Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 2, 1965 · Page 22
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 22

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 2, 1965
Page 22
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Page 22 article text (OCR)

PROGRAMS tt)H 8DNDAV 0:UO OhmtnplUf* :30 Quritlon Bert JfftthOF" It 100 UlftcllOM t*iff funft 13:00 Na«. Biiftetbtn Al. J:008t«|*ch Well 3:00 Silence All Si»rl 3:30 Lone Star Sporu. 4:UO Bl« Time Wrtttlfftt RSW9 TV, 8UNl)A» }:00 *:30 W»lch Mr. Wizard id* fh* An«*w 10:30 Sacred Heart J0:«3 CBS Bishall li« Atfl. NevvH fttel A!. 8:00 Doctor! Plflel Ji.K) Re. on Cancer 3:00 Big Picture 8:») 'O.E. Collete Bowl 4:06 'Meet The Preii 4:9) fling CroUby Sim Scienee in Action 1:39 SiflfMt Tims In 7:30 Collon John t»:HO Amurlllo to.-oo Polk Si. M*t, Ch. It. '00 DifictoM CMlct 1:00 Profllri In Couf»|« 1:00 BAlllt Un« 3:M •flcttfM« In Action OUNffKL 9 (10) KONO-fV, 3:00 Biography 3:30 '(!E Colege Bow) 4:flo Hullabaloo 5:0 Newi 5:]S leather 5:25 Sport* ft:MO 'Wan Olineyi 6:30 Branded , 8UNUAV 9:9(1 w*$on Train 6:30 BftmdJIde "iiiu SumUy iNlie Movie 9:UO Ne*l. Bill Ballty 9:15 WMher 9:» Cinema 1 ROSWKI1 S;.W -'Walt Dlsnoyl «::so Branded 7:00 •Bonnnza S:«) in* !Mgu« 9:0(1 nnt t it'i Newi 9:3u Ed Sullivan 10:30 Jackie dleaion AMAftflJjO 7:00 'Bonnftza 8:uo fhe RIHIMI 1:00 New* 9:15 Weather *:» Sporll 9:M Wide country 10:30 Biography 11:00 Slffl 6tt AMAttttJLft JiCOThe Fiihtr rilm 7:30 Sunday Chutth ~ l Ooipel llnglnf — _ --.,... »-•••' w\> Bill Alm6nofl lund»y Church Sef. 4:30 KlertrunlC NJV/I - - - - - iij e ..» F«v. Martian ;d I nllvioi Show i RellRluui 5: 6:UU 3:80 Suntval 8:00 Jack Benny tiio Amatuer nauf 7:00 fof the 8:<W Oandu Clm«f* 8:30 What'i My Line 9:00 Newi Report 9iu put Tm* 9:25 Big flicker 9:113 Nft»i Report 10:00 Big Flicker f 5:33 Slgfl on if it SALES & SERVICE 10th.A.MAIN 763-5577 OPEN, 8. A M.. UNTIL. 7. P.M, . .Bad Picture? Paying Costly Repair Bills Lately?.. t*ALL Ud .... A <ourt««u* foltimon will com* t« ycwr horn* end approiit your old itt for trod*. Visit our COLOR theatre daily see TRUE, NATURAL COLOR anytime. 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U'.M Newi W/W TV.KS i:(U (i»n«r»l Henpi'al 1 Al Yftunf Marrledk J.iO frallmaitrr S (U TaStl of Wt^ii F. 1 X M»n Inla Sp*'» 4 :i«J L«iv« U To Bta 4 30 klCemui MWS-TV, MOHDAf U W N'o*n Bitlttnn 12 K) Thi Doct<^i 1:(» Another World lift) "You rxsr.'t S«r J:ro Tr« Matrh G»me 2.» NBC 5ilO AMARIIXO S«vri AB( Ntvrl \'oy4»T to Bottom No "nm« lor S«r Wrndr 4*4 M* S.3u • •..*» 7 ;(» 7:30 >:>'<) IWn CUey » ai I: IS CHA5XEL 4 ao i •Tr, or OD«V»««VJ»«». I 'WHtt I T>tl V "I Doctof'i Una* Call 1:00 Crnmi lioipltal 1 K ctnayf " 4 t;i Mr rr 4.U BlUa Il»r> Timi 4 O AA*monn EdIUon S.-flO Hunlley-BrtAiuey KONO-rV, MONDAY I! U nutft Brent 11.U •Ut'l M4H* A D. 11 M NBC f*e«l 1] <(l MoAWRt CX Tnil!) 13 JD The DOCVMI W«4lh«t On«m4 T BOSWEIX Hvick!»herry Hound M4n From UNCLE "AMV wiiiinmt Afldy Onmth Tt* Lucy Rh-n» Otinnt! I N««1 w-*;n«r I M • •no T no i w> ».» 0'flD *:10 >.2<i I.M B+n 10.30 My Uvinf Doll p»n»ufd li:JD InJlJht Tonight 1* <M *Ca:: Mr 11 10 M .1 M 10.44 r<OC .>•» U M Ne*l OUKXCL 1 i IT Homenli < I 00 Farm a*l Ranch •t^'/MoO*! l,«i Tht M«un 3 » KUC Nrwi 1 JO BtwrUt Bu) 4 M Yofl B«*r KFDA-TV, MONDAY 1 -00 OPUta K»»f*r«> I 00 CM Moraltf No- 1 ».*> ! L»T« Lury » tu Andy » V T)M If oo pm u » cm* W » *•««•» Jw :« *» The 11:0 eitctrtntc 1< 10 D4n Tra* 11 Hi J4ci 11 :» A» Th« Wor!4 T. U i« Putwor4 U:K Hmu« r*rty I 'rt To T«ll Tfc« TruOi 1 Is e'»S Srwi MeO»7» UJ« 1-Lf nl J .1.1 S«< r*( SUurn I kl J4C» IWftTX I ao ChM rmtrf E«(li 4 <n LMW lUntcr $ (V) 5 U 57% 6 » «.OB 7.00 I uo I (XI I 13 f JS • 10 11 UO I -Ob S U t M 7 0>) 7 U I il » HI I It • B { .to U It M AMABOLO Wr4lA*f Stwrli K*r*n Th« M«n Fmm N'rwi Wt«»«r Spnrlt TaMfht Show AMAKfTrf-0 Eltctronle Ntwt l>44 Tru* W«4ih«f To Ttll Th« Trulfc I'v* Got A S«er«l Andy Onmth Ury IWnw l>4nr,y 7>«m*l Prrry Minn U*n lUfliir TM Bif Flttter S«wi Bi« rilHttr 8:13 Lenvr U t<> Bra *:41 Exerol«p. Glon» lu:no LKmna Rc«e 10:30 Father Knows Beit 11:00 News U:1» W«4lher 11:93 Market Report 11:30 The Rrhui Game KUmt in th« Wind CHANNEL « (8) G:.U Duly Wjrd 7:(»i C* p> tin T *:LII "Tr. or Cnnt 8..W Wdifi Thu 8.M NBC Ne«.« S.uo Concintrnilon lO.rtl Tall My filuff Id.. TO ••I'll IH-t : t; \ "> N bl ' N»w« 11 :in> Ak The Wld Turnt 11. .w "Left Mike A 12:31) 12:34 1:OU 1;30 2;IKI 3:00 3:.10 4.00 4:3a 5:00 Day In diu.. News (icneral Hoiptlnl Ynung Married TnllmaHer Ttlef of Well! F. Men Into Spare Leave If To Bea RIHtman Newt AMARIU.O 5:10 Weather 5:15 ABC Newi 5:80 On\t & ilarrlet 6:1X1 Fatly Duke 6:30 Shindig 7:30 Burkes Law 8:30 ABC Scope 9:00 News 9:15 Wcaher 9:20 Cinema T KSWS-TV, WEDNESDAY 11:5& NBC Newt 3 12:00 Noon Edition 4 12.15 News 5 12:30 The Doctors 7 1:00 Atwthlr World 7 1:30 "You Don't S«y 2:0) The Match Cane 9 3:2?> NUC P.M Hi-port 9 2:30 Kather Kncnvi Bnt 9 3:ikj Urneral KnipiiM t »:*) Frank Altup Show 10 3:15 Lea'i Lovrly Lad. 11 ROSWET.L :50 Cartoon Carnival :45 HunUey-Bnnkiey :.*) ••Tl>« Virginian ;OU TBA ,J<) Kaivhlde :3i) Candid Camera :00 Channel 8 Newi ;10 Weather Story :SO Voyage to the Bot :20 Sporti Dusk :30 for The People .30 inilght Tonight CHANNEL 4 5:30 Continental Out *;UO Today ."how T.nn Today Shi* i:00 *Tr. or C'"ni«ji:fn. a X) *Whafi 'I nn .v." v 1:5 Doctort ><»UM Call 9.JO Omcentratton I-M •Jeooardy lft;IK] •(•«!! Bl'B!a.'f 1U.30 Til Bet in .Wi NBC New« 11:00 Newi CHANNEL 1 (10) 3:27 Moment i of Med- ft -.30 PuMle a*rvtc« tKMJ r»r» * Ranch t:» Nt«i (30 Trt-Stata Report 7:00 Ctplain Kangaroo 1:00 Newi 1:10 i Lov« UCT 7:W A«dy OrtmWi >:30 HCA! Mct'oYI 10:00 U>v* o< Ufa 10 3 CU> Newi 10 30 Search (or Tomor 10.45 The Guiding Ufhl 11:00 Electrunlc N*w» KQNC-TV, WEDNESDAY 11:10 Weaher 11 :n Ruth Brent ShOMT U:S) «Lefi Make A D. NBC Newi li-W Moment Of Truth 12:30 Vne Uoctori 1:00 Another Wor'd 1:30 'You Don't Say 2:(l) 'The Match Game 2:26 NBC Newt 3:30 Sheriff Bill 4:00 Hucklibcrry 4:30 Huntley-BrtnkJey 5:00 Newi 5:15 Weather 5.2,) Sporta 5:,TO 'The Virginian 7:00 Wed. Nlte, Moviel 9:00 Newi 9:15 Weather 9:25 SporU 9:4S «Tonl([ht Show 11: UO Slgnoft KFDA-TV, WEDNESDAY 11:10 Dan True Weather 11 flO Jack Tompklni 11:.30 Al World Tumi 12 00 I'atiword 12:30 Houw Varly 1 (00-To Tell The. Truth 1:25 CBS N»»» 1:10 The Edge of Nig It 9:00 Tht Becrat Storm S:3C\ Jack Benny 8:00 Chi»r Proud Etfle 4:00 [>me Ranger 4:30 CltS Bvemns Newi 5:00 Electronic Newi A3IARILLO S:» Dan Tru» Wettfcer 5:30 Mr. Ed. 6:00 Paitword «:3il Kevrfrly Hllllitllln 7:no Barbra StreUwd H;W Danny Kay S.i») N«WI Report 8:16 Dan True 9:25 Background 9:30 The Big Flicker »;55 Newi Report 1 Big *lu.,, w tj ft (11 SM Moili'ln Kduratlort 8:15 Leave It to Bed 8:43 Want Ad» 11:30 The Robui Game lO.iK) Dnrmn Reed 10:30 Father Know 1I:OU Ni-ws 11: IS weather Iti22 Market Report 12:00 Flame in the wind CHANNEL 6 (8) 8:55 Dally Word 7:iiO CM. inin ..'inrrnroo 8:00 "Tr. or Come. 8:30 What's This Song 8:55 NBC News 9:00 Concentration 9:MO ".Ipippflrdy 10:00 •Call My. Bluff 10:30 «t'll Bet i():i5 NBC News Day Re. 11:00 As The Wld Turn! 11:30 "Let's Make A CHANNEL 4 6:30 Continental Ctail 6:00 Today Show 7:00 Today Show 8:00 *Tr or Con.tequen, 8:30 • What'i ThU Song 8:53 Doctors House Call 9:00 Concentration 9:30 Meopardy 10:00 «Call My Bluff 10:30 'I'll Bet lu:oo NBC Newl 11 :(Ki Newt CHANNEL 2 (U» a:S7 Moment* of Med. 6!» Public Service 8:00 Farm * Ranch 6:20 Newt «:30 Trt-3tate Report 7:00 rapt. Kangarno 8:00 News 8:30 1 Love Lucy 9:00 Aandy Griffith 9:30 Real McCoy! 10:00 Love of Hit 10:1-. CBS Newi 10:30 Search for Totnor. RVtl tV, THtiftStJAV U ft I>H.V In uiuri 12:54 New»/W. TtWPh . l:OU UenetAI Midpltal 1:30 Young Married* 2:00 Trailmadter 3:00 Taled of Wells F. 8:9) Man and the Chall. 4:M Kifleman 6:00 News 5.10 Weather 5:15 ABC Newt RSWMV. TMtfWDAf llijA NBC News 12:00 Noon Edition 12:15 Malco News 12.30 Th« Doctors 1:00 Another World 1:30 "You Don't Say 2:00 The Match Game 2:25 NBC PM Edition 2:30 Father Knows Best 3:00 General Hospital 3:.1<) Word of Life 3:30 Cartoon Carnival KGNO-TV, THURSDAY ...11 »¥ father 11:15 Ruth BL'ent Show 11:30 •Let 1 * Make A .D 11:55 NBC News 12:00 Moment Of Troth 12:30 The Doctor! i:oo Another World 1:30 'You Don't Say 3:00 The Match Quirt* 2:25 NBC New* 2:30 Sheriff Bill 4:00 Woody Woodpecker 4:3t) Huntley-Brlnkley ETtJA-TV, THtRSDAY 1U:43 The UuUiinif Ugnt 11:00 Electronic Newt 11:10 DM True Weather 11:20 Jack Tompkltu 11::30 As World Tumi 12:00 Patiword 12:30 HOUM Party 1:00 To lell The Truth 1:25 CBS Newi l:3nThe Cdge of Night 2:00 The 'Secret Storm 2:30 .lack Bennv 8:00 Chlet Proud Eagle 4:UU Lone Ranger : -."•AMARItJM 8:30 J*nfiy Uuftt 6:0u Donna Reed 8:3t) My Three Sat 7:oo Bewitched 7:30 I»eyf.m Pl*>e 8:00 Ecap Special 9;oo newt 9:15 Weather 9:30 cinema t 5:00 HuntleyBrlnkley 5:30 Danlet Boone 6:311 iJyctoi Klldare 7:30 "H«*l S:oo Kraft Sui. Theatre 9-en enannei t Newi »:io Weather story 9:20 SMHS Desk 9:30 PerCy Mason 10:3U statiery Peopl* 11:30 Sign off AMAfttLLO S:00 News 5:i5 Weather s:25 sports 5:30 Daniel Boone 8:30 Dr. KllJare, 7:30 'Hawl 8:00 'Kraft Sue. Theatre 9:iio ffeivs 9:15 Weather 9:25 Sports 9:43 'Tonight Show AMAMLLO 4:30 CBS Newl 5:00 Electronic Newi 5:30 Dan True deport 5:30 The Monsters «:00 Monster Flicker 7:30 Celebrity Game 8:00 The Defenders 9:00 Newi Report 9:15 Dan True Weather 9:25 Background 9:30 The Big Flicker 9:35 News Report 10:00 Big Flicker (cont> Diamond Remounting And Jewelry Repair PROGRAMS FOR FRIDAY PBOQBAJfS FOR TUESDAY CHANNEL I (T) I U tterrtte, <ji"O* t U »»»l A4« t tO PrtO» iJi JUfM W« tMM* M»* »:«0 r»tn«r KM>«* feet U4BIWM U U WM K\1JTV. TtCUUV U40 Day la Cuurt . :.»4 Nr»i' W. Toucn I :UU I :W ItuwM *;W Iri riHmatter 1:00 TalM at Wel:« r M«rktt rt* tu tutu* O**M 4.W M«vt U To IMt 4: IP fiUlem*a CBAXVIX I (I) t:M t:» . ! .W Wkat a 1*14 •M KHC Newt 164P '0*11 Ml Rlutt |. ja CuncMUmUu* 1:10 "J»>o«r«> l»:M MU BM iu .vs tOtC Mew* D*» M 00 U lh« W\t Tumi HAM A CUM •SWt-TV, fVBUUT § CU Noon Cdltloa 14 Malco Ne»t » The lx«-t.»» 1 CO ArtKAer M'afid t tt "You I*jn't s«y t 00 The Maun Uajn* IU KUC' Xe»i i .*> ra'hrr Knuwi netl 00 C»n»r«! »t .«i«!*; ID CorMT Cu»t»»r4 AMARUJi) I 10 W«»th«r S IS ABC Nr*l 5 JO Cumoal « 10 UcHalM Navy 7.00 TycoM T:to Peyton Mac* I 00 The rufiUv* >:00 Kt*l » 15 WaaiMT ».» CtMtna T IUMWCU t 00 Huntl«> Brtr... .•> ».V Mr. NoviU C 30 To Tell in* Truth 7.uu In OH A 8*crel 7 » "l»at Waa TM |.o» 'Ball Telephone f.uo tAaniM a N*»t ».lo MtatA«r Story ».>J Spiina Deik S4!tk» JO (W WclUwi N'a U:M Oanny K«y« U «3 Uat^n! Taoifht MMO-TT. 7 <W T«<Ja» I :QO Tr. «r a w -WttH » TUU *»•« I U DoeUrt HBUM U JO •Ui* U»kc A P. U M N*4-' Kewi U On l^BMat CX Trutk if.» Thi » is Wtatltar S » Siurti S;M Mr. Novai «:M «Tu*f. Movie* l.oo »v»i 1:00 1M WMctl CUM J J» NiC " » 3 Sporta I a •Tuiuchl Mow U:(W»l«aa$ iW CM Tt*l Tht l:» Tlw M«e ft t M A* S*cw . •w N«I** • U Dun Tru» -i T fit T fit " rn BASEBALL ON T.Y. OVER YOUR COMMUNITY ANTENNA DIAL 763-3300 ^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^j^^^m ^^^^^W^^^^H^^^B^^^i^^^WI^^^B^^^B^^^H^^^i^^^Hi^^^l^^^B^^ Midwest Video Corp 1425 MAIN DIM n 3-3300 CHANNEL 5 (7) 8:00 Modern Farm It R. 8:15 Lrave U tl Bca 8:45 Exercise, Gloria 5:30 'Johnny Qutst 10:00 Price In KlRht li):3U Father Knows Beit 11:00 Newi, 11:15 Weather 11:20 Market Report 11:30 The Rebui Game 12:00 Flame In the Wind CHANNEL 6 (8) 6:55 Dally Word 7:K1 Captain Kangaroo S:i»i 'Tr. or Come. 8::«> Whan ThU Sonn 8:.Vi NBC Newi 9:00 Concentration 9:30 "Jeopardy 10:(!<l 'Cull My Bluff 10:30 'I'll Bet in.SS NBC NEWS 11 -.00 Ai The Wld Turni 11:30 "Let'i Make A D. CHAXXKL 4 «:00 Today Show 7:i«l T-nlay Shi.u- 8:iMI "Tr. or Cnnse. U:3U What! This Song S:55 NBC Newi 8:00 Concentration ?:30 "Jeopardy 10:00 'Call M> Bluff 10:M Til BH 10:53 NBC Ne«i 11:00 Newi U:QS Weather CHANNEL 2 (10) a:77 Momenta ot Med. 5:90 Public bervtce • :00 Farm * Ranch l:3u Newi 6:30 Tri State Kepon T:0i> Cai'i. Kangaroo 1:00 Newa 1:30 I Ijave Lucy »:i»i Anrty of Mayherry 9:;ui The MrCoyi 10:00 Love Of L4v« 10:3S CBS Newi 10:30 Srarch Knr Tom 10:45 The Cutting Ufht KVH, FREDA? 12:30 Day In Court 12:?>4 Newi/W. Tourh 1:00 General Hospital 1:30 Young Marrledi •J:(K) Trallmaster 3:00 Talei of Wells F. 3:;<n Men Into Space 4:00 i^eave It to Bea 4:30 Rifleman 5:00 News 5:10 Weather KSWS-TV, FRIDAY 11:55 NBC NeWi 12:W) Noon Edntlon 12:15 Newi 12:30 The Doctori 1:00 Another World 1:30 "You Don't Say 2:00 The Match Game 2:2S NBC Afternoon 2:30 Kather Knows Rest 3:UU General Hospital KONO-TV, FRIDAY ll:i:> Kuih Brent liMVi Momrat Of Truth 1:01) Another World 1:.'UI "You Don't Say 2:00 The Match Game 2:29 NBC Newi KFDA-TV, FRIDAY 11:00 Klertromc Newi 11:10 Oan True ll.W Ai The World T. 12:00 Panword 12 30 Art Llnkletter 1:00 To Tell The Truth l:2i CBS Newi 1:30 Edge of Night 2:'" 1 The Secret Storm 2..''n Jark Henny 3.00 Guef rroud Eagle AMARILLO !S:15 ABC Newi 5:30 •Fllntitonei 6:00 far men Daughter 6:30 Adami Family 7:00 Valentines Day 7:30TaIei of Well FtrfO 1 8:00 Twelve High 9;'X) Itewi 9:15 Weather 9:20 Cinema 7 ROSWELL 3:30 Cartoon 'Carnival 4:15 Our World Ot Mui 4:45 The Preii Box 5:00 Huntiev-Brlnkley 5:30 Ecap Special 6::w "Bob Horw 7:30 Jack Benny 1:00 'Jack Paar 3:'.ft Cri.innr! 8 Newi 9:30 America 1(1:1x1 Peyton Place in-in I'.M! Skdton 11:30 Inilght Tonight AMARILLO 2:30 Sheriff' Ml '• 4:30 Huntley-Brlnkley 5:00 Newi 5:15 Weather 5:2.1 Sport i 5:.% International S:.'*i Boh Hnoe {"how 7:90 Jack Benny Show 8:i» 'Jiic-K i'uar Snow 1:00 Newi • :1J Weather 1:35 Sporu •:3U Tonlirht Show 11:00 SIGN OFF AA1AHILLO 4:00 LAUif Ranker 4:3U CBS Newi 5:00 Klccironle News 5:20 Dan Tni* Weather 5:30 Rawhide (.SO The Great Advcn. 7:SO Oomer Pyle. USMC 8:00 Slattery'i People 9:nti News Report 9: IS Dan True Weaher 9:'J% Harkground 9:30 t'.\g Flicker 9:55 Newi Report 10:00 Bljt Flicker (Cont) PROGRAMS FOB SATURDAY CIIANNKL S (7) 7 tt\ Kii. •:•• '." Market ti ,»i S'i,- .I'-.i^-ms S t",.-! liaplls' 9:m ; Caspt-r Cart'jor.a 10 M . Bunr.y CHANNEL 6 (8) •?:uu Mr. Mayor 8 :i») I uderdog g:3rt fireball XL.-5 5 <•> Din the Menaca 9 .a i Fury 10 KI Top Cat 11 .i«) Th« JeUOM 11 *i Cartooni 11:40 SVordi * Mu»lc CHANNEL « 6 i») Roy Hugcri 7:m Top Cat 7 M 'Hector H«althcot« l:i>i I'nderdug 8:10 Flrtltall, XL-S 1:00 uennli The Menace S:30 Fury CHANNEL * (0) S:45 Cartoon Tliiic 6:00 MUter Mayor 7:00 The Alvta Show 7 ".. t Tennviice T»\edo b hi goirK Draw Me 8 *i \luhly M ..»* S «' 1.1..11 l.i>nr..'«['.i ;l 9 .tt> nie J«» I'i uo .Sky King 10.30 Ml Friend Flick* KVU-TV, 8ATITROAV AID :vi 'Hopplty ll.Kiper 11 ill Canw <if Uc wuck L' '•' An; llaini>tn:id 4 J..i 'Iraili Uisl KSWS-TV, SATURDAY 11:4 - CBS Hatebali 2:-i • CBS Sport* Spec. 3.111 n,g Three Golf 4:>.»> Mr. Co 4:3(1 Church of Christ 4:M \BC Newi B:00 Twentieth Century 6 30 'flipper KQKOTV, BATDROAV 10 .«i Sunermoi, 10:30 Clutch Cargo 11:1*1 CVill.m jui... 11.30 "Stoaway" 12 >i Weird Matinee 3: on TTieatre 3:3u four-Moit r*a. KTUA-TV, M 1 10:45 BaielMll CO.T.W. 2:00 Kentucky Dertiy 3:uo Sat. Box Office 4 .!»• flrand ole Opry 4:v Porter Vuggantt a.'ti New* Repiirt r>:'J'i Wra'hor Report 0.1,1 Jack e ~ t:.XI I AMARILLO S:OI S'ewi vlewi, Ch. S.:»i Kins Family ii «i l^uwn-iii-e Wfik 7:30 Ho!:yHOUil Palace 8:30 Boh YiwnK Newi 8:45 &U'»k Preview BOSWELL 1:00 Gamer Pyle t.M Kentucky' Jonei 7:uo My Three Son* 7:30 Beverly HlllblUlti 8:00 Gunimoke 9:OU D«tenden 10:00 Saturday Edition 10:1S Combat tl:U Channel II Perienti 5:15 WVather *:-fi 'Flipp«r 1:00 Kentucky Jonei 7:00 'Saturday Moviti »!« Weaihw n • ^ Siorta 1:45 Arreit * Trial AMARILLO T :00 Secret A|«nt l:0ii nunimoke >:00 N'ewi Report 9:15 Weather Heport t.2*> Big Flicker 9:54 Newi Report 10:00 Big FllcUcncont) This column of questions and answers en federal tax mittefs is provided by the local office of the U. s. internal Reven u e Service and is fmbHshed as a public service to taxpayers, The column answers Questions most frequently asked by taxpayers. Q -r i mailed rdy 1 Mtfft in just under the deadline. Mow long will It take to giVimy re fund? A — You should receive It by (he efld of June If your return is BEN ROBERTS New Hotel Manager Ben Roberts has been named new manager of the Clovis Hotel, succeeding Leonard Raphael, who has been transferred to the Cortez Hotel in El Paso, Tex. Roberts, 57, came to Clovis from Dallas, Tex., where he was with the Travis Hotel for 15 years. A member of the National Hotel Company of which both the Clovis and Dallas Hotels are members, Roberts was with the Le Jean Fitte Hotel in Galveston for three years before going to Dallas. Roberts, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve, was twice president of the Dallas Hotel-Motel Association, and was on the board of directors of the Texas Hotel- Motel Association. He Is active in both Masons and Shriners and is a member of the Baptist Church. Roberts and his wife, Ennis, are living at the Clovis Hotel. Municipol Code Meet Scheduled LAS CRUCES (UPI) — Officials of New Mexico municipalities have been invited to attend a seminar on the new municipal code in Las Cruces. The two-day seminar will be held May 13-14 at The Palms Motor Hotel. The municipal code was passed by the recent state legislature and will become effective on July 1, 1965. The bill consolidates all laws pertaining to municipalities into one package. Horse Show Slated At Tucumcari TUCUMCARI (UPi) _ the fifth annual New Mexico State 4-H Horse Show and Rodeo will be held in Tucumcari June 4-5. Last year the event attracted 239 horse show contestants and 105 rodeo performers to Tucumcari. A state 4-H queen also will be selected from among representatives nominated by the 32 counties. Hugh Bennett of Colorado Springs, president of the American Quarter Horse Assn., will judge the horse show. complete and aecufit not selected for autfi_ the allowance c!, tfi*: This li aevital than it takes to proiWI^ tt* funds when returtir-.aM«fIlefl earty In the filinf ie«S*^* reason for the delay iitfi^sheer volume of returns we received at the same time. The final week of the filing seSwIfhpro- duced more retur ns^il^itt y other in the year, " Q — la the rush 1 return In the maJl, t enclose my W-2 form*.- A— No, please hold'em un- Ul we contact you, Yfiu-will b« asked to supply these 'foMi and any other informatioit;,iiee11ed for processing your Water-Sewer School Slated LAS CRUCES - New Mexico SUt« school for w»ter and ww «fi wcrki ftriMMtl win « p t a *^ ton in §04 plant to itttad fMlif tor flutter ttoit • <Uy TV Q — I forgot all aboyt;2 casualty loss deduction -wh«n I filed .my return. Is it-too late to claim it for 1964? -';; A — No, you may still -olalm whatever deduction you-. are entitled to for 1964. Take. another copy of Form 1040 fojc.,1964 and mark it "amended" at ,th& top. Then fill it in showing ..ail the information required a.R w,e}l as the deduction you fojgQfe on your ther return. Fillet he amended return as soon "as" possible. In computing any^rsfund due to you, take into ..account any refund on your first .return. . f - 1 v« Q — I'm filing an .amended return which will giy«: me a lower balance due thancthe return I orginally filed,- W h a t should I do about this balance? Stop payment on the first check and send along another? >"> «K A r ?£ do not se nd -another check with your amended return or stop payment on the' first one. If your amended return is accurate, you will receive a check for the difference between what you Initially paid and the correct balance: due. Q — What records -should I keep to substantiate my • 1964 tax return? ..... :: A — You should keep' all the documents necessary to "support the items you have listed on your return as income, deductions and exemptions. Cancelled checks, receipts, sales-slips, copies of Forms W-2 arid -1099 are some of the records' you should keep. You may be asked to supply this documentation if your return is audited. - • Q — I filed my return- before my neighbor but he got- his refund first. What's the reason for that? A — There could be 'a" number of reasons. One might be that your return was" incomplete or incorrect and 'had to be set aside for perfection-. 'This would happen if you had neglect- to enclose required W-2 forms, did not list your tax account number, forgot to sign the return, or made a mathematical error. Another reason why your refund might be delayed is that your return might have been selected for a pre-refund audit. Some of the returns we. receive are set aside for examination before the refund is issued. On other reutrns, audits are not made until after the ref u n d check has been issued. You should receive either your refund check, or a communication from our office regarding it, in about six to eight weeks after you filed. Q - Now that April 15 is past, what do you fellows do the rest of the year? A — Our Immediate Job Is to process the returns ana refund claims that have come in dur- jing the past few weeks. We t must make sure that returns jare accurate and this involves I checking the arithmetic as- well i as making a more thorough examination of certain items on selected returns. It is also a year-round job to collect the taxes that are due from taxpayers who neglected to file,- who sent in false or erroneous returns or who have not paid what they owe. We also handle, corporate income tax returns, estate and gift tax retUpft excise returns, employm^it^xes, information returns and many others. Fortunately, the dead- v lines for most of these, returns is not April U and many of them come in on a quarterly basis. Many other fuaettoM of th« Sirvic* coutiau* all y*ar. luch as tin tauABctJf tax forms, ryliajs, rtgulatiflos. UMt. flit tbfti <ia>i will by tfa* HMual Q - My Nina* cl»c* arrivwf tad it wai «bM* Itf UMWT tt»Jt ! art wMcUi W*j» «a« thai? "

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