Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 11, 1942 · Page 5
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 5

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 11, 1942
Page 5
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TER—THE MORNING AVALANCHE Wednesday, February 11/15'42 J)JQ| 4343 For The Avalanche-Journal Office* DIAL 4343 THE RESULT NUMBER" K*t*l, Bole* an* KeqnircmccU tt Of The Rates. RuJe* end .ReQUlremeBl* of Classified Advertising Of Th« • Lubbock Evening Journal Lubbock Morning Avalanche Sunday Avalanche-Journal ill cjissi£:t<l advertising vlll appear la both tht Morning tad Mternoon pipfri. . ooth papers counting one Insertion. AU classified advertising U printed lo the Lubbock Morales Aralanect fjr«t and the Dally Journal of the same d>U. no cl&jsi'led oricinatlr.c En thp •.Itcrrjoon frapi.T. Classified for &uaaar» iuu> wiji appear In the Avalanche-Journal rounttnt o'.Tt liwertioB as the paper ii *«>t to j»l) mb- <cnber» of . both th« iJU-.rnooa a»o nornlng papers. EFFECTIVE JA.SDARY u, i»« A.TALA.VCHE-JOCBNAL Combined Ri*t*i 10 Word MlnanutB *e *c Ic IOC I2e > day, per •J dsy<. per word J ci&ys, per -*urd ^_ t dajs, per wor<j , < -- f days, pei word __ _____ rfae5e rates for eoosecotlr* Insertion Ml emt-oJ-tovn ads receiyed by mall must be ca;h witb order, Ko exception. "XO RFFtJNTJ" on ^d ^touted ait«r K ba* appeared tn paper DIAL {MI Oar c_peneaced ad taker w31 r*«elTC your ad and help you to wor* H tt« cor collector will call th$ following day. fHESE ACCOUNTS ARE "ACCOMMODATION" ACCOUNTS" FOR OOB PATRONS AND FOR OK2 DAY ONLY. vo «dvertijeraerjtj accepted oa »» "\mtU torbld" order. A specified number «< to- sertlons taust be BiTen. *•» reserve the eight to place an advertisement under the proper classification and r s j<>« nncleaD or objectionable copy. Obituaries aca cards of inanjca at regular classified tdvertisias rates. rh» publishers are not responslb!« lor copy osaiSBiyns, typographical crrora or any unintentional error that may occur lur- 'her than to correct It next lasc« »fttr .« 1« brought to their attention. All ad- rerttsirjf order* are aeersted on thij basis only, rhe Avalanche-Journal caa nol b« responsible for more thaa one incorrect insertion of a classified ad. Adrertiseri thould check their ads on first day of publication and immediately notify the Clasil- fled Department tt anr mistakes occur. Classified Adrortljirn accepted uotil *:00 p. m. on veefc daya and Saturdays, For classified rilsD'f.T adrertislnj Infor- tnatlon — DIAL 13J5 TO D1SCO.VTISDE XV AD Notice to Discontinue an Ad must b« civea after S a. rn. and before « p. m. to iome member of the Classified Adyeidse- ment Department. We cannot 4» lespocal- b!« for notice ?iTen before or after thtio 1 hours, and to members ot &om« other departrcent, Notice To The Public Th« AT alanchs- Journal U a member •( tta Association of Newspaptr Classified Adrei-tlstas iTanisers. which Inaludes lead- Ins rTextptpers thronphout th> country JB- h8! aj It* aim th» elimination el miiKjnlent a»_ vlat^adlr^ Classified Ad- Announcements I—Lodges and Societie* 7ell07_OUSl Lodge No. 841 A. P. and A. M. Stated communlcatloni the Pint Friday nljbt eicb month. ENTERED Apprentice dcjrees will be conferred on 7 candidates Wednesday beginning ac S p. ra- Visitors welcome. I JOHN H. PORTWOOD. W. U_ HUGH J McCLELLAH Secretary. '.'.—Floral and Nursery Tyler Roses We have Just received a ne* shipment o! tio-ycar-oia roie bush«. ready to plant and at a price you can aJ/ord to pay. Hub Nursery MIS-lSth 6t. Larje Stcct ol Smooth. Straight CHIHESE ELMS and other shade trees. RED BUD: Bloom- Ins £l« 50c to S1.50 smaller siiej 15c and up. STersreens. Flowering Shrubs. Bulbs. Strawberries. KERSHKER NURSERY V* Ml. "Z. ot Ave. H on Slaton HiK"nir»y WH1TES1DE NURSERY 6e» at for select nursery, stock Includlnj ehadu &nd !ralt treei, ihruba. everjreins and 30 varieties oJ roeei. FREE LAJ.-DSCAFE AND DBLITZKi: SERVICE Ull» North ol Tech Collegi on Uttlefleld Highway. BAKER BROS. HURSERY Complete stock Ask us for complete WANTING GUIDE 2 mi on Slaton Highway Dial 4521 FacJs AW Shrubbery Of court* you want to get the most and best effect for 5 o U i moHET -when jo:: buy nursery stoct Thtn r,t sura to ' see the o 1 <S e 11 nursery Jirra in Lubbock. Asfe «i Tor tree inforroation. We Snow wfcst will rrow *ad •where to plant it. TTUII Trees, rcsular _ ^r ; 5c - ° nl J- — T* 3 per do 3 year old Roses. 10 to the ft ( bur.dl? 7C Doiwoot!. butterfly "bush. JloV-rin; * reach, rcralar ji. csch., two for •? Fnzs- plants, cfk per cioi. 5UC TEXAS FLORAL CO. Lubbock's Leading Florist and Nurseryman 2107 21st SI. Dial 8561 1—Personal Notices MADAME CORIENF. READER Ccnrjlt Ei! ?c<iiT about -rear IOT. TT,»; rus- c.r fcasln'ss oroblerns. Falm feaein; *r.d phrenolory xnalvjir. N< S 7 bU3in»jj n trict. Readings SOc anfl up. MIS Are. Dili 2-55A POLITICAL ANNOUNCEMENTS The Avalanche-Journal Publishing Company has been authorized to present the names of the following citizens ss Candidates for office subject to the action of the Democratic Voters at their Primary Election on Saturday, July 25. 1942. FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, 119th District Hop Halsey 'OR CHIEF JUSTICE, Court of Civil Appeals (7th Dist Amarillo) E. C. Nelson of Potter County 'OR DISTRICT ATTORNEY 72nd Judicial District Burton S Burks, Re-Election) 'OR DISTRICT COURTS CLERK Royal Furgeson, (Re-Election) 'OR SHERIFF Tom Abel, (Re-Election) ^OR TAX ASSESSOR-COLLECTOR H. B. Bryan, CRe-Election) 'OR COUNTY ATTORNEY Ralph Brock (re-election 2nd term) i'OR COUNTY SCHOOL, SUPT. Roy Boyd Claude L. Hale, (Re-Election 2nd Term) FOR COUNTY CLERK Ed D Allen, CRe-Election) R. L. Hooten FOR COUNTY JUDGE G V. Pardue, CRe-Election) FOR COUNTY TREASURER Winnie Roberts Coleman CReelection, 2nd term) 'OR COUNTY COMMISSIONER PRECINCT 1 G K Horton, CRe-Election 2nd Term) Barrett Penney 'RECINCT 2 Ben Mansker, CRe-Election) C. Z. Fine PRECINCT 3 Edgar E. Gray, (Re-Election 2nd Term) T. L Holt Ottis Isom PRECINCT 4 Newton Stokes, (Re-Election, 2nd Term) V. J Farris FOR JUSTICE OF PEACE PRECINCT 1, PLACE 1 Walter Davies PRECINCT I, PLACE 2 D W Robertson J T Inrnon, (re-election) P ,?°^-. ^'w. «stro;ogy. card reading all affairs. 2210 Mala. Dili USZ. MADAM LEAADA here {or hi <3»Ti. 1913 ISth. Dill 7657. PATROVIA and Psychologi* Expert tdr;c« on but'.et**. lota. «a»rnn» Special Readings SOc .Eorjrsr 10 *. ea- lo S c<. Q- <3aCj' " .S-9 ATA J. Apartr.tTjf B READIN5S Irora Amve entirely differ er-t. J912-Htn. Din] ;57S. GIVS THE JOB cr renttne or ««inr.i bous« to lio Wknt Adi. •V3.-1- OFF THE RECORD By Ed Reed CITY ANNOUNCEMENTS Subject to the action of the City of Lubbock Voters in'the'Election on April 7, 1942 FOR MAYOR Carl E. Slaton, Re-EIection F.OR COMMISSIONER Place 1 W. B. (Bill) Price, Re-Election Place 3 Hub Jones, Re-Election Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors TIA 30 fr. Tract lumber told direct. Save a?vr^ n f or °^S u V lrd5 EAST TEXAS SAWMILLS Aflnjer. Texas UIBBOCK IRON & METAl CO. SEW— STEEL —CSED ,, stairways. Assies. ChaaneU Be ami jljos- r« k*»W* Ww> Aler L JaO Ater. Mjr. "Best of Service and Materials" SPECIAL 55 Ib. Roll Roofing per 100 Sq. Ft roll 1x12 Boxing No. 3 per 100 board feet 1x12 wpp ship lap per 100 board ft Vi" Fir Plywood per 100 sq, ft $4.25 $4.25 $4.50 COMPARE OUR PRICES AND MATERIAL 1314 Ave, D - Dial 5062 Stif Sloe* South Luoooc* AacUoa and CotrunUslcn Co. STEEL OrnameataJ iron ot «n wmsi. Porch r»m and la»r) fence*. Wlr» work chain link Fences. LUBBOCK STEEL WORKS Dla] B7SX Caprock Lumber Co, 19th St. and Are. O Dial 5553 HABDVfARE DEPARTMENT 59 lett j-cly if-t nn garden hcse -?O.9S Htxvy jard-n rales Liiht vhttlbar Spaola; forij SprlnWen 2 qt, Pyrei double boilers Pyrcx sauce $4, $1 $1 $2 98 20 .45 .9.5 90c Texas Lumber & Supply Co, See Us About Til'.e One FHA REPAIR LOANS COMPLETE HOME BUILDING SERVICE Dial 5291 2802 Are. H Employment Trade Or Rent Anythi ______^ /' 13-A—Help Wanted, Female WOMAN for housework, roam, board i ary. Write Box 27, Ava[»nche-Journ»l. LADY care tot tivo chlldien day »nd night. Room, boird, salary. Apply 1909 Ave. R, rear, alter 6 p. m. GAHAGE apartment to cnuple In return for •ife/s ser'lces. Dial 497),. retreaded mine 1" Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors BOWMAN LUMBER COMPANY 619 131h DIAL 5718 Save up Complete. per room Lots of beautiful WALL PAPER SALE to 662-3 on room lots. LL -vallpaper canvas, per yard Canvas tacks. per Ib. That good White House paint, per gallon Red barn paint. . Loie Brothers high standard house paint, per gallon Loie Brothers Derby red barn and roof paint, per gallon DOORS. WDfDOlVS. HOLL ROOFING. SO Ib. SLATE ROOFIXO. SHEETBOCK.. PLASTER. ASPHALT. Car whits pine sWplap, arrived, per hundred _ 7 <iNo. 3 Cedar shinsles, aer square . „ Jx6 No. 2 rough, extra good, per hundred patterns to select from. CEMENT, per Sack ..... 69c WALLRITE BEAUTY COMFORT ECONOMY 4 l-2c UP 20c $1.49 $1.25 $3.25 $1.95 NEW LOW PRICES Just $3.50 $3.50 $4.50 BULL PEN Lumber of all kinds. More stock Just arrived. 1X4. 23C-;. 2x6. some 1X4 and 4x6 pick It out. («•«} rr per hundred •pX.OJ S.P.A. GRADE MARKED (KILN DRIED UJMBER) Largest stock. We can ft!) your material bill complete. In most cases- Call ui for competent carpenters and oalnten. BOWMAN LUMBER CO. Your Frlendl? Lumber Dealer . 5—Business Services FLOORS Sandlnr and ReHnlsbinr Work Guaranteed MORRIS-RO'BIHEffTLOOR CO. 904 Ave. «J Dial gzo: 6—Beauty Parlors HALBERT'S BEABTX SHOP Corner 6th »ud Ave- U Dial 3-32U »2.00 Sandcrj oU ____ tl.OO S3.09 rjermaaent JS.OO perrnEnent . Plata shampoo md let 8—Business For Sale H-ROOM completely furnished hotel. City Hotel. lAttlefield, Texas. See F. M. Dodd 2\'j miles south Llttiefieid. CAFE for sale on account ot health. Well located, good county seat town, excellent proposition for man and wife. VTrlte Box 7. WELL established beauty shop, dolnz excellent buoincj-. Air conditioner), soort Jo caf.on. 111 h-alth reason for tcllir.:;. Writi Box 11, Avalanche-Journal lor information A-l MODURN COURT la West Lubboclc. Pall etery r.Ijht. Sell trlth lease. Write Box 45, ,V IsncJie-Journtl or Dial 45*8. FOH SALE: 0£p.lng room, roorns. Dial 7321. clo<« In. IJ DRUG STORE stnclt. fijlurti. wix. loun ta:n. iT-,T:]icp, *?.ono.09. Will jell or Jrsri at half price. C. A. Graver. Farhicuh. Tc.t Oft TRADE £0 pcrrT. erocrrj *rorr ^cr T;C- ration. D C. Bafccr, Tahoka. Texas Rnillr 4. SACRIFICE Ixical retali business cross 'ales m.OOfl per year; owner has other business inter eus ->r,d •Bril! jell at jjcrillce. or trade fo or good property ot equal real estate Tilu e. 1520 Broadway WAKEFKLD & CO. D ;&\ 3.-,cil 10—Tailors, Hatters, Laundries See Us For Cleaning Of Your Rugs and Upholstering Lubbock Laundry Dial 6B51 IQOI Ave. Business Service 4-B—Building Supplies and Contractors GEO. W. GRAY LUMBER CO. CASH & CARRY No Charge Sales No Deliveries SmalJ amount fair. Iron roofing at loir price. Doors 5-panel, any size Doors K.C. any size ._ Red Fence (4-ft.) 50-foot roll 35-lb. Roll Roofing 45-lb. Roll Roofing 55-lb Roll Roofing 90-lb Roll Roofing, slate surfaced 100-lb Sack Asphalt Asphalt Felt Per Roll Y-i-in Gypsum Board %-in Gypsum Board Vt-in Gypsum Board . V^-in Liner Board Above prices subject to stock now on hand and subject to chann< without notice ° GEO. W. GRAY LUMBER COMPANY 4th & College Texas & 23rd *0—Tailors, Hatters, Laundries Finest Quality Cleaning SUITS or PLAIN DRESSES PANTS .' . '. Cash and Carry STINSON'f 1708-10 Bdwy 13-D—Help Wanted Provisional Uncle Sam Needs You; 60,000 Fighting Planes To Be Built In 1942 Which is to be, "Work or Fight?" Perhaps you can qualify for the important work of building planes. In as little as 8 weeks you can qualify for work building airplanes and doing your part in backing up our fighters. Pay a nominal sum now and the greater part after you have gone to work. Training includes Jig Building, Inspecting, Assembly work. Over 5000 graduates placed. Why not find out if you can qualify? Write or call 1916 Ave. O, Lubbock, Tex. for information. J. T. Clinton, Regional Mgr. Women And Men AIRCRAFT OFFERS A stilled trade that pays well in war or peace. Prye's 6-weeic training under factory procedure Is recognized as a superior method by factory men who do Hie hiring, and is your guarantee of _ successful career. Low cost, convenient payments, all equipment furnished. Pay as you earn. WOMEN WANTED We will train women between the ages of IS to 35 for position in defense factories also-ten who have al least two years' co:Icse education 'or special work An excellent opportunity for those who qualify. "He!p Build Them To Fly" JACK N. McCRARY CONSULTIKG OFFICER FRYE AIRCRAFT CO.. DALLAS An Approved School Lubhock Office 1620 Broadway Dial 8301 MEN AX1> WOMEN Needed for aircraft work. For information m Luscombe School of aeronautics see— J. A. DARDEN SKILLED workers In greatest d=mand today are WELDERS for aircraft and ship yards and other national defense plants «;•• system win prepare you in a few weeks. Dial 8165 at night or see me at Sdi-Broadway. MAST WELDING SCHOOL. 14—Situations Wanted 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE —In the public. A thorough know ledge of the mercantile and automobile business. Have always been steadily employed and only recently discharged due to disability to obtain particular automobile product duo to defense program. I'm in perfect health and passed draft age limit I m a property owner with family Mus; have Job now that will support these children. If you are .in need of a dependable conscieuUous worker Dial 5416. PRACTICAL nurse, cook or waitress de sires job. 181* Ave. S. SMALL family wants farm work L ' T Jor dan. c-o Dick Bailey. Route 1. Meadow. Suits *gC Plain Dresses **£ Cash and Carry Whifworfh Cleaners 1315 Texas Ave. Dial 45S2 All work guaranteed SPECIAL! Suirs and Plain DRESSES . . SKIRTS or PANTS CuHar Cleaners Lufcbock's Most Modern Plant 1826 Ave. Q L. T. Cullar - Harold Medlock IO-B—Professional Service DR. J. W. PHILLIPS DENTIST 321 LnbOoc* tfavl. BIdg, LU3BOCK Dial 2- 12—Woman's Column DHESSMAKEvG. alterations, bnttonho'.M special care. 1632-JSth. Dial 5538. r>REES.\MK7N-G. sltr-attons. buttonholes "Jil.- and cnats. F05 Ave. Q. Din] S3S6. ' Employment 13—Help Wanted, Male FARM hand wanted, ysar-rounct Job Cail S. L..Adams. 2011-Sth. after 8 p. m. WANTED: Tvpewritrr capable ^ervicini; nil rrafecs machines. Labbocl: Prir.t'n; Co. 13-A—Help Wanted, Female ONE Larty tn travel T«-x s3 ar d Tra:i< furr.i-hcri. Earnlnts arcr?c? at star;. Sec Mr?. D^nn .N> Tourist Hofr!. cxpcri:!:c! ' d beauty operator. EXPERIENCED bookkeeper nn! ) - ' t-.Kl.IMM.K r-T-on. r-pertcnci-rt In tin!.! G WrM/v' 0."'B7v"«l l! rv ! l!fo l r'-' lr> '' "'" y ' Financial 15—'Insurance & Investments Whatever You Have Wherever You Ar« MtfARUNB-MAISEH CO. J. E. MAISEJJ, Msr. HOT Main D | sl 465 IICH OF OOO» IMSUKAMCEl 16—City and Farm Loans LOANS W* »r« prepared lo rnate jour farm and loin at R loi rate ot Interest it will pay jou to see u.«. Wr, can maX-e you an f. H. A. loan for new bulldinz and can also rcllnancs 3T>ur present loan at a lower rate of interest. GREEN BROS. Luboocfc Hotel BMy. TJI,] TJJJ FUBNITORE AND ATJTO LOANS BPSLVESS FIXTUJBK LOANS. CITY LOT LOANS WESTEK FINANCE COMPANI Hoora 1 Benson Building, 1003V4 Tei&ji Arenue, Dial 2-2011. CiN, FARM OR RANCH lOANS A» tmanclal correspondent for the Con- netlcot mutual life insurance company, i an prepared to mat* TO;I » loan at * ne» low Interest ratfc. IF IT IS A GOOD LOAN t CAN MAKE IT QAUDE B. KURIBUT CllUcns Nafi Ban* Bids. _ Out S33J P. H. A. UMN3 to fcu? farina »n^l Improve th.m. 30 to :s yrs. to paj-. lox rate Inters;V BRU.ET AND JAT 20« ConlcT Bid?.. P. O. Sox 331. Dl»] Jill For Your Own Defense Duild m Homn W« Will rinanc* Iniur* 1} Read & Bonduran! Complei* In«ur«nc« «nd Loan Srrrle* 1210 Ave. J DIAL 7*56 ro oi\-s emi>:ocT,iem »no to sit mtni a Want M in the Avalanche- Journal I; eCfii«lly elective In ooth Financial 16»B—Money To Loan LOANS $5 To SALARY AUTO FURNITURE See Us First PLAINS FINANCE AND INVESTMENT CO. 1105 Ave. L Dial 6942 Money To Loan Diamond*, watches, guru, radios, typewriter* or anything ot v»!u«. LICENSED AND BONDED PAWNBROKERS GEM LOAN 4 JEWELRY 1208 Broadway Dial SIS! DIAL 4971 For a Confidential Convenient or Less CoUlteOUS Personal Loan PEOPLES FINANCE CO. 4th Floor Myrick BIdg. The Oldest.Supervised Loan Service In Lubbock Miscellaneous 17 —Instruction Classes NEW DEFENSE course prepares quickly rto^f°j" n i? lent v busine;:s Positions. Urgent demand. Draughon's Collc"e. 18 Furniture For Sale FURNITURE SALE New $34.50 Studio couch New S49.50 bedroom suite S69.50 gas range S22.50 inncrspring mattress S3.95 folding bed 59.50 chest ot • drawers Jenny Lind bedi 5-Piccc Oak Breakfast Elaom 3X12 Axminstcr rug Platform rockers L Occasional rockers 9X52 felt base" rugs _ $27.95 _ $39.95 _ $59.50 ._ $1495 _ $7-95 _ $795 _ $895 $18.50 $29.95 $10.95 $5.95 $3.95 WE BUY USED FURNITURE Easl Side Furniiare Co. Suite 1105 Ave G Dial 2-3362 T. J, Gill FURNITURE We Buy Or Trade For Your C'SED FUHNTTORE EXPERT STOVE REPAIRING All kinds of ESS ranees or heaters Renairert. Also upholstering, furniture reaalrinc ard finishing. 1812 Avenue H Dial 5341 Livestock 19-A—Poulh-y & Supplies FOB SALE; Scaie damared thraihed grain or hog feed cheap. Dial 6650. FOR VODR TOP MABKET PRICES ON POULTRY, EGGS & CREAM INDEPENDENT PRODUCE & COLD STORAGE OR TRADE claby burn _nd electric water ystem to be m^ved. 2507-26th. DM 4391. 2427 AT*. H D. T-BONE. LOIN STEAK, 35c LB.. BOLOGONA. IZ'Ac. BEEP ROAST, 15-20 nd 25o LB. BEST GRADE. H. a eoYD 6th St. »nd Ave. D Dial 6r,8l Dl«l 4307 POlfLTKY WANTED .-j. 1 Fryers. 1% to 2'A ibs. Me fo. 1 Heavy Hens, over 4'/i !bl. ._ X7o No. 1 LJght Hens and »U LeBhorn«_ !5c vo. 1 Tom Tur'«.vs J1c No. 1 Hen Turkeys I ' " 19o W. M. HAU TOP PRICES oald for ased furnlture- Baln Furniture. 1617-l3tb. Dlai 2-1651 HIGHEST cash bidders on used furniture Harsld Griffith 1212-ntn rj lal 2 . 343 , JOHN SPIKES CDDtt SELLERS Spikes-Sellers Complete itoct ol lunuture. itovea. c»r- Deu. Wi trado tor -ronr ojea fnrnltnr. UII Livestock 19—Livestock For Sale KEETON PACKING CO. Free removal of dead horses, cattle and hogs. Dial 6671 collect. See Us For Keeton'a Western-Brand Tankage We pay highest prices for hogs. REGISTERED HAMPSHIRE HOGS Only six more or good Hampshire Boars. Ready for service am out of as good blood lines ss car. te bought. Also •K-ranJnK size boar pics. H. B Daviss. Box I«0, LTIboocfc. Dial 2-1651. in COWS and ycjrllni:?. II pirr.. 3 brrmrf *ITJ. 150 chirkcr,;. B. F. Pcttlcl, Shsllo- watcr. Route 1. TWO Jcrjcy co^s near cMv'.r.:;. o. D. Taylor. Wc;t end 23rd Street. ,0 HEAD Jersey spnr.gcr r.clfcrs. Belt of quality 4Va miles wen o: Shallosatcr. Fannersl Corns ar.d set ro;;r pick. WOODY FARMS Highest Prices Paid For Cattle — Horse Hides, Sheep Pelts, Wool, Tallow, Furs. NORIEX HIDE AND PRODUCE CO. E«v: Dial 4442 19-A—Poultry & Supplies POULTRY WANTED See ID t.-,r r-«l-?» v.-.n p.-.ii:irj. ISTH ST. POULTRY 1SC3 I9:ll [> Dill 2-9311 01 6441 1805 AT*. B HENS • FRYERS - TURKEYS WANTED RALPH ROBERTONS' Independent Dealer 2707 Ar«iue H Dial 8012 MURPHREY'S SUPERIOR CHICKS With years of breeding experience oehlnd them. From carelully culled and blood- tested flocks. Straight run and sexed ch'.cki. Hatchlns days each Tuesday and Friday. MURPHREY'S HATCHERY 1364 Ave. H Rial 5022 ENGLISH LEGHORN FARM Boot your order for baby chicks backed by 8 years of improved breeding from trap- nest strain. All foundation stock has come from J to 7 yr. old bens headed by R. O. P. males. Flocks blood-tested for B. W D. Baby chicks" hatched in new all-electric machines and guaranteed to live. Austra- White* on Tuesday and Leghorns on Friday at reasonable prices. -MRS. VANCE'S HATCHER? Shallowater. Texas Let Swift's premium quality baby chicks lead you to victory with greater poultry profits in 1942. Swift's Chicks Are Healthy Chicks Swill Hakhery, 506 Ave. H Lubbock.- Texas QUALITY HATCHERY 341 Avenue H Uncle Sam needs more egBi lot de:ens« You can supply them with pulletj rrom our niifh-DOwerea vitamin ted tree rinse [locks- AGAIN HICK'S CHICKS LEAD THE WAY TO GREATER POULTRY PROFITS FOR YOU OUR PRICES ARE IN LINE Don't delay your cblcK Buylns an? longer When you purchase HICKS' DEPENDABLE CHICKS you set chicks that are hatched £Sriw pa - kCd righl - DEPENDABLE CHIC&.S even though jou should have ti pay a little more In additional cost to set my dependable chicks they trill return to your many times over In extra egg' extra profits. The small additional lirst cost and the long run show you a greater profit u-hcre the inferior low grade chic.s losi money far you. Or.t your share of the poultry prolits. Almost H quarter century of scientific Ureed- mS ?t r r-^S? S EGGS ' ' ' 5 «3GER EGGE . . BIGGER BIRDS offer you En outstand- ° r biss " share 0{ th «' S012 1823 Avenue H HICKS' HATCHERIES Miscellaneous 20—Musical Instruments PIANOS: Mast any style or type. Ckra N Gausc. 20l4-;sth. Piano Tuning & Repairing 22I! 27th * ~_, ...y DIM C. B. L1VEI.T Lubbock, Texas 21—Miscellaneous For Sale WE HAVE cold storage locter* no-». Letter service and public sto-»je 1 our buslncs.«— no side lines S03-23IO OR TRADE trailer house cafe. 210; Mam. 500 Chick electric brooders. 519 ATC. E Dial 5"533. A-l Pool Table. .«andard s'.rc. quick s »Ie inquire 5m;lh s Grocery, Lcrcnzo, Tcxs.t. DOH'T WAIT f>l th^t .used r^conditionrd rtfritemor now. - $30 UP TERMS — Sec Them Ko^ HOUSEHOLD SUPPLY CO. 1211 Broadway . Dli , J-X)R OCX)!) chrap lumber. See Hall Bto!h trs. Route 4. Dial 2-3S61 or 8952. Bargains Gaiore LUBBOCK PIPE & SUPPLY 1817 Ave. H ONE GJ:-« tractor wah <-rox equipment rubbsr tires in ?ood condition- One Cast tractor xrith 2-row cqulpsenl. e?oS con- tiiticn. TELFORD LUMBER CO, 1203 1!h Srrect Dial 7453 Miscellaneous 21—Miscellaneous For fess 0 ENGLISH leghpr/i hens, 10 months old, 1 *)< «• r»Yt O\Fi i .!- * * 1.2S each. 919 Ave. M. SAVE USED 'PIPE -;iTTING — VAL,VES Central Pipe & Supply Co. ' ?611 Ave'. H. .Dial 5851 WHITE SEWING MACHINES —and— PREMIER VACUUM CLEANERS fzn demonftratlon. Sold on easy ptj. rnents. Service all makes Sherrod Hardware Co, PRIGIDAIRE, KOOO condition, $100.00. $10.00 down, $10.00 month. 1202 Ave. N. Dial 9575. FOR SALE: 1941 four-row cultivator loa M Farmall tractor. A. E. WliUebead. Slaton. Texas. We Buy. sen _ao Trace BOILERS—PIPE—SUPPLIES TOM CARVEB BOILEB *.Nn PIPE VARD DUJ: Oaf— 2-0431; Klgflt—J-32«g 30S College Ave HOT WATER HEATERS $12.50 to t20.HO. New ThermostaU tnd burners. Stove repairing. Most complete 'me of used stoves In Lubbock. BUSTSR FRENCH FRENCH'S SECOND HAND STORE 1901 Ave. H Phone 8131 JOHN DEERE FEED KILLS Also Letz Feed Mills. All sizes. Several zoo* used tractors, two «nd four rows. A!! reconditioned. J. 0, FORD IMPLEMENT CO. 1902-4-6 Ave. C WHEEL CHAIR FOR RENT Typewriter Desks T Perfection Range, Like New EVERYTHING $25 $50 THE BARGAIN HOUSE 320S So. Ave. H Dial 6931 Clearance Sale Of Butane Gas Circulating Heaters Reg. SIB.95 unvenied A« <* nrl circulating heater, now yifco/J Reg. 522.95 unvenied £l £ QP circulating heater, now yAO«"j Regular S44.95 vented circulating heater, beautiful walnut grained porcelain, £*>n AP 48000 B.T.U., now __ ^*7»5O Also. larger sizes on sale Buy On Monthly Terms Stove Department, Mezzanine Montgomery Ward CABINHS Hand-carved rvrnlture. Fiirr.itiirt repair- ins Free estimates BARLEY'S CABINET SHOP 503 Ave, M Dial 3-35'T r- • , HUSSiIAN meat case, a flowing cold coils, with 3 H. p. Kelvlnator refriz- eratian machine, extra equipment includes colls for walk-in box. Goad as new ._ New $155 0. s SUctnjt machine 1937 Dodje 1-Ton pickup. Excellent Condition $100 $300 Dial 5753 Kuykendall Packing Co. Lunoock. Tcxa» 22—Wanted To Buy Coiion Farmers Top prices paid for 1941-42 cotton equities J. R. McCook Room 227 Wall BIdg. WE WANT TO BUY Ose<j cotton iced cake and cnsaj 0151. Also grsti b«gi ,of »il tlndv s« o» for top oncei. E. A. PAnERSON CO. DUI 3-5S3> p. O. Boi 383 3JS ATI. • LiibbocE. roi»» WE HAVE GOVERNMENT DEFENSE ORDERS On All Scrap ».fatcrfal "SEE US BEFORE TOD SELL" LUBBOCK IRON & METAL CO. 1817 Ave. H We Pay Top Prices for JUNK Scrap Iron • Old Rubber - Mezalt CENTRAL PIPE AND SUPPLY CO. 26H-Are R OUl 5E51 pr ' rt: " ^ lrt ' i:0.-Avc. G Dial 3-a HJ clothlr-s. . per Magazines <fc Newspaper ASSOCIATED IRON & METAL CO. <th Dial 2-3942

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