The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on August 18, 1987 · Page 11
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 11

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1987
Page 11
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THE BAYTOWTS SUIS Tuesday, August 18. 1987 11-A COUMUL PAW - No deposit on full site MMe home tots, M/mo. IK k Ird mourn frw tot rent. School bus pick-up for Hndtrjarten. Bowie Elementary, Cedar Bayou Jr., t Lw High, Travel trailers welcome. 4B4M. i Doum* DSPTU GROUND CKYPT- Niday Keowial East (formerly San TOWNBOIUS- Large 3 bedn»ra. 1 balk. Covered parting I fenced yard JIT5/IBO- .VIP. LOCATORS, Ol-rai, TEEEB BEDROOM DUPLEJUS- Baytown. la vkUty of Hwv. an * Texas Ave. Unfurnabnl. no appliances. No deposit. Rent CS. 7»j^u7 I BEDROOM- UiitarnBheOiaytown area. Vicuut) of Texas and Loop 331 KSKmoolh ? t*50 month. Buy to JOCAUPKT .«H7U UDftOOM- «* bath with central sir,1»aL Oversned garage. Quiet neighborhood. KB/mo, Win sefl m Ws, REDCAHPET..! ...«7-17U LARGE TOWNHOUSE- M"--i sow sq. ft. Urge pool. Fireplace. Lite sew condition, eweUeat neigSbortxjod. UM Ward. Cn/mo. O+-3SS7 or 43S-52H UNDO NEW omtmot* OtntMtaOv iMnLtoMtaul lOwraQHKjrhrnK. 1 Bedroom Apartment Stove* Refrigerator LEASE- ISOS Ward Bi J story. 1IOO sq. ; (L J bedroom, JH bata. , . Fireplace. .Covered parting. Secuntr. H3-*W» PECAN ACRES MOBILE HOME PARK- M Massey Tompbns. Spaces, traOen. Sesior Citizen Ra!£&, pool, washauria, shade trees. 42M111 OOXAmCOKMnOKMC rot EZPntTSCaVKX- Heating aad air conditioning, central and room- Work guaranteed. 4T-{ai. DAS-MAK CON3TKUCT10N- CSstom roam additions. Xew caestractioo. Pstios, Droways 4 Foundations. Free EstaiUs/Refereocei. WE'RE BONDED AND WSUIED- We wort «tea you do, so yon can come borne.....« rest. PROFESSIONAL SEPTIC TANKS- Septic systems to- sulled. Aerobic systems tastafled. Backhoe service. 30-5451,57WOB- IAWN I TlUCTOft SOIV1CE- Mem- mg^ trinimtog. clearing, box Dtode work, garden tiffing, residential 4 cotaatr- cial. Free estimates-57W5O- HANG IT UP- WaHpaper Specialist* Free Estimates. Discoaa Roes. Call WOODLAND ACRES- Flair fcnasbed| 434-1«74 or 4*4-3371. aadvmfeTiisaed5*3bed'«m. c«.j lWY ^ RttooC jj (G _ J BS. OWJfcyer MB. S7M3S1, alter s'STi rJofatFwe ea niaraaeec. Cafl ffl-*757. 1RA-MOR- 3500 McKiooey Ed, ! HOUSE PATMTSC- I oecrooGX. njnusoec cr csfynHSQed.j g»2sonable ariees Weekly or inooB*r.CJ-Br7«r«M-l<W. Unn,,,<Jl£s« ._ Professional counselors for year oience All <tr* bot&es-dparuae Daphna HottHUss Realtors. 4S-3S1 THE BLUEBONNETT 1 *J BEDROOM. BILLS PAID j IEDROOM TOBooosir-sSI «^5Sl«rwMaS. neiS*orteod. UM . Baehamun, n»i WEEKLY AND MONTHLY FLiTF WEEKLV .«D MONTHLY FL'-TES Bomb pros deposit. Call 4r .JTJO. if no j isw N. Hwy i«...! .'. BCWRFUL i BEDSOOM- Large crater.: Ce&cg faa, nucrtntave, large lot. Very private, ili acuit ta-STOS. ALL BILLS PAID- : aad 1 bedroom Free IBS,, Sice part iith pool. Aflon Place, €3* Wide Beat OMS1. MOBILE HOME FOS REST- ! 17 j bcsr«ci_ 1 basis. Se ttDcrec, ao pets. D * M TRACTOR SERVTCK- Land- scapicg and land m rates. !rte 1C- V1CTOUAN UVWG EOOM SUrTE- Larje sola, J cnain, 4 marble topped coffee table. Perfect coodidon. Call lac »ppt_ OHM1 before S pra.«?«« after ' ' "' KUOX COHPAKY- Kitchen appliances boaght, sold, rented, 4 repaired. 500 North Commcfot. O'.^S OSED WASHEIS- Dryers. Refrigerators 4 Stores, Cheap 4 Guaranteed: Bay, SeC. or Trade, ot- 5905. DOCLOOUfS Oat recnoditioaei! appUaoces. la- borne serric*, Hooeunro cocnesy. AH gamcteed We bay t barter. HIGHWAY 1*. «m- BeoiEd Marsha's Town i Country Beauty Salon. Wednesday t Thursday. S to t Camper top, pool table, TV', clothes, misc. JIM 4 ASM USALE- las West Main. FamiULt. lamps, seving maciilne (Singeri, clothes, mimeegraph oachifie, etc. I- LANCK, «R- ffighhfuh. CW Hinej- So. W«4 4 TOurs. S-L BACK TO SCHOOL SALE! 6 lamflxs. G«U chjbs, borfcg ball, water sbes, BBQ pit, radios. Upit fiituns, small ^pftii^qj flaiSTtare. Uppperware, cocttocti. oe»- Avon, b»by item*, curtaias. Qetaicg- all size- large mec's. large womecs's, mraei, Jrs. boys, girls, tod- <S*rs, oewbona. Nic-a»cs, 4 tots o( 5USC- WASHER 4 DRYE* REPAIR- Cheapest prices in town! Satis/action guaranteed. Pick np 4 delivery available. O4-SSOS. WA.VTED: DtAD 0» ALIVE- Used Casfi for ae trre ones. Free for the dead one. BA'iTOWS APPUA1HCE SERVKE- Ckiod astd rasoers 4 drrers. For sale ot »31 repair voori Guaranteed Open T WHY BUY A SEW OKE7-We seil ased MASSEY TOKPTJNS. IJH- 5.W u> 5:03. mill all said! ttikires's school dotbes. aaalt t infant. Lots of saae brands! MOUUELL, S»- Wednesday. E to Tecs ised boys, hnie prte & dothasg. etc. PERSON NEEDeiV. to baybsit. housekeep and answer pbme in Moo! Seivieu area 5 to 6 days t week.! 30 to 5:M. Cifl STS-SSSS, or after « pM.. S?S- nss. . : CLASS MECHAKKS- For aeirr equipment, ludcs 4 cars. Varco Eou^xoesst Repair, be. Call ni-ST!- EIPEX1ENCED MAINTENANCE PERSOS- For Mobile Home Part EXPERIENCED BARMAID NEEDED- 3£ South Main STATED COJtCLAVE- o! Keoedy Coo- mandry NO. «KT, "*«ioesaa; at 7:30 p.m. ia toe Go** Crest Lodge'Hafl. 3M Srtfliing sr«t. Ssjourcag SCEgati ccr- <fiaB»- invited a attend. T. B Grsj.Coomanoer EXCOTUXKTTHAt PAYS U you are berceeo toe ages el !" aad M. :be Teus Array N'3t»r«! Guaro has a oaqse oopornaaty snflabk. A part- iijae commKasent can qualify you (or ege aatioo asssance, good pay, benefits, aad eiariag *ort Fmd out SECRETARY- experience ia typing. OLIVE, aw-Wed. i Tours. W. Paia- rny, l«n;« foraimre, ne» I1W115 3V tire, school csotbes, 4 more! 5761. bookkeeping. Cocstractioc ei- » oelpfal. but not required. C&- PARCTAY, UUU- Tuesaay-Tnarsday. M. Fttmtnre, doBs. dofl costumes, 4 aisc. GESERAL OFFICE- Mature person. Sorae »wt experience. S8SO nonth to star- For appoistgga. C7-SSS. ff YOU ARE SETT TO THE ARE.*- aad ire tootiog for i rKgabarapxi entires bornt. ct«i tie Sunday CHURCH DIRECTORV. LES MARKS CHEVROLET- has s meeting rroai available for commisity gncps. It seas 55. has oasis. CS2L-5. taMes, projection e-^tuptnea xnd other !idpM teas. For toher afor=uiS«o. cactac: Teresa Thompson or Les Marts JTEXAS STATE OPTICAL- PostMc LOST- Mate SaeitK. sabte lai white Ars»«s to BSlie Bob. Ne«s sefflSi ana. Las sees IB Qaafl Holio* vxiffl'.; ICaUffi-WBor-aWHS. A CHRISTIAN COSSTRfCTim CO.- i 'iFndayiSataniay.SOEesinaUsheae* Center. Sit Garth Road. _ tojOT complete tocMlxaldi&gj USED APPUAJKIS FOR SALE~ Hi W, WWGBT— So bilb paid. Bn.'nHeth VJJ..UT. LOCATORS or repair needs. Speoa! rates-!* iseroct Satae day free esunutes. Ca3| t YOU VEED WORK?- .«'« JTRI CITY BEACH RD, H»—Wedaes- jwtetes Sea! sppearsrsct carrent Legal? OKI NANCE NO. 4775 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER II, "ELECTRICAL CODE." Of THE CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF | BAYTOWN BY AMENDING l SECTION n-t -DUTY TO IHOLD EXAMINATIONS; REQUIREMENTS FOR EXAMLN'A- T10NS;" SECTION 11-I+. I-MASTER ELECTRICIANS-.'SECTION 11-*, "JtASTER SIGN ELECTRICIAN;" SECTION 11(*, MAINTENANCE ELECTR1- iClANS LICENSES;" SECTION "11-17, "JOURNEYMAN-S ELECTRICIAN'S LICENSE;" SECTION ll-a, RENEWALS AND DUPLICA.TES;" SECTION 11-30 "MARKING OF VEHICLES;" SECTION 11-4*, "TO WHOM PERMITS TO BE ISSUED;" SECTION 11-61, "FEES;" SECTION 11-73. "REQUIEEMENTS ENUMERATED;" PROVIDING A REPEALING CLAUSE; CON- TADONG A SAVINGS CLAUSE; AND PROVIDING FOR THE PUBLICATION AND EFFECTIVE DATE HEREOF. LeealNotice; LEASE WITH : TP~TIO'S~"T"6 PURCHASE- To*nhoases. Wasner/dryer cooDeclwns^ many oth« , I bwa^wms, bBirooms. S3K,'ooBth Cotaiy Mjdna JCOLOMAL PARK- _ . day mtil" 4fami!ie£.Ciocbes,!iin!3ture. idnverslKSBse. eooc'trssswrtatMC- 3S5- ^-»« ' ' Soiwii, «»•»«* i op UJbeiroocis-iHaMLAWXMOWERSBOP-Pansii VTSTA~S\YWOOO APAKTMENTS-^i' 5 *"* *" "* 5^- sw«age.lSevice., wa psck to & deliver. B40} Super Suauaer Yoolh Prograo. n emergency naiatenaace. Pools,S «'»iaanna j ihnr 14«. gj-Bg.»aJn.a;p.B. - - ------ - --™ ——-—-— •"-"———- !arp HOOSEDOCTOR- CeanlAirUnk CifltC-Cll fccihtwi. & taocn n^ r l^=«^^Ba»-«E;ea«Kir.,Cedar; PassingPaperajiSotetrodtRepair coraplei No depone No UtillLKi <71-S*» Bayoc Jr., Higs. SMALL FCRSBHEO- 1 Warren Ebertf. Ci-SIS UPRIGHT, FREE2ER- S!68 Refrigerator with fr&eier. good, seeds paint, nw Can CI-S1L W. CEDAR BAYOU LYNCHBURG, |ELDERLY MAX NEEDS PfBSOS- to 5JB— Wecaesday & Tbarsday. 8 to 4. j itve in i do a SKJe. aoeseieepics 4 cook- Taree families. A large vari«y- | as. Maw r_ S-5. Must be aWe'a dm-e. W. LOBIT. MM- Wednesday. 7:30 aas. *S-a». Couca. TV, pane funuEire, lots of glassvart, titdseo Kerns. I THE VILLAGE APAHTMENTS—! ! 1,1,1.( twirodQ ipirja*nu. We jcoept WBYBJDiTr •^•ywcaeOW^yaio-taoe! 'housing• authorsv \pali- B persoo iiiHJG8LA,MH AKEA- 1 4 : VA-HCO-Baaks-SKiais i Lc»nsj«BlViUa^Lzoe' " ""' "'" " " PofKiOiurei Lo<* tatrtt Uvl rite, Cafl k »ee He* EASY it ts New j jOLDE Ti'ME CO.VSTB.UCTIOS-j. i Sbeeowi. rooEng, p.-^^^; carpecfrv =" |Fn«es8=ate ' All ippitoces, radiJdStt wasber ; ijMH. CLEAN-Eittraauted -^?«»-i |ary«. Carper, i oatsxse swnse. C3-! Birsen HSi Se«ii D-strxS..«« 1 PAKT t DSYTALL- Free estirsate. | ~- S years experxxt. Call Jote Bouads, -. .Jtrr-713. CEDAR BAYOU MCSK S80P I Hiaii l.awi »nt nnuli GUTT.UtS * GUITAR LESSONS 4»-aiij" WANTED- EXPERIEXCED laodea trodcnvers. r*u W, REPUBLIC, 411- Weoxsday. 8 !o -i. i s *~ ss ]Tm Jamaies. Breakfas: --Jibie w«J>|T8ANSlOSSIOS R 4 R j frans. Sir-all roraitore, baoy cksbes op! Met aaw eipersoc* i o*n tools Mas: jta 4T. electric {sttar-wrui ampUSer. !wfasuiara-tafrocl-ii»ddrrras. Top -.aodnic-cacs. |aay cocaisssoo Apply at Priceless i Sealed bicis will be received by I '-be Goos« Creek Consolidateo Ir: {depeadent Sdxxri Distnct. unt;l i 2,:00 p.m.. Tuesday, September 8. 11987. for UNIFORM RENTAL Sealed bHis in duplicate will r>e,j SERVICES and CONVECTION received fty tiw City Qerv of the I 0\'EN,S AND RANGES, at irtucr. City isf Eayto»Ti tin-it 2 p.m. of i''roe bids vs-ill be opened ir. \hc NOTICE TO BIDDERS cm: OF BAYTOWN BIDNO. ST07-9S BID NO 3707-97 . 1987. BID NO. S707-S-3 FOR KEATING.-AC SYSTEM i District's. Board room. | Market Street Bidder ] utives are invited to be present BID NO. 8707-57 CSED STUDENT SPENCER FLUTED i Ven- gKi coiiditKc. S2K , BEDROOM. , BATH- Bn«^ \^ ^^^. CaflCt-ASB • CWoeooat i NOBMAXD Y CLARINET- 3 vears old •: Inngacortiood tVJbedrooei 1 BEDROOM H05s¥ Carsa lei »i £ AMWAY PRODUCTS Cal!P^lph,4a-5«!. Letter Art by Ortiz ' i MATGEE HOCSEKEEPER- To pro_: .-ids tars tor 5 youag ciikirta. Mocda; i Pnoay. s -1 Call 4±f.>S« ber««e: S ai illlNoon. iMEADOWVTEW .APARTMENTS- Afl] roU ' T paw Total I booe - e w. »eetfia«i, SaSirdai ss i ' • fc-» • » t t «-*• UI^J-E^VU; ,^ P t fc^.njj wj»4i. w-ijn; »^m—.4*3. ^Miu. ^ i^Sj^Sr^rf^" 8eWUMI - i to i«^^^>lUi.Cab»-MJI for real .«! «nl3 i ladtaea, C7-li»a Si£^ bt Lfler7p K ; STANLEY LA«N C\SE SERVTCR- I ) sfn*. ed£e. Erja. fcrtilti*, disease cafr ! rrefe&"X»'J3. 4±l-i- YOUTH GUITAR Wfflaartrase. >*»• S7S. Call 4I7-!ai COOXISY- .\ | LOTS SESVKE- MOT t "-- CiE nfSt party Jta SUifori W4171 -•-• '—:C3 !!Si na«. ; « W AKCHEK RD - H-: CW *,»»:< Costral aa-.-be Mirw paste*. • I ginse apircaex.. lari! Iwlicj l per- j jbrton-s'x^B 4S.J171 ! «, ! SED8COM- C Sear Sav^wo. After i. t ixsuto Trw^uowbiciyar; CaufJ*! S 55^.°?!> «•*» i 3 BEDROOM- Private .-. ts ISTESLING SCHOOL DISTRICT-'" i I »=«- '"^ i* a«!err or>rr car.. : ^5:^ "i BEOBCOM- PanuS; ftraj&s J Ri -. '* »Ief s»;^ t3:«j soicii,! VAN'S STEREO ROOFMJ LOwTRY PAGEST— Conso-:- Orgia, i Call ior appt. CS-1W1 &rfi« 6 i 'VOUWTEER COORDDiATOS- ai m bauerw! woman's cect*r; Par:; 20 bm- week. Seod resaoe to P.O. ; ! Bra 373S, 3ayu?«-n. TL 7752 i : SEWER USE ROCK-SIS IS per tot j TEACHER SEEDED- -. iav. After-' Specifications and necessary- in, formation may be had by callica FOR REALVXUFACTl'P^D .-vM-j ^^ District's Purchasing Office. MUNITION 4JB.2553, Ext. 217. 1415 Markrt Street. Box 30, Baytown. TX. The For specificauoos and bid lorms. Board o! Trustees reserves the cootsci Uie office of the i r.gnt to reject any and all bics or ing Agent, Baytow.Ti City Kali, i accept any bid deemed most ac- 2401 Market Street. Bavt<rv,-n. TX vantageous to it Pete Cote CITY OF BAYTOWN' Director of Purchasing BID NO. S707-9s| Goose Creek Consl. BID NO, S707-J7! Ind. School District Project Plans EALRDRESSERS Baytown Employment Service for iBOSTTTCH— A:r SiiSo 4 supiers iprocressn* • srjlistt, Beoefiti tsdooej •OJfTH- CS» ocfout C«:n Uti SKSKS 3-.C Child Cane Ksnrte 4 rwttls . Nora Masjalarj -r cocaissioo, sxas, bolicay Mus. CT-SGS i?a>. issor» = ce. t et2?!oye« ™"* r CALLUS ^NtRSE- .« car, fer 1 | carts Cirprt. ttr Sfl pets K-i^feiaaevilxsne. «f! CarG: Eead Nutntaws oeals ; ; arr* Ltncc vim Cocp«c f^r-iaLe J2^'i*a<i scacto prwTvSfii Rrierracea fir !>?««: rr3ssrr%! •!j;C;-S*M. -, oc : SPAOOIS, ATTOaDAaLE- Lnr* at' HKHLAXOS- J r«£-»rr, * f.n-1 {is BASYSrrnNC- s a (CMi:< 1 *nc5ce Lvenwe 5" HJ. • i.. . ..._.... ..... sEOTETARY-raceller/, typ- Seeifcr FeKSaer D «.**•• ..... s ^* I BUSISESS MAS \GESNEEDED-ForlnffiStilisforbusy-oest. ," i tl=J * i Sr n «iE£De. co-oaar-v EzpeTeac* 4 ICOLLECTIOSS^ HUB- Dataentrj- - I ______ ; bohdge »f S»i BXJBSCJ rwjuired. jGoodWIteyslnlli. | ,'JS COOLED ESGIXES- Parts, saies ; G«X! sala.T »ittj benefits. Sead restnoe ACCOUNTWG- SWK- . Previots «• I penence i ausL Good Masfia. Tbe Bayto»-a Sue. P.O Bai «S7&. rr . OE Kecms. C! 3J« 8AYTOWN ACE Kiel E Fajfc....... ......... GEM3LU.OmCE-JieK- Haoflaa XATIOKAL WHOLESALE JETTELRY i CO. Npcfis 2 rtpftsdiliGves »tK mm LO mjuc sac,uw aactuJN. N« <arert seilmg No erpgnecc-e ogctssary Xffl COSTING- H-OC-r. dote. Hett GrLSOMHF Cartes cffler. £»! LAlCE«»o- : PARKS HOTE. CC-JTS ID ED ! W DEPOSTT-RUXJCEI)- 4H-, E »:airt tint* WORD PROCESSORS ; in Baytc»s Isinediatei » care ?«• a csiap» of Frecrtf yart E HaeAeat a-Ti C! S»S< Isrwsory purrfiase reqwrwt Call for j Asssnsue=ts lor ISM PC Wortperfeel.! confttenio! m£cme«. 3SWT7-ns • Mdtnaate. or DisBlay»nte III soCn-are. CallTooay Top Pay. »T REVT MOST EVER. YTH3M: UXTS GUINEA FARM- turtev* {a firsts - HOUSD8C AtTHORm AfCTJ'lED SMriS. .Vlrf .NO DePOSJT- i»": Ki s.»prt bed oursna: booe. Jrera Houstoo. ofl < ii 19 1 CRAJCWJN7- *•£ SELL CUSTOM HTTCHES Rtouia . . . :;•; l Minn Si STALLS FOR RENT— Rapstew «-alk- =4 norm 4 tac» !or »aie Siad wrvict i (T, >-<T ^Mf pcritrrwi, S ii)-s a FM two Salary oeeotubie. Sarsara Hca»tr. <8>g»-gC. HOUSE PARTING- 4 Hone Repair ; U» Pnc». Evcefleot Wort. Call CJ-35S. LEE»W» AP.VKTWOTS- j EDICAL RECEPTIONIST- YOUR AREA FULL SERVICE- Dealer la! coUiWMa Sane efftce ei- jlor Sjies^eroCT-ParU for Ecbo. Grws • _.perxMcebei)fBi CiUCS-«S< iMicJane. Kotaeiae-JicobsfSL Hornla. i .•*». • USED. GUARANTEED MO»ERS- ; i R(4er» »> tw; 1 , 1 T. acn! i« t ( " ! i;j,rrj »•[• mtt ta raoi JACK'S! !H.UlD«.Ut£, Mn U .K Main. OLD MARE- ve-y CjUlC4-«:H« ; MA N AGER5ipECIAL •-! 1 -;lrar. LVNj .-wrted for private suts mt *-*vw---<-t«> Briegs/Strattoc, Son*, ivuoiui rd»ri suSftaj; E.R 4 TtCT ? 5 ?: *" B ' oe '' !: - * Kobler. ! C L' fTeuNe hxin 4 icixflulisj ', ** C»°**^ Ea0ar. S W ialane» «-isft i ** * OHT ** coO«»'» atwt.n OB! ef opponasities OU . INC. . CI-CARK ! RACK TO jOL'SPECiAl.- Hii i«ipr t-tv^r.K txx w *: ej-wr -»««;5<s 4 BE PWX.T3 OF >XK.-R DOG- Teacft PART-TOCE L\7<- weOni lor Xxal j - - - - - otfKt Prr>-wo office EXCELLENT LOCATION- Vied car »uraa« xwe •! MaE. Call C4- LARGE GARAGE APARTMENT- train a j W. J «all repair shop, raodile !»roe aa! mcia*'act!;vni£quar^rs.PnceBn£!!L foroe ooraaai anfl sorae afteraooo »ort. i CREEL'S REALTli' ' . P 0 ex»rHtKn] preferrrt p " RErRlGERATOB- nSTKAVREALTY C3MM ! 1«M W. TEX«- Business for sale For I morr irJcrnutxx; rail S73-MTO or : PERFECT SOHUSC- 06«aeort Rot! Laar a! K* v . w i j- CT-CTil ri» RENT- 'iJ 4 FACTORY ALUMINUM Ks« rREE CALICO CAT— aa4 3 kinera j ptnence E flesel. fiysraulici. A heavy j Levaf noraet ai\. fltxst ! rquipon;:. MID: Have cr.- baad loots Call 421-UB) Bay Oak Apartments .ehutScssM IT '•**, Apply in person, t«rt»«n I 4 5. Moa^sa afltt i SMALL : BCMOOM - ^ an! M*B HP 7 CUTE. UTTLE pupras- p».n c»a» l»reijotil f "rtriupxxj borne C»-!RAYTOW>' MSSAJt— Has as N cossnaKrro«s we '! xit ^OI3 rrtoesp 4 mttaid* lor JL-, eipeneoc« »« car ocaattic Musi have (m-c Uoh. Excdtatt pay t tr- Call Herjchd Ro»-e for *ppt, C24S* i^-e 4 UXT excu CiL ct «* «CRA>THAM-'i'tr! Apartmeot Hunting?! KM: Kr ! OUCAR SS WHEELS- ji > t tat 14 1 « MYTOWX MSSAN- Has as opeamj; SCHOOL OF KSTRC-CnOX- I HUDSON TRACTOR SERVICE-|^rjl CONT>mO«3tS- IICV 1 »V ( Ei • is&et iVirtiM ir>ri;-ix or! «t>ri latirris.-aconiSi'.xie, in&or tr»o> .VtKHiabie, Cail t» mate ** *" Cedar Bayou Masoaic Lodge roi. AF 4 oaa. XiBtLarewn tools. Literal tra^e benefits pactafe 4 top cotsnilsuoc pay • KEYFINDERS AMAZON P.«ROT- Blae iroot. C*!! RJ Tat. C TO ....... . TREE SEKMOE- Trim HO Mturi T«=p»jr.. 422-3586,424-1419 PVC FURNITURE SPECIAL. Now you can build PVC pipe furniture, the country's newest and most popular indoor/ outdoor furniture sensation! Get started today — our plan* thow you how. And here's a very special ofter — plans tor twelve complete projects at a terrific discount! Etagere Cottee Table Chaise Lounge Glider Serving Can Canopy Table Hammock Sofa Patio Chairs Sling Chair Easy Chair End Table "3035 $19.95! Satisfaction or your money back! flECOE F.CMlJV-LMr«ORQ —RS.IU.VWX 01235 L 'is ""BATH- i *!Ti IJt RENT - : 1 rtonmora Lirfr r««« -.-.Sa *rrr U n •«! VM aots* 3* Ar»t. - 1" P" 1 ot res* iT:.l)«t. forj r i .KM. will be bek! Tuesday at 7.00 p o, All i are ortrd to if.exl. uxi so-' jOUTKBt! Bill Hirnwe, WV ROSELAND MANOR 428-7374 Where you get a Home Atmosphere at Apartment Prices!! Baytown's Finest Duplex Community! NO DEPOSIT! to qualified applicants Woodburning Fireplace • Fenced Backyard S 99 Move-In on 2 Bed. New SENIOR CITIZENS DISCOUNT! .ENGAGEMENT RT>'G~ 4 ri-x Ma) i carat, tat 1 also* MM | CaEC7«C3 3 K':^V?-»'* tor Euv »s*3c i » »iti: i Bra Minn JIM \fter i p m MEDICALTRA.VSCRIPTIOMST- For; cwtfKal office, Good tjv^S i aetiical < NOW 'ores- ai^-to^^oe^efl proa-! o! / lct «»?«"«« required X parlor' BJ '•' Grcoomt Ml Part_ <**«V**t* t**!**- *««1 resume . salary reqareraerte to Ttse Son. P 0 Boi «. BB»3J7i. Ba;to«Ti. Ti j 77SS. K« parlor' OB-SC; GROW YOUR 0*>' WATCKDOCI : nBr mite pupptes ontu rral per-; mult'oes. lie each CT-213. ~ASC" REGtSTEREr>-~"MmUHirti : blK* an£ tan I -•«!. full SK u? r5 ^>«nr dryer £M w- _l BOOKKEEPER- For orsarance office, j At teas I y«r experience m payroll 4 STATED COMMUNICATION- quaierly report! Mira be .-ilia? to! Ba catehupbactJoslent.vpr^-ioush.y*.- leeper. Must be able U keep office nat- IJS7 & 4 ^y ^ t ; . M „ ^ „, y^ Mjffi I " ' " " _____ TASK SPECIALS- Socx of Oceaaic'i QMXA pcipuUr r»h tu—4 are oa | not ttirougi Aufcst 71&^ . <anii. too j 3 Gallon Combo MS ?S 13 FUU»ct H« Combo r • „ r — bavumii lempw. corner 01 .^orui .warn to-s confWenUal. Excellenl benefits. ^ g^ Rd &)0urn bmhm , „,, SajafjraeggaMe.Caac?^! idlaliytoite.toatexi. ' MEDIUM TO LARGE SHRIMP- in B».C.MperR> SO las.. US per Ib C8- CS-M15 FRESH SHRIMP DAILY B1M FOR SALE- Boj . 3) i.-k-h t«8 Call 4N .730 S7MM1 i ^^ICEGASSTO\•E- Alnwndcokx- JIM MTOPin-S DIRT YARD- Top soH. mi iJJohnC Hernandez. WN T.L. Pnpaorr. Sec CROSS-STITCH HOOP SAMPLER. Traditional sampler with * modern ftalr go«s with »ny decor. Complete Instructions for sampler framed in 12-inch embroidery hoop, plus two different heart-shaped frames for birth, wedding announcements. Stitching graphs, full-sire patterns for frames, cross-stitch how-to. »434 $4.95 Satisfaction or your money bock! TO ORDER complete plans, print project name and number, and your name, address and zip code. Send check or money order for specified amount. Add S2.95 for catalog of projects, including S16 in DISCOUNT COUPONS! Send to: Classified Crafts Dept. C 775JO P.O. Box 1000 Bixby, OK 74008-1000 OKLAHOMA RESIDENTS: Please «dd sales tax. D*S CLUB— Acnptmg applications for bartenders, bartucks. cocitail waitresses ami 6st Jockey. Apply Hi GOVEfmtENT JOBS- No. luring to year area, both stilled and unskilled. for IK of Jobs and application Call 615 KWSKett J-0 SHELTER REUEF STAFF- «wtteg in battered woman's center Part nme. Mon-Fn 5p m -Sp m. Send resume 10 P O Boi JT3S. Bavtwu. TX. 77521 HOUSEKEEPER/BABYSITTER- SkK^_2» 4b - ^^^rpr^- (USED rTRMTURE- Bougiit * SoW j Prily Tradrns Company. «1 W. Mam. ' CS-.V s-sws ,DaS"BEb¥6oil"SUITE- Complete |t»m bed. drrxwr with mirror, night*land KxcrUcnt condition <:U9S< PECAN GROVE DUPLEXES "A Place To Call Home" S 99 Move-In On 1 Bdrm (To Quali/ied Applicants) • Privacy Fenced Backyards * Levelor Blinds With maltreM & malchirm dresser. $7V CallC8-IM2,_ _ DOUBLE BED- »ith (rame7ma;tress. i box spnnjs Like ne» t» Call WA.VTED— Repairable air conditioner! i major appliances. LOOKING FOR- Welding machine. ' Ion truck A concrete rainer COMFORTABLE- Tuned blue veiv* chain. Excellent condition. S50/each coraf- ~ CkHh irtth «xwlen Broo-n tone 573 negotiable. Call 431-200. trim Washer/Dryer in Each Unit Open Weekends Ceiling Fans 428-7374- MATTRESS SETS E15N. Miin .B&JSiles 422-971 •w^__>_4« ^Mwf* MOT IAOYD, m- We*esday. M. Children's clolhes. chest freeier. mtscellaDnxis EAST SHRECK. *D- Tuts. M Wed, U until New electric hot water heater, lira, me njcs, * km more! FM ItO. ~mi~ East Folkm UK s(tns. Bit; Yard Sale! Aliens; 14-August 24. LoUofe\TryUiing! Wednesday k Thursday, 3 to 3. Good cMhes, home Interior, 4 misc. GRKEM)AL . Wed. Boys, men, * ladies ckKhes. Far- niHire. hicycte. toys * what-nots . TnewJay 4 Vednesilay. t-S. Clothes, dishes, t lots of misc. HAZEL, SMI- Craigmoitt. Wed., Tmirs., t Frt., 9:00 am. RefriKentor. freeier, romitnrf, t misc. Items. Al«. 1975 Toyota Stationwafon EXPERIENCED COOK XEEDED- Mast be pleasant dependable, t looking lor prrmanml position. Apply in person atTheKetUe.l IOEast4GartliRd.4Jl 1SX. NOW HIRING- waitere. waitresses, cashiers, t hostesses. Apply in person between 5*5. Mon-Tmjre. Casa Ole, 16M Beaumont, Baytonn. DEMOHSTRATE TOYS- Chrtsimas No investment. Calna-«458 until CASHIERS— Mature woman preferred Truck washer, over IS years, female or mate. Truck tire repnir. experienced person, on commission 7101 Stolander on 1-10. Baytown. ffl-BKZ POftTEX NCEDCD Apply in penun. 209 S. Alexander. MAWTENAJfCE SUPEKVTS011- Ex- wrtenced Must have references. Air ttndittoning experience required Call I27-34M CAFERKNIXU PORTER- Must tan own transportation Can<27-M4. WAKTED- EI oerimce preferred. Art backpowd helpful Apply at HeMy's. 43« Garth Rd.. BaytowB. ^^ IR— eApei ience in P*C rating, underwriting, and placing. Salary open. Can 75MW3. FREE BUSINESS SEMINAR First Time in Baytown You will be taught the following: ft How to be successful in business. i? How to do it without quitting your job. TV How to earn more money part-time than you now earn full-time. -V How A why rich people get rich. T-? Why the poor people stay poor. And MUCH, MUCH MORE!! Invest one hour in yourself* Com* to: Holiday Inn 300 S. Alexander Drive 7:30 p.m. - Sharp Wednesday, August 19th

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