The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 7, 1948 · Page 4
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 4

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1948
Page 4
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**AOE FOUR THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1948 e a e * CLASSIFIED ADS t Charge Accounts: 15 Cents Per Line for Each Insertion. Special Discount for Cash-with-Qrder Minimum Ad Accepted TWO Lines (1) Notices SPECIAL! · WASH JOBS THIS (4) For Sale (Continued) (5) Wanted BUY TODAY--YOUfc 1948 EVER- POPCORN, LESPEDEZA A N D week, SI. Marathon's Service, Cor.'Ready Calendar or refill. Phone clover at highest market price S. Main and Raymond. 159-6 '1180W, Harrisburg Printers, 22 Martin Bros., Tel. 686W. 153-tf FOULTRY, EGGS AND CREAM We take U this"method of thank- NEW 4-ROOM HOUSE. 823 W. j We pay top prices Sugar Creek Card of Thanks South Vine Street. 133-tf ing friends and neighbors who in O'Gara. any way helped during the sickness and at the time of the death of our father, '*Jjan S. Sherrod. 1584 I Produce, Phone 918R. 123-tf Especially do we-thank the sing- 1 Co. ,ers, Rev. Tommy Cook for his con- j --- ALEMITE LUBRICATION SER- vice. See K. Dunn, Saline Motor 132-ti (5a) Help Wanted Washington Column By Peter Edson NBA-Register Correspondent solingwordsT all who 'sent flow-i 1934 OLDSMOBILE COUPE 6: and the Gibbons Funerals-rooms new furniture, 2 good ers home. Such acts- of kindness will never be forgotten. The Children. -*160-1 I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any debts contracted by anyone except myself. Elvis Rose. horses. 1340 W. Robinson, Dorris- ville. *158-6 ,OAL, COKE, AND KINDLJNu ,'all Csty Coal Yard, Tel. 55R. (2) Susmes* Services MOVING -- LONG OR SHORT distance. Also coal hauling. No 5 vein lump and stoker coal, oil treated. Harrisburg Transfer Co., ·Tel. 87. ' * 127-tf VACUUM CLEANERS ARE OUR orly business O. R Buford. City Hall Bldg., ML Vernon, 111. 132-tf CAR WASHING. SEE ORVAL FORD PICKUP TRUCK. Rev. Lewis Hedges, Crab Orchard. ·158-3 '36 PLYMOUTH 4-DOUR excellent cond. Must be seen and driven to be appreciated. '35 Ford 4-door sedan, also in good cond. George Irvin, Equality, 111. *158-3 FULL LINE MAYTAG AND OTH- er washer parts. Service on all makes. Williams Appliance Co., 615 E. Poplar. Pho. 1146W. 123-U GOOD BEIGE REDFERN COAT, Durfee at Saline Motor Co. 132-tf s i ze 16; 2 good Redfern suits, --__-- black and brown, size 14. 323 W. SALES AND SERVICE FOR Logan. *159-2 Kleotrolux cleaners. John Hodge, Tel. 922R L R ne6 C 9 K n!tephone R Il4R sSinl MotSr Co. Chevrolet Sales and '39 FORD 127-tf "all at 306 _ ^11 at 109-tf SEE OR CALL GEO. F. KARBER, Rosiclare, 111., for road and drive*156-6 WASHINGTON, (NBA) -- S i x months of operation under the Truman Doctrine,, which provided $300 million foorelief, reconstruc- ___ -- tion and.battloigUhe Communists WE TRUST YOU! SAMPLES ON in-Greece, giver some idea of how approval. Show Everyday Greet- the Marshall Plan for European re- ings for extra earnings! Every- covery may work out--at best body buys big value 15-card $1 and woxst.. box." Pays you up to 50c cash prof- At its worst, Communist opposi- it. Personal stationery, Birthday, tion to American aid will be more Gift Wraps, Humorous, others. Re- serious than anticipated. It was tail 60c up. No experience need- hoped that the Communist guerril- ed. Get samples. FRIENDSHIP, las in Greece would be cleaned 805 Adams, Elmira, N. Y. * 160-1 out last summer. They still hold a third of the country. WANT MAN FOR RAWLEIGH| It was originally planned to business in cities of Harrisburg.' spend $150 million to aid Greek Carrier Mills, and adjoining coun- military operations, the other $150 tv. Permanent if you are a bust- million to aid civilian economy, ler. For particulars write Raw-'After only six months of opera- leigh's, Dept. ILA-942-103, Free- tions, it has been necessary to take port, 111. *15S--j$9 million out of the civilian fund . ! and spend it on the army. WOMAN FOR HOUSEWORK, NO wh en the Communist guerillas washing. 909 S. Land. Call after' c a n oe cleaned out, no one will · . A ^ t ^ r t ^ c r T i r r t i f f f \ O _ . -.. · - . 4 p. m., tel. 1055W2. 159-2 hazard a guess. It is mountain ---- ----; fighting of the toughest kind. Even YOUNG MAN if they are driven out for keeps. OPENING FOR , under 23 to assist manager with the Greek army will have to keep nationally known publishing con- constant and' strong patrol along cern. Must be single and free to 400 moles of northern border, travel. This is permanent with % Refugees from this guerilla war- chance for advancement. Average f are --350.000 of them--have mov- earnings $60 week. Transporta- e( j into democratic territory, mak- tion furnished. See Mr. Reel 7 to j ng re lief all the harder. Last 7:30 p. m., Horning Hotel. 158-3 ^umrder's drought brought crop FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Big Help By Merrill Blo Sscr YOU'RE GOING TO FIGHT A DUEL WITH HIM. AMD VOU MevES KNOW/ OP COURSE MAYE YOU'LL Be LUCKY AND JUST GEr WOUNDED / ^ J - . AFRAID I'D BC TOO LATBi I'M SO GLAD INJ SAY we DITCHED GIRLS/ TOO SQUEAMISH/ WILL 'lOU GUYS Quir IT! YOO give CREEPS / SAY. SUBJECT! VVHER6 VOU MEAN YOU THOUGHT THIS DUEL BCTWeEM YOU AND WALLY WAS A YOUR. STUFP. HILDA-LARD'S STARTING To WISE UP/ L'lL ABNEPv He's No Fool That Rushes In!! By A| Copp / SOTHASSfH'ATOMIC CURTAIN ONCE AH DIVES INTO IT-- NO ONE V BE ABLE rSEE WHO AH IS--AM' / KIN MAKE A COMEBACK IN MAH (PRCFESKUN-WHICH IS ROMANCE YOU FOOL.'.' \ AM WANTS VBE DOOMED.?"- DOOMED .F^^Wr^^^L^^c^^I^L 1 -^.^ ALLOWED IK1.)^TO^T^ L S H U S ^^^ GA^-wiFOUT HELD-VOU'RE /THEM KNOWIN' AH IS ME..T UEQGO" DOOMED'" / A M WANTS TBE ACTIVE IN THET' DOOMED.. X 1 RADIO ACTIVE. FIELD FF - GOVERNMENT -ORDERS/T ·yssness Committee ses Steel Exports Under the Marshal! Plan WASHINGTON, Jan. 7.--(U.R)-- A Senate Investigating committee is ready to inform Congress that independent operators in the steel J rv -summers arougni orougni croo mueyciiucm u^ciaiv/io *« ."v- o^v..; -- failures,, which cut native Greek' industry "will be forced complete- *T\. 1 f^ . ·y .... i ? i jLt_: 3 mt_;_ _!.._ 1«» *·« 4- li *·* *i f i l l * * if \*ir\**\?*r cffml £V- 1 i y o t h e .all" i f steel e:c- j Vai shall i\i\jrJtjL J v*vV/J\.| -T\ljO\J jjf\.i i v »xx A . j^yy^ ouiJiJuco uv d nm. u JLmo« uiuz *«.* *«w »**»· *·"*.* ».». »»^,»« . ^- -- - -- · TUDOR NEW MOTOR ress - A PP lv in Person between advancing Two r i d prices, have ports are made under the Ma 3 W Lincoln " *159-2~| 4 and 6 P- m - Margaret's Cafe 1'nused relief costs $28 million plan, it was revealed today. 159-tf j above original estimates. | In an exhaustive report, not yet COAL GENERAL HAULING. INTERNATIONAL FUEL OIL Chas. Ewell, Jr. Tel. 782R-2 heater, heats 5 rooms. Mitsdarf- ' *158-3 fer Harness Shop, S. Vine Street. _____-- -- 158-3 (2A) Sus. Opportunifies FOR PRIVATE banquets phone The Country Club PARTIES OR County 54F11. 103-tf LUMP COAL, QUICK DELIVERY. -\!ilo Hull, Tel. 429W. *159-2 (3) For R e n t 4-RM. UNFURNISHED ment. Call 1041R1. -.-A .-.1'S PULLORU'M PASSED cnicks: holder three world's rec crds; R.O.P. sized matings: government approved; sexed chicks. . Free brooding balleiin. Illinois APART- Hatchery, Metropolis, 111. 156-11 160-3 r-RM. SEMI-MODERN HOUSE. * 159-2 3-RM. HOUSE ON W. SOUTH Call 752R2. St.; water in house. Write Mrs. _ TJAVTIAP * ^rA x. TnJi« TJinrwlr ^tar Rt Hbff 194b rOMJLAX, o S2.JJA.N, *., John Hancock, btar Kt., ^g.^ actual mileSi new tires . UvSt s this machine JjSJ. ..OR'-i J. D to appreciate There have been some rumors' approved by all members, the By Ken Reynolds that the. State Department would Senate Small Business subcommit- ihave to' ask Congress for more tee on steel said all steel produc- money--maybe as much as $100 tion now available is needed at million more--just to carry out the home. It said the administration first year's operations, ending thus far has failed to show where next June 30. George C. McGhee, further steel shipments for Europe co-ordinator of the Greek and can be obtained. ritain Future of Rep, VurselS Says 8 Persons Killed, 42 Hurt When Jews Bomb Arab Crowd JERUSALEM, Jan. 7-- iUPJ- Eight persons were killed and £, were wounded today, officials announced, when Jews in a stolen police armored car bombed an Arab crowd here and-crashed \\hile trying to_escape. The bombing set off a wild bat tie at the Jaffa gate of Jerusalem and a manhunt through the noodea Marnillah cemetery. Two Je« FRANKFURT. Jan. 7.--U.E-- The Anglo-American military governors of Germany proposed today to set up a cabinet, two-house \,V/-V/4.UUlUbV/l. V*. VAi^ W A . V W A - Ml*V* V.U11 UW V/t_T bUtl^WVA. ~ - - - f c ^ _ - J 1 ' 1. L ' 4 U " Turkish aid programs, says there The State Department's estimate J legislature and high court in their as been no such decision. j of the European recovery program economically merged occupation Greece is one of the 16 European i indicated that it includes these! zone. nations co-operating on the Mar-' steel shipments, mainly from the j Carefully avoiding the use of the shall Plan. The Paris report-from U S., for 1948-49: \\ord "government," the military the 16-nation Committee of Euro- 'Finished steel, 1,802.000 metric governors proposed an eight-pomi oean Economic Co-operation al- tons: crude and semi-finished, 1.-! program aimed at strengthening located Greece $150 million worth 266,000 metric tons: steel making j the economy of the Anglo-Amcri- of aid from North and South equipment, $48.000,000. America, for the first year. - If-70 Warn Against Grey Market zone. per cent of this were to come from the U-. Sv, it'would be $360 mil- ·'' ~ ' ._.,,..... j Gen Lucius D. Clay and Gen A copy of the Senate subcom- j Sir Brian Kobertson put forth mittee's report was made available | their program on the first day ot to the United Press on the eve of a two-day conference of ranking 1947 CHEVROLET, 1-2 TON PAN- el truck. Call 1041R1. 160-3 7AVO S-HIvI. FURN. APTS. ouire at l£i \.'. Kaymond between 5 ?rrf ?, n-jrL.or tel. 800. 160-3 {4} For Sole " CO 'ACRES, 7'ML"-NW OF-HAR- r» c 'iurs ^n gravel; s has ,5-rm. house, barn, other outbuildirjgs, close to si-^oul aua church'; price $3,500. 2 .,, 2 acres, "4 mi. west of Hams- -TM IR OF iiOUJNDb. S^ \\. burg on Rt.'-13; has extra good 6- co"*- ^Ii*2S b Stv n water" SPECIAL!! WALNUT ' DINING orchard, plenty water, ^ ^.^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ lion.-^,-,;',. "Did you get yours with a Restate Department estimates" on a ; Marshall plan hearings in Congress. I American, British and German 01- 15S- ! CT i s ter Want Ad too?" country-tCKiountry; basis have not when made public the document i ncials to map tiie future course " · yet been'madel public: But, as ; the- - . -- . . . - , "» Paints. "" "National Co Pains' 103-t t certainly will play an im- j 01 western Germany, nt role in" congressional con-1 Clay and Roberts Rohercson proposed H XPERIENCED;-WOMAN " FOR Pa^is report itotals ^were cut djijwn portant --- ~ "eneral housework. Apply! 322 by the State--£)epartment-and "will S jderation of the European recov-jthe following piogram lor ·_.,vu TH«;-.. N .' - «i^R_»v he further cut'dbwn bv Consress. «..,- n^nrf^om ! (Ti^rmanv. and tola Ger South Main.-- -u be further cut "down by Congress, the Greek share may be under buffet and 5 chairs, ^ real nice 5-rm. semi-mod, g^ounb-s *TMtoTM. house in 800 block, S. Main St. Has *p£ p p.h o?«' sanded floors, full bath, hot and or the Post Office. cold water, built-in kitche/i cabinets, garage, coal house; price only $4,000.00 This is a good one. A 2-story house on N. Main St., COLORED~GIRL FOR CLEAN UP $300 million, work. Apply at Singer Sewing These are some of the bad as- Center. ,- -,'" -158-tf pects of the Greek and general European relief and recovery · EXPERIENCED AND CAPABLE uations. But the picture is not deputy for Saturday nights. Grove all black. In addition to the 150 Nite Club 158-tf civilians and 100 Army officers in . the American mission, there are joyer 300 U. S. contractors and en- Igineers at work rebuilding public IA\ IOJ \A/« n » A y4 VVOnrea GOOD CON- 160-tf (7) Lest C(JAL A N D S TOKEK .·ickson Ice Coal. Tel 256. 132-U which are bringing in $50 per month and owner lives in other one; price $6,500.00. 194Q DODGE ' MOTOR IN GOOD Luke Barnhill. 160 ' 2 con d., 5 good tires. Priced to sell. EXPERIENCED W A I T R E S S , 1 works. Two hundred thousand fountain or short order cook. Pho. to "? 4of food - a ^ d a |, lke tonnage, of 1208R 9 *160-3 milltar y supplies, have been delivered. U. " S. officials say the Greek government is co-operating veith no more than a normal amount'of SMALL CHILD'S RED KNIT MIT- political squabbling. It has a bal- ten on or near sq. Mon. night, anced budget, has dropped 15,000 Tel. 469R or ret. to Register office, bureaucrats from 'the public pay- 153-2 rolls, and is collecting taxes. The American mission, under Tel. 136W, Eldorado. '160-2 MARKETS J21 FEET WATER PIPE, UTILITY cabinet coal range. 1302 S. Led- '--» % * 159-2 ,ford. .. (.LUMP COAL. $6 TON. 313 SOUTH Main, tel. 338W. 160-- LIVESTOCK ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Jan. 7.--01P.)--(USDA)-- 1947 NASH 600. FULL EQUIP- ment, 15,000 miles; 1947 Hudson Livestock: Hogs 7600; salable 7,000. Mar- Commodore 6. 4-door sedan, 11,- ket active. 75c to SI higher than 000 miles: 1939 Chevrolet coupe; Tuesdav's averaee. Bulk good and 1936 Pontiac coupe; 1939 Ford 4- ery program. uesteri: tola German of- The committee, headed by Sen. iiuals trial it should be-put into Edward Martin, R.. Pa., warned cuect at once: the steel industry to assume xe- 1. Double the size of the joint sponsibility for moving against a economic council, the pseuoo-par- "grey market'' bv assuring all users I liment of the Anglo-American r , . _ * r - " . . _ . . - . . . . _ r i i. _ ~7f\n f f\ 1 fto. TiH»tY» fjr»1"S of steel a fair proportion of the product "at reasonable Without such a self-policing effort, the committee asserted, govern- to 2. I- orm a 16-member second V*4«_- X r V « * * * _ 4 _ f c _-Vr\r U*J*?V-_. V»-V* J ^ V » ^J. **. * 4 * ment controls and allocations are appropriation. legislative house which would have no powers of taxation or inevita'ole. In addition the committee: 1. Said the normal quota of steel distribution by manufacturers "has not operated satisfactorily,'' either with respect to old customers or to manufacturers entering the field since World War II. No Overall Survey 2. Recommended extension of ex- More Than Proposals 3. Revise the present executive g it into to Dt various departments 01 tne economic council. 4. Establish . a nine-man high court to have ultimate jurisdiction in all economic matters. Not inferesled in Treasurer's Post MT VERNON. 111.. Jan. 7-- UP --Cong. Charles W. Vursell, Salem Republican who has been mentioned as a possible candidate for state treasurer, said today he believes he can do the best job by staying at his present post. "I have told those interested ^ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.._ that I felt I could best make a wcrc j-m c( j anc i four Arabs and real contribution to government by ^ wo j ews were wounded in earlier continuing my work in Congress,' Vursell said here. Vursell and Cong. Roy Clippinger, Carmi Republican, both have been mentioned for the treasurer's job on Gov. Dwight H. Green's "harmony slate" for the April primary ele'ction. The congressional redistricting threw both men in the 24th district, leaving one of them out of a job in November. Both Clippinger and Vursell have announced their candidacy for reelection. Vursell's appearance here broke iuaj ueu- DVllIlv ^ ^. .,._.^.,. ,. his perfect attendance record in j t j re ^ ^j r Force procurement oi- the 'House of Reoresentatives in -· . « . ,--*-- : -» «~ Washington. He liad not been absent a day that the House has been in session in the past five years that he has been in office. clashes. * An official announcement of tis, casualty toll said two of the dead' were Jewish attackers, shot by po-J lice when they fled. A third wounded gravely. Gen. Meyers Pleads Innocent to Perjury Charges WASHINGTON. Jan. 7.-- (U Q en Bennett E. Myers, it- today pleaded innocent to U, S. Warns Naiions Against Recognizing Greek Rebel Gov'l WASHINGTON, Jan. 7-- U.E-- The United States has warned government charges of perjury m connection with Senate testimony on war contracts. Meyers-also pleaded innocent to charges' that he induced Blenot H. Lamarre to perjure himself before Senate investigators. Lamarre already'has pleaded guilty to per jury~charges. -Federal Judge David A. Pine 5 Feb. 16 for the start of Meyers trial on a six-count indictment charging perjury and subornatio of perjury. If convicted on all counts, the dapper, balding 52-year-old gcner- portControl over steel "for as long |' V EslabUsh a "umon'' bank to ...v, ., ,, ^ as the necessity exists and as Iongi b c conlro u e d by the military gov- GREY HOOD FOR COAT. ALICE Gov. Dwight Griswold. is in con- as efforts to secure greater cx-' einoro but OW ned by slate banks. Kinncy, Harrisburg National Bank. trol. ·159-2 gets It is seeing that the relief distributed. It holds the (9) Miscellaneous (10) Instruction Death Takes Mrs. Wm. J. Dooley, 62; Funeral Tomorrow dollar receipts from sales ^ Greek exports and the* drachma receipts from sales of relief and reconstruction supplies to the Greek people. Good tobacco, raisin, fruit and I olive crops are now being market- led and are moving to the U. S. | A trade mission has been sent to western Germany to re-establish something like normal trade rela- ! Sirs. Faithy Dooley, 62, wife of tj ons ports of critical steel products arc being made.'' It would be empowered to issue currency, control credit and issue 3. Charged that Secretary o f ! crcoit instrumcn ts. Commerce W. Avercll Hammans G p crnu t the council to dip concern for the impact of steel' _ nto state-collected income tax exports on the domestic economy | iu ,. ( i s as it sees fit to balance its ·is secondary to foreign policy' budget. That would widen its needs, as represented by the State i presc nt powers. The council also Department." would control the levying of ex- 4. Asserted that Harriman has government "would be clearly contrary to the principles of the United Nations charter," the State Department announced today. Bulgaria and Yugoslaia are Soviet satellite countries which border on Greece. The warnings followed a sternly-worded statement issued by act-1 ing Secretary of State Robert A. Lovett on Dec. 30. He said then that recognition of the rebel government "would have serious implications." Michael J. McDermott. department press officer, said that American representatives in Bulgaria and Yugoslavia had conveyed orally this government's views on the announcement "by certain Greek Communists that they had formed a so-called government." McDermott said American officials in the two capitals were mak e o s of 60 years failed to "strictly'' administer export controls on steel in relation cise taxes and- customs. Clay and Robertson put forth their "proposals with an assurance to tne high domestic demand, and i that they were no more than pro- Before the war. German J that no overall survey of domestic! pcsals, "and do not represent a 1 manufacture.!? were trad- reouircmcnts has been madfv ! ,,ir^o« '· trad- and S27.25 to $23.25; 130 to 150 Ibs., G :oODTuMP~COAL, S6 TON " to 6 ' : e : 1 * l . 116SW2. 120 Ibs- S21.50 to S23.75. 142-tf ! ukase.' requirements has been made. o. Recommended an invcsiga- j The suggestions were handed tion by the Federal Trade commis- j to the Germans who were asked sioni on withdrawal of steel com-'to consider them and come up panics^ froin established distribu-j \\iih comment and proposals of their own tomorrow. Bill Dooley of East St. Louis; and i $28 million. Exports, including 6. Said steel exports to Canada «!_._ i"«.t I A.««*?***« *·!*·*»··*·· A.T**p ^T*\«iT v* 1««.! i --.i* ...lit i_.» _ _ _ _ _ ^TMrt -- * n * . . « . . _ _ . Jhe following sisters: Mrs. Ncaiytrelief, will be over $70 million. *160-2jTurner of Terrc Haute, Ind.: Mrs.- Total Greek exports to all coun Cattle 3.100: salable 3.000; calves 1,000, all salable. Market fully steady, but somewhat slow on 1937 BILLYS, steers. Deals confined to a few Granccr street loads of medium fleshed offerings _; : at S22.50- to S23: medium to good FOUR DECK CHICK BATTERY j n-1 services will be held in the iLucy Holland of Galatia: and Mrs..tries next year arc expected to 1331 SOUTH Grace Kassner of Harrisburg. -reach S100 or even S150 million. *159-2j The body now lies in state at What this means is that the Greeks the Gibbons funeral home. Func- arc getting back in business. Dies at Eldorado to $20; coaiinon and medium oeci Golish Delicatessen. ~v^ ~. ~-- . .,.,, « t ... ~. cows. $1550 to $17.50: canncrs and gcr . 159-2 ] .'..uchcllsvillc. cutters, $1250^ to . $15.50: bulls. iirro: good beef bulls to $22: me- SHORTS AND BRAN. GODARD'S p u k|j c A JJ *O dium to good sausasc bulls, $13 Farm MarkcL 1694 !;,., ^- 7 n are not controlled and that no record is kept because of the 1941 secret "Hyde Park agreement" negotiated b\ the late President Roosevelt with Canadian Prime Toff to Ansv/er Truman's Speech Tomorrow Night WASHINGTON. Jan. 7.--Oin»-- Minister MacKcnzic King. The re-, Sen. Robert A. Taft, Ohio Rcpubli- port said it was impossible to de-, can presidential aspirant, will rc- tcrmine if Canada was re-exporting j ply to President Truman's state steel mill products she receives I of the union message on a radio from this country. It cited that broadcast at S:30 CST tomorrow country as the largest importer of j night The American Broadcasting American steel. " -- - - Gives Birth to Twins, Each Weighing Over Nine Pounds DANVILLE, 111.. Jan. ?--£'' vrer'e being checked today to se. what sort of record Mrs. Roegner set when she gave to twin sons yesterday, each ing over nine pounds. One twin weighed nine pound- j,L\ and one-half ounces at. birtr, and the other, nine pounds arq two ounces. Mrs. Roegner is feet, three inches tall and we 120 pounds. Upper Farm Bracket The top one-third of the nation's X*C«1O lit V t A V . «.«»\^ *^*lf *W*i JO T» ^, t ^ 11IOIV · r T ing clear that Lovett's statement 5.8 million, farms produce 80 ;*· expressed the views of the United i cent of the national production. Tre expressed Slates. . Vernon Moil Carrier Pleads Guilty to Theft EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Jan. 7-un--A ML Vernon. 111. rural mail, carrier pleaded guilty to the theft i I bottom third produce only 4 r t: cent ol the total value. These fie- ures were compiled by the depart ment of agriculture on the b a / ! ^f census data just made availabj Iia "^ lare«E d. r4 to $21 _ ; good and choice. $28 to $39: common 'COAL. $6 TON DELIVERED. Hike Food Budgets and medium, S15 to $27. iTcl. 1WOW2, 520 W. O'Gara. jFor Relief Families Sheep 1,300: salable 1,600: _rc-| M58-, spRINGFIELD IIL JaB . 7 . ccipts include one deck yearlings. fp\v lots clipped and tall clipped uut i\) Sbs Sth bS of receipts uoolcd fci for i ana iau ciip^u-1^* ^ ILL HEALTH, WE OF-j--Tlic Public Aid commission to- of receipts woolcd 1 fci for sale our -well equipped day announced increases from one _ "_ » . « _ _ _ _ _ _ i _ . _ i f . ^?**I **· 1 ft». · «·*» · *.! ff\ , * f^ ^kl».«k J *^11 ·*^«f ««% *^-^/\T^4 ri !*· fm\n Wllll V W i J V V* A*.^.W«J*»»J " * - ^ r - -- - - , - - - - - " »,. * J^' " ~ ^ 1 » -- irket steady; few good; fUmcr shop. wiUi rng:dairc, r.lso; anu «·«.«= woolcd lambs to small erecn house. Hams McDonalo,, killers S26.75; part, deck mostly, I Carrier Mills 160-- r W I B * V r 4 0 . ^r-«rv-- --^^ r -- ' - - , $27; deck good woolcd yearlings, $21: others not established. $21: others Chicago Produce "Poultry: 19 trucks; easy. Hens 29- leghorn hens 21: fryers 39 to 4« : broilers 35 to 37: While Rock and Plymouth. Rock springs 38; colored springs 36; young-torn turkeys 38 to 40; young hen turkeys 50- young 2cesc 37; swan gccsc 28; ducks 28 to 38. Batten 582,477 00 score 83. LARGEST S T O C K OF WALL- paper in Southern Illinois. National Paint and Wallpaper Co Charles Radford Smith. 45. of Eldorado, died at H a. m. ye,ster- jday at the Fcrrcll hospital. A i native of Hardin county, Mr. Smith jv.-as the son of the late George and Sarah Smith. He had lived in Eldorado for the past twenty years. He is aiirvivcdj by t\\o sisters. nine dollars in monthly food!Mrs. Lillie Pcnncll ar.d Mrs.. budgets for families of four now j Charles Scagraves of Eldorado;] U'.o brothers. Denny Smith of Har- ^wili carry Tzft's speech. of cash and parcels from the mails, figures, in U. S. district court here today. Simon H. White. 53. was sentenced to three years in prison American farmers have the private business in the world, p"^ ducing a wide variety of commodities worth 25 billion dollars ar- nually. according to these ccnra Trees Tell the Time Since 200 B. C. successive genera tions of American trees have k« and fined S300 by Judge Fred L., who suspended the jaili an accurate record of the sentence and placed him on three' in the United States. Variations year's probation. _ j width of the tree's annual r:nfs i--j White had been a mail carrier! dicate the -weather for cacli ca:-i for 25 .years, and was eligible for Th c namc « luni bcr" is derived a retirement pension. His attorney said White had lost his pension rights, but added that White had repaid the losses in full. name "lumber" from "lombard." the name of money lender or banker. So ·* tell time as wcJ: as being ban'/zc: HART'S MOTORS county and Kcid Snith of on Illinois assistance rolls. Thc increased cost of living ne . ccf itatcd the boost, the commis-1 Chicago: and one haif-brothcr. Jess *:.on «»id. Food budget increases ] Douglas of Golconda. ucrc determined on the basis of] Th c body, now at the Martin SECOND SHEETS. COLUMNAR j "jj!*'': 5_ » _ _ ^ T T » !*.!._-··,.. T M « « A W M I *" A ,--.iu 10li '"lreU»il food price studies in each » - , H a r n S R will cost the state ! Soutl 5 , about $300,000 more a month be- 'ginning in February, Ihc comm;s- sion said. It estimated that il unsettled;; COAU OEUVERED 54 Pho. 224W2. A-l CLEANING AND PRESSING ) * , T 9 N -'to * 159-4 ox jcting budget .70. for funeral home in Eldorado, will Ic lakcn late today to the home f Mrs. Scasravcs at 1204 Bryant street in Kldorado. The funeral v,i31 be held al the Hculah Hcishls ?«!ctho£itt charch, ft 2 p. m. on Thursday. Rev Paul Ott will officiate and banal will be in Wolf Creek cemetery. MOTORS 'JUST REPAIRED MY .-LET'S TAKE A TO TH 1 COUNT RYJ -AND J M THE COUMTR.N'- SAV. COW BCV- COV^ANY J SOME COWS NEVER ANY HOS.NS-OTHER.*, Al^E DEHOJ2NE.D BUT TH' MAIN **=( THAT COW DOESN'T . HA.VE BECAUSE IT'S A Sleeping: Travelers Thc 25 million railroad travelers receipts 43 to 44; to sell because of ill health. Elza "J? %** in ***Pin* can last year fc; 37. jPringle, 508 East Walnut. 1593 took *"*» averaging ,97 miles each. Not All Sell Tobacco There are estimated to be about 50.000 auctioneers in the United Sta'cs. Most cities and slates require that they be registered. ; HARR(SBURG. 'ILLINOIS

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