Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 8, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1961
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

MOM,.» fnqe Fit* At the Boll Fork ACROSS 1 Umpire's call. 7 Popular at the old ball game 13 Ascended 14 Ester of oleic acid 15 Animated (jMore caustic if Pedal digit 18 Last month (ab.) 20 compass point 25 Shop 27 Bristly 31 Domain 32 Mark to shoot at 33 Basement 35 Plain SO Covered passageway 37 Drive off 38 Ravers « Feathered scarf Female rabbit 44 City in the j Netherlands 47 Baseball referee 50 One-time czar of baseball ' 53 Ono who eats fo Prtviom 10 Consume! llfioute* (»b.) 12 With«rtd 19 French attldl* 21 Shirt part 22 Armed fleet 23 Tidier 24 Leather Hump 25 Soothsayer 26 Soft mineral 28 Stare amorously 29 Sea mammal 30 War area (ab.) 31 Reformed Church America (ab.) 34 Melts down omraa • mnrj - auau t iiaroeium i aumr irci OH' 1 Ci( JM ULJULJI-J ULJUUKjabi ucjtjr-j UOJL31-J rauu rauu urann auLini caauai 37 Staggered 39 Preposition 40 Sprouts. 41 Leave out 42 Mlmicker 44 Icelandic saga uaau 45 Expires 46 Essential being 48 Follower 49 Legal point 51 Hail! 52 Grab 54 55 Emphasis 56 Degrade DOWN 1 Seasoning .a Singing group •Hi split 4 Suffix 5 Cognizance 6 Guarantea 7 Most torrid 8 Palm leaf 9 Sea (Fr.) TIZZ NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. •y Kate Oxen* © 1961 br NEX, btc. TJ». H. B . U.S. Pat. Otf. ' 4 Sorry, Ronald. I'm all dated up for the next two weeks, but you might keep in touch with me . in case of last minute cancellations!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Btomr GOSH, HOW DO YOU I HAVE ANY PUN OM A PICNIC WITM A SCIENCE- FICTION FANATIC? NAM— STUFFED ^ OLIVES- SLASSeSAMD !B 1M1 b( NEA, Inc. T.M. RlR. U.S. Pit MORTY MEIKU S i! !•• -• © 1»«l t» Nc». inc. -T.M. n«S. u.s. P.I. oir, "B« consistent, Dad. Today you say Jimmy has the WORST manners—yesterday you said he didn't have any at all!" SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Seltxcr 'If you're a cowpuncher, let's see you punch that cow!" SIDE GLANCES •y Galbraith £-3 © 196) by NEX, Inc. T.M. ))•£. U.S. Put. Oil. "I couldn't have parked her better myself, lady. Now let's sea how well you can get her out of this No Parking zone!" •y Dick CraHl © 1M1 by NEA, Inc. T.M. Ru. U.S. P.i. CHI WELL, YOU TOLD MB TO CLEAN OUT THE FILES, PIPN'T VC THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI !T FOK6ET TO );/ HAVE A WOMDEK-^-Vi/AND PDKSET ALL k'- \MEAfJWmeAT MM XW'C/ry's: tA GMWMA/wrr. 1(5 ME A SHARK'S 7 PUt- TIME-MAPTHA/H ABOUT EVKHAVlWQ V I > —- i-^ t --:-.^:.-^=r B6EM INVOLVED WITH POlleHOLT/ By Wilton Scruggs I DO SO HOPE I BECOME IWVOLVEP WITH A MAW 3ME\ '"^r Tijiffg^atTiQvg. i WHY P'lbN'T Y6U SAY sor—ycxi HUMANS AIL I DDK > -ALIKE' ' WE MISTOOK YOU FOR A SPY,' WHAT CMl THEM OFF —FAST/ THIS . I? A PEACE MISSION WEV6 ALLEY OOP if V. T. Homlla 3$dz££y NOTHING ^~-~ i ^\ AT ALL, "HEV/ \VHATS WITH \ OXY... YOU GUV5 AMYWAYf* NQP A NDU'RE MAWM 1 /THINS.' " vME NERVOUS/ /' A» view _ y SkTREEW?/ ^HT/ WHAT YOU \ OH, JUST A SHOT' SOT THERE I OF ONE OF 'iCDR ON THE /CONTEMPORARIES N ->—_ uPVOU SUPPOSE OH, .SURE.' THERE'S MORE /PROBABLY A MOONMEM 1 SHIP FULL OF THEM... ...AMP YOU CAN BET THAT WHEN THEY FIND ONE OF THEIR NUMBER MISSING, OOP AND HIS FRIENPS'LL HAVE THEIR HANDS vFLILL RIGHT QUICK! v.,- G-a CAPTAIN EASY •y Lmli* Turner IT WAV WORKl I'P A VKRY WELL,,, LIKE TO HELP GET; BUT PONT OUT. SUH! y GET THROWN Wi WLIK6ELFI THAMK-& FOR \ IPO IT FOR CUSAiTOO! TO TROUBLE \ OVERTHROW CASTRO ANJP IN MR, QUINKJ'S | REPS WE NEED MONEV FOR M?M5l WWBE YOU DOWATE PART OF THE 1:125,000 TO THAT I'LL PO EVEN MORE..I'll DONATE- \r ALL TO RESPONSIBLE LEADERS) THAT RED CftNCEK WU5T NOT BE ALLOWED TO SPREAD AT OUR, VERY DOOR! ORACIASl you ARE > VERY -< 6ENEROLK3 BEHALF, MISS JUCAROI 1V61 l,y NEA, Inn. T.M. IU K . U.S. l'«l. Oil. BLONDIE By Chic Young .EVERY HUSBAND IM THE NEIGHBORHOOD EXCEPT VOU IS OUT IN HIS YARD PLANTINGA FLOVJEP GAPOEN FOR HIS \AIIFE "l!f GIVE ME ONE OF THOSE )-'• ZINNIAS AND ONE VV. PETUNIA AND A PANSV )- ; : PQN'T TELL ME YOU'RE THROUGH ALREADY,. ^ W-§S •/^"I'VE FINISH'ED ) i\', l( i V MV GARDEN ING \ >°. *• N FORTHEVFAO WELL, VJHAT DID YOU EXPECT- A BOTANICAL GARDEN ?, • ^^ns^ ^.'•? ,- I t.l" f P>' -d(\ /T-) [-.(.• t /RISCILLA'S POP ^Q ^° 0 Oh, what must Mother Nature think Of folks who leave their mark,.. _——e—, „ ^_ v——i SHORT RIBS Like carving their initials on Her trees dowh at the park... Or marking letters on her rocks CI'II bet it rnake-s Y^Jner^sMl" And now it's even £ tootten so , t They're marking up .i h^3^- oL/w/ s f tJ >— * • i By Frank O'N<wl )VieK\>E-HOPSED THE 30USTIA/G CONTEST. DID THE BLACK KNIGHT PQ \T ? OUT OUR WAY By J. t. William. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoo»fo BOY, I FEEL 6REATTHI5 1 WELL, I GOT UP MORKJIIOS.' I'VE BEEW UP \ ABOUT AM HOUR FOR. TWO HOURS, FIMISHEP ) AfiO AKI' SOT ALL MY JOBS, AM' HAVE I ABOUT HALF OF A FREE MIMP TO EM- JOV OUK HIKE OM THIS BEAUTIFUL . I SLEPT IW TILL TH' LAST MIKI* LITE, 6OTNO CHORES PDWE, AKI' NOW I WOM'T BE ABLE TO I EWJOV THf. PAY AT ALLFERTHIKIXW OF TH' WORK I GOT WAITIM 1 FEP. MY WORK. POME, SO I GUESS I CAM ENJOV THE PAY ABOUT HALF AS MUCH AS YOU i VOU DON'T MIND,) r 4 FAW/ ( ,IPT_ //B£(30Me N -A AND LtT EM3OV THESE, IM THOSE TJOU8TFUL MUSHROOMS/ ^JE'LL STICK AROUND IN -/OUK NOSETURMSYeLLOW, FOR US TO ,-^^^ 0 L)K FAMOUS RIG UP 1W ILOC" A]? fOOLLECTIOM OF HOTEL TACkTLE TO GET YOU iM J V^lf^rT^^ AN AMgULAMce/" / ' BLflMKETS MUSHROOMS PROOF OF THE- WUSMI?00/V\ BUGS BUNNY MAYBE YA KTTER (30 SEE TH' DOC POWNI in 1 STREET, DOC J B ^ BOTH MV FEET HURT TOO MUCH VA'LL BE A LI'L PIZZV WHEM VA GETS THERE, 8UT YER TOO CHUBBY T' CARRY! T.M. Bt ( . U.S. P*'l. Oil. V.

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