The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 13, 1932 · Page 14
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 14

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1932
Page 14
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FOURTEEN WOE DAILT HEWS. FKEDZEICK. MD. TODAY. MAY 13, 193X Fracture Of Skull Cause Of Death Of Lindbergh Infant . t Body, Partly Concealed By Leaves And; Dirt, In Woods Near Home. I CHILD DEAD ABOUT TWO MONTHS! Norfolk. Va.. May 12.--It was learned tonight that John j Hughes Curtis communicated by telephone with his home that '· Col. Charles A. Lindbergh and he had learned of the discovery of the body of the child. It was stated that the two were together at the time, near the New Jersey coast where they had been seeking recovery of the child, through negotiations. His Body Found In Shallow Grave In New Jersey Hop-ewell, X. J.. May 12.--The kidnapped Lindbergh baby, identified by fragments of hi* garments, was found dead today. A scant five miles from the Sourland Mountain estate of Col. Charles A. Lindbergh and within 75 feet of emergency telephone lines employed in an unparalleled search the body was discovered in a wooded area partly concealed by leaves and dirt. The discovery was made by the occupants of a transfer truck on a country crossroads just 72 days after the world's most celebrated infant was spirited away from his home. The skull bore a hole the size of a 25 cent piece above the forehead. An attempt had been made to bury the body. A coroner said death was due to a compound fracture of the skull. The hair of the dead child tallied with the shade of blonde, curly-haired Lindbergh heir. 20 months old when he was stolen. An undershirt and flannel band furnished a more positive link. Similar articles of clothing from the Lindbergh baby's wardrobe were brought to the spot from the home. They matched closely enough to convince the authorities they had found the body of the famous baby .for whom hundreds of thousands of policemen in every part of the globe had searched. Then as police worked feverishly to be sure of their identification, telephones rang in the State House at Trenton, N. J. Reporters were summoned to the Lindbergh estate for an important announcement. The telephone rang again. It was Col. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, state police head, who has been the field marshal of the official investigation, calling his superior, Gov. A. Harry Moore. "Col. Schwarzkopf tells me that the Lindbergh baby ha* oeen found dead," the governor informed the Associated Press correspondent. Three hours before (about 3.15 p. m.) a truck, bearing four men, had stopped on a steep grade between Hopewell and the hamlet of Mount Rose. The vehicle halted opposite a woods, separated from the road by a small ditch. William Allen, a negro, went into the woods and saw the body. "The body was pretty well concealed by leaves, dirt and brush." the subsequent formal statement by the police head explained." * * * Going under the brush he (Allen) lowered his head and as he raised a branch saw a skeleton on the ground. "It was in a bad state of decomposition." was the way Schwarzkopf summarized the gruesome details of the condition of the child. Physicians later theorized on the compound fracture as caused either by a terrific blow on the head with a blunt instrument or from the effects of being hurled from a car. The best medical estimate was that the body had been exposed to the weather for "about two months." However, physicians explained the child might have been abandoned on the same night he was stolen from his home. Col. Lindbergh, who has made an exhaustive private and separate search for his stolen son, spending thousands of dollars and even paying a S50.000 ransom to the supposed kidnappers, was absent as the formal statement of the finding of the body came from police headquarters at his hiiitop home. Later in the day the police official issued the following statement: "As long as there was a possibility of the baby being alive, the police had been acting with a certain amount of suppressed activity in order not to interfere with any negotiations that might result in the safe return of the baby. "Now that the body of the baby has been found every possible effort will be used and all men necessary will immediately exercise every possible effort to accomplish the arrest of the kidnappers and murderers. "We have had under suspicion a group of persons suspected of being the kidnappers and immediate steps are being taken to accomplish their arrest. "Emergency telephone lines for this case are lying on the ground where they were placed by telephone men within 7-5 feet of where the body was found." Toe unusual incident developed out of an almost unprecedented attack by aiors in their chairs and crw_5*i tense atmocphere which usually Long on Robinson, ·ahieh heli sen- cedes a storm in the Senate. j White House Makes Direct In- I quiry To Get Word After Hearing Report. SEARCH FOR KIDNAPPERS ON WITH RENEWED VIGOR Mrs. Lindbergh, Grandmother, Shocked By News, Declines Callers. f L.r.daersh hib a rr.-".oirarr_i-.: Begin Far-Kcachiiuc Probe Tr.t-r.tJ N J. May 13--Co-'. K Xor- ' ~ r ?.- SchTrsrzipf a-r.our.rod early to- ·'·rf.Te story rcpVete T-.-h -, -. -t o* da? £ha; John F O-vc:r. an-d »oha r.^ct-jaur.? am e-nfLct.r.i: CT·*·.--L Hughes Curtis. Ncrfolx. Va. ~_.ll b»- fco~cd X ~^h pc.r.ts of t-.· .-,:o;L=s a: these h:aiQ-ar-«rs s----ctT --' Q"-es- era...*. arxl tiey ~..l be turr.pd c-rer by thi hope, of false leads c-f dr-ubie-cross-ns potioe autir.t.£s at tr-s pc-nt to t-hc :'. de?p*.- of -en-sod h^t* and :'. pray- tne Discoverr Of The Kidnappinc- M»rch :--At :3 p -- . r.J.rso Brtj . y- a5c*~r .*^s c -t^\.-2e \ wa---?d oa3v= r-v-j -sas ur.-cosec ar.a tne sac*- nad seen carried a^a; f-.-o.-eh ",,-.· T.H- ckwr. police ss. _ O-.rt traces -rc fc-,.r:d Fco-pr.r.ts appeared .r. the ground out- March 2--3~ipafiy ar.d ir.tcrost of Mrs Lindbergh discloses hai- a fold arid atases p-ibl.c WJCT1 i .l__u. «* »t*- D.^S vO JLiCr.3pt.l2r5 to follow i~ A !ncr.d of Co', arc Mrs Charles .-i. Lirdbe-gh te".ls reporters rar.*-~cs note was fojr.d o.rned t« T,..-- ..·j»£..i Generally reported to $50,000 for twby's return. Parents rea_y Ce~- Sch^arc* -pf at»2n- was art- tScn author.*_«s -n ar. effort t-- assrer.b:e iesis for grasd ;-ry ac".o-. I; ~ras pointed cut early .r. the day tha-t, prosecu':;-r. cf tne k.dr.atx?r Slight be fac-Ltatec "cy ;bt^ir:ini; J~nii Doe -ni-CtrEer.ts -s Severs", hours before the pol.ce officials sp^^e regarding ar.d Curtis .'. Tas ty pros^cu'or "o h-s n^i-dQjart»"r5 at 'he CharScs Augustus LU.dbvrgh. Jr. fo: in progress for 72 days, msa found ! · pay demanded ransom Flood of ' crank letters, '.:pa and theories begins Hundreds Arc Questioned. March 3--Gov A. Harr- Moore, of . Ne» Jersey. ar.noucc«s no r.egotla'ioc? ( ypen^d »::h itidrsajjperi ar.d no progress mad^ .n so'-.:r.g cast. Huncr«is [of ^rions. :r.c;jdinjj «*r\ants. laicn to 'mprovij'xi po'i^e station ^ttnin I^nd- oergh estate A'.! are released Lind- berghs authorize radio appea". for sons rtturn ' March 4--Co: Lindbergh and his Tvlfe ' s^jii arinM'.xt. jtatemesit oflering to ! treat directly ar.d confidentially *!lh · 1 abductors. Henr Johnson, sailor. fnend of Miss Ck»". detained by police , i In West Hartford. Conn., xho announce . j nulk botllc fojnd la his car and a !ei- | I r and card acdressed fy Lindberghs | i d_«:overrXl :n tnc Hanford maUs al- i , most simultaneously. , March 5--Belief 20-monUi-old baby J -ill soon be returned announced by ' Gov. Moore as consensus of conference. | of Eastern la-a: enforcement chiefs.! |nh!ch included a representative of j President Hcxner, Jersey state police Imy Johnson not wanted in case, but i Hartford authorities take him secreth 1 :o M,»ark for questioning ! March 6--Sanday passes apparent!? ' | without word of kidnappers or baby. ' and late at night Col. and Mrs Ltnd- ! Iwrjrh announced pabiicly they have j · authorized ' Ssi!'.--" Spitale and Irving ' ! Bitz, Nea York anderworid characters. ! | to nes^tiate for them with kidnappers · | Churches throughout nation prayed for! 1 baby's reco'.ery Hiipeaell and vicinity i visited by driving ram and sno^' Two Notes Received. ; March ~--Associated Press learned , autnontatively that Lindbergns receu- ! ed tuo notes from kidnappers on Sunday. Xotes written :.i same hand*.»nt- :ns ana on same paper as original Go%. ! Moore announced willingness to ' dra-a: armed force from Lindbergh es- ' , tate. Number of st-xt? troopers reduced ' and Gov Moore assures k.dnappers ill ; nr.all a ill be orened by L.niberih fam- -ly and only those thev aish police to ' Marcl. 8--Police K.-.e note of er.cour- asjement ' Prosross ' x^as being mace, j i they said A c'.o^e friend and adviser, of Col. L.ndbersh lea\ es estate hur- I \ r.edly for ur.arnounced destination, j i Troopers taie extraordinary precau- · tions to D-i\ci'.t his being followed. i Ma-ch 9--Gov Moore expresses be- :.ef 3i3v i.;i be returned "alive ana ^ a f e " Col. H. Sch*-arzkopf. head of state police, says Mrs. Llnd- ' t t-.-r^hs health j such ' ~e car.not, irs- tcrferc" in secret being orcs'vd under direct.on of Col Lind- ocrg'i Johnson continues to be de- ·a.r.t-d at Newark. March 10--Rumors circulate that sibv f n n d fl'.e miles from Hope^eli. i r p--l.ce r,i l-ndaersh home deny · Pol.ce say tney know nothin; or po«- 5.D connection case of special car on Broad-ay L.m.ted front Chicago March 10 --Johnson arrested o n , charsc cf ·vnlitirit: .mmisral on laws State po'sce 3r.-»:ir.ce tliat if he were freed of conr.'-ction vith kidnapping he w.uild be ·urr.ed over to Federal au- "thcri'ies for deiyrustion Kidnapers reported 'o ha^e increased ransom demand materuillv · Scarface Al" Car-one of;ry to aid nur.t for babr .f released from jail in bail he a«reed to f'_TTi-sh himself. Ships am\in^r 12 Eu- rojv searched. ^far^h II--Morris R-TSTHT 'master? connect ITJ;. a.^ personal represents t.-. o of OV. Lmnborg.-.. \:sw; possible kiu- -upp *isr s-ispoc" in Tombs at Ne« Vor Stjspert tcike.-. secrctiv to Hopewell D^c cssfxi *:*a' \irs Linc'cwgh "was on same T-oor as babi's r.iirser- when kicl- r.arpin? · discovered Lindberth wa.= rn f.-st fVvr ar.d bol,pf he nilclit ha^p -aker. bov from cr-.b delayed sound-r.^ ·-{ alirm Stav poi.ce (Xsoontinn-c q---ticri ar.d artier" method of ji- frr-sjis reporters of progress of ca-v iisc~-j^ otil'"'.-LS throe t^r.«; da ly Mar'~T !4---N^'ft Jersoy State .ir.-.^-^ce "-"is' r."ar clue pom** to 'sv_- "·-·'-.« 5ir: from Der.n er M.*rrh 1 - --Po'.oe seek for-cs^n-bc--.. c-' p e ~l - o Tor Fran'tlji Park. N .* T^mar. "^ho s^id s^e ocl.e".-x: : her nxr.t. hj.ij one of the greatest searches 'r. y«at«rday fir* miles from i.w es:a history ol tbe Vc:u! S-:a:es 'n te of his illustrious father. MISSING 7Z DAYS TS'.e body of Charies A Li. v .d- !,--rt;h. J r . was found 72 d:»v after he was stolen froas J.i- irib in the Lindbergh h"me ;.-3r HopeMiell. K J . under th-. folloiilng circumstances' Tone of discover}---3-15 p m . vcsterday. · Placr of disco-. er'--On Mount · Rose Hill, about five miles from i Lindbergh Estate, in a clump o" The finders--Orrtlle Wilson and \Vill'am Allen, a negro. Condition of body--Badly decomposed v.ith a small hole in the skull Cause of death--Compound fracture of the skull--no bulk; w ound Manner of Identification--By undershirt, flannel band and other undisclosed means. How announced--By Gov. A Harry Moore to the Associated Press correspondent in Trenton. P. A Jarnlefon Reaction on family--Colonel Charles A Lindncrgh and Mrs Lindbergh seclude themselves, others express grief. ar.other sate-r.ptec: kidnapping. Paul nnd Ka:e Engstenberg, seriants. xvho left their place of employment in Franklin Park the day after the kidnapping. make complete statements and sre allowed to return to work. ^^arch 20 -- Pol.ce declare Johnson's \I--D to Lindbergh estate without significance and deny Mtlden had any part in Lindbergh kidnapping. March 21-- Message found on carnet p.seon forced down by storm in Connecticut. stating baby is safe, but held on ship outs de United States jurisdiction Leads in-. e=t^ftated at Hopewe.l Prove false. Mirch 22 -- Police raid Bronx apartment in search for Harry Fleischer. member of ' Purple Gang" of Detroit Fleischer not found, but Walter Conn and two women tjuest.oned without result. New clue to isentif. cation or k.d- nap ladder found March 23 -- Fleischer still sought by the New York po'-'-cc H. Wallace Cald- wc!! former president of Board of Edu- cat.on in Chicago, calls at Lindbergh home Police say his information is of no value March 24 -- Norfolk. Va . newspapers reported babv on yacht in Chesapeake Bay. Police conunue search for Fleischer and Abie Wagner, "known kidnappers " New Jersey State police reported wi:liou' ftinds as result ol heavy expenditures in search, March 25-- Dean Dobson-Peacock Rear Adnrral Guy H Biirrage and John Hughes Curtis. Norfolk mterme- say negotiations under way indicate return of baby in a few days Hopeweil police sav the Norfolk clue is ' of no special sisn.f.cance " March 26 -- Norfcis intermediaries hopeful of immediate return of chile. Harry Fleischer in Wash-aston. Tso Che-^peake Bay boats searched at Bait .more Photos Identified. March 27-- Kara rur.ner at Hopeweli .dentif:es photos of Fleischer and Wag- as tao nwn he saw on a boat with baby on March 2 New Jersey officers search Extern Short- of Maryland and ·: -*p boais .n Chnsarjcakc Bay. March 2S-- Dear. D-~bson-Peacock lencs NorfoU; for Hope-sell. N. J Col Lindbergh expresses only mild ir.ter,t .", Norfolk devf.opr.-.cnts Search ior Fli-jscher ar.d Wanner continues March 29-- Dear. Pcacoci returns to N.-irfo k Ir.tcrrr, there still op- tinrst.c, preoictir.g baby's return in -43 V*rcb 30-- Norfolk nxr: see results .n _4 h^^rs Hio-c^vll tolirc continue -^ lab»: -he.r iriformat-cr. as of 'r.o ramc f Mkf n March v. -- Norfo ' :~o^p :n_.:2:_un-: -e-.-v C -fs by N«n Jer- STICKLER SOLUTION sey poll^ prove empty April l--Admiral Barrage a: Norfolk new development ^i case, but refuses to amplify statercent. Ne» Jer- ·t" stat« police ada.t Mai CoarSes H. 3 h.-ffel sailed for Europe a week ago. ..r. decline to nanie boat or destination. ?.:.'.2delphia police set watch on house. r,: v thj-jgh; found ^i Potsdam. Ger- Ap-il 2--Norfolk trio continues to ·- ', '.it developments. Kansas City po- ice search for Martin Depew. want«S .r: another kidnapping, as Lindbergh Hopewell police report "usual r of e;i2una'.:on" of clues. Aonl 3--Yacht held in readiness for Norfolk intermediaries Col. Norman Schwarzkopf, of New Jersey state police denies knowledge of movements of Sa.vatore Spital-e and In ing Biti, »r»- acrworid go-betweens. Apr.1 -i--Two Cutty hunk. Mass.. fisherman report seeing Col. Lindbergh and three other men in search of yacht. 1 Sallle. The quartet fiew an amphibian jlane and refused to make known their .aoniity. Maj. Schoeffel in London. April 5--Air of optimum marked at L-ndoergh home on Sourland Mountain is Lindbergh admits having made two m.-sterious flights in three da;-s. April fa--John H. Curtis announces at Norfolk that he has contacted kidnappers, and that Lindbergh baby is well. , Col. Schwarzkopf denies repeated ra- ' rcors thai baby has been returned. ; April 7--Lindbergh asks Norfolk trio | tc continue search New Jersey state ! police abandon hope that Henry "Red" i Johnson can aid them, and announce ! he will be turned 01 er to immigration ' authorities. I April 8--Norfolk intermediaries await new summons la parley. Johnson turned over to immigration authorities on charge of illegal entry into United States Classified advertisement m New York paper, signed "Jafsie." asking "better directions" and "Have you crossed me'" believed to have connection with kidnapping. Apn! 9--Maj. Scnoeffel leaves London for undisclosed destination on Continent. Police scout sajgesti^n trial orush fire on Lindbergh property has any connection with Kidnapping Norfolk negotiators mark time- Paid $50,000 Ransom. April 10 --Col. L-ndbergh authorises stateinjnt by police tha: he paid S50 000 ransom April 2. but that baby has not been returned. Banks notified to be on lookout for series numbers on So. S10 and S20 bills, constituting ransom payment. April :·-- Lindbergh d-scioses that p randan note had been left in room at , of baoy's and that he | is convinced ransom money w as paid to right parties Author of the "Jaf- ' sie' ads ident^.ed as Dr Jar.n F. Con- clon educator and weliare worker Jonrj H Curtis again lea'.es Narfclk for ! Hopew*H. April 12--K.interdon county grand 1 ;urv opens probe of New Jersey psl.ce seek woman in sreen au- tomobiie after a S20 oill identified as part of ransom mc-nsy is passed .n a ' Greenwich. Conn . osie~ Lir.dbergr, fails tc. establ-sh contact witr. i.dr.ap- pers. April : 3--Another $20 bill oaswd ^ New York Police -n Stocihalrn. Swe- d-cn. asked to search for baby Dr Condon reports re-.ewed contact .^.dnappers D D Dickerson. New York. arrest-c in St Thomas OniartD as suspe-" S*arch for Fleischer still on. Apr.l 14--Secret Serv.ce rr.en fa.l tc trace S20 bill pa^sec. ^-. New York ^\:. 5choe3el amvos ^. Vienna D D D:CC- erscn cleared of connect.on witn case AprJ 15--Njrfoi^ men inc.cate tnej rave fresh ir.forrr^at.or. Negotiators at Kopewer. swin3l-?prc--f schsins to retrain mby Z^s_oe"h p'eacs for Decree;, in c-'al.riCi: --wcnappers April 16--Barrage ar.d" Curtis return :o Norfolk after fresh contact with kxi- nappers Search for Fletcher turns to Glasgow Scotland. Apr.l 17--Risr-d silence rr.ain'iined ms-ntaj^ cents" '' "Ja.lst-e , May 12.--The grief aii- , horror of the naison a: the Iindicg ·: · the infant Lindbergh dead erWence- " itself at once in Washington, where Uu nea-s reached ihe President and Mr,Hoover among the first. , As soon as the-, report reached :1. ! White House aide ^ of .he Presiderr j communicated uith New Jersey for of j ficial informauon. J Department of Justice officers as»ur- ed they would continue x help in any · way possible in the case. : J. Edgar Hoover, ch'er of the Bureau 'of Investigation, said, "it !s quite pos- 1 sible that now the police may have 'definite clues as to the kidnappers, it . is quite certain they wH! go after them · hard, and we. of coarse, will help in any way we can." · Jersey City. N. J.. May 12.--Gov. A. \ Harry Moore at his home tonight said "every artempt would be made now to i find the murderers of the Lindbergh | ! baby." ; Norfolk. Va. May 12--Rear Au- nural Guy K. Burrige. retired, and ihe Very Rev. H. Dobson-Peacock. two Nor- _fo!k intermediaries m the Lindbergh : kidi^ipping case, said they had no coin- i merit to make when informed the baby | had been found dead J John ^Hughes Curtis, the third mem- ;ber of the tr.o. was still away on an- j other mjsicn he had taken in an effort ' to recover the baby from k'dnappsrs iThe three men hacJ served since earlj \ in March as intermediaries in the ,case. Dean Dobson-Peacock said some j comment might, be made later after he : had talked with Admiral Barrage. j Mr. Curtis firsi entered the case ai i a negotiator on March 9. after he had ! been approached by a man represeat- } ing himself as a go-becwean for the ! kidnappers. He later enlisted the aid ', and advice of Dean Dobson-Peacock. a ; friend of the Morrow family, and Ad| m_ral Burrage who commanded the iship upon wh'ch Col. Lindbergh re' turned from his flight to Paris. Incorporation Sale The furniture store of C. C. Carty has been incorporated, with Mrs. Hallie W. Carty, Mr. J. Walker Carty and Mr. J. Earl Gilbert as incorporators. To show our old friends that it is sttfll the same "old store," and to "acquaint those who have not visited us recently with our policies and quality of furniture, our Incorporation Sale begins today. Prices are lowered as much as 60fc, and our whole stock is included in the sale. C. C. CARTY INCORPORATED ESTABLISHED IN 1S6S 48-52 East Patrick Street Frederick, Md. SRiaasegsciJSjjajjasgitiisj^tsj^^^ Hendrickson's Promote In a Huge Showing The Classiest Line Of Quality SilkDresses Ever Shown For The Price Detroit May 12--News that her k'd- napped grandson was dead came EO unexpectedly to Mrs. Evangelme L Lindbergh as to the general public Mrs. Ladbc-rgii. s_o;ie_. at the ne'tfs which came after -vo*ks of strain, oe- c'.med to see v^s-iors at her home here. Airs. Lindbergh received the news after teaching her classes in high school here today as ususl. Shortly a^tor es- "ras announcing the siateinent of GOT A. Harry Moore, NeT Jersey, that tht baby ^ras cead. appeared, Mrs. Lindbergh's orotaer. C S. Land, left th3 home hurriedly in an automobile. He ;3la riew-spaper men t-hat his ».s;er coula no one and had ' ;o sav." See and Examine... the New Crepes, each one new this season . . . Hippie Crepe--Crepe Senoussi--Kaskade Crepe ---Chalkrepe . . . All Silk and Washable. These Lovely Frocks are made carefully by master-makers (not down -to a price) and we are proud to show them. When yon see these beautiful styles you 11 know why we enthuse about them. LONG IRREPRESSIBLE Ordered By Curtss To Take Seat While Attacking Robinson. Wa_-h.ngtcn May 12.--S;:ey P. Long. V7ho does ti:-.a: he n-^shes in Louisiana, ran afc'jl of an anczer:; and sacred Serin-? ru'.e today ana was abruptly 'old to take his scat in the midst of a speech, attacking Sen Rob as£«, the Dcrrccrsuc leader V;ce-Pres.dent Carts sternly ordered the qjick-lcr.iueci Louisiana senator ;o si: down, ·ahile he was making a personal attack on ihe Democratic leader. Th:ch had dravrn crowds of " ;hrC seekers" to che Senate galleries But s fe~ ir.mutes later tie Senate -.o'-ed to alkyw ths self-styled "k-ngfish of Louisiana" to proceed as long as he Cid noi -.irlate the Senate rule, which forb.ds a Senator to ' --.pate to another senator conduct or n-.oUTes un- wcrrthy or unbeco^-ng a senator." MAKE PROGRESS WITH DRIVE -a en- an ac- The :~.:«:~Eed.4Lnes tr. tie cae ha^ bees per:r_tied the ·s'.cest _it.t-c« 37 oSc^ls ~ the.r ac' c-. the 3a»_ that the fir*" csr.ceTM cf trx ~as the safe rt.irT; of the ir.fant Th^s .t ·sras rcgardec Use'...' that the tsterrr.eci- anes ~-ghi have .-. thctr pos.-ess-.on ^". utforn:a.t.Dri. --h:ch 2tjca;:- nude pri-,tieged or the 2r.d;ng of ·-.-.-· "oi'oy's bo_v. Marr'r. 17 -- Co~frrcr.ce of ;m.s_i. "v"rc". held a: Lircj^ms horre B «r- '.ary j-isr-x-t :r. Pva'-"..,- IciUio. ecv.- Man-h ".8-- K«.r.rr ·-£«;·· Joh-5on :s v.ken to Lir.dberih h.Tr.e to be ir.-er- I hr4 . _l3 »·- [ . « - be. «id feO g'-ese* of t ' S' -0 Had taken a Visit Without Sijrnificanre. March 19-- Henry Rod ' Johnson t^icen ox--- L.rcber-.: «;-o.:r.i. bv pci'.'.r-. TUe day-t»-daT · tiary" o' . . N. J, as a .suspect, loi:o*ir. s t ! tie-vu 50 cU5e »TTC c ' o» the krocinadc--«x JO rfaj= tir^g n arolta *W c«n!j and that,; i lo "w 0 cert prc-n! on the iW Hai. fc ouM i» 5! 3) prolt This Week For Minds Fer Boy Scout Work- Boy Scout caur.c-.: rr.eir.oers. ^hs are zi coarse of t-r.e 5n%e for f'^nds oeing s-eek to .ns^re scouting rs the ;x:r._-.; year, sa.d tccay, e.x 'c".r.t progress 2; --ad" A ^eet.r^r of tr.^- c-^rr.^iit- n the France Scxt Kev rc.-.^. · Rev William C Roval ore of the · story of a T.-.urs- 1 d.\v He sa.d a mar. -.10 had r.evs-r oeen · solicited before was approached by a " cAmpa^rer arxi aked for a r.ntrtbu- S t.c«r.. Expcct.r.g a small d-r.atia::. the jf _h; mm handed over a $10 b-.' 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