibits. Important Notice. In order to meet present conditions, we havo found it necesary to chango from a more or less credit business to an absolute cash on delivery basis. It has always been our aim and Intention to accommodate our cutomcrs in every way possible and that is still our aim. In order to maintain our business und give greater accommodations every other way, it is absolutely necessary to collect on delivery. Where It is inconvenient-, for our customers to pay on delivery, a cash deposfi. can be made, on which we allow a 2 per cent discount'and we will refund any remaining part of the deposit on request of the customer. This method will be in force on and; after September 2nd, 1918, AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY. Phone 107 or 2107. 1 PREPARING FOR MORE RETREATS BY HUNS I' This unusual photo shows OmL Von Per Marwit*, with his chief of staff, Colonel Von Taehlnchwrtad going over • wmr map near tM] western front. They are pre par* tag detail! of furthw retreats by their Hun forces, inevitable one tho steady pressure and hamnv ing of the allied forces. - ' 1 V ** . 'nti". iV "Vr ' . ir il [PLHFB i'jMPWimwm l l f l " rimil »"»"ll'l!ll'»i|!IBili|IIMiiieiWll )jTPl 'Ji T 'l T L T L L IJ U. f 4, K

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