Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 2, 1965 · Page 23
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 23

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 2, 1965
Page 23
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JttSWS^OUKNAt, Sunday, Ma* 2, 106*5 •.*.»»•, ».,1, a.. . - ,*_«_ - JL -* 8 * -- •.*.»»•, ».,1, a^.. .^ - ,*_ pproves Deloy ortgage Payments ,*«*«, •*• -•-- about $12,006 per month In prin- —fhe State will receive interest or principal pay- between June and No- cipal payments on tire mortgage. Bat the amounts will be ... picked up later when the mort- vetnber t*n a state-held $2.661 gage payments resume. Neighborhood Youth Corps alBBBB. * ^BBBBBh. A jBfc f "afc d Connolly Won't Sign Bill To Request Flag Return AUSTIN (UPI) —Texas Qov.|all but shelved. million mortgage on the 14 i story Park Plaza apartment * building la Albuquerque. The federal Housing Admin- State Investment Officer Robert Mead today said the mortgage contained a 99 per cent fulfillment guarantee by — --•— — ••»»•»• v» Jt au MMlUg i &V*t JJAJI I — —*• * — »***>••*•».*• a, \rAAV ^UUA UAJ fcb V> |W J istration has approved the six-! the FHA. The apartments con- month delay of all payments, tain 151 units ranging in price "*- J ^ ' •' from $160 to $566 per month rents. The 40-year mortgage, purchased last year by the State Investment Council, will be extended from Its inception date to cover the delay. Tlte delay had been requested by ttie apartment's owners. Behind the request was the need for time required to probate a will of one of the partners of the apartment firm, Dan Ponder of El Paso, Tex. The delay will temporarily cost the state more than $10,000 per month in Interest and SANTA FE (UIP)- Approval of a neighborhood youth corps program^ at Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Farmington, Bernalillo, and in Colfax County was given today by the governor's office. The five new projects under the so-called anti-poverty war is designed to help youths from poverty-stricken families find work to enable them to stay in school. Permanent employment in another objective of the youth corps programs. The total projects include 903 students, with all but 210 in school. Of the total funds—$524,- Read Classified Ads 885-4393,870 will be from the federal government, the remainder coming from local sources. i.Iohn Connally, taking note that ! the state no longer is an Independent republic, refused Wednesday to sign a resolution calling for negotiations with the Mexican government for the return of the Alamo flag. It Is highly doubtful that representatives of an individual state have the authority to enter negotiations of this nature with a foreign country," Connally said. The flag In question flew at the adobe mission that became the symbol of Texas' fight for independence from Mexico. Connelly's refusal to sign the Auditor Quits Warranty Deeds State Pest resolution does not stop it going into effect but as the governor was to lead the negotiating delegation, the issue was The resolution called for a nine-man commission, headed by the governor, to seek llhe return of the tattered blu<J! banner of the New Orleans Greys, a volunteer group with thb Texas revolutionists at "thb glorious defeat," Expert restorers at the Mexican National Museum 14 Chapultepec Castle are at wi)rk on the flag, possibly getting it ready for return to Texafe. READ and USE WANT ADS REGULARLY J. E. Robertson, executor of half of the northwest quartef of the estate of Nelle 0. Scheurich, section 17, the northwest quarter and the north half of the est in and to the southwest 18, all in township two north, range 31 east, N.M.P.M. J. R. Leftwich and wife to J. tion. T. A. Pierce, et. al., to Bob W. Crouch and wife, part of the;B. Noland and wife to Ky Law- „ -.!*._,. i . t . * if I i»—.^^ _._.! « J» „ . l« * i. SANTA FE — Benito Lopez, to Lawrence F Maher and wife 44, of Fairview, resigned as an |half interest in and to lots 1-8 intetmediate auditor on the staff ! block th ree, clovis PIace Addi ' f tn*4 of State Auditor Alex Armijo to become manager of the Santa Cruz Irrigation District. Lopez, whose salary was $525 a month, had been on the state auditor's staff since July 15, ... _. .„ . v ^ v „. iuv 1963. He was employed by the ten, block one, unit two, Pon- n °r th half of the southwest board of the irrigation district" 1 *-•-••••--- « *--..,-.. northwest quarter of sect io n 28, township three north, range 36 east, N.M.P.M. Clovis Development, 1 nc. to rence and wife, all of section three, the west half of section four, the northeast quarter of section five, the north half and K. C. Lea, north 70 feet of lot!the southeast quarter and the 4 n M I* 1.. _ i _ ___ „.._ : i. i t~» .. ! n »*\»* 41« 1* M 1 f ». ** it i • which lies in Santa Fe and Rio Arriba counties. Lopez has assumed his new duties. FOtt FAST RESULTS USE NEWS-JOURNAL WANT ADS PRICE A GENCY DRUGS •CLOWS' LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE DRUG STORE 318 MAIN PRICES GOOD SUNDAY — MONDAY —TUESDAY Hand Painted ^ J^ ^ TILE TRIVETS .-19 1 85c JAR DENNIS BONELESS CHICKEN 69" All Metal 44t,* MEAT THERMOMETER 19 e 87c 1 LB. 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GHOIC* of nm« color* for Ju»t about any fini»n. EASILY A S.98 VALUE Only OLD SOUTH , EXTERIOR ACRYLIC 1 GALLON THINNER OlD SOUTH LATEX MALI PAINT ii9e Package "I A A 3 PAINT BRUSHES 79* Beg. 2.99 Galioii iieduood STAIN & SEALER U»8 Pdj uretkiiat) Marine tV B*g. A8c Qt OLD SOUTH OUTSIDE PAINT OIL BASE GLOSS ENAMEL SJ39 OLD SOUTH $1.19 derosa Addition. New Mexico Savings quarter of section nine, and the and wes t half of section ten, all in 30 Loan Association to Clovis Heal j township one north, range Estaten Inc., lot nine, blck 47,""' unit three, Stagner Fourth Addition. Clovis Real Estate. Inc. east, N.M.P.M. J. fl. Leftwich and wife to .I.E. Noland and wife to Ky to Lawrence and wife, all of sec~-«»*o * \v, tn I.J.TICIH;* mi.. l "! ---.„„ u..*.. "«,*,, an \jj. at?L* Gale Billington, lot nine, block tion 13. the south half of ser- 47, unit three, Slagner Fourth tion I4 - the east half of section Addition. ; 2: >. all of section 24, the west lia 'f of the west half of SPP Haney V Tate and wife to i tion 25. the east half of the east Farmers Electric Coop., part of (half and the northwest half of ?' "°^llu q , u "^ r °L «T !he j .outhwe.1 quarter and the I tion one, township three north, southwest quarter of the north- range 36 east, N.M.P.M west quarter of section 26 he i £ , g £i ,' J Ia I"^ ond an d !east half of t^ southwest-, quar wife to Clovis Real Estate, Inc., tor and the west half of th. IfV, 10tS J°' 1! and 12 >u<heast quarter of sec t ion block five Glcnwood Addition. 126. all O f section 27. the north Walters & Bint/, to Harold I, 'cast quarter and the northwest sfcackhammer, ol. al, lot two.: quarter and the south e a, block nine and lot two. block I quarter of section 34 and all „! ten. Western Hills Addition. I section 35, Moyd Niece and wife to F. Iv ' Yohner, lot six, block t hr ec, Prairie-view Addition. Bcrnice M. Malone to Brace L. Malone. lot seven, block 32, unit one. Kchols Acres Addition. .Juan Vnldcz and wife to Stephen J. Glenn and wifp, part of the southwest quarter of section 22, township throe north. ranee 36 east. N M.P.M. Jeryell \V ebb and w ifo to Hlchard IJara, et. al . lot 15 block five, Wicker Addition. ' U 'VSHI\OTO.\ (UPfi — Sen Sunland Devploporv Inr . to " aI Ph Yarboroujrh, D-Tpx 'an Jan Wampler, lot eight, block " Ol)n ced today the housing and 11. unit three. Alia ViMa Addi- I 10mp finanre agency will lend tlf)n i 10 - 000 »' President" Johnson'. Texas ! Grants Announced to Ha hard C. Wibun and «ife. YarhorrmKh .aid lot nno. block c» K ht Wukcr aM Homo Fmancr Additinn I:'-™ «'" money »ii| Adinc kcrshnrr I'owcil tft lin-.inary planning for construe Hofwrt f,. Kubank, c-t. .1! . lot ti"n of fxj fiouxt-s. 44 of whir 1 ) 6. Korr«'M HHchK Addition ur,l |>o dosier.od f.>r eldp'rlv Thr Foursome. Inc , to 11 }\ |>rn. ( .nv ;il J<t!;n\on City *Tf x'' I'hrlpv lot one. bl-H'k 12. unit The .lu'-n-.on City loan ua» tun, Wicker Addition «'-r.e .-' M.v,. ra i fpderal'atd pro'. .1 oh n I'OIH-.CU ;md wife ti.^ ;,, r Texa< announce! by Tliomas K. Uo>lr, lot !:•-(•. bkx.k V.-.rb'iruuch. <>thr-ri included (i\e. Bella Vi«ta Addition - • -H.Tfi (Kfl prant from the Of- I'atrick K. Hill and wife to fire «•,( Kconomlc Opportunity Clovis Heal Kstato. Inc , 1 ots f'»r lU-xar County to expand eipht and nine, Mock 30, West the ami- poverty ' servlcei for l^iwn Addition. .nucrant workers. Wayland K. Price end wlfa : -$58 W) Public Tlealth !?er- to Virgil Brewer and wife, lot vice ?:ant for mental health nine, block nine, West Lawn . studio* to the Baylor College of Addition Medictrw Houston. Harry Chappie rind w-!!e to J l!fi.21S mental health (frar.t !' \ystel ;tr.A wife, half inter- for tl,e l'niver»ity of Tfta* n»r1h»-.'i«! <j';.irt<-r <>( jertion Au<.l!:: quarter of "T' ]7; lots thref — $;fe RIO mental health grant and four, thv east half of the to the I'r:. verity of Texas, I)a! southwest (juarter nivl the la?. southeast quarter of section 18, -- J21.1J6 !'>r the I/^re 5tar all in township four north, range Ti'K'ilr Inc <'uero. Tex , for 32 east N M [' M on-the-j.'.b traininj; of 10 per.! H U'ftwich and wife to J M ' n 'B Noland and wife and Kv •• M'R'* t" '-^e Dallas chap- l..iwrcnee and wikv south half ««"'' ^ l»«' National Tool. Die of the nortiu-aM quarter of src- *"4 ProMsion Machining A M tion seven, the vnilhwest qua: ter of section eitfht. tne north a'-!'«i <<•* trniiiinj; s <<"• niakers. 18 )>er»oni _. „ __ Oil Companies Rapped For Moving Offices SANTA FK 'ITl'-^ov Jai k M Cttinpix-11 has taken a swir.j; at oi! (.•'.•mpamtri :n New Mexico who are moving their off ces t« lieighlxjnng stale* Comments f r o m Mexico, w ht-re th* governor is visiting »Uh a group of New Mexico businessmen, included the statement "companies exploit i n g '.:ie;ira! resources of this l.t'r nave a corollary n-spon- - ;».'. " 'n \c%\ Mex:f(.> and i'.s j.i'.r.. . '' r-iuct of New Mexico "p. i.ttM'^ f'lini oii'side t h e i,!;,'i (!.(•- :.. ' MT'immenrt a company so far as we are con- i r! tlt'd Campbell referred specifical- 1\ to an announi't-ment that the Shell Oil Co in Hoswel! would transfer &4 j»i-rson> fiom Hoswell to Midland. Tex , and would leave on stuff in Hoswel! Campbell alsn urged serious conmderation of the import*uce of the location of all oil companies in th* »tate. l> a skeleton Campbell said 1 hoi* St-ell Oil Co will reconsider Us decision and continue its Ros•AC!! office and personnel I am so advising Shell officials " Rains Swell Conchas Lake TUCUMCARl (L'PJi - Spring rams, including three unofficial mchs at Tmnentini north of Conchas Lake have boosted the lake level eight-tenths of » fool the last three da)*. Officials at the lake said the level of the water now is 4,157. 90 feet above sea level. No plans to open Uie irrigation gates have been made, however The gates weie kept closed laM vu-ck iluf tu tin- luvv lev- tl oi the Ijke Arraignment Set On Rape Charges UiNGVIKW U'i'l' - Two Nejjrws charged with rape and assault with intent to murder •*:". be formally arraigned Mon- dav U-forc 124th Dist. Judge Pavid (.' Moore. They are expected to enter a formal plea to the charges and a defense attorney may be appointed if they do not hav* one. They are Johnny Lee Clein- f>ns. 27. and his brother-in-law Cecil Charles Head. 19, both of Uladewater Both formerly : worked in Dallas and returned to Longvlew for the Enter weekend i They are charged with raping Darlene Hlake. 22. of Gladewater and assaulting her 21-year- old escort. Jerry Stanford. Both victims of the Apiil 21 attack in the Sabme Itiver bottoms , are hospitalized but improving from injuries. ELEVATOR SHORTAGE MOSCOW tl'PIi - Several new 16-story apartment houses jha\e beeu completed in suburban Moscow but they remain ; unoccupied No elevators. ' Pravda. the official newspaper of the Soviet Communist i party, complained about the sit- iuation Wednesday. "In many cities of the country tai: buildings are being put up aiid everywhere there is a sin'i'ta^i- of elevators" Pravda •<aul I'roduciion doesn't meet i'.r iii-i'd- of the economv "

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