Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 3, 1969 · Page 48
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 48

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1969
Page 48
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Page 48 article text (OCR)

Joyce Haber: Mia's a strong person By JOYCE HABER Los Angeles Times Service HOLLYWOOD - Now that mama Maureen O'Sullivan has approved of Mia Farrow's romance with Andre Previn, another member of the family speaks out. "Andre's so groovy," says Tisa Farrow, who's 18, of the man by whom her sister's expecting a child in the spring. "They'll have a beautiful baby." Tisa's on location in Canada, where she's starring in her first film, Cinema Cen ter's "Homer," for producer Ed Scherick ("Take the Money and Run"). "When I first met Andre," she explains, "he seemed so nice but sort of powerless. Then I saw him conduct. He's really a musical genius." Of Mia, Tisa says: "You know, she really isn't that much of a kook. Mia's very strong and she knows what she wants." Tisa says Mia is "probably the straightest person in the family" of seven children who were sired by the late Australian - born writer - director John Farrow. "She's the most level headed." Tisa adds a funny note about her only meeting with former brother-in-law, who was Mia's slightly famous ex-spouse, Frank Sinatra. The "only meeting" took place over dinner. "He was not the kind of person you know well," says Lisa. "I mean what do you call the man? "At first I called him Mr. Sinatra, which is sort of silly when you're sitting in a man's house late at night after dinner. He said, 'Don't call me Mr. Sinatra,' but I couldn't bring myself to say Frank. He's Frank Sinatra — like it's one word." Then she caps it with an interesting historical note: "Mia didn't even call him Frank. She called him Charlie," Tisa says. * * * The best cocktail-hour album of the month is Hank Mancini's new "Six Hours Past Sunset" for RCA. It includes three of Mancini's compositions, plus Jimmy Webb and Ludwig Van Beethoven, plus music from "Dark Shadows" (that's the ABC-TV serial about a vampire) and "Midnight Cowboy" (that's United Artists' screen thing about a vampire) . . . I'm only kidding: "Midnight Cowboy's" the very best movie I've seen this year. It's a remarkable coup for director John Schlesinger, this time not just visually (as in "Madding Crowd") but totally — as, for example, with performances to end all performances by Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman. It's a kind of black diamond, unflawed, in which Schlesinger contains, with enormous sensitivity, a male - to - male relationship, certain male - to - female relationships, the naked city and the naked people. Schlesinger proves you don't have to strip your actors physically to reveal them in all their nakedness. . . That great theatrical portraitist Cecil Beaton (we have a gouache of Clifton Webb by Cecil) recently added to his cariacatures — Rosalind Russell. Beaton will be coming to Hollywood late this month, after finishing his designing chores on Miss Russell's husband's, Freddie Brisson's, musical, "Coco." While here, Beaton, who's an accomplished photographer, too, will do a series of photographs of one of the screen's still - reigning first ladies, who's now making U.A.'s "Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax," her zillionth starrer. And then too, the talented Mr. Beaton will turn his hand to something unprecedented — one way or another — an oil portrait of Toz, the first (some say only) Auntie Mame , . . The crew of TV's "Mod Squad" was filming before an apartment house in Hollywood when a limousine stopped for a light. Then someone rolled down the rear window, leaned out, and told its stars, "Like all the rest of the kids, I'm a big fan of yours." And that's the way Peggy Lipton, Michael Cole and Clarence Williams III || LAST 2 DAYS! DAVID HAMMINGS MICHAEL YORK < 'Alfred the Great" The dissenter king Panavision and Melrocolor "GREAT < BANK JOBBERY"; I ! "THOSE DARING YOUNG MEN IN THEIR JAUNTY JALOPIES" I LAST 2 DAYS!, BRIGITTE BAUDOT- ALAIN DELONl! "SPIRITS DlTlie DEAD*' •BR < 7.?369 9 COLOR jnji Valley movies Films released after Nov. 1, 19« carry the Code Rating of, th» Motion Picture Association of America. (G) Suggested for general audience* of all ages. (M) Suggested for mature audiences (parental discretion advised). (R) Restricted. Persons under 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian. JX) No one under 18 years of ag» admitted. PHOENIX THEATERS bethany Cinerama: "Alfred the Great," (M) 5:50, 9:50 "Great Bank Robbery," (M) 8:10. Chris-Town: "Battle of Britain," (G) 7:15,9:35. Cine Capri: "Taket he Money and Run," (M) 7:15, 9:30. Continental: "Guess Who," and "Baby," continuous from 12:30. Fox: "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," (M) 1:45, 5:45, 9:45; "Stalking Moon," (G) 3:45, 7:45. Hayden West: "Oliver," (G)8. Palms: "Marlow," (M) 7, 9:05. Paris: Adult movies continuous from noon. Sombrero: "Those Were the Happy Times,"?:30, 9:35. Thomas Mall: "Medium Cool," (X) 1:50,5:50, 9:45; "Alfie," 3:45, 8:40. Tower Plaza: "True Grit," (G) 1:30, 5:45, 10; "Those Daring Young Men," (G) 3:40,7:55. Vista:"! Am Curious (Yellow)," (X) 1:35, 3:40, 5:45, 8, 10:15. DRIVE-IN THEATERS Acres: "Chamber of Horrors," 6:30, 10:40; "Spirits of the Dead," 8:35. "Big Sky: "Nightmare in Wax," 7:14; "Tammera, the Invincible," 9:09; "Blood of Dracula's Castle," 10:45. CinemaPark: "Great Bank Robbery," (M) 6:30, 10:50; "Alfred the Great," (M) 8:40. Indian: "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," (M) 7, 10:50; "Mission Stardust," (G)9:10. Mustang: "King Kong vs. Godzilla," 7:07; "Phantom of the Opera," 8:52; "Evil of Frankenstein," 10:32. Northern: "Those Daring Young Men," (G) 6:30, 11:15; "True Grit," (G)9:05. N u -V i e w: "Road to Nashville,"6:30; "Las Vegas Hillbillies," 8:45; "Hillbillies in the Hounted House," 10:35. Oasis: "Gone With the Wind," 7:15. Peso: 'Atacan Los Bm- jas," 6:30, 10:15; "Las Ado- Jescentes," 8:20. Phoenix: Love Bug," (G)7, 12; "Happiest Millionaire," 9:10. Pioneer: "Daddy's Gone a Hunting," (M) 6:30, 10:35; "Chastity," (R) 9. Rodeo: "Nightmare in Wax," 7:W; "Tammera, the Invicible," 9:09; "Blood of Pracula's Castle," 10:45. R<H8MMJp; "Midnight Cowboy," (X)6:50, 10 :45; "First Time," (M) WO. Silver Dollar: "Good Guys and Bad Guys," (M) 6:30,11; "Great Race," 8:30. Thunderbird: "Journey to the Far Side of theSun," (G) 7, 10:45; "Eye of the Cat," (M) 8:55. VALLEY THEATERS Camelback Mall: "Easy Rider," (R) 7:30, 9:25. Glen: "True Grit," (G) 8:45; "Young Billie Young," (G) 7. Hayden East: Funny Girl," (G)8. Kachina Cinerama: "Mad Woman of Chaillot," (G) 7, 9:30. KiVa: "Sweden, Heaven andHell," (X) 7, 10:30; "Seven Deadly Sins,," 8:40. Mesa: "True Grit," (G) 8:55; "Young Billie Young," (G)7. Portofino: "Hot Lead,"plus beaver shorts, continuous from!2:30. Valley Art: "2201: Apace Odyssey," (G) 8. Andy Gump Look-Alike Winner : All Yon f Can Eat • /> ttlTBC . MOM . UfPn m Spaghetti I Meat Balls I ^ f m* ms ms mr~* mr~f .^ PAMIUV ROOM \ 3437 E. McDowell 273-1344 J »••«««« OPEN 7 DAYS«9««*»4 2 MITES Homemid* MON., WED. | S425* Salad Roll* T ENJOY A BUSINESSMAN'S ' LUNCH WITH EXOTIC DANGERS SALISBURY STEAK With Potatoes $ 1 35 and Gravy, . Vegetable Jim Brown's t TALK T °H FE TOWN I 3701 N. 16th Street 1 y ALSO "CHAMBER > OF HORRORS"] «l!;KORF xSSli' X*w%^« LAST 2 DAYS! 3 ALL COLOR FAMILY H/TS/ INClUD'lrJa IN S Y CURTIS Hl;^ «« „ ear MARTYRS' LAS VEGAS !INST_ ns-iius BOBBINS^ "'"-BILLYS" I U)S HDOLESCEN1ES. SIS mill. I jus IKWIIMS, sus mm. su nnui (' LDSflDDLESCEB A COLORES JULISSA- CARLOS PINAR IWr GAUAPDO • RENITH SEKOH. CARMEN WON1EJO ADEMAS 4 WAGN/F/COM "ATACAN; LAS «; BRUSAS"! DAVE FISHER FROM THE BIG APPLE 8- MIDNIGHT MONDAY THRU SATURDAY KTAR radio KTAR / Another Company of Combined Communications Corp. RADIO KOY 550 KTAR—NBC *M KMEO 740 KIFN-Spin'lh Btt KPHO—MBS 910 KOOU-CBS MO KCAC-Spinllh 1010 KURD 1060 KCKY 1150 KRDS—Western 1170 KRIZ—Top 40 1230 KHEP—Rel'Slolrt 1UO KBUZ-ABC 1310 KRUX-Top 40 ........ 13*0 KXIV 1400 KDOT 144* KHAT—Weitem ...... 14U KALF 1»* KASA-RelljIOW 1540 KTUF 15M FM STATIONS FM STEREO FM STEREO KFCA-FM — 91,SMC KUPD-FM — 97.9 MC KBUZ-FM — 104.7 MC KHEP-FM — KMEO-FM — KMND - KTAR-FM — 101.SMC 96.9 MC 93.3 MC W.7 MC KNIX-FM — 10Z.5MC KOOL-FM — 94.5 MC KRFM — 9S.5MC KDOT-FM - 100.7 MC_ met —Mae West." Pablo Picasso didn't attend the wedding of his tailor's daughter, Ajka Sapone, but the grand master, who was just 88, sent Ajka a memento instead. It was a sketch of a flower, in crayon, with his signature as big as the posy. The bride framed it in gold and carried it instead of a SiW a.m. KPHO-Farm Hour KTAR-News. Music KOOL-News, MVsIc StU a.m. KTAR-JM ,. Garaglol* 5:19 a.m. KOOL-News, Farm. $145 a.m. KTAR-County Aoent 6:W a.m. KOOL-World New* Roundup KTAR-Naws, Music KPHO-ThouBht tor Today. Newscope <ils ».m. KOOL-Law RtPOd* <iW a.m. KOOL-New» KTAR-News. MuilC 4:55 a.m. KPHO-PoInt of Law 7>N «.m. KOOL-News, Music KTAR-News, Mu»lc KPHO-NeWfCPP* KHEP-RetQrmatlon 7!» a.m. K?M?w,; MI "" Editorial 7:45 a.m. KPHO-World this Morning, Newscope t liOO a.m. KOOL-News. Editorial KPHO-Newseop» KHEP-MornIng u en„,._ cerelv vours KTAR-News, Mush 'cfoesk 8:50 a.m. KOOL-Meet Your ...Candidate l*.' l Re l »ort op of Desk »:W a.m. KTAR.N9W»,Ml/Ste KOOL-News Music KPHO-Newscop« KHEP-BloLTHour t:» a.m. KOOL-Dlmenslon at Hume, KTAR-EnfiphasIs, lOioo a.m. KOOl Music 10:10 a.m. KPHO-MovIe Talk MusTc 10:30 a.m. KOOL-Dear Abby KTAR-EmpnasIs, Music KHEpVjfy-To th. KOOL-News, Inslda Storv KPHO-News, Music KTAR-News, Music KP a.m. ownfalk frey MUSIC asis, , Empnasis KHEP-Havl'n of Rest noon j<T^News, Music KHEP-John Jess KPHO-ASU B 'Re'port KOOL-Pimen^on, In Hollywood leport KTAR-E 12.40 p.m. KOOL-News, Meet Your Candidate 12:55 P.m. KOOL-Tomprrow'» Living 1:00 p.m. KOOL-News, Music KPHO-News, Music KTAR-News, Music KOOL-Torno'rro'w's Living KPHO-News, Music KTAR-EmphasIs, Music 1:00 p.m. KPHO-News, Music KOOU-Newt. Music KTAR-News, MusU );M P.m. KOOL-Mother and Child lows, Music imp.hasls, uslt KPHO-^ KTAR-E laws' Music ftWS,MUSIC p.m. 'ersonel Close Up, Music KTAR-Emphajl», Music KPHO-News, Music KTAR-News, Music 4iM P.m. KHEP-flug to TAR- KTAR-News, Music 4:25 p.m. KPHO-stk Reporr 4*30 o m. KTA.R-Arlz. Builder* i-Newscope, 'tk Report KOOL-VJaW KPHO-Newscope, "tk Repor' Cronklte KTAR-ArlzfiSutdoors SiOo p.m. KPHO-N"ewscope, KTAR-News, Stk. S:30 p.m. KOOL-Newj-MusIc KPHO-Newscope KTAR-SPorts, Weather KPHO-Newscope, World T&day. KTAR-News. Music KOOL-Naw*',' Sports, Reasoner 6:25 P.m. KTAR-Governor'* Report 6t)0 p.m. rlnkly andldato 7:00 P.m... KOOL-Sports, Music KTAR-News, Music KPHO-Fullon Lewis 7tis p.m. KPHO-Georqe M. Address KOOL-News,' Music KPHO-News, .Music KTAR-News, Music KOOL-News, Music KPHO-News, Music KTAR-News, Music 9:30 P.m. KOOL-News, Music 10:00 P.m. KOOL-News, Mu»!e KPHO-BaldwIn KTAR-News, Music bouquet. . . Athletes - turned - actor dept.: Sonny Liston has been signed for his first movie, "Moonfire" starring Richard Egan. It's shooting in Tucson 11:00 p.m. S»W». MMiC $«ws«. Mvil' jjJT CtNTURrS N fTHOMAS MALL ~ . t. THOMAS POAD\ IN. 4JTH ST. 959-6610 Continuous liOOP.M, IFIRST- RUN MOVIE! NOONEUNDER 16 ADMITTED PLUS FUN-HIT* MICHAEL CAINE as "ALFIE" SEE WHAT MAN REALLY FOUND ON THE MOON! space odyssey SPM PA'NAVISION®- METROCOLOR ONLY FEATURE & SHORTS IN COLOR NO ADMITTANCE UNDER 18 DRIVE-INS OPEN 6 P.M. OPEN 6:45 FEATS. 7:00-9:30 Kachina • •" CvTheptre 521 N: bid Scott.. .947-5495 •' -The wo ofGHaiLLOT Katharine Hepburn; -oYiil Brynner [SJ <gB< TECHNICOLOR Bethany >.';•'. ^Theatre ; ; ',2324 W.Bethany Home OPEN 5:30 The dissenter king Panavision" and Melrocolor OLOR CO-HIT 1 CUNT WALKER ' ("THE GREAT BANK ROBBERY" NOW NOW x-ouWs .• • '• ,' ••' HAYDEN EAST I. SCOnSDAlt BO. . TEMPE • 967.71591 TODAY* TOMORROW 8 P.M. For Reservatloni Ph. 911-7(61 ACADEMYAWARD BEST ACTRESS I TODAY t TOMORROWS P.M. For Reservations Phone 367-7U9 Special Child.Prices. $l.«0 Best Picture of the Year NATIONAL GENERAL COMPANY KLrULJLlO MAIL Phocnlt, MOB., Nov. 3,1969 REPUBLIC BULLDOG The Arizona Republic 21 PWIGHTHARKIH3 tower pi*** theatre JOHN WAYNE Plus: "Those Daring; .—; -Young Men In Their |Gf Jaunty Jalopies" Open Daily 1 P.M. Ph 273-7711 FIRST RUN HIT! TONIGHT! In Color-7. 10:30 Plus Tonight Only—8:40 TBABIIWVtADy JEAN-IOUIS TR1NTIGNANT •f Capital i Sir CHANDLER MUSTANG DRIVE-IN $1.50 PER CAR "King Koftg vs. GfldzJHct" "Phemhwn Of The Opera" "Evil Of Frankenstein" BE GLAD They still make pictures like this! 142 E. WASHINGTON - Ph. 25M27I CONTINUOUS FROM 12130 FIRST RUN HITS! NEW PROGRAM EVERY WEDNESDAY NO ONE UNDER 18 ADMITTED ioi>Bmk«y»oMath Street j p_ M 4111 W««t Indian School Rd. wvas.umimwkm'Mninm Round-Up Drive-In Theatre 6599 E. Thomas Rd. 945-M41 DRIVE-IN HIT FEATURES 6:50-10:45 CO-HIT of Rritairi -*^ In Color CHRIS-TOWN 5707 N. 19th Avi. 264-6161 FREE PARKING CAST! EXCLUSIVE OPEN 7 P.M. PAUL NEWMAN ROBERT REDFORO KATHARINE ROSS. BOTCH CASSIDY ANt> iTHE SUNDANCE KID fAIAVISIOH* COLOR »Y OtlUIf DOWNTOWN FOX Washington at First St. 254-4114 JBURntYTO NOWl AT TWO TIMATMC! .... . ••"Theatre. 1 . • MCC A '102S.McDonald IVIC3H 964-6295 OPBN6I45 • ineairc fi I CM 1028 N. 5Tth.Dr. VLCI1 93T.9I72 OPIN6I4S OF THE SUN ^J COLOR GlENDALE / CO-HIT THUNDERBIRD "eye of THE CAT" off Camelback 939-5222 OPEN 6:30 SHOW 7 VISTA 215 No. Central Ave./ ' 252-7466 FEATURE AT 1:35 . 3:40 5:45 - 8:00 10:15 PAUL NEWMAN ROBERT REDFORD |M "BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID" avow} TODAY7:00 & 9:10 P.M. James Garner Gayle Hunnicutt "Marlowe" PALMS No. Central & Virginia &9:30 u nutt!ness triumphant" —LOOK MAGAZINE WOODY ALUM'S "TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN" cineCAPRI GAMMAGE AUDITORIUM COMING! The Smash Hit Musical "Cabaret!" * Wednesday, Nov. 5 at 8:30 P.M. HURRY! Get Your Tickets Nowl The Thurs., Nov. 6 Performance Now Sold Out! "ALVIN AILEY AMERICAN DANCE THEATRE" if Thursday, Nov. 13 at 8:30 P.M. Tickets: S3 - $4 - $5 For Tickets/ Information Call Gammage Box Office 9(5-3434 VNB and BankAmerleards Accepted JOHN WAYNE TECHNICOLOR •COLOR CO-HIT- ROBERT MITCHUM-ANGIE DICKINSON In"YOUHQ. BILLY YOUNG" nil/\rkll\/'-''"•'.Prive-ln Theatre PHOENIX 3600 E. Van Buren I UVhlllSX 275-1461 WALT DlftNlY PROGRAM WAITDIINIY'S "THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE" with FRED MACMURRAY B^^^Pv^^Mpi^^H : Drive-In Thcalrt M«»-TempeH«y. v : '86*4665 ' $1.50 PER CAR CAROLWHITE PAULBURKE^ "CHASTITY" with CHER Drive-In theatre Avindale ..„ ADDED."QOUNTRY OOYOTtOOK HOLLYWOOD" FREE COLISEUM SHOWS! YOUR GATE ADMISSION is your ticket to the Coliseum show of your choice on that day. Just SAVE the STUB on your gate admission ticket and present it at the Coliseum door. There's no additional charge, so go to the Fair every day and see the greatest parade of stars ever! NO SEATS RESERVED ... FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. Doors open 1 hour before showtime, TODAY! TOMORROW! at 6:30 & 8:30 p.m. THE MQNKEES Mickey Dolenz, Davy Jones and Mike Nesmlth at 8:00 p.m. PHOENIX SUNS PRO BASKETBALL NBA regular season game vs, New York FREE GRANDSTAND SHOWS! 3:30 & 7:00 p.m, JERRY VAN DYKE ALL THIS AND MORI! » Rex Allen, Official Fair Host, will meet & greet Fairgoers! • GIANT MIDWAY! * "TORS ON TOUR" SHOW! • 50,000 EXHIBITS! * PLAZA SHOWS! Bill Clifford and Also starring Candy Can- „ hi* dido, The Great Wallen- Ofch wtra das, The Bumpy Family & Leonardo ADMISSION: $1.50 Adults, 50<j: Children, 312 years and under. Open 10:00 AM to Midnight « State Fairgrounds » W. McDowell & 19th Ave,

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