The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 17, 1931 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 17, 1931
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY KZWS. FBBD0IOK. MD., THU1UKDAY. DECZMBEB 17,1931. Mountain Question MWUZONTAI, JWbo etocced !· «ed the Nicfcotas worth? SGreen fodder TESTERDAT'S AXSWEB 1C Restraloed 12 Insulated 14 Measared 14 Knock 15 God of lo»e 19 Atom SO spot. 21 negative 8S Deeper larer of the skin. 2J To fasten firmly »4 Northwest Ss Abdominal psin. 2« Calline lo life 1 27 Robber. S3 Lower parts of 45 Flower the legs VERTICAL :: Deadly 35 Enemy 3SSnsvV fish \PI.I t~ Calamitous 3S Bil! oJ fare 390rix 40 Hazard 41 Clan symbol 29 Spots. i 31 Stayed. S2 Plcral. 42 Having doore. 44 Greatt-r ic 1 Hasteas. 2 Ancient. 3 Behold' 4 Pacific 5 Caterpillar haJrj. 6 Bound ~ Conrluslon $ S*-cond cot* 9 Stain oat Mountain? 13 ID line MTbetae in a composition. 1$ Opposite of a weather. 17 Texas is a Urfre prodocw of - » 19 Hybrid boree«. 2PSturk in mod. 22 Dine* 2f To unkDlt 25 Part* of jaw*. »Artifi-ial stream 27 Held by the end !J Sea skeleton. JP Pronoun 51 To befall 33 Johnnyoake- 34 Happened well *r ill 35 Feslival 37 Sbadr plant THE GUMPS Fool 7%«r* SIDNEY SMITH 40 Blue crass 41 Al.«o 43 Alleged forc«. 44 Third note FKirMT. HC I* TRYING MAJ*t» TO COAAC OUT OP WE THAT MlrA -- ,,_ iUOVrfl-Y- VfeRY Sl.OWt.Y- HE IS BE6rlNNlNICr TO Oi MlM- A CMUMP I HAVE SWENT MY V4MOL.5 UF* IN ACHIEVED AXU Or MY Afclt SUGCKtS 1*4 I SYAHTeO IM BUStN«ft AY THE BOTTOM. OF THt AMD CUIAAB£D TO V6RY TOP-- MAVC MADE MY«Xfs A CMAMPIOU OF PlMA*C HAVE *O*t THE AND OF YH5 WHOLE AS A AJtD AFTER PU.INC* UP HALF OF AND I *Tli«»OUY OF MY CHARACTER To PCAY TH£ PA*T O? [TO TRY TO CAPTURE. A THAY l» AS fslCKl-e A^ A MUTT AND JEFF f:4i3 A Masterly Summing Up By The District Attorney By BUD FISHER He. swe YOU GUA.BA.NTee THAT IT'S TH6r fAUTT Took He TH006HT -n\£Y SOMCTHlAtG CHRISTMAS. PRON\V$et THe owe* THi»s H£ cHo?isHet -WAS A AT HlrA LAST Y6A£» iF THAT ( Q |f. AUGUSTUS, TOOK. Fofc jeFF THAT FIT MUTT. 12-17 *%%?'. HE/? BUDDIES REG'LAR FELLERS By LYRNES Smart Boy! By MARTIN WEYX CoEU- WtV.X. Tailor: I have a little Xmaa gift I'm presenting to all my old cu«- tomcrm. Mr. Peck. Mr. Peck: Fine, and what la ItT Tailor: A tfny device that you wind up and put In your trousers pocket before going to bed. when touched it makes a noise squealing like a mouse. Concentrating By TUTHILL 77/£ BUNGLE FAMILY GEORGE a BUNGLE. PRESIDENT OF llJijjLini THE GOLDEN BOUNTY MINES, INC. SlaJUHiyiJ EXPENSIVE FURNITURE. ORIENTAL \ j ' RUGS. AN OFFICE STAFF TO HANDLE MERE DETAILS- EVERYTHING. JUST THE SORT OF PLACE WHERE AN EXECUTIVE CAN CONCENTRATE. THAT |ijjj REMINDS ME I HAD TO FIGURE OUT SOME PROBLEM. OH YES $1OOO A- MONTH. -^r^--i HOW MUCH IS EVERY DAY! $1000 A MONTH! WELL I'M NOT SURPRISED. iVE SPENT YEARS PLANNING--ANYHOW LCOKINS FORWARD TO SOMETHING UXE THIS. MY ADVICE TO ALL YOUNG MEN WHO WANT TO GET TO THE TOP IS WORK. HARD, USE THE NOODLE, BE SATISFIED WITH YOUR JOB AND SALARY, AND. ...THAT REMINDS ME I WONDER HOW f-IUCH THEY PAID THE BABY WHO HAD THIS JOB BEFORE ME? PROBABLY MORE THAN I'M GETTING. MAYBE $1£OO.....OR 42OOO A MONTH. WELL IF HE / GOT $2OOO MAYBE I #2300. WHY SHOULD / I TAKE LESS? FINE STUFF.' AT THAT RATE EVERY TIME I GET 1OOO t LOSE $1^OO.. WHAJT A LETS SEE ..... 3O DAYS IN A MONTH ..... 3O INTO 1OOO ..... ABOUT ____ SAY $33 A DAY! THINK. OF IT. MY WORD! WELL,... WAIT A MINUTE, I FORGOT ABOUT SUNDAYS ...... I WORK ZS DAYS A MONTH ..... 1 KNEW $33 WAS LOW. APPALACHIANS DAY ABOUT 42 EVERY TIME I LOOK OUT THE i Bess: I understand Jack pro' posed to Miss Hunter while helping her to trim her Christmas tree. Belle: Poor boy--treed at las? OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS THE NEWFANCt X AM\ I'M BUY GIAOYS MOT T 1 G\T pt.. AC. , Bo-r "Do you think coal will be high I this wlnterr- i "Not very hljih In my coal fain." GcEl OSLV A FEW SHOPPIM DAVS LEFT-XMO X UJMEWT MVAV MCfT T^KE "Do you like the prize yon won the card club?" -Not at all. It's a homely thing, don't care. I can give it to somebody for a Christmas present." UjYlU VOU SEE \v;ycT, TU=V1 CO ··I have managed to convince my wife that «h« doesn't know how to pick cut Cnrlstma* ;lg»rs.'" "Mow ott row do ({7" "By amoving 'em In the haute." A.t.Q.yE. FOR ACTiOKi

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